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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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storm this afternoon with a high in the upper 80s and a 5:00 pl temperature of 86 -- 5:00 p.m. temperature of 86. if you have plans, they should be for the most part okay. look at the upper 50s in the shenandoah valley and western maryland. gaithersburg 61. you also had a touch of fog in sports of rural howard, montgomery, fretd rick, loudoun counties -- frederick, loudoun counties as well. the sprinkles i'm talking about, they're few and far between. i'm not sure any is reaching the ground. 85 this afternoon. right on the bay in annapolis. 85 also in winchester. a high today of 88 degrees. monika samtani has your timesaver traffic. overall you've just got a bit of volume forming on the major thoroughfares but no big deals i'm happy to say. if you're traveling inbound on the dulles toll road or 66 or just heading out the door and planning to do that you'll be fine. no problems to report coming in from centreville or dulles airport on the toll road. we'll take a live look from our sky 9. southbound on i-270, this is at i-370.
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overall delays 109 toward 121 and then here off and on as you head for rockville. back over to the maps this time to the north side of town. no delays yet from college park into silver spring and bethesda on the outer loop 95 looks good in from baltimore. we'll take a live look there as well on the southbound side coming in from around route 198 as you head down to the beltway it looks pretty much like this the whole way down. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:11. >> we'll see you then. there will be a moment of silence at saturday's redskins game for prince george's county police officer adrian morris. he died in a high speed pursuit on monday. police are still looking for a second person involved in that pursuit. funeral arrangements have been announced for morris. a viewing will take place on monday, next monday, august 27 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. it's at gorgwardt's funeral home in beltsville, maryland. funeral services will be held tuesday at woodstream church in
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mitchell, maryland. first responders in anne arundel county have been busy all night. they just finished fighting an early morning blaze after two boats caught fire at the south river marina. no one was hurt. wednesday evening nine people, including maryland state delegate don dwyer and five children were hurt when two boats collided. one of the boats was towing a child in a tube when the two boats crashed. many on the shore rushed out to help pull the victims to safety. >> they both pitched up and debris flew out of the boat. i got a neighbor who had a boat and we went out immediately and aided and got the people in our boat and brought them in shore. paramedics could tend to them. >> none of the victims' injuries are said to be life- threatening. n.i.h. is under fire for not telling its workers or montgomery county leaders about a deadly superbug at one of its clinics. that bacteria killed six people. it was first spotted in june
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2011. a patient with a drug resistant bacteria came into a clinical center. it spread to 17 patients. n.i.h. said the risk was only to people in the clinic who had compromised immune systems. special units were built to protect the patients and the staff at the clinic. >> we had staff members who were assigned 24 hours a day, seven days a week to stay in those units and ensure that visitors, health care personnel all watched their hands and put on gowns and gloves appropriately. >> n.i.h. stresses this does not pose a risk to the general public and there have been no new cases since january. at 6:03, we want to bring you the latest breaking news we've been following all morning. a teenage girl is shot and killed in a residential area of upper marlboro, maryland. it happened along chartsey street which is near the enter secretaries of routes 1 -- intersections of routes 193 and
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92. >> reporter: this 17-year-old girl had just started her senior year of high school. she wanted to attend harvard university and become a lawyer. this morning she is dead. she was shot and killed, her body found inside this home in upper marlboro. this is the home where she lived. neighbors say it is the home where she grew up and police believe that at this point in time they think this could be a possibly home invasion. but of course this is still very early in the investigation. that could change. police have been out here all night long but just a few -- about half an hour ago, the family of this 17-yard girl showed -- 17-year-old girl showed back up here, her mother having to watch as her 17-year- old daughter's body was being taken from the home, put into the coroner's van. just a horribly sad, tragic scene. you can imagine it's truly every parent's worst nightmare. the family and friends that
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were with her say that the mom did live here, that she had lived in this home for well over 20 years. as i said, this is the home where this 17-year-old girl grew up. so a lot of questions surrounding exactly what happened here. it all started around 10:00 last night. that's when the call came into prince george's county police, calls about shots being fired somewhere along this street. neighbors don't report hearing anything. i spoke with two neighbors who say they did not hear any gunshots. but police say that's why they were called to the scene. when they got inside the home, that's when they found this girl's body and she was pronounced dead at the scene. earlier, we spoke with prince george's county police spokesman, a corporal. he said that at this point in time, they have no suspects, no motive, except for the fact they think this could be a possible home invasion. but he says at this point in time, prince george's county police desperately needs the public's help. if you saw anything, if you heard anything, saw anything
