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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. 85 by noon with the mix of sun and clouds and our highs really depend on how much of the high cloudiness filters the sunshine. you can actually see the clouds streaming south to north here. the moisture offshore. offshore there. and this moisture unfortunately is going to come back on shore tomorrow. right now we've got 72 annapolis and 62 though up in martinsburg and cumberland is 61 and fredericksburg this morning 65 degrees. 74 still here in d.c.. all right, this afternoon again those highs really depend on what's happening with the cloud cover. 86 in annapolis. and easton and cambridge. mid 80s also in the shenandoah valley but with enough sunshine we may get up to 89 at leesburg manassas and here in the district. it is the now 5:00 a.m -- now 5:00 a.m. monika samtani has timesaver traffic. it's looking great. it looks like friday should look. nice and light all around town. no issues to report whatsoever. and all that construction on the west side of town cleared up for the morning. we're looking good out of
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manassas into centreville towards fairfax on the inbound side of i-66. no issues to report traveling through the tysons area on the beltway. a live look outside right now and show you the northbound side. northbound side of i-95 no issues here as you head up from dale city towards springfield. and over to 395 to the 14th street bridge. no issues all lanes are open. and we're incident-free at the potomac and anacostia river crossings. back over to the maps, and this time to the other side of town. where we're going to take a look into maryland. southern maryland. route 5, route 4, route 301, 210 into oxon hill from accokeek is looking good. what it looks like if prince george's county on the beltway and this is a good example of the beltway between 95 and the wilson bridge. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes at 5:09. mike? no motive and no suspect so far. police are still looking for my information in the murder of a
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promising high school student. >> 17-year-old amber stanley was gunned down in her own home wednesday night. 9news now ken molestina has more. >> reporter: prince george's county police detectives spend the evening passing out flyers in the kettering neighborhood where stan low was murdered. the 17-year-old was a student at charles herbert flowers high school. >> reporter: it was a sad reality. >> reporter: she hoped to go on to harvard university. >> very shocking, such a nice young lady. >> reporter: according to prince george's county police someone came into more house and shot her multiple times inside her own bedroom. neighbors tell 9news now three other family members inside the house managed to escape the shooting by crawling out of windows. >> i think it's a tragedy. we havement had anything like this happen at least that i know of in this area. >> reporter: thursday night nearly a full day after the shooting investigators were still left with a long list of unanswered questions. the victim's older sister who was inside at the time of the shooting returned for the first time since it happened. throughout the day dozens of detectives could be seen at the
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home turned murder scene along chartsey street. all of them looking for clues that could lead them to a system and an explanation behind the savage crime. >> pretty much hope they find or bring to justice who committed that crime. you know. >> reporter: this neighborhood has had its sense of security stripped and frightened neighbors here won't rest easy until investigators get to the bottom of this. >> i'm going to put my alarm on and i'm just going to pray that everything goes well. and that i hope that he don't come back and i hope that -- i'm sorry. she had to you know leave this way. >> that was ken molestina reporting there. other 9news now d.c. police are investigating a murder in northeast. officers got called to a shooting on rhode island avenue last night. police got to the scene around 10:30 and they found a man shot in the head. he died at the hospital a short time later. at this point in suspects or a motive in this case. don dwyer says no one should ever do what he did
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wednesday evening. >> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was .2. >> spoke outside shock trauma in baltimore. he wore a neck brace and sat in a wheelchair. his boat struck another vessel near gibson island and six people including three children were hospitalized and some suffered serious injuries but all are expected to recover. it is 5:04. time for the latest your money report. >> and jessica doyle is here with today's headlines, good morning. >> good morning i wish the color of the day was green but lately it's been a lot of red on wall street. >> yeah. >> stocks heading into the final trading session of the week because it is friday. after the losses friday. so that's the good news. investors sold stocks after new jobs data indicated the employment picture is getting worse and disappointing
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earnings from hewlett-packard didn't really help anything either. checking the numbers this morning -- there were more people in the unemployment line last week. first time unemployment claims rose by 4,000. the seasonal adjustment brings the number to 372,000. now first time claims have risen for two straight weeks. some economists say that shows hiring continued in august but at a slower pace than july's solid gains. not all bad news though this morning. the housing market seems to be making a steady recovery. sales of new homes were up last month. the commerce department says they rose 3.6% in july. matching a two year high in may. experts say the reasons behind these gains are homes are more affordable and also helping things the near record low mortgage rates. the national association of realtors says sales of previously occupied home also
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up in july. seen a nice little rally. >> a long way to go. >> we like that. this is going to be good news for parents and families. one big supermarket chain we all know and love is freezing prices. >> we like the sound of that. a new book about killing osama bin laden is reportedly an eyewitness account from a navy s.e.a.l. that story is coring up. >> plus, mitt romney goes into more detail about why he's turning down calls to release his tax returns. >> plus, clinton portis leaves the redskins with some motion and one more huge honor. we'll be back.
