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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  January 10, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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progressive's claims service. . hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. supporters of gun rights are at the white house today. the vice. says he wants to talk about ways to reduce gun violence but gun groups say they're ready for a very tough fight. danielle nottingham is at the
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white house with more. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is sitting down with gun owner groups, including the national rifle association. but finding common ground could be difficult. the nra's president calls these white house meetings disingenuous. >> i think they're going to do everything they can to strip americans of their right to bare arms. >> reporter: the obama administration says they're looking for ways to stop mass shootings like the massacre in newtown, connecticut. the vice. and his task force are talking to a range of groups, from victims of gun violence to major gun sellers like wal-mart and even hollywood. cbs news has learned president owe bam pa will likely reveal -- obama will likely reveal new ideas to introduce to cut down gun violence. the white house could also recommend universal background checks for gun buyers and a national gun database. many members of congress oppose
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the measures, but the vice president says the president may be able to bypass congress and use an executive order. mike collins works at a virginia gun shop. he says all the talk about new restrictions had boosted business. >> a lot of people have been on the fence. they were thinking about buying them anyway. all this did was speed up their decision to get it now. >> reporter: collins says the spike in sales is creating a shortage of guns and ammunition. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> the gun control debate isn't just happening on capitol hill. the maryland general assembly convened yesterday and governor o mali plans to introduce a bill that will ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. state lawmakers have heard from constituents after last month's school shooting. >> a lot of people were
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sickened and enraged by what happened in newtown. somebody has to do something about it and the people that do things about it are the people elected to office. >> reporter: do you think maryland needs a ban on assault weapons? >> i think it can be useful in the right context if properly done and certainly well worth considering. >> governor o'malley also intends for his bill to include ways to further limit the availability of guns to the mentally ill. virginia governor bob mcdonnell delivered his state of the commonwealth address last night in richmond. and he raised some eyebrows earlier this week when he proposed dumping the state's 17.5% a gallon gasoline tax and replacing it with a higher sales tax. the governor says his idea would generate more money in order to build and maintain roads. >> please do not leave without approving a long-term transportation funding plan for virginia. and please do nosend me a budget that does not include
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new transportation funding. because we're out of excuses. the time to act is now. >> in addition to budget issues, virginia lawmakers are expected to discuss abortion regulations and whether to go forward with uranium mining. former penn state football assistant coach jerry sandusky is back in court. he was sentenced to at least 30 years in jail after being convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse last year. sandusky's attorneys plan to argue they were not given enough time in order to prepare his defense. the 68-year-old maintains that he is innocent. well, as the redskins return to prominence in the n.f.l. , there has been more talk about the team returning to the district of columbia. they've been playing at fed ex field in landover since 1997. and now bruce johnson reports that d.c. mayor vincent gray
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wants a name change to be a part of any future relocation discussion. >> reporter: mayor gray says there's been no commitment from skins owner dan snyder but there have been talks. have you had a discussion with dan snyder about bringing the redskins back to d.c. say in five years? >> i've talked to the team. we have had very preliminary discussions. >> reporter: the mayor suggested the team would have to undergo a name change. >> there's no doubt there's going to have to be a discussion about that. >> reporter: native americans and others consider it a racial slur but team owner dan snyder has won court battles to keep it. mr. mayor, you think the name ought to be changed? need to drop the redskins? >> i think it has become a lightning rod. i would love to be able to sit down with the team, bruce. i'm happy to do that to sit down with the team and others who are concerned with this and see if a change should be made. >> reporter: d.c. councilman jack evans recently told 9news he'd like to see the redskins playing in the district again within the next five years.
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the feeling being that they would tear down the existing rfk stadium which is home to d.c. united and a few concerts and build a new facility here with a dome top. since the 1990's, the skins have been playing their home games at fed ex field in landover, maryland, but the team's resurgence under rg3 has d.c. insiders wishing and hoping again. the qk underwent surgery in florida today to re-- quarterback underwent surgery in florida today to reconstruct his blown out knee. >> this would be described as a courageous act on the part of the player. >> reporter: gray seemed to blame team doctors for rg3's remaining on the field after getting hurt on sunday. >> you know, it probably raises the question of should medical professionals play a greater role in whether a player continues to play in that. we've obviously done that with concussions. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9news. >> the redskins contract at fed ex field runs until 2027.
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by the way, coming up in about 20 minutes, a physical therapist who is a former n.f.l. player who suffered an acl tear is going to talk about what rehabilitation is going to look like for rg3. >> also when the news continues, we'll have oscar nominees who are being considered for hole hollywood's most coveted award. -- for hollywood's most coveted award. stay with us. we're going to talk to tom manger about gun safety in his area. stay with us.
