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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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no glare. we're glare free this morning. monika samtani will have traffic momentarily. >> hear howard's forecast and what change down the road for us? >> a lot will depend on sandy that will pound into jamaica and cuba the next couple of days and heads up the east coast early next week, late in the weekend. today just some clouds blowing this way. some showers in the ohio valley. they'll probably stay west of the mountains. looking at the day planner this morning, we're in for a good looking day with temperatures which will be climbing by lunch time toward the low to mid-70s already after starting out in the 50s and 60s. high of 81 with a 5:00 p.m. temperature with more sunshine this afternoon, 78 degrees. even if we got a sprinkle in a couple of spots this morning, especially in the mountains, that would not be out of the question. you could see the showers in ohio moving into west virginia. this looks worse than it is in northern west virginia. a lot of that is not reaching the ground. maybe most of that is not reaching the ground with temperatures now upper 50s in winchester, cross junction also at 59 degrees from steve there.
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manassas at 52 with 58 from scott and the gang over at andrews. this afternoon more sun than this morning. temperatures upper 70s to low 80s. about 15 above the average. 6:01. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. kind after good news-bad news situation at 6:01 in the morning. authorities in stafford have been dealing with an overnight jackknifed tractor-trailer and a fuel spill northbound 95 before courthouse road since 12:30 this morning. right now only the left lane is blocked. that's the good news. the bad news is it's rush hour so it's definitely causing some delays. we'll go a little further north and show you what it looks like in springfield where the lanes are open. no issues to report here as you head northbound toward 395 and the 14th street bridge further north from that accident everything is final. we'll go back over to our maps and this time to the bw parkway and route 50. inside the beltway through cheverly everything looks great. you may have heard about the tractor-trailer holding 9,000 gallons of propane fuel yesterday afternoon at the bay bridge.
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right now everything is cleared. you're good to go across the bridge span both directions. we'll take a live look at route 50 at i-97. traffic is moving well to the beltway. i'll be back with more coming up at 6:11. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. with redistricting, district 6 in maryland has radically changed. two weeks to go until the election and the battle for this congressional seat is fired up. long time republican congressman rosco bartlet is trying to keep his job from his democratic opponent john delaney. >> last night both candidates joined derek mcginty in our studio to look at their take on the issues that are important to you, the voters. kristin fisher has more on what came out of last evening. chris continue, good morning. >> reporter: good morning -- kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no doubt the incumbent has the experience here. he's 86 years old and he's been at this for 20 years but his democratic challenger john delaney is a successful businessman and this redistricting has certainly given him the edge. last night both of these candidates sat down in our studios and they debated the issues but also discussed why
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they're running. listen. >> some have suggested that part of the reason you're running is because the party asked you to do it because they didn't have anybody else that even had a chance in the new district. did that have anything to do with it? >> it probably does. i really reach across the aisle. for instance, i am the legislator of the year for the humane society. i really appeal to people on a broad spectrum. i have a doctorate. i'm a scientist. my first degree was in theology. i was a home builder. so i can identify with people in a lot of different areas. >> why are you running? >> i think the american dream is about tomorrow being better than today. and for us to continue to fulfill that promise, we have to reverse the employment trends that this country is facing. i believe i'm uniquely positioned to do that as someone who started two businesses here in maryland, created over 2,000 jobs and has helped over 5,000 businesses around the country. >> reporter: when people who live in maryland's district 6 go to vote for one of these two candidates, they will also be
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voting on several high stake ballot measures in the state of maryland. you have gambling, same-sex marriage, the dream act. hear where those two candidates stand on those issues coming up in half an hour at 6:30. >> kristin fisher reporting live from our satellite center. 6:04 now. indiana senate candidate richard murdoch made some comments about abortion and rape during a debate last night which did not sit well with his g.o.p. leaders. take a listen. >> i came to realize life is that gift if god. i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> murdoch was asked in the final minutes of the debate with democratic challenger representative joe donnelly whether or not abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest. the race is one of the country's most watched senate races. new information this morning on the meningitis outbreak. the state of massachusetts is now launching a criminal investigation into the compounding pharmacy thought to be the source of it all.
