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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tell you that right now and today is pretty good as well. some clouds mixing with the sunshine and some broken clouds out there this morning. temperature running 73 in town. 85 by noon that mix of clouds and sun and highs in the upper 80s in a lot of that also depend on how thick the clouds are. they're farly thin. i do want to say that offshore, got a lot of moisture off the carolina coast. that works back to us tomorrow. today we're going into the upper 80s but this morning frederick at 62 and manassas and la plata at 64en and the bay in annapolis -- and on the bay in annapolis it's 62. it's 6:00 a.m. and monika samtani, timesaver traffic. thank you so much howard and we've been taling you about -- telling you about a serious fire in southeast d.c. and here's a live look right now. this is 1300 block of alabama avenue in southeast. and we're being told that one person's being treated with smoke inhalation and everyone else was able to get out in
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time. again this is 1300 block of alabama avenue southeast and with the road closure here i suggest that you head further south and mississippi avenue in southeast. 295, 395, both of those are fine if you need to get into the district. using those two major thoroughfares. we'll keep you posted on the situation of course. let's take a live look elsewhere to our maps first and no problems here and again, inside the beltway the 14th street bridge, if that's what you choose to use is going to be fine. no problems on 395 or the roosevelt bridge. inbound on i-66. outside live once again and show you the 14th street bridge and again a bit of volume down in springfield and here just across the ridge fan. one more live look outside over to maryland and the beltway north of town. outer loop, inner loop both look good at connecticut avenue. i'll be back with more traffic coming up once again at 6:11. prince george's county police admit they have no suspects and they don't know a motive yet in the murder of a teenager. >> the teenager amber stanley
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was shot and killed in her own bedroom in deadering wednesday night. -- kettering wednesday night. she planned on going to harvard. kristin fisher is live with the latest on this investigation. safe to say more questions than answers kristin? >> reporter: there's so many questions in this case. what we know is that someone kicked down the front door to amber stanley's home. then went straight to her bedroom and shot her in her own bed several times. so it appears as though this gunman was on a mission set out to kill someone specific but the big question this morning why amber? she was a beautiful 17-year-old girl. she was an honors student. she had just started her senior year at charles per better flowers high school and -- herbert flowers high school and hope today go to harvard in the fall. she'd told her friends she wanted to become a doctor and now the classmates and teachers? family, no one can understand why anyone would want to kill
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her. >> all i know is she was a nice quiet little girl. you know. never bothered nobody or nothing like that. >> she was a good kid. you never saw her hanging out in the neighborhood, you saw her going to school and coming home. that's it. >> reporter: the only source of possible friction is with a foster child that was living in amber's home at the time of the shooting. several neighbors told me that amber's mother sheltered a series of foster children over the years and they say earlier this week police were called to the house when one of the foster children complained of mistreatment. now i also found several negative remarks about that same foster child on amber's twitter account. i asked the homicide detective if there could be any possible connection. he just said they are looking at every possible motive for amber's murder but right now no suspects. no motive. they are asking the public for help on this one.