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suspicious, they're asking for you to call crime solvers. the number 1-866-411-tips. just an awful story here this morning. we'll have more coming up in half an hour at 6:30. back to you. >> it truly is. kristin is live with our breaking news in upper marlboro, maryland. many details still to be determined in this case. we'll follow it throughout the day and bring you more as we get it. right now it's 6:06. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> these days the d.c. area is a good place to start a business apparently. >> of course we know d.c. is great for government jobs. that's a given. but did you know that the region has also become a hot bed for technology start-ups. the national venture capital association ranked the top ten cities for start-ups. in the country for our partners at "u.s.a. today" and washington, d.c. came in at number five. we are particularly strong when it comes to business-to- business start-ups. the region now home to shopping powerhouse living social and
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troop swap which is a daily deal section for the military. the middle class is getting smaller. in the u.s. middle-income earners are defined those making from $39,000 to $118,000 a year for a family of three. the middle class shrank to 51% of adults last year from 61% set back in 1971. if you have a company laptop, you could be putting your business at risk and you don't even know it. out of the 60 or rather 26% of workers who reported having office laptops, 61% have critical sensitive information stored on them. here's the problem. a significant number of these workers may be putting their company or themselves at risk by failing to secure the laptop, by sharing passwords or by clicking on links from unknown sources. that password problem we talked about the other day, lots of leaked passwords out there. a lot of people keep changing them, making them shorter and
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shorter so they can remember them and that's tough. >> i wish there was some way they could come up with an app that was a lock and key where you wouldn't have to keep remembering, just open the lock or key and j you could do it. -- and only you could do it. >> a fingerprint. it's been one year since a big earthquake shook our reason. in five minutes a look at how some of the hardest hit spots are recovering. >> the streak of nice weather keeps rolling. howard says clear skies, highs in the 80s. >> hear me roar. , for has come out with its list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. topping the list is the chancellor of germany angela merkel. in second place is u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. >> other ladies on the list include first lady michele obama. she's number seven. lady gaga is at 14. beyonce makes the list at 32.
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47th, ellen degenres, j.k. roweling is 78. -- rowling is 78th.
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we're in for another good looking day. it's going to be partly sunny, comfortably warm with the chance after stray afternoon shower or thunderstorm. noontime temperature 84. highs in the upper 80s with a drive home temp of 86. in virginia on the northbound side of i-95 after route 630, an accident on the left shoulder causing a backup. then it's slow here in newington up to springfield. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, monika.
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it's coming up on 6:11 this thursday morning. here's a check on the stories making news. the story we've been telling you about all morning, heartbreaking. this is a live look at upper marlboro, maryland. police are investigating the murder of a 17-year-old girl there overnight at a home on chartsey street. she lived there with her mother and sister. this may have been some kind of home invasion. police have not been able to offer much information to our kristin fisher who is there live, but if what we understand, that is what they're looking at now. very tragically her body was removed a short while ago with her heart broken mother looking on. we'll get a live report from kristin from the scene at about 6:30. also the cdc says this year is one of the worst outbreaks for west nile virus ever. nearly 1200 cases have been reported, four times the average amount. 41 people have died nationwide and august and september are the worst months when it comes to new cases of mosquito born illness. a texas man wants to know
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the recipe for the white house's beer and he's going to court to get it. brodie brooks is an assistant attorney and he filed a freedom of information act request to get the recipe. this is all in good fun he says. that's because he's also an amateur brewer. >> the white house didn't want to give it up. that's interesting. >> but you would waste time and money on the courts to go and fight for it. okay. it's 6:12. where were you at 1:51 in the afternoon on this day exactly one year ago? >> i was at the deli counter in whole foods but wherever you were, chances are you thought, what was that? it was an earthquake. >> boy, did it shake the region. 5.8 magnitude hit a year ago today. a lot of people in california laughed at how we reacted. >> but a year later there's still a lot of damage to be repaired, damage to some major landmarks in our region. >> who can forget this video. remember this from inside the washington uponment. people in-- monument. people inside the tower were above the ground.
