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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tom hardy, every time we see, you can't get enough of him. it is not a bad movie. it could have been much better. >> thank you so much. i'm going to go see it. what about you guys? >> sounds good. i don't know. i'm not convinced yet. >> it will be a good day to be inside at a movie theater this afternoon. the heat and humidity we're expecting. catch one of those flicks this afternoon. >> thanks for joining us. howard bernstein. mike hydeck. andrea is off. is this related to isaac, all this moisture? >> this is just some of the low level humidity because the winds have turned around. isaac will impact us toward labor day i think in the form of increasing clouds and increasing chance for showers and thunderstorms unfortunately. but i think you'll still be able to get some grilling done. seeing a little light in the sky now as we look off toward the north here. this is a shot from our tower camera in northwest d.c. looking up toward bethesda on this friday morning. 74 now. but we're going to be in the upper 80s by lunch time. it's muggy this morning unlike the last couple of mornings. highs in the mid-90s.
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about 95. we'll be at about 5:00 this afternoon. look at these visibilities. fog alleges bit of a concern now. gaithersburg, montgomery county airport, warrenton down to zero. a quarter in culpeper, quarter in winchester. petersburg zero. we have patchy dense fog in spots. a little hazy elsewhere. upstairs it's quiet so we don't have the clouds overhead. once we burn off the fog, we'll get into the sunshine and take temperatures which are starting in the 60s, even upper 50s north and west. and 70s. you can see where the moisture is. it's muggy. we're in the low to mid-70s already. we're shooting up into the 90s this afternoon with a high around 95. it is 6:01. we throw it over to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. thank you so much. this accident i've been telling you about since early this morning was cleared to the shoulder, 95, an overturned vehicle. it left a lot of slow traffic for you. i don't think you would be expecting that, especially the friday morning before labor day. so tack on a couple of extra
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minutes to your drive on the northbound side of 95 because of that. but the good news is the lanes are open. we'll go a little further north now on to 395 and heading up from landmark up to the 14th street bridge. a nice ride as you can see. still very light. let's ge back over to our map -- go back over to our maps. the bay bridge you'll be fine. route 50 is nice and light. we'll take a live look outside and show you what it looks like headed for the bridge span. a prince george's county firefighter is being hailed a hero this morning after he saved a woman who was trapped in a burning apartment building. in fact, the fire was so intense, five prince george's county firefighters were hurt battling the flames. they broke out along huntly square drive in temple hills late last evening. kristin fisher joins us live from the scene where firefighters are still investigating the cause. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, mike. well, you know, the fire has been out for a few hours now, but it is still a real mess out here at the huntly square
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condominums. fire restoration crews have been working through the night. he just went inside an apartment. but you can see a pretty good presence out here, people trying to clean up these apartments. right now they're actually cleaning up inside people's apartments but one of those people that lived in those apartments just showed up. he had no idea what had happened. he showed up half an hour ago to the smell of smoke and several people cleaning up inside his burned out apartment. >> it's not that bad. i don't see any fire damage. just a lot of walls broken down because of the firefighters. it started at the bottom and just worked its way up i guess. >> reporter: worked its way up. good guess because that's exactly what happened. the fire broke out in the bottom unit around 10:00 p.m. four people were trapped inside. when firefighters opened the door to the unit, it caused the fire to flash burning four firefighters, even burning the feet of the woman in the
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apartment upstairs. now it's a two-alarm fire and that's when a ten-year veteran of the department heard a woman screaming inside. she was trapped. they needed reinforcements but that firefighter still went in after her. shared his air supply with her and then two of them waited together to be reued and they were rescued at the last second, right when their air supply was about to run out. the fire chief is calling that firefighter a hero this morning for obvious reasons. he's being credited with saving that woman's life. and he's expected to make a full recovery. he was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion as were four other firefighters. they were taken actually to the hospital for some minor second degree burns. all five firefighters expected to be just fine as are the four people that were trapped inside this apartment building. so really just an incredible story of heroism that took place here last night. now the cleanup continues and the cause of this fire still under investigation this