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and there is a $25,000 cash reward for anyone with information. back to you. >> and please call prince george's county police if you know anything. kristin, thank you. she is live at police headquarters in palmer park, maryland. two people are dead this morning after a home caught fire in winchester, virginia. several others are being treated for smoke inhalation. the blaze broke out just before 10:00 last night on summit avenue between second and gray streets. crews are still working to determine what started the fire. the red cross is assisting victims who survived the blaze. a new task force is reevaluating the use of automated traffic cameras. some residents say it's more about revenue than public safety. tickets issued by traffic cam ares can be as high as -- cameras can be as high as $150. they will examine if the cameras have actually improved public safety or if different measures are necessary. see the boat in the video
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the it's partially underwater there. that's boat of maryland delegate don dwyer and he now has made a startling admission that he was drinking while piloting that boat. scott broom has more. >> i'm really in no condition to give a press conference right now. >> reporter: maryland state delegate don dwyer of anne arundel county hospitalized after surviving the sinking of his 26-foot power boat. when it clydeed with another boat carrying children. ages 5 to 12 in the magothy river wednesday afternoon. >> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was .2. >> there was some concern that alcohol was involved. >> reporter: police say they drew a blood sample from dwyer after the wreck which happened in open water on an ideal night for boating. >> probably about 250 yards. >> reporter: andrew was among the river residents who leapt into their boats to rescue five children and two adults on the other boat involved in the
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collision. six people including dwyer and four of the kids were seriously injured. >> a couple of the people you had facial lacerationings and there was a neck -- lacerations and there was a neck injury. >> reporter: guyer and a companion were also rescued by river residents. >> no one should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or a power boat. i deeply regret my actions and i ask for forgiveness from the public. >> reporter: scott broom, 9news now. >> now the department of natural resources is investigating the case. it says the analysis of dwyer's blood could cake up to 30 days -- take up to 30 days. people across the region spent time thursday remembering one year ago when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook our area. louisa county, virginia was the epicenter. one of the hardest hit buildings was thomas jefferson elementary. students are working out of trailers. here in d.c. the washington
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monument and the national cathedral were damaged. yesterday, crews hoisted the first piece of restored stone atop the cathedral during a special ceremony. >> it took just under a century to get the pinnacles on top of this cathedral. it took just under a minute to bring some of them down. >> and it's going to take millions of dollars to repair the national cathedral and the monument. the lily endowment just made a $5 million donation. how do people dress where you work? in four minutes the outfit choices that drive people wild including the boss. >> howard says we have another great august day ahead. the weekend it's not looking so great. your weather first is straight ahead. but for those just getting started in the work someplace not all cities -- not all cities are created equal. says seattle is the best place for adults ages 18 to 29. it's because seattle is a huge
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tech industry. a sector that hires young people fresh out of college. >> also topping the list, houston in the number two spot. minneapolis came in number three. the district of columbia is rated the fourth best city for millennials and boston rounds out the top five. ♪
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going to be a decent finish to the workweek. we'll have partly sunny skies. maybe a few more high clouds mixings in this afternoon. a warm day with a stray storm still possible. highs in the upper 80s. details of what's looking like an unsettled weekend will coming up. on the outer loop of the beltway ramp to southbound new hampshire avenue, a car went into the trees there. you will see the flashing lights and may affect your drive just a bit. but otherwise the outer loop itself looks fine and i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:17. thanks monika. it is 6:11. ever see someone at work and think you know? that outfit is not really appropriate for the workplace. well, our partners at captivate networks are out with a list of what we find are some of the most distracting things when it comes the clothes at work. especially what senior managers thing. take a look at this. the number one thing this surprised me. cleavage at 87%. too much leg came in next with
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78%. short skirts kind of the same thing. that's 76%. body piercings number four on this list at 73% and tattoos at 51%. fellow fashionistas andrea and monika are joining me now to talk more about the survey. okay right off the bat what's your reaction? cleavage is number one. >> i was surprised by that weren't you? >> i'm not sure i was surprised by cleavage. i was surprised by bare legs being such a distraction because i think people have gotten away from stockings. we are all here without stockings and i didn't see that surprised me -- >> i agree with the short skirt. i mean we have the insurance here and we talked about this yesterday in the summer. we see a lot of short skirts and generally speaking i don't really -- i think that's distracting. >> we're showing some pictures here on the screen. like it. dent like it. this is in h&m. that doesn't look too bad to me. but you know i came up
