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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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west of d.c. by lunch time beautiful, 83. 5:00 87. we'll have a high 3:00, 4:00 p.m. right around 89 degrees but it's going to feel good with light south winds and low humidity levels. just a few clouds have formed in the area. some mid-level clouds. there's nothing to them. that's t. maybe giving us a prettier sunrise. it's in the 50s in cumberland and petersburg and frederick now down to 59. culpeper is 66. we've got 72 annapolis. mid-60s across the bay. easton and cambridge, a beautiful start there with 64 in la plata. this afternoon another gorgeous day. sunshine. light winds. you have plans outside, you have no excuse not to get them done because the weather is going to be fantastic. 87 for martinsburg and 86 over at andrews and prince george's county. let's go to monika samtani and see how it's looking on the roadways this morning with timesaver traffic. it's looking great. absolutely no issues right now. if you are planning to head -- that's the weather.
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if you are planning to head over to the beltway -- there we go -- no issues to report. that's all that construction on the west side of town through tysons and annandale. should be cleared up by now. we'll zoom into the inbound side of i-66. no issues from manassas and centreville all the way to fairfax. taking a live look at the roosevelt bridge which is looking good into downtown by the way. road work is in place at the key bridge and m street over in georgetown. now we'll go over to our maps again. this time check out the other side. route 50 to the bw parkway through cheverly, great into the northeast corridor. let's take another live look if you're planning to head over to the beltway north of town in silver spring. traffic is moving well here at new hampshire avenue. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:116789 back to you. >> we'll see you in a bit. president obama has declared federal emergencies in areas in louisiana and mississippi that were hard hit by tropical storm isaac. the order signed late wednesday covers 35 parishes in louisiana
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and neighboring counties in mississippi. the storm dumped a foot of water in some places, including plaquemines parish which was one of the hardest hit areas by the storm. and thousands of residents have since been moved to shelters. >> then all of a sudden the water started rising. >> reporter: the flooding caught nearly everyone off guard. >> coming up in about 15 minutes, we'll have a live report from new orleans where thousandof people have been ordered out of their homes now. well, it is the biggest moment in his political career. mitt romney will accept the g.o.p.'s presidential nomination at the republican national convention tonight. congressman paul ryan accepted his party's nomination for vice president. during his speech, ryan addressed the nation's debt and medicare. kristin fisher joins us live now from the satellite center.
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she has more on last night's events. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, mike. things in tampa kind of got off to a slow start thanks to hurricane isaac, but last night totally different. the speakers really reenergized this republican convention. condoleezza rice in particular. but of course the man of the hour paul ryan really stole the show as he accepted his party's nomination for vice president. we seem to be having a little bit of technical difficulties there. what pauryan did was he accepted his party's nomination for vice president. after the speech, he was joined on stage by his family, his mother, his wife, his children, but it was really what he said during the speech that left the delegates walking out of the
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convention hall feeling really reenergized, very proud of their party's ticket. paul ryan's primary job as we all know was to go after president obama. he was the attack dog going into this convention. that is exactly what he did. last night he attacked president obama's economic policies. he went after his leadership and of course you know he went after his health care plan. called it obama care several times as has been the republican lingo to many months now. but paul ryan by all accounts delivered a very solid speech. right before his speech, condoleezza rice, former secretary of state. she almost stole the show. not quite. paul ryan pulled through but condoleezza rice really gave some of the more memorable moments of the night. i'll have some of those highlights along with some of the excerpts from john mccain and tim pawlenty who also spoke. i'll have those excerpts in half an hour. >> great job despite the
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difficulties. thanks. see you in just a bit. later today, a convicted killer and former uva lacrosse player george hiewgley will be sentenced -- huguely will be sentenced for the death of his former girlfriend. he's facing up to 26 years in prison for the beating death of yeardley love. his mother is asking the judge for leans defense si however -- leniency, however. the 911 tapes have been released from last week's boat accident in pasadena, maryland. apparently we don't have that story either. the state delegate don dwyer admits he was drinking the day his boat slammed into another vessel. he and five others, including three children were hospitalized after the accident. okay, time now is 5:05. howard is up next with the forecast. he says it's going to be another gorgeous day. low humidity. temperatures approaching the 90- degree mark. monika let us know about road closures and we'll have a live
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report from new orleans where isaac has moved in and taking its time getting out of town. thousands of residents are waking up in shelters because of that this morning. >> first, one of the men assigned to take out bin laden breaks his silence. he shares what happened leading up to the may 28 raid on pakistan. we'll be right back.
