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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 3, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> you'll make that sacrifice, michael? >> we would do that. it's going to be a lot more comfortable sunday afternoon than it is this morning. that i can guarantee you. temperatures this morning are cold. they're down in the low to mid- 20s in many areas. still have mostly cloudy skies although these are high thin clouds. lots of breaks out there. 30 at national. by noon 37 with a mix of sun and clouds. maybe mostly sunny by then with a sunny afternoon. highs anywhere from the upper 30s in our northern suburbs to low 40s south and southwest. this morning it looks like a thick overcast but these are high thin clouds. getting reports of breaks not just here in town but also in the northern neck. just spoke to jan in reedville who is seeing some stars through the thin overcast. her temperature of 32. we've got 26 in catlett in fauquier county. going up north and west, lower 20s now for much of the shenandoah valley and teens out in western maryland to 30 in annapolis. so a quiet morning. more sun this afternoon than this morning. look at your expected highs.
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anywhere from the upper 30s to the lower 40s. 6:00 straight up. time for monika samtani. she's got timesaver traffic. >> there was an accident on the northbound side of i-95 in virginia at aquia harbor that was moved to the shoulder. now an accident northbound 59 in lorton. if you're moving upstream or planning to, there's a second accident for you to deal with. here's what's happening inside the beltway in chevy chase. i'll show you some video first and explain what happened at about 6:00 last night. southbound on wisconsin avenue in chevy chase, basically between willard avenue and wisconsin circle, this 8-inch water main break. wssc has been on the scene with their crews all night long trying to fix the problem. let's go to our live shot from sky 9 and show you what's going on now on the southbound side of wisconsin avenue. you can see crews are still on the scene. the right lane is getting through inside the beltway but expect delays coming through bethesda. a quick look at 66 on the inbound side on our maps. at route 15 in haymarket, there
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is an accident blocking a lane. beyond that you still seem to be okay through manassas and centreville. a quick look live one more time outside and here's what it looks like if you're planning to head inbound on 66 in from manassas. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, monika. a huge smile in a prince william county court yesterday after a virginia judge ordered justin wolfe be released. he has spent a decade on death row convicted of masterminding a murder for hire. >> but he may be free today making his mother what she called the helpiest -- happiest. >> reporter: this mother has been going back and forth emotional highs and lows for more than a decade now. she says it will be a very happy day. she hasn't been sleeping since justice participating this emotional reunion. we're going to have a camera crew there to hopefully catch this reunion when he is finally reunited with his family after
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11 years. wolfe's mother hugged her lawyers who have taken on this case pro bono. wolfe was ordered released because a judge who threw out the case says the commonwealth failed to retry him in 120 days. the prosecution's star witness and convicted trigger man recanted his story and has maintained for several years now that wolfe never paid him to murder drug supplier danny petroli. he says after an hour long car chase, he emptied his 9 millimeter handgun into petroli's car killing him. then he says he went home, changed clothes and met wolfe out for drinks. >> justin should be breathing the same air, fresh air for the first time. >> it will be nice to finally be able to play wii games and stuff with him again because i haven't done that since i was 4. >> reporter: his family have smiles on their face but
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they're curksly optimistic because -- cawrktly optimistic -- cautionly optimistic. it's not a done deal yet because the attorney general has filed an appeal in this case. andrea, mike, back to you. >> delia goncalves with that live update from our satellite center. d.c. police found the body after deceased man late last night between two buildings in adams morgan. officers were called to the 1800 block of biltmore street in adams morgan. at about the same time the d.c. fire department was responding at the same location for a, quote, confined space rescue for a person who may have fallen from a building into a shift of some kind. the death is being screghted by d.c. police detectives -- investigated by d.c. police detectives. kids from sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut will go back to school for the first time. it will be the first time they'll be back in the classroom since a gunman killed 20 of their classmates and six teachers. workers spent the last couple
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of weeks getting the school ready. there will be police officers on hand to make sure the kids feel safe today. secretary of state hillary clinton has been released from the hospital. there's a picture right there. she spent a couple of days at a new york hospital after doctors discovered a blood clot behind her right ear. they've been treating the clot with blood thinners and they say the secretary is responding well to treatment. president clinton and daughter chelsea were on hand to take secretary clinton home. a new congress reports for duty today. the 113th congress will be sworn in and it faces daunting challenges right away. one of the first tanks will be to vote -- tasks will be to vote on a bill to provide relief for victims of superstorm sandy. there's the leftovers from the fiscal cliff debate. the new congress will have to deal with the spending cuts that were tabled when the fiscal cliff bill was voted on earlier this week. and congress will also have to authorize a bump in the debt ceiling or else the country will default on its loans for the first time in u.s. history.
