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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tomorrow. probably through saturday. tomorrow is going to be the warmest day the way it looks now. here's a look at your day planner on this tuesday morning. milder than yesterday. you still need a jacket. 54 in town with mid-40s out there in the suburbs but we'll be 70 by noon. mix of sun and clouds. highs in the upper 70s, even near 80 south and west of d.c. with a 5:00 p.m. drive home temperature very pleasant 76 degrees. satellite and radar, we've got high clouds coming across the region. up in pennsylvania and ohio and to our north here we've got all of these showers rumbling across that region. some of these may just sneak into western maryland or right across the maryland- pennsylvania border. cool spots in the mid-40s like frederick this morning. 45 in culpeper. 47 in la plata and on the eastern shore we've got upper 40s. same with gaithersburg 48. so this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. pleasantly warm. high temperatures mid- to upper 70s, even around 80. maybe 81 out toward culpeper. 5:00 a.m. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. all is quiet this morning i'm happy to say. construction has been cleared
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up. no issues to report as you travel on the beltway or the major thoroughfares trying to get there, including 270 out of frederick. we're looking great as you travel in from i-70 down toward germantown and the point where the lanes divide. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first here on 270 at shady grove road. all lanes are open in both directions of 270, looking great this morning in gaithersburg. this time to the maps in virginia. on the northbound side of 95, no issues out of woodbridge as you cross the okay quain river into spring -- occoquan river into springfield. at duke street northbound 395, again both the main and hov lanes are looking great to the 14th street bridge. same story on 295 northbound to the 11th street bridge. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:09. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. this morning the presidential debates of campaign 2012 are over. president obama and mitt romney squared off for the third and final time last night. >> the debate at lynn university in boca raton,
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florida was supposed to focus on foreign policy. chris finish fisher is in our -- kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more on what happened. a lot thought they could veer this toward the economy. did they do that? >> reporter: for the most part the candidates did stick to foreign policy. there was really no clear winner out of the third and final debate although both cbs and cnn instant polls did give president obama a slight edge. but mitt romney, he held his own, no major gaffes, even though the subject matter of this third and final debaipt as you said -- debate as you said foreign policy is widely considered to be his weakest issue. you can see these two candidates were all smiles when they walked out, but no -- make no mistake about it, this was another very heated debate. the most memorable line, the most tweeted line about the night came from the president who attacked his opponent's comments about cuts to the defense budget. >> i think governor romney hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military
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works. you mentioned the navy for example, we have fewer ships than we did in 1917. governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. we have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. we have ships that go under water, nuclear submarines. so the question is not a game of battleship where we're counting ships. it's what are our capabilities. >> of course i don't concur with what the. said about my own record and the things that i've said. they don't happen to be accurate. but i can say this. that we're talking about the middle east and how to help the middle east reject the kind of terrorism we're seeing and the rising tide of tum put and confusion and attacking me is not an agenda. attacking me is not talking about how we're going to deal with the challenges that exist in the middle east and take advantage of the opportunity there and stem the tide of this violence. >> reporter: the middle east dominated the first full hour of this 90-minute debate, especially when it comes to
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talking about iraq and israel. i will have ec sermts from what -- excerpts from what both the candidates had to say coming up in half an hour but another very exciting debate, although i think a lot of folks were watching some of the big sports on last night, not quite as many eyeballs on this third debate. >> absolutely, kristin. thank you. kristin will update us on what else the candidates said in the next couple of minutes. >> in case you're watching football or baseball. early voting has started in several states. now it's under way in the district of columbia. it started at 8:30 yesterday morning. one early voting dismr is open in each of the city's eight wards. if you live in maryland, early voting willtart this saturday n. virginia absentee voting has already begun. just an awful story out of new york. moms, if you have kids probably not a bad idea to hit the mute if they're watching. a killer in new york is threatening more violence unless convicted d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo is set free. police in brooklyn say a note
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was left under the body of a pregnant woman. she was found with her throat slashed over the weekend. the note says one pregnant woman will be killed every month until malvo is released from prison. police believe this note might be false just to try to lead them off the track of the murder investigation. malvo, though, as you may remember is serving a life sentence for the october 2002 attacks here in the d.c. area and his partner john allen muhammad was executed. he risked his life to keep others safe. vincent gray has presented leo johnson with the first ever mayor's medal of honor. johnson was shot in the the arm last august but still tack himmed a gunman at the headquarters of the -- tackled a gunman at the headquarters of the family research council. it is 5:05. time now for the latest your money report this morning. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. where do we begin? >> we begin with earnings.