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it is 5:08 on this friday morning. quiet for you to get out the door. sunrise not until 6:30. we're going to have a decent day today. warm and not too hot and a slim chance for the isolated storm this afternoon. here's the d planner. we've got a mix of clouds and sun and maybe a few more clouds than sun as we get into the afternoon. by noon mid 80s and by 3:00 87. high today 88. 89 and that will happen around 2:00 or so and by 5:00 still looking at temperature of 84 -- excuse me 86 degrees. i'll be back in a you if minutes and talk -- a few minutes talking about the unsettled weekend. right now we go to monika with look at timesaver traffic. on the inbound side of i-66 here at route 50 no problems to report as you head for 495 and inside the beltway to the roosevelt bridge, all lanes are
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open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes, back to you guys. making news now at 5:09. a new book tells the story of the raid that killed osama bin laden. from someone who claims he was there. according to fox news, the author is a retired navy s.e.a.l., the book is titled "no easy day: the firsthand account of the mission that killed osama bin laden." the author uses the pseudonym mark owen. the fbi and capital police are investigating threat against missouri congressman todd akin. he's been pressured to quit his senate race after making some controversial comments about rape. our sister station? st. louis reports the threats include a death threat and a threat to rape his wife. and mitt romney is revealing more about why he's reluctant to release more tax returns. in an interview with parade magazine, romney says his returns would show how much he's donated to the mormon church. romney says his church doesn't publish how much people tithe. the weekend is almost here and if you would like to spend
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this pre-labor day weekend at the movies? we'll let you know what going to be in the -- what's going to be in theaters. >> today lance armstrong is expected to be stripped of all of his tour de france wins after dropping his fight against doping charges. >> at 5:15, howard has a flirting with the 90-degree mark once again. seven day forecast right after this.
