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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  August 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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built by the u.s. army corps of engineers. >> i feel good about it. i can't say i've seen a lack of work here the last couple of years. i'm not worried about it now. >> reporter: isaac which expands 200 miles from its center isn't just hitting louisiana. the storm is stirring up the surf in mississippi and soaking orange beach, alabama. >> if it were to come in straight at us and got up to a two, we would have left for a sure. >> reporter: the slow moving hurricane could leave behind as much as a foot and a half of rain and a dangerous storm surge. bigad shaban, cbs news, new orleans. >> roughly 200,000 residents have already lost power because of hurricane isaac. 9news now has continuing coverage of the hurricane. we have radar, live pictures from new orleans on 9.3 and constantly updating our website you can also stay up to date on our facebook and twitter pages and with our free weather app. also making news this morning, the republicans have their first full day of the g.o.p. convention in tampa.
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and romney and new jersey governor chris christie were the featured speakers. mrs. romney focused on the love story with her husband and economic plight of women. >> chris christie said it's time to make tough decisions to make america great again. >> reporter: mitt romney gave his wife a hug and a kiss after her speech at the republican national convention and the crowd roared. ann romney promised her husband will not fail and she spoke of her personal love story. >> a story book marriage? nope, not at all. what mitt romney and i have is a real marriage. >> reporter: she made a direct appeal to undecided voters. >> no one will move heaven and earth like mitt romney to make this country a better place to live. >> reporter: love was also a theme during new jersey governor chris christie's keynote address. >> love without respect was always fleeting but that respect could grow into real and lasting love.
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>> reporter: he says politicians are too focused on winning the love of voters and not focused on leading. >> you see, mr. president, real leaders don't follow polls. real leaders change polls. >> reporter: today the spotlight turned to vice presidential candidate paul ryan. he'll be the featured speaker and he will lay out his vision for what a romney-ryan administration would look like. ryan arrived in tampa tuesday with his wife and three children. jana ryan was here when her husband was officially nominated to be his party's vice presidential candidate. >> i move that paul ryan from the state of wisconsin be nominated by ak nation. >> reporter: former secretary of state condoleezza rice and new mexico governor suzanne that martinez will also speak tonight during the televised portion of the convention. susan mcginnis, cbs news, tampa. the republican national can convention has also had its share of protesters and at least one arrest. tampa police say 24-year-old dante seem was charged with
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aggravated battery after he hit a 60-year-old man breaking his jaw. earlier in the day police had to break up a brief fight between antig.o.p. protesters and members of the woodsboro baptist church. that's the kansas-based church whose members often picket u.s. army soldiers' funerals. today president obama will continue his campaign push with college students in charlottesville, virginia. he spoke to students at iowa state university and colorado state university yesterday. during the stops, the obama campaign also announced a road to charlotte tour. the president will campaign in several battleground states in the days leading up to his convention speech next week. supporters of maryland's dream act and the same-sex marriage law are joining forces trying to convince voters to support their laws when we head to the voting booth in november.
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equality maryland, a gay and lesbian rights group and an immigrants rights organization announced the partnership yesterday. the groups and their supporters say the alliance makes sense because both laws fight for the same thing. >> the dream of an educatn, a dream of a family and a marriage, those things are essential to the american experience. >> reporter: joining-- >> joining forces, it's really truly a testament to how we take care of all. >> maryland's dream act allows certain illegal immigrants to get in state tuition at public colleges and it was signed into law in 2011. this year the state passed a measure legalizing same-sex marriage and both are on hold as opponents successfully petition to get referendums in november. a push for a campaign finance reform is coming from d.c. mayor vincent gray. yesterday he unveiled a bill which would outlaw a lot of the fund raising practices used by every elected official in town. the bill would ban campaign contributions from d.c.