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we've been looking over all the earnings to see how companies are doing. we have a fresh crop this morning. after the closing bell, yahoo reported slightly better than expected quarterly sales and profits. texas instruments taking the wind out of those sales. -- sails. sales fell. after the bell the big one today facebook set to deliver its results, and a lot of people are going to be watching that one. checking the numbers now the dow stands this morning at 13,345 after eking out a two- point gain. better than a loss. the nasdaq was down 11. -- or rather up 11 and the s&p 500 was up by half a point. just one item on today's economic calendar. it's a doozy. the federal reserve begins two days of meetings when it reveals its decision on interest rates. all that much change is not expected. the official announcement from the central bank is due tomorrow following the meeting. today the d.c. city council is holding a hearing on a bill that would allow cars on the streets of washington that
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drive themselves. nevada, florida and california have already authorized the so- called driverless cars. google has been developing a fleet of them so it's been lobbying states to legalize them and lobbying council members like ward 3's mary cheh who introduced today's bill. they work on gps and sensors so they can navigate you in and out of traffic. >> circles in this town? >> i don't know. apparently they've tried them out in beijing and they've worked there. >> got one word for you. gps in your car, right? recalculating. >> this is all based on google's technology which is fantastic but it can't see everything. >> just think circle. can't do it. what do you have for us in the next half-hour? navigate us through that. >> i'm going to navigate you through the local housing recovery. i've been looking at the numbers and i'll tell you how your neighborhood is took. >> thank -- is doing. >> thank you, jess. we don't normally think of
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tornadoes hitting along the west coast but people in part of california think that's exactly what happened last night. more on that coming up. >> giants fans celebrate as they get ready for the world series and it starts tomorrow night.
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welcome back. 10 after 5:00 on this tuesday morning. we're starting in the 40s and 50s. then this afternoon nice. 66 is the average high. we'll be in the the upper 70s to near 80. looking at the day planner a mix of sun and clouds is expected. we'll rise to 66 by 11:00. by 1:00 73. 77 at 3:00 with a high of 78. monika, over to you. on the southbound side of i- 95, there are no issues in laurel here at route 198 as you head for the beltway leaving baltimore. and no irks from any of the major thoroughfares coming in from the north this morning. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. making news now at 5:10,
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police now say the man who opened fire at a wisconsin spa bought the gun he used illegally. radcliffe houghton purchased the gun after having a restraining order issued against him which included a requirement to turn in all his firearms. three of the seven women shot on sunday died. houghton later committed suicide. a land dispute near the panama canal. police fired shots to disperse demonstrators. they are continuing despite three deaths over the weekend. an apparent tornado left a trail of damage in northern california. people in yuba city say they saw the clouds heading through town. when it was over shefds, power lines and -- sheds, power lines and trees had been knocked out and at least one home had its roof ripped off. could we be looking at a significant form coming this weekend? howard looks at our chances for a coastal storm. he'll do that at 5:15.
