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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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forward. >> we have no comment. >> reporter: brochu's home his wife and adult daughter declined an interview but confirmed brochu is behind bars. meantime police fear other children may have been molested. >> we possibly have more young victims out there and we want them to come forward. we are here to help them. >> reporter: what is especially disturbing is that in 1983 in howard county brochu pleaded guilty to two counts of sexually abusing children in his care. the arrest record reveals that he was in the air force at the time based at ft. meade in maryland. now brochu is not listed in the maryland sex offender registry likely because his earlier convictions date back to the 1980s and the registry did not become available to the public until 1996. >> some tough details there, thank you. a 23-year-old falls church man is under arrest tonight accused in a sexual solicitation of a 12-year-old bethesda girl.
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the suspect, nathan portnoy. police say the child had an online and cell phone relationship with portnoy and say the child portrayed herself as an adult in the conversation. eventually the two met. when the girl's family spotted portnoy with her, police say he pointed a gun at them. in addition to the sex charges he's also charged with first degree assault and kidnapping. the storm that was once hurricane isaac and then tropical storm isaac still is strong enough to bring heavy rain and the threat of flooding to arkansas today. republican presidential candidate mitt romney went out and toured a damaged neighborhood outside new orleans and president obama will be in louisiana monday. karen brown is in the gulf coast town of brathway. >> reporter: they had more than 144 water rescues here and the search and rescue operation continue. we got out in a boat in that
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neighborhood you see here behind me and what we saw was absolutely heartbreaking. cisco gonzalez returned to a home in brathway today where two of his neighbors were found dead. >> it's a very sad moment because the people that lived there, one of them was handicapped. >> reporter: gonzalez helped rescue dozens from his community even though his home was under water. >> we thought we were say. >> reporter: streets still look like canals in this hard hit town south of new orleans. the floodwaters are slowly receding because the plaquemines parish levee was intentionally breached to drain the area, but a helicopter view shows in homes and businesses are still under water. here at cisco gonzalez's house the water came all the way up to his porch. now it's receding down his staircase. authorities are punching more holes in the levee in hopes of getting rid of all this water in the next four days. this man waded through waist deep water trying to check out the damage to his house. another resident, bobby landry,
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found everything below the second level of his newly renovated home destroyed. >> this house never had a drop of water from katrina and when they built that wall up, we figured the wall was going to increase the water here if we had a hurricane and it sure did. >> reporter: cattle and livestock headed to higher ground in this rural area, but many animals didn't make it to safety. after the floodwaters disappear, the people who live in this town will have a massive clean-up job before they can begin to repair their homes. you're looking at one of the gas stations that is still under water. there is more than 8 feet of standing water in those neighborhoods and gas, water and food are huge problems throughout the southern louisiana area. in fact, we've passed one gas station where the line was a mile long because it was the only one open. about 15,000 power crews are now scrambling to get the power back on. i'm karen brown. derek, back to you. >> such tough pictures to
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watch. somebody said on the radio today you never know what a storm is going to do. it could be a category 3 and blow threw in two hours. it can be a category 1 and just drench you and we just saw that happen all over the place down south. >> it's not always the wind that gets you. they got a little complacent with katrina because it's a much smaller town. it's going to get worse before it gets better there. the hiest rain has moved a little bit -- the heaviest rain has moved a little bit further north hammering parts of missouri and arkansas. over the next 48 hours where is the moisture going? there's a pretty good chance that some of this moisture gets in here as we go through the weekend. now that said, the bulk of the moisture, the bulls identity moisture, will certainly stay out to the -- bull's eye of the moisture will certainly stay out to the west of us. consequently st. louis, western illinois could be getting 4 to 5 inches of rain.
