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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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president biden made a last- minute campaign stop in the battleground state of hh. >> tonight we're going to take a look at five groups. it will have a clear and direct impact on their lives, they are government workers, defense industry workers, current or potential medicare and medicare recipients -- medicaid recipients, people with pre- existing medical conditions without health insurance and the wealthy. we begin with what's at stake today for the more than 2.8 million federal employees most of this live in the area. our -- which can live in the area. our -- live in the area, our bruce johnson is live tonight. bruce? [ no audio ] >> reporter: the food trucks outside federal office buildings in southwest. that's where you can find federal workers at lunchtime. who's best for federal workers, obama or romney? obama or romney?
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their jobs and careers could be affected by who occupies the white house for the next four years, what time you sir, who's better? >> patch act, i can't speak to that. >> what about you? obama or romney? >> i would say from a military's perspective. i'm a spouse, michelle obama has done great things for military families. >> reporter: romney has promised to reduce the federal work force by 10%, cutting two jobs for every one that's filled. who's better romney or obama for fedel workers? >> it's a question contains a logical fallacy. i'm not going to answer that. >> i'd have to say obama might be the better. >> reporter: because? >> it seems romney might want to slash some jobs and cut unnecessary spending. >> reporter: romney would eliminate some departments and cap government spending at 20% without cutting defense spending. >> i disagree with that. he's going to take a beat ax and not think about it. >> romney wants to lay us off and obama just froze our salaries so i guess between the
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two, it'd be obama. >> reporter: so obviously it's clear federal and local workers we talked to feel they have more job security under barack obama if re-elected. of course this doesn't apply to the thousands of people who are political appointees. they will be packing should mitt romney win this election. back to you guys. >> a lot at stake especially for our area. bruce, thank you. lesli? the military vote will also play a big part in who wins today's presidential election. especially in battleground virginia which is one of the states with the most defense workers. andrea mccarren joins us now live from richmond with more on that part of the story. andrea? >> reporter: well, lesli republicans are optimistic at this hour. that this ballroom will be hosting a victory party in the next few hours. earlier today we stopped in quantico, virginia in prince william county. a critical battleground including one for military votes.
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>> i have always voted all my life. i have never missed a vote. >> reporter: on a brisk legislation day morning in quantico, virginia, the main street is dotted with american flags. >> this decides the law made for our great country. >> reporter: voters in this area are passionate about casting their ballots. >> could this -- it's my american right. >> i'm very proud. you know, proud that we -- we served in iraq and afghanistan and we're fighting the war on terrorism. >> reporter: the population of quantico is just 500. but it's surrounded by the marine base on three sides. the potomac river to the east. >> soldiers are dear to my heart. i was -- i was in the military for 21 years. and soldiers are dear to my heart. i don't care what branch. >> reporter: even in virginia, where patriotism soars, there is a election fatigue among the troops. >> it's a back stabbing
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election. nothing but trash coming out of it. and it gets worse and worse from worse. my telephone may -- my answering machine is to full of that junk -- so full of that junk that i'm getting ready to throw the phone out and keep the candidate. >> reporter: traditionally they lean republican but today in a critical battleground in a historically close state and presidential race, military loyalties appear to be split. >> i'm alwa going to be for the man who's going to look out for me gis. because i love a soldier. >> reporter: of course, there are two key races we are watching tonight. both of which critical -- virginia is critical. the presidential race, and the u.s. senate race. it is one of the most closely watched senate races in the country. and it could determine which parthas control over the senate. now, recent polls show tim kaine with a slight edge over
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george allen. but within the margin of error. we will be checking in with you throughout the night. live from rich mondays, andrea mccarren, 9news now. back to you. >> we'll see you then. and speaking of that race, nearly 200 people were lined up before the polls even opened in mount vernon. the voters hat washington -- at washington mill elementary school were joined by republican candidate george allen. allen used the opportunity to do some last-minute campaigning in the critical and closely watched race. despite the initial long wait voters were not deterred. >> it took me about 30 seconds to actually vote. but it took me about an hour to get through the line. >> we just stood in line for an hour and a half to make sure we cast our vote. that's what it means to us. >> democrat tim kaine cast his ballot this morning in richmond. that's where candidates mt. most extense -- in the most expensive race in the senate will spend the night. in maryland they were busy getting out the vote and while state officials say turnout is