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morning. mike? >> thank you, kristin. so nice to hear a happy ending for a change. coming up 06:05 now. it is official. mitt romney accepted the republican nomination for president in tampa last night. he launched his campaign with an address meant to convince the undecided voters that he could take the country in a better direction than president obama. gary nurenberg has more. >> reporter: mitt romney got plenty of that thursday night. raucous applause for an address. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: out of the sense of obligation. >> i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. >> reporter: but he said obama hasn't and repeated the theme. >> now is the moment when we can stand up and say i'm an american. i make my destiny. we deserve better. my children deserve better. my family deserves better. my country deserves better. >> reporter: he describes himself as a baby boomer from a
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loving family and quoted his mom to help with one of his 2008 election problems. >> why should women have any less say than men about the great decisions facing our nation? >> reporter: and addressing the economic worries of the country. >> to the majority of americans who now believe that the future will not be better than the past, i can guarantee you this. if barack obama is reelected, you'll be right. >> don't let anyone tell you that america's best days are behind you. >> reporter: romney's address capped an evening that began with a video tribute to ronald reagan followed by a parade of obama bashing prominent republicans. >> mute gingrich. >> he should be ashamed for putting politics before people. >> reporter: george w. bush's brother jeb. >> mr. president, it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio. >> a problem is that he's a bad president. >> reporter: clint eastwood. >> when somebody does not do the job, we've got to let him go. >> reporter: romney friends
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tried to humanize him with testimony to his good deeds. >> he shoveled snow and raked leaves for the elderly. >> reporter: helped a dying boy write his will. >> we were able to give his skateboard, his model rockets and his fishing gear to his best friends. >> reporter: a business associate. >> if someone needed help, mitt was there. >> reporter: the founder of staples. >> he helped make it come alive. >> reporter: gary nurenberg, 9news now. it is 6:07. other news now, the pentagon is considering legal action against the former navy seal who has written a book about the night of the osama bin laden raid. mark owen's book called "no easy day" has caused a lot of controversy since it was announced. he describes in detail the raid that killed osama bin laden. a lawyer for the pentagon says as a result, he violated an agreement signed in 2007 not to divulge military secrets. they are considering a lawsuit against him. the book hits stands september 4. scott pelly sat down with
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owen. you can see the full interview september 9 on "60 minutes" right here on channel 9. still ahead, how about those nationals. they're in first place in the nl east and for a good reasonable. wait till you see how they handled the cardinals last night. plus, some pointers on how to survive on the road if you're traveling this holiday weekend. howard will have the weather you'll face this weekend, too.
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it's a nice morning out there once again. humidity levels are down. plenty of 60s for the suburbs but it's going to warm up quickly. by noon sunny, 88. we're looking for highs around 95. that should happen around 4:00 p.m. still toasty at 5:00 with a temperature around 94. if you're planning to head southbound on the bw parkway inside the beltway before route 450, i just got word of a possible multivehicle accident in the left lane they're saying. maybe five cars involved. again inside the beltway as you head toward cheverly. here at the bay bridge if you're headed to the beach, this is would you've got right now. looks great leaving the beltway all the way to the bridge span. a great time to head out. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in just a couple of minutes at 6:18. the labor day hole day weekend is the last -- holiday weekend is the last getaway of the summer. it's traditionally always been crowded roads. this year is no exception. joining me is lon anderson from aaa mid-atlantic with a preview
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of what you should expect as you hit the roads. we should have a lot of company this morning. aren't we, lon? >> oh, boy, we really are. we're projecting 800,000 washingtonians heading out of town for this holiday weekend and about 700,000 or 87% of them are going to be on the roads. but that doesn't mean that you get off free if you're flying. we're also projecting a lot of folks, about 8% of the folks are going to be flying, too. so matter how you're going out of town, you're going to have a lot of company, but especially on the roads. if you haven't left for the ocean yet, you haven't gone across the bay bridge, better get started. >> give us annual idea of what are the best times to travel, especially today. >> well, the sooner you can get away today would be really good because we're anticipating later this afternoon you're going to have that terrible mix of commuters as well as travelers. so it's going to be crowded late this afternoon.
