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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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maybe even 8 inches of snow before all is said and done. and also the advisory goes all the way down to the south. down into southern maryland. here's the radar. a good band of snow pushing through. it's going to end by 7:00, 8:00, this is all the clipper. southern stream storm, that went to our south and kept all of the snow to our south. soagain, ends around 7:00, 1 to 2 inches. let's go up to erica. she is north up 270 in gaithersburg and it's getting slippery behind you. >> absolutely, topper. we got here about an hour and a half ago and as i was stepping outside, i noticed that the roadways were pretty white, but now this is route 355 here in gaithersburg and you can see that it has pretty much melted on that main roadway as rush hour traffic has picked up and started to melt some of that snow. on our side streets, though, we do still have quite a bit of snow and of course on the sidewalks, it's all still snow.
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temperatures here right around 20 degrees throughout most of montgomery county. so that is, of course, going to keep that snow from melting. the problem that will probably have on roads like route 355 later on tonight, is that as rush hour winds down and those roads start to cool off a little bit, we could have a little bit of freezing. however, i have seen the plow trucks out here distributing the salt, so they are doing everything they can here in montgomery county to prevent that refreezing from happening. the side streets, like our photographer, danielle is showing you right now, are going to continue to be a problem. just take it easy and you should be fine. that's what we have right now, live from gaithersburg. i'm meteorologist, erica grove for wusa9. topper, back to you. >> thankfully, it's a light snow. it is a dry snow, much better traction on dry snow. this is why we dusted off the impact meter yesterday. we'll come back and talk about when we'll get above freezing.
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we have good news about next week. anita, back to you. >> we have breaking news right now in southeast d.c. ken is on the scene of a deadly crash involving an ambulance. ken, what can you tell us? >> well, anita, we are out here. this is 12th street. we learned the dead person involved in this wreck is a woman. i want you to take a look behind me. this is a live look at the scene. investigators here on the scene. this wreck involved an ambulance. you can see it on your screen. this is ambulance 25 of d.c. fire, ems, a rolled over vehicle. we understand that car, that suv clipped the ambulance and then had a wreck with four other cars. we'll show you video of what it looked like on the other end of the street. you can get a better idea of what that was like a little bit ago. this happened sometime at around 2:30. we're told again, the driver of that suv who is now pronounced dead on the scene clipped the back of the ambulance. that then set off me sort of a chain event with other vehicles. other cars here on the street.
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they all crashed and of course right now, this area entirely blocked off to traffic, bring you back out live right now so you can get another look. investigators on the scene. of course, the snow continues to fall. this job of figuring out what caused this to happen is going to be a tough one for the investigators. but you better believe one of the things we'll be looking at is whether these conditions had something to do with this. we'll keep an eye on this and let you know what happens. ken molestina, wusa9. we have a wusa9 exclusive, featuring allegations of abuse of power, corruption, illegal use of funds. that is what the police department sergeant is accusing the head of the city's automatic traffic enforcement program of doing. that is the program that overseas popular red light cameras and speed cameras. kristin fisher joins us live with more on this. these are pretty serious accusations. >> yeah, they are very serious accusations. the problem is, no one seems to be doing anything about it. the allegations are coming from
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sergeant mark robinson. he's a 22 year veteran of the department. he says that he has been removed from the automated traffic enforcement unit after he complained to his superiors about the program manager. lisa sutter. >> the program has been involved in a lot of things that i recognized immediately that is illegal, and things that warrant immediate attention. things that sergeant robinson carefully documented, like a $25,000 payment to a nonprofit without proper approval. and an $824 bill. all right, well we seem to be having some technical difficulties. we hope to bring you the rest of sergeant robinson's story later in the newscast. >> we'll look guard to that, kristen, including an idea of what else sergeant robinson might have to do later on as we
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watch this story unfold. thank you so much for that. anita. >> the jury in the murder trial of a former culpeper police officer had a busy day. supplied with -- the jurors toured the scene of the fatal encounter. it began in a school annex parking lot and ended on northeast street. patricia cook, who was shot as she drove away. it ended with her. the jury heard emotional testimony from the defendant himself. peggy fox has the story from culpeper. >> daniel harmon-wright broke down and cried in the middle of his testimony today just when he got to the moment when he took out his gun and shot patricia cook. when he was asked if he intended to kill her, he asserted that no, he saw her as a threat to the public and his only intention was to stop that threat. during daniel harmon-wright's testimony, the jury seemed rivetted. he told about finding patricia cook with her eyes closed. the suspicious person he was called to check on was sitting
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in her jeep wrangler. wi the sunscreen over the entire windshield. he said he asked to see her id and that she rolled up the window on his arm and then his hand. and she started to drive away. he said, the window was cinched down really tight on my left hand, on my knuckles. it was like she was trying to sling me off the vehicle. i screamed stop, or i'll shoot three times as loud as i could. the whole time she was screaming, no, and continuing to accelerate. i discharged my weapon twice in very rapid succession and the window shattered. his attorney entered into evidence a piece of glass that came out of his thumb. after those first two shots, harmon-wright fired five more as patricia cook took a left turn out of the school parking lot. the jury toured the scene this morning using maps to help identify how the fatal shooting played out. harmon-wright says he fired straight at the fleeing vehicle to avoid hitting anyone else.