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officials say their preliminary investigation has found problems with cleanliness and sterilization. specks of fungus found in steroid medication, dirptsy floor mats -- dirty floor mats, lab equipment not properly tested, medication not sterilized and drugs shipped before they were tested for contamination. the governor promise as crackdown on all of these facilities. >> the pharmacy board will immediately start periodic unannounced inspections of compounding pharmacies that prepare sterile injectable medications sum as those directly linked to the outbreak. these pharmacies will be inspected annually and more frequently in the case of a substantiated complaint. >> the new england compounding center says it is cooperating with investigators. more than 300 people across the nation have become sick in the fungal meningitis outbreak. 23 have died. a woman who crashed into a squad car and then tried to run over a police officer is now behind bars this morning.
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they led police on quite a chase yesterday. this was around walter reed national military medical center. she went through the towns of bethesda and rockville. 27-year-old angela cobbold of manassas was spotted making a u- turn right before walter reed before noon and was stuck in traffic. department of defense officers approached her vehicle. she was eating what appeared to be a bar of soap. cobbold saw them, took off and hit a car. she eventually returned to the walter reed neighborhood and officers stopped her again. when she refused to put down her window, he broke the rear window with his baton. she backed into his cruiser and took off. she came across another officer and drove her car at him. that officer fired his weapon. cobbold eventually crashed her car. no one was hurt. she was eventually arrested. police in new jersey are now saying a teenage boy lured a 12-year-old girl into his house under the guys of getting part -- guise of getting parts
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from her bicycle and his older brother killed her. it sparked a grantic search -- frantic search by residents of the small town. the body was stuffed into a home repsyche -- recycling bin. the boys are 15 and 17 years old charged with murder. she disappeared while riding her bicycle saturday a little more than a week before what would have been her 13th birthday. it 16:07. the -- it 16:07 -- it is 6:07. a brand new report out this morning. jessica has a big surprise. you're -- you were sort of giving us a sneak peek. eight interesting. >> we all get sticker shock when we think about the cost of college. public schools now cost an average of about $18,000 a year if you live in a dorm. that's why you might be surprised to hear about the deep discounts you can find on private campuses. when you think about an affordable college education, you don't tend to think of
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harvard and yale. but maybe you should. >> need base aid. that's the key to it all. >> reporter: mark of kiplinger says the top academic institutions in the country also top their rankings of the most affordable private colleges because they offer no loan need base aid for students. and that can really bring down the cost. >> a good case in point is yale, 652,000 is the total coast. the -- cost. the price goes down to less than $14,000. >> reporter: you can get an ivy league education for less than the cost of a lot of in state public schools. students don't have to walk away drowning in debt. >> princeton university which is number three on our list this year, they have close to $40,000 of need base aid for students. they graduate with about 5,330 of debt after graduation which is the lowest on our list. >> reporter: two local private schools that you wouldn't normally think of as affordable also make the grade on the
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rankings of best values in private colleges. george washington at 49 on the list and georgetown at 17. >> georgetown, for example, is close to $65,000. after need base aid goes down to about $30,000, less than that. >> reporter: it may surprise you who can qualify for these need base grants. yale, for example, extends them to families earning as much as $200,000 a year making it a lot more attainable to get that topnotch college education. and need base grants aren't the only way to go either. lots of schools are handing out big merit-base grants to students who don't qualify for need. for example, the average merit base grant at rice university, number two on the affordability list with $16,000. vanderbilt it's almost $24,000. so basically what you need to do if you're looking for an affordable college, let's say you're in the need department, look for the biggest endowments
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at universities. they're going to have the biggest packages available for students coming in and probably the highest merit base. and you can check out the list at >> if your child wants to go to harvard, you go harvard, endocument, check. >> boom -- endowment, check. >> boom. >> $200,000 income does put it for middle class families who can do this for their children. >> they can qualify in some cases. >> thanks, jess. >> you got it. today will be the warm epps day of the week but the -- warmest day of the week but the forecast is not as pleasant at the end of the week. we'll take a look at the identity debate.