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of course same thing for the return on monday. monday afternoon is going to be very crowded. so early today, early monday, but later in both of those days is going to be bad. or much later. if you can return on tuesday or if you want to travel later tonight would be much better. >> what are some of the tools and safety tips aaa is suggesting, lon, to deal with that big volume we're dealing with today, especially later in the day? >> sure. first knowing that you're going to have so many people. you really have to set your attitude. know the trip could take a lot longer. remember, it's going to be very hot today. make sure your vehicle is up for the trip and, you know, remember the object is to get there safely, not to set any land speed records. easy does it. that will help you get there safely as well. >> i know that, maryland's app has updated
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their system so that you can use it today and put in your own travel routes to help you, even with accidents and delays. you'll be able to find out about that. can you tell us a little bit about >> i'm sorry, i had trouble hearing. >> i was just saying that has been updated, it's maryland's app to help you with your travel routes. can you give us an idea about that? >> sure. 511 is a great way to find out the latest happenings according to police. they will update you on things. so we do encourage people to do that. we also encourage you to listen to the radio, making sure you know what's happening on the roads you're traveling. it's very important. 511 can certainly do that as again local radio stations. >> thank you so much, aaa's lon anderson for being with us. it's the last summer hurrah for a lot of people and it's going
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to be hot. >> going to be a good day to be at the beach because we have temps shooting into the 90s. the last day of meteorological summer. it's a hot one. a lot of 90s and hundred-degree days. maybe 95, 97 in the hottest spots. going to feel like a hundred plus when you factor in the humidity. we're unfortunately going to be dealing with that humidity the next couple of days but today will be the hottest day. here's a look at your day planner. we have some fog. that's why that's up. 74 at 8:00. by noon we've got 88 degrees. so we warm up quickly. going to be a little bit uncomfortable the lunch hour if you want to get outside for a walk or something. 95. that will be about the high for today, 4:00, 5:00 p.m. by 8:00 still in the upper 80s. if you're going out to nats park, the cardinals and nationals here, first pitch 7:05, going to be around 90 degrees. falling to the middle 80s during the game. shorts for sure. quarter mile visibility in
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winchester. zero in peat usburg. -- petersburg. zero in warrenton. those are the areas reporting right now. we've got some other patchy dense fog as well. over the next couple of hours once the sun gets to working on that low clouds, the fog, it will burn off. 70s from d.c. south and east where the muggies have really roared back. it's sticky outside. north and west the air is a little bit drier so a little cooler winchester and cumberland 59. gaithersburg is 66. hagerstown enjoying 63. outside on our michael & son weather camera, you're looking at the sky which is getting brighter and brighter here. 20 minutes before sunrise. 74 degrees. got clear skies this morning. had the blue moon, full moon this morning. it was gorgeous in the western sky a little weil ago. humidity 87 -- while ago. humidity 87%. the breese south, southwest at 7 -- breeze south, southwest at 7. this is what's left of isaac. not even a tropical depression anymore. the hurricane center has issued its last advisory but still a definite circulation coming
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through western arkansas, throwing the rain into missouri and tennessee and into mississippi. some heavy showers and storms still there. there are going to be some areas in missouri up to illinois could pick up two, even 6 inches of rain over the next 36 to 48 hours. some of that moisture may be headed our way and later in the weekend into labor day. this morning, though, boy, it's quiet out there. got high pressure in control. future cast shows we stay sunny all day. the heat will be a factor for sure. 95, heat index a hundred plus. we don't have any advisories in effect but pace yourself today. a few clouds towards saturday morning mixing n. saturday won't be as sunny. by afternoon potentially a couple of showers and storms, especially in virginia. more so than maryland and in the mountains more so than closer to the metro. we'll have the same pattern on sunday with those isolated to scattered afternoon thunderstorms. it will probably pick up a little bit on monday as some of isaac's moisture gets closer to us. sunday morning got some showers and storms near morgantown. they're going to try again to creep in toward virginia. if you're headed out to garrett
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county, for example, for the long weekend, better chances you'll see showers and storms than over at the beaches. at the beaches temperatures will be running in the 80s with a chance of storms again sunday and monday here and there. not as hot. looking at our forecast a hot day, 95. winds picking up out of the west 10 to 15 with a lot of sunshine and humidity as well. tonight low 70s north of town. friday features isolated storms, 92. sunday 86. yellow alert day with the afternoon storms. a few more than saturday. then on labor day, it does look like we're talking low 80s with scattered showers and storms and remaining unsettled tuesday and potentially wednesday and thursday as well. stick around. we'll be back with 9news now right after this.