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virginia's newest u.s. senator tim kaine along with maryland congress-elect john delaney are among those to be sworn in today. president obama has signed into law the bill to avert the fiscal cliff. the house of representatives passed the bill late tuesday night after the senate approved it. the president is in hawaii vacationing with his family, but a senior administration official says a copy of the bill was sent to the president for him to review and he signed it using the auto pen. the auto pen is more commonly used to sign christmas cards but the 2011 extension of the patriot act marked the first time the obama administration ever used the unique device for signing a law. it is 6:06. the lovely jessica doyle is here with another your money report. she says get ready to see your taxes go up. >> that's right. >> what's new? >> you know, there's been so much debate about the big tax hike, you know. a lot of people don't realize your taxes are going to go up in 2013 when you file them. the tax hike is not small
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either even though congress did make the bush era tax cuts permanent. here's a scenario for you. the median income for households in the washington region, $84,500 in 2010. that's according to the seen sus bureau. -- census bureau. so we're looking at the tax bill for folks who fall in that tax bracket. the average federal tax burden is $14,891 for this group. the changes that were just signed into law will hold your income taxes steady but you will be paying an additional $1,149 because of the payroll tax holiday ending and the new health care taxes are kicking in. if you crunch these numbers, the tax hike will lower your take-home pay by about 1.7%. the numbers calculated by the tax policy center, congressional budget office and joint committee on taxation. coming up in the next 30 minutes, we're going to have some advice for you to help you
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budget for the fiscal cliff in your own paycheck so it doesn't take you by surprise when you've got to file. >> these taxes won't be recrippedded no -- rescinded no matter what happens. >> this is it. the pay recall tax holiday that funds social security, that's going up two percentage points and the health care reform taxes were something that were signed into law back in 2010. so now we're starting to feel the effects of that. >> appreciate it. smashing stereotypes and becoming role models at the same time. >> when we come back, our cool schools weekly segment is all about cheerleading for science.
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howard with your weather first. it's cold out there, lots of 20s a. few more clouds this morning. then later today look for a mix of sun and clouds. 37 by noon. highs right around that 40- degree mark. in silver spring on the northbound side of 16th street here at east-west highway, watch out for this overturned vehicle. you can see police are on the scene. traffic is getting by to the left side of the roadway, but expect some delays. i'll have details on this and a water main break in chevy casy chase coming up at 6:18. fire up the big yellow bus. we're headed to columbia, maryland. when you think n.f.l. cheerleader, you think glamorous and physically fit. does the word scientist come to mind? it should. we found an organization that has a lot of people cheering for science these days.
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>> reporter: they have one of the most glamorous jobs in sports, performing in front of a national audience on tv. >> you're going to throw your wrist. >> reporter: the messages these n.f.l. and nba cheerleaders are sharing at hammond high school are only partially about their time in the bright lights. cheering is a part-time job. their full-time occupation are in science. dalmatian has cheered for the redskins. she has a degree in cellular science. >> you can create a position for yourself. >> tuliza is also a redskins cheerleader. she is on track to become a pediatric oncologist. >> when someone meets me and knows i cheer for the redskins, they ask what else do you do?
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i'm in school seek anything degree in biology and chemistry and they're like oh. >> reporter: they're smashing stereotypes and becoming role models at the same time. exactly the goal of the nonprofit called science cheerleaders. >> it's a lot to be able to cheer all the time. you have to be really smart, go to college. >> we will, we will rock the earth, rock the earth. >> reporter: there are even science lessons in cheerleading. check out how their stomping impacts the earth's surface. >> it's fun to learn new things because i would never have thought this stomping and doing a cheer would have an affect on the earth. it was really cool learning about that. >> reporter: what's also cool? being smart, successful and scientific says teacher mona. >>it's so easy to accept what the crowd does so i don't stand out. our big deal is focusing on these ladies, understanding we want you to stand out. we want you to stand out being the best you can be.