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notice the greens do go all wait to the immediate metro area, so there is a chance of some afternoon showers and thunderstorms. beach and boating, the farther east you go, the better weekend you have. an isolated storm tomorrow, 86 to 90 on the bay. sunday keep an eye to the sky, a better chance for storms, 82 to 87, waves still not a problem 1 foot or less. winds will turn southeasterly at 10. if you're going to the beaches, fantastic saturday, sunshine, 85, winds north at 10 and by sunday keep a chance of a shower in but still not bad, temperatures 80 to 85. we'll come back, detail our forecast and tell you when isaac rolls in here. every second counts in an emergency and there's no time for bad decisions. tonight we have new information about a prince george's county firefighter being praised for his quick thinking that saved a life at raging fire last night. our ken molestina spoke to that first responder who is being haled as a hero. >> reporter: it is a good day here at the st. joseph fire station in prince george's
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county. their fire captain scott kilpatrick pulled off a daring rescue last night and he got out alive to talk about it. in the fire service your most important call is the next one and no one knows that more than fire captain scott kilpatrick. >> i was praying god, get me out of this. >> reporter: last night the 20 year veteran of the department raced into a burning building on huntley square in temple hills after hearing scrams for high pressure. inside on a second floor was an elderly woman trapped and was being overcome by smoke and flames. >> chef says i can't breathe. it's hot. it's smoky. so i took my regulator off and started sharing my inch. >> reporter: but the problem got worse. the woman was immobilized. the flames were growing and the air tank they were sharing began to get low. that's when he quickly realized he, too, would need to be rescued. >> i tried to declare mayday. >> reporter: you can hear the call for help over the fire radio. >> i need rescue.
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she's alive. >> you say you're with the victim on division 2 above the fire, correct? >> correct. i'm sharing my air with her. >> reporter: despite the tense moments waiting for help the captain made a promise to the woman. >> i got to get you out of here and i was realizing there was fire in the balcony. >> reporter: eventually both were pulled out. the woman is alive and well and after being briefly treated for smoke inhalation this brave firefighter is counting his blessings after this close call on the line of duty. >> i'd really like to thank god for getting me out safe. he really answered my prayer. >> reporter: that same fire sent four other firefighters to the hospital. they had minor burn injuries. they were treated, also released and also expected to be okay. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk a bit more to captain kilpatrick and hear how he's dealing with this new title of near row. of course, it's something he's getting -- hero. of course, it's something he's getting used to and he's going to share some thoughts of what he was thinking when he was trapped in that fire.
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>> thanks, ken. we'll look forward to it. >> captain kilpatrick, you are the man, sir. now a case we promised you 9news will not forget about and prince george's county police say they're using everything they have to track down whoever killed amber stanley. it's been a week and a half now since an intruder kicked in the door of her family home on chartsey street and shot the 17- year-old girl multiple times. today police cadets back in the kettering neighborhood combing around looking for evidence. surae chinn is back there as well where stanley's funeral was held today. >> reporter: well, derek, plisky deets were called in to help detective -- police cadets were called in back at neighborhood where this crime neighborhood and here at the same time family and friends were saying good-bye to amber stanley, but family says they don't have any peace until the killer is caught. >> i'm hurt because i can't stop the little ones from hurting. i can't make it right. >> reporter: amber stanley's
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aunt can't explain to the children in their family why their loved one's life was snatched from them. >> no peace because we don't know if they're coming back. >> reporter: today the family had to say a final farewell to the bright talented high school student from kettering. while they celebrated a beautiful life they know the ugly truth that the killer hasn't been caught. while saying the painful good- byes prince george's county police cadets returned to amber's house and surrounding neighborhood to comb inch by inch for any missing clues. >> we have information that suggests that the suspect in this case left on foot down chartsey in this direction. that is why we've expanded the crime scene search. >> reporter: the team is searching under cars, through bushes and turning over any rocks they come across in the neighborhood. >> it's a senseless crime that every resource the police department has has been brought to the table. >> reporter: the flowers high school student was living a full life modeling, mentoring and dreaming of becoming a
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doctor, but she was gunned down last week in her own bedroom. her friends are at a loss. >> we had the same dreams, grow up and be models and we're in shows together. i'm going to miss her and seeing her face every day at school. >> i'm the one that fixes everybody's boo boos. i can't fix this. my daughter said tell us why if you can't tell us who. >> reporter: the reward remains at $25,000 for any information leading to an arrest of amber stanley's killer. police are asking the public for any information to call them, any detail you might remember about a week and a half ago on wednesday about 10:00 at night. they say let them decide how significant or insignificant that detail might be. so give them a call if you know anything. back to you, derek. >> tell us why if you can't tell us who, that is haunting. thank you. metro police say they have caught up with a man wanted in an attempted robbery at college park metro station.
