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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 30, 2012 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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good evening, everybody. what an exciting game. i'm surae chinn. bruce johnson is off tonight. we are thinking bur gun he dee and gold tonight. the redskins go to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. we head straight over to kristen berset on "game on."
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coming up next it's "game on overtime" presented by jim coleman infiniti. after six straight victories it all comes down to this. >> unbelievable. >> redskins-cowboys, winner takes all. >> we want to control our own destiny. >> can the skins punch their ticket for the first time in seven years? whose star will shine brightest in prime time? game on o.t. starts right now. >> morris exploits a hole, there he goes. morris to the end zone, touchdown! >> what an exciting night. good evening, everyone. we appreciate you staying up with us for a jam packed "game on overtime," a redskins jam packed, that's for sure.
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who would have thought seven weeks ago that a 3-6 redskins team would be the nfc east champs playing their first home playoff game since 1999. let's check out how it all played out tonight. for the second straight week, redskins' quarterback rgiii sporting the knee brace for that sprained knee. on the first drive the skins' offense looked out of sorts. josh morgan, the drop on 3rd down. the burgundy and goldman acknowledge just two yards. they're forced to punt. dwayne harris fields it on the dallas 45. huge block on the outside, sprints up the sideline. 28 yards to the washington 27- yard line. here come romo and the cowboys starting to drive, but romo misfires. open arms of the rookie richard crawford who reverses for 11 yards. take two starts off better. alfred morris 19 yards, up near
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the 50. facing 3rd and 4 on dallas 35, rgiii sprints nine yards for the 1st down. but the redskins drive would stall and they settle for a field goal. but his kick bounces off the upright. no good. his first miss of the year and his career. looked like the cowboys would capitalize inside redskins territory. tony romo underthrows his receiver into the arms of josh wilson. romo, two picks in two drives. the cowboys start to gel. romo with the dart over the middle to a wide open harris. 25 yards into redskins territory. romo gets all the time in the world. finally scrambles and finds jason witten in the end zone for the score. the cowboys lead 7-0. but the redskins answer right back. alfred morris, big night for the rookie. takes a handoff.
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13 yards and across the 50. next play, give to the morris. this time, quick pick, finds the crease in the dallas defense. gets down to the 30. three plays later, the skins call on the rookie running back again. this time, finds no room up the middle, bounces outside and springs 17 yards untouched for the score. that ties it 7. that's how we hit the half. to the third, both teams trade a couple of punts, then here come the skins. 2nd and 9, alfred morris up the gut. next play, morris just keeps on adding to his mark. 21 yards deep down into dallas territory. four plays later, the skins score again. this time with the other rookie, rgiii running the option to perfection. skins up 14-7. next drive, cowboys look like they with answer right back. tony finds vicar for an 11-yard gain but the skins' defense
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holds them. they settle for a 48-yard dan bailey field goal. the skins take advantage of that first with rgiii getting it done with his feet with the great moves and cuts for the 17- yard gain to make the most redskins rushing yards in a season. quick screen to moss to get the skins across the 50. the rocket over the middle to pierre garcon for a 15-yard gain to the dallas 3 2. on the next play, skins go back to morris. he finds no running room so he cuts back across the field, goes 32 yards untouched for the score. redskins now up 11. ensuing possession, cowboys threatening, but the skins' defense comes up big. captain london fletcher big sack on romo. loss of 1 yards. nice little dance by fletch. dallas is forced to punt. but dallas, they're not done yet. they would force the redskins to punt and harris makes them
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pay, takes it back all the way to the washington 31. what a run by harris. unbelievable. gets all the way. sav rocca with the tackle but gets called for face mask. great 15 yards. then romo gets in the end zone to ogletree. that gets the cowboys within five. so they go for the two-point conversion. it's harris again. the cowboys pull within three. but then the cowboys do what the cowboys do late in the season in big games. they would implode. first let's get this big sack on rgiii before we get to the implosion. he just couldn't get away. rgiii slow to get up, slow to get up. cowboys still with the big chance in the game. but leave to the tony romo. he gets picked off for the third time on the night. rob jackson just there, perfect
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timing. that would set up the drive that sealed it for the skins. gary jones not too happy with that one. neither is tony romo. neither are the cowboys fans. redskins fans are loving it. poor rise from a yard out gets in for the score. the redskins beat the cowboys 28-18 to win the nfc east. we have live coverage from fedexfield where i know the crowd is just going crazy. our dave owens is out at fed ex. dave, what is the atmosphere like out there right now? >> reporter: you know what, k.b., i'll tell you, as you can see from our camera moving around a little bit, it's an active scene. we were able to get on the field just a second ago. 28-18, nfc east division champs. boy, when did you ever think that would you hear that. this crowd out here, 82,000 plus, some of which are streaming out now, but let me
