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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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75 degrees by 9:00. very comfortable. winds will be light. by noon 83. by 5:00 87. let me show you what's happening outside. generally clears skies. a couple of patchy clouds around. we see some down toward richmond this morning. thicker clouds down below the north carolina-virginia border. some of that -- those are the high clouds blowing off isaac across tennessee as well. temperatures in the 50s in winchester and cumberland. it's 63 in leesburg this morning. also la plata. across the bay we have a pair of 64s from easton and cambridge while we sit at 71. a good looking afternoon with temperatures which will make it into the mid-80s around the bay but upper 80s, maybe even near 90 in a couple of spots. we're still watching isaac this morning. a tropical storm bringing tremendous rainfall across areas of southeast louisiana. but mississippi seeing the brunt of the heavy rain. some of the storms in alabama and florida and even mississippi have produced some tornadic damage.
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so we're watching all of this. but new orleans has been dealing with a lot of the weather this morning. we're going to bigaz -- bigad shaban. >> reporter: the storm continues to soak coastal louisiana. here in the state of mississippi, it also send a storm surge up to 12 feet high causing severe flooding in communities not far from here. neighbors stood in bunches huddled together in the wind and rain waiting to be rescued. it was just before noon when isaac's high winds pushed a tidal surge of water into a town 30 miles west of new orleans. the flooding caught nearly everyone after guard. >> it just came all at once. all at once. one minute it was fine and next minute it wall all over the place. several under water. >> reporter: up to 3,000 people were forced from their homes.
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many of them spent the night at a shelter at a nearby church. long time residents say this kind of flooding has never happened before, not even during hurricane variety [ inaudible ] >> reporter: here in new orleans, the levees built after katrina worked just as they were designed. the state's lieutenant governor believes the levees pay have forced water into new areas like laplace. in plaquemines parish, at least 35 people were rescued from the rising waters. now officials have decided to intentionally punch a hole in the levee. >> the idea would be if they breach that levee, now that the winds have shifted to the other direction, it would actually blow the water out. with the breach it would be four days for the water to leave. without the breach it could take as long as 15 days to pump it out. >> reporter: for those not dealing with flooding, there's a lack of power. down power lines have knocked out electricity to roughly
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700,000 residents. the national hurricane center says isaac is only expected to lose strength as it moves west, but even once the storm passes here, residents along coastal louisiana will still have to bear the cleanup. reporting live in new orleans, back you to. our coverage of isaac continues at we have a live blog of storm coverage from our team of reporters covering the storm. follow any tropical storm by downloading our free storm tracker. we'll get a live report from gulfport, mississippi coming up at 6:10. now let's go to monika with the latest on timesaver traffic. people in loudoun county dealing with a serious problem. you're taking a live look from our sky 9. out in ashburn on the dulles greenway, it's an overturned tanker truck which had caught on fire. hence you see all of the emergency and fire equipment on the scene. both directions of the dulles greenway here are blocked. this happened at shreeses mill
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road at about 5:20. the extent of the closure on the greenway is between belmont ridge road and the leesburg bypass so you're going to want to choose an alternate route. this is in ashburn so as you come in from leesburg, it definitely will affect your drive or leaving the airport. let's go to a map and give you and what you can do. it happened between the aiort and leesburg. use route 7 or route 50 as your alternate route. just avoid the greenway if you can this morning. you will hit major delays. we're working the phones and we'll keep you posted on that situation. out inaryland on the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly, everything is final as you head into the northeast corridor. we'll take a last live look outside, this time down at the wilson bridge. traffic is moving smoothly here. i'll be back with more on the situation at 6:10. 6:04 now.