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we are following breaking news from winchester, virginia this morning. fire department chief scott cullers has just con firmed to 9news now that two people have died in a house fire. firefighters were called to the home on summit avenue after 9:30 last night. >> several others were reportedly treated at the scene for burns and smoke inhalation. we're still getting new information on this and we'll bring you up-to-date as soon as we get more. over to monika now. thank you so much. also a fire in southeast that we need to tell you agent trite now only alabama -- about right now on alabama avenue in 1300 block in congress heights. in southeast, and it is blocked in both directions right now. maybe you want to use mississippi avenue as your alternate route. we'll keep you posted on that situation as well. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like if you're planning to head northbound on 395 to the 14th street bridge and 95 as well to the -- 295 as well to the 11th street bridge those are both
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doing fine. this time to the north side of town on the maps no problems out of frederick on route is, i- 70, 270, jermantown and a live look once again in maryland and this time southbound 270 closer to -- the beltway actually at kenilworth avenue no problems here in prince george's county. we'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic at 5:23. back to you guys. thank you monika. 5:14. friday morning. and howard gets us off to a good start. >> yes a nice friday around here. weekend though has a camphires that we'll be talk -- couple of issues that we'll be talking about and of course isaac is an interesting storm, maybe a hurricane next week and it looks like maybe western florida and could be mobile and inching to louisiana. i know you've got a lot of -- a lot of concerns over there. and the 20th anniversary of hurricane andrew today. i believe hitting south florida. let's get you moving here looking at the bus stop forecast. on this friday morning because you know, decent out there. many areas are in the 60s and a comfortable start to the day. we're still holding on the to
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the 70s in town with sunrise normal in the 6:30 -- not til 6:30. 8:00 temperature 74 and now by noon, we'll be up to about 85, excuse me 85 degrees and a pretty good lunch hour. northeast winds at 6 and a mix of clouds and sunshine. this afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy even, with those high clouds 86 at 4:00. i think around 2:00 we get to 88 and maybe even 89 depending on how much cloud cover we have but also a threat for the stray thunderstorm this afternoon and your 8:00 p.m. temperature of 81 degrees. so if you've got evening plans generally i think you will be okay. it's tomorrow's plans which are in jeopardy. currently 65 in sterling and 62. that's our cool spot in northern loudoun county. 66 in laurel. bowie 65. frederick 67 down there this morning. outside on our michael & son weather camera, well, the electricity is on in tysons corner. i can tell you that. just too dark again not until
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6:30 and the suisat reagan nati winds are calm and the humidity at 71%. across the country. moisture in the northern areas here minneapolis over toward oh wisconsin. we're looking at central plains southern plains some storms all the way to the southwest but the moisture we're really concerned with on saturday this stuff right here. off the carolina coast off of virginia beach even. this all boundary been sitting here all week. well, little piece of low pressure is going to develop and move a little best and spin off that. the problem for us is we get into the easterly flow and the moisture that's here is going to be pushed back toward us. you can see this on the futurecast. maybe that isolated storm this afternoon with the partly to mostly cloudy skies but it's tonight as the moisture starts to work its way up out of north carolina and into southern maryland and the eastern shore. headed to the beach this weekend remember this, this on shore flow the rains? could be some moderate ones here, here we are midday saturday across virginia and
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this easterly flow continuing to keep us in the clods and the showers -- clouds and the showers looks like for most of the day. isaac by the way maybe key west toward mobile, pensacola the way it looks right now but of course that track is adjusted as the storm evolves but under the gun maybe haiti tonight. green day today. just an isolated storm. near 90. tonight down to about 70 in d.c.. 60s north and west. 80 tomorrow. only 80 because of the showers we're going to have around and a yellow alert day. i think this is going to be mappabling outdoor plans and then a milder sunday. 83. could still be an afternoon shower or storm. we heat up monday to 89 and then tuesday and wednesday in the upper 80s. andrea and michael back to you. thanks howard. the redskins get one of their offensive weapons back for tomorrow's third preseason game. >> plus, the ravens look ready for the regular season right now. after the convincing win last night. >> 5:17. we want to take another look at our question of the morning --
