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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. 4.39 pitches per plate appearance. fourth most in the majors during the regular season. >> give me a good exhibition here. 3-2. a drive. hit deep to left field.
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looking up. it's gone. >> yes, what a game. what an ending. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. energized by that amazing victory. eager national fans were in line this morning looking for a ticket. and a chance to witness history tonight. or kristin fisher was there. >> reporter: game four was about as good as it gets. everything is on the line in game five. more than 200 nats fans were camped outside the box office this morning hoping to score? last-minute standing room only tickets to game five. what time did you get out here? >> 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: shut up. >> no, i came straight from work. >> reporter: you watched the game at work and came straight here? >> yeah. >> that was probably the loudest i've before been to d.c. sports. that's the most people i ever hugged. >> it was one of the best baseball games i've ever seen. >> reporter: how pumped are you in for tonight's game? >> i hope i can get in. they have the ace on the hill.
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ready to go. >> fans are going to go crazy. >> reporter: how much would i have to pay you to get that ticket from you? >> not for sale. >> going to be pretty hard to pry them out of my hands. >> i don't think you can. this is a game. after last night, the fans are going to go crazy. they've been doing it all year winning in different ways and i think this team is destined to win. >> reporter: if you wanted to come to the game but didn't want to wait in line, you can still get tickets on sites like it's just going to cost you. tickets are going for three times the face value. i'm kristin fisher, 9news now. jayson werth's dramatic bottom of the ninth homer has the nationals in position to go to the world series for the first time in decades. we caught up with the hero after the game. >> yesterday i liked the spot we were in. we needed to win the game. all bets are off tomorrow. >> they didn't make it easy to
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score. every guy out there was doing great. we hung in there. hung in there. you had a feeling it was going to come down to which team would get a big hit first. jayson got a big hit. >> we have a shot to go deep and win the ballgame. the fans are behind him. you know, it's unreal. >> tonight's decisive game gets underway at 8:37 p.m. we'll have complete post-game coverage coming up on 9news now at 11:00. two of the three suspects charged in the beating of a capitol hill man are due in court today. tom may branch and sonny kuty have been charged in the beating of tommy maslin. a third suspect has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. on august 18 the men beat maslin for his i phone. his wife, abby, planned to be in court for today's
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preliminary hearing. >> they have created just a tremendous hole in my heart. their damage is going to be permanent damage. >> in court documents, one of the men admitted to striking maslin in the back of the head with a bb gun. another allegedly confessed to beeght masli -- beating maslin to the ground. a 4-year-old boy is listed in critical condition after falling 80 feet from a high- rise window. he plunged from the ninth floor of the apartment building in tacoma park. witnesses say a small tree broke his fall. the boy was rushed to a trauma center. it is unclear if the child was being supervised at the time of the accident. it is believed that his bed was near the window. turning our attention now to campaign 2012. mitt romney joins running mate paul ryan in the critical swing state of ohio. meanwhile, president obama is stay be put in washington, d.c. for the day where he is
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preparing for the next two debates. danielle nottingham has the latest now from the campaign trail. >> reporter: mitt romney is back in the battleground states today talking to supporters in virginia. later the republican nominee travels to ohio where running mate paul ryan will join him. >> this is not what a real recovery looks like. we need real reforms for real over. that's exactly what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> reporter: the romney campaign is praising ryan's performance in last night's vice presidential debate against joe biden. as the two men discussed domestic and foreign policy, the current vice president spent most of the night on offense. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey. >> reporter: he interrupted ryan and talked into the camera directly several times. >> folks, use your common sense. who do you trust on that? >> reporter: president obama is proud of his running mate's perform manuals. today he's at the white house preparing for his next debate against mitt romney.
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in a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters taken right after the debate, 50% thought vice president biden won. >> these guys bet against america all the time. >> reporter: other polls gave ryan the edge. >> this is what politicians do when they don't have a record to run on. try to scare people from voting for you. >> reporter: it remains to be seen if last night's showdown will sway voters. his torians say the past eight vice presidential debates had almost no affect on the election. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. mitt romney and president obama's next meeting will be a town hall style in new york on tuesday. then their final debate will take place october 22 in florida. well, the komen three-day walk for the cure is under way. participants gathered r the opening ceremonies and the first leg of their 60-mile journey this morning. the walkers are looking to raise money and make a personal difference in the fight against
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breast cancer. >> i'm an oncologist in new york. my sister passed away from breast cancer. we're walking in her honor and in honor of all the patients i treat on a daily basis with breast cancer, trying to cure to make sure all women and men realize that we support them fully. >> proceeds from the 60-mile komen walk for the cure support national breast cancer research and outreach programs. the journey will conclude on sunday at the washington monument. coming up on 9news now at noon, some important pies of white house history are going up on the auction brock today. we'll have details in just a moment. also, after 123 million miles, the space shuttle endeavour is on its final journey. we'll have details when we come back.