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good there were some questionable facebook postings. bruce leshan is live with that part of the election story from the harbor today. >> we're live in national harbor because this is the headquarters for the yes on question 7 folks and they too are hoping to have a big old victory party here. that is the casino question. the expanding gaming in maryland question. and in addition to the yachts behind me, they're hoping to build a big casino up on the hill here in prince george's county. now this has really been one of the most fiercely contested questions in maryland. get this -- 100 -- $100 million invested by casinos and developers on both sides trying to influee voters here. but the polls, the most recent poll that we have on this question of expanded gaming in maryland has marylanders divided right down the middle. and so people were campaigning on both sides and all the polls
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that we went to today, rushern baker the prince george's county executive encouraging voters to say yes. the controller peter fran kho for the whole state of maryland saying that all the promises of jobs and additional tax revenues and money for schools are just a pipe dream. and so now it is up to voters and we'll have to see how that goes. as for turnout in maryland, the folks at the board of elections tell me that it is pretty good. but you expect it to be pretty good in a presidential race. and we talked to a lot of voters out at the polls today and they said that president obama and mitt romney, that campaign brought them out to the polls. but we also have this question about this facebook posing. the board of elections is looking into suggestions that some democrats were told that they didn't have to vote until tomorrow. there's been hanky-panky in maryland before and they're looking into that. back to you.
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>> bruce leshan live from national harbor, thank you. millions of americans are casting their ballots in the extremely tight presidential race and both sides are campaigning in the battleground states right up to the very end. danielle nottingham joins us no live from obama headquarters in chicago. so danielle, did the president do any actual campaigning today at all? >> reporter: well, derek it's not over until it's over they say. the president spent the day in chicago but he did conduct satellite interviews with tv and radio stations in battleground states. it's another sign that the president knows this will be a close race and he's trying to get every last one of his supporters to the polls, derek. >> now what about the mood of the campaign officials you've talked to? the final poll numbers did seem to swing the president's way even just by a bit. >> reporter: well, the president's campaign is saying what they've been saying all along. they are very confident. they believe they will have a huge turnout especially in the
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swing states. they admit they think florida may be close tonight but they're confident the president will get enough of those electoral votes he needs to win. and the president said himself he's very confident he'll be here celebrating tonight. he told reporters that governor romney, he ran a spirited campaign. he thanked him but he says that he believes he'll walk away with the victory tonight. derek? >> all right, we will see what we will see. danielle nottingham, we thank you for that. level move on to romney headquarters up in boston where susan mcginnis is live and susan, governor romney's been very busy with election day. and that's sort of a break with tradition right? >> reporter: they do. mitt romney made a late decision derek to keep campaigning up until the 1 #th hour. he -- 11th hour. he did some campaigning in cleveland and then pittsburgh. he didn't want the lose the election without having done everything he possibly could. he decided to spend some time in states, in pittsburgh he was
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growthed by about 1,000 -- greeted by about 1,000 supporters. this is when you know you're going to win. >> speaking of whether or not he knows he's going to win, the numbers have not been looking so great for romney in the last couple of weeks. did you hear any wavering in the confidence that governor romney will rise up and take this thing? >> reporter: the party line from the romney camp is all optimistic. they are not wavering at all. the -- the lead is -- the lead is going to the president but it is razor thin. you know anybody lived through a lot of elections knows it could go either way at this point. the electoral college race is leaning the president's way. so there could be some private nail biting on the part of the romney camp but nothing in public. >> nothing in public. susan mcginnis we thank you. we'll be of course checking back in with you and cbs news is the whole evening continues as we watch this election which could very well go very late. thanks again. if you want to receive instant election results from the important races all evening long delivered to the mobile device. text --
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and you can follow us on twitter @wusa9 for the election info you won't get anywhere else. topper shutt? still tracking the nor'easter a little bit different though. we'll have an update. >> i'm scott broom in fairfax county's urban rescue team, coming up the return from hurricane stricken new jersey.