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>> reporter: which can be pretty amazing. >> we will rock the earth. >> you see the blond woman there who is in the red sweater? that's lauren thomas, a former washington wizards cheerleader. she works for north troop grummon -- northrup grummon on weather satellites. just because you're beautiful and a cheerleader doesn't mean you can't be brilliant and have it all. let's go to monika. or let's go to howard. i fopght all about him. -- i forgot all about him. we were just talking beauty and brains. >> i haven't been gone that long. your bus stop forecast, a chilly one out there. i think the cheerleader uniforms too skimpy this morning for this weather with temperatures in the low to mid- 20s in many suburbs.
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if we get to 35 during the morning, that will be south and east of town with mostly cloudy skies. lots of high thin clouds. we're seeing quite a few breaks already and i expect more sunshine as the day wears on. 33 by 9:00. 36 at 11:00. by 1:00 upper 30s. yeah, not the warmest lunch hour but the winds, they'll be okay. light west, southwest 5, 8 miles an hour. this afternoon around 40 for that high by 3:00. and for the drive home partly cloudy and 39. that sunset almost 5:00, we'll hit the 5:00 sunset tomorrow. we're looking at lots of high clouds. look at the breaks starting to show up. you're seeing some stars, moon shine as well with temperatures on the chilly side. we do have some teens in western maryland and areas in the northern shenandoah valley but low 20s across gaithersburg now at 23. it's mid-20s if leesburg down toward reston at 25 degrees. to the south a little warmer. alexandria is 29. 27 in upper marlboro. 25 bowie and 26 in columbia. outside on the michael & son
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weather camera, the lights reflecting off some of the clouds that are overhead but we do have some breaks as well. 30 degrees officially. wind northeast at 6 although cloudy skies reported at national. it feels like 24 outside with that windchill. our weather headlines, you'll need the coat, the hat and gloves obviously with temps in the low to mid-20s in many areas. sunglasses as well. more clouds south of town. that's going to be the slowest to clear. cold and quiet and blustery for your friday. we'll be in the low to mid-40s but it's going to feel like 30s tomorrow and chilly for the weekend. highs again should be in the mid-40s. as far as any moisture, nothing headed our way. had a few showers in areas northeast north carolina, extreme southeast virginia. lake snows going on new york state, parts of new england. tonight clear, cold, back in the 20s to low 30s in the warm areas. and then tomorrow sunny but blustery. i do have a nice warm-up on the seven-day.
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in the immediate future, though, chilly. today only around 40. more sun this afternoon. tonight back in the 20s with clear skies in most areas. 43 tomorrow but a breezy friday. saturday looks dry, 44. clouds saturday night. stray sprinkle or flurry can't be ruled out. mid-40s sunday for the mommy playoff games here and also up in baltimore. monday mid-40s. i think we warm to the mid-50s tuesday. potentially even 60 by wednesday. so there's your january thaw. here comes monika at 6:17 with your latest timesaver traffic. >> hard to believe 60. wow. that sounds great. if you're planning to head outside, nothing great but it's really not that bad either. if you're planning to head into wisconsin avenue and chevy chase, here's what it looks like from last night. we'll first go to a video where there was an 8-inch water main break that happened right in the middle of rush hour southbound on wisconsin avenue here near willard avenue in chevy chase. and crews are still on the scene working on it but the good news is that the right lane gets through here inside the beltway southbound on
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wisconsin avenue leaving bethesda into chevy chase. now a live look from our sky 9. you're looking in silver spring on the northbound side of 16th street at east-west highway. it's an overturned vehicle. you can see that right in the center of your screen. luckily it's on the northbound side so hopefully it won't affect the rush hour too much. southbound remains open. one last live look. this is 270. of course you're used to this. the delays begin here at route 109. they continue to 121 before the pace improves but all lanes are open and 270 has been incident free this morning. i'll be back with a look at virginia roads coming up at 6:25. back to you guys. >> all right. at 6:18 time for another look at our question of the morning. most women say this is the number one reason they do not exercise. is it a, they don't like to get sweaty, b, it takes too long to see results or c, they're worried about messing up their hair. >> there are some women on this planet who just don't sweat so that doesn't apply. i guess -- let's see what michael says, one of our
6:19 am