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businesses with city government contracts worth $250,000 or more. it would also prohibit the bundling of contributions. >> we're trying to make this as transparent and open as we possibly n. >> the d.c. council has overwhelmingly voted down these proposals in the past. the reform bill comes in the wake of a federal investigation into political corruption in the district. 4:35 now. two northbound lanes of i-59 in fairfax -- i-95 in fairfax are closed after a deadly tanker crash. the fire crews got to the report of a vehicle fire at 2:00 this morning and they arrived to find a burning tanker. the second fire was sparked from the hazardous material inside the tanker which had leaked on to the highway. once the fire was out, crews discovered the driver's body inside the wreckage. police are investigating the incident now. police have release some surveillance video that they say is related to the beating
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of a d.c. man earlier this month near capitol hill. the video was taken at a gas station on pennsylvania avenue in northeast and it allegedly shows the suspects in that crime moments after they attacked 29-year-old thomas mattlin. he was headed home after a night out with friends on august 18 and he was savagely beaten. >> i just wanted to ask the public to please came watch this video, show it to anybody they know and see if anybody can be recognized from this video. >> victim's wife says he's still in the icu recovering from his injuries. if you recognize the car or the people in that video albeit it's grainy video, please call d.c. police. we are learning more now about the school shooting at perry hall high school in baltimore county. the 17-year-old victim from the shooting is still in critical condition. police say the 15-year-old suspect robert gladden, jr. went to the school with a
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bottle of vodka and a disassembled shotgun and 21 rounds of ammunition. gradden's attorney says he doesn't believe he intended to shoot anyone. he believes gladden brought the gun to school to intimidate bullies. he's charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. at 4:37, here's a look at some other stories making news now. military helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets over syria's capital urging rebels to drop their weapons or face inevitable death. opposition fighters say they won't stop till they topple the president's regime. they used fighter jets to bombard areas under rebel control. the united nations officials say more than 200,000 people are fleeing to neighboring turkey to escape the conflict. the release of a former navy seal's firsthand account of the raid which killed osama bin laden has been moved up one week to september 4. mark owens, no easy day is already a top seller on
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it was originally scheduled to come out on september 11. the publisher changed the date due to the overwhelming preordering of the book. "no easy day" is now being reviewed by the pentagon and c.i.a. to make sure it doesn't contain any sensitive information. if you have nestle tollhouse cookie dough in your frig, throw it out right now. it could be contaminated with e. coli. it's being pulled from store shelves nationwide. a plant in banville, virginia where it's made has been shut down. so far 66 people have gotten sick from eating the raw dough. 25 had to go to the hospital. if you have the dough in your refrigerator, you can either throw it away or return it to the store for a full refund. time now 4:38. another day of sun and some mild temperatures for august. at 4:40, howard will let you know how would warm it's going to be today. >> at 4:42, the obama administration releases new regulations for vehicle gas mileage. at 4:52, a new study suggests skinny people face a greater threat from health complications related to
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stomach fat than anyone else. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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4:41. really nice, especially north and west of d.c. where some temperatures under 60 this morning. we're going to have a nice day. sunshine all day long. by lunch time 81. we top out 385 degrees. by -- about 85 degrees. by 4:00 p.m. 82. i'll have the rest of the seven- day forecast in five minutes. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. a deadly situation occurred just after 2:00 this morning in newington, northbound 95 at the fairfax county parkway. you'll continue to see lane closures there and a lot of activity. you will want to use an alternate route. i suggest taking eastbound
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lorton road. i'll have more details on that coming up in my next report at 4:47. andrea and mike? 4:42. time for the first your money segment this morning. jessica doyle is off but we do have the headlines for you. will the fed change interest rates? wall street will be watching for that this week. the beige book comes out and that's when the federal report sums up the economic conditions across the country and the fed uses that information to set the interest rates. ben bernanke will speak at a conference in wyoming on friday. investors are going to look to see if he says anything about the feds stimulating the economy. stock market flat tuesday. the dow dropped 22 points. nasdaq was up 4. s&p 500 was down one. the obama administration finalized its new rules on the mileage standards for the auto industry. the regulations require cars and trucks to nearly double their fuel efficiency over the next 13 years. the new cars and trucks will have to average 54 miles per
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gallon. again, this is over 13 years. that's frup 28 miles a gal -- up from 28 miles a gallon last year. it will save families $1.7 trillion in fuel costs. 4:43. the new smart meters for taxis must be installed in all district cabs. >> we'll have more on the court ruling regarding those meters and your weather first when we come back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 4:45. driving in this morning just a beautiful, huge moon out there. we've got a great day. unfortunately fends and family in new or -- friends and family in new orleans are riding out a rough storm. >> just reading some reports. the airport 75 mile per hour wind gust. unofficial report at bell chase which is where navy has got a station down there. 113 miles an hour at the dock at bell chase in the last couple of hours. that's the highest gust i've seen. most of the gusts have been in the 80, 90 mile an hour range. you can see on our satellite
