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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 10, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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as tuesday. and as the vice president's task force continues to meet with the various gun rights groups, and the entertainment and video game industry representative, he says that one recommendation is emerging. >> there is a surprising view so far. a surprising recurrence. not just close the gun show loopholes, but the background checks, including sales. >> reporter: something that the colorado governor supports. >> why don't we have universal background checks for all gun sales? >> reporter: they are meeting with the task force today. while the group opposes the tougher gun control laws, they want more armed guards in schools. and in virginia, which solved the deadliest school shooting, the poll shows that 66% of voters say they support the idea of placing an armed police officer in every school.
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29% oppose the idea. but at the federal level, the majority of the area place the assault weapon by a margin of 58% to 39. they had a banned from 1994 until it expired in 2004. coming up with solutions isn't easy. >> we realize that this will require all the stakeholders. to give us their best ideas, as to how we deal with what i said at the outset that it will be a complicated problem. if you look at every one of the tragic events that have been attracting so much attention, that it is hard to pinpoint what you could have done. >> reporter: but the real test is to implement the recommendation. in washington, i'm sandra endoe. >> reporter: they issued a statement about the meeting late today, reading in part that we were disappointed with
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how little they had to do with keeping the children safe and how much they had to do with the agenda to attack the second amendment. we will not allow those gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminal and madness. that task force is set to meet with producers tomorrow. defense attorneys wanted them to take another look at the plea deal for the former marine who admitted to shooting at the pentagon and other military buildings. no one hurt in those shootings. under the deal, the 25-year-old would spend his next 25 years behind bars. but the defense attorneys say after the plea deal was cut, that the government doctors diagnosed him with mental illness and they want a judge to consider that new information. afghan president is in town to talk about the transition of his nation's security from u.s. to afghan control. today he met separately with defense secretary and secretary of state hillary clinton. tomorrow he's scheduled to meet with president obama. well there is a war of
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sorts between virginia and maryland over just where that new fbi headquarters should be located. as peggy fox reports today, northern virginia brought out the big guns, some federal state and local leaders all who want to bring the agency to the old dominion. >> reporter: it's rare to see a diverse group like this in one place saying the same thing. >> we all worked together on this, we are a team. >> reporter: there was liberal democrat jim moran and republicans. even though that they all have sites they want the fbi to consider as it looks to leave its crumbling old headquarters downtown, virginia's elected leaders are lobbying as a united front. >> the nexus of homeland security, defense related, intelligence related and law enforcement related facilities in virginia are unrivaled in the nation. we believe that the fbi could not find a better location.
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>> they have chosen the warehouse site in springfield near the old mall being developed. it is near i-95 for required access and next to the metro station. >> we think that they will need to move on from that site because it is not promoting the smart growth in and around springfield. >> reporter: for fairfax county, this warehouse has sort of been like a wasted space on some very valuable land. and there are no property taxes coming in because it is government property and there are very few employees. but if the fbi builds their headquarters here, it will add a lot to this area of springfield. but those are also the other reasons why they are lobbying hard. with the senator from maryland, now the chair of the full appropriations committee, this virginia delegation is worried that the old dominion will get shut out if they don't speak out. >> if this is an open transparent process, based on the economics, i think virginia
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is going to win. >> peggy fox, wusa9. >> and the congress will make that final decision about the requirements for a site. the general service administration and the fbi will then pick that place. the whole process will take months. and so first there were problems with the tickets for some balls and now one of the pastors, they will need to take part in president obama's second inauguration that will be vowing out. the reverend was suppose to deliver that benediction at the january 21 public ceremony. but the inaugural committee tells them that he withdrew his name this morning. apparently he delivered a sermon, 15 to 20 years ago, criticizing the homosexuality. he said that he did not want people with their own political agenda to focus on that instead of the events of the day. and so far, no replacement has been named. one of the biggest events that day will be the inaugural parade and tonight a prince george's county company is literally racing against the clock, trying to complete some really important parade
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projects. the company has been making slopes for the past 17 inaugural parades, going all the way back to the truman administration. it involves everything from the wood work to the sewing. they only got the contract for the jobs in late december. >> and we are honored that we're selected to remit the company or to represent the country. and that they trust us to pull off one of those major events held every four years. >> according to the company here, they will need to use about 60,000 feet of lumber and gallons of paint for their inauguration projects this year. and not everybody is going to have the luxury of moving around by float for the inauguration. and metro says they are ready to help make sure you get to where you need to go in the form of about 150 additional officers in cities like new york, boston, and houston. >> and that they are going to have a lot of people traveling
