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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  January 4, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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relief. >> between friday morning and january 15, those two votes will bring in $60 billion as necessary. >> also on capitol hill, the president will officially win reelection for his second term. he won the popular vote in november, but it's the electoral college which decides who is president. 53 have cast their ballots. >> the president has signed a new defense bill into law. he did it despite threats to veto the measure. he criticized the bill for limiting his ability to fulfill his duties as commander in chief. it also restricts the transfer of any detainee out of guantanamo bay. this is seen as a setback to
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close the detention facility. the blood clot concerns seem to be under control for hillary clinton. the secretary of state got out of the hop on wednesday, and she's expected to testify before a senate committee to answer questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate. there are reports that timothy geithner will step down by the end of january. he had announced a while ago that he wouldn't stay. geithner stuck around to help the white house with the fiscal cliff negotiations. geithner is now expected to move on as planned. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will visit newtown, connecticut, today. giffords was wound bid a gunman two years ago in tucson, arizona. since then, she's become a strong advocate for gun control. giffords and her husband mark
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kelly will meet with families of those killed. for the first time since the shooting, survivors have gone to school. the students are using a refurbished school a few miles away. it's a former middle school school which has been renamed sandy hook elementary. a police officer killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest today. he was responding to a crash when his motorcycle collided with a van in bristol. his funeral will be held at 10 a.m. today. justin wolf remains in prison this morning. he spent more than a decade behind bars, convicted of hiring a man to kill his drug dealer. in 2011, he was release was ordered, but a federal judge
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intervened and blocked his release. a former prince george's county corrections officer is expected to accept a plea deal in the case of ronny white. he's accuse of ignoring white while he was dying in his cell. he had been accused of killing a police officer. his death was ruled a homicide. corrections officer insist white killed himself. in 2012, the district of columbia recorded its lowest murder rate in 51 years. murder was the only category related to violent crime which dropped. overall violent crime was up 3% last year. an increase in sexual assaults was largely responsible for the jump. assaults with a deadly weapon were up 6%.
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police say the body found in the ventilation shaft of a building is that of michael stephen po. he was last seen leaving the same bar on new year's day. it is 4:34. here's a check of other stories. prosecutors in india say they will seek the death penalty in a gang rape and murder of a woman on a bus in new delhi. the men have been charged with beating her and her companion. there is a sixth suspect being charged as a juvenile. the woman died of her injuries on saturday, and that case has sparked outrage and protest across the country. transocean will pay $1.4 billion in fines and penalties in connection with the 2010 gulf oil spill. the justice department made the
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announcement on wednesday. that explosion led to the worst maritime oil spill in u.s. history. transocean was contract bid bp, which leased the rig and directed staff onboard. last november, bp agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges and pay $4.5 billion in penalties. it is 4:35. we're in for another cool day and a cool weekend. howard is back in 2 minutes with your forecast. >> another auto maker announces a massive recall. >> if you want to go to a good college at a good rate, you may want to stay home. >> we return in 2 minutes.
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we're coming up at 4:30. we have teens in few spots to lower 30s elsewhere. we will see a sunny day but a breezy day. by noon, 40 degrees, but the winds could be gusting at times. back with a weekend forecast in about 5 minutes. right now, over to monica with timesaver traffic. >> no issues to report on 270 and falls road. no problems on 355 and grace seven can highway as well. i'll be back with more traffic coming in a few minutes. back to you. >> it is 4:38, time for the first money segment of the morning. the december unemployment report will be taking centerstage on wall street. businesses probably added new jobs in december at a slightly faster pace than the last
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month. the consensus is that employers added about 250,000 jobs. investors took a bit of a breather after the market's best day in nearly a year. the do you stands at -- the dow stands at 10,391. a swiss bank has pled guilty to helping americans hide more than $1.2 billion from the irs. police say wegland and company helped u.s. taxpayers hide nearly $50 billion. close to 634,000 subarus are being recalled over possible lighting problems that could cause a fire. this affects some foresters are
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from 2009 to 2012, some 2006 to 2012tribcas. the accessory puddle lights can short-circuit. want to attend a good college at ram late rate? stay in virginia -- at a reasonable rate? stay in virginia or maryland. the college of william and mary is fourth in choses, and james madison university is at number 20. the university of -- in price, and james madison university is at number 20. the university of north carolina took the top spot. >> i have my kids in madison right now. they love it. wild card weekend is just about here in the national football league. >> of course, people in the
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district of columbia and maryland will pay attention. >> and then there's that man named ray lewis and the people in black and purple looking to bring home a lombardi trophy for the retiring captain. >> 9news is back in 2 minutes with your weather first.