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depiction where it's just hugging the coast. stationary for a couple hours overnight. some of the rain totals expected here could be in the 15 to 20-inch range. it's just incredible the inland flooding that can happen from that alone. forget the winds and everything else. we've got a hurricane which is battering southeast louisiana this morning. want to switch it over to the the radar and show you that perspective. this kind of shows the story a little bit better i think where the bands of rain -- by the way, there was a tornado reported in mobile earlier this morning that did some damage. any of these bands could have isolated tornadoes in them. you can see how this thing was barely moving. it started maybe to kick a little bit, a little wobble, started to kick there. it mind be over grand isle right now, somewhere there along coastal areas of southeast louisiana tracking off towards the west and northwest. still maining itself. as long as it's right there, probably not going to weaken but we've got to get it inland so we can lower the wind speeds. unfortunately the rain looks like it's going to be with us a
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while. latest advisory and they're giving us every hour the position estimates so this is the 4:00 a.m. advisory. 80 mile an hour winds sustained, gusted to 100. about 60 miles or so from homa. right along the coast. expected to move off toward the northwest. it may move a little more this way than this way toward baton rouge, those areas. a lot of those areas got hit hard from andrew back 20 years ago when it came on track a little west of new orleans but the winds have been stronger than what andrew saw. as far as new orleans right now, i think they're seeing the worst of it. this is not going to be katrina. the moisture will work its way up through arkansas, missouri and illinois and by the way, this goes until saturday night, sunday morning. so eventually some of this moisture as we get into late sunday, monday, more likely i think labor day is when we have a chance to see some of the moisture from isaac. as far as today, what a gorgeous day we've got going o. the bus stop forecast is going
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to be clear and pleasant. low 60s to low 70s out at the bus stop this morning with sunrise at 6:35. the day planner, yeah, doesn't get much better than this. 71 at 8:00. by noon 81. a gorgeous 85 degrees at 4:00. that will be your high for the day. winds north, northeast 5, 8, 10 miles an hour. by 8:00 p.m. you can eat out on the deck this evening, 78. the air is drying out. we're down to 59 in york, pennsylvania. 67 in fredricksburg this morning. bill in newington said he had a lot of dew out. humidity levels higher well south of town. right now outside on our michael & son weather camera, we've got partly cloudy skies, 71 degrees. a north wind at 7 miles an hour and the humidity at 73%. front came through yesterday morning with the showers. they're all the way down into north carolina, south carolina now. there's just nothing that is headed our way for the next couple of days except after a nice cooldown, it's going to get hot for -- really hot for one day on friday.
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great today, 85. tonight we're down in the 60s. might seen see a couple of upper 50s. tomorrow looks good, warmer, still not too humid, 88. friday going to be hot, 96. yeah, that is going to be the shocker so to speak. by saturday 92. if you're going out to the skins preseason game tonight at fed ex field, it's going to be beautiful there. saturday 92. sunday could be a storm in the afternoon 88. a better chance i think of storms monday into tuesday with temperatures again in the 80s. it is time for monika samtani. she's got your timesaver traffic. we're going to go straight to some video we've been telling you about a situation that happened just after 2:00 this morning. a fatal tanker fire northbound on i-95. you're taking a look at some video again northbound 95 at the fairfax county parkway. crews have been on the scene ever since. it took four foam units to put that fire out. right now two right lanes are blocked northbound on i-95 and there's no access to the fairfax county parkway. we'll take a look at a graphic
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so i can kind of give you an idea of what to do. it is a willing complicated to get into the newington and fort belvoir area because of that closure. i would say that you take eastbound lorton road to telegraph road up to the beltway or you can continue on to route 1 to the beltway. if you need to get to newington it's lorton road to route 1 to route 638. it will absolutely tack some extra time on to your drive on the northbound side of i-95. again two right lanes are blocked at the fairfax county parkway and there's no access at all to the parkway. another live look, this time northbound on 395. this is fine. everybody is good north of the beltway up to the 14th street bridge. not affected by this. northbound 95 from 644 up to the beltway is good as well. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:55 but first d.c.'s clear to keep installing the new smart meters in the city's taxis. a superior court judge rejected a lawsuit to stop the pam which
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was filed by one of the companies which lost its bid to install the meters. the company wants the smart meter program put on hold while the appeals board reviews the city's deal. the appeals board is expected to make a final ruling by this friday. andrea? >> thank you, monika. in health news, federal health officials are warning that kids with neurological disorders face a high risk of death if they get the flu. the warning is based on the centers for disease control and prevention study which looked at more than 300 influenza related deaths in children during the 2009h1n1 pandemic. two-thirds of the children who died had a neurologic disorder such as cerebral palsy or epilepsy. researchers at cedars-sinai found high doses of vitamin b3 can fight super bug viruses. scientists say the vitamin helps white blood cells battle staph infections, including antibiotic resistant ones.