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at 5:22, redskins tight end and a fan favorite chris cooley talks about returning to the team a couple of months after he was cut. >> at 5:56, today's hero central recognizing a local program that helps people learn basic english skills. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. coming up at 5:15 tuesday morning. boy, does howard have an
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interesting forecast for us today and through the rest of the week. >> feels like september more than october. it's going to be nice and mild. then late in the weekend, we've got to worry about potentially what sandy may or may not do. because if it comes up the coast, it will be a real problem. >> the season goes through-- >> november 30 is when the hurricane season ends. we've got two systems out there right now. here's a look at the bus stop forecast this morning. we're looking really good. i think a fleece or light jacket is all you you'll need with temps in the 40s and 50s this morning. winds are coming up out of the south, southwest at about 5 to 10. sunrise not until 7:26. a good looking day. a mix of sun and clouds. up near the maryland- pennsylvania boarder, there could be a passing sprinkle or shower this morning. 70 by noon. that's already above the afternoon high which is 66. 76 at 5:00. i think we get to 78 in d.c. with maybe even 80 toward culpeper and manassas. showers up in pennsylvania this morning. want to take you toward southwest pa, not far from
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somerset. some of these may get right along the mid34-d--- the maryland-pennsylvania border. mid-40s in gaithersburg. leesburg 46. also 46 in manassas with 5 burke and vienna. it's 51 andrews. 47 crofton. 52 down in prince frederick. and 52 also in newland. bill checking in with me this morning. outside on our michael & son weather camera, another quiet morning with high, thin clouds giving us great visibility. they're up 20,000, 30,000 feet. dew points in the 40s now. a little more moisture in the area. the bigger picture shoation the showers and even a rumble of shundzer back from -- thunder back from indiana and pennsylvania all the way to new york state. we won't have too much in the way of problems except for the passing high clouds from time to time especially north of d.c. this afternoon the mix of sun and clouds. looking nice with highs well up into the 70s. for wednesday again a few passing clouds but overall another nice day with highs
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tomorrow near 80. then on thursday watch how these clouds sort of come in from the northeast. a northerly easterly push off the atlantic will cool us down back to 70, maybe 75 degrees. in the tropics, we've got not just sandy but this is td19. that's going northeast. sandy will be the bigger problem sitting there right now strengthening. stationary. winds 45. this is forecast to increase in intensity pretty quickly approaching jamaica here tomorrow afternoon. tropical storm warnings are up and a hurricane watch. they'll probably upgrade those to hurricane warnings should it intensify. maybe a hurricane over cuba and into the bahamas thursday evening. after that hurricane forecast has it going northeast over toward bermuda which would be good for us. bad for them. but other models are seeing it track up toward long island and new york. we'll watch this carefully. 78 today. tonight 60 in town. 50s in the suburbs. wednesday, thursday mix of clouds and sun. 80 tomorrow. low to mid-70s on thursday and then sunday, monday all depends on where sandy goes.
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5:17. good morning, monika. good morning. there is one little miningor announce. it's not that minor -- annoyance. it's not that minor if you're heading to 270. there is construction still in place in the right lane and it is causing slow traffic already as you head southbound on 270 toward urbana. you want to stay to the left to get around that work zone and hopefully they should have it cleared up if you're just heading out the door. let's take a live look a little further south on route 109 at 270. you know this bunches up toward 121 early on as well, but right you're still good to go in that area. let's go back over to our maps this time to northbound i-95 in virginia. it's beginning to slow down just a bit as you travel through quantico. it's okay across the occoquan river. we'll take a live look in springfield on the northbound side of i-95. leaving route 644 this is what you have to deal with trying to get on to 395. we'll be back at 5:24. two capitals are teaming up again just not on this
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continent. >> plus, chris cooley talking about his role as he returns to the redskins roster. that story is coming up in sports. >> coming up on 5:19. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. it is what do most kids say is the worst treat they receive on halloween? is it a, a toothbrush, b, raisins, c, candy corn? >> our facebook friend diana wrote for me it's always candy corn. can't stand that stuff. >> log on to the wusa9 fates book fan page -- facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. we'll be back.