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this happened on the stairwell of the parking garage about 1:00 this afternoon. investigators say two guys took out a weapon and demanded somebody's backpack and about an hour later a man matching the description of one of the suspects was spotted standing on the station platform. the cop grabbed him. police say he had a bb gun. nobody was hurt. no property was taken. police are looking into it. there's a shooting inside a new jersey supermarket that killed three people today and the gunman is among the dead. it happened before dawn inside a pathmark in the town of old bridge about 25 miles from manhattan. investigators believe the gunman was a former marine who worked at the store for two weeks. they say he fired 16 shots at co-workers hours before the store was supposed to open. he then killed himself. an 18-year-old woman is among the victims. it was cut down day at redskins park. there was some bad news for some and good news for others. kristen berset is here to tell white house made the team and i
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hear there were a few surprises. >> there were. this is the biggest cut of the season, of course, the final cut of the season. the redskins aren't done yet. they have until 9:00 tonight to submit their final 53-man roster. as of now, the skins have cut 18 of the 22 guys they need to release. we were prepared for some of these familiar names to get cut at the i would receiver position. there's -- at the wide receiver position. there's just so many guys vying for a couple spots, but one that surprised me was running back. tim hightower who joined the skins last year has reportedly been released. hightower was having one of his best seasons. he's surprising until he tore his acl. wednesday night's preseason finale was his first game action since surgery. also little speedy brandon banks did do enough to impress and keep his job. banks confirmed today he will remain a redskin. here's a list of who has been cut so far. receiver terrence austin, the skins 2010 draft pick is gone. center erik cook won't return. on defense linebacker bryan
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kehl, somewhat of a spruce. also brandon thompson -- surprise, also brandon thompson, a seventh round pick from this year. that's not a complete list. >> you got to figure hightower is a victim of the numbers game. they have morris who is a good runner. >> helu and royster are healthy. >> thank you. coming up on 9news one of washington's top tourist attractions is back in business finally. >> also ahead concerned parents speak out after hearing their children who used to take the bus to school will have to find another way to get to class. >> but first fresh off their big night at the gop convention republican presidential nominee mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan hold rallies today in florida and virginia.
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it's official, one of washington's top tourist attractions is back open tonight. the fence around the lincoln memorial reflecting pool came down today after two years of renovations. the pool was refilled and there is a new state of the art circulation system that pulls water from the tidal basin. the original pool was built in the 1920s. the $34 million project was paid for using stimulus package funds. so many people come to see that, so it's great to see it's
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back the way it's supposed to be. >> it is nice that it's spruced up. that's good stuff. it's hot out here but it's not humid. >> very nice. >> nats are in town, another important game, good night for baseball. let's start with we'll talk about the weekend obviously. it's not going to be a chamber of commerce weekend, but it's not going to be a washout weekend, okay? let's go to the computer. live look outside. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. temperatures, it hit in the 90s today, but again the good news, well, it's not humid, okay? 96, look at the dew point, 58. relative humidity is below 30%. that's a pretty good deal. winds west, southwest at 10, pressure 30.01 inches of mercury and steady. 44 days, 90 or higher for meteorological summer which is june, july and august. average is 31. so well above the average, but nowhere near the records. we did 47 last year.