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welcome back. 6:21. your weather first on this friday morning. very nice out there this morning if you like the mug questions.
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they've come back -- muggies. they've come back in many areas. a little fog especially west of town. we're going to have a sunny and hot day. summer lovers, this is a day now as temperatures start out 60s and 70s. we'll be in the upper 80s by lunch time. highs today in the mid-90s. feeling more like 100 degrees when you factor in the humidity. good morning, everybody. the nationals glad to be back home for what is their final big home stand of the season. 11 straight games. starting last night with the reigning world champs in town. a night after having one of his best and worst moments of his career, youngster bryce harper continued his hot streak and it didn't take him long to unleash the fireworks. bottom first, harper gets a hold of one, a rocket to right into the nats bullpen, his third home run in two games. it's 2-0 nats.
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jason wirth in the fifth decides to join the party. his first home run since may. pitcher edwin jackson faced ten batters last night. picks up a win against his former team as the nats take this one 8-1. the baltimore ravens wrapping up their preseason in st. louis. the first half of this game was all rams. sam bradford actually getting the start. a 14-yard pass, 11-17, -- 11- 16, 175 yards and three touchdowns. while the ravens' backup struggles to execute even the most fundamental plays last night. the rams win this one easily 31- 17. and the former world number one tennis player decided to call it a career. andy roddick has battled a fair share of injuries over the last couple of years. his lone grand slam title was at the u.s. open in 2003. he says he realized this year's u.s. open would be his final
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after his first round one at flushing meadows. he wanted a chance to give his fans a proper goodbye. roddick plays his second round matchup tonight. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great friday. on the northbound side of i- 95 in springfield, here things look good but it's southbound after route 630 in stafford where construction is still in place and there's an accident in the backup southbound on i- 95. i'll be back with more traffic and an accident on the bw parkway coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. president clinton: this election to me is about which...
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candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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good morning. it is 6:28. this is the place you can always get your weather first. the washington monument greets you this morning. it is hazy. temperatures in the lower to mid-70s depending on you where live this morning. thank goodness it's friday. take a listen as we toss to howard momentarily. happy friday, howard bernstein. tgif. >> we're out on the weather terrace. you see the haze in that picture. let me tell you, it's a lot stickier out here than it has been the last couple of mornings. north and west you're still waiting for some of that humidity to come your way but trust me, it's going to be a hot one to close out the month of august. here's a look at the day planner. we start w-7s on in town. -- with the 70s in town.