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5:22 on this tuesday morning. a mix of clouds and sun and clear skies. temps in the 40s and as. a lot warmer than yesterday morning. it's going to be a warm afternoon for october. might see a sprinkle moving up across the pennsylvania- maryland border. 70 by lunch time. 72 culpeper. 66 hagerstown. and check it out for the afternoon other than the isolated shower southern pa, we'll be in the upper 70s to even near 80. sweet. michael? the world series is now set. of course after an anticlimatic game seven last night. >> plus, a redskins fan favorite talked about his return to the roster. kristen berset has our morning sports. good morning, everybody. the redskins brought back fan favorite chris cooley of losing
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tight end fred davis for the season. just eight weeks ago the redskins sent cooley packing cutting him just before the start of the season. but cooley said today he knew the extent of davis' injury within an hour after it happened on sunday and figured he would get a call. apparently the two sides had previously discussed such possibility. cooley says he doesn't know how soon he'll see playing time but he's just excited to come home. >> i'm just excited to be back and be a part the locker room and be a part of the group of guys. i feel like i can play. i'm only 30 years old. i know i can play. i'm not sure what it will be week one or how i'll transition into that. i don't want to step on anyone's toes. i don't want -- i'm just there to do what they ask me to do. >> game seven of the nlcs, cards and giants looking to punch their ticket to the world series. a grounder through the infield. three runs come in. giants take advantage of the
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cardinals, crush them to win. they will face the tigers in the world series. congrats to san francisco. all right, caps fans. they've been reunited in russia with dynamo moscow. yesterday was the first game of the two stars back together again. ov had a goal and assist. backstrom with an assist. got to keep it fresh in case the lockout ever ends. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great tuesday. presidential candidates debate for the last time before the election just two weeks away now. more on that coming up. >> are you ready for the windows 8? that's in your next your money report. it's 5:24. here's monika. >> overnight road work finally cleared on the southbound tied of i-270 after route 80 in urbana. you might hit the brakes a time or two through that area and then again after route 109 to 121. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:29.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. >> eight shorts wet gler it -- it's shorts weather. >> it is. that's what howard says. >> we'll be well in the 70s this afternoon. maybe 80 places like culpeper, manassas. fine weather this time of year when the average is 66. you'll need a jacket early. i don't think it's shorts weather yet but it will be there by lunch time. if you run in the afternoon, yeah, short sleeves not a problem today. 07 by lunch time -- 70 by lunch time with 76 by 5:00. a high today in d.c. 78 degrees. 12 above the average. mist of clouds and clear skies. the high clouds are coming in. we've got some showers up north of the pennsylvania border. not far from somerset north of
5:29 am
garrett county. could be straddling the maryland-pennsylvania border, mason-dixon line through the morning showers. 47 in martinsburg but 51 luray. yesterday they were in the mid- 30s. 46 manassas. 48 in cambridge. and 47 la plata. so some 40s out there but certainly a lot warmer than yesterday morning and this afternoon check out these highs. mid-70s on the bay but the rest of us upper 70s, even 80 'ish in fredricksburg. 5:29. over to monika with timesaver traffic. northbound route 301 at central avenue, watch out for the accident in the left lane on the northbound side of route 301. on the north side of town, things are looking great. no problems out of college park heading west on the beltway. a few little brake lights forming in silver spring and then you're set free in bethesda. no problems on 270 or i-95. we'll show you what it looks like first here at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. this is a good indication of what it looks like between bethesda and tysons corner along west side of 495. let's go back over to our maps.
5:30 am
first of all if you're planning to head inbound, now you have slow traffic forming in manassas. no problems on the dulles toll road. northbound gw parkway after route 123, police activity in the roadway. a live look one more time, this time 66 here near route 50. i'll be back with more coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. mitt romney and president obama met for the third and final time monday night. >> with the election now just two weeks away, it was their last chance to show voters a face-to-face comparison. 9news now reporter kristin fisher has more from our satellite center. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. both campaigns are claiming victory this morning. no surprise there. but what was surprising, at least for the average american, was the complete role reversal between the first and this final debate. the president went from being sleepy to super aggressive while mitt romney went from attacking to at times agreeing with his opponent.