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professionally in the ally mcbeal era where the skirts were pretty short. they're longer now but not that much with the interns. >> we've been talking because with -- what's fashionista and profession at the workplace, sleeves, suits, jackets whatever and that's changed a lot and i think the first lady has changed that perception. >> showing the arms. >> showing the arms and there we are. >> tank tops didn't rate very high on the list. >> a little spaghetti strap too. that's not professional. >> i tell you based on the survey, women are more judgmental than men. sleeveless women, this is different though. women found 19% of sleeveless december taking but men -- distracting but men found 29% of them distracting. that's one place where we flipped the scale. >> what environment are we looking at with flip-flops on men? who in the world does that? are you in one of those tech industries where they have a
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whole different way of looking at dressing? >> more relaxed. >> or even in the classroom. >> it's difficult even to know nowadays how to even dress for an interview with the companies you know. >> that's where you want to cover like tattoos or anything like that. >> his future boss said never wear a suit like that again. you look like a jerk. >> do a little research before you go in for the interview. then when you show up there it. >> challenging just don't show off the cleavage. >> don't you like being called is fashionista? >> over to the gentlemen. >> our wardrobe is so easy. the uniform. basically. >> no clovage concerns here my friend. talking about the weather thank god they say. wear wise we're in good shape this morning. our bus stop forecast, school starts for our kids next monday mike. a lot of kids already in
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session. temperatures this morning 670s to low 70s in a few areas, sunrise in a few minutes at 6:30 this morning. but annoys quiet morning. -- a nice quiet morning. ourdy planner temperatures will be rising into the70s by 8:00. wind northeast to east this afternoon. a few more clouds this afternoon. still we're going to get into the upper 80s and may believe about 2:00, 3:00 at 88. 89 with 81 still at 8:00 p.m. we are down to 61 in lovettsville. hey market at 65 this morning with a 68 in springfield. 65 in bowie at andrews as well and crofton. columbia 66 and here in washington this morning we've got the broken high clouds oh it's going to be a nice sunrise here in a few minutes on the michael & son weather camera. 73 degrees. wind calm. and the humidity at 79%. we're watching the high clouds today and they're going to continue to stream in from the south to the north and the northeast. some showers though isolated ones could develop this
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afternoon here better chance down to norfolk and raleigh if you're traveling in that direction for the afternoon. tonight though look how the moisture comes in from the south. southern maryland, central, southern virginia by the time we get to 6:00 a.m. saturday. even the beach is going to have some showers around and they will be on and off all day i think. here we are lunchtime into the afternoon 4:45 even into the evening hours still this little line of showers could persist to midnight or beyond. and then on sunday this is going to lift north of us more sun. the afternoon shower or storm will be possible. let's show you isaac quickly here in the caribbean. isaac is looking a little better this morning which is not a good sign. a sign of strengthening here. then get over the cuba thunderstorm. it stays over land and the key west area maybe strong tropical storm ask it could be hurricane headed to western florida or maybe southern alabama here by
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next week. we will certainly update you. 89ed to. damien woody day. mix of -- good day. mix of sun and clouds. 80 tomorrow and yellow alert day. sunday afternoon storms 83 and then staying warm next week. it is 6:16. time for monika and timesaver traffic. no big issues anyway this morning. in terms of our major thoroughfares. if you're planning to head over to the beltway knot of town you will begin to see some volume forming right now as you leave the 95 interchange heeding to georgia avenue. a live look at some police activity where a car went into a tree on the ramp from the outer loop heading for the seasoned side of new hampshire avenue. and there's the flashing lights there it's going to cause a little bit of a tight squeeze trying to get on to the ramp but not kazzing much of a delay. back to the ma'ams this time over to virginia on the northbound side of i-# 5. no red. that's great. no problems from dale city to woodbridge and into springfield as well. a live look on the northbound
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side of 395 and duke street and again, in delays yet to the 14th street bridge. i'm happy to say. just want to tell you though a serious fire on alabama fire has it closed between wheeler and stanton. you can use mississippi avenue as your alternate route. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:25. back to you guys. all right, thanks monika. 6:18 now. we have a follow-up on a story we brought you yesterday. >> a texas lawyer is filing a freedom of information act request to learn the white house beer recipe and he says it's public knowledge. the lawyer is also a home brewer and he wants in os the white house's -- in on the white house's secret. a reporter asked press secretary jay carney yesterday if the recipe will be made public. >> not that i'm aware of. it's true that -- laugh laugh [ laughter ] it's true i don't always bring water out here but -- yeah. the -- not that i'm aware.
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>> okay, waffling there on the issue is what is this all about? >> according to the white house, food blog white house chefs created three brews, honey ale, bond ale and a honey porter and don't ask how to make them. >> this this was an election year, freedom of information on beer. next in sports, bad news for capitals' fans and hear from portis on his retirement. >> but first before we head to break another check of our question of the morning. confession time -- >> facebook friend patsy says -- >> so keep the guesses coming and you'll find out if you're
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correct at 6:54. [ male announcer ] on one corner,
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one pharmacist started it all: charles walgreen had a mission to help people be happy and healthy. from inventing the first chocolate malt... to creating a nonprofit pharmacy for our troops... to the first child safety caps. walgreens has been innovating for over a hundred years. and we're just getting started. with more and more ways to be well every day. here at the corner of happy and healthy.
