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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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puppy and he'll tell us our weather soon. we've got a cold start. unlike yesterday, winds are lite at -- are light at the moment but they'll pick up. here is your forecast day planner for this friday. we have sunshine expected for not quite a while. it is dark. 40 by noon. those gusts could be over 25 miles per hour at time. clouds yesterday left. we do have clouds in the mountains. snow showers well north of us. the biggest story is the chill. 18 in culpepper. cloudiness, the temperature is in the low 40s. down in southern maryland, we
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have some temperatures from our weather watchers with some frost. at this moment right now, 5:00, i can happily say there are no major incidents around town. i told you about an accident and major police activity within that's been cleared up. your lanes are open and you're clear to go. 2:10, same story, looking great. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like. lanes open, very light volumes both in the main and hov lanes. that's what it looks like right up to the 14th street bridge. all of your bridges across the potomac and anacostia river look great. one last look this time up
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north. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. federal authorities have arrested more than 200 people accused of sexually exploiting children, and they're still looking for more suspects. >> this is a disturbing but important story. ice, immigrations and customs enforcement agents, say their investigation has led to finding dozens of children. >> reporter: you may not want your children at home to watch this report, it's tough to hear and tough to report on. but police say it is very important, and they hope you can help them catch these child sexual predators. take a close look at these pictures we're about to show you. these men and one woman were all captured online, sexually abusing and raping young children, as young as 2 years old. investigators with i.c.e. spent 5 and a half weeks
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busting child sex prod toes in 47 different states and in 6 different countries around the world. investigators describe the problem as a global epidemic that has grown via the internet. >> we are seeing a number of instances of live child abuse streamed over the internet. >> they are trend that's mitting that abuse around the world for financial gain or trading and collecting with other predators. >> reporter: here's how you can help. log onto our website, there you can find out how you can file an anonymous report, take a closer look at these pictures. these predators could be anywhere around the country. there's a toll-free number where you can call the fbi and i.c.e. as well. police have rescued some
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victims as young as 19 days old. more on that disturbing part of the story coming up at 5:30. >> let's get them. a convicted murderer was about to go free yesterday, but virginia's attorney general stepped in to keep him in jail for at least a little while longer. he was found guilty of killing his marijuana dealer but the conviction was overturned after a key witness recanted. a body discovered in northwest washington late wednesday has been identified as a missing person missing since saturday. michael po was last seen
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leaving a bar early on new year's day. the bar is located a few block from where his body was found. a u.s. senator from idaho is expected to appear in an alexandria courtroom to be arraigned. police arrested michael cray poe after running a red light and being arrested for dwi. time for your latest money report of the morning. >> reporter: investors are focusing in on other stuff, jobs data. the government will release the jobs report in about a half hour. the market did take a bit of a breather after the best day in
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nearly a year. the do you stands at 13,391. -- the dow stands at 13, 391. analysts are saying businesses probably added new jobs in december at a slightly faster pace. recovery efforts following superstorm sandy sandy may have also helped -- superstorm sandy may have also helped the economy finish on a strong mark. there's a big job opening up at the obama administration. treasury secretary timothy geithner reportedly plans to leave his post at the end of the month, even if a deal to raise the debt ceiling hasn't been reached at that point. jeff liu is said to be his
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choice. interesting choice, because he's not traditionally an economist. >> he's not a ghoul goldman sachs guy? >> he's just not the usual suspect. >> what do you have for us next? >> why you need to be very careful about saving money. secretary of state hillary clinton set a date to return to work after her hospitalization. that story coming up. >> and staffers start their year by counting up thousands of animals at one of the world's biggest zoos. >> and rg3 talks about facing
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another sensational rookie quarterback in his postseason debut.
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and a good friday morning. a cold one, especially south of town. that's a little unusual. we even have a few upper teens.