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they bolted out as soon as the shaking started and the quake left cracks in the monument. it's been closed ever since. the park service says it's trying to find a contractor to do the repairs. >> the washington national cathedral will mark the annual versery today with an update -- anniversary today with an update on its renovation. it was closed for several weeks. today it will bless the first repairs made to its towers and it will ring its bells at the exact time the quake hit. the cathedral hopes to raise $100,000 today to fund repairs. work on fixing the cathedral could take a decade. a little farther south, some historic buildings in downtown culpeper, virginia came down during the earthquake. 150-year-old building crumbled and had to be taken down completely. the facades of several other buildings had to be replaced. in the last few weeks the historic st. stevens episcopal church which was used by civil
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war generallies actually -- generals actually finally reopened. >> and at the center of it all louisa county, virginia. students at two schools are still in temporary buildings. repairs will cost more than $85 million. students will take part in an earthquake drill later today. >> what do you remember about that day when the earthquake shook our region? share your thoughts on our facebook page. >> one thing we learned after the quake, where we have fault lines in our area. unfortunately louisa county is at the epicenter of those. >> there have been so many quakes since then. 1.2, 2.0. >> remember the one we had right before where we were wondering what was going on in our studio? >> that day, that one i don't remember and even the earthquake itself. i was driving my son. i was in the car. i didn't feel a thing and i feel like i missed out on the group of miss tear ya. -- hysteria. i'm jealous in some respects.
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weather wise let's talk about today. we have a nice day ahead. comfortably warm in the afternoon with the stray shower or storm. there's just a touch of fopg west of d.c. -- fog west of d.c. school in session in spots. more and more schools coming on for the school year. 60s and low 70s this morning. that patch of fog west. sunrise not until 6:29. we'll see sunshine today. a couple of clouds. then this afternoon there will even be the isolated shower or storm in spite of the mostly sunny. we'll see the isolated shower or storm. 86 degrees at 4:00 p.m. high 388. at 8:00 still comfortable, in the low 80s. winds will turn southeast 5, maybe 10 miles an hour. looking at the visibilities, problems out west in petersburg. cumberland, your fog has gotten better. at the warrenton airport, quarter mile. three-quarters toward culpeper. temperatures, they're running
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in the 60s. another comfortable morning. in lawrm it's 64 -- laurel it's 64. upper marlboro it's 65. 61 in leesburg. 58 in lovettsville in northern loudoun county. cool looking sky this morning. again we are looking here from our tower in northwest d.c. by the way, you see some of the fog right down there? some of the low lying patchy fog? that's what we're talking about in the area. 71 at reagan national under mostly cloudy skies. you definitely see the breaks. humidity at 84% and the winds are calm. we're going to continue to see some of the high clouds streaming from the southwest. thicker with the clouds south and east. then the isolated shower or storm this afternoon. quiet tonight. we'll be all right through friday morning and then again friday afternoon. we're going to pop a couple more showers and storms here and there. saturday, though, maybe a few more in the afternoon, especially west of d.c. i think even more, though, on sunday. isaac gaining some strength in the caribbean. we're watching it now. we had tropical depression 10
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also. that may become joyce. isaac is going to be a threat toward haiti and the dominican dominican republic. it will then cross cuba and maybe toward key west monday and passing the west coast of florida on tuesday. this course obviously will be corrected and adjusted as we get closer to the time frame but a threat to florida for sure. 88 today. isolated storm. tonight will be near 70 in town. in fact the next few nights not much change. upper 80s. isolated afternoon storm. nighttime lows are going to be in the 60s to around 70 here in town. by sunday a couple more storms, 84. monday 89. then next week a lot depends on where isaac ends up. we could get some of that rain here by wednesday. 6:17. monika samtani is in with a look at your timesaver traffic. generally speaking it seems everyone is paying attention out on the roads this morning. there are no big deals to report i'm happy to say. just the slow traffic for the the morning rush hour. about 16 miles an hour holding steldy route 1 -- steady route
