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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 18, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now confronted with what could be considered a close call in laurel, maryland, in our background. a violent incident thankfully averted at the laurel high school. investigators got a tip from the students and found diagrams and drawingings that suggested a violent act might have been in the planningstages. there was a student taken away in custody away from school grounds and he's been admitted to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. there was no immediate threat at the school itself. even as most schools in newtown, connecticut, reopen today, one elementary school was kept closed because of some sort of threat. not sandy hook elementary but yet another school. a principal told parents to keep their kids home. tonight in newtown, families are holding wakes for several victims of last friday's shooting at sandy hook. today two more 6-year-olds were laid to rest. not so long ago, national
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rifle association broke its silence regarding the newtown massacre. in a statement it released, it said the members were shocked and saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders. it also said they wanted to give the families time to mourn before speaking out. the nra pledges to make sure this never happens again and it is going to hold a news conference on friday. dick's sporting goods stopped selling assault weapons and wal-mart pulled the bush master assault rifle, the gun used in newtown. other gun dealers are seeing a surge in sales. >> reporter: assault rifles are flying off the shelves here. more than three million americans own an ar-15, the most popular assault rifle. >> people shoot for sport, most of the people that come in here. it's a fun gun to shoot. >> reporter: the ar-15 is the
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civilian version of the m-16 used by the military and it's the gun of choice in movies and video. it's also been used in some of the worst mass shoes shootings in history. last week a man used one to kill two people at a shopping mall in portland, oregon. in july it was used in the movie theater massacrein colorado. but friday's slaying at sandy hook elementary led to serious talk of a ban on the assault rifle. >> every time a tragedy happens, they bring it up again, but hopefully common sense will prevail and our rights won't be ininged. >> reporter: in chantilly, pey fox, 9 news. on the fiscal cliff, no deal, at least not yet. with 13 days to go until the end of the year and the fiscal cliff, the white house and republicans both are remaining hopeful that they can get something done. but as the time draws near, some are saying you better have a plan b. danielle nottingham with that. >> reporter: house speaker john
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boehner is rolling out a backup plan to prevent a tax hike on january 1st, in case he does not reach a fiscal cliff deal with the president. >> our plan b would protect american taxpayers who make $1 million or less. >> reporter: still looking for a way to avoid the cliff's automatic tax hikes and sweeping spending cuts, the white house quickly rejected baner's proposal. >> you would lose hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue and most of that money or a significant portion of it would go to millionaires. >> reporter: despite all the talk of a backup plan, the day began inside the capital with real optimism that a fiscal cliff compromise with the white house is getting closer. both sides are making concessions. the presidential initially insisted on letting tax cuts expire for households making $250,000 or more. but his new proposal raises that threshold to $400,000. >> as the president has
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demonstrated an obvious willingness to compromise. >> you're getting closer. you're certainly not -- maybe at the 20 yard line, but you haven't scored. >> reporter: republicans are still looking for deeper spending cuts to programs like social security and medicare. but some now acknowledge wealthy americans will have to pay more taxes. danielle nottingham at cbs news, washington. >> now, senate majority leader harry reid says boehner's chance has no chance at all of getting through the senate. millions of americans are getting to the fiscal cliff as well. we told you before matt jablow has their story as thousands turned up in washington today wanting to be heard. >> stop, stop the cuts. >> reporter: in the shadow of the nation's capital where talks continued today to try to avoid the much-discussed fiscal cliff. >> now is not the time for congress to turn its backs on us. >> reporter: several thousand people came together at the upper senate park to add their
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voices to the discussion. >> we are here today to demand that our government works for us. >> reporter: the rally was organized by several progressive political groups and labor unions. >> so many of us are already dangling on our very own fiscal cliffs. >> reporter: speaker after speaker hammering home the same point. >> we are here to fight for a good deal for america's families and for students. >> reporter: that fiscal cliff negotiations cannot result in cuts to social security, medicare or medicaid. >> how does that make any sense to you? >> reporter: that wealthy americans should be forced to pay their fair share of taxes. >> tax, tax, tax the rich. >> reporter: when the rally was finished. >> boehner, boehner, you don't care. >> reporter: protesters marched to house speaker john boehner to deliver a bag of coal, an early christmas present they said from the nation's poor and
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middle class. people like daniel warner, a home health care worker from vermont. >> we can't afford health cuts, nobody is going to survive that. >> reporter: and a single parent from here in washington. >> what they need to do is roll their sleeves up and get down to the business of being equal to everybody. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9 news now. >> and tomorrow, three large national labor unions will begin a tv ad campaign urging the congress to reject cuts to vital social programs and make wealthy americans pay what they say would be their fair share in taxes. relatives of the victims of some of the nation's worst mass killings came from across the country today to demand stricter gun laws. bruce leshan says they are convinced that newtown marks a tipping point. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan on capitol hill. newtown, aurora, columbine, virginia tech, the family of murder victims come to congress demanding a change in america's gun laws. >> my little brother was