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the price of mailing a letter is going up.
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the u.s. postal seice is raising the price of a first class stamp next year. so beginning in january, it will cost 46 cents to mail a letter. the postal service is also unveiling a global forever stamp. the $1.10 stamp will allow customers to send letters anywhere in the world. well, it normally travels at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour. but the space shuttle endeavour is now moving two miles per hour through the streets of los angeles. the orbiter is on its way to a museum. 400 trees were cut down, more than 100 traffic lights had to come down in order for the shuttle to make the trip. the endeavour will be on public display starting october 30. important pieces of white house history are going on the auction block today. they were collected by a long time employee who saved many of the items if the trash bin.
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>> reporter: at the auction gallery in atlanta, georgia, john lloyd is selling his grandfather's hand me downs. >> it's cheesy, i know. >> reporter: given the hands they originally came from, there is plenty of interest. >> when you work at any place in the world even, you're bound to get something. people come through, well, my grandfather's happens to be presidential things. >> reporter: his grandfather bonner arrington was a carpenter at the white house for 33 years. employed during harry truman's administration through to ronald reagan's. collecting people imeel ya that offers a -- memorabilia that offers a three dimensional timeline of the presidential families. john f. kennedy jr.'s baby pen. even a burnt wooden post from 1814 when the british set fire to the white house which arrington found at work during the truman reconstruction. >> we found the table in the tar pen ter shop.
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>> reporter: he also helped with the kennedy renovations and collected items from the first lady herself, including a handwritten thank you note after the death of her son patrick. >> they're real people and they have real lives. a lot of this collection demonstrates that fact as well. >> i'm sure when he was collecting them, he was just -- never thought it would be of great, big value. but today we're reliving part of history. >> reporter: 1,000 things that arrington saved will be auctioned off today. starting bids ranging from $25 to $12,000. just like presidential life, the collection is bittersweet. wedding and inauguration announcements next to memories of an assassination and a funeral. >> when i dug down to the bottom of the box, i found the presidential limousine packet. it really made me shutter. the limousine that president kennedy was assassinated in and the actual packet that it's touting the safety features of the new vehicle, had those been used, we might still have
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president kennedy around today. >> reporter: lloyd who is expecting his first child in may said the profits will go toward the next generation of his family. he's hoping buyers want a piece of history from his grandfather and from his country. >> by the way, that auction is under way right now in atlanta, georgia. coming up, howard has the forecast. >> jc, it's a beautiful afternoon. a little bit on the breezy side. we'll look at the wind gusts in a moment. going to be very cold tonight. maybe the coldest of the season. i'll tell you about the freeze watches and warnings that have been posted. right now we go to break with a look at the allergy outbreak. like yesterday everything in the low category. i'll be back with your weekend forecast when 9news now at noon returns.
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i hope you're reading my favorite newspaper the beacon which is free. you can find it at medical facilities, cvs, senior facilities. it's free. it has a great story about judy and richard on the front cover. comes out every month. today i'm talking to the editor, my friend, stuart rosenthal about the expo that's be held this week, this sunday at white flint mall. last sunday we were in virginia at ballston mall. this sunday we'll be at white flint mall. before i give you more information about the expope, i want to let -- expo, i want to let you know the league of women voters has a wonderful insert in the beacon this year. it's a voters guide for
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montgomery county. all the questions, information that you need. so if you live in montgomery county, you really want to get a copy of the beacon before voting. let's talk about the expo. this week it's at white flint mall. we had great fun. mark was there. he is amazing. he's going to be at white flint with me. i'm going to be there again. >> last week he sort of started off talking about the presidential debate and analyzing that. but i imagine this sunday he'll talk about the vice presidential debate and give us his take on that. >> that's right. this expo that you've been holding for so many years is important for seniors 50 and older because they get important information. >> right, right. we talk about everything from housing and health care to arts and theater, to financial and legal advice. we have more than 60 exhibitors this time which is a really good number. everything from business us and nonprofits and government agencies. >> it starts at? >> starts at noon.
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lasts till 4:00. you can come and stay the whole time because there will be health screenings which you may have to wait in line for. we have computer classes this time. introductory to computer classes, learn about digital photography or free software on the net. we have exercise demonstrations, zumba. there's a lot going on. >> if you just want to be entertained, there is also entertainment. which level of white flint mall do you come to? >> the main level is where most of the things are happening. center court is where you register for door prizes. we have exhibitors going through all the hallways and downstairs. on the second floor is where we have the computer classes and speakers. >> i do want to remind you the league of women voters with this insert that's in the beacon newspaper that has all of the information for voting. there's special questions that are going to be on the ballot. get this and you'll be able to go over that information and make a decision before you get to the voting booth. the beacon newspaper. it's free. doesn't cost you anything.