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good good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 4:43 with it was cold today and cold ned yed. the big difference, winds. >> they were going to be gusting. yesterday's winds were nice and light, and they'll be light again tomorrow. we had the sun all day long, and it should be warmer. yesterday was 38. >> what about football? >> football will be fine on
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sunday. >> why do you care so much? >> it's football! >> i was joking with you, he's taking to another level. >> the patriots are doing just fine. >> weather-wise, let's move along here. a cold start at the bus stop this morning. we have some places in the upper teens. other areas are in the lower 30s under mostly sunny and chilly conditions. and a good deal of sunshine today. by lurchtime, 40. this afternoon, they may gust 20 to 25 with a high in the low 40s. about 31 here by 5 p.m. right now, not as chilly as yesterday morning in most areas. oakland is at 31.
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there's culpepper at 31. and right here, 30. let's go to our michael and sons weather camera. it is a quiet morning here in washington, d.c. only 3 miles an hour for our swerl winds. el paso -- southwesterly winds. el paso had a bit of a snowstorm yesterday and last night. in miami, they're still in the 60s. the real cold is up in siberia. there's our snow that we're talking about in west texas, turning into rain in the central part of the state. that's one system we're watching this morning. we're also watching a bit of rain down across north florida. for us, between systems, we had a clipper system come between the lakes with a few
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snowshowers, especially in the lake areas. for us, clouds north and west of the mountains. most us are not seeing that. that will be the case today with a few clouds in the mountains. a breezy day and a quiet night tonight. we're back in the 20s in many areas. tomorrow starts quiet, although you notice the clouds by saturday. here we are at 6:00, increasing across the ohio and tennessee valley. a lot more bark than bite with this. by sunday, the bulk of the clouds start to move away from us. i think it will turn sunnier. traveling today, getting out of town, some snow showers in buffalo, 31, boston mostly cloudy at 37. we're looking at 36 and sunshine in chicago. our forecast calling for 43 but breezy today, sunny. tomorrow will start sunny, a few more clouds later on in the
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day. sun, early clouds becoming sunny, cool, 47, so we have the skins home, the ravens are home for the playoff game. maybe a little chilly for the tailgaters. a storm system will approach late wednesday into thursday. maybe 60 by wednesday. it's 4:47. let's go monica with time saver traffic. >> it's friday. that mean ifs you're heading out early, the volumes will be very, very light. if you're planning ahead in southern maryland, one issue to know about, there was an accident overnight. police activity remains block southbound route 5. route 4 is fine, no problems around andrews air force base. and the beltway is clear. and it's looking great here.