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we had 52 days the summer before that and then the record is 55 90-degree days set back in 1988 and what was interesting this summer was the number of 100-degree days. we had eight 100-degree days. okay. currently it's toasty. i mean 91 at bethesda, 94 arlington, 93 vienna, low 90s in springfield, 95 in college park and 94 in bowie, but again it's not that humid, great night for baseball. first pitch 92 degrees, last pitch 84, a little breezy, too, winds west, northwest 10 to 15 as we host the cardinals again. every game is important now. get down to brass tacks here. another great night for baseball, nats/cardinals. isolated storms on saturday and then more storms sunday and labor day, all right? so for tonight clear to partly cloudy, breezy, mild, 68 to 74, winds west, northwest 10 to 15,
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got a full moon tonight, a blue moon, two moons in the same month. i'll post a blog on that here shortly. lows tonight upper 60s in the burbs, but downtown and inside the beltway a little toasty, low 70s, maybe 73 in arlington, 72 or so downtown. tomorrow morning plenty of sunshine, breezy, warm, 70s and 80s, winds northwest 10 to 15, that's nice. by afternoon partly cloudy, almost hot, just an isolated shower or thunderstorm, high temps around 90. do not change your tee times for saturday. next three days code green tomorrow 91 and then we'll go code yellow on sunday and also labor day, 86 sunday, 88, much better chance of showers and storms on monday at labor day. next seven days lingering storms will be with us for a while. what's left of isaac kind of meanders around parts of the mid-atlantic and south east. we got storms in tuesday, wednesday, not a washout and into thursday and we go back to the mid-80s with sunshine on
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friday. so really we were okay. i mean it's not going to be great. it's going to be warm, not chamber of commerce but not a disaster. for example, bike rides will be able to be taken. >> all that matters. >> it is. well, this matters. one day after accepting his party's nomination at the republican national convention, presidential candidate mitt romney back on the campaign trail today. now before he headed off to new orleans to visit some victims of hurricane isaac romney and his running mate paul ryan held a rally in lakeland, florida. romney canceled his scheduled appearance at a rally in virginia to get to louisiana, but ryan there was and spoke to a few hundred supporters at the richmond airport about virginia's importance in this election. >> this is the first rally that we're kicking off after tampa. 67 days ago we wanted to come here to richmond. >> there you go. that was eric cantor standing beside him. president obama is on the road today. he spoke to troops at ft.
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bliss, texas just ahead of next week's democratic national convention in north carolina. joining us now from the site of the democratic convention in charlotte is the host of face the nation bob schieffer. ien i'm supposed to talk about romney, but make my day. what the heck was clint eastwood doing with that empty chair bit last night? >> i mean have you ever? who is it that keeps saying nothing ever happens at these conventions and here you have this carefully crafted carefully scripted convention and then clint eastwood walks out there and just blows the whole thing. i mean this was the night that the republicans after all the distractions, the hurricane and all of that, finally they thought they had the nation's attention and mitt romney was going to lay out his vision. i got to tell you, derek, all i heard people talking about whether you turned on the radio today, whether it was the morning cable shows, all people were talking about was clint eastwood. we came out of the hotel in tampa this morning getting ready to come to the airport.
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the valets were saying what is it that he was talking about? some of them, their english was not too good and they said i don't -- who was he talking to? and then i get out at the airport, people came up to me. not one person asked me about mitt romney. they all wanted to know about clint eastwood. i get on the airplane, a guys says are you going to have clint eastwood on face the nation sunday? i said well, i guess we'll try. it is just completely overshadowing everything the republicans were trying to do. you almost at one point you kind of had to feel sorry a little bit for mitt romney. i mean his big night and then totally overshadowed by this thing out of the blue and trying to find out who actually decided and put this into the program. it might be a little like trying to find out the formula for making a nuclear weapon. nobody is coming forward with that. >> or for new coke or something. i do have to ask you about mitt romney. he is running for president.
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this was his big night. you're right, you almost want to think it's a conspiracy, clint actually backed obama and showed up to mess it up for romney, but he did give a speech and by all accounts, it was a pretty good speech. >> yeah. i thought it was a fine speech. i probably would have liked to hear him say at least something about our troops overseas. we are fighting a war in afghanistan, no mention of that, but i thought he told us a little more about himself and i think he's got to do that to start connecting with the american people and i thought he laid out his values. he talked about the influence of the church. he didn't go into some tutorial on mormonism, but he told us what his faith had meant to him and how the people in the church supported he and his wife in the very early days. i found it very interesting, but again all kind of washed away. i mean i think the clint
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eastwood thing will go away, but at the very least they really missed an opportunity last night to get folks' attention, but that's not what people i was around were talking about today. that's for sure and when we got here to charlotte, it was pretty much the same situation as it was when we left tampa this morning. >> i think there's one thing we do know and that clint is not getting an invite to the democratic convention. that we know. >> no, no. i'm not sure he'd be invited over to the romney's. >> oh, bob schieffer, can't wait to see you this sunday on face the nation even if you don't have clint on. >> well, we'll have stephanie cutter from the obama campaign and martin o'malley from the state of maryland. >> there you go right from our neighborhood. thank you, bob. coming up the winner of that $337 million powerball jackpot, finally we know who it
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is. we'll tell you about them. >> up next new revelations about what the suspect in the colorado theater massacre was doing on the day of that multiple shooting.
