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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we begin with breaking news tonight. in fact, it is crushing news for cyclist lance armstrong. the us anti-doping says they will ban him from cycling for the rest of his life and strip him for seven titles for doping. he dropped the challenges to the agency's allegations that he took performance-enhancing drugs
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to win every year from 1999 within 2005. he argues the armstrong does not have the authority to vacate the title. they disagree. a maryland delegate makes a startling confession as he leaves the hospital. don dwyer admits he was drinking when his boat slammed into another boat, injuring six people, including himself. >> scott broom. >> i'm really in no condition for a press conference. >> reporter: don dwyer hospitalized after surviving the sinking of his 26-foot power boat when it collided with another boat carrying children age 5-12 in the imagine thee magothy river. >> there was some concern alcohol was involved.
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>> reporter: they drew a blood sample from dwyer after the wreck which happened on an ideal night for boating. andrew wendell was among the river residents who got into their boats to rescue five children and two adults on the other boat involved in the collision. six people, including dwyer, and four of the kids were seriously injured. >> a couple of the people had facial lacerations. there was a neck injury. i think one of the small children had a fractured skull. >> reporter: dwyer and a companion were also rescued by river residents. >> no one should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or a power boat. i deeply regret my actions and i ask for forgiveness from the public. >> reporter: scott broom, 9news now. >> dwyer is a republican from pasadena best known in the legislature for leading the fight against gay marriage in maryland. he has not been formally charged pending further investigation. also new tonight at 11:00,
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the fbi and capitol police are investigating threats made against todd akin. he's been taking heat all week for the comments he made for women with rape. he said it's rare that women would get pregnant from a legitimate waste and the female body has ways to shut down the whole thing. capitol police won't comment on the threats, but our sister station in st. louis says a person who goes by saying i am going to legitimately rape your wife. don't worry. your body will defend her. he also tweeted, my good sir, kill yourself. certainly no explanation. tonight the only thing prince george's county has is a qwest for a murderer. our ken molestina is live at police headquarters where we can only hope that someone out there is beginning to make sense of all of this.
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ken. >> reporter: that's exactly rightthat is the hope police reaching out to anybody that may have any information. they want you to call them and help you with a tip to close a case. a 17-year-old amber stanley was gunned down in her own bedroom. earlier tonight, i spoke to her sister who was do distraught to go on camera but she hopes police get to the bottom of it. right now the killer is on the loose and right now everyone is asking the same question. why. prince george's county police detectives spent the evening passing out flyers in the neighborhood where she was murdered. >> it's a sad reality. >> reporter: those that knew her said she was a standout student. >> very shocking. such a nice young lady. >> reporter: according to prince george's coy police, someone came into her house and shot her multiple times inside her own bedroom. neighbors tell 9news three other family members who were inside the house managed to escape the shooting by crawling out of windows. >> i think it's a tragedy.
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we haven't had anything like this happen at least that i know of in this area. >> reporter: thursday night, nearly a full day after the shooting, investigators were still left with a long list of unanswered questions. the victim's older sister who was inside at the time of the shooting returned for the first time since it happened. throughout the day, dozens of detectives could be seen at the home turned murder scene. all of them looking for clues that could lead them to a suspect and an explanation behind the crime. >> i hope they find or bring justice to who committed the crime. >> reporter: this neighborhood has had security stripped. >> i'm going to put my alarm on and i'm just going to pray that everything goes well. and i hope that he don't come back. and i hope -- i'm sorry she had to leave this way. >> reporter: another live look now at the flyer that was being passioned out today by police. you can see they're up to --
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passed out today by the police. you can see they're up to a $25,000 reward for any information that may lead to the capture of this suspect. anyone that may have any information with regards to this investigation. prince george's county police really do need everyone's help out there that may know someone. so they're asking if you do have any information, you give them a call. we're live tonight at prince george's county police headquarters. ken molestina, 9news now. tonight family and friends remembered an ellicott city teen killed in a train derailment. elizabeth nass and her friend rose mayr were out on a railroad bridge tuesday and when the train left the tracks, they were buried under tons of coal that had been the cargo. nass's funeral is tomorrow. mayr's is saturday. they don't know why the train went off the tracks. a frightening medical mystery was disclosed today in the new england journal of medicine. a new aids-like disease that has
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doctors con founded where it comes from and how to stop it. they're hundreds of patients, mostly asian. but where the disease originates, they don't know. gary is here with what we do know. >> reporter: a lot of head scratching. one of our favorite cally clichis is they have more questions than answers. the disease severely damaged the system. odd findings, doctors call it an adult onset immuno deficiency syndrome because it strikes patients at age 50. it does not appear to be contagious. it's not a virus like hiv, but it severely damages the immune system making it hard to protect against infections and disease.