5:31 am
but he still set off plenty of fireworks, especially when he accused the president of going on an apology tour across the middle east. >> mr. president, the reason i call it an apology tour is because you went to the middle east and you flew to egypt and to saudi arabia and to turkey and iraq -- by the way, you skipped israel, our closest friend in the region but you went to the other regions. by the way, they noticed that you skipped israel. >> if we're going to talk about trips that we've taken, when i was a candidate for office, first trip i took was to visit our troops, and when i went to israel as a candidate, i didn't take donors. i didn't attempt fund raisers. i went to the holocaust museum there to remind myself the nature of evil. >> that was my posture as well glrg during the debate, they
5:32 am
dealt with the u.s. troop levels. >> you indicated we still should have troops in iraq. >> i'm sorry, that's -- i indicated that you failed to put in place a status of forces agreement at the end of the conflict that existed. >> governor, here's one thing i've learned as commander in chief. you've got to be clear both to our allies and our enemies about where you stand. >> reporter: another heated debate with no clear winner. today both candidates are back on the campaign trail with two weeks to go until election day. obama is going to be in florida and ohio while romney is going to campaign in nevada, colorado. two weeks to go. it is all about those battleground states. andrea? >> all right, kristin fisher with an update live from our satellite center. thanks to redistricting, one of the hottest congressional races is right in our area in maryland's sixth district.
5:33 am
ten-term republican incumbent rosco bartlet finds himself fighting a real battle. both mr. bartlet and his democratic challenger john delaney will be in our studio for the entire newscast to discuss issues important to district 6 residents. that's right here tonight at 7:00. lawyers for the man accused of trying to firebomb an arlington shopping mall are apparently concerned about his mental state. they asked a judge yesterday to order an evaluation for leon trail, jr. the judge set up a hearing today. police say trail tossed a molotov cocktail into the food court at ballston common mall last thursday. the device did not explode and no one was hurt. hours later police arrested trail near the courthouse metro station. a former c.i.a. officer accused of leaking the names of covert operatives to journalists is expected to enter a guilty plea today. he has a change of plea hearing scheduled. he initially pleaded not guilty to charges he disclosed the
5:34 am
names of two covert c.i.a. operatives. a massive electronic database detailing the burial sites of hundreds of thousands of people at national arlington cemetery is now accessible to the public. old records were kept on index cards. the modernization comes after hundreds of problems with missed identified graves and they were found in 2010. the database includes an interactive map on the cemetery's website and there is also a free smartphone app for that. 5:34. it's time for another your money report. >> how much is your home worth? jessica doyle is here to check it out. good morning. >> good morning. think back to may 2004. got that in your head? that's what your home is worth nowadays in the washington area. but that's a lot better than where we've been. local home prices were in the first part of 2011 when they
5:35 am
had lost about a quarter of their value. the latest numbers from still low show that area home values have added 2.7% over the past to months or rather 12 months. that's the biggest gain since june 2006. home values are expected to keep rising, too. 1.1% over the next year, though that is below the national average. here's a look at some local year over year values. alexandria was up 3.7%. arlington up 3.4%. silver spring up 1.8%. and check this out. washington home prices, the city, they've been up a median of 9.1% year over year. big, big gain there. the holiday shopping season is nearly here. that's why the tech sector keeps rolling out the big deal products this week. microsoft revealed windows 8 on thursday. it goes on sale friday. the operating system is set to tie together pcs, tablets and smartphones. some experts say if you're going to buy a new computer soon, windows 8 will make you
5:36 am
think differently about what a pc s. i'm actually pretty excited to see what they roll out. at 1:00 p.m. eastern time today, apple is expected to unveil the ipad mini. price tag remains to be seen. it's expected to be half the size of an ipad, bigger than the cindlele fire and -- kindle fire and it remains to be seen if the market will bear another tablet in that size and a little more expensive. >> they're playing the calendar game to steal each other's thunder. microsoft areas tablet the surface is also coming out. >> thank you, jess. you'll be back in a few minutes with? >> daily deals. still ahead, today's buddy check has encouraging news for women who used to have a tougher time getting accurate cancer screenings. >> plus, a dying world war ii veteran offers all of us a very powerful reminder of the importance of voting.