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welcome back. just about 6:23 with your weather first on this friday morning. and it's a good looking morning out there. if we have some clouds we're dealing with but they're high clouds. in rain coming from them and your morning and even most of your day is going to end up being a dry warm one. here's a look at the day planner, looking at tysons corner with the broken cloudens. we've got temperatures which will be climbing from the 70s here at 8:00 in town to the upper 80s this afternoon. which is the stray shower or storm possible. andrea? thanks howard. in sports the nationals are on the road. they begin a weekend series against the phillies tonight. >> the nats picked up a half game overnight that's because the braves lost to the giants. but now their lead is six and a half games in first place. now capitals' fans you might not be rocking the red this year because the nhl and its players union met for just 90 minutes yesterday. to discuss their labor problems and no deal was reached on money. the league is inching closer to
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another lockout. there is a september 15th deadline. you will remember lockout a few years ago canceled the entire 2004/2005 season. portis is looking forward to his new role as a soccer dad. the 30-year-old announced his retirement thursday saying washington will always have a special place in his hearth. >> when you walk ail way know you didn't cheat yourself. because i didn't. i never cheated myself and id gave everything that i had to this organization to this redskin nation. to this d.c. nation and to this city and i love this city. i always be a part of the community. >> portis fondly remembered the costumes during the 2005 season saying they were fun to do for the team and himself and the fans. the ravens and jaguars tangled last night in baltimore. ravens' quarterback joe flacco looked good completing 27-36 passes and throwing for two touchdowns.
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baltimore crushes jacksonville 48-17. the ravens visit the rams on thursday. our time is coming up up on 6:25. ahead celebrating 40 years of animal diplomacy. the role the national zoo's pandas have played beyond making people just say ahh. >> and lance armstrong decides to stop fighting the allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs, find out what it means for his legacy. >> what it means for you on the roadways, we find out from monika samtani. >> thank you andrea. traveling on the northbound side of i-95 no big deals as you come up from route 644 to springfield. want to tell thaw on the 14th street bridge, the lanes are open as well. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:30. you're watching 9news now.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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well, good morning, 6:30 this friday. thank you for joining us, this is the place you can always get your weather first. there's a peek outside. beautiful cloud cover. we have a gorgeous start to the day this morning. this is the shot of the sky over congress heights area of the district. sunrise just about a minute away. it is 69-degrees in southeast washington right now. >> i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck howard bernstein has the details from the weather terrace. >> beautiful morning. many areas in the 60s this morning if broken clouds giving us a very pretty sunrise happening the next couple of minutes from east to west across the region. let's show you the day planner, here's the picture from our
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roof here at wusa9 looking off to the northeast with those broken clouds. temperatures 73 now. air quality is unhealthy for the sensitive groups today. but by noon 85 and this afternoon, 85 the high about 2:00, 3:00 somewhere in the upper 80s this afternoon d east wind 5 to 10 miles an hour. clouds continue to stream in from the south and you see that here. the moisture that's offshore virginia and virginia beach and norfolk. and also north carolina. those showers work their way toward us overnight into the day on saturday. we start in the 60s and in fact low 60s win chester and cumberland and low 70s in annapolis and upper 80s and dry today and looking wetter for saturday. details in a few minutes. right now to sam a.m. with the details on the morning commute. alabama avenue in east is blocked between wheeler road and stanton and that's because of a structure fire there. you might just want the use mississippi avenue as your alternate route. on the west side of town things look great on the american legion bridge between bethesda, the bridge span, tysons corner