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volumes are looking light across the river. the toll road is incident free. on the beltway, it's looking fine. we'll look at the american legion bridge. bill back with more traffic coming up at 4:55. andrea? in health news, more women are following the government's guidelines for cervical cancer screenings. more women between the anales of 21 and 65 are getting pap tests once every 3 year, in line with current recommendations. the stay day also found fewer women with a history regretmy are getting pap tests, but that number is still too high. around 4% of american adults say they fell asleep behind the wheel at least once in the past month. the centers for disease control
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found drowsy driving is more common in men, people who got less than 6 hours of sleep, and texas residents. drowsy driving causes thousands of crashes each year. the cdc is drivers start to doze, they should get off the road and get some rest. the flu bug is taking off this weekend. it's in our newsroom for sure. federal health workers are predicting this will be a bad year for influenza. serve getting ready for sunday's big playoff game, including the politicians. d.c. mayor vincent gray and seattle mayor mike north carolina ginn have made a wager. if the ravens win, the ravens flag will flay fly over the
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capitol building in washington. last time this happened, we had to fly the seattle flag overt wilson building. also, the redskins offense against the seattle defense. and rg3 is still not the best with the bum wheel. despite kg beg considered underdogs, darrell young says -- despite being considered underdogs, darrell young says the team is ready. >> we're going perform. we're not going to talk about it. >> be sure to tune in for a complete wrap-ouch the skins and sea hawks -- wrap-up of the
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skins and seehawks. >> one word comes to mind when describing the game twheen the raven the and cots -- between the ravens and colts, emotional. >> chris ten burset -- kristin burset has more. >> reporter: this meeting is different. colts head coach chuck pagano will see his old team and the man he replaced, offensive coordinator jim caldwell. >> it will be a lot of fun. you have two teams with great desire and chuck probably feels the same way over there. >> it was a bond created over the last few months that probably only me and him knew we had. that strong of a bond. for chuck to come back here,
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the game will fade one day, but that brohood, that manhood we created, will never day. >> reporter: pagano, caldwell, possibly ray lewis' last game as a raven. but they say those are distractions they need to leave bind. >> we can't lose sight of that. we have to leave the emotions out. >> reporter: in ohings mills with the raven, kristin burset. earlier this week, the congress passed a dial on the fiscal cliff, but there's still some potential problems. we let you know what you need to do to avoid your own fiscal cliff. here's the question of the morning. >> recent survey suggests the
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average woman burns 48,000 calories a year doing this. is it a., sleeping, b. shopping, or c. taking care of the kids?
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welcome back, 4:55, your weather first on this friday morning. heavy jackets once again. we have spots in the upper teens this morning. it will be a sunny and breezy day. it will feel like the 30s all day long with those winds. monica, over to you. >> on the beltway, this is basically what it looks like between 95 up in college park down to the wilson bridge. the lanes are open.
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i'll have more details at 5:01. >> we are just a few weeks away from the second inauguration of president obama. while his first inauguration drew about 1 million people, his second is not expected to be that large. a prince george's account county company is get the nod for a loft details. we know more about metro's plan for the inauguration. metro will be open from 4 a.m. monday until 2 a.m. on tuesday. peak fares will be in effect from until 2 p.m. if you're among those who are really excited and looking forward to get inauguration souvenirs you have another
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place to shop. the president and his team opened an online souvenir store yesterday. the brick and mortar store a few blocks from the white house opens next friday. some 4-legged friends will march in the parade. >> they're the nation's largest non-profit organization provided free canine helpers. man's best friend vastly improves the quality of life for a lot of owners. >> reporter: sage is a service dog for caroline's family. sage was trained by cci. sage is a highly-trained skilled companion provided for free. >> she used to be very, very
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shy because she had a bit of a speech impediment. >> reporter: speaking through ipad technology, caroline is overjoyed to be able to be in the inaugural parade with her dog. >> i'm really excited about being in the inaugural parade. >> reporter: like all cci dogs, sage was prepped and trained from the moment of birth. after the puppies are weaned, they're assigned to a volunteer puppy raiser like gayle griffith who teaches them basic commands. >> i started out wanting to be a dog, that i was doing something that made a real difference. >> reporter: all cci dogs are black labs, golden retrievers, or a mix of the two. >> this class allows us to practice the commands. >> reporter: at age 1 and a half, they leave their volunteers and head to long island where they get more formal tripping, getting more than 60 commands.
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only 40% of canines place this stage of training and are then placed into service. >> sage is the best thing for our family. >> canine companions for independence says training each cog costs about -- each dog costs about $4500. >> and the companions come in all sizes. we had one little guy trot down the isle. a lot of dogs -- down the aisle. a lot of looks, but he was very well-behaved and had his vest on. thank you for watching. happy friday. >> good morning, monica. >> i want to laugh. >> me too. and howard bernstien has


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