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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news from prince george's county in about an hour, prince george's county police are going to hold a news conference to announce the arrest of kevon neal. neal is the second suspect wanted in connection with the death of police officer adrian
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morris. morris died on monday. he and his partner were investigating a theft at a shell gas station on sandy spring road in belksville. investigators say the suspect sped off and police gave chase. at some point during the pursuit on i-95 southbound the officers lost control of their car and crashed. two children, ages 4 and 6 were killed in a fire overnight. flames broke out around 10:00 last night in the family's home in winchester, virginia. medics rushed one victim to a nearby hospital with severe burns. crews are still working to determine exactly what caused that fire. and the red cross is assisting victims who survived the blaze. no motive and no suspects so far. police are still looking for new information in the murder of a promising high school student.
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17-year-old amber stanley was gunned down inside her home late wednesday night. police say they have no description of a suspect. and they don't even know if this was the work of one person or several people. neighbors say that this is not the first time police have been at that home. they say that the girl's mother had sheltered a series of foster children and on tuesday, police were at the home when one of the foster children complained of mistreatment. all right. okay. now we're going to go to -- new york city. there's breaking news there. a shooting occurred a gunman opened fire outside the empire state building. we're receiving reports that two people are dead and eight others are injured. manuel gallegus has more on the
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shooting and the investigation. [ no audio ] >> reporter: police and emergency workers respond to a mass shooting outside one of new york city's most famous landmarks. it was around 9:00 a.m. when shots rang out near the empire state building on new york's fifth avenue. earlier reports from law enforcement say the gunman may have been a disgruntled employee who was fired from his job yesterday and came back today for revenge on his boss. witnesses say the gunman started firing indiscriminately into the rounds of commuters and tourists. the victims fell to the ground while others made it inside the skyscraper's bobbery. crews responded within minutes treating the injured and closing off the city's busiest streets. the building is not only popular with tourists but also the city's tallest occupied office building. the fbi is now involved in the investigation into the
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shooting. so far, there is no apparent link to terrorism. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. a funeral will be held today for rose mayr. she's one of the two 19-year- old women killed this week in a train derailment in howard county, maryland. the funeral for elizabeth nass is going to be held tomorrow. the two friends were sitting on the railroad bridge in ellicott city on monday when a coal train jumped the tracks. they were buried by the coal. the national transportation safety board is investigating what happened. a pickup truck slammed into a house today in georgetown. it happened at the corner of 33rd street and p. street northwest at about 8:30 this morning. the driver has been taken to a nearby hospital. there's no word on his condition right now. investigators believe that the driver suffered a seizure.
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they're still trying to find the exact cause of the crash. also in georgetown police are looking for someone who tried to break into a bank. this happened at the m&t bank on wisconsin of and o. street in the mid -- avenue and o. street in the middle of the night. investigators say that someone cut into the wall of the building that is under construction in order to get inside. police believe the atm machine was actually the target. they say that no money was taken. and investigators are looking at surveillance video in order to catch the suspects. the countdown is underway to the republicans big event being held in tampa, florida. forecasters and convention planuries keeping an eye on -- planners are keeping an eye on the approaching tropical storm. republican presidential candidate mitt romney and his vice presidential selection are teaming up on the campaign trail. ines ferre reports. >> reporter: mitt romney is heading to his childhood home
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state of michigan with running mate paul ryan to fire up voters ahead of the republican national convention. romney was out on the campaign trail thursday hitting president obama on the economy. >> the president's policies have not worked. almost everything he's done has made it harder for the economy to recover. >> reporter: romney gave more details about the energy plan looking to open up more federal lands in sites offshore no drilling. he says it will create three million jobs and make north america energy independent in three years. >> we won't need to buy any oil from anywhere else we don't want to. >> reporter: according to the latest cbs news poll in three key battleground states the economy is the number one issue for voters. and they're saying mitt romney would do a better job fixing it. the white house says it keeps sending congress proposals that will help turn around the economy. >> their insistence that millionaires and billionaires
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get tax cuts has prevented the completion of a -- of an agreement on a balanced plan. >> reporter: despite the few legislative days left before the election the white house says a deal for tax cuts can still be made. >> to pass this bill, we all agree it should be passed and made law. >> reporter: the president wants an extension of the bush era tax cuts for households making less than $250,000 a year. republicans including paul ryan and mitt romney want to extend the tax cuts to everyone. ines ferre for cbs news, washington. still to come when 9news now continues, we'll tell you what happens when a texas lawyer files a freedom of information act for the white house beer recipe. >> and lance armstrong gives up his fight against drug doping allegations. they plagued him for many years.