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all the way down to 66 and springfield the lanes are open. to the live camera on the north side of town. an accident on the ramp from the outer loop to take you southbound on to new hampshire avenue that was cleared up and you should be good to go heading south on new hampshire avenue from the beltway. back over to the maps and this time to the other side of town. 66 inbound no problems from manassas to centreville. no big deals and in delays as you travel into fairfax, just a bit of volume right here that chunk in centreville. and another live look i'm going to have step out and show you from sky 9 the beltway in college park. you can take a breather this friday morning. no problems here at lute 1. back with more traffic. back to you guys. this morning tropical storm isaac is veering away there the tampa bay area can that's good news. >> that could have been pretty scary. our partners at "cbs this morning" are tracking the storm this morning. gayle king joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> we are indeed. hello to you mike and andrea. more than 50,000 people are
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headed for the rnc in tampa still threatened by thunderstorm isaac, how they're getting ready for the storm threat. we know washington is very excited about pappeds, not the first time that panda diplomacy started 40 years ago. we'll look back at the arrival of the first giant pandas at the national zoo. that's at 7:00 and i ask you other than patrick on the crew, who doesn't love a panda? >> what's the deal with patrick? >> yeah really. i don't know. what's the deal with patrick? i don't know. >> we'll talk to him. >> happy friday gail. have a good show. >> okay. seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong could be stripped of titles and banned from cycling forever by the end of today. last night armstrong decided to drop any further challengestologist allegations that he took -- to the allegations that he took performance-enhancing drugs. however, the agency says it will strip him of the wins. a 17-year-old prince george's county honor student
6:33 am
is dead and police are stumped in trying to find amber stanley's killer. kristin fisher is live in palmer park with the latest on the investigation. kristin? >> reporter: well, we're now 36 hours into this homicide investigation and yet police here have no suspects they say. no notives, no explanation as to why the 17-year-old honor student was shot and killed in her own room. police are now offering a $25,000 cash reward for anyone with information that leads the an arrest. now homicide detectives spent yesterday evening districting the refired -- distributing the reward flyers in the kettering neighborhood where this happened. around 10:30 wednesday night somebody kicked down the front door to her home and asked for her by name then entered her
6:34 am
bedroom. she wasshot several times. they have no description of is suspect. >> we're told that somebody entered the home. we don't know -- i don't want to say one person or more than one. we know somebody at least one person entered the home. >> reporter: neighbors say her mother has sheltered a series of foster children and on tuesday, police were at the house when one of those poster children complained of mitt treatment and i even found several negative remarks about the foster child on amber twitter's account. i asked the homicide detective if there could be any possible connection between tuesday and what happened late wednesday night, that homicide detective told me they are certainly looking into it but right now they are looking at all possible motives into who and why that person killed amber stanley. just a you know a really, really sad story here. especially when you see how much potential this young girl
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had. she wanted to go to harvard. just a life -- a very young vibrant life cut way too short. back to you. >> all right, kristin fisher live at police headquarters in pongier parking maryland. another young life cut too short a funeral held today for rose mayr. she was killed this week in a train derailment in howard county, maryland. the funeral for elizabeth nass will be held tomorrow. they were sitting on a record bridge in ellicott city, maryland monday night when a coal train jumped the tracks and they were buried beneath all of that coal. the national transportation safety board is still investigating what happened. today they'll be remembering a key civil war battle in northern virginia. the second battle of manassas also known as bull run happened 150 years ago next week. and starting today, an interactive museum on wheels is going to arrive to give visitors a high-tech experience.
6:36 am
there will also be music and tours and it starts today at noon. in maryland they will remember the war of 1812. the new battle of bladensburg visitors center opens this morning in prince george's county. it's at the park on annapolis road. this isn't really a great battle the remember. the british beat the americans and then marched on to washington where they burned down a good portion of the city. 6:36. jessica doyle is here watching your money and your job. >> the best place is? >> well, it's right here in our own neck of the woods. money magazine has ranked the top places in the nation for job growth and number one is -- loudoun county. job growth get this from 2000 to 2011, 83.6%. major employers include verizon business and aol and the latest boom to hit this pocket of the northern virginia high-tech economy? data centers which now occupy 4.3 million square feet. numbers two, three and four are in texas. fort bend, williamson and montgomery.
