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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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rights for 20 years. this year he's sponsoring a bill to make gender-based abortions illegal. there is some evidence that it is happening in the united states. using the 2,000 census, the national academy of scientist found that the male bias sex ratios among the u.s. born children of chinese, korean, and asian indian parents. >> we can't have that society tolerating the killing of people just because they are of the wrong sex. and that is crazy. >> reporter: with the national abortion rights league says even though they don't support the gender-based abortions, she says that this bill is just bad policy. >> and it really puts the doctors in a very precurious situation. they have to be mind readers. essentially becoming agents of the state. and it really violates the doctor/patient relationship. >> reporter: a woman who has the sex selective abortion, they would not be prosecuted. but the doctor who performs it, could be charged with the class
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4 felony, which carries a maximum of ten years in prison. >> ten years in jail. >> for an abortionist? sure. >> killing a person for the wrong sex, that's toosoft. >> that's not what this bill about. this bill is about chipping away out a woman's right to choose. it's intimidating doctors. they also argue that the bill is racist because it could cause the profiling of women from certain cultures, which are known to have a preference for male babies. another groper attack in fairfax county. this one last night at 5:45 on briar court north. now if it is the same guy, this would be his 15th attack in the area. the first of the new year. the victim tells police while she was out jogging the pervert grabbed her, she screamed, he ran off. giving the exact same description as we have heard in the other attacks. a white or hispanic male between the ages of 25 to 30
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about 5-7. if you know anything about this guy, call the cops. and help will soon be on the way for thousands of victims affected by super storm sandy. congress voted to send $10 billion to the communities in the northeast. and that is just a fraction of the $670 billion pack -- $60 billion package that speaker of the house john boehner pulled this past week. but after 24 hours, they said okay, no hard feelings. >> i think he made the wrong decision i believe, but there was no malice in speaker boehner's part. >> isn't that wonderful? what is our jobs? >> speaker boehner has promised to pick up two more sandy relief bills later on totaling more than $50 billion. justice tonight for a mom and her 11-year-old son murdered by the woman's estranged husband. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan, curtis lopez displayed not a
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hint of remorse as prosecutors went ahead to detail the incredibly strong case against him. dna, video tape, photo photographs, cell phone records. the murder weapons. and he was the little boy who captured our hearts across the area with vigils and prayers that the 11-year-old would be found alive after police discovered his mom. but after days searching, they found william's battered body dumped in the woods and his mom's husband has now pleaded guilty to murdering both mother and son. >> it's about money, it's about things, about property. >> reporter: the prosecutor did consider seeking the death penalty, but could not make it fit under maryland's complicated rules. sentencing now set for april 17. the big question seems to be life or life without the possibility of parole. in montgomery county, bruce leshan, 9news now. a building inspector
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arrested tonight accused of shaking down a restaurant owner. they said that john brown tried to force the owner of levis restaurant to pay his band $1,000 a week to perform. he allegedly threatened to take away the operating permit unless the owner coughed up the cash. an underage driver allegedly raped, or an underage teenager allegedly raped while passed out drunk. two high school football players charged in the crime and video showing the partyers laughing it up about the rape. this whole affair has a small town divided tonight. some say it's about time those football players take responsibility for what they did, but others say the town and the media have been too quick to judge. that alleged rape happened back in august, but just a few days ago the hacker group anonymous released this 12-minute video to youtube with the teenagers joking about the alleged rape victim's condition. >> but it isn't.
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>> well it was. >> if it wasn't, i wouldn't care, i would let her be dead. >> yeah, listen to that. the partiers also tweeted out details about thalleged rape on the night it happened. the two 16-year-olds charged in the crime will stand trial in mid-february. and there is a pie pilot accused of being three sheets to the wind. 48-year-old christianson smelled like booze when he boarded his flight. that witness told the authorities about his odor smell. giving him a breathalyzer as he failed it. now he's suspended pending an investigation. all right let's take a live look outside. temperatures are starting to dip. the afternoon wasn't too bad. at least by the standards of january. he sits out on the weather terrace. what about the rest of the evening? >> it will be cold. we've got windchills in the 20s with the layers and thick coats a good idea.