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tonight mitt romney takes the stage to accept the nomination at the republican national convention. his running mate was in prime time last night. kristin fisher joins us live from the satellite center this morning. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, mike. you know, things in tampa kind of got off to a slow start thanks to hurricane isaac, but i tell you what. last night the energy that you would expect to feel at a republican national convention was back. and speakers had a lot to do with that. the speakers stole the show, reenergized this republican convention, especially former secretary of state condoleezza rice. of course the man of the hour, the star of the show, paul iowan, he accept -- paul ryan, he accepted his party's nomination for vice president. >> i accept the duty to help lead our nation out of a jobs crisis and back to pros expert. and i know we -- prosperity. and i know we can do this. >> reporter: the 42-year-old wisconsin congressman was joined on stage by his family after the speech. but it was what he said that
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really resonated with the delegates. his primary job going into this speech was to go after president obama. he is the ticket attack dog. last night he did just that attacking the president's economic policies, his leadership and of course his health care plan. >> obama care as much as anything else explains why a presidency that began with such anticipation now comes to such a disappointing close. >> a story that barack obama does tell forever shifting blame to the last administration is getting old. >> the man assumed office almost four years ago. isn't it about time he assumed responsibility? join mitt romney and me. let's give this effort everything we have. let's see this thing all the way through. let's get this done. >> reporter: just before ryan's speech, former secretary of
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state condoleezza ricelmost stole the show. not quite but she delivered just an incredible speech. i will have some of the highlights from that speech coming up in half an hour at 6:30. >> it really was terrific. thanks, kristin fisher live in the satellite center this morning. the republicans are in tampa florida. the president was in charlottesville, virginia, thanking the commonwealth for their support back in 2000 # and he hoped -- 2008 and he hopes to get that support again this year. >> in november your voice will matter more than ever. listen, if you doubt that, pay a little attention to what's happening in tampa this week. don't boo. vote. vote. >> the president does not have any public campaign event scheduled for today. 6:07. george hiewgly will be sentenced -- huguely will be sentenced for the 2010 murder of his ex-girlfriend. he was convicted back in february of second-degree murder.
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the jury recommended that he spend 26 years in prison for the beating death of love in her apartment. both huguely and love were lacrosse players at uva. the free state is a safer state. governor martin o'malley announced the state's crime rate is now the lowest it's been the last 32 years. the number of crimes are up 4.6% between 2010 and 2011. murder is down more than 6%. rape is down 2%. car thefts down nearly 11% and the governor credited local, state and federal police officers for their work in improving the numbers. in 15 minutes, hear from the redskins on their big win in the preseason finale. howard is calling for another gorgeous late summer day. sunny skies, low humidity. your weather first is coming up next right here on 9news now.
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welcome back. monika with timesaver traffic. in ashburn since 5:20 this morning crews have been dealing with an overturned tanker truck. it was full of fuel and did catch fire on the westbound lanes of the dulles greenway. both directions of the greenway are blocked. will you want to take an alternate route. i suggest you go ahead and use route 7 or route 50 as your alternate route. get off at the route 15 leesburg bypass to get around t. i'll be back with more information on this coming up at 6:16. tropical storm isaac is moving farther inland across louisiana but it's left hundreds of thousands of people without power in its wake. not just louisiana but mississippi also taking a beating. want to take you live to gulfport where reporter george howl joins us live. we hear about louisiana but coastal mississippi has been pummeled by this storm. >> reporter: howard, good morning. that is the case.
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we are still in this line of bands or rather the line of clouds that's moving up, streaming to the north. there's still a great possibility of flooding, of tornadic activity. right now, how wrmd, we remain -- howard, we remain under a glad flood warning. that's been itself case the last 12 -- the case the last 12 hours the watches and warnings coming and going. you find the storm surge that was creeping up. that was a big issue. they were predicting a 10-foot storm surge in this area. that has been really what people have been paying attention to. just yesterday we know of a tornado touched down right here in gulfport. a lot of activity has been happening in this area. we were in that rough side so to speak of a hurricane where the storm churns up water, dumps it on land. but again when you look over at what's happening in new orleans, so much rainfall in such an extended amount of time in plaquemines parish, they are dealing with flooding,