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we're coming up on 5:08 on this thursday morning. another very nice morning out there. most temps in the 60s. we're going to have a beautiful
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thursday around here. just a little bit warmer than yesterday. i think you can deal with that. temperatures this morning will be climbing through the 70s at 9:00 to the low 80s by noon. light wind through the morning hours. becoming southerly at about 5 miles an hour. 3:00 temp 87. we top out about 89 at 4:00. still pleasant at 85 at 6:00 p.m. i'll be back in a few minutes talking about the weekend and the latest on tropical storm isaac. right now monika is in with timesaver traffic. no issues. all lanes open. a smooth ride this morning on 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are incident free this morning. i'll be back with maryland traffic coming up in my next report. back you to, mike. >> thanks, monika. see you in just a little bit. one of the navy seals responsible for killing osama bin laden is now breaking his silence. the man who calls himself mark owen has written a book and last night he talked to cbs's scott pelly. he was the second man in the room when bin laden was shot. he took photographs of the body that were never released.
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owen says the story is not about him but about the hundreds of americans who spent years gathering intelligence, planning, and training for this moment. he said the seals just took care of the last 40 minutes of the mission. a full size rep caf the compound was built in -- replica of the compound was built in the united states so they could train and there was even a dress rehearsal for the top brass. >> how did that rehearsal go? >> s that t was fine. this is nothing new to us. the part that was new was all the v.i.p.s sitting there watching. one of the things that i liked after the fact was i remember admiral mullen coming by and talking to each one of us and admiral olsen as well. that was cool. they walked by, shook each of our hands and said are you ready? can you pull this off? i'm pretty sure we all said yes, absolutely. >> absolutely. >> owen's book was scheduled to be released on september 11. it's been pushed up to september 4. you can see the
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full interview on 60 minutes on september 9. the government is offering up $10,000 for ideas when it comes to keeping so-called loose nukes away from terrorists. the state department is launching innovation in arms control challenge. it's aimed at entrepreneurs, technologists, gadget geeks and even students. the call for ideas comes from the obama administration and moves to reduce thof nuclear weapons out there. time right now 10 minutes after 5:00. so it's the end of the preseason and the redskins look pretty darn good right now. coming up at 5:23, highlights from their final preseason game against the tampa bay bucs. >> at 5:52, see how a smartphone app could take some of the ant out of shopping for -- anxiety out of shopping for school clothes for kids. this country was built by working people.
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friday is not here yet but we're close so that's the good thing. we'll have another gorgeous day. as howard has been saying and other meteorologists have been saying this isaac storm is going to stick around for a while. it's causing big problems. >> we had the storm surge. plaquemines parish especially got it bad. the slow motion of this storm, 6 miles an hour, it's a g storm. dumping rain. the flooding continues down there and will for a couple of days. even seeing damage reports in places like jackson, mississippi, far away from the coast had some trees knocked
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down. we'll begin there. talking about isaac over the next couple of days isaac will pull away from the coast, weaken and wind down but not soon enough. damage is being done still at this hour. look at all the rain flowing into the gulf of mexico. also not just the rains. we have severe weather with this. tornado watch in effect for much of the area and in alabama this morning, we're seeing -- west florida, near pensacola, crested butte. these are tornadic thunderstorms coming in as well. so a lot of rain continues to fall with the feeder bands around the center of circulation. a tremendous rain maker. they're being inundated. we're still looking at some of the rain totals which will be getting up potentially -- when we get into the yellow, we're talking 8 to 10 inches. so this rain will be lifting that way and quite a bit of flooding will be happening with this. it has weakened just a little bit more as of the 5:00 a.m. advisory.