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>> our facebook friend jean says -- >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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5:20 on this friday morning. these temperatures this morning are fantastic. down in the 60s in many areas. cloud cover well it's stream asking it's broken up a lot of high clouds. by 9:00 still a good looking morning. temperatures will be in the low to mid-70s in most areas. we'll head toward the lunch hour 83 in d.c.. 79 easton with 77 martinsburg and the partly cloudy sky. and then this afternoon, we continue with those clouds and maybe an isolated shower or two. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. back to you. thanks howard. tomorrow, i think it's me. tomorrow redskins would like a turn a performance like the ravens did last night. >> kristen berset first tells us we bid a fond fare well the clinton portis in your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning everybody, after nine years in the nfl and dozens obviously personalities later running back clint portis is hanging up
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the cleats for good. the announcement came on the eve of him becoming one of the ten new inductees to the list of 80 greatest redskins of all time. there were no costumes like these yesterday at redskins park. no shenanigans. just a guy reflecting on a great career. now two time pro bowler rushed nor 9900 yards good enough for 27th in the nfl but after injuries in 2010, portis couldn't see himself playing anywhere else but in washington. >> i knew i wouldn't fit in just as a piece of a puzzle. to somewhere else. i couldn't celebrate, i couldn't see it. i couldn't sleep at night knowing that i was part of something that had no meaning. >> reporter: now the redskins in their current running back core face indy on saturday at fedex field and tim hightower will see some playing time this season. his first game since knee
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surgery. hightower's season was cut short last year because of a torn acl. now evan roister and roy helu jr. won't play on saturday. the purple and black, the ravens hosting jacksonville at the roost. in the first was a field goal but that didn't last long. joe flacco finds boldin for the touchdown. third quarter play fake for flacco, finds the big man. 20-3 baltimore. five minutes later same spot. finds williams in the end zone. 27-3 ravens. all in all pretty darn good for baltimore. they crush the jags 48-17. that is a quick look at sports this morning, i'm kristen berset, have a great friday. in addition to preparing for tomorrow's game one well- known redskin is also blowing out candles today. >> after more than a decade of fighting against doping
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allegations cyclist lance armstrong is about to lose the coveted tour de france titles. it's 5:24. here's monika. >> and anyone happening to go to on the inbound side of route 50 things look great here at sandy point across the bay bridge you will be fine and through annapolis to the beltway as well. all lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:28. you're warming 9news now.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. on this friday morning, i'm andrea roane. >> why is that guy in a garage ration robe with sneakers in that commercial? >> that was a wardrobe malfunction. >> anyway, i'm mike hydeck, happy friday. been doing it for years. i know i just saw it. >> they forgot to cross it. >> hi monika. >> they forgot to cross the picture. >> hi monika how are you? she has traffic momentarily. >> never seen the kids in graduation? >> why is he selling cars dressed that way?
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>> got your attention. >> i guess so. i don't know. >> weather-wise -- >> move on. >> next. >> call mike after the show. your day planner on this friday morning. looks okay. not going to be a crystal clear blue day. we've got sunrise at #:30 and we're going to have clouds mixing with the sunshine and these high clouds should be mainly dry save for the isolated shower or storm this afternoon with high temperatures in the mid to the upper 80s. 85 by noon. i think 88 maybe 89 about 2:00 p.m. or so with the drive home temperature again down do viii degrees, watching the -- down to 85 degrees, watching the high clouds moving in from south to north overnight. there's moisture though rain and storms off the carolina coast and the moisture we thought it was going to stay offshore a couple of days ago. now it looks like it's going to be coming to us during the day on saturday and even late tonight some showers move in by tomorrow morning. low 60s in the shenandoah valley. it's 67 up in baltimore and we're 74. going into the mid- and upper 8
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#s. monika samtani happy friday to you. happy friday. things are looking great. it is a happy friday. no big issues to report on the beltway right now and it's the same story on northbound i-95 in virginia adds you come up from dale city from woodbridge right into springfield and up to the 14th street bridge. everything is looking great and we're going to take a live look outside just see a tiny bit of volume forming but nothing we can't deal with. leaving route 644 heading to the beltway some traffic on the southbound side here as well. back to the maps this time head over to the north side of the beltway. looking good on the outer loop college park into bethesda passing silver spring. route 29 and 95 all incident- free and back out live again one more time here's the beltway at university boulevard. as you can see, all lanes are open. i'll be back with more coming up in a few minutes. back to you. today a man once considered a sports hero will be stripped of his titles. >> all seven of them. lance armstrong announced yesterday he's dropping his