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high was 46. nobad. down to 41 downtown. 36 in gaithersburg, 36 in manassas and even 40 down in fredericksburg. another cold night. in fact for tonight two to three blanket night with the clear skies, breezy and cold. lows in the upper 20s downtown and winds are west at 10 to 20. we will come back and track a little bit of the snow over the weekend. we'll tell you if that will impact the playoff game. >> thank you, tom. 18 months. that's the sentence for the former fbi agent convicted of killing a teenager and seriously injuring another while driving drunk nearly two years ago. the 38-year-old adrienne johnson's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when he crashed into the 18- year-old lawrence garner's car. thousands of friends and officers paid their respect to the fallen police officer, chris yung today. the moving memorial was held
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this morning. the father of three died in a crash new year's eve responding to a separate accident. >> but i know he's looking down at us. >> i just remember the big smile that he had, you know, loved hanging around with them. everybody in high school knew him as chonky, a great guy. he's going to be missed. >> he did have a great smile. a private burial service will be held tomorrow. a teenager in pakistan becoming a champion of women's rights in that country. the 15-year-old left the hospital today. the heroic teenager was flown to england. her family now lives there. she was attacked by the taliban if you will remember for challenging the terrorist group's efforts to deny other rights for women. the taliban still says they will try to target her again. and still ahead, mixed news on those new unemployment numbers. a little later on as we check in with the redskins. see how they are getting ready for sunday's big game against
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the seahawks of seattle. and coming up next, a little boy gets the thrill of the young life when his favorite super hero turns out to be his all-time favorite hero.
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if you don't have it yet, you want to be sure to download the brand new iphone app. it's got news on your fingertips and live interactive weather maps, just like the one that topper is using all for free. it is also available for the kindle fire and some other android tablets. all right employment rate is still at 7.8% tonight. even though they added 155,000 jobs last month. it just wasn't enough to drop the jobless rates. the biggest gain is health care, food service, manufacturing, construction. still more than 12 million americans are out there looking for work. well we have seen plenty of those soldiers come home on leave and surprises the family
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story. but this one sure does get extra points. you'll see the 3-year-old north carolina boy really loves him some spiderman as we was thrilled when he decided to drop in for a visit, well then came surprise number two. >> daddy! >> i'm pretty sure he believes i dress up as spiderman to fight the bad guys now. >> he is 3 years old. >> that's the spiderman you saw. he is trained to fight the bad guys, but it is something that they are wearing different uniforms. a live look outside once again. topper will be here in a few minutes with the look at the weekend forecast and even farther around the corner. plus the excitement is building as we can dress in 48 hours. let's go inside the locker room after the break.
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in tonight's het alert new year's -- health alert new year's resolutions are not just for kids. one mom is adding a vegetable every week to her child's diet. a vegetable she has never tried before. other suggestions for 5 to 12- year-olds to drink reduced fat, milk, water, limit soda and fruit drinks to a special occasion, wear a biking helmet and it would be nice for the other kids. more exercises are another great resolution for the young people. >> a recommendation is 60 minutes a day. the other piece of that is
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limiting the screen time to less than two hours a day. >> it is all a good deed. and now as for the teenager in your life, they suggest that the resolution is to choose the non-violent tv shows and video games. also a good time to remind them to resist the peer pressure for the drugs or alcohol. and it just doesn't get much bigger than this does it? the first home playoff game since 1999. and they will host the seahawks on sunday who also happen to have their own sensational rookie quarterback. but after sunday, only one team will be moving on to win it all. however as diane roberts tells us that they start with the help of their own quarterback. >> reporter: the washington quarterback robert griffin iii did full speed without that brace he had to wear on the right knee for the last three games. but the actual practice began, he strapped it on. >> with the brace you need to work through it as it will protect him. but i think that it will be each woke that goes by, then i
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think he will feel more comfortable with his name. and is he 100%? i think that we'll find out on sunday. >> reporter: the tale of the tape shows the redskins have outscored them in total points. 436 to 412. and as noted all week they are very similar with the stout defenses. the dynamic runningback and the record setting quarterback. they will try to hinder the exploding offense. >> it is just like our office. it is hard to pinpoint one person to make it one dimension fall. so it will be fun to see how it plays out. >> but washington has a one-two punch of their own. one last data to note. they outscored washington in the first quarter 98-79 points.