facebook friends. my wife says -- this was written by a guy -- she says d, she's too lazy. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in
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gldz welcome badge -- well came back. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we'll see the temperatures slowly climb out with clouds giving way to more sunshine as the afternoon wears on. notice the mid-afternoon temp at lunch time in the upper 30s. we'll top out closer to that 40- degree mark. thankfully the winds will be on the lighter side. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, howard. for the fifth straight year, washington, d.c. tops the nation in the number of people moving in. the findings are the result of the united van lines' latest annual migration study. rounding out the top five places people moved to in 2012, oregon, nevada, north carolina and south carolina. we hear about this before
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christmas but what about after the holidays? it is show time for ups. the carrier expects today will be the busiest for all the days when it comes to holiday returns. men and women in brown will celebrate national returns today by -- returns day by shipping more than half a million packages back to the retailers. good morning, everybody. many thought it couldn't be done. others reacted negatively when mike shanahan traded away three first round draft picks to the rams to draft robert griffin iii but rg3 and the redskins have quieted the critics. after the bye week the rookie basically said i don't want to lose anymore and since then the skins have been on quite a mission, a successful one landing their first playoff game since '99. rg3 has broken numerous records along the way but says it
6:24 am
wouldn't be possible without everyone in the organization. >> it comes down to the guys around you and the coaches. the one thing our coaches did was they didn't baby me.  they weren't going to make it baby steps. they threw everything at me and made me learn on the fly. they were really hard on me in otas and training camp. it's paid off. >> tune in after sunday's game for complete wrapup of the skins-seahawks game. we'll have post-game reaction live from fed ex field. plus highlights and expert analysis. a special post-game edition of game on starts at 8:00 sunday here on wusa. we'll also have news about this team, the ravens. ray lewis, the heart and soul of the ravens franchise announced his plans to retire at the end of the ravens playoff run. he's one of the most popular players in the n.f.l. helping to guide any young player willing to listen. i'm sure that's something that won't stop once he finally hangs up his cleats. the washington wizards bradley beale was named rookie
6:25 am
of the month for december. believe it or not good news out of that camp but unfortunately didn't help last night. the indiana pacers went on to beat the wizards 89-81. hey, maybe that will bring them some good luck in the future. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great thursday. a young man who spent the last 11 years on death row in a murder for hire conviction could be a free man today. >> delia goncalves will have the latest on this coming up in about five minutes. here's monika. >> crews are dealing with this situation in silver spring. it's northbound on 16th street at east-west highway. an overturned vehicle you can see in the left center of your screen there. it is affecting traffic on the northbound side only. i'll have more details on this and other area roadways coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news. we'll be back after the break.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. at 6:29 this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at the lincoln memorial. a little windy, shaky and it's 30 degrees even. cold start to the morning but thank you for starting it with us. i'm andrea roane. depending on where you're waking up, you probably won't need the ice scraper. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. thanks for joining us. but other places you might. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace and he is bundled up. >> i think that's a heat, some
6:30 am
sort of steam distorting the picture because winds are fairly light. there is something going on there. it's cold this morning. it will make sense the steam is going with temperatures in many areas down in the lower to mid- 20s. thankfully we have light winds. in western maryland reports of upper teens. here's a look outside. looking at tysons corner to the east, still mostly cloudy. we have had some breaks. we've seen the moon dart in and out of the clouds in northwest. more sun this afternoon. highs between 38 and 43. right about 40 hire in d.c. -- about 40 here in d.c. clouds from southwest to northeast. look at cumberland how they clear out -- cleared out the last couple of hours. we'll see the sunshine increase as the morning wears on and a sunny afternoon. but a cold start. 19 cumberland. 20 in cross junction. thanks, steve, for that. but 30 on bait in annapolis. we are -- on the bay in annapolis. looking at highs in the upper 30s to low 40s.