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109 to 121 before the pace improves. let's take a live look outside. at 270 and falls road, everything moving pretty much at the speed limit heading down to the point where the lanes divide. no issues on the great seneca highway or route 355. back over to the maps into virginia. inbound dulles toll road, 66 normal. 66 a few brake lights out in manassas. now a live look at 9 a on the northbound side. there is -- 95 on the northbound side. there's an accident north of dale city sitting on the right shoulder causing a bit of a backup. here's what it looks like from newington to springfield. still looking good up to the 14th street bridge. i'll be back at 6:25 with more. >> thank you, monika. 6:18. we have breaking news now. hundreds of people have been evacuated in a small texas town. this is why. you can see right there. a freight train collided with a fuel tanker and they both exploded. this is in willis point, texas, 45 miles east of dallas. amazingly no one was hurt in this but people were evacuated
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as a precaution. next in sports, the nationals go for a sweep of the braves while rg3 make it is big literally. right now time to check the question of the morning. people 25 to 55 years old are the fastest growing group to do which one of these activities. >> a, take a piano lesson, b, gamble online or c, attend a nascar events. >> a lot of our facebook fans are sleeping in but keep posting your guesses. we'll reveal the correct answer at 6:54.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first on this thursday morning. we're in good shape. this morning we had a little fog well west of town and southwest of town in areas toward culpeper, out toward harrisonburg and the mountains of west virginia. otherwise partly cloudy skies now. we'll be seeing the sun with a few clouds. we will see that stray thunderstorm again this afternoon like we've seen the last couple of afternoons with a midday temperature of 84. lunch time 85. the nationals begin a five- day road trip in philadelphia. after that off to miami. >> the nats last night went for a sweep of the atlanta braves. a two-run double gave the braves a 2-0 lead.
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chris melvin went seven innings striking out seven. nats lose it 5-1 but they still have a six-game lead in their division. roger clemens is 50 years old but he's making a baseball comeback again. he signed with the independent sugarland skeeters. they play near houston. our partners at cbs this morning landed the first interview with clemens about his comeback. that's coming up at 7:00 right here on channel 9. >> get a hobby. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii is going to be hanging out at the newseum tonight. 574-foot tall image of him -- a 74-foot tall image of him will be hanging out. the redskins host the colts this weekend at fed ex field. this afternoon at redskins park, clinton portis will officially retire and he will do it as a member of the burgundy and gold. he spent seven seasons here in
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d.c. he's second only to john riggins with nearly 7,000 yards and 46 touchdowns. now to the other football. d.c. united hosting chicago fire last night. the home team scored twice in a span of five minutes. all four players -- four different players scored in all. d.c. topped chicago 4-2. united is just six points out of first place in the eastern conference. it is 6:25. straight ahead, an update on our breaking news. a 17-year-old girl shot and killed. police say this may have been a home invasion. >> also, we may know the release date of the newest model of the iphone. learn about the telltale signs. >> right now monika has a quick check on the commute. what's happening? >> here's an example of the patchy low lying fog that howard has been telling us about. this is the west side of town at the american legion bridge. visibility is reduced on the west side of town. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. you're watching 9news now.
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stay with us.