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new information is emerging about the accused gunman in the colorado movie massacre. a court hearing revealed james holmes placed a call to his psychiatrist just nine minutes before he opened fire in aurora and dr. lynne fenton testified that nobody told her about that call. fenton also said she contacted the cops at the university of colorado about holmes, his campus access card was canceled a few hours later. in another development it was revealed holmes attempted to enroll at university of iowa, but his application raised too many red flags and one official advised do not offer admission under any circumstances. a memorial service today for the first man to walk on the moon. neil armstrong's funeral is being held in cincinnati. armstrong died last week at the
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age of 82. a public memorial is planned for early next month here in d.c. it was 15 years ago today that the world was literally stunned to learn that princess diana had died. the paparazzi were chasing her in a car when it crashed in a paris tunnel. today diana is remembered as the people's princess. former british prime minister tony blair says that's how she will stay, how she will remain. diana was 20 years old when she married charles prince of wales. about 750 million people around the world watched that ceremony on tv. coming up if you think the economy is keeping people home this labor day weekend, think again. we'll punch the holiday travel -- crunch the holiday travel numbers. >> up next some northern virginia students will have to find another way to school next week after their district get rid of about a dozen bus stops and parents are not happy about it.
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as the remaining children in our area prepare to head back to school tuesday, frustration is brewing with some arlington county parents. they are upset the school district canceled bus service at 12 stops. >> our ken molestina spoke to the parents. the news is not sitting well with them less than a week before classes start up again. >> reporter: these elementary school kids and their mothers are trying to get used to a new routine this year, walking to
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school. >> arlington county dropped this bomb on us just two weeks ago. >> reporter: sandy moore has taken issue with arlington public schools' decision to get rid of 12 bus stops, one only a block from her house. now her daughter and other kids are left looking for a new way to get to school about a mile away. >> it's not that they can't walk this distance. we live in modern times with busy roads and there are some situations that you just don't want a young girl walking home alone in. >> reporter: moore isn't alone in her concerns. >> i just think it's absurd to expect children as young as 5, 6, 7 years old to walk a mile, nearly a mile to school. >> reporter: the parents say this is the scariest part about the walk to school, 18th street and glee road. they say it's constantly packed with traffic and it's a scary street to cross. arlington public school superintendent says the change is due to a realignment of resources in what he described as a rapidly growing school
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district. >> we're increasing approximately 800 to 850 students a year. so we've got to begin to make adjustments. >> reporter: but that explanation isn't sitting well with parents who want their kids' bus back. >> it's frustrating, upsetting and confusing. >> reporter: dr. murphy says despite a petition with hundreds of signatures they have no plans to reverse their decision. ken molestina, 9 news now. >> schools in loudoun county, virginia opened this past monday. students in all other northern virginia areas led back to school next tuesday, the day after labor day. metro transit police handed out steering wheel locks today to commuters in bethesda. the distribution took place at the grovner station this morning. police say they want to make both drivers and cyclers aware of the potential for being ripped off. prices at the pump held steady overnight as we begin the busy labor day travel weekend. the price of a gallon regular
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unleaded in d.c. is $3.80, nine cent more than a week ago according to aaa. the national average now stand at $3.82. hard to believe summer is almost done. the long labor day weekend is already here and even with rising gas prices and supposedly sluggish economy a new survey finds americans are ready to pack up and go. >> reporter: supper's last major travel holiday is expected -- summer's last major travel holiday is expected to be a busy one. aaa says 33 million americans will take a get-away at least 50 miles from home. they're also expected to spend a little more on that long weekend, $749 on average up from 702 in 2011. the average trip will be about 626 miles, but about half of those travelers will stay closer to home, between 100 and 400 miles round trip. 2.3million will travel by rail, bus and cruise ship. 2.5 will take to the skies.