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howard here with your weather first. starting out partly to mostly cloudy, mild morning. we're in the 50s and 60s already. partly sunny by lunch time. low to mid-70s. this afternoon's high in the low #s on. partly sunny to finish the day with a drive home temp of 78. i'll be back in a few minutes with your seven-day forecast and the very latest on tropical storm sandy. 95 commuters in extra virginia had two headaches now this morning. first a live look here in stafford on the northbound side of 95. i've been telling you about this overnight tractor-trailer accident since early this morning. still the left lane remains blocked. a two-mile backup here. let's go a little further north
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on to 95 before lorton. another tractor-trailer accident, left lane only gets by. northbound 95 expect delays here as well. you can see the arrow board set up. i'll have more on both of those incidents coming up at 6:18. hip or ho-hum. what does it mean to be hip and does d.c. fit into that definition? >> debra alfrone went looking for answers and got some washingtonians to give their opinions. >> reporter: it all started with this. an article saying, quote, the city is not hip and it never will be. ever since on the streets and in some tweets the hipness debate has raged on. first you think of hip as hipsters. >> walk around with a coffee in my hand. >> reporter: in brooklyn, new york wins on that front. one washingtonian is prohitting her hometown hipness in the hippest way, on twit gler to compare it to other cities is
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not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: we reached out to the author. she wasn't available but in the article she points to one detracting factor. lots of young people here. the would-be hip work for the government or, quote, the man. >> nonprofit people. everyone is talking about politics, you know. >> reporter: that's not hip? >> not hip at all. >> i think we need to support the arts more. >> reporter: he was leaning towards d.c. as hip until we read him the definition. >> if we're comparing it to a place that's as fashion forward as other east coast cities like new york, i think it would be tough to measure up fashion wise. >> reporter: clothes are one thing. night life another. he were pointed toward what some are calling the hip strip, 11th street an the wonderland barroom, part dive bar, rest strawntsz, all hip -- restaurant, all hip. >> i would define it as someone looking for the thing that is not cool yet and they're okay in their own skin and willing to do and look the way they
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want because it makes them feel good. welcome back. we have a hip forecast for you with temperatures today going to be in the low 80s. it's going to get warm. that was debra alfarone reporting for us. a high of 81. by 4:00 79. then we're finishing the evening. look at that. 8:00 p.m. still 72 degrees. rormd today is 84. -- record today is 84. we're not going to make it but we'll be a few degrees shy. some clouds and showers west of us in west virginia, ohio, kentucky. a lot of this will break up in the mountains but it's throwing some clouds our way. maybe an ice lighted sprinkle. you -- isolated sprinkle. you probably won't need a jacket at the bus stop with readings in the mid-50s. fort belvoir one of the cool areas at 52. 55 in baden this morning. 57 in laurel. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, we're looking at wisconsin avenue, northwest d.c. all is quiet and dry. 60 degrees. mostly cloudy skies and calm
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winds. bigger picture showing you the clouds and the showers that are coming in from the ohio valley. a little disturbance here. going to throw some clouds and again maybe that sprinkle this morning across the region. but as that passes this afternoon, we'll get more in the way of sunshine. you can see in on our futurecast. a lot of that moisture tends to be drying up this morning. want to take you to the tropics and -- tony behind me, don't worry about that. but sandy south of jamaica, almost a hurricane. you can see the dark purple, the taller thunderstorms wrapping around the center as this thing is almost a hurricane with winds 70 miles an hour. crossing jamaica later today. cuba tomorrow. into the bahamas as we get into thursday night and friday morning. and then does it come up the east coast or make the turn to the northeast out to sea? this is the hurricane center forecast. i want to tell you it's still going to be a very strong storm with an expanding wind field. this is a little further west than their previous track. so we're not out of the woods yet. 81 degrees this afternoon. a warm one. 60 tonight. mostly cloudy, 50s in the
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suburbs. 75 tomorrow. we could see some drizzle by friday morning, 72. so a little cooler with the isolated shower friday afternoon. a front on saturday brings us a shower chance, upper 60s. then sunday, monday, tuesday all depends exactly what happens with sandy, although it definitely looks colder either way. 6:18. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. you're not going to like me very much after this report. i'm sorry. but at 12:30 this morning, there was an overturned tractor- trailer northbound 95 in stafford before courthouse road. work continues on that. i'm going to show you what it looks like from our sky 9. this is a live look left side of the road remains blocked. crews over there and our sky -9d telling -- sky 9 telling us there's a two-mile backup not only on 95 but it's affecting route 1 as well. people are using that as their alternate route. expect this down in stafford. then let's go a little further north to our vdot camera. this is what it looks like trying to get past lorton where there's a tractor-trailer
