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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  August 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tips. for now i'm live in upper marlboro. back to you. nine people were injured last night when two boats collided in pasadena, maryland. officials say maryland state delegate don dwyer was one of the people injured. there were also five children hit. several victims were taken to local hospitals. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. there's new information in the case of a prince george's county police officer killed in the line of duty. adrian morris died in a high speed chase earlier this week. a viewing for officer morris has been scheduled for monday, august 27, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and again from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at borgwardt's funeral home. funeral services will be tuesday. police are still searching for this manual. he is 23-year-old kevin darnell neil of fort washington,
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maryland. they say he led officer morris on that deadly chase. officer morris and his partner were looking at surveillance of thieves stealing women's purses at a gas station. that's when the suspects returned searching for more victims. they saw the police cruiser and drove off leading to the chase. the funeral services are now scheduled for the two women killed in that train derailment in ellicott city earlier this week. services for elizabeth nass are planned tomorrow. on saturday friends and family will bear to say goodbye to rose mayr at bethany united methodist church. the deaths of those two girls may turn out to be a case of two people simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. the latest findings suggest two friends had nothing to do with triggering the derailment of that coal train. investigators say the train was traveling at the authorized 25 miles per hour. and an engineer trainee was at
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the controls but when the emergency brakes went off, they did so at mat -- automatically after an air on hose ruptured. floyd corkins is facing federal and d.c. charges. a grand jury indicted corkins on one federal weapons charge and two offenses in d.c. including assault with intent to kill. corkins is due back in court tomorrow. the security guard he's accused of shooting is recovering from a gunshot wound to the arm. on the campaign trail, mitt romney is gaining ground on president obama in the all important swing states. the latest poll of swing states shows governor romney moving within the poll's margin of error in florida and wisconsin. president obama maintains a healthy margin in ohio but a third of all voters in wisconsin say romney's choice of paul ryan from wisconsin as his running mate makes him more
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likely to vote republican in november. doctors at the national institutes of health have spent the last 14 months trying to kill a super bug. 17 people got it. six of them died. the n.i.h. didn't report it to local authorities because there's no legal requirement to do so. >> n.i.h. insists there's no danger to the surrounding community. gary nurenberg has more on the revelation. >> reporter: it started in june of last year when one patient with a drug resistant bacteria entered the n.i.h. clinical center. >> that bacteria spread to 17 patients in our hospital. >> reporter: killing six of them and increasingly -- an increasingly common story helped elsewhere to world war ii veteran mark bennett. >> by died from bacteria that was spread to him in hospitals that ate him alive. >> as i stood with my dad and told him that i loved him forever, he died. >> reporter: at n.i.h. infected patients were isolated. all personnel in contact with them monitored special units
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built to treat them, extraordinary measures. >> we had staff members who were assigned 24 hours a day, seven days a week to stay in those units and ensure that visitors and health care personnel all washed their hands and put on gowns and gloves appropriately. >> reporter: but while patients died, n.i.h. did not inform county or local norths. many n.i.h. workers -- local authorities. many n.i.h. workers didn't know. >> shock to me. >> i don't think it's right. they should have let us know. >> reporter: n.i.h. says it's no risk to the general population, only to those with compromised immune systems who are already sick in hospitals. >> it's really not a danger to people outside of hospitals. >> reporter: n.i.h. used microscopic high-tech science to study the bacteria's transmission. >> they took the entire jean mom, all the d.n.a. of each of the bacteria from each patient and sequenced them to identify the similarities
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and differences. >> reporter: helping them figure out how the bacteria was being transmitted. and with that new knowledge began new, better informed methods of attack on the bacteria. it seems to be working. no new cases since january. gary nurenberg, 9news. >> what is the superbug? the drug resistant type is tcp. it doesn't hurt you if you have a healthy immune system. if it gets into the bloodstream of sick people, kpc can kill between 40% and 60% of its victims. they're pervasive in hospitals and nursing homes. there are only three antibiotics left which have any effect on kpc. it is 4:35. here's a check of some of the other things making news now. a suspicious bag left on a luggage carousel shut down one of the terminals at miami international airport last night. it's back open now.