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we're back at 6:29 with the latest on our breaking news. this is a live look at chartsey drive in marlboro, maryland. a 17-year-old girl was shot and killed there overnight. we're still waiting to learn her name. investigators say this may have been some kind of home invasion. we'll get a live report from the scene in about two minutes. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on our weather terrace with the forecast. we saw in monika's traffic report there's some fog out
6:29 am
there. >> we have the patchy fog. we're seeing it out west in town and the mountains but also some of the valleys like the potomac river valley. it's such a cool shot, i want to show it to you right now. you have the fog right over the river so the american legion bridge, underneath that there's low clouds, a little fog. once you drive across the bridge, you're probably going to get right in and right out of that fog bank but this is what we're dealing with in other areas as well. this picture is out of the tysons corner area looking off toward the southwest. we're seeing some of those high clouds again. like yesterday morning, they're streaming in southwest to northeast. we'll call it partly cloudy, even mostly cloudy officially at reagan national. here in northwest we have mainly clear skies this morning. 84 by noon with a high in the upper 80s. drive home temp 86. one thing we're not seeing are the thunderstorm icons on our depiction here. there will be some isolated thunderstorms much like the last couple of mornings. win chester is 57 along with cumberland and petersburg. it's been out toward petersburg and harrisonburg we're seeing some of that fog.
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even culpeper and warrenton with hemps in the low 60s -- temps in the low 60s. we have 66 in easton and 63 in la plata. we're watching light sprinkles trying to come out of richmond and southern maryland. hardly any of that seems to be reaching the ground. north and west of d.c. we have generally clear skies. temperatures today 85 in annapolis. 84 in luray. 87 in leesburg. topping out about 88 here in the nation's capital. i'll be back in a few minutes looking ahead toward the weekend with the seven-day forecast. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. >> such a cool shot from our sky 9, it's worth using again. you can see the fog is bearing down at the american legion bridge coming down a little lower now. it will affect your visibility, emily along the west side of town and traveling across the river at the west side of 495 american legion bridge. let's take a look at 270 and see how that's fairing. a little bit of fog here as well but not as much as the region bridge. the southbound side you've got
6:31 am
your delays. route 109 to 121. then here it's just that heavy, thick volume as you head down to the point where the lanes divide. that's where you want to be most careful if you're heading to the west side across the bridge span there. let's take a look at our maps. overall the beltway is looking good, especially to the north and east side of town. we'll zoom into the north side. 95 no issues as you travel in from baltimore and the bw parkway through lowrl and greenbelt -- laurel and greenbelt. we'll take a live look in white oak at route 29. looking good as you head down to the point where it hits the beltway leaving stewart lane. i'll be back with more traffic coming up once again at 6:43. at 6:31, we want to get you up to speed on our breaking news. a teenage girl shot and killed at a home in upper marlboro, maryland. this happened just after 10:00 last night along chartsey street. that's a neighborhood near six flags. >> kristin fisher has been live there all morning. what are police saying now, kristin? we haven't heard much in the way of details so far. >> reporter: not too much more
6:32 am
from prince george's county police, but i am getting a lot more information from neighbors as they start to wake up and realize what's happened in their neighborhood this morning. what we're hearing is that prince george's county police are investigating this as a possible home invasion. but neighbors say they never heard any gunshots. one neighbor reported hearing some banging on the door and another neighbor says that the 17-year-old girl that was killed, her older sister and that sister's 4-year-old son escaped from an open window inside this home. so more and more it's sounding like a person or persons came to this home, somehow got inside and that's where they shot and killed this 17-year- old girl. but that is just a theory that's coming from neighbors. it is not confirmed by prince george's county police. here's what the prince george's county police spokesman had to say about what happened here earlier this morning. take a listen. >> they're looking for a suspect, still trying to establish a motive. if anyone has any information,
6:33 am
heard anything, seen anything suspicious in the neighborhood, to please provide that information to the police department or they can also notify crime solvers at 1-866- 411-tips. >> reporter: earlier this morning, the 17-year-old girl's mother and a few family friends showed up outside the home and watched as the 17-year-old girl's body was taken from this home, put into the coroner's truck. just truly one of the worst possible things that any parent could ever have to go through and see. she was out here and family friends that were with her say that she lived in this home with her 17-year-old daughter. her older sister, about 35, 36 years old, and a foster child. this foster child had only been in the home for about six months. so we now know that this all started around 10:20 last night when police got here they found the girl's body inside the
6:34 am