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it's going to be a sunny and breezy day. it will feel like the low to mid 30s at times. the winds will maybe combust to the upper 20s. back in a few with your 7 day. monica has time saver traffic. >> we're looking good at duke street. just getting word that smoketown road is closed in both directions at gidon drive with an accident. bill back with more details coming up at 5:17. here's what's making news at 5:10. students at sandy hook elementary are getting used to their new classrooms and class nearly 3 weeks after the horrific shooting. secretary of state hillary
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clinton says she'll return to work in washington last week. mrs. clinton was released after doctors discovered a blood clot in her head. she's been out of washington for about 3 weeks following an illness that led to her falling and suffering a concussion. and the animal count is on at the zoo of london. staffers say one of the most difficult tasks is accurately counting the number of birds in their free-flight habitats. are your clothes a little too snug after the holidays? we'll have a trainer's idea on exercises and how to shed pounds. >> and it appears to be a case of better late than never on voting for sandy relief.
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>> and we have 40 degrees in the forecast. stick around, you'll definitely want to hear that.
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hello and welcome back to 9news now. 70 coming up in the forecast,
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can't wait for that. >> yeah, were but for now, we have teens. the 70s are next weeks for a bit mid-january thaw -- a bit of a mid-january thaw. let stick the neck out for the next 5 to 7. the low 30s are the warm spots with partly to mostly sunny skies. sunrise at 7:47. we'll have gusts at 15, 20, maybe 25 this afternoon with 40 by lunchtime and 42 at about 3 p.m. this evening, still breezy and around 38. cold stuff down in manasses.
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hay -- mos that surface -- monassed. baden at 23. we have frosty conditions on windshields in college park. great visibility this morning, partly cloudy skies, and a light southwesterly wind. the cold stuff will be across the northern places and central rock kiss. we do have 50s down south. we have a lot of 30s down there. this stuff will start to lift north. storm system is cold enough for snow and across parts of west texas. more rain we're watching across part of north florida. this is scooting out to sea. right now, we're in a benign
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weather pattern. it is quiet. it'll stay that way tonight. a quieter day tomorrow. and look how the clouds start moving towards us. there's a passing sprinkle or flurry overnight not out of the question. the breeze will feel like 43 today or more like the mid 30s with the winds. sunday, 47, that's good news for skins and ravens fans. pond, 45, a little milder thursday with 32. the better chance of rain will be on thursday at 52. it's 5:17, here comes monocan with time saver traffic. >> if you're planning on heading around town, there's one accident on gidon drive and smoketown road. crews are on the scene working
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on it just we west of 95. 95 itself, triangle, hum if i fries, woodridge, that's all nice. it's the accident at smoketown road and gidon drive. -- and gidon -- gideon drive. 70 looks good as well. this is at 95 and 198 coming in from lawrl down to -- in laurel down to calverton. they're two of the top three wookies, whoops, that's a different story, i mean rookies
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of the year. >> rg3 will play the other top rookie of the year without the wookie on sunday. the average woman burns about 48,000 calories a year doing this. is it a. sleeping, b. shopping, or c., taking care of kids? tee ya writes, that's about 130- calories a day, so i think a., sleeping. >> we'll have the correct answer and people behind the survey during the 6:00 show. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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big range in temps. we have some upper teens from culpepper to monasses. by lunchtime, we could be looking at gusts in the 20s. andrea and michael, over now. george mason is off to a rocky start in 2013. >> and the redskins plan on ed getting playoffs off to the right start. mirror, mirror, on the wall, when regis: gnchts 3 he sees a
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lot of russel wilson in himself, just a little shorter. each rookie has "it. "-- when robert griffin -- the stats are eerily similar between the two. griffin with mad respect for wilson, he just hopes he doesn't play that well on sunday. >> me and him dueled it out for one of the records. it's good to see him being so successful. at the same time, i want our defense to go out and shut them down. >> no doubt. tune in to sunday's game for a complete wrapup of the skins and hawks. george mason hosting northeastern. i like my ford with four wheels
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and three points. quincy ford with 3 of his 18. the patriots get knocked out by 10. that's a quick look at sports. have a grade friday, everybody. -- have a great friday, everybody. one of the rarest plays happened in last night's college football, a 1-point safety. oregon tried to get a p.a.t., but it was blocked. a k-state player picked it up and tried to run it back. because he was tackled in the end zone, the play resulted in a 1-point safety. the national fiscal cliff crisis is just about over, at least the tax part of it. you still should expect to be paying a higher tax bill this year anyway. we'll tell you why coming up. >> and john boehner tries to
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make amends for not holding a vote for aid on superstorm sandy victims. here's what it looks like on georgia avenue. a good indication of the beltway between 295 and 70. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. you're watching 9news. we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. >> are your suits fitting a little tight? mine are. we're talking about trying to lose weight after the holidays. monica has a friend who's already done it. jealous. >> and after having a 4 month old baby, perfect shape. >> i just buy them with extra room to begin with so they fill
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out now. weather-wise, we have a nice morning out there. it will get breezy today. it probably won't feel any warmer thanks to the winds. those winds can gust over 20 miles per hour. by lunchtime, low to mid 30s, 41 by 5:00. that sunrise, 7:27. clouds yesterday got out of the here by the afternoon. we have clouds this morning to the north. that's keeping temperatures up a bit. temperatures which were much colder in western maryland. teens from monassas out to c00pep -- out to culpepper.