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the overwhelming majority will go by car, 85% or 28.2 million. despite the recent uptick in gas prices gasoline is lower than an april peak of 3.94 a gallon but higher than the labor day forecast last august. for people looking to trim costs, most will skip the hotel and stay with family or friends. others will cut the trip shorter or take a less expensive mode of transportation. lesli foster, 9 news now. sales hut a record high in august -- hit a record high in august. >> i think they want me to read that. general motors reports sales for the hybrid plug-in topped 2,500 this month. that's 35% of an increase over july sales and more than a 700% jump from just a year ago. industry experts say dealership offers and incentives helped to move those cars. you may not be able to get your hands on amazon's kindle fire, not now. it's sold out immediately after the company sent out
5:36 pm
invitations september 6th for a press event. rumors have it that the amazon will introduce a brand-new 10- inch kindle fire and kindle e reader. the latest version of the fire will be slightly bigger than the 9.7-inch ipad screen. we have a winner. a former wish wish rail worker claimed the third largest powerball jackpot ever, 337 million bucks and his first purchase? a pack of bubblegum. donald lawson quit his job with the railroad company. the question now is what will he do with the money? >> i really don't know yet. i'm going to escape for now and go somewhere safe and think about it, they go from there. >> hawson plans to take the money in a lump -- lawson plans to take the money in a lunch sum payment. that's nearly 225 mill -- lunch sum payment. that's nearly 225 -- lump sum
5:37 pm
payment. that's nearly $225 million. don't forget we are always on at so stick with us. we'll be back in a minute.
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a wildfire threatening a popular resort in southern
5:40 pm
spain. 4,000 people have been evacuated as strong winds fan these flames in the hills near the southern tourist city of marbella. investigators are suspecting arson. two people have been hurt, one seriously. firefighters hope to have the fire under control by the end of the day. in portland, oregon, a police officer issued a woman a $260 ticket after she tried to pull a fast one in the h.o.v. lane. >> but there's more to this story, her passenger? a huge monster teddy bear. the woman came up with the idea to get home fast to leave on a camping trip. the teddy bear happened to be in the car. so she buckled the stuffed passenger in her front seat hoping to fool the cops. it didn't work out. >> i'm rolling by in my car driving and turn and see a motorcycle cop and i just have this huge smile on my face because i was like yup, i'm getting a ticket right now. i could tell i think he chuckled under his helmet. he had to have.
5:41 pm
>> he also said what, you think i'm an idiot? the officer snapped this photo of the bear riding shotgun. you should at least look like a person. after scarlet got the ticket she took her own photo and said she learned her lesson. 260 bucks is a lot of money. still ahead tonight we all like to howl at the moon on occasion. >> we do. >> hear how practice makes perfect. >> reporter: investigative reporter russ ptacek with your food hear the, just down the street in -- food alert, just down the street we'll take you to five restaurants coming up.