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riddled with bullets. >> reporter: a litany of pain. >> i am here today wearing my son's shoes. >> reporter: almost too horrible to bear. >> they're the shoes he was wearing on april 20, 1999 when he was gunned down at columbine high school. >> reporter: one after the other. >> in memory of our 19-year-old daughter. >> reporter: dozens of relatives recited their stories. >> a.j. boyk was killed in the aurora theater shooting. >> reporter: every day in america, nearly this many families become new victims of gun violence. >> my son miraculously survived. >> reporter: andre's 8-year-old son bear was walking towards the principal's office in newtown. >> he says he saw bullets passing by. >> reporter: a teacher rescued him. >> she pulled him in her own classroom. >> reporter: now he says washington has to rescue america with sensible gun laws. >> it's not a partism issue. it's an issue of safety for our
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children. >> she takes him out, takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids. >> that is insane. >> reporter: instead, the families suggest a solution might include a renewed ban on assault rifles and closing loopholes that allow 40% of gun sales to go through with no background check. >> i think about my sister every time i hear about a shooting. >> reporter: omar of chantilly lost his sister, rema, at virginia tech. >> 74% of nra members supportuniversal background checks, so what are we waiting for. >> reporter: the families convinced thslaughter of 20 innocents will tip the country to change. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> those families have written an open letter to the congress and president demanding change within coming up next, find out what queen elizabeth has done that has not been done in more than a century, right after the break.
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britain's queen elizabeth did something today that has not been done in more than 100 years. she attended a cabinet meeting, and it was all part of the celebrations that have been going on all year to mark 60 years on the throne. the queen's never attended a cabinet meeting before because her role in politics is generally formal. today was somewhat ideal out there. topper tells us what to expect for the rest of the week up ahead. also after the break, we take a first look at which local groups get to be in the inaugural parade and some hairstyles that may be out there as well on the big day. >> you heard the wordfiscal cliff but what really happens on january 1st to you? this is a 9 news fiscal cliff note. >> fact; the cost of your child care will be higher on an annual basis. the reason? because the child care tax
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deduction is being eliminated. here's the back story. the cost of child care itself is not impacted, but if you deducted x for child care on your income tax at the end of 2012, you will no longer be able to use that deduction to reduce your tax payment in 2013. why is this happening? it's the fiscal cliff, the term we use to describe a group of federal cuts and spending cuts due to take effect in early 2013. these measures are expected to slash the federal deficit by $503 billion between 2012 and 2013. >> you can learn more at any time at and on 9 news. this has been a 9 news fiscal cliff note.
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>> folks planning next month's inauguration parade for president obama are out with a preliminary of groups that will be marching in that parade. that list includes the marching
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band from d.c.'s loan ballew senior high and the military institute. parade organizers say they will fill out that list of marchers in the days to come. the inauguration is one month away now which means, ladies, never too late to start thinking about how are you going to wear your hair at all those fancy balls. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher in georgetown where hillary clinton's hairstylist is creating this year's hottest styles for the inaugural balls. >> what we decide to do is make the updo more young and sassy and elegant but sexy. i think a lot of people are afraid to get an updo. >> we did something very loose, friendly, had a bow in the hair. this is very like the fun fatale look. we did something edgy and
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higher. she has beautiful curly hair, so we make it bigger and a lot oftexture, dramatic. >> reporter: her biggest piece of advice, think about the final finished head to toe look. >> i've seen so many times they don't look at what the final idea is. you have to feel good when you leave the chair. don't walk away if you're not feeling yourself. >> reporter: in georgetown, kristin fisher, 9 news. >> i love that description, young, saucy, elegant, but sexy. all right, another virginia power ball winner stepped up to claim his prize. from woodbridge collecting his check from lottery officials. this is the 7th commonwealth million dollar power ball winner in just the last four weeks. as usual, the store that sells the game-winning ticket gets $10,000 in bonus cash. that's nice. >> i would take the ten grand. >> i would, too. 62 today, sir. >> that's nice. now, that's nice.
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>> over 8 degrees now above average for the month of december. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> that's right. we may see a little correction, a little change in the pattern by the end of the week. let's start with a live look outside as our michael & son live weather cam. we're looking at temperatures still pretty mild for this time of year, this time of night. 50 officially, dew point's low 30s. winds still up there, west/northwest at 16. we're looking at rising barometer now, some high pressure builds back in for a while. really a pretty nice night, all things considered. winds are still up there, 24 miles per hour wind gusts last hour at national. 20 miles per hour wind gusts in gaithersburg and still 18, leesburg. 16 manassas. 23 miles per hour wind gust at andrew. it's going to stay windy to breezy for a while. by that, i mean through the week. temps, low 40s now. 45 in vienna. 45 in fairfax. 46 in arlington. 47 in college park. 47 also in bowie.