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especially since that levee was overtopped howard. >> george, back in katrina, highway 90 really got beat up, tossed around. those roads that go across louisiana, just got thrown off, how have the roads done from the storm surge from this storm? >> reporter: i think today will be the day that officials go out and can safely -- more safely go out and see what happened from the storm, at least in this area. i can tell you that this coastal road just behind me, you can't see it from here but just down there, the gulf, there's a coastal road. that road was overtaken from that storm surge. we saw several roads out here flooded that were impassable and clearly in new orleans you saw the same thing as the storm system just continued to stay overhead and dump so much rainfall. 20 inches of rain in some places. >> incredible stuff. george howl thank you -- george howell, thank you. stay safe. going to be another day or so of heavy rains down there. >> when this starts to move at
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only 6 miles an hour, it just continues to just flood the area. >> it will be moving up toward arkansas tomorrow but still today we're seeing rain. i have reports of damage in the jackson area and monroe, louisiana. trees down from this now tropical storm that far north along with the flooding concerns. when the ground is this soggy, it doesn't take nearly as much wind to blow the trees down because the ground is not holding them anymore. let's show you what's happening with isaac right now. still producing very heavy rains. the bands of rain. that's what george was referring to that continue to flow in off the gulf of mexico. the bands contain sometimes rotating thunderstorms and even isolated tornadoes. we'll continue to see that had some tornado warpgz across parts of alabama -- warnings across parts of alabama and florida. you can see the feeder bands here this continue to flow right through the gulf region and southern mississippi. heavy rains. some of the rain totals could be another six inches or so across much of the southern half of mississippi, even into
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parts of eastern arkansas and southern missouri over the next 36 to 48 hours. isaac continues to slowly pull away through louisiana and then arkansas. then it will make the turn through the midwest and some of that moisture could be here as we head into the day on sunday, monday. today no problems. another really nice day across the region. your bus stop forecast mainly clear, very pleasant. low 60s to low 70s at the bus stop. 6:36 on the sunrise. some of the places in the mountains even upper 50s. day planner, you like it sunny without humidity? we've got another one for you. 81 by 1 success. by 1:00 -- by 11:00. by 1:0085 degrees. i think at 4:00 we'll top out at 89. locally we're in the low 60s in many areas from laurel to bowie this morning. upper barl -- upper marlboro is
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634. hey -- 64. haymarket 53. pretty sky here. about 23 minutes or so before the sunrise. the humidity levels are at 73%. not too bad and the calm winds. we have a shot of heat tomorrow. forecast today 89. tonight back in the 70s in town. low 70s with 60s north and west. 95 tomorrow. still not too humid. by saturday 91. there's a slight chance of an afternoon storm. i think we'll see a couple of storms sunday afternoon as isaac's moisture creeps this way. 85 on labor day with scattered showers and storm. going to be a few more storms tuesday into wednesday depending on whether or not a front clears us. monika samtani, dulles toll road issues. >> it's called the greenway there, 267 out in ashburn. we've been telling you about this for almost an hour. an overturned tanker truck if ashburn did catch on fire. it was fully loaded with fuel
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and there is an injury. it is closed in both directions. yes, there are people stuck at the closure. there you go. so if you are planning to head out of leesburg this morning, go ahead and use the 15 leesburg bypass. use route 50 or route 7 to get around this. do not get stuck in this because it's going to take a while before they can reopen any of those lanes. we'll of course keep you posted and show you a map real quick so you get an idea where we're talking about. west of the airport, east of leesburg on the dulles greenway in ashburn. let's go over to another map. this time we're looking at metro where they are single tracking on the red line between wheaton and glenmont because of track problems at the glenmont station. single tracking between wheaton and glenmont. there had been a medical emergency as well at gallery place earlier this morning. residual delays because of that as well. i'll be back of course to update you on all of those situations next.
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before i go, i have a commuter alert. it's a heads up for drivers in bethesda. part of woodmont avenue will be closed the next few days between miller avenue and bah these today avenue. it's going to stay closed for about 20 months. that's because workers are building two residual buildings and shops on two parking lots. it will be nice when it's done. the capital crescent trail will remain open during that construction. drivers should follow signs for any detours. >> the area just keeps getting built up. that will be cool. 6:18 now. time to check the question of the morning. the number of people who do which one of these things since the 1980s -- excuse me, has doubled since the 1980s. is it a, work from home, b, invest in stocks or c, rely on government assistance? our facebook friend tanya posted on our timeline says it has to be a, work from home. i meet so many people who telecommute. keep the guesses coming.
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we have the answer at 6:43.