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last night they used a robot to open the bag and turned out to be a woman's clothing. california's governor has declared a state of emergency. this comes as the pond rosa wildfire threatens yet another town. fire officials say flames have consumed 70 structures and are moving towards another 550 buildings. the fire is 55% contained but it's already destroyed more than 24,000 acres. tropical storm isaac is churning in the caribbean now and it's still on a path to hit florida next week. the exact track remains uncertain at this point but officials in tampa aren't taking any chances. they're preparing evacuation plans for the city, including thousands of people who will be in town for the republican national convention. forecasters say isaac could be a category one hurricane by the time it hits florida either late sunday or early monday. our time right now coming up on 4:37. the warming trend continues for our region. at 4:39, howard will let you know about some possible afternoon storms yet again.
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>> 4:41. the congressional budget office warns the country may be having to get ready for another possible recession. >> at 4:49 today leaders from across the region will meet to discuss earthquake preparedness. >> your weather first right after this. keep it here.
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. 4:39 on this thursday morning. some patchy fog south and west of town. we're looking at temperatures kind of like where they have been. partly sunny conditions. 84 at noon. highs maybe a couple degrees warmer than yesterday, upper 80s. there will also be that isolated afternoon shower or thunderstorm. we'll have the seven-day forecast looking toward the weekend and also the latest on isaac in about five minutes. right now here's monika with a look at your timesaver traffic. outbound on the key bridge at m street, emergency road work until 5:00 this morning.
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southbound 395 here at edsall road, looks like overnight construction has been moved. no delays getting by. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:47. back to you guys. 4:40. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> hello, jessica doyle. you're green. that's optimistic. >> there's some optimism out there and also pessimism, particularly among federal reserve officials. they spoke aggressively about ways to spark the weak economy. many policymakers are strongly in favor of a third round of bond buying to keep interests low if the economy doesn't show substantial improvement. that helped stocks to bounce off their session lows. still not so great. checking the numbers the dow stands at 13,172, finished the day down 30 points. nasdaq was up by 6. s&p 500 was flat on the day. the congressional budget office says a fiscal storm could be hitting america if congress does not act soon. the cbo is releasing a report which says the u.s. could face a new recession and the loss of
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two million jobs if congress continues its stalemate over taxes and spending cuts. the nonpartisan agency says the mere threat of the so-called fiscal cliff is already holding back the economy. massive spending cuts and tax hikes will kick in at the start of the new year unless congress agrees to some compromises. a new report finds the middle class is getting smaller. in the u.s. middle-income earners are defined as those making between 39 and 118,000 a year for a family of three. the middle class this rank to 51% of a-- shank shrant to 51% of adults. papal is expanding its push into stores. it struck a deal. it will allow retailers to accept discover cards actually -- [indiscernible] customers will be able to use papal accounts and later mobile devices. >> people have the card too? >> they're issuing a card. >> wow. >> every time i see papal
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versus my credit card, i always go to the credit card. i don't know what to make of paypal. >> they're definitely changing their business plan. the cdc says 2012 could turn into a potentially historic year for one deadly virus. >> we'll have more on that story. plus your weather first when we return in two minutes. you may need the umbrella today.
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good morning. a tragedy nearly averted. >> andrea spilled over my coffee cup. she said something in another language. >> it wasn't offensive even in spanish. hi, good morning. how's your day? here's howard. >> it's a nice morning out there. nothing spilling. maybe a couple of sprinkles falling from the skies down toward the northern neck of virginia and extreme southern maryland. for most of us just a nice quiet thursday morning. it's going to be another day,
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kind of like it has been. the weather pattern is not changing much in the next couple of days. more warm afternoons with the isolated showers and storms. some of them like the last couple of days have been putting down locally heavy rains but they've been few and far between. here's a look at your bus stop forecast. school is back in session for some. the rest are coming soon enough. we've got partly cloudy conditions. >> you make it sound like a threat. >> some kids are dreading it. some kids can't wait. >> my little guy is excited. >> 60s and low 70s this morning for most of us. sunrise not until about 6:30. it's getting later and later. be careful, though. get the lights on as kids could be at the bus stop early. 76 at 9:00. 84 at noon. so it's going to be probably a pretty good lunch hour. as we get into the afternoon, we'll be 86 at 5:00. there's going to be that isolated shower or thunderstorm. winds turn southeast at 5 to 10. this morning it's quiet out to the west. it's been across southeastern virginia just trying to creep in toward southern maryland now that we're looking at very
