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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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status as now being a hero. that fire was in the 3300 block of huntley square drive not far away from rosecroft raceway of the our ken molestina is live in springdale with this captain's amazing story. love this guy already, ken. >> reporter: so do i. this is another example, another reminder of how selfless and brave these first responders are during these times when emergencies are taking place and when lives need to be saved and now captain scott kilpatrick is getting used to sort of a new type of name calling around here. around here they say he's a hero. but this modest reaction shows just how prince george's county fire captain scott kilpatrick feels about the daring rescue last night. >> i really didn't feel like a hero. >> reporter: the 20 year department veteran was responding to an elderly woman who had been trapped in a fire on huntley square in temple
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hills. once he got to her both of them were overcome by smoke and flames. knowing he had to do something to keep them both alive he began sharing his air supply from his tank with the woman. >> i was sharing my air the whole time talking with her. it was tough because she had a death grip on me. she was holding me tight. >> reporter: soon after the air ran out. >> my alert started going off. i told them i was low on air, that i was out of air. >> reporter: he called for a mayday and shielded the woman as they both waited for help. >> rescue. above the fire. division 2. >> you say you're with the victim on division 2 above the fire, correct? >> that's correct. i'm sharing my air with her. >> reporter: the pair were later pulled out of the raging blaze but not before captain kilpatrick began to imagine the worst. >> i was praying god get me out of this. i want to go home, see my family. i'm a safety officer. i can't get hurt. i'm a safety officer. i can't die in a fire. >> reporter: he said his training kicked in and helped
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him make those split second decisions. now he's just counting his blessings and he's happy to be able to spend some quality time with his family. >> i wanted to get out and see my family and breathe that fresh air. >> reporter: the good captain is off until next week, much deserved time off i think we can all agree. he says he's looking forward to enjoying a long weekend with his family and loved ones. >> he certainly earned that long weekend. a bowie man with a history of child sex offenses dating back to the 1980s has now been arrested, but this is the third time in a month after posting bond twice. he then allegedly molested more kids. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren in prince george's county where police are concerned a suspected child molester may have more victims. 52-year-old michael brochu of bowie is under investigation for the alleged sexual abuse of four children. >> the victims are young boys ranging from age 6 to 11 years
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old. >> reporter: brochu allegedly molested the boys in his home and at a community pool in bowie. one victim told police brochu would fondle him in the shower at the pool and give him 75 cents to $1.75 after each encounter. the boy told police he'd use that money to buy treats at the snack bar. >> some were in his care. others, for example, this 11- year-old, the recent arrest, he did not know this individual. >> reporter: in fact, brochu had been arrested twice this month for allegedly molesting children and posted bond both times. he was rearrested last week after the 11-year-old came forward. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. in fairfax county 23-year- old church volunteer is under arrest charged with sexually abusing a 14-year-old. police say james west offered to give the girl and some other teenagers a massage. west volunteered at kings chapel church along braddock road and police hope anybody with more information about the case will contact them.
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a slight change in plans today for the republican ticket one day after the convention wrapped up. instead of both of them traveling to virginia, mitt romney went from tampa to the gulf coast to survey damage from hurricane isaac, but his running mate paul ryan still came to richmond. tara mergener with more on the push for the white house. >> reporter: with his wife by his side mitt romney thanked supporters at the tampa airport. >> florida gave me the votes i needed become the nominee and i thank florida. >> reporter: he asked them to recruit disillusioned suspecters to the romney/ryan ticket -- supporters to the romney/ryan ticket. >> we want to be held accountable for the promises we made last night and the night before paul ryan and i spoke about what we'll do if we become vice president and president. >> reporter: romney flew to new orleans to see damage from hurricane isaac and meet with first responders. >> got a lot of questions for you, here to learn and obviously draw some attention to what's going on here so that
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people around the country know you folks need help. >> reporter: the obama campaign was also on the road and taking issue with the republican speeches in tampa. vice president biden met with uaw workers in the battleground state of ohio. he refuted republican vp nominee paul brian's claim that president obama didn't keep his promise -- paul ryan's claim that president obama didn't keep his promise when the plant shut down. >> what he didn't tell you was the plant in janesville actually closed when president bush was still in office. >> reporter: president obama addressed troops in el paso, texas, thanked them for their sacrifice and if reelected, he would do more to help military familiars. >> because after fighting for america -- families. >> because after fighting for america you shouldn't have to fight for a job in america. >> reporter: the democrats hold their convention next week in charlotte. >> today we got our first glimpse inside the charlotte
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arena where the democratic convention will take place. president obama plans to visit the gulf coast monday before the convention begins and once it's over all eyes will turn to the so-called toss-up states. >> we look at where the campaigns are spending money for ads and sending their candidates because that is the truest sign of whether they think it's a toss-up state. we've chosen 12 states and all of these are states barack obama won four years ago, but whoever wins this time needs about half of their electoral votes. florida and north carolina and virginia in the south are the states, new hampshire in the northeast plus pennsylvania, michigan, ohio and wisconsin in the midwest. you pick up iowa. you go to the west and you've got colorado, nevada and new mexico. >> well, usa today's susan page says if there's one state to watch down south, it's florida. one thing that's certain about the election, there will be an inauguration here come january and the trust for the national mall is asking for volunteers to help with the event. it wants to expand its ranks