home. the mom was not home at the time. the only other people home were her older sister and that foster child. so still so many questions here this morning but what we do know is just a terrible tragedy took place. this 17-year-old, she was an honor student at flowers high school. she just started her senior year. she hoped to attend harvard university next fall. that was her dream school. but by all accounts, neighbors say she was very quiet. she was an intro vert. she didn't have big parties, didn't go out a lot. she just liked to study. she wanted to be a lawyer. she had very high hopes as did her mother had very high hopes for her. unfortunately this morning those hopes were all cut tragically short. back to you. >> just an awful story. kristin fisher live on our breaking news in upper parl borrow, maryland this morning -- upper marlboro, maryland this morning. a grand jury has indicted floyd corkins ii for the shooting at the family research
6:35 am
council. he was carrying a handgun, a box of ammunition and 15 chik- fil-a sandwich whz he fired on the building manager -- when he fired on the building manager. the man survived. it's believed frc was targeted because of its opposition to same-sex marriage. four people on the mend this morning after they were struck by an suv as they waited outside a food bank. this was the scene yesterday afternoon at the change incorporated food bank in columbia heights. witnesses say the suv jumped the curb and slammed into the four victims. police gave the driver a field sobriety test. she apparently passed and so far has not been charged but police are still investigating what happened. investigators say the deadly ellicott city train derailment was not caused by speeding. but they don't know yet what did cause it. howard county executives have called for a safety review to educate the community about proper railroad safety. the two young women killed were sitting on the side of the rail bridge at the time of the
6:36 am
accident. this afternoon d.c. mayor vincent gray will hold its first meeting ever the power line underground task force. the mayor has been vocal along with many of us tired of getting days of power outages brought on severe weather. the tank force is going to look into the feasibility of burying power lines underground with hopes of reducing the number of outages. 6:36. jessica doyle is watching your money. >> she is. wall street is doing well but the question is why because we've heard bad news all over the place. >> we're going to start by taking a look at the s&p 500 which is one of the broadest measures of wall street as opposed to the dow jones industrial average which is made up of just 30 blue chips. it's the s&p that has gotten so many people talking lately. it's rallied for the past six weeks. on tuesday it hit its highest level in four years. but this market is in a very precarious spot. on one side you've -- you have stocks rising because there's the belief that world governments are prepared to step in if economic conditions
6:37 am
get too bad, including here in the u.s. and companies have been turning in profits that haven't been as bad as some had been expecting. certainly not the greatest reasons to be buying stock. at the same time we have trading volume that hasn't been this low since september 2007. simply speaking, there aren't as many people investing nowadays. financial experts are saying that wall street has virtually lost an entire generation of investors following the financial crisis. meantime t at the mobile is jumping into the unlimited data plan. customers will not be able to link their devices to a computer or use it as a mobile hot spot. the 4g plan will cost between $70 and $90 a month. mark your calendars. we now have a possible date for the release of the iphone 5. sort of. verizon wireless has imposed a vacation blackout on employees
6:38 am
starting september 21. this is in line with rumors that apple will hold a press conference to release the phone. back to the rumor mill. it will be bigger than the iphone 4, better resolution. and a new type of connection for docking. >> wow. >> bigger does not surprise me at all so many other phones are big gler this changes it to a 16 by 9 which we're familiar with in the tv business. eight going to be more standard video quality. >> hd video on the phone. >> i'm due for an upgrade. i'm waiting. our time 16:38. school begins monday for students in montgomery county. >> it does. coming up in nine minutes, we're going to talk live with the county superintendent dr. joshua starr. >> the weather is no challenge, at least not for howard. another day of sunny skies,
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lower humidity and highs in the 80s. find out if we'll keep it going for the weekend. [ male announcer ] on one corner,
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one pharmacist started it all: charles walgreen had a mission to help people be happy and healthy. from inventing the first chocolate malt... to creating a nonprofit pharmacy for our troops... to the first child safety caps. walgreens has been innovating for over a hundred years. and we're just getting started. with more and more ways to be well every day. here at the corner of happy and healthy. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school
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that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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good morning. welcome back. it's 6:42. monika here with timesaver traffic. a couple of accidents have popped up. we also have patchy, low lying fog especially the west of town. howard will be here in a couple of minutes to tell us more about that. in the meantime northbound 95 just north of dale city, the accident sits on the right shoulder causing delays heading by that to woodbridge as you head across the occoquan river. a little further north in springfield on the northbound side of i-95 as you head northbound, it's going to be heavy and steady leaving newington here towards springfield. then i saw some brake lights as well on 395. pretty much that long, slow stresk from edsall road -- stretch from edsall road to seminary road before the pace improves. to the north side of town looking fine on the beltway.