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in the metro rail that we need to make sure that they are protected. we're preparing for inauguration just like they did in 2009 as you can see it, the all-time high that we saw in 2009 that they will be ready for it at the same level of service. >> they estimate between 600,000 to 800,000 passengers on inaugural day. they plan to be open from 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with the rush hour service for 17 of those hours. that means that longer trains, and higher affairs. now, it's one thing that they are hoping people don't bring with them to the inauguration is the flu. but some of them, they likely will and it is not too late to get vaccinated before they arrive. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan, not too late, but you need to get moving because we're starting to see the shortages of the flu vaccines. both around the country and here at home. the country's biggest manufacturer of the flu vaccine says that they have already sold out at some formulations. and that it is ramping up next
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year's vaccines so they cannot produce anymore of this year. now when you start calling individual stores, you can run into problems. and the cvs downtown on eighth street says they are out of flu shots, but they hope to get more on friday. now, the metropolitan pediatrics says that it is out and that they cannot get anymore. the walgreens here in arlington is out of stock and can only hope to get more soon. >> that was bruce leshan reporting. how do you know if that is a cold or the beginning of full blown flu? according to the cdc, colds usually come with a stuffy runny nose or sneezing. if you're coughing it will be a hacking sound and it will be productive. but they are not typical for the cold. you usually get those with the flu and your cough will be the real difference with the flu, it is generally dry and unproductive. and it really hurts the big
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cough. if you think that you have either the flu or cough, get plenty of rest as it will be the best thing. if you are trying to stay healthy, be sure to warm your hands with warm water and soap even as possible. >> yes, it doesn't matter. you need a little moisturizer. coming up at 7:00, a new wrinkle in that russian law that bans the american adoptions. plus an in-depth look at the new fda mandate that lowers the dosage of the active ingredients. i'll see you at 7:00. and still to come in this half hour, the best hollywood had to offer in the past year. we'll take a look at the oscar nominations. another mild day here at the metro area. here is a look at the numbers. going into the books of the official high temperature. the low is above freezing, only 44 was the low, the averages were 42 and 27 and that is the average low downtown. now, we'll come back and talk about whether or not you need to grab your umbrella for tomorrow and a look for your
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weend, crazy temperatures all the way. but first a local police officer, they are getting some experience on the other side of the law.
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if you see this man, keep your distance. that's the warning from tacoma park police tonight about the mall. the 27-year-old escaped from washington's hospital last night. investigators say that he has been known to pick fights with officers and that he could be carrying a weapon. now if you see him, please call the police. an officer of the law is facing a disturbing set of allegations tonight, but the 44- year-old says that he is not
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guilty. >> i'm surae chinn outside the d.c. courthouse where a man who was suppose to be trusted as the church youth choir director and the 22-year veteran of the metropolitan police department was arraigned today, charged with sexually abusing an 11- year-old girl at his church. and the 44-year-old was founded by his father and now lead by his brother, allegedly using his position of authority to take advantage of one of the girls. >> it's if you can say anything about them. >> they had nothing to say, but the court documents said that they sexually abused the sixth grader who was 11 years old at the time for a period of two years between 2004 and 2006. most of the incidents happened here and the abuse in the pastor's author at the church in the southeast. according to the court papers, the abuse happened during the commercial break when palmer
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would send the other children to the store, leaving them alone. >> now, you're suppose to trust all of them here and the ministry and the police officer to boost. >> surae chinn, 9news. the best that hollywood had to offer this past year, but what about the worst? >> we're going to tell you about the nominations coming up. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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award season kicks off this weekend because of the golden globe. they lead up to the oscar. we've got a look at this year's nominees. >> reporter: february 24 could be a monumental night for "lincoln." the civil war 'emic about the 16th president received a dozen nominations including best picture. he's among some of the best front runners. sally field and tommy lee jones got supporting nods. he's hoping to win his third oscar for best director. the ship wreck adventure received a wrath of nominations, 11 in all. and "silver lining playbook" is
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up for eight top prizes, including best picture. same goes for "les passenger mesrable -- les meserabe". >> the controversial man hunt thriller is also in the running for best picture. in what some of hollywood are calling a series of oscar snubs, "zero dark thirty" director was not nominated neither was tom cooper or ben affleck. all three received the actors guild of american nomination, which usually indicates an oscar nod is coming. >> yes. >> two best actress nominees are making history. the 85-year-old who plays an ailing woman is the oldest actress ever nominated in that category. the 9-year-old wallace of the beast of the southern wild is
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the youngest. cbs news, hollywood. now, you can't really talk about the best films of the past year without giving a little bit of the nod to the works. >> of course, you don't really want to be on the worse list do you? >> probably not. >> but the folks, they always announce their nominations just hours before the oscar folks do. and so the twilight saga breaking dawn part ii leads this year's pack with 11 nominations, including the worse picture, worse actress, worse actor, worse supporting actress, and worse supporting actor. >> ouch. >> the lead actress kristin stewart was actually -- kristen stewart was nominated twice and for her role in "the snow hunt and the generation." >> there is a generational thing here. a lot of people that thought she was fabulous. >> right. >> yes. i'm actually in that camp, but yes. >> okay. it's a generational thing. >> right. >> she's so young d hip. >> i mean, you know, my daughters love them. i don't feel it. >> you don't understand it?