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5:38. on the weather terrace rather comfortable with temperatures this morning in the 50s in town. some 40s in the suburbs with light winds. pretty good start. you may need a like jack kept but we have a nice day ahead. we're expecting a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures by lunch time will be pushing the 70-degree mark. winds will be kicking up out of the south only 6 miles an hour. 73 there at 1:00. upper 70s to even near 80 for the high. a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 76. monika? a medical emergency on mcarthur boulevard at sagamore road in bethesda. at the roosevelt bridge you're fine but northbound gw parkway after route 123, police activity in the right lane. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes at 5:48. jess? >> thanks, monika. i've been combing through the day's e-mails and retailer discounts to find you deep
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discounts. love the movies? st. elmo's fire? watch it at movie night at nationals park. thursday, november 8, 15 bucks gets you an outfield ticket. $30 you get a sealed seating ticket. for $38 you get a bar package. the first 1200 cars get free parking. this deal is through groupon. here is a luxurious getaway. the famous greenbrier resort in west virginia has a deal with living social. pay $500 for a two-night stay for two, plus you're getting a $50 resort credit. that saves you 32%. and take off some lbs with weight they're offering 30% off an online membership. $59.98 with three months of access. it saves you just about $27. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebook. over -- from you on facebook. over you to. he's not expected to be alive on november 6 but the family of a gravely ill world war ii veteran is letting the
5:41 am
world see him cast his final ballot. >> the 93-year-old has inoperable cancer. he filled out his absentee ballot as soon as it arrived. relatives reds him the names and -- read him the names and he either nodded or shook his head. a japanese american, he joined the u.s. army after being placed in an internment camp. he said he wanted to let his country know he wasn't an enemy. >> cast your ballot. a trial in maryland over chesapeake bay pollution is in its final stages now. we'll update you coming up. in today's buddy check 9, we'll look at how doctors are making improvements diagnosing cancer in women with dense breasts. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. martin luther king iii turns 55. ang lee is 58. nancy grace is 53.
5:42 am
al yankovic is 53. doug flutie is 50. ryan reynolds turns 36 today. s. gupta is 43. a happy birthday to our studio supervisor joe zentner and our queen of 9 news now at noon our own jc hayward. happy birthday.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. what year is this? what season is this? we're not sure anymore. here's howard to clue us in. >> looking at the leaves, it's obviously fall. they're looking really pretty lately but temperature wise it's going to be feel like late september. this will not last forever. you know that. but we'll take it when we've got it.
5:46 am
this morning's bus stop forecast, this is pretty good, especially after yesterday's chill. we're in the 40s and 50s. when i was on the weather terrace without a jacket, i was really comfortable. temps in the low 50s. thankfully winds are relatively light this morning. they'll be picking up out of the south later on, 5, 10 miles an hour. 70 by noon. 77 at 4:00 with a life 78 in d.c. 80 places like culpeper and manassas this afternoon and fredricksburg 70 by 8:00. looks great this evening with a mix of sun an clouds. showers up -- and clouds. we're seeing showers up in pennsylvania, ohio. closest stuff in maryland right now. just north on the stateline. light sprinkles but the more moderate showers north of the turnpike from somerset back toward the altoona area. temperatures this morning 40s and 50s. no 30s on the map. we've got 54 in win chester. cumberland is 50. 49 in easton and baltimore this morning. and 53 in fredricksburg. 52 by the way from herndon.