6:37 am
number five, douglas county, colorado. oil prices getting pretty close to $100 a barrel again and experts are blaming the fed and the indications that the central banks could prop up the economy. that could lead to inflation and oil tends to be the type of assets that investors buy in inflationary times. we are all bearing the blunt of higher oil free agencies already when we -- prices already when we go to the gas pump. aaa says $3.71 a gallon on average in the washington area this morning. that's up 22 cents in the past month alone. hollywood is set to unleash a blockbuster lineup of anymore. this is fall on blue way and that includes this one -- open their ill-fated voyage. box oversale vie on the titanic comes out on blu-ray september 10th. there's a 3d release as well. other classics includes the indiana jones films. it is part of concerted effort
6:38 am
to take the place right in your living room. i'm the king of the world! "titanic" not so much. >> that was good for me. >> you're not getting the blu- ray? not running out? three times in movie theater. >> in the theater? >> because my boyfriend wanted to go see it. >> yeah, yeah. >> sure. >> you're admitting that in public too. our time is 6 left lane 38. in nine minutes we are going into the kitchen. some back to school nutrition advice for you parents easy ways to make sure your family is eating healthy this fall. >> sunny skies again today. with highs in the upper 80s but the weekend is not looking so great. howard has our forecast when 9news now returns. ♪
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good morning, welcome back, it's 73 degrees, this friday morning has been super easy on the major thoroughfares i'm happy to say. including heading out on route 50 if you happen to be going to the beach for a three day weekend? although it's going to be rainy tomorrow it's a good day to head out at least today no problems to report on route 50 going to the bay bridge or from annapolis through cheverly. as said very light no problems here at the main toll plaza. book over to the maps this time to the other side of town looking good from the west on the dulles toll road and 66 across the american legion bridge and southbound 270 heading to the point one last live look outside. here we are at the legion bridge. and as you can see traffic is moving at the speed limit between tysons corner and bethesda. and i'll be back with more and a look at the big picture aft 6:58. andrea? thank you monika. a beautiful look at the city the nation's capital and you can see two of the monuments there and the 14th street
6:44 am
bridge. washington monument and jefferson memorial. you can see the sun is getting ready to make its appearance and howard says we're going to start the weekend off on a positive note. friday is going to be food and monika was telling us it's a good time if you're going to the beach you may be dealing with some rain showers at the beach right howard? >> that's right. we're looking at some moisture that unfortunately was off the atlantic and we thought it was going to have stay offshore. for the weekend a couple of days ago and that is now going to be moving on shore. so your plans on saturday very, very iffy at this point. i think today's plans even sunday's plan probably going to be okay. here we start you off with a look at the bus stop forecast. we've got partly cloudy conditions this morning and it's actually very pleasant out here isn't it? >> it is lovely out here. >> 60s and 70s and sunrise occurred at 6:30. through the day today. we're going to have the mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures climbing into the mid 80s here by lunchtime. topping out in the moneyer 80s
6:45 am
with the -- in the upper 80s with the sometimes cloudy skies. sometimes mostly sunny skies. winds becoming easterly at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. temperatures mostly in the 60s and 63 winchester and 68 in southern maryland. and across the bay easton 66. outside on the michael & son weather camera, from our tower here in northwest d.c.. neat sky this morning with the broken clouds. 73. wind are calm. humidity at 79%. today no problems other than the clouds that are coming in and the isolated storm this afternoon but tomorrow wait until the moisture overnight works its way to the southern sur you cans and be with us for most of the day in the form of showers that will be more on than off. isaac is getting stronger out in the caribbean. joyce downgraded to a tropical depression. but this is south of hispaniola. see the taller thunderstorms? winds at 45 probably going to
6:46 am
be 50 at the 8:00 advisory. it's weakened now a tropical storm and then it gets into the eastern gulf make taking aim at pensacola, mobile area sometimes late tuesday. should be far enough west of tampa at least at this point if nothing changes. 89 today mix of sun can clouds. tomorrow a yellow alert day. numerous showers in the afternoon on saturday. sunday 83 and then into monday looking like a stray storm possible 89. michael? take a deep breath howard. thank you sir. well, there's a handful of school districts already underway right now and a whole bunch more start next week and we need to help you make sure your kids are fed well. that's why marie spano is here with some healthy choices to start your day so we're going with breakfast right? >> with breakfast. you know kids that eat breakfast think more clearly
6:47 am