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experts caution more study is necessary. they say people should not start taking vitamin b3 to treat infections. a lack of sleep can abnew risk factor for aggressive breast cancer. a new study shows a link between two little -- too little sleep and more aggressive tumors. they also found lack of sleep increases chances the cancers would come back. researchers in new zealand say smoking marijuana as a teenager can lead to lower intelligence as an adult. the study noted a sharp drop in iq points in those adults who smoked pot weekly before the age of 18. this subjects that heavy marijuana use is dangerous for the developing teenage brain. a study released in june shows 23% of high school students in the united states smoke pat. >> we controlled for the amount of alcohol we used over the same years. we also controlled for or adjusted for the amount of hard drug use. it predicts how well you do educationally. it predicts how well do you in the job market.
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it also predicts how you end up health wise. >> more than a thousand teenagers in new zealand were tested in this study. people who are normal weight but have fat around the belly have a higher risk of death thank those who are obese. that's according to a new study from the mayo clinic. researchers looked at nearly 13,000 people and found those with the fat concentrated in their bellies had the highest risk of cardiovascular death as well as death from other causes. 4:53. time for the question of the morning. >> it is both men and women say this is the number one turnoff when it comes to dating. is it a, bad breath, b, a dirty home or living space, or c, already being married? >> of course. how about all of the above? log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back. 4:56. a gorgeous day under way, pleasant, especially north and west. drier air has moved in. a little humid in the northern neck. by 1:00 sunny, 82. northeast winds at 5. boy, i hope you can have lunch outside or take a long walk. we'll have a high of 85 degrees. still dark. sunrise 6:35. ail very more coming up in just a few. right now over to monika with timesaver traffic. one big story this morning definitely on the northbound side of i-95. a fatal tanker fire occurred after 2:00 this morning at the fairfax county parkway. you'll want to watch out for closures in that area and choose alternate routes. give yoreself extra time to deal with it this morning. i'll have the alternate routes for you coming up at 5:01. back to you guys. who knew. a new poll suggests people who
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live in d.c. know how to relax and have a good time. a new poll finds that people living in d.c. were the most likely to take a vacation over the last five years. san francisco came in second. you don't need a vacation. you can just be in san francisco and it's good. followed by boston, atlanta and houston. wow. the survey found people living in chicago were the least likely to take a vacation. the poll also found a majority of workers don't use all of their vacation time. forbes released its new list of the highest paid celebrities. >> he was at the bottom of the list. a man accused of breaking into the home of a cbs star appeared in court. teresa garcia has those stories and more at this look at entertainment. >> reporter: the suspect accused of breaking into ll cool j's home has pleaded not guilty to a felony burglary charge. the actor and rapper who stars in the cbs series "ncis los angeles" says he caught jonathan kirby in his home last week and broke the alleged intruder's jaw, nose and ribs.
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oprah winfrey tops forbes' list of the highest paid celebrities for the fourth year in a row. the talk show titan made an estimated $165 million between may of 2011 and this year. transformers director michael bay came in second place making an estimated $160 million while steven spielberg landed in third raking in about $130 million. rihanna has been added to the list of performers at m this v's music awards. she's nominated for five awards including video of the year. other performers include frank ocean and taylor swift. the vmas will air live from the staple center in los angeles on september 6. rapper will i am became the first entertainer on earth to have one of his songs blasted from mars. >> i don't want to do a song that was done on a computer. i wanted to show human collaboration and have an orchestra there and something that will be timeless.
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>> reporter: nasa's rover curiosity currently exploring the red planet played the new song "reach for the stars ." that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. good morning, monika samtani. >> good morning. >> she's our traffic lady. she'll do that momentarily. >> howard bernstein. hopefully you have better news about our weather than monika has about traffic, especially the fairfax area. >> our weather is perfect today. it can't get better than it is going to be today. it's beautiful out there. we're going to have sunshine. temperatures about 85 degrees. absolutely outstanding wednesday ahead. traffic wise that's another story but we'll leave that for monika. let's show you the day planner. you won't need the jackets. it is around 06 in some of the cooler -- 60 in some of the cooler suburbs. lunch tile looks great, 81 degrees. about 3:00, 4:00, we should


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