6:31 am
familiar tap has been watching a few things for you this morning -- monika samtani has been watching a few things for you this morning. she has the latest with timesaver traffic. luckily nothing too major but causing some delays. let's first of all start off with the northbound side of i- 95 where you can see all this yellow. there was an accident in lorton northbound side in the hov lanes. it was moved to the showldzer. let's take a live look at the prince william parkway on the northbound side of i-95. you have your delays beginning down at the prince william parkway into lorton. then this is what it looks like in spring field. we'll go a little further north on to 395 and show what you it looks like at duke street. looks like everything is okay. a minor incident up here on the shoulder but it doesn't look like it's attracting too much attention. we'll take a live look from our sky 9. want to keep you updated. there was an overturned vehicle. it's been uprighted on the center of your screen northbound on 16th street here at east-west highway. traffic is now once again getting by to the left side of the road. i'll be back with more traffic
6:32 am
coming up in a few minutes. back to you, mike and andrea. >> thanks, monika. coming up on 6:32. time to check on what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell joins us. >> good morning. ahead frustrations on capitol hill. its own members say congress is lacking courage. the laughingstock of the world and the least productive in history. so when will anything change? we'll ask republican strategist frank lund what he calls an almost historic divide in his own party. plus, obama senior campaign advisor robert gibbs on the cost of the fiscal cliff compromise. there's still a lot of tough questions ahead so we'll talk about that when we see you at 7:00. >> thanks. we'll be tuning in at the top of the hour. have a great show. a virginia man who spent 11 years on death row could be free today. that news put a smile on the face of his mother and the rest of his family. however, a federal appeals court could still intervene. >> wolfe convicted of masterminding a murder for hire
6:33 am
in northern virginia but in 2005, the trigger man and the prosecution's star witness changed his testimony. he told the federal court that wolfe had nothing to do with the murder. delia goncalves is here with more on the witness and how he is saying he was coerced into that testimony. >> reporter: by prosecutors. he's saying they essentially told him to tell the truth but he felt bullied over the years because he cut a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid the death perchlety himself. he is do -- penalty himself. is he doing lots of times, sentenced to 66 years, 22 of those years suspended but they say you could avoid the chair if you agree that you were paid to perform this act. they did say knowing now that you have recanted your story, you could face additional time to your sentence because you lied under oath. he says i finally want to do the right thing. >> what's really interesting is we've had two judges saying okay, reduce the sentence. one judge saying let him out. but the attorney general still does not want this to happen.
6:34 am
>> no. the attorney general still maintains that wolfe performed or actually had a part in this murder. now, the commonwealth's attorney has recused himself from the case paul ebert. he just says that they're not going to comment. he only said we respectfully disagree with the judge's decision. so he's leaving it up to the attorney general to really kind of head the case and say we still stand by our 2002 case and the 2002 testimony by this trigger man who at the time said i was paid off by wolfe to do it. >> have they talked about the time of day today he may get out and could something happen before? his mom is kind of like he's this close to getting out before and she's kind of scared. >> i'm sure she's scared. she's not going to sleep all night. he's been in this position before and had stays of execution twice over the decade or so he's been locked up. initially we thought it would
6:35 am
be early in the morning. now there's indications it could be a little later, around 4:30 indicating perhaps they're waiting for that appeal, perhaps word from the appeal to come down and that could change everything. so without a doubt, it will be a highly emotional day. we'll have peggy fox down there. we have sent a camera crew down there to stake out and hopefully get that reunion or any emotion that happens outside of the courthouse. >> if he is released, is that it? he doesn't owe anything else to society? his debt to society would be paid or would he be on probation? >> i think he would be on community service but his debt as far as prison time is up. the prosecutor is saying that they still believe he did it. they're still going to go after him. but, you know, he served the time. 11 years. so we'll see. >> we'll see if free means free. >> if free means free. >> but definitely 9news will be covering this story throughout
6:36 am
the day. >> absolutely. peggy fox has been on top of it and imshe'll be there today -- and she'll be there today. in other news funeral plans have been finalized for a prince william county police officer who died in the line ever duty. a wake will be held today for 35-year-old officer chris yung at the hylton memorial chapel in woodbridge, virginia. the funeral will take place there on friday. officer yung was on his police motorcycle responding to a traffic accident when he collided with a minivan in bristow on new year's day. the murder rate in the district of columbia is at a 51- year low. there were 88 murders in 2012. the city has come a long way from the 1980s and '90s when it was known as the murder capital. mayor vincent gray and police chief cathy lanier will speak further about this later today. was it just a big coincidence? that's when the d.c. firefighters union is saying when nearly 500 firefighters
6:37 am
