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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> anticipationing growing. can rg3 lead the redskins to their 8th consecutive win and first playoff win since 1999. hello, everyone. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us tonight. the players, coaching staff tucked away in a local hotel. there was a final walk through
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earlier today. dave owens, you've been talking with someone in seattle. >> they're all excited in seattle. some of those guys have come here. the nats took us to the brink of the ncls and now the redskins are attempting their own magic carpet ride, i guess you can say. what would the hoopla be like if washington wins tomorrow? wow. wild card weekend. this is a shot from above as the crews get the stadium ready with the special play logos on the field. we've heard from the players on both sides. a lot of chirping going on, trash talk. just a few minutes away, i spoke with sports anchor chris fan sees to covers -- frances who covers the seahawks out in seattle. business trash talk anchor on anchor style. check it out. >> all right, chris, here we go. big game tomorrow. redskins, seahawks. i like to call it the real
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washington versus the fake washington. and you know who i think is fake. what do you think about that, man? >> well, they're saying the same thing around here. real washington, fake washington. you've got all the politicians out there doing what they do. they had us all hung up before the first of the year. worried about whether we were going off a cliff or not. all we're talking about here is football and seahawks. this town hasn't had a winner in a long, long, long time. >> what is the seahawk by the way? i looked this up and it says a seahawk is a dirty bird that doesn't travel well away from home, which actually sort of, i guess, describes you guys, because you're undefeated at home, 3-5 on the road. what's up with that? >> seahawks fans say this team, one of the youngest teams in the nfl, they don't care about history. they do not care about what the seahawks did in 2005 or 1983. which is the last road playoff
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win. they don't care. it's all about that's media hype. we're going to leave that to you guys in washington. >> this thing is all about the quarterbacks though. rg3, cool guy. rustle wilson -- russell wilson, short guy. i think he's got a small man's complex. can he even see over his line? rg3, we've got the cool guy on s.i. you know, he's got the no hex here, obviously. we know we've got him going there. your guy, we looked him up because we couldn't find any magazines he was on, but i did find one, chris. i don't know if you can see it, but he's on the front of a national women's magazine. there's russell wilson right there. so you may not be able to see that, but he's on the front of that magazine. >> i can't see it. all i know is that is the rg3 hype machine. and granted, he has the numbers to back it up. in fact, i did a little thing here on our set today. the numbers are almost identical to quarterbacks. now, russell wilson might be
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short. he's got big hands. so you know, whatever that means. he's playing well. >> i got some bad news, the real refs called. none of your wins count this year. they're more than just the green bay game. they're taking back -- the real refs just called. those touchdowns and those wins, it doesn't matter. >> chris, man, you're a great sport, man. >> actually, seattle is a good football team. should be a great game tomorrow. we're going to have a lot of fun covering the game. appreciate you spending some time with us tonight, man. >> any time. >> that's chris from out at kiro in seattle. this one will be an exciting game tomorrow, no doubt about that. >> going to the game tomorrow, hear erica's forecast. tailgating starts at the end of the morning. gates open at 1:00. let's go to erica right now. what does it look like out there tomorrow? >> you're exactly right. the gates open at 1:00 p.m., so you can head down early.