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fight against the u.s. antidoping agency. earlier this week a judge threw out armstrong's lawsuit and he was trying to block the agency's case from moving forward. another american cyclist has said publicly armstrong did indeed use performance- enhancing drugs. >> i saw it in his refrigerator you know. i saw him inject it more than one time. >> that was his teammate tyler hamilton there. armstrong denied such claims by former teammates citing hundreds of drug tests he took without once being positive. however his decision means the doping agency could revehicle the seven tour de france titles as soon as today. it is 5:30. this morning police appear no closer to solving the murder of a high school senior in kettering, maryland. amber stanley was shot to death in her own bed late wednesday night. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is at prince george's county police headquarters in palmer park with more on this story. have they learned any more
5:31 am
kristin? >> reporter: unfortunately not too much andreament you know we're now 36 hours into this homicide investigation. but police here say they still have no suspects, no motives, no explanation for why this 17- year-old honor student was shot and killed in her own bedroom. so police here are now offering a $25,000 cash reward for anyone with information. homicide detectives say yesterday evening handing out reward flyers in that kettering neighborhood where that -- where the homicide happened. they're asking everyone, anyone who might have seen something for their help for their information. they say around 10:30 wednesday night someone kicked down the front door to amber stanley's home. asked for her by name. then entered her bedroom and she was in her bed and shot her several times. she was pronounced dead at the scene. now police say they have no description of a suspect. they don't even know if this was the work of one person or perhaps several people.
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>> we're told that somebody entered the home. we don't know -- i don't want the say one person. i don't want to say more than one. we know at least one person entered the home. >> reporter: now neighbors say this is not the first time that police have been called out to the home. neighbors say her mother who sheltered a series of foster children and on tuesday, police were at the house when one of those foster children complained of mistreatment. so coming up at 6:00 we'll have more information about could there be any possible connection? i asked police about it yesterday. i'll have what they had to say coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> all right, kristin fisher reporting live from palmer park. another grieving family today. a funeral will be held for one of the 19-year-olds killed in monday's train derailment in ellicott city. family and friends held a visitation for elizabeth mass. she and her friend rose mayr were out on the railroad bridge and they were buried under tons of coal that had been the cargo
5:33 am
when it left the tracks, funeral services for mayr will be held tomorrow and so far investigators don't e don't know why the train derailed. the man charged is due in court later today. earlier this week, the grand jury indicted floyd corkins and now he's formally charged with one federal count of weapons charges and two d.c. offenses including assault with intent to kill. the prosecutors say corkins shot a kurt guard in the arm -- security guard in the arm in northwest washington. the guard and other bystanders tackled the gunman before anyone else was hurt. 5:33. time for another your money report. >> and jessica doyle is back. good morning jess. >> good morning, we may not love those paying those credit card bills but we love to whip out the plastic. >> too much. >> a new survey of credit cards is out. jd power took a look at customer satisfaction and number one was? american express. the credit card company got top marks for its terms and billing. as well as helping customers
5:34 am
solve problems. the discover card wasn't all that far behind. all 11 card companies actually got better ratings since 2010. that's when a new law went into effect putting the fees and interest rates they can charge putting limits on those things. microsoft has rolled out a new corporate logo. first change in more than 25 years, this sets the stage for a new wave of products designed to cast the world's largest software maker in new light. you will see the name is in a lighter straighter tonight and the red, blue, yellow and green colors used in the flag on the operating system are blockier and now one big block. windows h. will be released in two months. wegman's is doing what it can to help customers save some money. the grocery store says starting sunday, it's freezing prices on more than 60 productions used the most by families. some of the items on the list include wegman's macaroni and cheese dinner just 39 cents and the giant bread is just 99
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cents. wegman's boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.99. certain cereal also $1.99 and greek yogurt just 35 cents, for an entire list log on to greek yogurt? >> that's a deal. >> greek yogurt? >> oh, yeah. i love it. same calories adds the light stuff too. >> not bad. okay. i'm sold. jessica is going to be back to reveal our friday daily legals. >> still ahead we're going to preview some of the new movies you can catch this weekend. we'll be right back.