5:47 am
54. great visibility out there. 54 degrees. partly to mostly cloudy skies. these are high thin clouds. no problems from that. a light southwesterly wind at 5 at national. dew points have risen from the 30s to the upper 40s from yesterday morning to this morning. we're looking at a big dip in the jet stream out in the west. you can see the clouds coming on shore with the rain and the snow in the higher elevations in california, the northwest into the northern rockies n. is some cold air there. when the jet dips in the west, it rises in the east. we're going to be south of that jet so the showers and the storms stay generally north of us here for a few days. the next thing we're going to have to worry about are the tropics. we have tropical depression 19. this is going to go that way. but sandy is going to be a problem. going to be a problem in the western caribbean first and maybe, maybe the east coast. the jury has not come back on that one yet but sandy is strengthening. not moving much right now. winds 45 gusting to 60. just drifting north at 3 miles
5:48 am
an hour but forecast to lift up toward jamaica by the time we get into early wednesday morning as a category 1 hurricane with winds 80 miles an hour. crossing jamaica wednesday afternoon. crossing cuba as we get into thursday morning, the early morning hours. into the bahamas still as a category 1 hurricane weakening now or becoming what's called an extra tropical storm. transitioning from tropical to nontropical. still a strong storm here. the hurricane center takes it more toward bermuda than the east coast. there are still models that want to bring it up the east coast close cows and -- close to us and that could impact us sunday and monday if it plays out. tonight mild, 50s to around 60. tomorrow some clouds, 80. thursday 74. not the highest confidence in the long range forecast because we don't know what will happen with sandy but it will get colder. here's monika with timesaver
5:49 am
traffic. you hungry? >> i'm always hungry. on the northbound side of 301 there's an accident. let's go to a live picture from sky 9. it's a frito lay trucks. it looks like the tow truck has arrived and if you're planning to head through this area, you've got the left lane blocked. i don't think it's causing much after delay. if you do want to avoid it, maybe use church road on the west side of this. this is northbound 301 at central avenue. let's take a look again at our maps, this time over in southern maryland. no issues to report out of brandywine on route 5, 210 out of accokeek to oxon hill across the wilson bridge. you're going to be just fine here. no issues to report as you travel on the beltway in prince george's county. we'll take another live look outside. this time here's what it looks like at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. beltway looking good between tysons and bethesda. i'll be back with more on that accident at 6:00. >> thank you, monika.
5:50 am
fatty breasts versus dense breasts s one better than the other? women with dense breasts are considered higher risk of developing breast cancer and it was also believed their prospects for recurrence, even death were poor. a new study offer some surprising results for women in both categories. >> this is a very dense breasted person. >> reporter: a majority of women have dense breasts. the term has nothing to do with breast size, shape or firmness. it's just about the type of tissue that makes up the breast. >> we depend on high quality digital mammography and good positioning to separate out the structures. >> reporter: dense tissue shows up white but so does cancer making it much harder to detect. >> in a fatty breast, it's like looking through a clear brook and we can find the white spots much more readily. >> reporter: this woman's breast cancer is still higher than the woman with fatty tissue, but digital mammography has been an imaging game changer.