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accident. you can see the arrow board set up. a tractor-trailer was just moved over to the right shoulder. only the left side, left lane is squeezing by right now on the northbound side of 95 approaching it passing lorton. so two headaches to deal with northbound on 95. a quick look at 66 on the inbound side. accident here in centreville sitting on the left shoulder with delays as well. i'll have details coming up on all those incidents again at 6:25. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. 6:22. your weather first on this wednesday morning. mild out there. mostly cloudy skies. we have a few sprimples out in the -- sprinkles out in the mountains. otherwise just clouds this morning and more sun this afternoon and a warm day. look at your day planner. temperatures will rise into the 70s. low to mid-70s by noon. upper 70s, low 80s for highs today. i think 81 around 3:30. at 6:00 p.m. still very comfortable at 76
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degrees. we'll be back during our 9news now in the last half-hour, the broadcast talking more about the weekend and the effects that sandy may or may not have on the east coast. back to you. rg3 gives a revealing interview. kristen berset has details in your morning sports. >> the world series begins tonight at san fran. the giants taking on the tigers. good morning, everybody. the arrival of robert griffin iii in the dmv has reenergized this redskins fan base win or lose every week. but with that, of course, comes a lot of pressure that he carries with him. in an exclusive interview with "u.s.a. today," rg3 talked about his experience so far this season. >> you do get to play the game you love and get paid to do it, but there's a lot more things that happen off the field and on the field just with the business aspect of it. you do have to be mentally tough and just know that it is everything you dreamed of but it's a lot more than what you dreamed of as well. >> he's proven to be mentally tough for sure. last week it was the image of
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rg3's electrifying 76-year-old touchdown run that stuck with us all week long. however, one week later redskins nation is stuck with an image they'd probably much remember forget about it. josh wilson getting burned by giants receiver victor cruz on sunday. the 77-yard touchdown cash from manning sealed the skins' fate. unfortunately or fortunately this was a great game but unfortunately that last play is what we're stuck thinking about. >> any time there's something like that that happens, you take a look at that one play, everybody is sick about it. all of a sudden if we play it like we normally play it, played a pretty good game. you get a couple of turnovers a sack and when you do get that big play, it takes away all the things we did on defense. >> on their day after they made a roster move on offense signing hila williams originally signed by the redskins in 2010 as a rookie to make room for williams, they caught brian grant.
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that's a quick look at sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great wednesday. when we return jessica takes a look at your money wall street earnings, the worst since 2009. what it means for your investment. we'll be right back. on the northbound side of i- 95, this is what it looks like trying to get into stafford where an accident before courthouse road, a cleanup continues there. delays not only on 95 but the alternate route 1 as well. i'll have more on traffic coming up. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. it's 6:29. this is always the place you can get your weather first. a look at the capitol. it's going to get up to 80 this afternoon. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace sampling the conditions. >> i have the suit jacket on. it's just a little bit on the cool side with temps in the 50s but a warm day ahead. and a dry day ahead for the vast majority of us. here's a look at the day planner. we start with a few clouds. looking east in tysons corner. just the first glimpses of light in the eastern sky as we're still about an hour from the sunrise. 64, mostly cloudy at 9:00. by noon partly sunny, 74. high this afternoon 81 degrees
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at reagan national. that's 3w shy of the -- 3 shy of the record set back in 2001. we're watch something clouds and showers in ohio, west virginia and pennsylvania. the stuff you see in eastern virginia and northern virginia, best i can tell if it's reaching the ground, it's a stray sprinkle or two although the observing stations are reporting just cloudy skies. cumberland 54. 62 the warm spot at the naval academy and 50 up in frederick this morning. going into the upper 70s and low 80s. let's go inside to monika samtani. wednesday woes. definitely wednesday woes. on the northbound side of 95 especially. first of all overnight tractor- trailer accident cleanup continues in stafford. then there's another accident as you try to leave lorton into newington. let's go first live to our safford accident. here's what it -- stafford accident. here's what it looks like trying to get past courthouse road. only the left side it blocked but this is what you're dealing with on 95 and also route 1,
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your alternate route. let's grow to our vdot camera. if you're planning to head toward lorton and newington, this is what you're dealing with. left side of the roadway gets by here. beyond that you're okay. a quick look at 62346 centreville. accident -- at 66 in centreville. accident cleanup on the left side. just the normal slow stuff out of frederick. i'll be back at 6:43. new uproar on the campaign trail over a senate candidates's comments about rape. >> that's one of the stories cbs this morning is covering. they join us at the top of the hour. norah o'donnell has a preview. >> good morning. the republican senate candidate from indiana richard murdoch says he opposes abortion in cases of rape because the pregnancy is, quote, something god intended. we'll look at how the remarks are drawing quick reaction from both presidential campaigns. there was this bold theft at one of the swampgiest casinos in las vegas.