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this is looking westbound in tysons corner. mid-90s for highs. going to feel like 100 when you factor in the heat and humidity. visibility is a problem out west of town. a little better in gaithersburg. warrenton and culpeper zero. winchester to harrisonburg a quarter mile visibility. so watch out in the ven dough ya valley for that -- in the shenandoah valley for that patchy dense fog. we have clear skies overhead other than the patchy fog. temperatures, big difference. got upper 50s across parts of western maryland and the then dough ya valley with -- and the then dough ya valley where the -- shenandoah valley where the moisture isn't as deep. 75 in annapolis. we're going to the mid-90s. pace yourself. monika samtani, some drieferls are going to need -- drivers are going to need to pace themselves. they are. we predict traffic is very light especially on friday morning before labor day but despite that, we've had a few accidents. first of all on the southbound side of the bw parkway, this is a multivehicle blocking the
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left lane. you see all the red trying to get into the cheverly area. that's because of that accident. they're saying up to five vehicles involved there. let's take you outside live and show what you it looks like here. if you're planning to head northbound on 395 to the 14th street bridge, you're okay until you head eastbound on the freeway right before the sousa bridge on the ramp there. there's an accident as well and authorities are on the scene. we'll go back over to our maps and this time head over to the inside of the beltway along 395 and 66. again inside the beltway you're going to be fine. no issues to report. reps assured you'll -- rest assured you'll be fine inside the beltway. here at the bay bridge no issues to report as you head outbound toward the beach. i think this is a good time to head out and enjoy your ride. i'll be back with an accident coming up on 95 as well at 6:43. >> thank you, monika. 6:30 now. cbs this morning is about 30 minutes away. did mitt romney connect with the undecided voters last night? was he humanized? charlie rose is back in new
6:31 am
york. he was in tampa all week covering the rnc. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike. you have asked the most important question. we'll talk to ann romney about her husband's speech and where the campaign goes next. plus, we'll ask her about clint eastwood's empty chair and look at whether his bizarre speech stole the show. and trying to rebuild a team and a reputation, james brown talks to new penn state football coach bill o'brien about the challenges ahead. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> we will be there. thanks, charlie. have a great weekend. other news this morning, prince george's county firefighter is being hailed a hero this morning after he saved a woman who was trapped in a burning apartment building last night. five prince george's county firefighters were hurt in the flames. they broke out along huntly square drive in temple hills late last evening. kristin fisher joins us live now from the scene with where on the investigation is going this morning. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, mike. the cause of the fire still under investigation, but the
6:32 am
fire is out and the cleanup now continues. there's big pieces of glass all over the place caused by the fire and the firefighters breaking down windows, trying to get in to save the four people that were trapped inside. the fire started actually just beyond that light and down the stairs in the first floor or terrace level apartment. and when firefighters opened that door just after 10:00 p.m., it caused the fire to flash and that's what caused the firefighters -- four firefighters to get burned. it even caused the feet of the woman in the apartment upstairs to get burned. that's how hot it was. that incident led firefighters to call for a second alarm. they needed reinforcement. but time was running out. that's when a ten-year veteran of the department heard a woman screaming inside. she was trapped and he went in after her. >> the firefighter had heat
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exhaustion. a ten-year firefighter that went to where a citizen was screaming. he found her in a position where she couldn't get out. he came in with a bottle on. he literally sat with her in the apartment sharing his air mask waiting for someone to come rescue them because there was no way he was going to get her through the fire on her way out. so he got to the point where he was getting low on air and they were able to come in and get both of them pulled out. >> reporter: can you believe that getting low on air, sharing your air supply, sitting inside just waiting to be rescued. unbelievable. that fire chief is calling the firefighter that waited inside with that woman, he's calling him a hero. he credits him with saving the woman's life. he was taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion but he's doing much better this morning. so are the four other firefighters that were burned. they mostly have second degree burns but they are expected to
6:34 am