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light sprinkles from around newland. this may not be much more than the lowest setting on the intermittent wiper there as these areas of light sprinkles move up toward the northeast. temps are running in the 60s, even low 70s here in d.c. but low 60s in gaithersburg. a few spots enjoying another very comfortable morning. win chester, cumberland, oakland down in the 50s. bowie and prince frederick are at 66. scott at andrews tells me he's at 64 feeling real nice. again a couple of hours till sunrise. 71 here on our michael & son weather camera. dew point 67. so it's a little bit on the sticky side and humidity at 87%. nationally we've got all sorts of moisture in the southwest. stretched out to the northern plains. the gulf coast area to florida to the southeastern coast seeing a lot of moisture. just like yesterday. the boundary is still there. this flow of moisture off the gulf of mexico still there. not much has changed. that's why we're expecting another chance for an afternoon
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shower or thunderstorm. here's a look at the future cast. you see some of these clouds by the way streaming in from the southwest. better chance of those clouds southeast than northwest. we'll be fine i think for much of the morning other than the very stray sprinkle well south and east of town. we get into the afternoon hours and just the isolated shower or thunderstorm. quiet overnight to lose the daytime heating. once again on friday afternoon we'll pop a couple of showers or storms here and there. rain coverage the next couple of days the chance probability of precipitation 20%, maybe 30%. this will be the case through saturday as well, although a little bit of moisture will try to come in off the atlantic. so saturday afternoon especially west of town we'll watch out for some showers and storms. let's talk about isaac. isaac is going through the islands now into the caribbean. we also have tropical depression 10. if it gets its act together, it will become joyce. isaac is the bigger, more immediate threat. isaac is moving to the west at a pretty good clip. it is here. it's sort of in the middle right there moving off toward
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the west at about 20 miles an hour. going to past south of puerto rico and as we get into friday morning, it will be south of the dominican republic but potentially becoming a category one hurricane as it heads toward haiti, weakening over cuba to a tropical storm and then will it get to key west or the bahamas or towards hosanna. we'll have to watch because the center of the cone brings it off shore of tampa by monday evening. clearly threats to florida and the southeastern u.s. for us the next three days not bad. the isolated storms. upper 80s today, tomorrow, saturday. nighttime lows generally in the 60s to around 70. as we head toward sunday, perhaps a better chance for precip. lower temperatures into the mid- 80s. let's talk to monika samtani at 4:48 to find out what's happening on the roads. much better right now. construction is pretty much cleared up for the morning on the beltway west side of town. we'll go over to the other side 270 southbound which is nice and light coming in from frederick to clarksburg and down to the point where the lanes divide. you should be absolutely fine.
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let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like on the beltway west side at river road. you can see it's light heading for the american legion bridge and down into the tysons corner. we'll go back over to our maps and this time to the inside of the beltway. no issues to report as you travel 395 northbound up to the 14th street bridge. no problems on 66 to the roosevelt bridge. we'll take a live look at some construction outbound on the key bridge right here at m street. it is causing a tight squeeze, especially as you come in from canal road. it should be cleared up within the next ten minutes or so i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:55. back to you guys. today is the anniversary of the 2011 east coast earthquake. boy, did is shake our area. remember that? representatives from all over the region are going to be on the ground of the washington monument. we're showing the came three dral. they'll be -- the cathedral. they'll -- they're expected to announce the details of a regional and national shakeout
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earthquake drill. the washington monument will likely remain closed for repairs till 2014. >> they say it will be a decade before the cathedral is renovated after having just finished after decades of repair. cases of west nile virus are on the rise across the country. the government says this could be the worst year the u.s. has ever seen. >> the centers for disease control is now sounding an alarm because of this. manuel gallegus has more. >> reporter: federal health officials say the number of cases of mosquito born west nile virus jumped 60% last week. so far this year, cases have been reported in 47 states. more than 1100 people have been infected and at least 41 have died. >> this year looks like the biggest year in years. we're only starting the major west nile season. >> reporter: most of the cases are in texas which is also enoccurring a severe -- enduring a severe drought. experts say that could be fueling the outbreak. >> the drought means there are very few water sources