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despite the tremendous odds against him, voters are going to the polls in the storm devastated areas of new jersey and new york. makeshift polling places are set up in queens. the voting machines powered bayportable generators because one week after hurricane sandy, still no power in that area. >> i wanted to vote. it was too much -- too involved in it not to find out where to
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vote and get out there. >> it's good to vote because it will make a difference. you know, and the way things are right now, it's good to vote. >> now buss are being sent out to pick up the voters in the nearby breezy point area where more than 100 poems burned to the ground -- homes burned to the ground last week. new york's also letting people displaced by sandy to vote at any polling site they can manage to get to. well, virginia based rescuers returned home from water weary new jersey communities today. and they were greeted as heroes. scott broom is in chantilly where fairfax county, virginia's task force one is based. >> reporter: these are rescuers who have been around the world. haiti, indonesia, japan. but superstorm sandy brought disaster close to home. off the buss and into the arms of families who have not seen them for ten days. 80 members of virginia task force one came home. >> i was so happy. >> we're really glad to have
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him home. >> i have family none that area. so -- up in that area. this hit close ho home. >> reporter: they've been in little ferry, new jersey. >> the area of little ferry was new orleans on a smaller scale basically. >> reporter: captain mike davis reflecting on a rescue mission so close to home. >> and the people were basically stranded in hair holmes. we were -- their homes. we were faced with a lot of eorly people who couldn't get out of the houses. >> reporter: one safety problem was power restored to flood zones. >> power started coming back in some areas which was causing house fires. >> reporter: it was rescuers from virginia relieving fellow local first responders. in flood zones who were simply overwhelmed. they were at the end of their ability to continue -- to continue functioning. >> they were whipped i'll say that. >> the bigger story that sticks with me is that we go out there the people are helping other people. and that's the moral of the story i think. >> reporter: a mission of mercy declared a success.
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in chantilly. scott broom, 9news now. all right, i'm standing here with the chief meteorologist that is topper shutt and we can talk weather and swing state weather and what things look like for the rest of the week. >> well, let's talk about the nor'easter because we're less concerned about that. not so good at the shore but pretty good here in the metro area. >> that's nice to hear. >> it is. let's first take a live look outside. it is our michael & son weather camera and temperatures never made it to 50 today. our average high is 62 so this is way below average. 45 right now. dew points are still in the upper 20s. but because of the clouds and the easterly winds it will not be as cold tonight and won't be you know warm but not in the 20s. see 30s primarily tonight. pressure steady. here's a look at the warnings, there are warnings on the coast from essentially the north carolina coast all the way up past nantucket for winds anywhere from 40 to 60 miles per hour. i think for the delmarva it's kind of split. i think mainly have winds there 40, maybe 50 miles an hour. so certainly you know insult to injury and as you get up into
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central new jersey and long island, you may actually have additional power outages with the storm. but the good news for us it's a glancing blow. it's moved offshore now. there's the rain from the storm hitting north carolina. i think still a while before it gets into the metro area and west of town maybe leesburg you may see nothing at all tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are cold. 42 already in great falls and also vienna. 41 fairfax. already 39 up in gaithersburg and 42 bethesda and 43 in laurel and 44 in college park. so not a direct hit. breezy and cold tonight. dry morning commute. some afternoon rain. possibly some wet snow late. better chance for snow actually tomorrow night. and a much higher impact at the store. where we could have the winds of 40 to 50 miles an hour and again this is a pretty big amount of real estate for yet a storm to do this in the wake of sandy. it is insult to injury for the friends up in the north. tonight becoming mostly cloudy and breezy and cold. 32 to about 40 and winds now
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north northeast at 10 to 15. nothing crazy windy tonight. now tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy breezy and cold. i think it will be dry. but grab your jacket and your umbrella for later in the day. temperatures in the 30s to around 40. by afternoon, windy and cold. some rain. more to the east and wet flakes possible. highs only 40 to 45. and winds north-northwest at 10 to 20 and gusting. next three days our 9 weather alerts will be yellow that makes sense, then green green. 44 tomorrow. got the nor'easter. windy on thursday and in fact windier thursday than wednesday in the wake of the storm. low 50s and then milder on friday. with sunshine and nice way to finish the week and temperatures around 60. next seven days nothing really is going to change and i know derek said we couldn't change or alter the weekend forecast and so far we haven't actually. mid 60s on saturday. got the heart walk, mr. bernstein will be out there. and -- >> me too. >> you too? >> yep. >> and -- anita will be out there also. okay. it will be nice. >> i'm just saying. >> 64 during the day. a little cooler during the
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walk. then upper 60s on sunday and ravens at home skins have a bye week thank god they can't lose. then we're looking at upper 60s again monday and then some more showers on tuesday. and we're still in the low 60s and really the low 60s is where we should be this time of year. we kind of lost sight of that with a high today of only 48. >> heart walk, biking soccer, we're a happy bunch. thanks top. it may look like a cell phone but a closer look at what someone carried through a local airport discovered it was much more danger. the story coming -- dangerous, the story coming up. >> she received a letter in the mail that says she's not an american citizen and now she can't vote. but it's not a scam. we'll have the story coming up. i'm in on the action.