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from 35 to at least 100 by year end so they can be trained to help guide millions of people expected in the nation's backyard for the inauguration of whoever will be president. back to isaac who has left louisiana and is taking his troubled ways north into arkansas. along the gulf coast he's left plenty of mess and misery. thousands of folks in louisiana can't go back home because the areas are still flooded. homes are not there protected by the new levee system like this one belonging to bobby landry. his newly renovated house was all but swept away by the floodwaters. >> this house never had a drop of water from katrina and we know when they built that wall up, we figured the wall was going to increase the water here if we had a hurricane and it sure did. >> another casualty, livestock, a lot of animals did get to higher ground, but some never did make it to safety. a tsunami alert has been
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lifted along the eastern coast of the philippines, but folks are still reeling from an earthquake that hit there today. it measured a powerful 7.6. that quake killed at least one person, brought down some homes, knocked out power in several towns. the long holiday weekend, labor day, is upon us and topper is here with a look at our forecast. >> we're going to track what's left of isaac because that will have a direct effect on us. we'll start with radar. there's heavy rain pushing into missouri out of arkansas. so missouri and illinois are in the crosshairs the next 24 to 48 hours. that said, our beach and boating forecast, well, the farther east you go, the better off you are, all right? so you'll be better off at the shore and beaches than the mountains, for example. if you're on the water, there is a slight chance of a shower on saturday, 86 to 90, waves 1 foot or less and then on sunday a better chance for a shower or thunderstorm on the water and
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temperatures on sunday generally in the low to mid-80s as winds turn southeasterly. we'll come back and talk about the immediate metro area and isaac in a bit. there will not be any partying at one particular prince george's county hotspot tonight. why the cops padlocked this popular club, i'll have the story on 9 news now at 7:00. >> still to come in this half hour a big day at redskins park as the team get down to its final roster. there's some surprises. >> that's right. the redskins roster needs to be down to 53 by 9:00 tonight. i'll have the latest on who is staying and going coming up in sports. >> up next a popular and beautiful location on the national mall is back and better than ever.
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dust off your cameras. one of d.c.'s most photogenic landmarks has finally reopened. the reflecting pool around the lincoln memorial has been refilled and there's a state of the art circulation system that pulls water from the tidal basin. the folks planning the eisenhower memorial don't have a final plan for the design yet, but they know one thing. if the monument to our 34th president becomes a reality, it will have some hi-tech features. the congressional commission developing the plan launched an
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e-memorial online this week. it shows how multimedia would complement a finished memorial on the mall. you can see more of the renderings of the idea at click on d.c. news. balloons were released from the base of a model of a saturn 5 rocket today in honor of neil armstrong. a small group gathered to pay respects to the late astronaut in huntsville, alabama, while a larger private funeral took place in cincinnati. hundreds of fellow astronauts and his crewmates from apollo 11 attended that service. a larger national memorial service will be held in d.c. next month. neil armstrong died last weekend. he was 82. still ahead she was gunned down in her own bedroom and today as amber stanley's family said good-byes, police renewed their search for her killer. president clinton: this election to me is about which...
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candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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we're back with a quick programming note. due to this weekend's u.s. open coverage, this week in defense news is changing times. so instead of seeing it sunday morning you can watch it saturday night at 7:00. investigators in new jersey still trying to pin down why a grocery store worker opened fire on fellow employees. it happened about 4 a.m. this morning at a pathmark in the town of old bridge. a man who was working the overnight shift when the store was closed to customers left for a few minute, came back with a handgun and assault rifle. he shot dead two co-workers and then killed himself. >> i do not believe that they were specifically targeted. i believe everybody in the store was a target. >> it's horrific.
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it's the saddest thing i've ever heard in my life. the people that work here are like our family. >> pathmark employees say the gunman had worked there about two weeks. around here more than a week after a 17-year-old was shot and killed inside her own home police say they're expanding the search to try and find her killer. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in kentland, maryland, where family and friend are saying good-bye to 17-year-old amber stanley who was gunned down in her home while police search for her killer. >> i'm hurt because i can't stop the little ones from hurting. i can't make it right. >> reporter: amber stanley's aunt can't explain to the children in their family why their loved one's life was snatched from them. >> no peace because we don't know if near coming back. >> reporter: today the family -- they're coming back. >> reporter: today the family had to say a final farewell. while they celebrated a beautiful life, they know the ugly truth the killer hasn't been caught. while saying the painful good-
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byes, prince george's county police cadets returned to amber's house and the surrounding neighborhood to comb inch by inch for any missing clues. >> we have information that suggests the suspect left on foot down chartsey in this direction and that is why we've expanded the crime scene search. >> reporter: in kettering, maryland, surae chinn, 9 news now. police in houston investigating the death of a fan who fell five stories to his death at reliant stadium. it happened during last night's nfl preseason game between the houston texans and minnesota vikings. the victim was a 25-year-old guy who tumbled off an escalator from the fifth floor down to the ground. two landmark buildings were reduced to rubble in china thursday. the three gorgeous hotel and passenger terminal at the a joining port were demolished to make -- at the adjoining port were demolished to make way for a new skyscraper. it's always so cool, though, to see those implosions.