and paramedics called in sick on new year's eve. one case both department insiders and union officials confirmed a stabbing victim had to be taken in a hospital in a fire truck because there wasn't an ambulance readily available. the staff shortage was most likely due to the department members' exercising their right to call in sick. bates middle school in annapolis will reopen today following a boiler explosion there yesterday. safety inspectors have given the all clear. maintenance workers were firing up the boiler when built up pressure caused an explosion. two employees were taken to the hospital as a precaution. no students were injured in this but they were sent home early, however. washington narrowly averted the fiscal cliff but now more than ever americans need to take control of their own finances. >> coming up, jessica doyle is going to speak for a financial expert about mastering your money coming up in the new year. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 6:42. we're ready for the weekend. ready for sunday's big game. howard is ready with the forecast. it looks decent this weekend. we'll be in the mid-40s and dry both days. bigger problems this morning. it's cold. temperatures are down in the 20s and teens even far north and west of town when you get west of i-81. some of those valleys, protected valleys have cleared out with the light winds really got cold this morning. here is a look at your bus stop forecast. we're going low 20s to low 30s in most areas over the next couple of hours with mostly cloudy skies. there have been plenty of breaks the farther north and west you get from d.c. sun is up at about 40 minutes or so. this is a really cool shot out of tysons corner this morning. you see the breaks as we look
6:43 am
toward the east. that is some nice colors in the sky. i think it's going to be a pretty decent day with mixed clouds and sun. becoming more sunny as the afternoon wears on. only 37 by noon. look at the wind speeds. they're going to be comfortable. west to southwest 5, 7, 8 miles an hour. we don't have too much in the way of wind to deal with highs upper 30s to low 40s. you can see on the satellite and radar composite how the clouds are starting to clear some to our north and west. still a few there. we may get sunny for a while. another batch of clouds before we clear out completely and the moisture staying well south and east of town. temperatures are in the upper teens in cumberland and oakland. areas in cross junction, winchester, the shenandoah valley, 20, 21 degrees. that goes down to gaithersburg, parts of loudoun county as well are chilly with 32 our warmer spots fredricksburg at 33 and easton, the lower eastern shore, you're at 27, feeling like 27. the winds are fairly light. here in d.c., again that pretty sky off to the east out of tysons corner with 30.
6:44 am
officially cloudy at national but clearly we've got some breaks in the overcast and a dew point down in the teens. cold air covers much of the nation this third of january. casper is at 7 with 7 below in caribou. some spots in northern new york state, northern vermont are minus 15. minus 20 range. for us we'll watch the clouds thin out, especially this afternoon. look for sunny but chilly, upper 30s to low 40s. clear and cold tonight. we'll dip into the 20s once again in most of the suburbs to about 30 in d.c. and a blustery day tomorrow but sunny with highs in the low 40s. as we break down the forecast now, today's high only about 40 or so. some areas staying in the 30s with a mix of clouds and sun. again more sun this afternoon. tonight back in the 20s and mainly clear skies to near 30 in town. 43 but breezy tomorrow so press like it's going to be in the 30s on your friday. the weekend 44 on saturday. sunday 46. some clouds saturday night. but dry weather for both home playoff games here in d.c. and up in baltimore. monday 46 and then a warming trend tuesday and wednesday.
6:45 am
we could make a run toward 60 next wednesday. that makes a happy monika samtani right here who's got your timesaver traffic right now. we can skip over january and february. i like warmer weather. that's for sure. if you're planning to head around town, you may not like this very much. on the southbound side of i- 270, look at all the red behind me. that means it's slow from frederick down past 109 into germantown. we'll take a live look a little further south at montrose road. your brake lights begin once again as you head for the point where the lanes divide. let's go over to another live picture. this time we're heading to the other side of town. if you're planning -- actually to southern maryland first. no issues to report route 4, route 5, 301. we're looking good to the beltway. now we'll head to our live shot. first of all in college park. delays begin at 95 on the outer loop as you head for silver spring. and we'll end with a live picture from our sky 9. this is the slow exit from southbound 95 trying to get on to the outer loop of the beltway. it is incident free.
6:46 am
i'll be back with more traffic once again at 6:58. annual dray ya and mike? -- >> andrea and mike? >> thank you, monika. time for another your money report. >> jessica is back and she's talking about avoiding our personal fiscal cliff. the u.s. government is doing their best. well, maybe not. they're doing something to avoid it but we have our own checks to balance. >> we do it every year, make a resolution to do a better job of saving money but a survey of the american institute of cpas predicts about half of them will fall short. add to the pressures the fact that the median tax bill in washington is going up by a thousand dollars despite the fiscal cliff bill. joining us now with some tools on helping plan is sharon, the cpa and author of the best selling book "save wisely, spend happily." thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. i'm delighted to be with you. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. in terms of these resolutions, why is it so hard to keep our budget?