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if your kids use a car seat hear this next story. trytax is recalling 60,000 of them. children can bite off a piece of the harness pad and choke and they say this has happened three times. it gotten reports about them. you want to check your car for these models -- they will replace the pads for free.
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if you have one of those mood els takeout -- models take out the current harness pad until you get the new one. a passenger was stopped at a security check point at reagan national airport this morning. >> problem was it was not a cell phone. turns out it was a stun gun designed to look like a cell phone. the usual call button actually says the word "stun." and another button says "light." the tsa officer spotted the weapon and stopped the passenger and she was off from reagan national to chicago. the woman was able to get on the flight but she had to give up the stun phone. the results of today's races could change both the political and social landscapes of maryland and virginia. we'll break down some of the key races and ballot questions coming up. >> but up next, for a state heavily dependent on defense spending the stakes couldn't be higher this election day for the people of battleground virginia.
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this evening we're taking a
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look at five groups of people with a serious stake in the presidential election. and there are a few groups who have more to gain or lose than defense industry workers. >> president obama's already implementing a plan to make the military a bit smaller. governor romney in contrast wants to increase defense spending. andrea mccarren takes to the tide water area of virginia for tonight's result could have a significant impact. >> reporter: we're in hampton roads. the shipbuilding capital of the world. this is a region with a huge him tear presence and a local economy -- military presence and a local economy that's heavily dependent on defense spending. >> my name is sean. i am a machinist and mechanic on the uss roosevelt. >> my name is thomas bell. i'm the business manager for iron workers local union 79. >> reporter: two men both with military backgrounds. >> i'm not afraid to stand up for my country and i put my life out for almost 20 years is i am not afraid to do it again. >> my myself am a u.s. army
5:29 pm
veteran. >> you see the island house. >> reporter: they work in related fields. >> when i was in desert storm, i guided a lot of these aircrafts in on targets when we was taking out the enemy. >> i like to say we don't build the ships, we build the shipyards. >> reporter: they support different candidates. >> president barack obama. >> i'm voting is republican ticket. >> reporter: but it's about improving a damaged economy. >> i'll ian say bush did it. president obama said that he was going to fission it. >> we can't do anything if we don't have a job. all the other issues kind of get you know fall secondary because if you're not able to provide for your family. >> reporter: this part of virginia is unusual. here, sequestration is an especially unwelcome word. >> it's the worry that if those budget cuts actually take place january 1st, that -- that the economy is going to come to a screeching halt here in hampton roads. >> you vote for mitt romney. >> for president obama he supports health care. >> reporter: this election says kid will depend on voter turnout. >> it's now a game of who turns
5:30 pm
out their voters. not virginia's conservative just get virginians to vote and it will be a republican state but whose voters vote and that makes ate purple state. >> reporter: even more than hampton roads and that's northern virginia. we're headed there next. in norfolk, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> now, the biggest hit to the defense industry could come before the next presidential term. defense cuts totaling $500 billion could go into effect january the 1st. that is, unless the congress acts to avert them. lesli? there is more than just the presidency being decided today. u.s. senate and congressional seats are up for grabs in both maryland and virginia. and joining us now to break down some of the important local races and ballot questions is don kettle. dean of the school of public policy after the university -- at the university of maryland. we're going to be talking about this stuff all night long but let's start in virginia where we know the path to the presidency resides but also a
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brittle bat billion two governors -- bitter battle between two governors, what's your early read on the race? >> for george allen to win mitt romney's got to do really well. that's going to be one of the early things we're looking for. >> draw my presidential conclusions from the outcome of what happens in virginia which everybody is watching? the polls close at 7:00 and everybody is watching it closely. >> intently, there are a lot of people saying that for romney to have a decent chance of winning he's got to take virginia. so we'll be watching very closely to see what the early returns look like there. >> let's talk about the race in maryland. in maryland, it's district 6, the congressional race that pits the incumbent roscoe bartlett against john delaney. do you get a sense of where that race is now? >> trending away from bartlett. the democrats were very careful to draw new round byes for the race and -- boundaries for the race. and so far that strategy seems to be holding up and we'll see what the returns show. >> let's talk about the ballot questions in maryland. this is a biggie.