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stuart rosenthal, always nice to have you. >> thank you, jc. >> i'll see you on sunday. >> yes. >> let's go to howard and get the forecast. it looks good. breezy today and chilly tonight and tomorrow before warmer temperatures return sunday into monday. we're close to the high for the day already. i think temperatures actually slowly drop off this afternoon because we've got brisk northwesterly winds so that's bringing in colder air. a front is passing us. it will be 59 by 5:00. winds still going to gust over 20 miles an hour for the afternoon. we get to tonight. the winds will start to relax some. 55 by 7:00. 51 by 9:00. i want to spend a moment talking about tonight because very important ballgame going on. win or go home. first pitch for the nats 8:37 p.m. cardinals in town. we've got to take them again. 53 at #k. by -- at 8:00. by 9:00 51. it's going to continue to lose a little bit of heat. 50 by 10:00. by 11:00 49. i hope the game doesn't go past midnight but you see temperatures dropping into the upper 40s. you're going to need a jacket and gloves if you're going. it is going to be a little bit after chilly night.
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north and west of town, get your plants inside. got a freeze warning now north of the mason-dixon line. we're under a freeze watch in our northern western counties here. does include montgomery county and fairfax and prince william over to fauquier and loudoun and frederick. everybody along i-70 and along i-81. these will be upgraded later this afternoon to either freeze warnings or maybe just a frost or freeze advisory here depending on how cold the national weather service thinks things are going to get. upper 20s to into 30, 31, 32. right now we have a lot of wind. eight gusting near 30 miles an hour in hagerstown and martinsburg. i've seen gusts at dulles and national in the 20 mile an hour range. that will be the case for this afternoon. the gusty winds and slowly falling temperatures. look at the chill here. it's 39 in oakland. 52 cumberland. we're 65. this cooler air slowly working its way toward us. as lieu outside on the weather -- as you look outside on the weather camera, it's a
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beautiful afternoon. brink. we have dry air, humidity 37% and the sustained winds are gusting to 23. there's the front. you see showers from boston down to southern connecticut now. it's coming through our neck of the woods dry. the dry air combined with the lighter winds we'll have tonight toward saturday morning, that will allow it to get quite cold. that's why we're worried about the freeze. so get the tender plants inside unless you're just going to be done with them for the season. we may see the end to the growing season in some areas north and west. our forecast for the weekend, today 65 or so which is where we are now. we might get another degree or two before we start to drop off. tonight 40 in town with upper 20s and low 30s in the cold spots north and west. 62 tomorrow. but a nice recovery on sunday. sunday the better day of the weekend in my book at 74. if you want to go leaf peeping or go to the pumpkin patch, good weekend for that. by monday low 70s, chance of a shower or two in the afternoon. we're back in the 60s on
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tuesday and wednesday. if you like shrimp, stick around. we have a couple of treats for you in the kitchen when 9news now at noon returns.
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dame' one on one with vick shake. if you've been in the frozen seafood section of the giant in washington, d.c. or shop -- stop 'n' shop in baltimore, then you may have noticed there's new shrimp burgers. there are three different varieties. there's the jalapeno flavor, the teriyaki flavor and the chesapeake bay flavor. he is the creator of the shrimp burgers. of course everybody now it's football time wants to--
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>> tailgating time. >> big shake says you don't need to do ham burgers. do shrimp burgers. >> tailgating season, you don't want to get to half time sleeping in the parking lot. you want to have energy during the whole game. >> it's health year. >> third of the fat of a beef burger, the this rirch burgers. >> you have to sought take them? >> never have to thaw them out. straight from the freezer, your cooler right to the grill. if you have your grill down in the parking lot, right on the groil frozen. three -- grill frozen. three to four minutes on each side, you're done. >> you're going to do a special topping for the burgers. crab meat? >> we have a lump crab and mango salsa. very good. also we'll show you different side dishes you can add to your plate. you want energy during the game. you don't want to be all sluggish and tired. we have grilled pineapple. we have a whipped cream cheese and jalapeno spread.
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grilled sweet potatoes. everything is right on the grill. we also have some avocado ie ollie -- aioli. we have shredded cabbage. i like the red and the green. the lump crab meat. that's the start of the party right there. >> you gave me the recipe. >> i did. >> it's on we put all of this in? >> throw the mangos in there. shredded carrots. we've got rice wine vinegar. >> and this is? >> sesame oil. just a dash. throw it in there. >> what is this? >> lime juice to give it the acidity. we'll bring it together. a little bit of orange juice to give it sweetness. we're not using traditional may nays to thicken it up. we're -- may nays to -- mayonnaise to thicken it up. put in a little bit of salt, cilantro. >> the recipe is on this is easy. >> very easy.
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>> you cook -- you sauteed? >> i saute the shrimp burgers. put it right on the burger. >> how about if i do that? >> go ahead. put some crab meat too. >> that looks good. come back and visit us at 5:00. the recipe is on are we going to have a good lunch today. >> take care. >> look at that.
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