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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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peggy. >> that's right, searchers tell me that it looks like a suicide. however, police are not confirming that. they are not confirming the name. however, i talked to the father minutes before learned the news. >> bryan may be held against his will and can't come home. things are starting to turn around. >> minutes before a tragic discovery in the woods, mike glenn was hopeful police would put more resources into his son's disappearance because he had just gotten the run away designation removed. then, colonel mike glenn received a call he feared most and he took off running through these woods, passing the grim faces of searchers who found a body. >> did you find something? >> he's not okay. >> two of the searchers said they were sure the body was that of bryan glenn. they said they had probably walked by it several times because the body looked like one of the searchers. they said it was upright, as if
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standing and looking toward the ground. >> in my personal opinion, it wasn't a suicide. >> people who knew bryan said the high school senior did not seem distraught and would not have run away. >> he's a normal kid. he is not geeky. he's not in the in crowd, he's not in the out crowd, he's a normal kid that you would want to say, hi, i'm here to take emma to prom. police did conduct a search last week, but may not have come close to the body. >> we missed the body. we missed the body. there's -- that body that we are retrieving right now are, you know, it's in the area. one of the areas that we had searched. >> reporter: now bryan glenn was supposed to have taken sat's last saturday and next month he was going to go to
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colleges to visit them. now his family will be planning a funeral. i'm peggy fox reporting live in fairfax, back to you. >> peggy, thank you. tonight, a mom and her 15-year- old son are fighting back against bullies in their school district. so far, the young man says there have been four incidents at the high school this year, including one today. brings us their story. >> what is it going to take? >> sharyl can't fight back the tears as she talks about the bullying she says her 15-year- old son has had to endure. >> i don't remember schools ever being this bad, ever. >> preston says just today, three kids who attend brunswick high school chased and attacked him. >> got pushed into the pole and i pushed him back and he hit me in the head. >> i ran this way flying. he was standing right there and i got the first, because that's
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what i'm supposed to do. >> there have been four incidents so far this year and he has no idea why he has been a target. a spokesman for frederick county public school says they are investigating. even though this latest incident was off school property. >> we take allegations very seriously. it is something that we aggressively and proactively follow up on. >> it has antibullying policies in place, but the mother says a policy is not enough to protect her son. >> they have a big right up. they need to follow up. >> met with school officials to figure out what happens from here. she is worried for her son's safety, but pointed out her son isn't the only victim of bullying. preston organized a homecoming dance because he wasn't initially allowed to go to his school's homecoming. after he got into a fight with the bully. school officials allowed him to attend, the special homecoming dance will go forward and they hope it sends a message. >> just to make a stand and
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make bullying stop. >> 9news. >> sharyl says she has been reaching out to district officials. she has done it multiple times about this situation, but she did not get a response until today. she met with the superintendent and she hopes something positive will come from it. that special homecoming dance is this friday at the brunswick city park from 8:00 until 11:00. almost a full year after the jerry sandusky scandal erupted, the coach will learn how much time he is going to spend behind bars. andrea mccarren is live in bellefonte, pennsylvania, where sandusky gets his sentencing tomorrow. andrea. >> derek, tonight we know that jerry sandusky is expected to testify in court tomorrow and so are as many as six of his ten victims. >> how do you feel? >> although the 68-year-old sandusky did not testify at his june trial, he is expected to speak at his sentencing tearing
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tomorrow. >> i anticipate he's going to say he is innocent and he wants to repeal his trial and work on getting a new trial. >> in' sandusky's own lawyers are predicting a harsh sentence. >> a 30 year sentence if i had to guess, given all the mandatories that apply. >> the former penn state coaching legend and founder of the second mile charity for at risk children faces a minimum of ten years in prison and a maximum of more than 218 years. his lawyer met with sandusky two hours ago. >> he's in an upbeat mood. he wants to move on with his case so he can appeal. so, he's really been upbeat. surprisingly upbea knowing what he is facing with a lengthy sentence. >> we believe he deserves the maximum. not so much to be punitive, honestly, but to be preventive. >> late today, workers put up a cover over the back entrance of the courthouse. to help shield the victims expected to testify. >> how many victims will speak