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moving northwest at only 8 miles an hour. it will be tracking up toward northern louisiana this afternoon. tomorrow it will cross arkansas into saturday. it will cross missouri, what's left of t. then the moisture takes a turn. this may have a play into our labor day forecast because this moisture has to go somewhere and eventually some of it will creep this way. a beautiful morning here on your bus stop forecast with temperatures in the low 60s and low 70s. clear to partly cloudy but a pleasant morning with 6:36 on the sunrise. as far as today, we had a great day yesterday. we're going to do it again today. just a couple degrees warmer. yesterday we got to 87. today about 89 with 83 at noon. light winds this morning. southerly in the afternoon. by 6:00 we'll have come down from the # 9 to 85. -- 89 to 85. going out to the nationals park, they're at home with the cardinals. looks good for baseball tonight. 59 lovettsville. laytonsville 61. those are our cool spots locally. look at this, baden down to 62
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along with bowie and laurel 63 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, got a quiet morning out there. still dark for a while. the sunrise not till 6:36 with 71 officially at reagan national. humidity 73%. so a very comfortable morning. all the clouds, they're staying south. this is a top shield in tennessee from isaac. we'll have high pressure for a couple of days. got a shot of hot air tomorrow. today 89. not humid. going to be a good day, warm. tonight 70s, some 60s in the burbs. tomorrow mid-90s. yeah, it's going to be quite hot. we haven't been there in a while. saturday 91. could be a storm late in the day, although i think on sunday a better chance for a couple of storms, 85. then into labor day maybe even more storms 85. next week upper #s on. still a chance -- upper 80s. still a chance of storms tuesday and wednesday. it's 5:16. as howard was just saying, tropical storm ice crook is not going to leave -- isaac is not going to leave any time soon.
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every second it sits over southern louisiana, another second of rain and high winds. that area just does not need anymore. bigad shaban joins us now. hundreds of thousands of people are waking up in the dark. this has been downgraded but what's the biggest danger now? >> reporter: a lot of those strong winds and heavy bands of rain we saw yesterday here have certainly let up in new orleans but isaac continues to soak much of coastal louisiana. there's been a storm surge up to 12 feet high which caused severe flooding not in the city of new orleans but in coastal communities, just about 30 miles southeast of here in plaquemines parish. there's actually about an 18- mile stretch where water overtopped the levees, sent it rushing into homes there. people had to be -- roofs had to be carved out to save people from there. they were plucked out, reminiscent of some of the
5:18 am
images we saw during hurricane katrina seven yeast ago. it was the -- seen are years ago. it was the seventh anniversary yesterday. >> is that a manmade earthen levee? >> reporter: it was actually part after local levee that was still under construction. it's important to note that that levee is not part of the $14 billion levee protection program funded by the federal government that now protects the city of new orleans. that was a program that was put in place post-katrina. following hurricane katrina, it was the levee that failed the city and left new orleans about 80% of the city under water. it's actually two totally different systems. the major headline out of new orleans is sort of the success of the new system, really only minor street flooding, down power lines. a the lot of the minor damage is a result of the wind. we're fortunate to see not a whole lot as a result of the rain or any kind of storm surge. >> we heard reports upwards of 700,000 people are without power and many states
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surrounding the area have sent mutual aid, including from here in maryland and virginia. you starting to see the strucks staged yet or is it a little too early? >> reporter: officials yesterday were very quick to point out, especially energy company leaders were saying they're not going to send their crews out until winds die down below 30 miles per hour. of course yesterday we saw gusts as high as 80 miles per hour. certainly that's beginning to die down today so i would imagine you start to see a long line of energy of crews beginning their work. they also mentioned it may very well be a week before a vast majority of those people get their electricity turned back on. >> live in new orleans, thanks a lot for joining us live this morning. traffic wise i'm happy to say things are very light. there are no major issues to report around the washington area. you're good to go on the major thoroughfares coming in from the north, maryland, 270, 29, 95, bw parkway. all of those look great coming into the beltway. let's take a live look if you're planning to head in on
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the southbound side of i-270 or down at the wilson bridge crossing the river. things look great here. no problems between alexandria and oxon hill and all the southern maryland corridors are incident free as well. now over to the maps. this time we'll take a look at the west side of town. crossing the american legion bridge leaving bethesda into tysons corner, all of that construction picked up for the morning rush hour. a live look once again outside here at the legion bridge. you can see the lanes are open and traffic still relatively light. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> sounds good, monika. thanks. now let's get another look at the question of the day this morning. the number of people who do this regularly has doubled since the 1980s. is it a, work from home, b, invest in stocks, or c, rely on government assistance? one of our facebook friends sharon wrote a, work from home. so what do you think? add your answer to our facebook page. we'll have some of your comments in our next hour and in the 6:00 show we'll let you know what the answer is.