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tell you, they were partying. i saw a sign that said, we're gonna party like it's 1999. how about that. that was the last time the redskins would host a home playoff game against the detroit lions. they're going to do that next week. what a game here this week. it wasn't pretty, but they were able to get it done on the legs, the strong legs, of alfred morris, 33 brutal carries tonight for 200 yards and three touchdowns. this crowd, fedexfield, it was rocking, shaking. rfkesque for those of you who remember those great games back at rfk stadium where the crowd got into it so much you could feel it shaking. well, could you feel it shaking here tonight as the redskins took the lead, held the lead, and took it in, 28-18 your final score. we're going to hear from all of the characters tonight. alfred morris, first and foremost, because, let's face
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it, rgiii didn't have a very good football game. only 100 yards passing tonight, 9 of 18, his fewest yards passing since week five against atlanta. that was the night he got injured. he had the cop cushion as well. so despite not having a great passing game, and really being off, we could tell he was injured, you could tell he's not 98%, as mike shanahan would say, could you tell he was not himself, but alfred morris and the defense really able to get it done here tonight for the redskins. how about that defense. eight turnovers. so they certainly carried the day here along with alfred morris tonight. rob jackson coming one a huge interception. so we've got a through it get to tonight as the redskins celebrating their first nfc east division title in a long, long time. we're going to come back to you in the studio, kristen, but we're going to hear from mike
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shanahan, alfred morris, rgiii here shortly. >> they've played about seven weeks, but to actually accomplish our first goal, really a tribute to the character of the guys in that locker room. >> reporter: mike, i know you've won super bowls but have you ever been something quite like this, this kind of run? >> i don't think i've ever been 3-6 and ever had seven in a row, i don't think so. i don't think i've been anywhere close to that, to be honest. so it's a great feeling. >> reporter: mike, what was the idea tonight behind all the pressure you guys threw at romo? why do you think it was effective? >> we did something that we haven't done, and we thought we'd have a chance to keep them a little off balance, and it worked. tony is a heck of a football player, and you have to keep him a little off balance. if he knows what you are going to do, he's going to tear you apart like he has for the last half of the season. so we feel very fortunate to be
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able to keep a little bit off balance. the difference in wing and losing the game. >> reporter: coach, alfred has closed so many games nor season. fitting that he closed tout season. your thoughts on his performance and maybe big picture. set the franchise record for yards in a season. >> i told our guys to win as many games as we have, that means a lot of people are playing pro bowl level. i separated him in the locker room, i said, of all the guys, the guy who separated himself today from the rest of the pack, that was alfred. for him to play at that level for a full 60 minutes and give 200 yards, rate around six yards a carry, really a testament to not only him but the guys blocking for him. so very, very happy for him. >> reporter: did the players know, going out there, that they had to win to get into the playoffs? did they know that things did not work out earlier? >> i'll be honest with you, we didn't talk about that one time throughout the week, never even
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mentioned it in any conversation. we talked of our goal, and we never talked about the possibilities of getting in with not winning. so i mow the guys are smart enough to know what was out there but it was never talked about. >> reporter: mike, it looked like robert was still struggling to run full speed, but yet he had a lot of big plays running the football. can you assess what you saw out of your quarterback? >> i agree with your assessment there. he always tells me he's fine, and you could see that he was hurting a little bit, even though he wouldn't admit that to me, but that shows what type of competitor he is, to play at the level he did, and orchestrate that type of performance, being hurt a little bit. but i didn't see that during the week, to be honest with you. i didn't see that type of him being a little bit -- he was a little slower, but you can see that he was -- he wasn't his normal self, but he made enough
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big plays to give us a chance. >> reporter: seemed like every time you guys needed a big play the last handful of weeks, you made it. >> the backs swung off, d a little peel route, and rob had the awareness to take the man to man coverage. tony had to get rid of it very quick. any time you've got running back going against an outside linebacker, usually it's a mismatch. rob did a great job of looking at it, being under control, making the big plays. >> reporter: you mentioned -- [inaudible] -- >> i think the main thing for a football team is they're not satisfied where we're at. that was our first goal. there's only one team that's happy at the end of the season, and that's when you take care of your other opportunities. we'll be focused. it's a four-game season. we'll be all focused for this one. you work to get here.