5:32 pm
question 7, which would expand gaming across the state. and in particular, would have big vegas style casino in prince george's county. if this does not go forward and you and i have talked about this, you said this could be really ugly going forward. >> it could be ugly in two respects. there's been an enormous amount of political capital invested to bring a large casino to prince george's county. so if it goes down, there's a lot of political back story and a lot of political baggage that will have to be sorted out. this is going to radically thing not only national harbor and the environs and the state of maryland as well. >> bigger issues later in the evening. question 6, if it passes, maryland would become the first state in the country that would allow voters to decide whether to uphold gay marriage in the state. where's that trending right now? >> the polls on that suggest it's likely to pass but there has been a lot of pushback from religious organizations. many of the black churches and
5:33 pm
the catholic church both have fought very hard against this. on the other hand governor o'malley has been making this one of his key points to camon as he tries to advance his issues as well. >> however that ends it will tell whether people's views are shifting on gay marriage in particular when the voters have their say. the last thing is the dream act. what are your thoughts about that? >> that one -- seems to have support so far. this would also be a first in the nation opportunity for voters to decide to allow people who came to the country undocumented, grew up paid their taxes to get in-state tuition. so again, this could be the sort of thing that could be another first in the nation thing that maryland voters need to decide. >> hopefully maryland voters did their homework because you couldn't just go in the booth and push a few buttons. >> these are long propositions. >> absolutely. well, we're going to see what happens as we crunch the numbers together throughout the election night. don kettle dean of public policy at the university of maryland. thanks and there's still time to vote in d.c., maryland and
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virginia. far a voters guide to the -- for a voters guide to the races and the questions in ballot. in today's general election, log on tthe website, and click on campaign 2012. well, a stafford county woman frustrated after learning she could not vote today. the reason? the county sent her a notice saying you're not a citizen. >> the 22-year-old was born and raised in virginia and she's voted before and couldn't understand why. and listen, this was not a scam. preeti arla explains what happens and if she ended up casting a ballot. >> reporter: she has been waiting for election day for months. >> because i want my opinion now heard. i want my vote to count. i have that right to vote. >> reporter: so imagine her surprise when she opened up this envelope with what she thought was the volter registration card. instead she found a letter saying she had been declared is noncitizen and could not vote. mccormick born in fairfax county says it makes no sense. >> i went through a lot of moe
5:35 pm
educations, i was -- emotions, i was really sad and kind orphaning industry. >> reporter: she spent the day on the phone but kept hearing she couldn't vote. >> i was shocked. because last night i really thought i'd be able to call and fix it and it was just like anis take. >> reporter: she also heard a lot of possible explanations. >> maybe when i renewed my license i didn't check the box that i am a citizen. >> reporter: when she talked to the stafford county general reg star, he re-- reg star, he researched it and said on an application -- >> marked the box, no i'm not a citizen. >> when i calmed the dmv they looked at my records and said that i was a citizen and they weren't sure why that it didn't come from them. >> reporter: the registrar said the officer had two notices saying she had been declared is noncitizen and asking her to reach out to them if that was incorrect. mccormick just opened the envelope last night too late to do much. >> i do kind of regret like not opening it earlier because this maybe could have been handled.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: finally a question. receive can it's -- question. she can cast a ballot and her vote will count when officials verify the eligibility. she did that today. hoping her vote will count and her voice will be heard in this election. in stafford, preeti arla, 9news now. >> the registrar said the situation happens for instance sometimes you forget to check the citizenship box. also important to remember when you get mail from elections officials which says it is important and needs to be opened in a timely way, do open it sooner rather than later. well coming up. caught on tape. crews come to the rescue of a family after their boat turns over in choppy waters. >> but up next the unusual finance for a woman caught on tape -- sentence for a woman caught on tape driving on the sidewalk to avoid the school bus. don't forget we are always on
5:37 pm we will be right back. you have the time to give.