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available. that's where the mosquitoes breed and then the birds which carry the virus go to those water sources. the mosquitoes bite them. they're infected and then the mosquitoes bite us. >> reporter: about one in 150 patients infected with the virus becomes seriously ill. >> 60% to 70% of those individuals will have long-term effects such as paralysis, memory loss. >> reporter: john shaw was infected seven years ago. he hasn't been the same since. >> a couple days later i was getting dressed. i was putting on my shorts and i just collapsed. >> reporter: the city of class is among several nationwide that have sprayed insecticide to try to protect its citizens. but individuals are warned not to stop there. >> use insect repellent freely and often, particularly early in the morning and in the evening. >> reporter: and consult your doctor if you have flu-like symptoms with neck pain. manuel gallegus, cbs news. >> people of any age can become
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infected with west nile virus. it's the elderly that are considered the most vulnerable as well as little kids. a new study finds surgery which makes an obese patient's stomach smaller is more effective than lifestyle changes and drug treatment in preventing type ii diabetes. 3,000 obese people were studied over 15 years. 392 people who used more traditional weight loss methods developed type ii diabetes while only 110 who underwent surgery developed the disease. too much alcohol could be linked to certain forms of cancer. when the human body metabolizes alcohol, it forms a substance similar to formaldehyde which is a known cars generally. the study found most casual drinkers are unlikely to develop canser from social drinking because the human body usually turns carcinogenic substances into harmless
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chemicals. large health disparities are more prevalent among black and latino children than white. a boston children's hospital study showed black and latino fifth graders were more likely than white youngsters to report -- [indiscernible] it is 4:53. time for the question of the morning now. people 25 to 55 years of age are the fastest growing group to do this activity. is it a, piano lessons, b, online gambling, or c, attend nascar events. >> got to be nascar. log on to our facebook fan page. we would love to know what you think. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show.
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well can. we're in pretty good shape. partly sunny today. another warm afternoon. temperatures will be climbing toward the mid-80s by lunch time. perhaps the upper 80s for highs. once again we have to watch out for the isolated shower or thunderstorm. northbound 95 already looks like quite a bit of volume as you head for 395. all lanes are open and no big delays coming up from woodbridge. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:01. back to you. >> thank you, monika. a controversial plan to cut down more than 100 trees on the virginia tech campus to make way for a new football facility has been shelled. university president charles steiger has accepted a recommendation to find a new location. the change comes after a panel of faculty and students asked the school in june to rethink the plan and preserve the woods. the facility would have required the removal of 117
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trees, half of which are white oaks more than 300 years old. rapper and actor ll cool j confronted and subdued an intruder inside his california home early wednesday morning. ll cool j whose real name is jail smith heard a noise in his home around 1:00 a.m. and found a man walking in his kitchen. the two began fighting. when police arrived they say the 58-year-old suspect was being held by smith and suffered a broken joe. he apparently doesn't know who ll cool j is and how big he is. the suspect will be arrested on suspicious of burglary once released from the hospital. >> don't mess with him. >> he's a big boy. what's it like to be a bicycle messenger? gordon leavitt can tell you. >> he has a leading role in a new movie called "premium rush." edward lawrence spoke to the star about his new role. >> reporter: he plays a messenger who finds himself peddling for his life in "premium rush."
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after he picks up a mysterious package in new york city, people start hunting him down. the role tested its ability to put the pedal to the metal. >> riding a track bike that doesn't have gears and won't coast is different than the bikes i grew up riding but i got used to it and actually now i prefer it. >> reporter: it's been an action packed year for him. he appeared in "the dark knight rises" as a got a.t.m. city police officer. in this action film he has a starring role. danny ramirez plays a fellow messenger and his love interest. >> we have chemistry. >> chemistry was a part of it. >> i think it happens when the scene is playing. >> reporter: but there is definitely some down side to starring in this rough and tumble movie. >> i have a bunch of scars i needed to get retouched. because i fell a lot. >> reporter: producers hope premium rush can sprint its way to the top of the box office. edward lawrence for cbs news,
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los angeles. >> she's sure pretty. >> we're going to google. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. what happens during the commercial breaks you wouldn't believe. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. how are you? i'm a little embarrassed. >> here's monika samtani. >> you should be. >> it was all d rated. >> here's howard bernstein. >> what was her name? >> annie ramirez. >> you can say ramirez. weather wise we have a nice start out there for most of us. comfortable. temps in the upper 50s out there. fall not that far away but still a little muggy south and east. here's a look at our day planner. sunrise still another 90 minutes or so away. high clouds streaming in once again. noon will be 84. a high of about 88. we're showing the sunshine but one thing we'll pick up in between the hours potentially e


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