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american cyclist lance armstrong has been stripped of his tour de france titles. the u.s. antidoping agency has also issued a lifetime ban from cycling. and they contend that armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs. alexis christoforous reports this comes after armstrong gave up his fight against the allegations. >> reporter: lance armstrong's record run of seven consecutive tour de france titles could soon be wiped from the record books. the cycling legend says he will stop fighting charges that he
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cheated to win. on his website. armstrong writes -- >> reporter: the decision comes as a surprise to many in the cycling world. >> i'm definitely would have expected lance to fight all the way to the grave to clear his name. >> reporter: in june, the u.s. antidoping agency charged armstrong with using performance-enhancing drugs to win. travis tygart the head of the usada said he will be stripped of his titles. >> given he's chosen not to contest it's a legal fact that he's now disqualified and has a permanent ban from sport competition. >> reporter: they say the case against armstrong including ten former teammates ready to testify against him. last year, teammate tyler hamilton told "60 minutes" he saw armstrong used banned substances. >> i saw it in his refrigerator
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you know. i saw him inject it more than one time. >> reporter: armstrong continues to maintain the innocence and calls the investigation against him an unconstitutional witch hunt. >> reporter: armstrong says he is quote turning the page and will no longer address the issue. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. coming up, howard has the weekend forecast. >> and what we've got filtered sunshine today jc. we could have just bona fide showers and rain over parts of the weekend. ill tell you why it's going downhill and allergy count just came in a few minutes ago from sue and her colleagues over there at the army centralized allergen extract lab. tree pollen is absent but grass, weeds and mold are moderate. your weekend forecast coming up when 9news now at noon returns.
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the texas lawyer is filing a freedom of information act. he's requesting to learn the white house beer recipe. he says it's public knowledge. and the lawyer is a home brewer. a reporter asked press secretary jay carnie yesterday if the recipe will be made public. >> not that i'm aware of. it's true that -- [ laughter ]
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it's true i don't always bring water out here. but -- yeah. the -- not that i'm aware of. >> according to a white house food blog, white house chefs have created three brews. a honey ale, a blond ale, and a honey porter. well, clinton poritis is looking forward to his new role as a soccer dad. the 30-year-old announced his retirement yesterday. saying that washington will always have a special place in his heart. >> when you walk away, you know you didn't cheat yourself. because i didn't. i never cheated myself. and i gave everything that i had to this organization. to this redskin nation. to this d.c. nation. and to this city and i love this city. and i always will be a part of this community. >> portis finally remembered his costumes during the 2005
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season. he says they were fun for the team and for the fans. we're going to miss clinton portis. a man frommersville, virginia celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday. charles clark is 105 years olds. matt jablow has the story. >> reporter: when charles clark was in his late 30s a doctor told him he'd live to be 100. he was off by a few years, you see today charles turns 105 years olds. >> i never thought i'd be 105. but it's creeped up on me. pretty quick. >> reporter: born on august 23rd, 1907, charles was raised on a farm in hamilton, virginia. >> we had chickens and hogs and -- >> he served in the army during world war ii. >> right after d day we went overseas. >> reporter: he moved back to virginia where he's lived in the same house for the past 79 years. >> it's a lot to do around the
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house. >> reporter: he worked in the insurance business then was a school bus driver. >> didn't make a lot of money but i made a living. >> reporter: posed for a picture with president obama and received a birthday greeting from the second president bush. though neither of those commanders in chief was his favorite. >> i like truman right well. >> reporter: he was married for 56 years and had a child and suffered through the deaths of his wife and his son. >> he died in '05. my wife died in '78. >> reporter: and through it all, according to his daughter- in-law, charles has kept an incredible perspective on life and remained remarkably kind person. >> i have known him since 1964. and i have never ever seen him lose his temper. >> reporter: according to charles, his secret to a long life is pretty simple. eat plenty of vegetables and don't drink or smoke too much. but that basic recipe in mind, charles said he intends to stick around for a while longer. >> well, i'm not too much
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trouble i like to live as long as i can. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9news now. >> nice. >> mr. clark happy birthday to you. >> 106? >> how are you doing, i'm ready for the weekend. >> we got some issues with some moisture moving in and while it's filtered sunshine today it could be rain in spots and it could be moderate at time over the weekend. yeahs have gone downhill quickly unfortunately with the weekend forecast. plenty of clouds this afternoon but also see that sunshine coming through. you know that chance for the stray shower or storm too. i think one or two spots will see it not a lot but today, is a quieter day. with highs getting into the mid and even upper 80s. already 85 degrees here in washington. wind for the most part east at 5 to 10 miles an hour. and if you're going to be tout this evening i wouldn't cancel any plans but just remember temperatures still going to be up there in the low 80s. you go out for a run after work or something. yeah. it's still going to be on the warm side. clouds have been moving up from north carolina into virginia.