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a cleveland judge has laid down the law in the case of a woman who was caught on tape driving on the sidewalk to get around a school bus. that judge has ordered show that harden to stand an an intersection for the next two days of a week and while she's
5:40 pm
there, she has to wear a sign saying quote only an idiot drives on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus. end of quote. the 3 #-year-old woman also had her license suspended for 30 days and she also has to pay $250 in court costs. new and horrifying details are coming out about the mauling of a 2-year-old boy at the pittsburgh zoo. the medical examiner's office now says the child bled to death after being attacked by the wild dogs in an exhibit. he was killed after falling from a wooden railing overlooking the zoo exhibit. so far the family's -- the boy's family isn't commenting. his funeral is set for friday. investigators are trying to find the cause of a deadly fire at a hospital in durham, north carolina. where one parent was killed and three others were hurt. that fire broke out in the middle of the night at select specialty hospital. it specializes in long-term acute care for patients. there were initial reports of some kind of explosion.
5:41 pm
but that turned out not to be the case. some patients had to be i move today other parts of the -- moved to other parts of the hospital because of flooding from the sprinkler system. now a dramatics rescue in northern california after a boat carrying seven people capsized. it happened in the choppy cold waters of tamales bay. two children were also freed after crews cut open the hull of the 25-foot boat. investigators say at least five of the people were not wearing life jackets but no one was seriously hurt. well, still ahead, who has the most at stake this election day? we continue our analysis with a look at those on medicaid and folks with pre-existing medical conditions who have no insurance.
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all of us americans have a lot of stake in the election but there are certain groups who will be profoundly affected by the policies of the next commander-in-chief. >> they include the defense employees, wealthy americans, medicaid recipients, government workers and people with pre- existing medical conditions who currently lack health insurance of their own. right now let's talk about what's at stake for those on
5:45 pm
medicaid in this election. the president's affordable care act greatly expands who's eligible for medicaid coverage. governor romney would leave control mainly up to the states. for analysis here's ray locker with the political team at "usa today." >> it's a 50/50 match right now. state money and federal money with more federal money coming in the state contribution would go down somewhat. they would still be in charge of administering the plan and every state has seen its budget increase dramatically because of higher medicaid spending. >> mitt romney would convert medicaid into a program and limit its growth to control the spending. he citizen it could've -- says it could save $100 billion annually in the budget but it would also mean that millions of low income americans would lose coverage. they have also pledged to repeal the afford -7b8 care act. people with pre-existing medical conditions could be
5:46 pm
affected. >> if the president's re- elected people with pre- existing conditions and no health insurance will be able to get health insurance under the law when it's implemented in 2014. and then have insurance. if romney's elected, those -- the chances of that happening are less certain. >> now romney has said he intends to keep current legal protections for people with pre- existing conditions including a law passed in '96 that says a new insurance company can't deny you coverage if you switch jobs. but the aftable care act he would work to overturn that and how people feel about the law may have impacted how they vote today. another group around election time. the youth vote. and this year, turnout is expected to have a big impact on the presidential race. joining me now to talk about that matthew see gal the co- founder of our time. that's a nonpartisan organization. we should note four years ago president obama got 16 million votes from so-called millennials. that's folks aged 18 to 29.