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how the thieves pulled off the heist and what the casino is doing to keep him from cashing in. >> thanks, norah. the race for the congressional seat in maryland's district six is really picking up. republican representative rosco bartlet has served ten terms in the house. however, some recent redistricting maps has expanded his territory, but they are democratic voters that are included in his district now. >> bartlet debated his democratic challenger john delaney right here on 9news now last night with derek mcginty. kristin fisher has more on what came out of the very interesting evening. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. it was an interesting evening. a lot of last night's debate focused on maryland's high stakes ballot measures. specifically question six. here's where the two candidates say they stand when it comes to same-sex marriage. >> i think it needs to stay
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there. i do, however, believe that it includes your health care, it includes your pension and if you want your significant other to share in your health care and get the residuals of your pension and visit you in the hospital, they certainly ought to be able to do that. >> i support marriage equality. the best thing that ever happened to me was to get married. i think when this country has reached for greater equality, we've looked back and realized that was the right thing to do. >> reporter: the candidates also discussed question four on the ballot. that is the dream act. it would allow for the children of illegal immigrants to get in state college tuition. here's how the candidates say that they stand on that issue. >> i support the dream act. and i support comprehensive immigration reform in this country. i think it's one of the most important things we need to do for the morality around the 11 million undocumented residents in this country. we have to create a path toward stnship for you--
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>> citizenship for you. >> it depends on what you think is the highest priority. respect for our laws or-- >> which do you think is the highest priority? >> i will tell you that when i go into the voting booth. >> you haven't decided which way you want to go? >> i will tell you i am conflicted. >> reporter: he's conflicted, even with two weeks to go. it's rare to hear a politician in this day and age say that he still doesn't know exactly how he's going to vote with the election -- wes' going to be voting -- when he's going to be voting on these measures less than two weeks away. hard to believe. >> kristin fisher is live from the satellite center. thank you, my dear. this morning we have the update on the murder of a pregnant new york woman whose body was found next to a note that mentions one of the d.c. snipers. today marks ten years since lee boyd malvo and john muhammad were arrested for the deadly shooting spree. the victim's boyfriend has become a person of interest. they were supposed to get married on sunday despite the fact that he's still married to another woman. a note was found next to vindalee smith's body.
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it said a pregnant woman would be murdered every month till malvo is set free. the former c.i.a. officer accused of leaking the name of a covert operative to a journalist pleaded guilty. john kiriakou admitted to leaking the name to a journalist in 2008. he's expected to spend two and a half years in prison. prosecutors dropped several charges against him as part after plea bargain including a count of making false statements. a hearing took place in u.s. district court in alexandria on this. good news for medicare recipients this morning. under a proposed settlement to a class action lawsuit, thousands of medicare patients with severe chronic illness could get continuing access to rehab and other services. currently patients need to show improvement to keep rechg their medicare coverage for physical and occupational therapy. that rules out people with chronic or progressive illnesses and those growing weaker because of age. hope you like your job because a new survey says more of us feel retirement is not within our reach, at least not
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any time soon. wells fargo asked thousands of adults with incomes under $100,000 when they plan to stop working. 30% of them plan to work until they are 80 or older. that's a 5% jump from last year. a spokesperson for the bank said americans are working longer because it's tougher to save. he's one of the most decorated u.s. marines in marine corps history and he's now getting a new honor. a statue of the legendary lieutenant general lewis burwell was installed yesterday outside the marine corps in triangle, virginia near quantico. he's the only marine to be awarded five navy crosses. he participated in some of the bloodiest battles of world war ii and the korean war. one of the nation's only remaining indoor horse shows in the metropolitan area opens today. the washington international horse show runs through this sunday at the verizon center. it features olympians and top ranking junior amateur and pony
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competitors. more than 500 horses are participating in the week long event. it's a beautiful spectacle. your kids will love it. add 6:37, jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> we keep hearing these reports coming out the economy is getting better, slowly but better. yesterday wall street tanks. what gives? >> it's been in the tank for a couple days. i'm been conderring about this. we've -- wondering about this. we've seen a lot of reports, better jobs, the builders taking chances. you think that's good but if you look at wall street the last few days, where's the big recovery? >> it's not there. by my math we're down 450 points on the dow jones industrial average in four days. of course this coincides with the start of earnings season. and we have seen many, many big disappointments. we're talking google, intel, ibm, microsoft, dupont. analysts are now thinking third quarter earnings for companies and the s&p 500 will grow just 0.04% overall.