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we'll be right back.
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a good thursday morning. another beautiful start to the day. some areas in the upper 50s. we sit around 70, 71 with 60s across the bay. lots of sunshine today. maybe a passing cloud or two. by 9:00 75 in town. still 60s north. lunch time, eat outside once again if you can. we'll see temps in the lower 80s, approaching the upper 80s, even near 90 in a few ots
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this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. i hope you can get out and enjoy it. good morning, everyone. the preseason is over for the redskins. they finished it up with the tampa bay buccaneers last night, but who really made a statement in that game? of course rg3 and most of the starters had the night off for this final preseason game. for the rest of them, this was their night to show that they belong on this 53-man roster. cousins a deep throw to anthony armstrong. that went for 46 yards. two catches, 61 yards for armstrong last night. another bubble receiver brandon banks with a big gain five-punt return. and then 47-yard reception down to the tampa bay 10-yard line. as for kurt cousins, no tds and
5:25 am
one pick. a good night for the rookie. and then a redemption with this run. redskins win 30-3. after the game it was all about bubble talk. >> that's a problem you want to have is when guys play good and you have some depth on your football team. we talked about having more depth. if someone does go down, you can still play at a certain level. >> it's -- it's one last time to shine. i didn't want to make it my last time to walk off fed ex field. i like this place. it's enjoyable. >> i don't have any regrets as far as my preparations or what i've done to develop myself as a quarterback in this offense. >> the show belonged to rookie bryce harper who struggled the last couple of months. in the 4th, a shot to right n. two-run homer gives the nats the lead 2-0. what's better than one home run? how about a pair of them. harper becomes the tenth youngest with a multihomer game since 1918. the nats win this one 8-4
5:26 am
ending their five-game skid. the nats return home today, open up a series against the world series champs, the cardinals. we'll be live from nats park today with complete coverage. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great thursday. >> thank you so much. it is a great thursday if you're planning to head on the beltway north of town. no issues on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue headed for silver spring, 270 and beyond to the legion bridge. i'll be back with more traffic in a few minutes. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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it is 5:29. five cups into a ten-cup rental meant so i'm -- regiment so i'm
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doing okay. a beautiful shot of the jefferson memorial. it's a beautiful morning. andrea is off. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. >> like the cup of coffee i made? >> i couldn't say my name a half-hour ago. now i feel almost human. good morning, howard. good morning. the key today like yesterday, we won't have any humidity really around. so it's going to be a warm but comfortable 89 degrees this afternoon. here's a look at that day planner because it's another day. we can really be grateful for this day because we have some days ahead we won't like so much. 83 by noon. lunch time on the cafe patio. 87 at 5:00. we'll probably hit the high about 3:00, 4:00 p.m. with light winds becoming south at 5 miles an hour. generally clear skies to partly cloudy this morning. a few clouds have formed over the region but the thicker clouds well down to the south right now. they're going to stay there for the day. temps in the 50s. frederick, winchester 59.