5:47 pm
this time that's a tough act to follow. >> there's certainly lower enthusiasm this time around. a lot of that has to do with the fact that in 2008 you had a candidate talking about a very big vision. a vision to take on washington. to take an special interests. four years later we saw the rise of "occupy wall street" which was about protesting the per saysive influence of special interests on government. and so this campaign has been a campaign about differentiation, about how the candidates are different. it's been about the gritty back and forth. but it has inspired up the young people with the sense of high ideal it. to push for -- idealism to push for something bigger and bolder. of course i'm hoping to be proved incorrect. >> maybe significantly smaller if a lot fewer young folks vote doesn't that hurt the president? >> definitely. the president has a 17 point lead among millennials and young people are very favorable to his health care bill. toward his plans on student
5:48 pm
loan reform and preserving the pell grant and the american opportunity tax credit and they're always very supportive of the social issues with marriage equality and equal pay for equal work. so those are key issues to our generation. >> the president's certainly been pounding those on the college campus. but the fact is mitt romney says i can get you a job. a lot of people between the ages of 20 and 29 care about that? >> absolutely. it's the specifics of how the candidate is going to have get us a job. just saying you're going to get us a job is not merely enough. if you can expand aimer corps a national service or teach for america or those sorts of programs or is he going to merely just look at the tax code and hope that that trickles down. which might take too long to an unemploys young person who needed work yesterday. >> there are certain states where the youth vote matters a whole lot and would be of those is virginia right? >> absolutely. key state for the president. ohio's another big one. but virginia -- >> why? is it because virginia has so
5:49 pm
many college campuses? there's a university of virginia. >> up north where there's a lot of community college students who've been greatly impacted by it. good signs so far, long lines in virginia. not that long lines are always good from a democratic perspective. shows there's high turnout but of course too long a lines means that our -- our democracy's inadequately prepared for turnout which is something we have to move or by expanding early voting and technology and so forth. >> we don't want folks to get discourages and not vote as -- discouraged and vote at all. we had a representative. he had to cancel at the last- minute. so -- happens sometimes. let's get to topper. all right, high temperatures today only 48 derek, the average high is 62. that's way below average. our michael & son weather camera live weather cam we're down to 45. a dew point in the upper 20s
5:50 pm
and they were in the mid 20s last night. so won't be as cold tonight. with winds out of the east and also with some clouds rolling in as well. satellite picture radar combined there's our little storm. it's going to be a power packed storm. but we're not looking at heavy rain. the precipitation bands will be kind of tightly wrapped around the center of the storm. we're just going to stay pretty far offshore. still we're talking about winds maybe 50 miles an hour in the delmarva and maybe 60 up in new york and northern new jersey and believe it or not united airlines already canceled flights tomorrow and thursday for places like newark and jfk and laguardia. so keep that the mind if you're trying to get out of here. there are the high clouds coming in tonight and we're going to be dry though. i think stay dry even into tomorrow morning. temperatures are falling though. 39 in gaithersburg. 41 in great falls and 42 vienna and 42 in fairfax already. 43 in springfield and 42 in laurel. and 43 in college park. won't drop as quickly as last night because the clouds are coming in. so not a direct hit.