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here's monica with timesaver traffic. >> if you're planning to head over to prince william county, that's the scene of one accident we need to tell you about blocking off smoketown road and gideon drive. otherwise, we're in good shape. we'll take a live look outside. we'll show you what it looks like if you're planning ahead. we'll take you back over to the map to the vw parkway and route 50 inside the beltway. no issues right now. 295 looks good to the 11th street bridge. and one last look at the alexander bridge. i'll be back with more at 5:39. today, the new house of representatives is scheduled to take up unfinished business from the old 112th congress. >> new york and new jersey
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lawmakers expected the house to vote on a superstorm sandy relief package. house speaker john boehner canceled that vote, and boy did that spark some outrage. >> it's like a slap in the face when you really think about the way we're being treated by the government that they're withholding money that should have been given to us to help us rebuild. >> the bottom line is that between friday morning and january 15, those two vote wills bling in -- votes will bring in $60 billion that's absolutely necessary. >> speaker boehner scheduled the vote today for a $9 billion flood insurance package and another $51 billion packening vote on january 15. immigrations and customs enforcement have arrested over 300 people in a child sex
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exploitation sting. we have more on this disturbing story. it's not just teenagers, it's very young children. >> reporter: young children. days old. it is horrible to hear, especially tough for any parent out there. sadly, with 245 arrests, including 23 people overseas, there are still many more people out there and police need your help to keep these people away from our children. take a close look at these fixtures. they -- at these pictures. they were taken from these disturbing online videos showing adults raping young children. investigators with immigrations and customs enforcement or i.c.e. have worked to get 173 children safe from these individuals. girls ranging in age from 19 days to 9 years old.
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and most troubling, 79% of the children knew their abusers. >> they are people these children should have been able to trust. >> we're talking about the sexual abuse, the rape, the molestation of very, very young children who have no able to speak up for themselves, defend themselves, get to law enforcement. >> it is tough to hear, but we -- >> reporter: it is tough to hear, but we should be outraged and these are all our children. please log ontour website if you need to take a closer look at these pictures. i'll give you a phone number on the bottom of your screen. can you call i.c.e. if you have any information. back to you. >> when you hear people say
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certain people belong under a prison, that's who these people are. a plea bargain is expected today in the case of a former corrections officer and the case caused an uproar in st. george's county. charles joseph is accused of ignoring the pleas for help from ronny white. the inmate's death was ruled a homicide, but corrections officers insist white killed himself. it's still not too late to get your flu shot, and that's especially important now that more and more people around you may be sick. maryland and virginia are reporting widespread flu cases. we've seen it in our schools and even our newsroom too. doctors in baltimore are reporting the number of cases they're seeing has doubled in the last few weeks.