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there's only one team that's happy at the end of the season, and we want to be that team. >> reporter: mike, you mentioned that -- [inaudible]. >> we've talked about it a little bit. he has the ability to do some things that some people can't do. we kind of take with it a few things. it's kind of been fun to be able to do some things in the running game, key defense. >> reporter: [inaudible]? >> i didn't even think about him being limited, to be honest. he was probably four or five speed instead of three speed. >> reporter: [inaudible]? >> you don't think along those terms. you just think week by week. if you think long term, you never accomplish anything. we had to focus on the job at
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hand and have great practices every day, and doing that, he gave you a chance to be where you are at right now. >> reporter: did you always, mike, see resolve in this team, even when things were bad? did you always see resolve in them? >> yeah, when you talk about character, and put character with people that have ability, chance to do some special things. for them, fight back after 3-6 start, had the resolve to work through it, a lot about who they are and what level they played at over the last several weeks. >> reporter: mike, you mentioned that you could see that rgiii wasn't his normal self d. that lead to giving alfred the ball more? did it lead to affect the play calling? >> well, a lot has to do with what their team is doing, so you take a look at what defenses do. sometimes you'll run the football more, other times we're dog pass the ball. since we're having success
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running the football we kept it up. a few big plays when we needed it in the passing game. the key is to put points on the scoreboard and try to get first downs. mike, could you talk about -- the character trait that you first encountered, a vision for him that key do something like this on this night. that he could accomplish this on this night. >> well, we're going to give him an opportunity to show whraws he could do, especially when they're playing us a little bit different coverages. we put a lot of pressure on him. i thought he stepped up and played an exceptional level. not too many guys can rush for a couple hundred yards and put the majority of the work on him. >> reporter: mike, could you talk about specifically d'angelo but also josh will son, not only the interception but all the correspond pressure that you guys unleashed on romo? >> yeah, we had some outside blitzes, and we had some inside
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blitzes. romo is pretty sharp. our inside blitzes i think kind of surprised him a little bit. the outside blitzes, you've watched us do that for the last few years. you've got to get good timing the on those blitzes to ever affect a guy like that. also time he got rid of the ball, just in the nick of times. maybe we got him to throw a little earlier than he wanted to. anything else? >> reporter: everybody's talked about how this offense has grown during this streak. but i think sometimes the defense is a little underlooked, or undervalued, and i think, you know, what due think about their growth over the last six games? >> well, you don't win without playing their defense. no chance for you to win. so both offense and defense and special teams, you win as team, and like i mentioned today for our defense, to get some of the plays that they made, they played at a very high level,
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because romo has been especially hot here second half of the season. okay, thanks. >> all right, you just heard mike shanahan's live post-game press conference after his redskins win the nfc east division title. of course, rgiii will take the podium coming up shortly. we will take that live for you as well. more post-game coverage when dave owens gets out of there. but first, let's check out how the fans are enjoying the evening. ko im is without the fans who are going nuts. all right, we'll get back to ko in a second. probably a little loud, can't hear us. i want to introduce you to our huddle tonight, our panel. of course, we have two-time all
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pro former redskin dexter manley. next to him tight end for the d.c. did i vas, donna wilkinson. for u.s.a. today, christine brennan. redskins hall of famer darrell green. now, we were all together yesterday talking about this game, and you could just feel the excitement, even amongst us, but, of course, amongst the fans. let's talk about this. i want to start with you guys. dex, i'm going to start with you. can you pick who was your star? >> that goes without saying. alfred morris. i got a couple on my list but i would say alfred morris. he ran well. the cowboys were dead last in stopping the run. it takes no eyewitness news stein to figure that out. you run the football. >> it was a great 200 yards there. of course, he set the rushing record by a redskin, overlapping -- or topping, i should say, clinton portis' record but also the redskins set a rushing franchise record