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welcome back. 6:226789 another pleasant morning across the d.c. region as we've got generally clear skies, a couple of clouds. humidity levels are nice. we're in for another very nice day. kind of yesterday. just a couple of degrees warmer. here's tysons corner behind the graphics. looking good. 79 by 9:00. noon 83. this afternoon we'll get up to 89 by 4:00 or so 6:00 still looking nice with temps in the
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middle 80s. good morning, everyone. the preseason is over for the redskins. they finished it up with the tampa bay buccaneers last night. but who really made a statement in that game? of course rg3 and most of the starters had the night off for this final preseason game. for the rest of them, this was their night to show they belong on this 53-man roster. kurt cousins with a deep throw to anthony armstrong. that beauty went for 46 yards, two catches, 61 yards for armstrong last night. brandon banks with a big game five-punt return for 66 yards. and this 47-yard reception down to the tampa bay-yard line. kurt cousins, a good night for the rookie. next play, roy who fumbled earlier redeems himself with
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this touchdown run. redskins win 30-3. after the game it was all about bubble talk. >> that's the problem you want to have is when guys play good and you have some depth on your football team. we talked about having more depth so if someone does go down, you can still play at a certain level. >> it gives you one last time to shine. i didn't want to make it my last time to walk off fed ex field. i like this place. it's pretty enjoyable. >> i've done everything i could. i don't have any regrets for my preparation as far as what i've done to develop myself as a quarterback in this offense. >> reporter: the show belongs to the rookie bryce harmer who o -- harper who struggled previously. that's better than one home run? how about a pair of them. harper becomes the tenth youngest with a multihomer game since 1918. the nats win this one 8-4 ending their five-game skid. the nats return home today. open up a series against the
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world series champs the cardinals. we'll be live from nats park today with complete coverage. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great thursday. 6:25 now. still ahead, how much tropical storm isaac is already affecting how much we all pay for gas. >> the first lady sits down with david letterman. learn what she's saying about her speech at next week's democratic convention. right now before you grab the keys, listen to monika. she has a check of the chute. >> a medevac helicopters has left the scene of a tanker truck fire here on the dulles greenway in ashburn. the good news is the eastbound traffic has now been let loose. you can get through eastbound with major delays. i'll have more on this coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. it's 6:29. >> we're outside enjoying this beautiful morning on the weather terrace. some areas down in the 50s once again. we're going to have another nice day. warmer than yesterday. yesterday 87. i'm dispejting -- expecting a high near 89 degrees. maybe 90 in a couple of spots but not too humid. that's the key with light winds
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becoming southerly. air quality has gone from good to moderate. satellite and radar, this is nice and quiet. a couple of patches of cloud. heard from jan in the northern neck. she has a few clouds and 73 there this morning with 60s across the bay. cambridge 64. la plate today down to 62. there are the 50s from frederick, parmts of the shenandoah -- parts of the shenandoah valley. cumberland, a beautiful morning, 55 degrees. this afternoon sunshine, not too humid but warm. 89 leesburg and d.c. 85 in easton. 86 winchester and 85 also in hagueerstown. monika samtani has been dealing with a few issues in loudoun county. what else are we talking about? >> if i'm not talking about it it means all your major thoroughfares are normal with the heavy traffic you deal with every morning but this is the big story we're focusing on out in ashburn. the westbound side of the dulles toll road is what you're looking at. right in the center of your screen, you see that overturned tanker truck. it was filled with fuel.
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it did catch on fire. a medevac helicopter left the scene a few moments ago. therefore the westbound side of the dulles greenway in ashburn remains blocked with all of this equipment still on the scene. they did let loose the eastbound side. if you're coming in from leesburg, that should help you some. if you choose an alternate route, that would be route 7 or route 50 but i think things should begin to improve on the dulles greenway in ash burn. just to give you some perspective of where it happened, it's between leesburg and the dulles airport on the dulles greenway. now let's take a live look on the beltway. north of town, outer loop delays 95 headed toward university boulevard and georgia avenue. by the way, a pedestrian struck northbound on route 29 at wayne avenue in silver spring. it is closed in that area. i'll keep you posted on the area roads again at 6:43. mike? tonight's the big night. this week has been leading up to this weekend.
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the presidential nominee mitt romney will address the g.o.p. convention and the nation. charlie rose with cbs this morning joins us once again from tampa to preview the things going on tonight. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike. we'll ask former florida governor jeb bush what mitt romney needs to do to move ahead in key swing states and what he hopes to accomplish in the big speech tonight. we'll also look at the future of the republican party with former mississippi governor haley barber and you'll hear from an ex-navy seal who took part in the raid that killed osama bin laden. we have a preview of the 60 minutes interview. all that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> i saw yesterday you spoke to former secretary of state condoleezza rice who had an amazing speech last night. you were talking to her about golf. that was pretty interesting. >> indeed. >> someone told me today her handicap is about 10 which is very good for someone who hasn't been playing for that long. i think she didn't really begin taking golf seriously till she left the white house.