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>> 5:34, time for another your money report. >> let's do a little fallout. >> there are ties between the nation's money and your money. both political parties fought hard to protect their own interests. this site is far from over. you need your own personal defense stratdie to avoid going over your own fiscal cliff. >> many of us face a fiscal cliff of our own. come time to file our 2013 taxes, the median income family should expect their taxes to go up by $13,000. >> we need to make sure we can take as much money as possible and put it in 401ks. it shields it from additional tax and makes sure there's more available for retirement. >> reporter: higher taxes aren't the only possible fiscal cliff we should be planning for
5:36 am
personally. congress hasn't reached a final resolution on government spending cuts. that means government contracts are still in limbo and jobs could be as well. just in case... >> we need to put away money, as much cash as we possibly can put away. this is not rainy day, this is fiscal cliff part 2 money. >> reporter: one more strategy, plan for the worst-case scenario. >> we need to strengthen our credit to make absolutely sure that if we have any issue, we can turn to credit as a bridge during this period of time in order to give us a safety net. >> reporter: americans already have the deck stacked against them. those holiday credit card bills are starting to arrive. the center for responsible lending says 1 in 8 americans carries more than $10,000 in credit card debt and shouldn't expect big raises at work to
5:37 am
bail us out. so we need to be very measured with how we manage our money this year. >> and don't just pay the minimum balance on those credit cards, pay a little bit more if you can. >> get rid of them. are you already fatalitiering in your new year's workout plans center we have a train -- plans? we have a trainer stopping by. >> and let's look at a couple of the movies in theaters. please stay with us, we'll be right back. ñ??
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. we have some spots in the upper teens and by noon we will be around 40. sunny skies, look at those
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clouds, maybe gusting to 25 and it will feel like it is in the 30s. we will take a look at north 95, as you can see volumes are increasing but traffic is moving well up to springfield, no issues on the belt way up towards tie sons' corner, i will be back at 548, back to you. we have some favorites on this day, taking off those holiday pounds. we have a champion zippy pull over and it is $18, regularly $24.99 and girls i have to say it is super cute. we need a refurbished memory which will hold 3500 books all
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for will help you get this deal and we have four pillows, and you will fine this one on group on goods and that will give you 61% off. here is more. a reason survey suggests the average woman burns 48,000 colors a year, is it a, sleeping, b, shopping or c taking care of their kids. >> well, c, this is a full-time job especially when they are little. >> reveal your response and we will tell you who is behind this survey in about an hour. coming up, a personal trainer will show you how to get some moves and get back on
5:42 am
track this year. president barack obama may be in hawaii but today is the day he will officially win his second term in office. and retired miami dolphins coach is 83. he was the leader and glee actress 49 and has won an emmy and is an actress. [ libe ] le dnkrae ic oha lonn wer.
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eat moaue sghti ecic evs smeos n usac esi. th emesttso arow douan gw ouenelac w qteuris, lyews urxpur aayhath c dtoou 'sui aesn ard. dti romnd th iserome beusitel tstngen e am. romnd tt usit erti iru. yofe le erisomhi th y'rdog toelsagud ait the idroon d beevit dog go j.
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. it is 5:45, and it is going to be a breezy day.
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maybe 20 to 25 miles per hour and it is going to be warmer but it will not feel warmer. we have play-off games on sunday here in washington and up in baltimore and weather will cooperate for that. here is the upper teens and we have clear skies and winds. we have upper 30s and i do expect a good deal of sunshine, north and west in the mountains and your sunrise 7:27, 5:00 on the nose. we have lots of sunshine, southwest at 14 and that's a sustained wind. 17 at 1:00 and we have gusts at 20 to 25. that is about the high for the day but again it will feel like it is in the 30s with these winds and that will be gusty. down in baltimore 23 and now we are looking at 30s in
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winchester and the colder south of town, 23 fred directionberg and -- fredricksberg, not a bad day at all. it feels like it is 25, slight breeze out of the west with humidity at 64%. there is some cold air but the rockies will only be in the 20s and some areas are only in the teens. it is actually cold enough in southern new mexico and west texas late yesterday overnight we have been watching some moderate snow at times falling across parts of the lone star stay. to the north we have seen snow showers overnight and this system is missing us and it looks like our next weather maker will not be here until potentially next thursday. the only thing we are really watching over the weekend will
5:48 am