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tomorrow? >> uld be as many as a half a dozen, we'll see. depes on how they feel and how they respond to the moment. >> the full truth about the coverup at penn state isn't yet known. so it is really crucial that the justice system keep moving forward both civilly and criminally. because the only way to prevent these kinds of horrific crimes and coverups in the future is by exposing the ones that have already taken place. >> several of the jurors who convicted sandusky in june have said they hope he gets a life sentence. the hearing gets underway at 9:00 a.m. because of all the interest in this case, 85 seats have been set aside in the courtroom for members of the public. live from bellefonte, pennsylvania, andrea mccarren, 9news. >> thank you, andrea. internal affairs, the office, is investigating a deadly police shooting involving a montgomery county police officer. neighbors awoke to gunfire two
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hours after police say they got a bizarre call from a 22-year- old man in silver spring. >> started stating that he was armed, he wanted to kill himself or wanted to die and he wanted the police to kill him. >> first thing i heard was the gun shots. it was very rapid, you know, eight of them in a row. slid out of bed, stay low. the police department was outside. >> 22-year-old tracy woodfork died after officers say they opened fire on him, encountering him with a weapon. it turns out that weapon was fake. the girlfriend and three children she was babysitting were brought out of the house safely. >> controversial ads equating muslims to savages have gone up. a judge ruled the transit agency has to display the american freedom defense initiative's ad. metro asked the group to hold off because of the tense situation in the middle east. those ads are being posted at
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takoma, and georgia avenue stations. there is new focus on the highly contested u.s. senate race in the battleground state of virginia. the virginia aarp and league of women voters are sponsoring a debate tonight between former governor's george allen and tim kaine. they both want jim webb senate seat in virginia. webb is not seeking reelection. that debate is at 8:00 in richmond and you can watch it live at be sure to join me tonight at 7:00 for 9news. i have the story of a three- week old kitten that caused a commotion there when it decided to hitch a road under the hood of a guy's car. >> we'll see you at 7:00. but still ahead in this half hour, a new report finds serious lapses among tsa agents. at one of the nation's largest airports. the details ahead. top. >> well, it is more like november than october. here's the reason why. 17 degrees below average. 55 and 45 go in the books.
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averages are still 72 and 53. record high 91. record low of 36. we'll come back and track rain and showers for you and tell you when the real october weather will return. >> plus, mitt romney sharpens his attacks on president obama. those stories and more just ahead on 9news.
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republican, mitt romney,
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cast barack obama as a weak leader. that assessment came during a speech on foreign policy issues today at the virginia military institute in lexington. romney says the united states should impose tighter sanctions on iran. take a more assertive role in syria and place new conditions on aid to egypt. president obama is raising more cash today in california. he attended a star studded fundraiser in hollywood last night. the president made his first public comment about his debate performance last week. >> everybody here is incredible professionals, they are such great friends and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> the president and mitt romney will face foreign policy questions during their next debate in eight days. vice president joe biden and paul ryan will meet in kentucky for their one and only debate this thursday and we'll be right back.
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disturbing new details about the failure rate for those tsa airport searches that anyone who flies has to suffer through. of confidential internal reports finds tsa screeners at
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one airport are missing far more oversized jails than they are catching. bruce leshan brings us the story. >> they renamed newark liberty in honor of the victims killed on 9/11 when terrorists took off from newark and other airports. now comes word in a secret report from the tsa itself that its new york screeners are failing to do what they are supposed to do to keep america safe. john is a law professor at gw. >> any of my students who get less than 75, uhll fail them. here, the tsa itself says that its agents failed 80, 85, 100% of the time. everybody should be scared and outraged. >> the tsa secret shoppers found screeners caught prohibited items and took appropriate action less than 25% of the time.