be just final. now as i said, it's really up to firefighters to determine the cause and for the cleanup crews to finish cleaning up and eventually let people back inside to their apartments. but a real mess this morning. mike, the good news, nobody seriously injured. back to you. >> that is good news. happy friday, kristin. moving on now, james holmes is the manual accused of opening fire in colorado movie theater. he tried, however, unsuccessfully to call a psychiatrist just nine minutes before the attack. the defense attorney says holmes placed the call at an after hours number. he was trying to reach this woman, lynn fenton. she testified in court yesterday that she had seen him on one occasion. prosecutors are questioning their doctor/patient relationship. prosecutors want to see a notebook that holmes apparently sent to her that reportedly contains violent descriptions of an attack. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 more during a midnight showing of the latest batman movie last
6:35 am
month. well, as we said throughout the morning, mitt romney is officially his party's presidential nominee now. he wraps up the republican national convention last night trying to sort of reintroducing himself to the american people and connect with the undecided voters. and he vigorously defended his record at bain capital. >> this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's false. this president can tell us that the next four years they'll get it right, but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. the attention now shifts to north carolina where the democratic convention kicks off next week. president obama and mitt romney will campaign this weekend ahead of next week's events. just about 6:36. time for the latest your money report. jessica doyle is off. we do have the money news this
6:36 am
morning. manuel gallegus has it. >> reporter: wag deceit is expected to be light -- wall street is expected to be light as we head into the holiday weekend. the dow dropped nearly 107 points. the nasdaq fell 32. traders are anxious to hear what federal reserve chairman ben bernanke has to say. he'll give his annual speech on monetary policy today. investors will be looking for signs the fed could take action to boost the struggling economy. also this morning, we'll get a better sense of how consumers are feeling when the university of michigan releases its consumer sentiment index. it's supposed to gauge how americans feel about making purchases right now. and how about this for a gift? billionaire warren buffett is celebrating his 82nd birthday by giving each of his three children $600 million of his company's stock. the money is for their charitable foundations which he is apparently impressed with. one of his children helps farmers, the others focus on
6:37 am
violence against women and child education. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm manuel gallegus. did you know today is the 50th anniversary of trinidad and take bay go's anniversary of independence? coming up next we talk to the country's ambassador about the great strides his country has made. >> plus howard has the holiday forecast and monika has a look at the roads. expecting a lot on the roads this weekend. be right back.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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welcome back. timesaver traffic. it's 6:41 and 74 degrees. i have a lot to tell you right now, especially if you're headed to the southbound side of the bw parkway where there's a multivehicle accident. southbound side right kneer 410 inside -- near 410 inside the beltway. live from sky 9 a shot of the accident where crews are on the scene. it's caused a big delay inside the beltway southbound on the bw parkway. so keep that in mind for your travel plans if you're planning
6:42 am
to head out the door right now. we'll go over to a better shot, this time of the bay bridge. headed to the beach? not a bad time to go. lanes are open and no delays across the bridge span right now. back over to the maps and this time to the south side of town where there's still construction in place on the southbound side of i-95 in stafford. and in the backup down there, there is an accident near route 630 along the right side causing delays. as you can see northbound looks okay in spring field. let's go back outside live. here northbound lanes are open. i would say it's lighter than normal. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:58. back to you. weather time right now. howard bernstein is here. boy, did we get the humidity back. >> it was nice while it lasted with the low humidity levels. >> even the overnight lows in the upper 50s, lower 60s. now we're looking at 74. >> that's in d.c. we still have some areas in the west that haven't gotten there yet. especially south and southeast, you know what i'm taking about, the stickies, muggies are back
6:43 am
in a big way. a big holiday weekend coming up and headed across the bay bridge over to the shore, you can expect heat today. 9 0s there. but mid-80s tomorrow and a chance for all scoff storms. i think -- for a couple of storms. notice the ocean city water temperature at the inlet 77 degrees. so that's not bad at all. the bus stop forecast, well, we've got mainly clear skies except where we have the patchy dense fog. temperatures mostly 60s and 70s. sun came up just a few minutes ago. as far as the day planner, a lot of sunshine today. a lot of heat and humidity. going to feel like the middle of summer even though it's the last day of meteorological summer. upper 80s by noon. highs today maybe 95, 96 degrees. it will feel like the low 100s with the humidity. a west wind around 10, 15 miles an hour. the visibilities down to zero in ma manassas. the mountains also petersburg had some issues.