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the tailgating forecast looks better than what we have out there now. take a look at satellite and radar. showers and actually mixedprecipitation falling in culpeper right now. light rain in manassas. most of us are still dry right now. as this little system passes, most of the rain will actually evaporate before it hits the ground, so we're not looking at a big event here. still a sprinkle or flurry possible tonight, but heading into the big game tomorrow, it will be partly cloudy and chilly. make sure you dress for the 30's, even though that temperature will be in the low 40s at fedex field. we're going to have a wind out of the west/southwest at 10-15 miles per hour. so it will be a little bit chilly, but nothing unusual for january, that's for sure. of course, the ravens pretty much the same deal. low 40s with a good amount of sunshine. here's your wakeup forecast. it will be cool, of course, to start out the day. low 20s. mid-20s, i should say to low 30s by about 8:00 a.m. those clouds will gradually clear out as we head through the morning and into the
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afternoon. coming up, i'll give you your work week weather forecast as well. that will be in your seven-day forecast. back to you. >> erica, thanks a lot. since the late 1990s, the redskins made landover, maryland their home. but council member jack evans is betting within the next five years redskins will be back in d.c. in a new dome stadium. he's chairman of the finance and revenue committee. he helped bring baseball back to the nation's capital. he's now confident with rg3 and the team's new success, the team owner will be ready to make the move. win or lose on sunday, the sports reporters and fans agree the best days are yet to come for the redskins, and their superstar rookie quarterback. >> he keeps it and scores to give washington the lead. >> reporter: peyton manning helped build a new stadium for the colts. some feel dan snyder may eventually want a new house for
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rg3 and team, maybe a superbowl game down the road. >> the momentum carrying them now, it's going to be great to get the team back into the city, that dan snyder will be able to work something out with prince george's county and be able to build a brand-new stadium. >> reporter: councilman jack evans says he has reason to believe the redskins owner is open to discussions at some point of returning the team to the nation's capital. >> the taxpayers, to put the money on the table to pay for a new stadium? >> what the city would have to contribute which every city and count does is the infrom structure. >> it brings millions of dollars to prince george's county coffers. today they issued a response to jack evans comments to 9 news. it says in part, prince george's county is proud to be the home of fedex field and the washington redskins. the redskins are a great organization and a wonderful community partner, and we look forward to the region celebrating a victory at
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tomorrow's game. some fans stopped at random today had these comments. >> fedex field was an elephant the day they broke ground on it. the nation's team should be in the nation's capital. >> i think that's where they should be. they're the washington redskins. >> i would love to see them at rfk. >> i don't care. it's. >> it's the washington redskins. not the virginia redskins or maryland redskins. >> people who know about these matters say the redskins owner dan snyder would probably have to write a big check to prince george's county to get out of that fedex field contract. by the way, the contract runs through 2027. a northern virginia man will be singing the national anthem at sunday's high stakes playoff game against seattle. his name by coincidence is d.c. washington. that's right. as surae chinn reports tonight, he's saying last week's in the redskins cowboys game, he sang and they invited him back for
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an encore. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: whether in front of 80,000 fans at a division title game or one reporter. ♪ how proudly wehail at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> reporter: he can belt out the national anthem. >> whenever i become the center of attention, i get really uncomfortable. >> reporter: a little ironic, of course, when huge crowds to him, it's about the singing. >> yeah, it don't bother me at all, because it's not 80,000 people. it's just me and me up there singing. >> reporter: you walked out to the stadium at fedex field. you weren't looking at the people? you didn't get nervous? >> i get nervous whether there's 9 people or 80,000 people. >> go for it. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: after last week's performance, the redskins asked d.c. to come back again this sunday. and although he says he's more of a nats baseball fan, he says
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last week was something special and expects nothing less this sunday. >> who doesn't like their hometown team to be on the verge of doing something great? this has been a cool year for d.c. sports. i think for the nats they played the playoffs. i think for the redskins, it's pretty cool to be in the middle of that. but i am just a guy who comes out and sings. >> maybe you're the lucky charm. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: the name might fool you. dwight clyde but known as d.c. all his life, as not even a native. >> born in the state of arkansas. >> reporter: you can find him singing in emmanuel baptist church in springfield, virginia, where he's the co- choir director. that's where he'll be before he heads to the redskins game. >> i'll do what i did last week. i'll walk on the field, sing and walk off the field. just one guy comes out there and does his thing. hopefully that adds to the
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excitement. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: with that voice, oh, it will, d.c. washington. yes, it will. in fairfax, surae chinn, 9 news. d.c. has been singing the national anthem for the redskins for the last 8 years. for the nationals since 2007. some unwanted guests have an unexpected eviction headed their way. hundreds of vultures, we're talking birds here, have taken up residence in one leesburg, virginia, neighborhood. they'll soon be getting the boot, we're told. ken molestina reports on the nuisance they've created for residents out there. >> probably a couple hundred. >> they'll be lined up on our deck over here, 20 of them. that's really scary, because they're really big when they're close to you. >> reporter: jessica pollen and her husband, brian, are talking about the more than 200 vultures that have taken up residence in two of their backyard trees in leesburg. they claim the birds are unsightly, damage property and