5:31 am
cumberland is 57. we've got low 60s like manaas and la plata. even across the bay mid-60s at easton and cambridge and up in baltimore 65. sunny today, light winds, not too humid but warmer than yesterday. we might tickle 90 in manassas and frederick. 86 in winchester and luray. 88 in cumberland. let's go to monika samtani. she has your latest look at timesaver traffic. thank you so much. good morning, everybody. if you're planning to head northbound on i-95. there's a disabled vehicle in the road right near dumfries. it's just causing a tiny bit of a slowdown with police on the scene. once you're inside the beltway, look at this. things look great at duke street. 60 miles an hour inside the beltway 066 at fairfax drive. 61 miles an hour. so no issues there. we'll take a live look inside the beltway at the 14th street bridge heading north on 395. that's fine. this is springfield. northbound 95 looks great as well. you've got the volume coming up from route 644 right now. back over to the maps and this time to the other side. 95, route 29, 32, all of those
5:32 am
major thoroughfares look great in from the north and one last live look one more time, this time at 95 at route 32. again all lanes are open. i'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic. >> back to you. >> sounds good, monika. thank you. in the biggest moment of his political career, mitt romney is going to accept the g.o.p. presidential nomination at the republican national convention tonight. last night congressman paul ryan accepted his party's vice presidential nomination. kristin fisher joins us live from the satellite center looking back at last night's events and looking ahead toward today's. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. last night was the biggest professional moment of paul ryan's life. he delivered a very solid performance. he needed to go in as the attack dog. he needed to go after president obama. that is exactly what he did. but hot on his heels former secretary of state condoleezza rice. she well used this prime time platform to lay out her vision for u.s. foreign policy. but by far her most memorable moment was a very personal
5:33 am
story about what it was like growing up in the segregated south. >> a little girl rose up in birmingham, the segregated city of the south where her parents can't take her to a movie theater or to a restaurant but they have her absolutely convinced that even if she can't have a hamburger at the woolworth's lunch counter, that she can be the. of the united states if she wanted to be and she becomes the secretary of state. >> you can see the crowd just loved her. >> reporter: that speech left people wondering if she's eyeing a presidential run in 2016 but rice has said she has no further political aspirations. some of the other g.o.p. heavy hitters to take the stage last night, the last republican nominee for president, senator john mccain and one time vp hopeful tim pawlenty. >> mitt romney knows what our problems are and he has the
5:34 am
tools and the experience and the energy and the right policies to fix them. >> people tell me that they still have faith in america. what they want to know is whether we still have faith in ourselves. i trust that mitt romney has that faith and i trust him to lead us. >> reporter: coming up tonight is mitt romney's big speech, the biggest speech of his political career. he will be closing this republican convention and he's set to take the stage right around 10:00 tonight. mike? >> kristin fisher live in the satellite center. thank you. police are investigating what they believe is a murder- suicide near charlottesville, virginia. four people died. a 49-year-old woman and her three children. all were found inside the family home early yesterday morning. police say this is an isolated incident and poses no threat to the community. hundreds of people living
5:35 am
in la plates, louisiana are waking up in shelters this morning after hurricane isaac slammed the region flooding everywhere. the national guards rushed in yesterday taking flood victims and their belongings and their pets to higher ground. the president has declared federal emergencies in areas of louisiana and mississippi because of hurricane now tropical storm isaac. coming up at 6:09, we'll have a live report from gulfport, mississippi where isaac left behind some serious damage. it is 5:35 right now. time for your money report. jessica doyle is off. however, we still have today's business headlines. home buyers are finding bargains in the huge inventory of distressed properties. homes in some stage of foreclosure accounted for 23% of all sales in the most recent quarter. those troubled properties sold at a steep discount, roughly 32% lower than average. later this morning, wall street gets the latest read on unemployment. the government will report how
5:36 am
many americans filed first time jobless claims in the past week. the number has recently ticked higher but the average is still at a level that could point to improvement in the august jobs report. the stock market has traded quietly leading up to the holiday weekend. wednesday the dow and the nasdaq both added four points. citigroup has agreed to pay $590 million to settle legal claims stemming from the financial crisis. a group of shareholders accuse the bank of concealing huge losses on mortgage investments which caused the stock to plunge. city growp is still -- citigroup is still denying the allegations but hopes to close the matter to avoid litigation. for more business news, log on to coming up, if you're searching for back-to-school savings, don't sweat it. there's an app for that also ahead... >> this is bruce johnson. coming up, how about 52,000
5:37 am
bicycle d vehicle collisions in this country 2010? this past friday on massachusetts avenue we have another. >> i had lacerations to my face. >> coming up, you'll hear from the victim. she makes the case on why we all have to look out for one another.