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for a season as well. donna, who would you say? >> i say what darrell said. tony romo, we are who we thought you were two picks, one to seal the game. we know that defense was all over him. he really showed that he's up and down, and he can't handle the pressure. great to see. i think dave owens said rgiii didn't have a great game, but the quarterback's job is to put your team in position to win there. that standpoint, he did have a great game. he made good decisions even though he didn't have the big numbers that we expect from him. >> the story of this game and this season has been rookie for the redskins. obviously today we realized that we were looking at the wrong rookie. rgiii was terrific, deservedly so but alfred morris, 6th round pick. the nation, if you looked at twitter, people around the country were like who is this guy, what is going on here. remarkable, remarkable game, one of those games that will go down in history. i think years ago george allen
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said the future is now, meaning old guys. the foomp is now with the young guys. >> real quick, darrell, we want to go back out live. cowboys head coach jason garrett. okay, we're not taking jason garrett. darrell, we want to hear from you. what are your thoughts? >> i do want to give credit to d-hall and wilson. i thought they did a really solid job at defense, did a really good job. fletcher, he's really amazing. i really like what this guy this old player is doing. then donna stole my thunder, but in terms of my game ball, my first game ball is tony romo, for staying to the plan, staying true. i mean, i really feel bad. >> being the tony romo that we thought. >> i mean, really, he's got to
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be hurting tonight. the first half was boring, i mean, it was a boring game, but they sitting there, in the red area, he throws a pick. they have another opportunity, he throws -- like, this is a boring game, and you're not here. we weren't doing our thing, either, on the first half. >> two picks, and you couldn't capitalize on the picks. >> exactly. i would have to give credit to our offensive line. i thought maybe they did the best in the first half, and maybe our d-line, but the first half was just crappy, then the second half, tony came more true, then finally, rgiii, i don't know what happened to him tonight, but i'm glad we got the win. he didn't play to his game. but alfred morris is my mvp of this team, i don't care what anybody thinks. >> that guy is such a workhorse so much fun to watch. unbelievable that this rookie, he's able to see energy he has, and just able to last the whole game and put up the kind of
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numbers. >> he's under the radar of roberts, so i thought that this guy was sensational, and to me, he belongs, he should be the redskins most valuable player. >> that offensive line did a great job, especially back side, those guys getting across the field, cut-back lanes, that's what you want to see out of your offensive lane. they did a terrific job of giving morris a chance to run big. >> rgiii is freezing the dallas defense. he is houdini. talking hocus-pocus, you don't know what rgiii is going do with that ball. i wonder if there is a quarterback or even a player in the nfl with as quick of hand, the way he cab go. of course he is actually unleashing morris because the cowboys have to-- >> well, i think the play itself is a college play. that kind of play is a tough play. i still say morris, no matter what does he with it, you hand
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it to him, you pitch it to him, he has just done an incredible job this whole year. i think without him we wouldn't be sitting here. i know rgiii has done a great job but i just love -- >> the combo of those two on offense, as they've proven over the last several games, unstoppable. we want to go back out to bethesda. i think we have ko im with the fans. what is the atmosphere like? >> reporter: sorry, kristen, it was really loud earlier. everyone is stable in very celeb celebratory mood. you say ear a big rgiii fan but how did he play? >> alfred morris stole the show. >> reporter: you guys all sang "hail to the redskins" every time there was a touchdown. how awesome was that? >> it was beautiful.