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today i'm one on one with montgomery county police chief tom manger. it's always a pleasure to have you. happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> we're talking good gun controls and how the country is looking at new rules and regulations, but of course in our schools it is still an issue. i'd like to know what is montgomery county doing to keep
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our students safe in montgomery county? >> we're working very closely with the school board on n. i was on the -- on this. i was on the phone with the school superintendent dr. star immediately after the media started reporting the incident up in connecticut. we -- i think first of all, school resource officers, officers in schools do make schools safer. there's talk about having a school resource officer in every school, every public school. i'm not sure we can afford to do that but i can tell you i do think school resource officers make schools safer. i think we need to have the conversation about guns, and there's some common sense things that even advocates of the second amendment, i'm not sure how they could oppose so we need to look there. the toughest nut to crack i think with all of this is connecting the dots with guns and folks that have mental health issues. we passed this legislation that says, you know, folks with mental illness aren't allowed to purchase guns. how do you prevent that? there's no database that you can check to see if someone has
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mental health issues. so that's the most difficult thing. i think if you -- you mentioned earlier in the broadcast about what's going on at the white house. there's some common sense things that we need to do. things like banning internet sales of ammunition. i think people need to buy their ammunition in person. that way you know who you're selling it to. so banning internet sales i think is a good step. armor piercing ammunition. there's really no reason for anybody to have that with the exception of perhaps the military. the high capacity magazines. the only people that need those are the military. and there's really no reason for other folks to have them. so i think there are some common sense things that we need to look at and some steps we need to take to make our community safer and then, you know, continue to work with the school board to make our schools in particular safer. >> we've had a very active gun
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buy back program in montgomery county. that's been successful. >> you know, we end up getting a lot of guns but i'll tell you they're not the guns involved in crimes. the reality they're guns that folks have found that their family members have passed away and they've got these guns. they don't know how to get rid of them. unfortunately we don't get as many crime guns off the street as i would like to. we're getting guns off the street and certainly those guns could end up being stolen or being used by somebody, but it's not -- i think you have to really evaluate how effective those programs are. i think they're worth doing but they're not really the panacea that some folks might think that hey, we're getting guns off the streets that are involved in crimes. >> police chief, happy new year again. thanks for being with us. we'll see you next month. howard has the forecast. >> jc, really a very nice -- very nice today. the clouds are taking their time to move in so temperatures are creeping up into the 350s.
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enjoy the weather -- into the 50s. enjoy the weather while we've got it. there are signs that winter is not dead yet. 50 in ashburn. 52 in bowie. back with a spring like forecast when we return.
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the oscar race is o. the academy award nominations were announced today. bigad shaban has the oscar buzz all the way from hollywood. >> reporter: the sweeping drama
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"lincoln" leads the pack with 12 oscar nominations. >> shall we stop this bleeding? >> reporter: daniel day-lewis playing the 16th. was nominated for best actor. sally field and tommy lee jones also got nods as did the director stephen spielberg. the sea adventure came in second with 11 nominations. the lost souls romance also scored big. it's up for best picture while it stars bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence, both named in the best acting category. "les miserables" is also in the best picture hunt. hugh jackman and anne hat away are mom -- hat away -- agentaway are -- hathaway are nominated. the hunt for osama bin laden is up for put tall oscars. -- multiple oscars.
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in one cat -- one category is making history this year. 85-year-old emmanuel riva who stars as an ailing woman is the oldest actress ever to receive a best actress nod. bigad shaban, cbs news, hollywood. >> speaking of stars, we would like to invite you to join our lesli foster and oxy diaz. they're chatting tonight and will be discussing the people's choice awards and their chat begins at 3:30. let's go to howard and get the forecast. jc, it really it turning into a lovely day. we've had sunny skies now. still expecting some clouds to increase this afternoon, but the delay of those clouds has taken temperatures from the 50- degree range to maybe closer to 55 before the afternoon is out. well above average. average is 43. we'll be in the low to mid-50s.