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5:37. a comfortable morning out here. not as mug few as yesterday morning. and i think you will like the day. just a slim chance for an afternoon storm like we've seen the last couple of days, here's a look at your day planner still dark outside. sunrise at 6:30 this morning. 9:00 76 and noon 85. we'll top out about 88.
5:38 am
89 i think that happens about 2:00 p.m. and by 5:00 we're back dun into the middle 80s again just a slight chance of the afternoon storm. i'll be back in about five minutes to talk about the weekend and got some problems to discuss. right now inside to monika samtani. hopefully a nice ride in so far. you know it's not bad at all. it's earl hi friday morning and it's light. here's the beltway near the national harbor. a nice shot here on the south side of town here in the wilson bridge and springfield. you will be just fine. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. but first, metro is only working on two of the five rail lines this weekend on the red line trains will single track in two spots between gofer and medical center and between takoma and forest glen. have annona and dun loring and west falls church. buses will run to east falls church and i'll be back with more traffic jess? thank you monika. happy friday everybody. we've been combing through the
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day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. here are some friday favorites. it's a good one for you. take a look at the graphic. yeah, you're seeing that correctly. living social has this deal. pay $35 and get $210 to spend at my eye doctor. that goes for glasses and lenses or if you pay $45, you can get an exam plus $225 to spend. on your new specks. starting monday, you can get a free breakfast from bojangles, just go to and make a reservation and pick any day between august 27th and september 2nd and there are five area locations. and google offers is flipping out with this deal. offering ten yoga classes and $50 for future classes, there is a $210 value. now just $65 for you. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. and i'm going to send it over
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to andrea and mike. all right, we want to take another look at our question of the morning coming up on 5:40. the question is -- >> all right, one of our responses from michael jenkins -- >> what's the answer though? log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page, leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. well, as summer wind down and a national dui crackdown is underway. we have more on is that coming up. >> also, could virginia be getting a new sports arena and at least one team to go with it? >> before we head to break let's see who's celebrating a birthday today --
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we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:44 on this friday morning. monocast just said if you leave right now going across the bay bridge is good. going to the beach you're saying the you're going to the beach -- >> maybe tomorrow. tomorrow, numerous showers i think with the on shore flow, the clouds. sunday looks better and i still think the rainy day at the beach is better than most day elsewhere. looks nice out there. you like to get outside and take a walk or you want to get the dog out or just run. good time to do it.
5:45 am
temperatures especially in the suburbs are in the 60s. our bus stop forecast, well we start in the 60s and even some 70s in town by the bay. parts of southern maryland. those usual suspects are are going to see the temperatures in the 70s this morning. at sunrise doesn't occur until 6:30. our day planner, well we're going to have a mix of clouds and sunshine by noon around 85. this afternoon we're looking at 87. at 3:00, high today 88 or 89 and depend on how much sun we can get between the clouds and a slim chance of a shower or storm for the afternoon. 61 winchester and cumberland. down south mid 60s and the 70s in d.c.. they got a big loud party going on in our newsroom it sounds like. a little distracted there. 74 here in washington with 67 in baltimore. all right, here's a look outside. still dark. got a couple of clouds at tysons corner on our michael & son weather camera. winds are calm and humidity 71%. and 74 degrees officially at
5:46 am
reagan national. clouds continue to stream in from the southwest to the northeast right over us. those are the high thin ones. at tames you get a thinly vailed sky. at times could be overcast but you see all the rain shower on the carolina coast? that's going to be coming back to the west into late tonight and tomorrow. our futurecast, really showing this not so much today. other than that isolated shower or storm to the west. but as we get into the overnight period you'll notice off to the south in southern virginia, maybe toward southern maryland now the eastern shore. here showers by tomorrow morning. and then you see all this continues to spread off toward the north and east as we head to lunchtime but to the south and southwest of washington. but even in the afternoon most areas will have the showers and you got outdoor plans on saturday? very iffy right now even saturday evening we'll see a few showers lingering through the midnight hour. this lifts north and northeast of us into sunday morning can that on sunday, yeah, still a couple of showers and storms