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>> that is absolutely amazing. she's a ground breaker by getting on board down there in augusta. have a great story. >> it's a great story. see ya. former secretary of state condoleezza rice as we were just talking about brought down the house last night at the rnc. kristin fisher is live in our satellite center with more on her speech. it's definitely a goose bump moment. >> reporter: completely a goose bump moment. first i have to talk about paul ryan because last night was the biggest night in paul ryan's political life. he needed to deliver a very good speech and that is exactly what he did. he needed to be the attack dog. he needed to go after president obama and he did just that. but, as you were saying, hot on his heels, former secretary of state condoleezza rice. she used this prime time platform to really lay out her vision for u.s. foreign policies but by far her most memorable moment was a very personal story about what it was like growing up in the segregated south.
6:34 am
>> a little girl rose up in birmingham, the segregated city of the south where her parents can't take her to a movie theater or to a restaurant, but they have her absolutely convinced that even if she can't have a hamburger at the woolworth's lunch counter, she can be president of the united states if she wanted to be and she becomes the secretary of state. >> reporter: listen to that the crowd just loved her. that speech of course left people wondering if she's possibly eyeing a presidential run in 2016. rice says she has no further political aspirations. some of the other heavy hitters to take the stage, the last republican nominee for president senator john mccain and one time vp hopeful tim pawlenty. >> mitt romney knows what our problems are and he has the tools and the experience and the energy and the right policies to fix them.
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>> people tell me that they still have faith in america. what they want to know is whether we still have faith in ourselves. i trust that mitt romney has that faith and i trust him to lead us. >> reporter: coming up tonight, the moment we've all been waiting for. mitt romney's big speech. he will be closing out this republican national convention. he is set to take the stage right around 10:00. mike? >> can he connect with the average person? that's going to be interesting to watch. advice continue fisher live in our satellite center this morning. thanks, kristin. first lady michele obama visited david letterman. she talked about her speech at the democratic national convention next week. >> do you open with a joke? do you try to do that? >> you know, the convention is one of those things-- >> because if you decide on a joke, i'll be happy to e-mail you some.
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>> all right. >> democratic convention begins tuesday in charlotte, north carolina of course. 6:35. we are following tropical storm isaac. you can track the storm right on the bottom of your screen throughout the morning this morning. the storm is starting to lose some steam. winds are down to about 45 miles an hour. isaac could be a tropical depression by the end of today but it still has plenty of rain with it. that's causing a lot of problems wednesday and into today. crews are going through low lying areas rescuing people who got trapped. southeast of new orleans in plaquemines parish, several levees were spilled over their banks. >> we were trying to leave but -- trying to drive in the car, we couldn't see. >> the first estimate is there could be as many as 800 homes that have gotten significant water damage. here in plaquemines parish. >> this storm is a slow moving storm. it will be moving through our state. we'll be dealing with the storm through early friday morning.
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>> isaac is expected to move into arkansas later tonight. the winds won't be as strong but there will still be presentee of rain with the storm -- plenty of rain with the storm. isaac is causing gas prices to go up quickly just as we get to the labor day holiday. the d.c. metro area regular gas averages about $3.81 a gallon. it's up nine cents the last week and 30 cents in the last month. nationwide regular grade averages $3.83 a gallon, more more than a dime since last week. opening statements begin in just a few hours in the retrial of former army ranger accused of killing his roommate and fellow ranger six years ago. gary smith murdered michael mcqueen in their gaithersburg apartment in 2006. smith claims mcqueen killed himself. a jury convicted smith of second-degree murder but that was thrown out in 2011. smith's attorney wants to use a lie director test -- --
6:38 am
detector test as evidence of his innocence. a positive step out of tragedy in northwest. new street lights went on wednesday in the sherman circle neighborhood. two years ago catholic university grad student was killed there in a robbery and it drew immediate calls from neighbors about getting better lighting in the area and finally they got their results they wanted last night. montgomery county honored five of its olympians wednesday. god medalist swimmer katie ledecky thanked everyone for their support. >> i started out swimming here and i always have been swimming in montgomery county. so i really appreciate all of your support and thanks for having us here today. >> also honored yesterday, scott parsons. he competed in three canoeing events. time 6:38. coming up in nine minutes, the new way to leave a tip for a cashier, even if you're playing -- paying with plastic. howard says it's going to be a bit warmer than yesterday.