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>> reporter: back to kristen. >> all right, ko, thanks so much. we want to head back out to fedexfield. we've got the rookie, alfred morris. >> reporter: what happened that was making the run game so effective? >> i'm not really sure. i think they were bringing a lot of pressure, trying to disguise it. we were able to find creases. their over-aggressiveness. it just worked out perfectly. >> reporter: with rgiii, looked like he was kind of hobbling a little bit, did you feel like you were going to have to carry this team, or you were going to to have really step up? >> i knew to win it was going to be the ground attack. i came out here to give it my all, regardless who is healthy, what the situation is i'm going go out there and leave it all on the field. it just turned out being my best game. i'm just thankful. >> reporter: was it special to get that record? i know you wanted the win, but
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considering you got the win as well? >> it was special. that never really was on my mind. i don't want to discredit it. it was special. it's an honor to pass clinton portis record. he's a great back. i guess you can call me a fan of clinton morris. he told me before the game, i want you to break the record. it's an honor. it's a humbling experience. i'm thankful to be here. >> reporter: tonight looked like you were going right from the start d. you get a feeling that it was going to be your night real early? >> out. there's been times that we came out in the first half and our ground attack got going. we made it our goal not to let that happen this week. we said we were going to go out there in the first half, we got it going, second half, keep it going. we gave the wide receive ears break. we gave them guys a break. they've got to be ready for the
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postseason. >> reporter: alfred, josh came in for kory. talk about how he played. i know that you picked up some yards behind him. >> he did a great job. all our rookies, stepping up, doing the job. you always have to be ready for when your number is called. i was ready when mine got called. i was just trying to pick up some yards behind him. he stepped up like a pro. >> reporter: alfred, throughout the year, the late-round pick -- >> all right, that was rookie running back alfred morris, a big night for him, 200 yards and three touchdowns. let's stay at fedexfield go back out to dave owens who has some very special guests with him, i believe. >> reporter: hey, k.b., it's the bewitching hour here at fedexfield. look who i have here. these ladies or guys or whatever, hey, how about a song? ♪ hail to the redskins, hail
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victory, rage on the war path, fight for all d.c. ♪ >> reporter: hey, how about the harmony of these guys. guys, i tell you, i know you've been to games for the last 30 years. this one has got to be pretty dog-gone special. >> right at the top of the list. it doesn't get better than to see what we saw today because we had a full team out there beating the other team. >> reporter: a full team. i mean, this was 33 carries, alfred morris. it had to remind you -- you don't want to compare them to rigo, but it was a rigo-like performance. >> he's a talented runner, and he's got a great offensive line in front of him. >> reporter: let's go to this guy. what is this, chinchilla? a little fury. >> a little chilly out here. >> reporter: and you are going to wear it next week against
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seattle? >> depends how cold it is. >> reporter: it's the first time since 1943 that a football team is going to the playoffs with a rookie leading them in passing and rushing. the 1943 giants, how about that, and i think that sign up there, guys, says it all. congratulations nfc east champions. before we sent back to you, k.b., one more time, a little bit of -- ♪ hail to the redskins, hail victory ♪ >> reporter: back to you in the studio. >> dave, thanks so much. those guys have been waiting a long time. we've got plenty more for you for the redskins big win over the cowboys. the nfc east champs when "game on overtime" presented by jim coleman infiniti returns right after this.
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welcome back to "game on overtime" presented by jim coleman infin at this time. let's get back to our huddle. redskins over the cowboys to claim nfc east champs. i want to talk about this defense. lots of talk with deangelo hall, arguably one of his best games all season. really came up big when he needed to. >> i was really impressed.
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i thought that the game was going to revolve aren't bryant, and i think he ended up with four catches. d-hall -- and this is what i do. i look to see he was it double coverage? it was a lot of man-to-man coverage. very proud of him. i thought the whole secondary, i was really pleased with them. on top of that, as i've said before, their offense just didn't do their thing. for example, garcon really wasn't there. >> then he had that big drop when he was wide open. >> i'm not knocking him. i just thought that everything was so flat on offense, but for once, the defense carried the night, and led by the secondary. >> they were really getting up and staying tight on those guys. you haven't seen that out of the redskins all year. that was giving the guys a chance to get back to the quarterback and get some pressure. you see london fletcher there. just a great overall team game with the way they came
12:03 am
together. >> even dallas' touchdown, excuse my voice that first one was that crazy thing, eight seconds that romo had a ridiculous amount of time. it actually looked like it should have been a penalty. >> yeah, clock run out. >> other than that, 0.5 second, like they do in the nba. but you are right about the ryan-hall match-up. pretty sooner romo is throwing to what it seems like are fourth and fifth string receivers. but that speaks very highly to that rock 'em sock 'em he red since play that you guys played 10 years ago. >> i saw tony romo, it seems when he was in the pocket, he didn't seem to sort of stay with his receivers. i thought what tony romo was
12:04 am
doing, get some good pressure, and he was like back foot, very awkward. >> i really want to support you. i just thought that, first of all, i thought that he played desperately. i thought that he blitzed, he really played a game, called a game that was not going to sit back and wait. maybe he knew rgiii wasn't up to par. maybe he was a little concerned. i thought that jim haslet, maybe he thought he was concerned about his job, i don't know. but he was aggressive. he couldn't have had a better time, because offense was flat. >> if you see this play right here, romo, seems like his mechanics was off today. he would throw the ball. he would get pressure, move. those kinds of things. >> you saw a lot of frustration with him. >> you saw him yelling at witten on the side. >> i hope i didn't have anything to


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