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you can see out west and north a little bit thinner and more sunshine here and some of the showers now getting into southeastern virginia l we'll see and see if that makes it to the northern neck or southern maryland before the day is out. you guys may see a sprinkle there. temps they're warm in town. 85s. but winchester 79 and on the bay 83 for annapolis and 80 love is a little -- cloud cover is a little thicker in pax river and cambridge. looking outside on the michael & son weather camera, that filtered sunshine, mostly cloudy skies here in northwest d.c.. 85 humidity at 46%. so not too humid yet. and a north northeasterly wind at 5 miles an hour. our problem, all this moisture has been sitting off the carolina coast for days there's been a boundary here. florida's finally cleared out and you can sort of see a little twist right there near charleston, south carolina. that's a little area of low pressure and yeah. it may be a little area of low pressure but it's tracking right toward the metro. suffolk, virginia as well going to see the showers developing later tonight into tomorrow morning. see the clouds with this most
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of the afternoon. could be a few showers down around norfolk especially this afternoon. maybe up toward richmond. overnight though the moisture comes northward. by tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. richmond seeing the rain, the northern neck. watch what happens during the day as the rain continues to slowly creep up towards us towards lunchtime. northern sections with some luck you have a dry morning. if you have to mow your lawn do it early. starting to lift north here by saturday night and even sunday you're going to be some scattered showers and thunderstorms around as well. so yellow alerts both days. here's isaac getting stronger in the caribbean, joyce by the way downgraded to a tropical depression but isaac is the storm. not that far from a hurricane with winds now 60. to 75 it's a hurricane and going to be close to that potentially crossing haiti tonight and crossing cuba tomorrow. as long as it stays over land it gets weak. once it gets over water could be a strong thunderstorm near key west monday morning and
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then potentially to western florida tuesday night and wednesday morning. far enough west of tampa at this point and i think this is a pretty solid track right now that i think the effects on tampa the republican convention are going to be minimal at worst right now unless something democratic changes. here's the forecast. for today, we're 88 degrees. got the green -- because it's just an isolated shower or storm. now tonight 70 in town and 60s north and west. tomorrow showers and 70s to around 80. yellow alert. plans are going to be interrupted tomorrow and i think even sunday a yellow alert with some scattered storms 83. warmer monday 89. steak lovers stick around. it smells great in our kitchen. we'll be back with that when 9news now at noon returns.
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today, i am one-on-one with executive chef russell scowl. he is from fleming's prime steak house in tysons corner. st right across the street from the galleria and i have been smelling this all through the newscast. >> i've been cooking for a while here and i'm ready to go. >> what's that? >> this is tenderloin the most popular steak we have on the menu. >> tender. >> most of the female guests love it they love to have the fillet. our trio, this is in the month of september. we call it month of discovery at fleming. for this for $49 you get a complete three course meal. >> you're kidding can you eat
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all of that? that's the steak. >> we put over the garlic mashed potatoes and then we have sauteed shrimp with tomatoes. >> oh goodness. >> i'm going to get those going here right now. >> what's the end? >> braised short ribs. >> oh wow all of that for the month of -- and the month of september. >> these are the three most popular items on the menu. >> what makes you so special besides the fabulous steaks? they have seafood too and they have over 100 wines by the glass and that's highly unusual. that's unusual. >> you can come in and if you wanted to you can get three different varieties just for dinner. we're offering three different wines, these are the -- of the high end wines for the dinner as well. so you start out with shrimp bisque with delicious cheese. you like it? it's fantastic. then when you're done here save room and you can always take that home. you can check me out on on the
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fleming's website and learn how to do different things for breakfast or lunch? >> the recipe is going on >> the recipe today i'm doing for you. the pearls and almond souffle. >> that looks like cheesecake. >> it does, very similar texture but it's got poached -- look at this big fresh baked. >> i love those. >> you were asking about the morelles? we're getting ready to plate this up right now. we offer this over garlic marked potatoes. >> the best, the best. >> these are the short rib. these tomatoes have so much flavor. balsamic vinegar, olive oil. >> here comes howard. >> i'm not going to miss out on this. >> jc i need some help here. >> all right, what do you want me to do? i can cut it and eat it. >> we talked didn't ash you're going to do that as well. this is the fresh cheese. put that over the top there as i put the sauces on there. >> smell the pepper corn. >> this is fresh ones. >> prime steak house right
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across the street from tysons galleria and this is a special menu for the month of september. you get all three -- i want you to see this can you see this? you can see that one over there. but look at that. >> isn't that establish. >> it's all mine. not sharing with howard. thank you chef for coming -- >> thank you so much. >> be sure to go to fleming's steak house. >> we also have the mystery dinner tonight. we have a -- [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775- 7838 email: ]
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