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a very good thursday morning to you. comfortable out here once again. not too humid that will be the case today. we do have some heat on the way for friday. so today enjoy it. we start with even some 50s in the outer suburbs. 75 by 9:00. sunny and 83 at noon. light winds becoming southerly about 5 miles an hour. 3:00 87. 4:00 that will be about a high today # 9. 6:00 p.m. -- today. 89 at 6:00 p.m. we'll take a look toward the labor day weekend. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. we're going to take a look at dulles airport. the toll road looks great
5:40 am
heading in towards sterling and this point. but west of the airport out in ashburn, the greenway west of belmont ridge road, we're just getting word of a tanker truck fire. we'll keep you posted on that situation coming up in the next report. back you to, mike. grz daily deals time. we've been combing through the retailer websites to find you deep discounts. cirque du soleil's new show is at the national harbor. shows run from saturday till september 28. living social offering a deal on the tickets. $60 for a level two ticket, under 12 for a premium level. or $76 for really one ticket and any other performance. if you're thinking about eating out, then you might want to check out southern hospitality d.c. in adams morgan. they are offering a 43% off deal on dinner for two or brunch with bottomless million most is as, -- mimosas, cocktails and more.
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that offer is good until thursday, september 6. >> finally family picture time. lovely shots studio in vienna, virginia is offering a 90- minute individual or family photo session. plus, six digital images on a cd for $47. normally this is a $275 package. the offer is through plum district. if you have an offer or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, send us the information on facebook. okay, celebrity birthday time now before we head to break. billionaire businessman warren buffett is 81 today. she played julia barnes on the show "mod quad" peggy lipton is 64. journalist and talk show host lisa ling is 38. andy roddick turns 35 today. if it's your birthday, have a great day. we'll be right back.
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weather time now. howard has just given me an idea. i drink so much coffee every morning, sometimes ten cups, he saw a home improvement show. they had an espresso machine. >> in the bathroom. you take your shower, a hot cup of coffee right there waiting for you. >> that's brilliant. speaking of brilliant, another beautiful day. >> it is going to be another beautiful day. a little warmer. yesterday 87. today 89, maybe 90. the humidity we'll keep down. the weetd pollen was -- weed pollen was six times higher yesterday than on tuesday. we're getting into ragweed season. i know. let's talk about isaac. still a dangerous tropical storm. it is weakening. winds are down to 45 miles an hour. the problem now, though, the rage. they continue. some areas have already had more than a foot of rain. there could be another six to
5:46 am
eight to ten inches locally still to fall across areas of mississippi from this and extreme eastern louisiana. moving northwest of baton rouge and northeast of alexandria but all of the rain continues. look at the streamers coming into mississippi, coming into the mississippi-alabama border. even into florida and alabama. some of these have been tornadic this morning. we've had tornado warnings on those. it's just been an incredible amount of rain. this is above and beyond the storm surge. you're seeing the rain forecast. still up wrpds of 8 inches -- upwards of 8 inches plus. a big area of 3 to 6-inch range, even eight-plus in northeastern arkansas and missouri we'll see the rains and those areas suffering some bad drought conditions. isaac's winds 45 miles an hour. will track off through louisiana and arkansas and missouri and then turn toward the east, what's left of isaac. some of that moisture could be filtering in later sunday into
5:47 am
monday. i think labor day we'll see some of this. that would mean an increased chance for showers and storms for the holiday. this morning, though, another very nice morning across the region. your bus stop forecast mainly clear, rather pleasant. once again low 60s to low 70s at the bus stop with sunrise not until 6:36. got a few upper 50s right now. we'll look at temps in a moment. 8:00 71. by noon another nice one for lunch outside. recess 83. this afternoon we get to about 89. 8 #, 89, 90. that will happen 3:30, 4:00 p.m. by 8:00 still out this evening, got plans? going to be fine. 81 degrees. 59 in winchester. it 168 at the patuxent river naval air station. bowie checking in with 64. got 65 also down in catlett from charlie. 71 here in d.c. outside on our michael & son weather camera, still very nice. dew points in the low 60s. we can handle that with a humidity of 73%. the clouds are all south of us. they're going to stay south of us here for another couple of days.