6:47 am
why is it so hard to have a budget in the first place? >> well, we did a recent poll. over two-thirds of americans don't even do a budget, don't even attempt to do a budget. that's where the problem starts. we have only a third of americans actually set financial goals as a new year's resolution. and certainly over the last few years, many of us have had our own personal financial cliff that we're still trying to recover from. who knows what's going to happen in the next few months. it's really important that we look at our own wallets and we take control. that's why a group of 125cpas across the country came together with the aicpa to create this book. it's called save wisely, spend happily. it's a totally nonprofit effort. there's no upsells. it's specifically to help those americans because our poll also showed that less than 13% of americans actually seek professional investment advice and financial advice. so we have lots of information
6:48 am
in the book, steps that you can take today to improve your financial situation. talking about -- we have over 30 tips to decruise your expenses, -- decrease your expenses, compare your budget to others across the country to see where you may be a little bit out of line. budget is kind of a dirty word. people get excited and go, i don't want to spend the time. we give you half a dozen different ways to budget, one which might fit better into your life. >> since we have you on the hot seat, we're going to ask you. because we do have the situation of higher taxes this year, got all the credit card bills from the holidays. our real incomes haven't really gone up in about a decade. give us one big tip, one change we can make today or resolve to make today that will make our situation a little bit better for 2013. >> it may sound trite but pay attention. over two thirpds of americans don't pay attention to their
6:49 am
budgets. by not paying attention, they get out of control. take your last six months of expenses and look at them and say where have i spent my money. where maybe have i been a little crazy on how i've spent it and specifically how do i compare to national averages. that one step that you take will allow you to identify. maybe you're spending way too much on housing, too much on insurance, too much on clothing. that will help you start focusing. one step at a time will help you make an initiative. if you have a bad credit rating, we give you specific ways, things that you can do today to start improving your credit rating. so the whole book is intended to help americans who are feeling like they're adrift on an island and they don't know what to do, how to get started. lots of individual stories. 125 stories that give you the idea of how other people in your same situation have taken
6:50 am
steps and improved it that you can, too. >> sharon, thanks so much for joining us this morning. sharon lechter, save wisely, spend happily. we'll be reading it. thank you so much. these are really great tools we all need to work with. that wake-up call i think is so incredibly important. >> get over the fear and look at the numbers. thanks, jess. we'll be right back. ñ??
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6:53 am
welcome back. 6:53. your weather first and a beautiful picture coming out of tysons corner this morning. the clouds are breaking up some. got a nice morning out there although a cold one. bundle up. in the 20s most areas. 37 by noon with a high temperature around the 40- degree mark with light winds.
6:54 am
andrea? >> and mike. hi. time now to answer the question of the morning. this is the question once again. most women say this is the number one reason they don't exercise. is it a, they don't like getting sweaty, b it takes too long to see any results or c, they're worried about messing up their hair? >> this is a response posted on the facebook fan page by teresa allen anderson. i don't like to sweat. i have to schedule my workout around my day. >> the answer is c, they're worried about messing up their hair. jessica? >> that's totally the case. you can't do it in the morning because we get here so early. got to do it after work. daily deals time. i've been combing through the e- mails to find you deep discounts and some paifortses, who -- favorites. who needs a garage. no more scraping the windshield because has a remote starter kit for your car. it's the arctic start one-mile range plus installation. opportunity your car on from inside your house while making
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your coffee. $299.99. regular price $659.97. you're saving 55% off with this. this one could kick start that resolution to lose weight in the new year. a six-month membership to she's the personal trainer you see all over the tv. $39, 62% off. you'll find it on gilt city. how about dinner for to at one of the highest ratessed restaurants in the area. you'll pay $49 for two people at 2941 restaurant in falls church. normal value $100 from google offers. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. don't go away. we'll be right back.
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6:58. cold this morning. lots of 20s. more sunshine as the day wears o. light winds. breezy tomorrow. still cool over the weekend. we get a little january thaw coming our way tuesday and wednesday. water main repair work continues in chevy chase on the southbound side of route 355 at dorset avenue. here's the outer loop from our sky 9 at georgia avenue. just slow through silver spring. we have the fiscal cliff party yesterday. today comes the hangover. wall street is looking lower. next on cbs this morning, the 113th congress will be sworn in. we'll have more on that. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and wet gler while at work get your updates on news, weather, traffic, fiscal cliff stuff by visiting us at bundle up. it's chilly starting your thursday. we'll see you back here for the friday edition starting at 4:25. take care, everybody.


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