6:38 am
that's not even growth practically. this is the weakest corporate reading we have seen in three years. one bright spot out there this morning. it's coming from facebook. after the bell the stock jumped 12% when the social network reported strong earnings. ad sales jumped 36%. the best news for facebook it had a strong showing for ads on cell phones and other mobile devices. that's something people had a lot of questions about. shares of netflix were sent into a tailspin after the bell down more than 16%. the company predict add not so rosy fourth quarter. third quarter did fall in line with estimates. going forward netflix doesn't think it will sign up as many new subscribers as it previously thought. questions about consumer spending again. they are out there. every time people say it's so rosy right now, it ain't. it's not that good. >> shaky. >> it's shaky. a bicycle going forward, it has to be a certain speed to stay upright. if it starts going too slow, it does this. it's the same thing with the economy. >> good analogy. >> thanks, jess. another unseasonably warm
6:39 am
day. how about close to 80? not too shabby, huh? other weather expected ahead. it will go way down. howard's forecast coming up. plus, the donald. he's expected to make a big announcement today. up next, we'll tell you who it involves. we'll be back.
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welcome back. 6:43. 61 degrees. are you ready for this? northbound 95, this tractor- trailer accident finally cleared. it is gone in stafford. northbound before courthouse road. but take a look at what our cameraman in the chopper brad has. northbound 95, look at that delay from about four miles trying to get through the accident scene and route 1 affected as well. of course a lot of people decided to use that as their alternate route. thank you so much, brad. great job this morning. we're going to go a little further north traveling between norton and newington. this is what you're dealing with. another tractor-trailer accident left side of the road gets by here with delays of course. and a quick look if you're planning to head on the north
6:44 am
side of town in silver spring. this is the outer loop of the beltway. delays from 95 past university boulevard but at least that's been incident free this morning. i'll be back with another look at the big picture at 6:58. at least the weather is better than the traffic today. you got that for sure. what did you say? no jacket required? >> no jacket required like phil collins. a live look outside at the washington monument. 61 degrees in northwest washington. how about attacking on maybe 20 more degrees this afternoon. it's going to be absolutely gorgeous. we'll be doing that, howard says, today if we could only bottle it and put it on the weekend, it would be great. but changes will be coming our way. >> yeah. all depending on exactly what happens with the tropical system named sandy. there are still models that want to bring it up the east coast, too close for comfort. others are trying to nudge it out to sea. the jury is out. i'm not convinced of the out to sea solution yet. i'm kind of guarded on this air. i'll air on the side of caution as we head into late in the weekend and early next week.
6:45 am
our forecast this morning starts out final, though. we've -- out fine, though. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies. perhaps a shower in the mountains with temps running in the 50s to even 60 or so some low 60s already this morning. sunrise not for a while at 7:27. our day planner will start mostly cloudy. if there's a stray shower this morning coming out of west virginia or the shenandoah valley, it could happen. but by 11:00 i think partly sunny 71. with more sun this afternoon. 77 at 1:00. going to 81 for the high. not going to abrecord today. the record -- to be a record today. the record is 84 back in '01. you see the showers in ohio and west virginia. in northern areas of virginia and eastern west virginia. looks like there's some rain there but i'm checking the observations. spotty sprinkles really is all i'm thinking between romney and winchester and out toward southern garrett county. we've got temperatures which are way up for this time of year. we should be in the 30s and 40s normally culpeper 52.
6:46 am
cumberland 54 degrees. 61 at the patuxent river naval air station. yeah, we've got a very mild air mass in place. as we look toward the east in tysons corner this morning, a neat looking sky. a little bit of light. partly cloudy conditions. temperature of 60 on the nose with calm winds and humidity 83%. so bigger picture, storm system, a little disturbance coming out of the ohio valley throwing some clouds our way. maybe just that isolated sprinkle this morning. but as we get through the middle of the day and afternoon, partly sunny conditions. a few more clouds in the mountains. highs in the low 80s. gieghts to be nice but the wind -- it's going to be nice but the winds will turn more to the northeast than east. that will bring in slightly cooler air. tomorrow 75. -- maybe only the mid 60s for friday. sandy is a much more dangerous storm and may cause some problems. it's almost a hurricane approaching jamaica this afternoon. winds could be around 80 miles an hour. heavy rains, tidal surge.