5:47 am
around but it looks like a better chance up to our northeast. the upper eastern shore over toward philly and even back to the mountains than the rest of us. so sunday yes, the better looking day of the weekend and quick lock at isaac by the way. isaac going to be near key west i think monday and tuesday and then potentially up toward the northern gulf coast maybe pensacola, mobile. we'll watch that tuesday and wednesday time frame. that could be a decent sized hurricane. 89 today. tomorrow only about 80 a yellow alert day due to the showers we're expecting and on sunday, better. just some afternoon storms possible 8:00 3. next week monday 89 and tuesday 88. monika it's 5:47. traffic is looking a little -- rough or good? >> no, it's good. i was feeling bad for my friend who's having a summer barbecue on saturday. wonder how many of those are going to be ruined with saturday's showers we'll have to see. things look great on the beltway at least for the morning. no problems to report heading northbound on i-95 if dale city to wood spring to springfield. a live look outside and show
5:48 am
you what its look us hike, again just got the volume leaving route 644 heading for the beltway ask on 395 no delays yet. heading for the 14th street bridge. all of the potomac and anacostia river crossings are fine. over to the other side of town. this time to the west side and things are looking good on the belt wait as you leave 66. heading for the roosevelt bridge inside the beltway you're fine and no issues to report over the crossings. one more live look outside and this time we'll take a look here at the american legion bridge between bethesda and tysons. i'll be back at 6:00 a.m. with more traffic. but first a special extra mime report this morning. i'm with david strickland the national traffic highway safety administration administrator. there's a national drunk driving crackdown. it's called drive sober or get pulled over. david, thank you for joining us. really great to see you again. >> it's going to be going through labor day. basically every single year is
5:49 am
we focus on the highest risk times especially for things that can impair driving. the drive sober or get pulled over campaign kicked off through this labor day period on august 17th where we have over 10,000 law enforcement agencies across the country specially looking for impaired drivers. saturation patrols, sobriety check points and other activities to make sure that people are safe and appropriate and not impaired and if you are they're going to arrest you. >> it's a huge nationwide initiative. why was it so critical at this time of year? unfortunately we've seen a spike in impaired driving fatalities and crashes during the labor day weekend. >> it's a great last part of the summer, people are out celebrating the it's fine you know. you should take a moment to celebrate and if you're of legal age. we just encourage you to make sure that you make the right decision. have a -- have a designated driver. have another way to get home other than driving. >> d.c. just made their drunk driving laws much more strict. and also in france, they've
5:50 am
mandated the government has mandated that the breathalyzer kits are with the driver at all time. any way they would consider something lick that here? what we do here in the united states is a you've been arrested in several states of driving under the influence of alcohol they have a thing which they may put on your vehicle. in order to start the car you have to actually give a breath sample in order to make sure you have no alcohol in the system. the one thing we want to encourage is generally speaking is good behavior. don't try to play the line. i think the french is great but make sure you know what your level of impairment is or what your blood alcohol content is. open joy yourself and be smart about it. >> we were just showing our viewers some of your psas and you have the invisible cop. explain what that is. >> right. literally it's a great sort of take on knowing you may not see the police officers but they are out there and they will arrest you. so don't think that just because it looks like it's a
5:51 am
great clear street and there's noggin on. the police are out there in force and they will arrest you if you're driving under the influence. >> give us a stat that really stands out with dui and labor day. >> the one thing we always recognize is the fact that the impaired driving with over the passing years actually seen a decrease by 5% in fatalities since 2010. which is a great opportunity. but we lost over 10,000 people. the people that were involved in impaired driving fatalities, 70% of them were twice the legal blood limit. >> secretary of transportation lahood says if you choose to drive and drink you will be held accountable. strickland, thank you so much for being with us today. back to you mike. here's what's making news now. people in a syrian province along the border with turkey moved out of the town payoff shelling and it's reportedly by -- because of shelling and it's reportedly by syrian military. residents are living in tents and farms trying to be safe.