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from mazza gallerie to georgetown, from the crab shack to the movie theater, we've got more mice and roaches in tonight's food alert, but first we've got a warping to you restaurant owners out there. >> if -- warning to you restaurant owners out there. >> if you don't want investigative reporter russ
5:45 pm
ptacek, you have to have a staff member trained to keep the public safe and on duty. >> reporter: that required job is called the food protection manager and as you're about to see, restaurants that operate without one are likely to have other violations, too, violations that could make you sick. red toque express' gourmet coffee bar is a perfect example. beside a citation for no food safety manager, inspectors reported a dirty toilet, dirty food contact points and floor, no hot water and hand washing violations. the manager said i dispute it all and hung up on me. when we came by, it was still closed. it is just down the street from m and wisconsin in the heart of georgetown cited for 28 violations. even after a closure at cheng's carryout on kenilworth avenue in capitol heights customers raved about the crabs and rice, but it's the smell and mice
5:46 pm
that alarmed inspectors. these prince george's health department records cite the restaurant with mice droppings all over the place including in the food specifically in the flour and the carryout's rice. at federal center near the waterfront regular's carryout in hand were shocked to learn inspectors suspended sou's middle eastern -- sal's middle eastern citing roaches, flies, unsafe food temperatures and mice feces. >> all the issues you're seeing is already resolved. that's why it reopened. >> reporter: the question is how did it get to the place where you had mice? >> because of the pest control contract. they didn't want to come on time. >> reporter: the manager invited me inside behind the counter where they make the food. inside we didn't find any violations. at north capitol and florida northwest inspectors shut down new york pizza citing no hot
5:47 pm
water to clean. food at unfive temperatures and food unprotected -- at unsafe temperatures and food unprotected from con tap and they were warned about not having a food safety manager on duty. across the street at cosi on northwest inspectors gave the same warning. despite the warning inspectors say they closed cosi when it continued to operate without a food safety manager, two months of inspection, dirty food contact and myself droppings. >> i think i'm going to take off now. >> reporter: back at mazza gallerie inspectors suspended food services at amc services citing no food safety manager, violations they've been warned of twice in inspections last month where inspectors cited mold on the ice machine and debris in the movie theater's popcorn drawer. except for red toque express in
5:48 pm
georgetown reports indicate the others have passed inspection and reopened. you can ride along and be first to know who is closed and why on facebook and twitter. >> you know, man, gee, cosi is my spot, the signature salad is my favorite thing and now. >> look, it's being addressed. >> yeah. >> there you go. lots of people brown bag it, but what happens when brown bag meets high fashion? you get your standard brown paper lunch bag with designer jill brown's name on the bottom and it can be yours for a mere $290. i love high fashion, but come on now. if you're wondering who would actually buy such a thing, we can't tell you but we can tell you the german designer's creation is sold out. it cannot be just paper. it has to be made of something else. >> that was my question. >> it's got to be like leather something.
5:49 pm
no? it's paper. >> it defeats the purpose of brown bagging. i thought that was supposed to be saving money. >> maybe you're just trying to avoid cosi. >> might be cleaner. >> all right. we had a day in the upper 90s today but not humid and a nice night for baseball. let's start with live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're looking at temperatures still in the mid- to upper 90s. in fact, we're still looking at temperatures around 96 degrees. these clickers are not working well. 96 now officially, dew point in the 50s, so that should say hey, comfortable, humidity below 30%. winds west, southwest at 10, pressure study over the past hour, 30.01. plenty of 90s, 96 rockville, 94 great falls, only 91 in fairfax and vienna and springfield, 95 in college park, 94 over in bowie. so again not humid and a great night for baseball. first pitch weather probably 92, last pitch about 84, west,
5:50 pm
northwest winds 10 to 15, so a little breeze. another great night for baseball. we host the cardinals, take a walk, not humid. maybe play a quick 9. you got time. isolated storms saturday. don't change your plans and keep your tee times, but more storms sunday and even more storms on labor day. so as each day goes by, we have an increasingly higher chance or better chance of some showers and some thunderstorms. for tonight clear to partly cloudy, breezy, mild, 68 to 74, winds west, northwest at 10 to 15. so if you're inside the beltway tonight, not super comfortable, a little muggy, probably low 70s, maybe even 72 or 73 in arlington, 72 downtown, college park about 70. the as cool as last night. so upper 60s, not too bad in gaithersburg and rockville, upper 60s reston and fairfax and maybe 68 toward leesburg and manassas and middleburg. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy, warm, 70s and 80s, very
5:51 pm