6:39 am
sunny skies. highs in the 80s. humidity will stay low.
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good morning. welcome back. it 16:42 and 7 -- it is 6:42 and 71 degrees. we've been telling you about a serious incident in ashburn. it happened at 5:20, an overturned tanker truck if ashburn on the dulles greenway. work continues on that. it's overturned. it was full of fuel and did catch fire. i'll step out and show you what it looks like from our sky 9 camera. if you are planning to head into ashburn, the good news is the eastbound lanes, inbound coming in from leesburg are open. the westbound lanes remain blocked. you will be dwernted through that area -- diverted through take area with some delay. it looks like it's going to take quite some time to clear it up. a medevac helicopter had been sent to the scene as well. hence all of that equipment
6:44 am
there still. we'll keep you posted on that situation in ashburn on the dulles greenway at shreeves mill road. let's take a look over at our mdot camera. here's what it looks like on 270 southbound. you've got some activity at route 109 on the shoulder attracting some attention. other than that it's normal as you head down to 121. also want to let you know about a serious situation with a tractor-trailer accident on the inner loop of the beltway in prince george's county. it's after route 4 pennsylvania avenue. it's blocking the three left lanes. watch your step as you head on the inner loop. that's southbound 495 headed for pennsylvania avenue. i'll keep you posted on both of those situations again at 6:58. back to you. before i go -- before i go? i'm not going anywhere. the answer to the question right now. the number of people who do these things regularly has doubled since the 1980s. was it a, work from home, b, invest in stocks, or c, rely on
6:45 am
government assistance? >> i'm guessing a. and the answer is a, work from home. >> work from home. in the d.c. area and getting stuck in traffic, you have the option of teleworking, it's a good day. >> i'll set up a studio in my basement. >> there you go. a beautiful day today. an easy one. we've got nice conditions outside. not so easy down along the gulf coast where isaac is weakening but still doing plenty of damage down there with the rain which continues to pour down, especially mississippi. southeast louisiana seeing a little bit of relief but slidell, flood waters in there now. just a mess. plaquemines parish, coastal mississippi. now the rain is going to flood many areas for days as the rivers will crest and take some time. we're looking at a big area of 3 to 6, locally 8 inches of rain in southern mississippi into arkansas and southern missouri as well. it will help those areas. they have terrible drought conditions as isaac lifts north
6:46 am
into arkansas tomorrow, missouri on saturday. then it's going to make the turn toward the east. i think some of isaac's moisture could get here as we head toward later in the weekend and labor day. looking at the bus stop forecast, it's pretty nice outside. mainly clear, pleasant. temperatures running from the low 60s to low 70s. it is in the 50s in a few spots right now. our day planner a nice day. moagly sunny. by lunch time 83. again like yesterday. not humid. 87 at 3:00. 4:00 we poke up to # 9 for the high. by 6:0085. it is 57 in frederick. gaitestburg 61. cumberland is 55. southern maryland looking at 69. the pax river naval air station. saw some lower 60s in charles county the past hour. outside on our weather camera, a pretty morning over tysons corner. 71 degrees. winds are calm and the humidity at 73%. we're looking at futurecast which keeps us sunny today. generally clear tonight. tomorrow and late today there may be a shower southwest of us
6:47 am
toward roanoke. tomorrow another sunny day. we're seeing the moisture build to the west but around here on frirks the heat. we'll shoot into the middle 9 -- on friday, the heat. we'll shoot into the middle 90s. tonight low 70s in d.c. 60s north and west. a very hot friday. still not too humid but it's creeping up, 95. friday slight chance for an afternoon storm, 91. a couple of storms on sunday afternoon thanks to isaac, 85. monday labor day, 85 with scattered showers and storms. michael, back to you. >> thank you, howard. 6:47 now. a lot ever us pay for our -- of us pay for our morning coffee with a debit or credit card. sometimes you have the awkward feeling because you don't have money and you can't put change in the tip jar. there's a solution to that. dave carlin shows us something called the dip jar. >> reporter: tip jars once overflowing now sadly shallow. >> we work hard and deserve a good tip. >> reporter: more and more people are going cashless using credit and debit cards for small purchases and not tipping.