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>> so even though the end result is that they look like an hiv infected person because they have so many of these complicating infections, in fact it isn't an infection that's causing it. it's the body's reaction ainst an important protein. so it isn't contagious. it doesn't spread from one person to another. >> reporter: so far, doctors have found they can help patients but not cure them. >> we have antibiotics against the infections that they get. but that doesn't treat the underlying defect that's leading to this susceptibility to these infections. that has not been worked out yet. >> reporter: another way of say ing ing no cure yet. what causes it? doctors don't know. but apparently believe some combination of asian heritage and environmental factors may kick in to trigger the disease at about age 50. they're looking for answers, getting some help from one patient being treated at the nih campus in bethesda. anita. >> it is a medical mystery. thanks, gary. we're now going to give you a follow up on the deadly
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outbreak of a super bug in bethesda. despite every effort at sanitation control, 18 people became infected with drug resistent bacteria last year. six people ended up dying. today i sdpoek about the growing -- spoke about the growing problem of hospital infections with dr. bell with the centers for disease control. >> the sad truth is is that hospital inquired infections happen all the time. the challenge is figuring out how infections will related. when something is being spread within a hospital, tracking that and stopping that spread is job number one. >> it is important to note nih says the outbreak was never a danger of spreading out to the community. only to immuno compromised patients who were within the hospital. tropical storm isaac turning its way around the caribbean and it could be a hurricane by tomorrow. it is expected to hit florida by monday, and that would be the same day the republican national convention kicks off in tampa.
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thousands of delegates, party officials, media and the candidates will be gathering over the weekend. now, if a strong hurricane approaches, the whole area would have to be evacuated. tampa's mayor says the city is ready. >> we literally would take off our convention hats and put on our storm hat. that would be really the only logistical difference. >> that is florida, and they do know their storms. now, ahead of the storms, 400 buses would shuttle the delegates to a safe location. but that would only be if the city and the republican national committee vote to do all of that. until then, all they can do is keep on preparing. and fosh the very latest -- for the very latest on the isaac path, let's check in with topper shutt. >> we have new information and the winds are stronger. 45 miles an hour as opposed to 40. so wind wise it's still a low end tropical storm. tropical storms are 35 miles an hour to 70 miles an hour. let's share the satellite picturement of it's a big storm.
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and -- picture. it's a big storm. the southern portion will be rainfall. that is really going to be the most potent aspect of this storm right now. it's a pretty big storm. it almost stretches across the entire caribbean sea. you see the black and purple, that's strong thunderstorm activity. here is the deal. puerto rico is done with the warnings. tropical storm warnings cover haiti. there are no hurricane warnings out. they're expecting winds of 30-50 miles an hour. here is the track. it hasn't changed much. if it takes this track, they're not going to have any problems at the convention. remember, the convention can sustain winds of 96 miles an hour. if it were to be there, winds are only 80. that's sustained winds, yes. gusts would be on the higher end of that. but still well away from shore. it's too early to discount it completely, but historically
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most of the storms that slam into tampa either come from the gulf of mexico and move northeast ward or they clip western cuba and come in between cuba and cancun and move up. rarely do they get a direct hit from a storm over eastern cuba. we'll talk when the weekend. stay tuned. and roaches across from tyson's galleria. >> okay. coming up, our investigative reporter russ ptacek has the dirty details before you dine out this weekend, you'll want to hear what we found at some popular places around town in dc, maryland and virginia. plus this man is sharing his secrets for living a very, very long time. guess what, he's 105 today. how did he do it? let's wait around and find out.