5:51 pm
breezy and cold tonight. a dry morning commute. some afternoon rain is possible. a little bit of wet snow nixed in as well -- mixed in as well. a better chance of wet snow tomorrow might. much higher impact though at the shore where there are all kinds of warnings in effect. in fact we're looking at winds 40 to 60 miles per hour from nantucket down to hatteras. i think the immediate shore, bethany, in the range of 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds. that's insult to injury and more beach erosion for the friends along the coast. becoming mostly cloudy tonight, breezy can cold. 32 to 40. winds north northeast at 10 to 15. now tomorrow a dry morning commute but it's the time to grab your jacket and your umbrella. mostly cloudy and breezy and cold. 30s to around 40 and wind north northeast at 10 to 15. by afternoon, windy and cold. some rain. and i'm saying some rain because i think if you're out -- i-81 west you won't see anything. even in loudoun county may not see any rain tomorrow. more to the east and some wet
5:52 pm
flakes are possibles and highs ho to 45 and -- 40 to 45 and winds north-northwest now 10 to 20. becoming windy in the afternoon on wednesday. then green green after yellow. afternoon sures and -- showers and rain. 44. yes some light snow possibly wet snow flakes mixed in late. windy on thursday. in fact 53 and we finish the week strong. sunshine and 60. nec seven days looking around with the weekend yet. 64 on saturday. big heart walk looks great. little chilly for the walk. but not bad. dry. sunday ravens at home. 68. monday some clouds come in late and 68 but look at these temperatures and then tuesday some showers and rain return be highs at least still back into the low 60s. so again, a glancing blow of the nor'easter. i don't feel -- i don't think anybody else does either. back to you. >> no, kissing it good-bye. still ahead tonight we're taking a closer look at some
5:53 pm
the hot ballot -- of the hot ballot everyones in the state of maryland. >> voter turnout could exceed levels of '08. i'm peggy fox in richmond at the tim kaine headquarters. the very latest from his campaign and also look at battleground counties like prince william county. >> but first a few minutes as the father of a fallen redskins' member remembers his son. when i grow up, i want to be a psychologist
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
or a therapist. i want to be a pediatrician. i was hoping to become a chef someday.
5:56 pm
i want to study law. i don't want to become a lawyer, i want to become a cia agent. young people i think, do need a mentor because you know, we don't know everything and you know all the people they've experienced stuff that we haven't. i would like to be a baseball player. as long as there's somebody behind you, pushing you, and supporting you, then you feel that you always have the strength to keep going. each of our children has hopes and dreams for their future. help them get there. become a mentor. this month marks five year since sean taylor's murder. this weekend, the team honored the late safety as one of the 80 greatest redskins. here's dave owens. >> reporter: that was sean taylor. a 6'2," 220-pound heat seeking missile of a man who thrust himself into opponents and the hearts of fans. >> what did he mean? hard hits.
5:57 pm
come on, he was awesome. >> reporter: his style rugged intimidating and yet strikingly smooth. helped form a love affair with burgundy and gold nation, here's proof. a recent chilly morning in northern virginia. fans of 21 wait in line to pay homage to their hero and his family. >> we came alive when he was with us. >> reporter: he no longer is. struck down gone too soon. >> it doesn't seem real. and it seems like just yesterday. >> you have to bear a child. something that you and me or nobody else ever want do go through. >> reporter: the taylors came to the dmv this weekend to help renew the bond with fans and favorite players. >> he would say fake it to you. just showing your loyalty to our family. >> reporter: fans had a declaration too. >> he needed to know how marvelous of a player he was. he was the greatest. >> reporter: he also introduced the crowd to the next great family athlete. sean's half brother 11-year-old
5:58 pm
gauge. >> it's all right. i guess -- >> he knew sean, he saw sean. and he imitates sean. >> reporter: he certainly does, here's young gabe in a youtube video doing what sean used to do. pick 6. the weekend culminated with pedro back at fedex field representing sean who was named as one of the team's 80 greatest players. serving as a platform for his dedication. >> you going to be leer for a lime -- here for a lifetime but you not. you have to appreciate every minute and every moment. >> five men have been accused of killing taylor, one has pleaded guilty to murder and burglary charges, the other four are awaiting trial. millions of americans head to the polls today to cast their ballots for everything from president on down to school board. and some cases, the road leads
5:59 pm
to this inauguration stage being built right here in the nation's capital. in others, it could lead to expanded gambling, legalize same sex marriages or in-state tuition for some undocumented immigrants, one thing is for sure, time the running out for your voice to be heard. >> the polls in virginia close at 7:00 p.m. promptly. >> polls close in maryland at 8:00 p.m. tonight and last voter in line will vote. >> and in the district, you have until -- >> 8:00. >> 8:00. just two hours. now the presidential race getting all the attention tonight but there are a slew of local issues in campaign 2012. >> it includes one of the most hotly contests senate races -- contested senate races in the country in virginia and a bunch of ballot issues that are critical in maryland. >> that's where our team coverage of election day begins with bruce he san at bush brucellae an -- bruce leshan at national harbor. >> reporter: yeah, lizly supporters of question


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