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>> it's cool, but if you're a dust freak like i am, there's serious dust there. >> are you a dust freak? the secrets of topper shutt. >> i'm not a freak, maybe a weather freak, but what can i say? we're looking at temperatures, topped out at 97 today, but it was not humid and it's still a very nice night out. the weekend, not a washout, not chamber of commerce. let's start with a live look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. we're clear as a bell right now, severe clear as we say in the weather office. temperatures still in the 90s, still looking at temperatures in the upper 90s and this clicker just not seeming to -- this we go, 95. dew point coming up a little bit 60, pressure calling a bit, 30.00 inches of mercury and wind out of the west a 7. satellite picture radar combined, can you pick out what's left of isaac? hammering missouri now and it will hammer missouri and illinois the next 24 hours and
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then slowly meander its way eastward. the heavy activity stays well west of us, but some of the moisture and southeast flow will give us an increasing chance of showers going through the weekend. right now heavy activity just pushing through st. louis and wrapping up to the north right along the iowa/missouri border. they need the rain in iowa, too so it's not all bad news. for us clear as a bell right now. we're looking at temperatures still in the 90s, but with low humidity it feels pretty comfortable. 90 in vienna, 92 great falls, 90 in springfield, 95 in college park, 92 in bowie. let's talk about what's going to head our way. baseballwise we got the cardinals in town, first pitch 92, the last pitch about 84. so a little warmer than yesterday but still a great night for baseball. friday at the ballpark, tough to beat. so another great night for baseball, taking a walk, you can do that, too much it's not humid outside. isolated storms -- too.
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it's not humid outside. isolated storms saturday, more sunday and better chance for labor day. tonight clear to partly cloudy, 68 to 74, winds west, northwest 10 to 15. inside the beltway a wee big muggy, low to mid-70s -- bit muggy, low to mid-70s. 68 in reston, fairfax and 69 in rockville. tomorrow morning sunny, warm, breezy, 70s and 80s, winds northwest 10 to 15. by afternoon partly cloudy, almost hot, an isolated shower or storm, high temperatures around 90. next three days, tomorrow will be code green. don't change your plans, 91, isolated storm. we'll go code yellow sunday and monday, might drop sunday back to green, a few storms and showers primarily in the afternoon, 86. labor day a better chance for showers and storms at any time. next seven days leftover showers tuesday and wednesday and kind of hot, temperatures the low 90s, storms again thursday with a cold front.
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that should signal a nice friday and perhaps a nice next weekend with lower temperatures, lower humidity, back in the 80s. >> we'll take that. we'll keep the summer going. >> i like that. it doesn't feel like we've gone through it already of the. what it is time for is some good-byes for the skins. >> one of the toughest days for any nfl team or player. it is final cut day. the redskins are involved in that, of course. we've got the latest on who is staying and who has been shown the door today. >> plus college football is here. the terrapins are betting on a freshman quarterback. hear from him coming up.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> it's been a long 48 hours for dozens of redskins players. after wednesday's preseason finale all they could do was wait. did they do enough to make the final redskins 53-man roster? the team first cut 22 players by 9:00 tonight. those that we know of so far include a bit of a shocker. running back tim hightower is gone after just one year in washington. receiver terrence austin is gone as well and according to our sports web producer kevin jones, there's a possible trade brewing with miami for receiver anthony armstrong. we'll have the complete list tonight at 11:00. no one guy that can reportedly breathe a little easier is receiver and return man brandon banks, the third year speedy gonzalez saw plenty of touches
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this season and apparently did enough to make that roster. safety tanard jackson won't even have a chance. he's suspended indefinitely after violating the league's drug policy. jackson came from tampa bay in the offseason. of. the maryland terrapins are on -- offseason. the maryland terrapins are on the eve of what they hope will be a bounceback season. they had won just two games and 24 players left the program. in a preseason game c.j. brown went down with a torn acl. now the season rests on the shoulders of perry hills. he'll line up for center when the terps host william & mary tomorrow and he says the most important thing is taking control of that huddle. >> you go in there and look everyone in the eye and be confident about the may you're saying and be confident in the -- play you're saying and be confident in the huddle, everybody is going to trust you and believe in you. you can't go in there scared because the guys will be down.
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you have to go in with a lot of energy and get everybody fired up ready to go. we have a winner in our player of the week bishop ireland at bishop o'connell. we'll have highlights on our report at 11:00. from last night's kids state season opener, not really the way you want to start the season. towson gets the punt from kent state but fumble it. andre carter of kent state picks it up, takes off but he's running the wrong way and they're chasing him. what makes it worse is the tigers actually push him out of bones instead of letting hum -- bounds instead of letting him run into the end zone. nobody knows what's going on. run the wrong way. he's so proud of himself after that nice long run. wrong way. >> not the way to start a season. >> that's all for 9 news now at 6:00. have a great weekend.
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