5:51 am
in a new study by the national cancer institute offers encouraging news to women with dense breasts. the study followed some 9300 women over a six and a half- year period. it concluded that higher breast density had no impact on the mortality risk once the disease had developed. surprisingly, that wasn't the case for some women believed to be at lower risk. >> obese women with fatty breasts were actually found to die more frequently of breast cancer. that's kind of unfortunate because those are the ones that are easy to find breast cancers in earlier. the issue of dense versus fatty breast has been overblowned, this doctor believes. having one is not better than the other. what the study does prove is theafer woman can benefit from high quality digital mammography which she says is safe and effective at finding breast cancer early. >> i'm all in favor of finding bansers early but by -- bansers early but by -- breast cancers early but by making women feel
5:52 am
they're less safe is a bad message to send. >> bottom line, the study's authors say the findings show we have a lot to learn about dense breast tissue and its implications for screening, diagnosis and treatment. to see the story again, click on buddy check 9 on the home page at and to keep yourself and your buddy in check, text buddy check 9 to 25543 for a monthly early detection alert sponsored by washington radiology associates. it is 5:52. here's some of the stories making news this morning. police in northeast louisiana are investigating an apparent hate crime. a 20-year-old woman is now in critical condition with burns over half of her body. she told police three men set her on fire and wrote kkk and other racial slurs on her car. so far no arrests. the child endangerment trial of douglas kennedy is under way in new york.
5:53 am
kennedy, son of the late senator robert kennedy, was charged after a confrontation while trying to take his newborn out of the hospital. hospital staff says he did so without permission. kennedy claims the nurses are after money. farm runoff is at the center after trial under way in baltimore. alan hudson and purdue farms are both defendants in the case. the charges that runoff from hudson's chicken farm is polluting the chesapeake bay watershed. however, one expert witness is claiming the farm's cows, not its chickens for the pollution. was there a winner in last night's presidential debate? more on that story coming up. >> plus, today's hero central recognizes a program helping immigrants and others improve their english skills. jessica? >> forget about blackberries. another major federal agency is moving to a new type of phone. i'll tell you what you can be getting from the boss coming up at 6:06. you're watching 9news now.
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5:56 am
delightful weather the next few days. not nearly as chilly at yesterday when we were in the 30s. you'll need a much lighter jacket with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. watching a few showers in pennsylvania. mix of clouds and sunshine. 57 by 9:00 here in town with mid-50s in the then dough ya valley. we head toward lunch time. a few clouds north. more sun south. temperatures in the low 70s. this afternoon looks delight dpl.
5:57 am
stray shower near the pennsylvania border. high temperatures upper 70s to near 80 degrees. annual dray ya and mike, back -- andrea and mike, back to you. >> thank you, howard. we honor a local literacy effort. imagine coming to this country not able to speak english or read basic information like street signs or a job application. >> this is the reality for many immigrants. one prince william organize daition is getting their language -- organization is getting their language skills on track. jc hayward salutes the literacy volunteers of america in prince william county. >> i came to this country, all i could say is good morning, good morning. hi, hi. >> reporter: she came to this country two years ago from west africa. she learned about literacy volunteers of america of prince william and she quickly signed up. >> it's wonderful. they're such wonderful individuals. it's so nice to see them
5:58 am
progress and move toward where they won't need me anymore. that's the whole plan here. >> reporter: sonia, the tutor, works patiently with her. she also works with zeb, a pakistani american who immigrated seven months ago to escape religious persecution. >> she helped me find a job. >> reporter: zeb got hired at a 7-eleven after improving his english. >> most of the students we get here are probably better educated than i am in their country, but unfortunately that doesn't translate here for jobs and things like that. >> reporter: the organization helps break down the language barrier for immigrants. >> in this economy we've had a lot of students where their jobs depend on them, improving their reading and writing skills or they need those skills to actually get a job. >> reporter: and she did land a job. >> this class did a lot for me
5:59 am
because i just got a job last month at wal-mart. because my english is better. >> reporter: i'm jc hayward, 9news now. >> aside from the $20 testing fee, classes are free. literacy volunteers of america prince william not only tutors immigrants but also english speakers who want to get their ged or improve their reading. to learn more about how to volunteer or enroll, go to and click on hero central. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning, joe and family. i'm andrea roane. >> good morning. joe and family. we're glad you're with us. >> i can't stop thinking about doritos and i'll tell you why in a minute. >> okay. right now howard bernstein was thinking about chips, too. >> and not just tacos either. >> he has weather first. it's like a summer day and we could go out


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