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>> i understand it, sort of. 57 today the average high is only 42. when we get to this weekend, temperatures are going to be like april. let's start with a live look outside to the weather cam. temperatures are still pretty mild inside the beltway. upper 40s primarily. 49 downtown. dew points in the upper 20s. a little drier air mass than yesterday that's for sure. pressure steady. and the winds, they are out of the east northeast at about 7. now, they will continue with that easterly component for another 24 hours or so. look at the storm pulling out of the gulf of mexico into the states here. it's going to be rain in cincinnati and detroit and chicago and mieapolis. there's no snow anywhere and the big thunderstorms, pushing on through here, essentially out of mississippi into georgia and alabama. we could even hear the rumble of thunder here tomorrow night believe it or not at this time.
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just clouds tonight. 48 rockville, 49 in fairfax. still 50 in college park and 45 over in bowie. look how mild it is, above freezing in minneapolis and 41 in chicago and 37 in detroit. so a few showers are on the way, dry tonight. mainly dry in the morning commute, but the wet roads tomorrow, especially north of town. and then april over the next weekend. they will stay green. 50 tomorrow with the afternoon showers. 64 on saturday warmer. 67 crazy warm on sunday with few showers. you could still walk or bike on the canal. temperatures still around 60 and a better chance of organized rain, maybe even a thunderstorm on tuesday, into wednesday. temperatures back to reality with a high of 35.
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>> really? >> yes. now if i make that 69 or 70, we could have another decade. >> funny how that call came in just in time for the inauguration. >> yes. didn't you expect that to happen? >> yeah, he would be so lucky. for the football fans that love a good football weekend, they're going to get it. >> you would think that they did not know, but yes, it's a big huge football weekend. ravens and the ray lewis congressmen ration road on the tour. they say yes and they plan to av the ugly hands of the broncos. we will be talking about this sports cast, but not the one you think. sports is next.
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all right this is an rg3 knee-free sports cast today. let's talk about the ravens and broncos for a minute. ray lewis 37 verses peyton manning, 36 years old. this game brought to you by aarp, surely i'm joking. but there's something not funny going on when you talk about denver and the ravens. broncos busted baltimore a month ago. that wasn't funny. probably a low point in the season. denver's 17-point win at the stadium. broncos with a 31-3 lead and took their foot off the gas. coach john harbaugh was playing for the second time.
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>> yes, he doesn't. i'm sure that it helps them too with a foundation to work with as we have a lot of games broken down up until that point, adding the games from there on out. >> even a short week. >> yeah, it's a help, it's a big plus. >> all righty then. back to ray lewis. his team's next loss, it will be his last and now you can see the retirement after the season. we all saw the love fest at the birds nest this past weekend. denver, they won't be as accommodating on the field. but off the field a lot of respect for the secrets here. >> he has made a huge difference. you know i think for their team coming back. you could see the energy and that he brought to the team on sunday and in their playoff game. you know, he's special. that's all you can say. >> hey, now, they said it and that's proof. ravens, broncos, 4:30 on saturday. winner heads to the afc championship game. watch it right here on then on sunday the second half of the afc championship will be
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decided. 4:30 for both games on wusa. d.c. sports fans have had enough bad news concerning their athletes and their knees. let's give you good news. still on track to return. saturday night, they said that it is serious as they took their time to make sure that everything is right. for the redskins, they are envious of that quote. here is what their coach had to say. >> we've got another 24 hours here. he's gone hard. these are probably the two hardest days back to back that he has put together. and you know obviously we have to see how he is going to respond to it. so far everything has been good. >> atlanta hawks on saturday night. well, a good voting contest is going on. 17,000 voters thus far. and churchill at walter johnson. and marshall langley boys are right behind them. margo at quinn park. good vote. >> yes, that's it for us. cbs evening news is next. good night.
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