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but the redskins outscored the seahawks 121 points to 99. they hope that's the trend that continues on wild card sunday. at redskins park, 9sports. and they were hoping rg iii might be losing the brace by this week, but it might not happen. you may want to tune in for sure. tune in for a complete wrap up. we'll have the post-game reactions live from fedex, expert analysis, even the special post game reaction that starts 8:00 on sunday. earlier today we took the skins/seahawks match up to the best buy. a couple gamers duking it out. the first go around of the young man playing the redskins. he didn't know what he was doing. then we sent our producer to sai the day. this time they will certainly
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be happy to take that in the real game on sunday. >> all right. there you go. >> you're not happy about the brace in >> i was hoping the knee would be improved enough to take it off. it is obviously slowing him down. >> you know he is so good. he said that it has helped him take fewer chances and become maybe a little safer of a quarterback. >> there you go. >> maybe it's good. he is not going for the extra yards. which is good. we need you rg for the next 12 years. >> 15 years maybe. >> 15 years would be fine. a live look outside. high temperature is 46 today. temperatures downtown still in the 40s. but all the burbs are pretty much in the 30s. dew points in the teens looking at a cold night. the winds are northwest at 10, but they are still gusting up to 20. the pressure is rising now 31.61 inches of mercury. all right temperature wise. 34 in rockville. 36 in bethesda. already 35 in vienna. 37 in fairfax.
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38 in arlington, 38 at college park and 38 at bowie. now it feels like 38 in gaithersburg, 29 in frederick and feels like 22 here. it will be breezy and windy tonight across the entire metro area. staying chilly. breezy and cold tonight. chilly and dry tomorrow and a touch of winter saturday night. it should not be a huge problem and still dry for the playoff games on sunday. all right, so speaking of the game, partly cloudy and chilly. dress for the 30s. 36 to 46. that's your temperature range as you're at the game. winds are west southwest at 10. not much wind to worry about and no windchills. tonight clear, breezy, cold. windchills in the low 20s. you're out late tonight as they will be in the teens. a two to three blanket night. by morning plenty of sunshine. breezy and cold with the temperatures in the 30s. winds are dying down just a little bit. and then by the afternoon they pretty much would go away which is kind of nice.
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increasing cloudiness, cold. 40 to 45 but the winds will be light. next three days we're in pretty good shape. we'll stay with green. chilly tomorrow, 43. maybe the snow shower for tomorrow night after midnight and then returning partly cloudy on sunday with the decent clouds in the morning. 46, still perfect for football weather. cold on monday 41. but don't let that fool you. temperatures are going down here. look what happens by the end of next week going down 10 degrees by tuesday. and we're looking at rain, showers, maybe a thunderstorm on wednesday night. mid-50s. and then behind that, you might think that the cold front will be cooling us off in the upper 50s on thursday, the mid-60s on friday. >> what might that look like for next weekend? >> or for february. >> there you go. weird news tonight, the strange case of the bicycle in a tree. and we do mean by that in a tree. that thing has been there for so long that the bark has grown
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around it. how it actually got in there is a subject of much debate at local speculations in the state of washington. but there's a pretty simple explanation. the guy that put it there is actually still around. 50 years ago he was a kid, didn't like the bike so the tree simply grew around it. it's called red razor kept calling. i have no idea what that book is about. >> i had a tree grow around a beer bottle in my house. >> that was weird. how much is the fiscal cliff going to cost? as long as you earn less than $400,000, your income stays the same. however all of us will be taking home less money because the payroll tax will be higher. for example if you make $53,000, your take-home pay will be about $1,000 less in 2013. to see more fiscal cliff note. how much, visit right
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rg3 is just shy of being overweight. bmi does not allow for higher than average muscle mass. could be quite hard for an active person to stay in that normal weight range. i would argue likely it is even harder for an inactive person to stay there. but in any case we got a different question from a different subject. all from northern virginia. they want to know about new year's eve. my wife, a native washington residence wants to know why we don't have a forral new year's -- a formal new year's eve celebration. why don't we have something? l.a. and disney florida have something. but you know what, it's a very good question that i do seem to recall the ex-mayor perhaps others are trying to get something like that happening here, but i'm not sure what became of it though. and finally this from maryland who says let's talk wizards. i have a suggestion for a possible improvement. get the best player from east of the areas high schools, and then let them play. and the con of this could be
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maybe four fewer wins, but think of the millions saved in salaries. you know the wizards only have four wins so far this year so far? combine the wins and together maybe they would be one good team. you've got a better plan? i would love to hear it. that is our news. is always there. we'll see you a bit later. bye.
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julianne hough after her physical abuse admission to "entertainment tonight." >> opening up for the first time. >> opening up about her own struggles with abuse as a child. >> child abuse scarred her past. >> first, "e.t.'s" news making interview. now julianne's next move. where "e.t." found the dancing star with her boyfriend. then, kim kardashian's baby weight concern. her plan to stay slim during her pregnancy. the world's thinnest woman suffering from anorexia. once a healthy beauty queen. now just 59 pounds. >> i hope that my story does help others. >> the heartbreaking story you can't miss. >> it is not a game. it is not a joke. >> super model naomi campbell in a wheelchair. after being attacked in par


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