5:52 am
hundreds of people have been killed this week. crime's probation -- casey anthony's probation on a check fraud conviction ended at midnight. the 26-year-old has been in hiding sense last summer on the acquittal. she faces several lawsuits related to her daughter's 2008 death. could an nba team be coming to virginia beach? the sacramento kings are considering a move and the team's executives are looking at a list of possible locations. next week a developer is expected to present a location to build at virginia beach with city leaders and they're going to talk about this. the i think cans started look for a -- kings started looking for a possible move after a deal fell through in sacramento. one year later still many repairs to be made after the east coast earthquake. the story is coming up. >> plus, to the movies, the ones that are opening this weekend. jess over the you. >> thanks mike, are you dressing inappropriately at the workplace? you might be surprised but what managers say are some of the most distracting clothing trends at the office.
5:53 am
i'll have those for you at 6:11. you are watching 9news now. happy friday.
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5:55 on is this friday morning, we're look -- on this friday morning. we're looking pretty good out there. partly cloudy skies and some high clouds continue to stream in. comfortable this morning in the 60s in many areas, get out or open the windows and take advantage of it. by lunchtime warming up to about 83 and still that mix of clouds and sun and that will be the case but this afternoon, especially west of town we may
5:56 am
see that isolated shower or storm with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. monika over to you. thank you howard. now let's take a look at some of the new movies in theaters. joseph gordon leavitt stars in "premium rush." he plays wylie a bicycle messenger and the last envelope of the day the premium rush return turns -- run turns into a life or death chase through manhattan. "hit and run." bell's character finds out her boyfriend is actually in witness protection and when his old partner in crime comes after them she learns more as they try to elude their pursuer. one of the "twilight" vampires is trying out the horror genre. ashley green co-stars in "the apparition." they play a young couple who discover they are being haunted. it turns out the presence disrupting their lives was conjured up during a university
5:57 am
para psychology experiment. it shows up no matter how they try escape. now denise fuentes is here. >> it's basted on a book which even the author of the said said he cannot imagine how this will be adapted to the screen. >> the reviews i read were not very good. >> enter david conenberg who is a good director. and yet, as the writer of a screen play perhaps he's not as solid. i don't know why he chose this. but the movie basically tracks the lives of a very successful young man. he's still in his 20s with a billionaire asset manager. he basically used the ruler of the world. this day he's crossing town to get a haircut. >> you would think a 28-year- old billionaire would have some
5:58 am
sort of exciting life right? >> you would think he'd have a heartbeat and it's funny the billionaire is played by none other than robert pattinson. the first movie after closing out the entire "twilight" series. the movie i think would benefit from the fact that his own personal life has imploded. this month. >> he can't buy a break these days. >> everybody is very curious and all the press is doing and everybody is asking about his personal life. his fans may turn out to see his movie. i think they'll be very confused and i think that well, he's no gordon gekko. he's supposed to be a master of wall street and of the financial world but you are not watching also the american cycle guy. >> you would think he as an actor couldn't handle the subject matter in the script? >> that would be unfair to say. i think this is impossible to ask an actor to fortray capitalism and the downfall of
5:59 am
capitalism. somebody like jeremy irons or michael douglas but to ask a 20 something-year-old to convey the melt down of the entire economic system. >> but the subject is real rapt? >> also the entire occupy missouri. you can kind of see in the background. it has that silurians. >> maybe go -- relevance. >> maybe go for the scary movie this weekend? >> i think another exciting movie but this will not be it. >> this is playing at landmark's e street cinema in northwest d.c.. thank you so much for being here: back to you guys. >> certainly not boring here and we thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, monika is going to be back with timesaver traffic in a moment. >> right now howard bernstein has our weather first. friday a good start to the weekend? the rest of it m.


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