be the storm system coming from the southwest. a stray sprinkle, a flurry even saturday night and it will get out of here sunday and later monday is the next big chance of rain. we get way to he tonight back in the 30s and tomorrow 44, a few clouds later in the day maybe a string kill. sunday 47 and monday 45 and milder temperatures ahead of the next storm system, it could be wet by thursday. do you want to do a couple of miles? >> i decided to go for a jog in between reports. we have a segment about exercise coming up and right now the belt way is looking great and there are no issues on the south by of i-70 down in
5:49 am
fredricks where the lanes divide and it is light this friday morning and if you are heading here, normally this is heavy and today it is not. let's take you back over to the maps. coming in on 66, there is nothing to worry about. let's take a live look elsewhere on the northbound side of springfield and that's it for your stretch. no issues as you head to 395 and the 14th street bridge, that is it and i will be back for your exercise. back to you. and congolese rebels will
5:50 am
go back to talks and the rebellion started nine months ago. >> venezuela president hugo chavez is battling a severe lung infection, 58-year-old venezuela president hugo chavez has been hospital licensed since under -- hospitalized since undergoing cancer treatment. they did not reveal anything about his treatment or prognosis. today is the day president barack obama will officially win his second term. it is up to the electoral college and their ballots will be counted this afternoon in a joint session of congress. here is monica. have you dared to get on the scale, i have not, and i am here with our personal trainer and she has some information on how to kick our buts into -- butts into gear. you talk about interval
5:51 am
training, what is that? >> it is quick bursts of training so it is a very intense work out and you do it for a little bit of time, increase and recover, increase and recover. >> yes . well, i know the first one we are going to do and as soon as you say burp pee, i drink. the reason you don't like it is because it is very efficient and it is very important to warm up properly and you and i have been warmed up for the viewers. and we have levels of intensity and the most basic level is you take a deep breath, drop down go down three or four times. this is the most basic level.
5:52 am
hold it at the bottom pop your legs back together and pop back up. you do that two or three times but then you also have to watch your back when you get on the floor, are you trying to brace down? >> you keep your hips elevated and that's a very important factor. >> we know why it is a total bodywork out because you feel it in your core and your arms and legs as well. >> and the next is a transverse. basic level, start out on one side. >> now after 40, my quest, my mission has been to stay fit after 40, what about my knees,
5:53 am
is that okay? >> is that bothering your niece? if it does, i would say not to do it. you are really taking your weight into your hips and to increase your intensity, you can drop it down to the opposite side of your knee. >> and then drop to your ankle. you would hold a 5-pound dumbbell anded a little hop. you hop one side to the other. >> as i said i am on this mission and you gave me some great ideas and i talk about that on my blog as well. you will be back to talk about maintaining those new year's goals and most importantly we look forward to that. and nasa is exploring the surface of mars. thanks, mike, we are
5:54 am
watching your money and your waste lines sticking to those new year's resolutions coming up at 6:15, we are watching news now. ñ??
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. welcome back, let's take a look at a couple of new movies. matt damon is trying to get land owners to sell drilling rights to their property but when the towns people start to question how fracking will
5:57 am
affect them in the long run, damon becomes increasingly inflicted. you may want to check out chain saw text it is a chain saw massacre is back, but it is in 3d but there have been five other films based on this movie. they did not review this for critics. let's look at this next story. they are investigating a rock from mars and our reporter alex has more. >> reporter: it is understandable why this rock is this doctor's favorite. >> this rock has great secrets locked into it about mars. we call this black beauty.
5:58 am
>> reporter: black beauty landed on his desk after a immediate right -- meteor right dealer purchased it in the is a harrah -- is a harrah dessert. >> reporter: little do they know how far it had traveled. >> he didn't know what it was. >> reporter: when he looked at the rock he realized the rock was martian and very rare. >> it appears to be coming from the surface where rovers are doing their studies. >> reporter: black beauty dates back and has 10% more water than any other rock on earth. it was moved from a life sustaining planet to a cold
5:59 am
baron planet. and this is only the beginning. >> we might have sustained life on mars. >> reporter: there is a lot to find out about this rock. black beauty's worth is about a million dollars but the scientific value is priceless. >> thanks for watching our news at 5:00 amount m. we need to get our feet on the ground. >> i would go to mars if i could get there in maybe about a week. i don't want to spend a few months but we will figure out a few ways to accelerate and go faster and so on and so forth. >> what an optimist. >> i know, i am an optimist. we have temperatures starting chilly and they will


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