and perform better on tests and have a better attention span. so i have four tips for parents to send their kids out the door with a better breakfast. >> we're going to start over here. >> yes, first thing complete. so we've got to have protein and carbohydrate in the morning. and in fact, protein will satiate their appetite so they can think about salwork instead of focusing on -- schoolwork instead of focusing on a growling stomach. eggs, cottage cheese, you can go with higher protein cereal and greek yogurt. >> really an egg mcmuffin kind of thing? >> it's difficult. it's got a higher fiber muffin on it. >> lower calories. >> and more fiber. eggs and it's got a little bit of cheese as well for taste. again all great options. the greek yogurt look for higher protein, this one i love and it's got the vitamins calcium and vitamins a., c. and
6:48 am
d.. next carbohydrates. they need carbohydrates. that's the fuel that not only helps them run at recess and pe class but also the preferred source of energy for our brains. >> okay. >> so fantastic options. old standby oatmeal of course. >> which i love with the raisins, excellent. >> make it at home and make it yourself. yes. fruit, don't forget fresh fruit. watermelon still in season actually until november. i made a breakfast burrito. >> so should you avoid when do you things like that -- the butter and the syrup and all that or is it okay to do it do you think? >> a little bit is okay but you know what? add some more nutrition and color and fresh fruit and sweet taste for them. >> we have about 30 seconds, these look like dinner to me instead. >> they do, leverage your leftovers go ahead and serve it again at breakfast. and don't forget hydration. kids are at greater risk of
6:49 am
dehydration than adults, water, milk even the vita cocoa orange. >> everyone is talking about that. >> in fact 30% less sugar than leading orange juices and more potassium than a banana. >> thanks a lot or joining us once again. jess? over to you. thank you mike. it is friday, happy friday everybody. because we're going to save you some money right now with daily deals. that's right you are about to see this correctly. pay $35 there it is and get $210 to spend an my eye doctor. that goes for glasses and lenses or you can pay $45 and get one exam and $225 to spends on the new specs, living social has the deal. parting monday you can get a free breakfast biscuit from bojangles. you have to make a reservation and pick any day between august 27th and september 2nd.
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there are five area locations. and google offers is flipping out with this deal. yoga in reston is offering ten yoga classes and $50 to future classes, now just $65. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check on the news before you go is next.
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today is friday, august 24th. here's a check on the news before you go. at least one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation after this apartment fire. it began about two hours ago on alabama avenue in southeast washington. firefighters had pulled several residents to safety. capital police are investigating a threat against congressman todd akin.
6:54 am
he's the missouri republican who made national headlines for his comments on rape. police would not discuss the details but said it's an active and open investigation. if you can, avoid 66 in the beltway this weekend. this is a live picture vdot will be closing lanes on both highways starting tonight and going through monday morning for work on the express lanes. detours will be set up. its is 6:54. let's get the answer to the question of the morning now, the question one more time -- we're trying to get out of one of those things. >> . the answer is? we don't want to go to a wedding and we lie about that. >> oops i had a vacation scheduled i can't make it. >> i have to work. one more check of traffic and weather right after this. >> the dog ate the invitation.
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one more thing before we go. if you're envious of somebody this morning, donny coal of brookville, maryland would be the person to be jealous of. >> don't begrudge him for his -- >> five times won the lottery. look at him. $50,000? june and $50,000? july. howard your west line was? >> rod stewart said it best. some guys have all the luck. >> we node to be friends with donny. >> buying my next lottery ticket. >> buy one for me. >> do the how manies howard. >> 89 today -- numbers howard. >> 89 today if we can get enough sunshine. we have some high clouds with a stray storm. storm is unnetted -- tomorrow is unsettled and quite warm again monday 89. monika? donny coal is my new best friend. if you're planning to head on
6:59 am
the interstate this morning i'm happy to say pretty much looks like this. 395 at duke street to the 14th street bridge. no big deals. on the inbound side of 66 this is at route 50 just a bit below the speed limit. jess? wall street is looking flat and one last fact about donny. apparently he bought a $125 knocker just because he could. >> all right. way to go donny. "cbs this morning" is next, they're tracking isaac ask plus celebrating g-men and women at the fbi. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes for a live update on traffic and weather. >> get your updates on news, weather and thereafter by visiting us at -- traffic by visiting us at >> see you right back here morning at 4:25 for more news. have a great weekend. >> bye bye. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]


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