nice, winds northwest 10 to 15. by afternoon partly cloudy, almost hot, just an isolated shower or storm, high temperatures around 90, winds northwest at 10. so we'll keep tomorrow code green, just isolated storm, not enough to disrupt your plans, 91, but then we'll go code yellow sunday and labor day and increasing chance of storms sunday primarily in the afternoon. we have hanging out on the right side of the icon there 86 and on labor day a better chance for showers and storms, 88, kind of on and off all day. next seven days isolated storm tuesday, wednesday what's left of isaac won't leaf us alone, low 90s -- leave also loan, low 90s, more storms thursday, a cold front and spectacular next friday with highs in the mid- 80s. so hot now but not humid. you can go outside and eat at your favorite restaurant as long as russ hasn't reported on it or take a walk. i'm just saying. >> he's not going to be very popular around town, you know. >> i think places will shut
5:52 pm
their doors when they see us coming. sometimes it can take all of us a little while to find our voice. >> even once you found it, a little practice can always make it better. [ puppy howling ] >> how did they get topper singing on tape? no. it's a puppy. his name is demon and according to a website paw nation, he's trying to find his howl. he was just 2 1/2 weeks old when this video was taken. so we're pretty sure he's already mastered the art of the screaming on the moonlit night. sticking with the musical theme we turn to our high school sports report. >> no series of reports would be complete without their theme music. kristen berset is here to unveil the contest winner. >> this summer we asked you to help us create a new theme song for our weekly high school football show and after weeks of voting and deliberating the
5:53 pm
winner is a track called score on the floor by sophomore josh holland at the barbara ingram school for the arts. i'm here at golden town studio in kensington where josh recently laid down the winning track. it's got bass, brass and a pop inspired rhythm that takes you right to the football stadium on game day, a theme josh has known his entire life. >> my dad is a high school band director and kind of always grew up around music. i definitely remember the excitement that the crowd was when the team won obviously and it was just a really cool experience. >> reporter: the musical talent runs in the family. josh plays piano, sings and plays string bass. >> quincy jones is a huge influence of mine. he created the thriller album by michael jackson and red one produces a lot of popular music as well as dr. luke. >> reporter: he's already a
5:54 pm
natural in the sound booth whether he's recording songs or mixing his own beat. josh is on the right track. >> you did a nice job of levels on everything, pretty easy to bring it together. >> reporter: score on the floor debuts tonight at 11:00 as we start our usa today high school sports show presented by toyota. i'm kristen berset for 9 sports now. >> we are lucky enough to have josh in studio with us. >> josh, are you excited? >> pipe so thrilled. >> are you going to -- i'm so thrilled. >> are you going to be watching. >> tell me what inspired this song for you. >> my dad is a high school band director and i grew up going to football games as a kid and being very inspired by it. >> you need something that get the blood pumping. congratulations. >> thank you. still ahead on 9news virginia is in play, but what other states are up for debate in november? a look at the battlegrounds coming up. >> later the designs may not be final, but what the people are
5:55 pm
planning an eisenhower memorial want to do is becoming clearer tonight. >> up next you may think of diabetes as an internal problem, but in tonight's health alert how a skin condition can raise the risk.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
in tonight's health alert the first death from swine flu in the u.s. the ohio department of health said a 61-year-old woman succombed to a new strain of the illness. she got it after coming into contact with hogs at a county
5:58 pm
fair. federal authorities have reports of 288 cases of the strain nationwide this summer. also tonight a common skin condition being tied to more and more problems inside our body. it's chriasis and if you've got it increases your risk for diabetes. >> we're talking about type 2 diabetes. >> that's the adult onset kind which has skyrocketed in this country along with obesity. a major study of the danish population confirms psoriasis is an independent risk factor for diabetes. the itchy even painful skin problem has already been linked to heart attacks and stroke. >> it's a chronic inflammatory condition, usually presents with silver, scaly plaques. the pokemon areas are the elbows and knees, but can get it anywhere from the scalp -- the most common areas are the elbows and knees but can get it
5:59 pm
anywhere from the scalp to the toes. >> doctors aren't sure why people get psoriasis, but they can treat it. >> usually we use topical medicines, typically steroids or vitamin d analogs. more severe psoriasis may warrant phototherapy. >> so you know you can treat it. now if you get outbreaks of psoriasis, do you have to be tested for diabetes? dr. cole doesn't think it's necessary in mild cases. you should always be vigilant about watching your weight, exercising, all good ways to deep diabetes at bay. a blood glucose check may be a good check for people with severe recurring cases of psoriasis. this is 9 news now. above the fire floor. above the fire floor. >> a firefighter refuses to leave a woman behind who was trapped inside a burning apartment. of, her life in danger. tonight he is talking


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