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a fine afternoon with increasing clouds. one of the keys to today also, the winds are nice and light. north, north east 5, 8 miles an hour. still very comfortable. this evening mostly cloudy skies. we'll dip through the 40s with a light wind. we'll be in the 35, 38, 40 range by tomorrow morning. much different day tomorrow. today, though, we had some high clouds earlier. this nice hole has opened up giving us the sunny skies, but out to the west, clouds in west virginia. even some showers by charleston. so i expil expect the clouds to -- still expect the clouds to increase as we go through the afternoon. upper 40s in winchester and martinsburg. mid-50s to our south in culpeper. fredricksburg 56. cambridge 49. across the bay and in town it really is a nice day. here's our weather camera looking off to the east. still some clouds locally. we have 53. not sure how reagan national is
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supporting mostly cloudy skies but they are. nice dry air. humidity only 35%. it even feels warmer than the 53 because the air is so dry. the air is rather warm down south and humid. watch the temperatures. i want to show you the trend through saturday. the warmth is here. the cold is building in the northern rackies. it's going -- jobbies. -- rockies. the warmth is going to be pushed northward through the ohio valley, the tennessee valley, toward the mid-atlantic here. by saturday 60s. by sunday we will have some 70- degree readings i believe in our region. it will be barely above zero in bismarck. all of this because of the storm down in texas. there's another big storm out on the west coast with the rains along the coast. the mountain snows inland. these will pile up here quite a bit. the rain has been piling up in texas yesterday. today louisiana along with the threat for severe weather, but that storm is lifting more to the north than the east. still, we're going to get some clouds out of this later today, tonight, as they'll be streaming in from the west. then tomorrow afternoon we're going to get some rain in here.
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so that the commute home friday or the getaway friday afternoon, friday evening is going to be a slow one. that's why i'm going to yell loy' letter -- yellow alert tomorrow. today 54, at least the way we're going. tonight 235 to 40. tomorrow -- 35 to 40. tomorrow dry in the morning. rain and showers, 51. saturday we'll shoot into the 60s. partly sunny conditions, 64. by sunday 65 to 70. monday we cool down to 60. a front later in the day brings some showers. tuesday back to reality into the 40s with a chance for some rain developing and then again on wednesday. then that's when we're looking at upper 40s. there are signs that next weekend, not this one, next weekend could be sharply colder. it is thursday. that means time for petline 9. joining me today is christine bell from the washington humane society. who is this little guy or gal? >> this is baby. he's a boy. he is about 2 years old. he is a shih tzu mix.
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>> he's sweet. >> he's very sweet and very cuddly, too. he's available for adoption. >> how long have you had him? >> we've had him for about a month now. he's available for adoption at our georgia avenue facility. >> so somebody goes to the georgia avenue facility. what's the process? >> they would came in, interact with our available dogs or cats or bunnies or other small animals. when they found one that fit their personality and n what they were looking for in a dog, they would fill out an adoption application, sit down with a counselor, go over any questions they may vcht most of our animals are ready to go home the same day. >> you're looking for a home that has an animal, kids? >> he gets along with other dogs. he is a little shy so i probably wouldn't recommend him going to a house with small children but older children would be great. >> and the contact info at the washington humane society? >> >> if you missed any of that,
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check out our website go to the petline section. all the information is there. we've got to get you out of a shelter into a home. we'll be back with 9news in just a moment. good boy. [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon, you can do more business per second. and with more reliable internet,
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>> many of us want to be healthy in 2013, and that's what we have for you. some hot recipes. mike is here and he is from the lime fresh mexican grill. they have restaurants in college park, maryland, in arlington, virginia, and in columbia heights, d.c. with more places to come, he says. so today you're preparing what? >> today i'm going to prepare
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for you homemade fish tacos made with grilled mahi mahi. eight a great alternative versus a traditional taco that would have maybe ground beef, sour cream and another protein. we start with lettuce, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses and we've -- we're using a grilled mahi mahi. that goes on your taco. if you have a new year's resolution, i would say go light on the dressing but this taco is delicious. >> what type of dressing? >> a little spicy ranch. we use traditional ranch base. >> what else did you put in it? >> add to it some salsa that is made in house at lime fresh mexican grill. of course we have to top this off with a little pico degalo. >> i love that with the onions and tomatoes. you wrap it up like that? delicious. that is very good. did you give me that recipe so
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i can put it on my website? >> yes, ma'am. >> go to and you can make these at home. look at this fabulous salad that he brought n. is a chicken salad. >> this is southwest chicken salad made with fresh grilled chicken, organic beans, black bean corn salsa and pico de galo. i brought two burrito options. one is healthy made with a whole wheat tortilla and one made with a low carb store tee crow-- >> carb tortilla. >> and you have this array of hot sauces. i love hot sauces. spicy habanera sauce and chipotle pepper sauce. all these are healthy. hot pepper and spicy sauce. there are several others. they're very healthy. >> they are. at lime fresh mexican grill, we like it hot. we have over 50 hot sauces for you, salsa we make in house and the sky is the limit for your new year's resolution. >> you can visit them in
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arlington, virginia, columbia heights, d.c., college park, maryland. thanks for being here. come back and visit us at 5:00.
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