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roaches right across from tyson's galleria. a sewage disaster. restaurants with orders to shut down. >> that's what we found from fairfax into montgomery county. russ ptacek has tonight's 9 wants to know food alert. >> reporter: tonight besides the sewage and the roaches, you'll notice a recurring theme time after time. restaurants cited for not having a properly certified food safety manager on duty to keep those
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food dangers from threatening your health. inspectors cited this watering hole near national cathedral for imminent health hazards. something the manager didn't want to discuss. >> i don't understand what are we doing exactly. >> reporter: the health department closed the restaurant because of health violations and we wanted to see if you wanted to talk about it. >> i don't want to talk about it but it wasn't a health violation. >> reporter: she said they were operating without a current license but she said employees unable to keep hands clean because of no hot water. refrigerators as warm as 78 degrees and a food safety manager without proper paperwork. in montgomery county, el tiano was suspended for violations during a routine inspections. besides no certified food manager, they reported sewage backing up on to the kitchen floor and trouble with insect animal controls.
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more sewage problems and a citation at brother's chinese in wheaton for defying a closing order and continuing to operate after inspectors ordered it shut because the takeout was discharging sewage into an already grease clogged manhole. montgomery county records indicate the backup was so severe, sewage was spewing out of this manhole cover. they had to close the restaurant next door too, but the manager inside that stop says the sewage never backed up into his store. at this office building on reston parkway in reston, inspectors cited no food safety manager, food not date marked and risky temperatures. we went undercover seeing the deli still closed with a note saying sorry for the inconvenience. and roaches across from tyson's galleria. it happened here. the health department cited the restaurant because it didn't have a food safety manager on duty. that's the person responsible to keep roaches away from food. the person who has to maintain a communicable disease policy for
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the staff and who has to keep food at safe temperatures. the health department cited this restaurant for violating those policies too. >> i ordered the ravioli. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> reporter: how was your lunch? >> it was fine. i didn't know about it. >> reporter: the owner of the taste of saigon restaurant and patio in the same building says it did not close and it is licensed separately. in prince george's county, officials closed three roadside operations for operating without licenses. follow me and see it as it happens. for 9 wants to know, i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, the news now. officials tell us those places are still closed. the others passed reinspections and are back in business tonight. top. >> all right. let's have a live look outside. this is brought to you from michael and son.
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the high was 89. right now it's 77. not too bad. relative humidity 62%. dew points in the low 60s. that's low enough actually to open your windows in the burbs. winds light. pressure rising 30.14 inches of mercury. a few kids are in school and it will be comfortably cool. quite comfortable. here is the deal. a little patchy fog is possible. not as much as as we've had the past couple of mornings because we had fewer showers today. warmer but nice, so we'll finish the night on a comfortable note. and then the weekend, it's going to be cooler and wet. at least unsettled. just how much shower activity will be found is kind of still up for debate, but it will be cooler as easterly winds begin to pick up out of the east at 10. so you're going to a little league game. it will probably be played. partly cloudy overnight. comfortable. a little patchy fog. low temperatures in the 60s. by morning, very nice. grab your shades. partly cloudy, pleasant. temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
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winds not a factor. winds are light pretty much throughout the day. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. just a slight chance. a slight chance of a shower. high temperatures in the 80s. not enough of a chance to change your plans or anything like that. all right. let's go ahead and break it down for you. to start, very nice. 62-72 at 6:00. by noon, mild. upper 70s to mid 80s. very nice. and then by evening, i have to drop there, just a slight chance of a shower 85-89. the next three days we're going to keep it code green on friday. upper 80s. slight chance of a shower. a slight chance of shower on saturday. we're going to keep it green. 80 on saturday. 83 on sunday. next seven days, warming up a little bit again on monday. still shy of 90. 89. shower possible tuesday. 88. and then very nice wednesday and thursday with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. so enjoy tomorrow. the weekend going downhill just a little bit.