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soar above their houses like they own the place. >> they're a little bit intimidating because they flyrelatively low. >> reporter: they showed up in august and never police department. they leave in the morning and spend the day picking at dead animals. then they come back between 4:00 and 5:00 in the evening. they crowd into the trees and create an unpleasant odor for the neighbors. >> for lack after better word, they do-do all over our yard. >> like a really strong ammonia. i can't really describe it, but it's not like anything i've ever smelled before. >> reporter: the pollens have two small children and are scared to come outside because of what lurks above. but now relief is on the way for these neighbors who say they've had it with these unwanted guests. beginning monday the u.s. department of agriculture wildlife service will begin a vulture removal service. they'll use pyre row techniques and lasers to spook them away. the neighbors don't care where they go as long as they leave their backyards. >> hopefully they'll get them
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in a place that's not residential area. >> reporter: in leesburg, ken molestina, 9 news. people opposed to the death penalty held a rally for a virginia man facing death in connection with the murder of a local drug dealer. tonight's rally took outside an event for -- earlier this week the judge threw out his conviction based on what he called missteps by prosecutors. but a higher court steps in. later granted the last-minute stay keeping wolf in prison shortly before he was due to be released. >> it's time. this has gone on long enough. this case has gone on long enough. my son was wrongfully convicted 11 1/2 years ago. he's in solitary confinement 11 1/2 years for a crime he didn't commit. it's time to let it go. >> the court is expected to hear arguments in the wolf case later this month. coming up on 9 news now, this saturday night, why you should take extra care to protect your mail if you live in montgomery county. we'll have that story. and the driver trying to
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beat a train across the tracks does not succeed. we're back in a moment.
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>> a rail train carrying passengers crashes into a car but everybody escapes injury. it happened this morning in maryland. witnesses say the driver of a
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small ford car tried to beat a crossing gate but drove into the path of a train. the sun prevented him from seeing the flashing red warning lights, he said. the train smashed into the rear of the car. this is important because there were no passengers in the back seat. and the driver walked away without a scratch. a warning tonight from montgomery county residents who say thieves may be stealing your mail. they say there have been a series of thefts in only maryland area where thieves have stolen the mail, removed checks and cashed checks at a nearby bank. authorities are warning residents tonight to take important mail to the local post office where u.s. postal service mailboxes rather than leaving that mail in a home mailbox for pickup. also residents should not use the mailbox flag to signal that the mail is inside the box to be picked up. the oldest american has died at the age of 114. manny reardon died wednesday at
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a georgia hospital. he was born in 1998. her daughter, sarah, lives in the maryland area. she says her mother broke her hip after a fall three weeks ago. amy reardon became the oldest living american last month when a 115-year-old iowa woman died. ahead on 9 news, what can we expect tomorrow and next week? erica has the forecast.
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>> seattle is probably praying for rain, right, because they're used to it. anything to slow the skins down. >> if they were pulling into town right now, they would be like, yeah, we feel at home. not going to last. we do have a little bit of rain out there right now, but it's not going to stick around for tomorrow's game. take a look outside right now with the michael & son live weather cam. you'll see what i mean. light rain falling right now at reagan national with our shot of reagan national. temperature 39 degrees. kind of miserable out there right now with the wind out of the south at 13 miles per hour. so it's a raw feel out there with that breeze keeping the wind chill in the low 30s. but it's not going to last, like i said before. just a little sprinkle, this is all, overnight tonight and will clear out as we head into the day on sunday. it's going to be milder than today. nice weather for the redskins game as we head into monday.
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it will get chilly again then. but that's on monday. it's still a whole day and a half away. 32 right now in frederick. 37, leesburg and manassas. 42 fredericksburg. you can see on satellite and radar that system making its way through our area, not a lot of moisture with this. it's a fast-mover so we'll clear this out as we head into the early morning hours. mostly cloudy overnight tonight. a few flurries in frederick county closer to the mason dixon line up toward hagerstown. 25 to 32. chilly tonight. the winds will become westerly as this front moves on through 5-10 miles per hour. tomorrow it will pick up a little bit in the afternoon but in the morning still good. partly cloudy, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. southwest winds at 5-10. in the afternoon the winds become stronger, west/southwest at 10-15 miles per hour. mostly sunny. still nice though, a little chilly. 40-46 degrees. with that breeze it will feel
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like it's in the 30s. make sure you're bundled up for the 30s if you're headed to the game. if you are, i'm jealous. over the next three days, your 9 weather alerts are all green. we look great on monday and tuesday. chilly, of course. 43 on monday. 50 on tuesday. that's above normal. take a look at the temperatures we have in the seven-day forecast. mid-50s on wednesday under partly cloudy skies. some rain moving in on thursday with a pretty large storm system. but as that storm system moves through, temperatures actually get milder. it's almost a spring-like pattern here with highs of 60 degrees on both friday and saturday. >> wow. >> yeah. >> i've got one last thing for you, one last nugget of information before we kick you off the redskins seahawks. it doesn't involve who you think it might. a sixth round draft choice? i'll let you know who i'm talking about.