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47 andrews. 46 waldorf. staying breezy or windy right on through friday. colder tonight. you'll need your gun glasses tomorrow. wednesday will -- sunglasses tomorrow. the next storm will be the latter part of thursday and will be different. it will have more rain with it and more cold air behind it as we get into friday and saturday. so tonight, clear to partly cloudy, breezy colder. a one-blanket night. 34 to 42. winds westerly at 10 to 20. by morning, mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. still need a light jacket. 30s and 40s to start. winds west/southwest 10-15. by afternoon, nice day. mostly subpoena -- sunny, breezy, pleasant. winds west/northwest at 10-15. next three days our weather alerts will be green, yellow, and green again. 54 tomorrow. afternoon evening rain on thursday could impact the rush hour. that might be a bad thing. temps around 50. yeah i've got a snow flurry in
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early friday, windy and colder. high temperatures in the mid- 40s. next seven days, mid-40s again on saturday. so that's actually pretty close to average. we've been so far above average, get average we'll freeze. sunshine upper 40s. that means a great day for the ravens. they're home. you go up to philadelphia, mid- 40s for the redskins philadelphia game. monday, 50. christmas, 47, partly cloudy. >> yeah, man. >> wish i had a flake there, but i do not. >> things might change. who knows. >> we'll be back. >> i like your thinking.
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>> in the mailbag tonight the newtown massacre and the search for answers. craig says he wishes the solutions were simple. we need to get off our wallets and spend the money to keep our kids safe. at the schools, we need trained security personnel, siege resistant doors, limited access, evacuation procedures, gun control is delusional. protecting the schoolhouse is reality. but lavern says folks like craig, they're the ones who need the reality check.
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for the first time in our history, we're ready to tell that gun lobby that we've had enough. when nra spokesman hit the talk shows this week pleading let's not get too hasty, this time we're ready to do that. act quickly and hastily before the next round of shooters can claim more victims. this time when nra spokesman hide behind the second amendment, we'll reach behind it, grab them and hold them accountable. interestingly the nra now says they want to offer what they call meaningful contributions to prevent this 23r happening. we may find out what that means in a press conference on friday. one of you says we ought to stop using the name and likeness of the murderer. peggy put it this way. the media is sensationalizing him and making him famous. there are other people angry, frustrated, marginalized, isolated from humanity, want to make someone pay for their pain and want to feel important through notoriety and are considering the same path as
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the murderer hoping for the same kind of fame. i believe this is the first step in doing something about this senseless act of a deeply disturbed person. please be the first news channel to commit to never repeating this person's name again. you know what, peggy, i respect your point of view. while nobody wants to encourage a copycat, how can we learn what went wrong for lanza and his family if we don't delve more deeply into his background and what happened to him. not using his name and picture that would make it harder to tell the story. frankly, will any of us ever really forget that name? please don't forget to write me your thoughts and ideas at don't forget your name and where you're writing us from. topper has a look back at the forecast. >> the chances of a white christmas not only for d.c., let's start with the seven day. we're looking at really a beautiful day today. perhaps maybe best in week on
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wednesday. still breezy tomorrow, mostly sunny. high temperatures near 55. bigger storm comes at us late thursday and thursday night. really the first storm should give us significant rain and also give us significantly colder air behind it on friday and saturday. finally, although mid-40s is not crazy cold or advertised 46. we were 62 today. we're going to go back to average. we're going to be freezing. upper 40s on sunday. nice for the ravens day at baltimore. nice for the skins game in philly. >> so the chance of white christmas. >> yes. >> on this year? >> not so good. >> less than average. >> less than average. and average, we don't usually have. >> average is 11%. >> okay, less than that. all right. folks, that is our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 along with this guy and anita brikman. have a great evening. follow us any time at we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye.
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a reporter's escape from kidnappers in the middle east. "e.t." has the latest on the story playing out like a hollywood movie. >> blindfolded. bound. they made us choose which one of us would be shot first. >> tortured by terrorists. rescued by rebels. the crew of three risking their lives in syria. could this be next year's big blockbuster? the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. >> we're now dealing with a new normal for all of these families. >> the heartbreaking funerals. the tv tributes. and the hollywood stars whose lives were shattered by gun violence. tom cruise on explaining the birds and the bees to his son. >> dad, we love you, but, like, don't say that stuff. >> "e.t.'s" late night wrap up from anne hathaway's foul mouth to megan fox on her pregnancy troubles. >> i was asking the security


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