6:44 am
outer loop side 95 toward georgia avenue, just that slow traffic right here through silver spring. route 29, 95, 270 all are okay. i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live once again as you head southbound on 270 heading for the beltway. you might hit some fog and especially across the american legion bridge. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. in the meantime out to andrea and howard. we're out here on the weather terrace. you can feel a little mugginess in the air. not bad. >> had the big showers in spots yesterday. one of those spots was right over the district. you notice things are still damp out here so we're feeling that humidity. with the humidity around, some areas have had patchy dense fog form. but it's going to be like it has been. partly sunny afternoon with the isolated shower and thunderstorm. here's our day planner for you this thursday. we were looking at temperatures which have been climbing into the mid-80s. the winds will turn to the southeast at about 5 to 10
6:45 am
miles an hour. let's talk about the visibilities which have dropped to near zero at the warrenton airport. frederick and manassas now reporting three-quarters after mile visibilities here. cumberland is back down to half. a quarter in petersburg. generally west of town. over the potomac river we've been looking at that camera from sky 9 earlier showing the fog there. 59 in winchester. culpeper is 63. it's 57 with the fog in cumberland. out to the east mid-60s across the bay in easton. and here in town we've got 71 of the here's a look at our michael & son weather camera. some high clouds. we're out in tysons corner this morning. a pretty morning. 71. mostly cloudy officially at reagan national with calm winds and the humidity at 84%. we'll once again see a mix of sun and clouds with a few more clouds southeast. more sun northwest this morning. then this afternoon the spotty showers and storms pop up. we quiet down tonight and we'll pop a few more storms tomorrow and saturday afternoon. in the tropics we've got td
6:46 am
number ten which may become joyce. isaac will be a problem as it's going to strengthen. it's in a good place for that to happen. the weather -- hurricane center has winds currently 40 gusting to 50 but we expect strengthening. we expect potentially to be near hurricane strength as it approaches the southern or southwest dominican republic. it crosses cuba potentially toward south florida. maybe the key west area by monday and up the west coast or eastern gulf of mexico on tuesday. clearly a storm to watch. for us the next few days not much changed from where we've been. upper 80s during the daytime. green days because the interruption should be very few with the isolated afternoon storms. lows in town near 70. closer to 60 in the outer suburbs. as we head towards sunday, though, i think we'll see a little more in the way of atlantic moisture. a few more clouds, showers and storms. i've lettered temperatures to the mid-80s. by wednesday maybe some of isaac's moisture heads this way. >> thank you, howard. you hear the bell.