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>> well, your eyes just seem to naturally gravitate to them, talking about the quarterbacks. rg3 versus russell wilson has all the headlines you need. the guys lined up 7 yards deep behind them might turn out to be the keys to the victory, talking about the running backs. it's a classic matchup. alfred morris versus marshawn lynch. two thick-legged, broad- shouldered, refuse to go down pick skin pushers, as i like to call them. lynch is an established commodity, morris surprised everybody. he knows to win tomorrow his defense has to stop. >> to hit lynch, that's an honor. he's a hard runner. i definitely respect his game. i can relate to the way he runs. so it should be fun.
11:27 pm
>> marshawn, he's one of the best running backs in the league. i played against him when he was at buffalo last year. he's one of the hardest running backs to tackle. he runs with reckless abandon. he's not a pro bowler for no reason. >> new baltimore versus old baltimore tomorrow. one big reason, number 52, ray lewis returns after missing half a year with a torn triceps. he'll hang them up after the playoff run wins. >> we've got a bond that was created over the last few months that probably only me and him knew we had, you know. that strong of a bond. and so for chuck to come back here, man, like i said, the game will fade one day, but that brotherhood, that manhood we created will never die. >> ray preaching, no doubt about that. tune in after sunday's game for a complete wrap-up. i'll be at fedex field plus highlights, expert analysis, a
11:28 pm
special post-game edition of game on starts tomorrow night. should be fun. bengals texans. andy dalton, the red headed stepchild and matt schwab playing like a red headed stepchild. very joe flaccoesque right here. hall goes to the house, 7-6, cincinnati. then the texans got it together. they strapped up to arian foster and rolled him up like a pack mule. houston moves on, 19-13. what did maryland basketball prove? that they could defeat delaware state and georgia southern. translation, not much. twelve-game win streak, heck, they should have a twelve-game win streak. they haven't played anybody barely. acc open virginia tech promises to be a little more difficult. 17,000 showed up to check out the terps get all feisty. i thought freshmen were supposed to be seen and not
11:29 pm
heard. jake didn't get that memo. splashes one of his four 3's. then the guy had springs in his shoes. check out the slam right there. 20 points for the freshman. virginia tech's eric green, we should lose him to solve the fiscal cliff. he can shake it on both sides of the aisle right there. he had 28. another maryland freshman getting it done. alan from woodbridge downtown. he had 21. exclamation point, maryland wins its 13th straight, 94-71. >> i don't know who our best players are. i really don't. and i think dez, when the game is on the line can get to the foul line or get to the rim. he's really good. alex when he was playing, great. separation. i think we're all comfortable as coaches whoever we put in can handle the situation. it's going to be fun to watch this team continue to get better. >> last two highlights really good here. georgetown biggest opener against marquette.
11:30 pm
greg whittington will step up from the corner and knock down this 3. offense was hard to come by. only 20-19 at the half. 7 seconds to go now. hoyas down by 3. whittington, deja vu. from the corner, spots up, fires, but he's fouled. he's going to have to go to the line and earned it the hard way. 63% free throw shooter. hoyas lose 49-48. ouch. george mason on the road. brandon brit to matt rum. up 4 at the half. then to rod white. george mason laying on hands. the steal, the scoop. he had 28. george mason survives 5-7. so that is kind of the precursor to a huge day tomorrow we know, 4:30 kickoff. >> so who are you picking? >> i'm going with seattle. i'm going on the air to say it.
11:31 pm
>> they beat the cowboys last week. >> that's true. >> he picks a lot of losers. >> i think seattle wins tomorrow. >> i'm going with the skins. not just a homey, coming to this house, i'm going with the skins. >> i'm going with the skins as well. >> you guys are homers. we have showers tonight but they'll clear out tomorrow morning. >> thanks for watching. ♪
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