5:48 am
as we get to the weekend, we'll start to see some of that cloudiness creep back in. if you're traveling down toward southwestern virginia today, south of row nome, you -- roanoke, you might run into a shower. we'll sit in a good spot for the next couple of days. as we look at the forecast, got green across the board. 89 today. still not humid. tonight we'll be in the low 70s in town. mid- to upper 60s north and west. a hot friday. we haven't seen heat like this in a couple of weeks but we'll be in the mid-90s tomorrow. saturday the lower 90s but there could be one or two afternoon storms. better chance of that south and west of d.c. a few scattered storms sunday afternoon, mid- 80s. again isaac's moisture comes into play i believe labor day with a high of 85. monika samtani, timesaver traffic, and we've got some probms i can tell just by your face. take a deep breath. remember we were talking about that tanker truck fire yesterday on 95 in newington. we have another one, this time it's on the dulles greenway. if you're coming in from leesburg toward ashburn, you are the ones that are going to
5:49 am
be affected. on the greenway at this reeves -- at shreeves mill road. eight blocked between belmont ridge road and the leesburg bypass. the greenway is blocked in that stretch in the ashburn area. i suggest you go ahead and use route 7 or route 50 instead. we'll take a live look a little further in on the dulles toll road in respectton. you'll be fine as you head in toward the beltway beyond ashburn. we'll keep you posted on that situation of course. we'll go a little further south on to 66. no problems coming in from centreville all the way to fairfax on the beltway. one more live look outside if you're planning to head here on 395 and 95 in newington. those both are running incident free. i'll be back with more on the situation in ashburn in a few minutes. back to you, guys. >> thanks, monika. we'll see you then. it's 5:49 now. a local woman says she's not sure if she'll ever ride her bike again after having a violent collision with a van in bethesda. the driver took off. the cyclist suffered some serious injuries as you'll see
5:50 am
in a moment. bruce johnson reports the woman is hoping her story can help foster some cooperation on the roads during our daily commutes. >> when you look at me, my nose is tbroan. >> reporter: -- is broken. >> reporter: it's probably fair to say this is what's left of jodi grant. >> i have massive lacerations to my face as well. >> reporter: after a collision between her bike and a moving vehicle late last week in bethesda. >> i have a broken back, broken neck. 12 of my teeth were displaced, cracked and broken. >> reporter: she's on massachusetts avenue on her bike pointing this way toward the district. she's approaching cromwell drive. there's a car in the far left lane about to make a left on to cromwell. a second vehicle behind that one rather than wait for this car to make the left, the second vehicle suddenly veers into outdy's path. >> i -- into jodi's path. >> i keep rethinking what could i have done differently and the
5:51 am
sad answer is nothing. >> reporter: she's no amateur weekend rider. jodi grant owns several high end bikes. the executive director of an education nonprofit in downtown washington rides to work every day. she races on weekends. >> this wheel is bent. >> reporter: it's a family thing. nearly 20 bikes between the wife, husband and two daughters. >> we cyclists need to be as aware as possible of our surroundings so we can safely bike. >> reporter: the driver who collided with her bike on friday is still out there. >> please come forward. please let's use this to talk about what we can do differently so this doesn't have to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: she wants her accident to be the last between a biker and vehicle. the biker always seems to lose. >> i see a lot of texting. i see a lot of talking on the phone. i see a lot of act mind -- absent minded lane changes, people making u-turns without
5:52 am
signaling. everyone has to be more careful out there. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9 news now. >> the national highway traffic safety administration says in 2010, there were more than 3552,000 injuries from bike and -- 52,000 injuries from bike and vehicle collisions. west nile cases are up 40% in the united states just in the last week. researchers say the numbers may rival the record years of 2002 and 2003. so far close to 1600 infections have been reported and half of those are in the state of texas. use bug spray. this is the peak time for west nile activity and transmission by mosquitoes, the most prevalent times are early in the morning, late in the evening. this is going to continue they say through october. there's the school bell. the mad dash to get kids ready for classes here does not include a rush to buy school supplies. that is according to the