6:47 am
6:46. back to school time is here. some students are already back in class. montgomery county is one of the districts going back coming up on monday and with a preview of a new school year, we're joined this morning by dr. joshua starr. thank you for getting up this morning and joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we have a positive foot forward. everybody is getting excited about school but there are also challenges. some of the ones we were talking about, even throughout the region, whether it's virginia, d.c., or maryland, enrollment is exploding. more and more people want their kids in school here. how do you deal with that as you move forward each year? >> we take everybody that comes in the doors. we're up to 149,000 kids this year. we've grown -- we're growing by 2500 kids a year. we've become much more diverse particularly in the last few years. we welcome everybody. we're happy to have everybody in our schools. >> is it a space issue where you end up moving to temporary
6:48 am
locations. >> yes. mostly at the elementary level. we are up to 210 new schools. whether it's relocatable, renovations, whatever it may be we accommodate but it's a constant challenge for us. >> what are the other challenges -- one of the other challenges is trying to close the achievement gap. it's one of the things that's a priority for many school systems. how do you address that? it's got to be difficult. >> we're always focused on the gap. while kids in montgomery county do better than their counterparts in other districts and throughout the country, we also know there's a gap and it's something we're working on. this year we're working on community engagement, interventions. we're working on more training for our teachers who can drill down, go deeper and help the kids that need to be college ready. >> do you have teachers that are bilingual? >> it's one of our largest growing populations. about 22% of our elementary
6:49 am
kids are evening language learners. we have 160 or so different languages. it's amazing with the explosion. it's a great benefit to the community and to the schools. it's a wonderful opportunity but we always have to find the resources to make sure that we can help our kids learn english. >> we have one special thing coming up soon. what is it? >> on saturday from 11:00 to 2:00 at carver center, we have our annual back to school fair. it's a great opportunity for folks to come out and get information about what's going on at the schools, the community, have fun, play game. we expect 10,000 to 15,000 people this saturday from 11:00 to 2:00 in rockville. >> good to see you. thanks for coming in this morning. don't forget, enjoy your last weekend. jess, daily deals. over to you. >> thank you, mike. i've been combing through the day's daily deals to find you some deep discounts. here are some thursday's favorites. listen up, terps. here's a deal for you on groupon. get discounts for the university of maryland athletics. you can go see football and
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soccer for up to 54% off. there are three options available. tickets start at just $8. get that car looking like new. the smart car wash in woodbridge has this deal with google offers. pay $35 for three platinum full service washes. that's a $72 value. a lot of kids need flash drives. how about the usb flash drive by they look like some of your sci- fi characters. adults like these, too. on sale now for $14.99, 40% off and free shipping. if you have an awful you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check on the news before you go is next.
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today is thursday, august 23. we're hoping for an update if police on the murder of a teenage girl. the 17-year-old was shot and killed at a home on chartsey street in upper marlboro, maryland overnight. neighbors say the girl was a high school senior who was supposed to attend harvard next year. police have not released her name. this is being investigated as a possible home invasion but police are keeping quiet on specifics. maryland state delegate don dwyer was among nine people hurt in a boat collision. this was wednesday evening in pasadena, maryland. all nine were rescued by other boaters. all of the people who were hurt should survive. no sweep for the nats. d.c. falls to atlanta 5-1 but they still have a six-game lead in the division. they visit the phillys tomorrow night. it's time to reveal the
6:55 am
answer to the question of the morning. here's the question one more time. people 25 to 55 years old are the fastest growing group to do which one of these activities? is it a, take piano lessons, b, gamble in an online casino or c, attend nascar events. >> the answer is actually a, take piano lessons. one more check of traffic and weather coming up next right here on 9news now.
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6:58 am
welcome back. 6:58. we're enjoying ath bit of patchy fog for the first day of school in mineral in west virginia. highs upper 80s. isolated shower or storm. saturday 87 and cooler on sunday. on the inbound side of i- 66, this is to miles east of
6:59 am
the prince william parkway. an accident sitting on the shoulder. so you have slow traffic here and off and on as you head toward the beltway. we'll take a look at the beltway and american legion bridge. howard has been telling us about the fog. it's still going to affect your drive just a bit on the west side of town. >> culpeper, warrenton. we've seen some out there as well. >> otherwise volumes are still pretty light on the west side leaving 270 heading toward the legion bridge. cbs this morning is coming up next. they're going to have a new presidential poll when it comes to the swing states. very interesting. plus, you get a chance to meet a woman -- this is really neat, actually -- behind a new website that helps teachers share tear lesson plans with the whole nation for free. howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> while at work, please stop by. gettuous news, weather and traffic at don't forget to tune us in tomorrow morning starting bright and early at 4:25. until then have a great day. bye-bye.


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