6:48 am
to the rescue is this, the dip jarp. let's you use your plastic to swipe one more time and reward a worker in a second. >> we wanted to make it a one step process. >> reporter: 26-year-old rider invented dipjar presetting the amount to $1. >> they're working so hard, they're taking home less money now because of the payment trends over which they have no control and we want to help them recoup some of those lost tips. >> reporter: at this coffee shop, this barista takes home about $65 per week and gets more from the tip jar. >> it's a help. >> i have no problem using the dipjar. >> i prefer using cash. >> reporter: is it because you're unfamiliar with that technology and how it really works? >> yeah, i think. >> reporter: retailers don't pay dipjars. merchants happily avoid the tip trap. they like it that the company
6:49 am
does all the math, cuts the tip checks and delivers them. >> they handle everything. >> reporter: he and others hope as the devices multiply in the city, we'll see fewer customers sipping the -- skipping the tipping. >> dipjar is still? a testing phase. here's one trick for workers. because there's now electronic record of all tips, they have to accurately report that money to the i.r.s. so that's one change when you use that device. 6:49. time for daily deals. living social has quite a deal on cirque du soleil for the show totem. there are three different deals. they range from $60 up to $112. the show starts saturday at national harbor and runs through september 28. here's a deal for southern hospitality d.c. in adams morgan. $50 for a mimosa brunch for two. $55 for dinner for two. both of those prices are 43% off. the offer is good till next thursday. say cheese. lovely shot studio in vienna,
6:50 am
virginia, a 90-minute photo session plus six digital images for $47. you normally pay $275. the offer for this one is through plum district. if you have an offer you want to share, tell us on facebook. a check of the news before you go coming up next.
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6:53 this thursday morning. nice looking out there. we're 71 now in d.c. lots of 60s in the bushes. 83 by noon. light winds becoming south at 9. a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 87. enjoy it. today's thursday, august 30. here's a check of the news before you go this morning. a judge in richmond is going to sentence george huguely to prison today. he was convicted in february for the 2010 beat be death of
6:54 am
fellow uva lacrosse player yeardley love. the jury recommended a 26-year sentence. d.c. tap water will be available for the presidential inauguration. it recently won a taste test. the head of d.c. water asked congress to serve tap water knowing bottled water costs 100 times more. the redskins last night dominated the buccaneers 30-3 in the their final preseason game. regular season begins september 9 in new orleans. cbs this morning begins in just a few minutes. you might know her from blossom or the big bang theory. we'll get one more check of traffic and weather. keep it right here on 9news now.
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one more thing before we
6:58 am
go. listen to the song and we'll explain the picture in a second. ♪ listen, baby, ain't no mountain high ♪ >> we heard people get married under water. parachuting out of an airplane. the song reveals where one couple got married. they're from northern virginia. that's bob ewing and his new bride. this is in west virginia. they decided to physically get married 900 feet up on a mountain side and even the bridal party was up there, too. that's one of the coolest wedding pictures. >> ain't no mountain high, baby. >> that's high enough for me. >> the minister is actually his brother. he got ordained so he could perform the ceremony. >> so romantic. >> congratulations to the new couple. >> a wedding picture that will be very, very unique. >> bride's mom climbed up there, too. super cool.
6:59 am
>> congratulations and great ingenuity there. weather wise we're in for a good day today. 89 degrees. not too humid. hot tomorrow, 95. low 90s saturday. hot for the terps home opener. on sunday a couple of storms possible, 85. more likely we'll see storms labor day with isaac's moisture. on the greenway westbound side in ashburn, lanes remain blocked. overturned tanker truck is the culprit. you will be dwerpted at the claire born -- diverted at the claire born parkway. cbs this morning is coming up next. they'll be looking ahead to mitt romney's speech tonight in tampa. they'll also have the latest on tropical storm isaac as well. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> you can download our free weather abb for your an dyed droid, iphone or smartphone device. see you here tomorrow morning at 4:25, everybody.


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