6:47 am
cuba, then the bahamas. the hurricane center takes it more toward bermuda, between bermuda and north carolina which is a little farther west than earlier but some models take it up the east coast, maybe toward the northeast and too close for us. today 81. tonight we'll be 60 in town. tomorrow 75. friday 72. then the weekend it just depends on sandy. a shower with a front saturday, 68. beyond that we're still going to watch very carefully but cooler. mike and andrea, back to you. donald trump is planning to make what he is calling a big announcement. he is a salesman, however. he's going to do it today. he says it regards president obama. he's been teasing it on facebook and twitter and several news outlets. the business tycoon and reality tv star has given a few hints that he's been a very local supporter of mitt romney and been a huge critic of the president, challenging the validity of the president's birth certificate. the announcement is expected to happen at noon on facebook and twitter. the president will be
6:48 am
taking care of business. he will tackle some issues with younger voters. during a q & a on mtv. the special will air on friday. an audience of 18 to 29-yards will be there at -- 29-year- olds will be there to ask the commander in chief questions. the topic will range from jobs, cost of college, same-sex rights and immigration. a medical emergency aboard a southwest airlines flight from las vegas to tampa bay forced the plane to stop in el paso, texas. a passenger shot this video as doctors aboard worked to make the patient comfortable. paramedics met the flight and transported the passenger to the hospital. the flight continued on to tampa bay as scheduled. southwest confirmed the incident but offered no other details on the sick passenger's condition. it is 6:48. time to answer this morning's question of the day. here it is one more time. a new study suggests smartphones are damaged more in this location than anywhere else. the choices were a, the
6:49 am
bathroom, b, the kitchen or c, the car? >> here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. bruce thinks the answer is c, car. he writes why are all these people taking their phones into the bathroom? gross. good point unless you have a 2- year-old like someone i know who does it for you. the correct answer, though, is b, the kitchen. >> i thought for sure it was going to be the bathroom. >> exactly, based on the children like your lovely mollie. >> mollie took my then blackberry and dumped it right in the can. >> but it's not. it's the kitchen. jess, over you to. >> we've been combing through the e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts and here are some of our favorites. today you can buy a tablet with the android operating system at 63% off. e-bay is selling the motorola xoom android honeycomb $219.99, free shipping. it normally goes for just under
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600 bucks. have you ever wanted to fly like a trapeze artist? the school located in the navy yard in southeast d.c. can make the dream come true at the discounted price of 69 bucks. you'll have a tutorial and take to the sky for two and a half hours. when your session is complete, you enjoy a spread of sweets and hot drinks and this one is on living social. living social also is offering you discounted tickets to three different washington wizards games. prices starting as low as $27. that will get you upper level seats. they go up to $84 for club level seating. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. traffic and weather when we come right back.
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. one more thing before we go. he says it's not a media event
6:58 am
but donald trump is going to release something he says is going to have an impact on the presidential race. my question is why do we care? he's a real estate mogul. >> he says it's about the future of america. he's been looking into the validity of the citizenship of barack obama. and this -- we don't know if that's what this is about but you can imagine that four years ago they went through this and found-- >> it's a circus regardless of what it is. >> you know what i say? you're fired. >> right. you have to like him on facebook in order to see what he's going to say or wait till we tell you tomorrow morning. >> are unlike him. >> i'm sure the word will spread regardless. let me show you this beautiful picture outside. we'll change gears for a second of the sky looking to the east. we have partly cloudy conditions. it will be a mix of clouds and sunshine with more clouds this morning. more sun this afternoon. high of 81. even a stray sprinkle this morning in the mountains not out of the question.
6:59 am
75 tomorrow. cooler as we head toward the weekend and a lot depends on exactly what happens with that system called sandy. but certainly colder early next week. monika? >> you get all the beauty shots this morning. i get all the ugly shots. here's what it looks like. >> life is good. >> it's a four-mile solid backup northbound 95 because of an earlier tractor-trailer accident before route 630 in stafford. that's been cleared but not the delays. here's what it looks like a little further north lorton to newington. the accident is on the shoulder. as for wall street, let's forget about yesterday. it was terrible. today is looking a little bit better. >> that's good. cbs this morning is next. a new uproar on the campaign trail. here we go again. indiana senate candidate richard murdoch comments about abortion and rape. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and wet gler you can get all your news, traffic and weather >> see you tomorrow starting at 4:25. have a great day, everybody.


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