6:44 am
in gaithersburg and dulles, montgomery, loudoun county, some of the rural areas, visibilities there three- quarters after mile, half mile. so you'll have to watch out for that. the temperatures show the difference where the muggies are. the humidity has come back south and east. lots of 70s in southern prince george's county, andrews, baden 71. even bwi69. you go north and west and the drier air in northern loudoun county, lovettsville 59. probably fog that way. 65 for reston and 69 in springfield. outside on the michael & son weather camera, this is tysons corner, virginia looking off towards the west this morning. got the haze in the air. sunny skies at reagan national, 74. humidity 87% and the wind currently south, southwest at 7 miles an hour. isaac still out there but no longer even a tropical depression. hurricane center says we're not issuing advisories on this anymore. it's not under our purview but you see the rotation still there. western arkansas lifting into missouri. heavy rains missouri into
6:45 am
illinois over the next couple of days. could total 6 inches in spots. we still have some thunderstorms down in mississippi, alabama, louisiana, and its going to be days and days before they get anything close to normal back for them. for us high pressure is in control. beautiful day. winds will be coming out of the west except for the heat. lots of sunshine, just a little bit of haze once we burn off the early morning fog. by 6:00 you may see a couple of showers as you're traveling down toward southern west virginia. overnight tonight partly cloudy conditions. a shower could come in to the mountains tomorrow morning. for tomorrow especially in the afternoon and especially west of d.c., we've got a better chance for isolated thunderstorms as opposed to into maryland here. then as we head into saturday night, we'll quiet down. sunday once again looks like we're going to pop a couple more storms in the afternoon, especially west of the district here. if your travels for the weekend take you out to the shenandoah valley, take you out to garrett county or the mountains of west virginia, got a much better chance for showers and storms than those folks headed toward the beach where an isolated
6:46 am
storm or two will be possible sunday and monday. look at the heat today. 95 here. if it all works out these spots like frederick, manassas get a little bit warmer. they might be in the upper 90s but low 90s in the shenandoah valley and also those areas along the bay, easton, cambridge and patuxent naval air station you'll probably top out in the low 90s. but a much stickier day than we've seen. the forecast 95 today. west winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. tonight a muggy night, partly cloudy. we dip into the mid-70s in town. air conditioners will be buzzing tonight. you won't have the windows open. 92 tomorrow with the isolated storm in the afternoon. slightly better chance of storms on sunday, especially west of town. that's why we're going with a yellow alert on sunday. not as hot either, 86. labor day mostly cloudy, scattered showers and storms. i think we'll only be in the low 80s with mid-#s on tuesday. then -- mid-80s tuesday. then wednesday and thursday still a little unsettled, temperatures staying in the 80s. today train dade and tobago is -- trinidad and tobago is
6:47 am
celebrating 50 years of independence and celebrating economic growth in a big way. this morning i'm joined by the ambassador of trinidad and tobago. this has been a rough economy but trinidad and tobago are doing well. why? >> we have a vibrant energy sector. fortunately for us, we have sort of nontraditional markets. in case you didn't know as recently as 2005, we're supplying 70% of natural gas resources. we still -- [indiscernible] >> how has that manifested itself in your country? has it helped with education? has it helped with infrastructure? was it helped with more jobs, things like that? >> absolutely. the energy sector is well over a hundred years old. we celebrate 50 years as an independent country but we built some robust infrastructure in terms of
6:48 am
health care, education, physical infrastructure, ports, et cetera. >> fantastic. for us here at channel 9, we're partial to a certain family who's from trinidad and tobago and a lot of people might know who they are. the owners of ben's chili bowl. >> absolutely, the iconic restaurant. he created a phenomenon here in washington. i'm very close to the family. we are extremely proud of them as members of the washington family. >> we're extremely big fans of ben's chili bowl. you have something to celebrate. how are you going to celebrate in the washington area? >> we plan a series of events. it's an epitome of diversity, culturally, religiously, culinarily. >> where will these take place? [indiscernible] this evening, we are -- it's