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they followed proper patdown procedures less than 17% of the time. and that they failed 100% of the time to tell people that they could opt out of a full body scan and go with a patdown. >> all the terrorists have to do is get through once. >> the tsa has lately been experimenting with something it calls behavioral detection instead of a physical patdown, it's like a verbal chatdown and this report proves it is a giant waste of time. >> the idea that they are going to be trying to look for my microinspection or this tremor in my voice is crazy. >> the new york investigation is the only one leaked publicly so far. if it's that bad at newark, a will the of people worry about failures at other airports, too. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> a tsa spokeswoman says the agency constantly evaluates workers in hopes of improving
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the performance. >> passengers are using wheelchairs as a ploy to bypass long lines. according to the 1986 air carrier access act, airlines are required to accommodate disabled travelers, but they are not required to show any proof of disability. the "new york times" reports flight attendants are calling the tactic, miracle flights. that's when passengers use wheelchairs to get on board a flight and abandon them after they land. today marked a special columbus day observation in the district. it was 100 years ago today the columbus statute was dedicated by president william howard taste in front of union station. it was created under the supervision of a special commission. diplomats from italy, spain, and the organization of american state as well as the marine corps band were on hand for today's ceremony. >> weather could have been nicer for them. >> could have been, it felt more like thanksgiving, but it didn't pour. >> i think that's all they
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cared about. >> it was dry. and we have a little bit of rain west of town. we had some snow flakes earlier. i tweeted about that and we showed it to you at 5:00. and out in the west, other side of the divide. let's start with a live look outside. our michael and son weather cam. a lot of clouds around. mainly light activity. we'll show that to you north and west of town. 53 right now. high was only 55. dew point 42. and the winds still out of the north at 10. they will be north, northeasterly through tonight and through tomorrow which will keep these low clouds in place. you can see most of the activity now west of town. north of town. now into loudoun county. by and large this afternoon, it was essentially on the west side of . we'll zoom in a little bit. it's all light. so it's all light activity. leesburg, you go out o, some rain. you go past gaithersburg, up 270. some light rain as you go through frederick and toward
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hagerstown. look at the temperatures. upper 40s in some spots. 49 in rockville. 49 also in great falls and 49 in vienna. only 50 in arlington and 52 over in bowie. these are 10, 15 degrees below average. i don't want you to think you have to bring your plants in. there are frost advisories in foal ton and franklin county and there are some freeze warnings in effect on the other side of the divide. that's the other side of the divide and down into west virginia. so growing season is over there. still not quite over here. cool and unsettled. keep your umbrella handy tonight. it's going to be chilly. you need a jacket as well. you need a jacket tuesday, but improving on wednesday. temperatures get closer to average. all right, here's our future cast. late tonight, some showers shift more to the south and east. you begin to get dryer air to the north and west. we'll put this into motion. some showers, anne arundel county, could be a wet chute
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tomorrow morning. nothing heavy, but wet enough. by this time tomorrow, the clouds are stubborn. clouds go up to gaithersburg. you get breaks in the clouds toward hagerstown and martinsburg and frederick. for tonight then, mostly cloudy, chillily. some light rain and showers. and winds north, northeast at 10. tomorrow morning, a few showers, especially south and east. 40s and 50s. need a jacket for that. so will the kids. by afternoon, variable cloudiness and cool, a few showers still possible. again, primarily south and east. highs only 55 to 60. next three days, we'll keep it code green. 58 tomorrow. a few showers, morning showers on wednesday. great on thursday. and next seven days, all in all, pretty nice. i mean, upper 60s on friday. mid 70s on saturday. a slight chance of a shower on friday. maybe a shower saturday night, but not a big deal. ravens in town, skins in town, may be 80 on sunday. 77 on monday. >> 58 to 80. okay. >> i like that.
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washington weather and anything can happen. and something pretty big did happen in the redskins game. we were pretty scared by that hit. >> it was a scary hit. not totally surprising. but not really what fans have hoped for or the team has hoped for. robert griffin iii said he hopes to be able to play on sunday, but will his concussion keep him on the sidelines? the latest on that. plus, playoffs baseball in full effect. a lock at the nationals and the orioles coming up next.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> the washington nationals trying to make the most of starting their post season on the road despite ending with the best record in baseball. now some clutch hitting in some strategic, helped them win game one against st. louis. but today, it's not looking as promising right now. starting pitcher lasted more than 3 innings, jordan zimmerman, only two strikeouts. all right, up the road, things didn't go quite as well for the orioles. it was their first playoff win. the birds went toe to toe with the yankees until the end. the nats's jim johnson gave up five runs and the game.
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the orioles say this is where that short-term memory comes into play. >> it was one game and we all came back with not much of a memory of what happened last night and ready to get a win today. >> we've had tough losses a lot this year. you know, the peeks and valleys. obviously the sense of urgency changes a little bit because of the series. and our guys know that. >> of course, they go at it again tonight. redskins fans worse fears came true on sunday when robert griffin, iii, was hurt. plenty of cringe worthy moments, but none that knocked him out of the game like this one. it was a hit by sean weatherspoon. it left rg3 with a mild concussion. he sat out of practice today after undergoing several tests. according to teammates, he seemed in good spirits today.
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>> any time anybody has a head injury, you never know how they are feeling. so i'll be ready to go. i haven't talked to other coaches or haven't talked to anybody, so i always prepare and we'll see what happens. >> and kicker rings billy, is here in washington might be over after another missed field goal. this time a 31-yarder in their loss to atlanta. mike shanahan confirmed the skins will work out free agent kickers and if one impresses, you can say good-bye. now it's time to reveal our latest game of the week poll. here's a look at your five choices. a big rivalry between blue and anacostia. >> you have a good lineup there of games to pick from. >> lots of excitement. we have nats and orioles tonight. great time of year. we'll see you at 11:00. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next.
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>> and derek is back at 7:00. good night.
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