5:53 am
federal retail federation. more parents are spreading out their shopping. if you're just getting started, there's still plenty of time to tackle that list. >> reporter: these are the final days of uninterrupted play before school begins. >> we can make our own music. >> reporter: a signal that it's time to begin a familiar ritual. >> i still have a lot more to do. i've done a few things. >> reporter: turns out she's not alone. more parents are starting slow this year. according to a recent survey done by the national retail federation, only 40% of families polled had finished their shopping. financial experts say smart shoppers should do some research before they fill their cart online or head to the stores. >> it can get you better deals not just online goods or online shopping but also help you find the best price if you want to go to your neighborhood store. >> i can do something from my commuter, it makes it a lot easier. >> reporter: she visits the
5:54 am
oshkosh site. >> up to 50% off. >> reporter: to get her boys rough and tumble ready and she finds big savings, too then she packs up the kids and uses an app called coupon sherpa to unlock mobile deals for the children's place. minutes later she saves a bunch on? >> a little hat, pants that are very functional. >> reporter: next she heads to jim re, does a -- jim re, does a little searching. >> i might have done better maybe in the mall. >> reporter: a welcome surprise for this mom of two, especially since she still has a ways to go. lesli foster, 9news now. before we head to break, let's get another look at the question of the day this morning. the number of people who do this regularly has doubled since the 1980s. is it a, work from home, b, invest in stocks, or c, rely on government assistance? one of our regular facebook contributors says with high
5:55 am
transportation costs and high gas prices, i am sure there are a lot more people opting to work from home. i say a. what do you say? add it to our facebook page. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. stay with us.
5:56 am
5:57 am
it's 5:57. the creator of family guy kicks off saturday night live and the hollywood walk of fame is going digital? seems so. we have those stories and more. >> reporter: saturday night live kicks off the season with
5:58 am
seth mcfarlane. he'll host the first episode of snl's 38th season on september 15. white any houston's estate is publishing a tribute to the late star just in time for the holiday shopping season. it's a collection of photos and essays, including one by houston's mentor collide davis. the -- clyde davis. the book is due out november 27. the hollywood walk of fame is going digital with a new app to help tourists get around. it's part tour guide, part entertainment with customized itineraries and historical information about the famous walk of nearly 2500 stars. >> there's going to be games, trivia. you can shoot your own photos and upload it to the app. >> reporter: the app is expected to be available next summer. wine known that judd is back on tour tonight after taking time off to care for her husband. he lost his left leg in a motorcycle crash 12 days ago in south dakota. judd also rescheduled her
5:59 am
canceled concert date. out in movie theaters for the hollywood weekend, the possession. it's a horror story about a little girl who unleashes an evil spirit. and the comedy for a good time call, the flick follows to young women who find a risque way to meet ends meet. that's your eye on entertainment, teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm mike hydeck. andrea is off tonight. monika samtani will be back with traffic moment tairm. bern bern, -- moment tairm. howard bernstein, -- momentarily. howard bernstein, another beautiful day. >> it s. the weeds are six time higher than they were the day before. we have another great day ahead. yesterday 87. look at the sky this morning. that's a pretty looking sky. just a couple of clouds on the horizon. the sunrise 6:36. we have a ways to


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