6:49 am
our golden jubilee. we'll celebrate with a black tie event. i'm looking celebrating this evening. >> we'll get a list of the events and put it on we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you. 6:49. here's a look at the question of the day. every year kids in america spend half a billion dollars on this. is it a, video games, b, movie tickets, or c, chewing gum? here's one of our facebook friend responses here. jacqueline smith writes video games. that's why they're so fat. they want to sit around at the computer and play games as opposed to playing and going outside. i thought the same thing. that's great reasoning. however, get this, the answer is c, chewing gum. a half a billion dollars every year on chewing gum. apparently our young people have some bad breath. okay, it is daily deals time now. we've been combing through the websites and retailer websites to see if we could find some
6:50 am
deals for you. here are some of the favorites we found. weekend means a little pampering. silver nails in silver pring is offer -- spring is offering a classic manicure and pedicure all for $20. you save 52%. you can find the offer on groupon. if you're in the market for a tv, check out this best buy deal of the day. it's an element 32-inch lcd720p hdtv to just $159. the tv is refurbished and the deal is just for today. finally how about something for the entire family. spend labor day at the smithsonian national zoo. it's a family fun package for fall for four people, including parking, two packages of animal crackers, stroller rental, a zoo map, a panda opinion, four drinks all for $25. that deal is available on living social. if you have a deal or seen one you'd like to share with us, send it to us on facebook. we'll be right back.
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6:54. sticky out there. hazy too we've got some fog west of town and north of town. watch out for that. then watch out for the heat. # 8 by lunch time. -- 88 by lunch time. highs in the mid-90s. eight going to be a toasty one. >> enjoy. here's a check of the news before you go this morning. a prince george's county firefighter is being hailtd a hero this morning -- hailed a hero this morning after he saved a woman trapped in a burning apartment in temple hills, maryland. he shared his oxygen tank until they were both pulled to safety. five prince george's county firefighters were hurt bathing the -- battling the flames. mitt romney is fucially his party's -- officially his party's nominee.
6:55 am
they wrapped up the convention thursday night. now the attention shifts to the democrats who kick off their convention in charlotte next week. isaac is downgraded to a tropical depression. it's probably less than that, according to howard. still causing some problems though. inches of rain has falling along the gulf coast. the storm is expected to cross into arkansas and missouri today and break up over the midwest pretty soon. still ahead, one final look of weather and traffic when we come back. keep it right here.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
weather wise we're going to be steamy today. 95 degrees this afternoon. tonight 70s. over the weekend increasing chances for storms, especially by labor day. hot for the terps home opener. 92 tomorrow. back in the 80s with a couple of storms by sunday afternoon. monika? well, there is an accident on the southbound side of the bw parkway. it was right near route 410. cleared to the shoulder but look at the delays from the
6:59 am
beltway. i'm so sorry. right through cheverly. i'm going to end with some good news. if you're headed to the beach for the weekend, i'm very jealous, i would like to go but i'm not. the bay bridge looks great. this is the time to head out, guys, because later in the day, it's not going to look like that i can assure you. >> go now. >> go now. >> and you'll have the whole day ahead of you at the beach. >> let's celebrate. it's friday. it's a holiday weekend. cbs this morning is coming up next. they'll have pore on the rnc -- more on the rnc and the navy seal breaking his silence in that book of the bin laden raid. the pentagon is now involved. i'll have a live update on traffic and weather in 25 minutes. check on for updates on news, weather and traffic. edge joy. see you back here -- enjoy. see you back here monday morning at 4:25. take care, everybody.


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