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>> what is this downhill. we don't want that. >> i know. we have a big birthday celebration today for a man from virginia. >> and when we say big, we mean really big. matt jablow has the story. >> reporter: when charles clark was in his late 30s, a doctor told him he would live to be 100. it turns out he was off by a few years. today charles turns 105 years old. >> i never thought i would be 105. but it creeped up on me pretty quick. >> reporter: born on august 23rd, 1907, charles was raised on a farm in hamilton, virginia. >> we had chickens and hogs. >> reporter: he served in the army during world war ii. >> right after d day, we went overseas. >> reporter: after when he moved back to virginia where he lived in the same house for the past 79 years. >> there's a lot to do around the house. >> reporter: he worked in the insurance business and was a school bus driver. >> i didn't make a lot of money,
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but i made a living. >> reporter: he posed with a picture of president obama and received a birthday greeting from the second president bush, though neither of the commanders of chief were his favorite. he was married for 56 years. had a child and suffered through the deaths of his wife and his son. >> he died in '05. my wife died in '70. >> reporter: and through it all, according to his daurl, daughter-in-law, he has been a great person. >> i have known him since 1964. i have never, ever seen him lose his temper. >> reporter: according to charles, his secret to a long life is pretty simple. eat plenty of vegetables and don't drink or smoke too much. that basic recipe in mind, he says he intends to stick around for a while longer. >> well, if i'm not too much trouble, i would like to live longer if i can. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9news
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now. >> bless his heart. >> you know. what can you say. >> never losing his temper. there's something to be said. >> and also the vegetables, top. >> yeah. >> yeah, you're right on that track. [ laughing ] >> hot dogs for everyone. [ laughing ] >> the redskins second greater running back ever of all time? >> yes. second greatest. most colorful. that's for sure. >> oh, yes. >> more than riggo. >> yes. >> clinton portis, he's just 30 years old. but he is done playing professional football. find out why he says it was the right time to say goodbye. plus could the ravens starters bounce back tonight against jacksonville? sports is next.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> the baltimore ravens put on a rather dismal showing last saturday night against de treat leaving many to think -- detroit leaving many to think about the strength of this year's team. i think the ravens erased some of the worries after tonight's stellar performance. the purple and black hosting jacksonville. all they can muster in the first was a field goal, but that didn't last long. the first td out of the game
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13-3 ravens at the half. third quarter flaco rambles, finds the big man who takes it in 20-3 baltimore. five minutes later, same spot. taylor now in at qb, finds williams in the end zone. 27-3 ravens. all in all, a great dress rehearsal for baltimore. they crushed the jags 48-17. after nine years in the nfl and dozens of pernltsdz later, running back -- personalities later, running back clinton portis is hanging up his cleats for good. he's become one of the 10 i inductees. he rushed for over 9900 yards. good enough for 27th in the league. but after injuries practically ended his career in 2010, he said he couldn't see himself playing anywhere else but in
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washington. >> i knew i wouldn't fit in just as a piece of a puzzle to somewhere else. i couldn't celebrate. i couldn't sit. i couldn't sleep at night knowing that i was part of something that had no meaning. >> now, portis was traded to the redskins in 2004 which was okay with him because the skins were the only team that didn't pass him over in the first round of the 2002 draft. dan snyder who presented this picture to portis today called the move a fantastic trade for the redskins. >> we have been through so much together. a lot of great, great victories. some tragedy. and a lot of personal times together. and he's someone i know very well, and i'm proud to call him my friend and a great redskin. >> that was a bittersweet day in ashburn today. but portis seemed okay with the decision. >> absolutely. do we remember who we traded to get him. >> cham bailey. >> that is correct.
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>> all right. we have to go. >> i'm on top of it.
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that's 9news for tonight. thanks for sticking around. >> don't forget we're calls on at letterman is on next.
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