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he said, i knew she had just attacked me with her car and if i let her continue, she would possibly strike and kill someone. >> i want justice for her. >> pat cook's brother blames both the officer and the culpeper police department for allowing him to continue to be on the force after being sited for excessive force. >> how can you justify seven shots, you know, several in the back. unarmed woman in a car. you know, that makes no sense to me. that's just excessive, brutal force. >> the jury comes back monday morning to begin deliberations. in culpeper, peggy fox, wusa9. thank you, peggy. police are investigating the murder of a teenager in northwest d.c. 18-year-old nicole lee of takoma park was shot in the head in the middle of the night at 5th and nicolson street. so far, police have not said anything about a motive or suspect in this young person's
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death. joe biden hitting the road today to promote stricter gun laws. first stop, the progun state of virginia. biden sat down with state leaders in richmond and talked about ways to control gun violence, all in the aftermath of the virginia tech shooting. here in d.c., some lawmakers said existing enrcing laws is the way to go, including screening to prevent the mentally ill from getting those weapons. >> that's what we have to figure out what to do. cure them if we can, separate them if we must, and prevent them from obtaining dangerous weapons. >> gun control supporters say public opinions shifted after the new town school shooting. thousands of people are expected to call for stricter gun control laws during a march on the national mall tomorrow. and thousands marched for life, protesting the u.s. supreme court decision legalizing abortion four decades ago. >> brings deem stray torse brings -- demonstrators.
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surae chin reports. >> reporter: their message, all life is sacred and giving a voice to the unborn. i was 16 years old and i lived in detroit, michigan. >> the personal story is told through these signs. >> my mom and dad didn't know i was sexually active. i had an abortion. >> younger generation marched for life. >> this could have happened to us one day, so we're here and we need to stop it for other people. >> pope benedict, xvi, tweeted, i join all those marching for life and pray political leaders will protect the unborn and promote a culture of life. >> pro-life marchs made their way to the u.s. supreme court to protest the anniversary of the decision. they were met by counterprotesters, pro-choice advocates. >> i support a woman's right to choose. >> for 19 years, i stayed quiet. >> gets emotional to the day
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about her decision made more than 30 years ago. she often wonders about the sibling her 23-year-old daughter could have had. >> for all of us, it derailed our lives. >> i say they made a choice on their own and they don't have a right to tell a woman after the fact what she should do. >> two sides that may never see common ground. wusa9. the annual march is held on the 2 2á7bd, but its moved because of the presidential inauguration. coming up, hear what happens when john from baltimore puts a call into the family to ask which brother they're going to root for in the super bowl. okay, here's how dry the snow is. it's like being in new hampshire or vermont. this snow is going to be sweepable, or use your leaf blower. not so much shoveable. we'll talk about when it tapers off and take you through the weekend. stay tuned. but up next, the guns, deficits, and immigration high on his agenda. the commander in chief names
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the new chief of
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let's take you back now to the wusa9 exclusive featuring serious accusations of misdeeds by the person who runs the metropolitan police department's automatic traffic enforcement program. that would be the program over seeing those red light cameras and sped cameras in d.c. kristin fisher is live with us again. kristen. >> they are serious, all right, but the problem is, no one seems to be doing anything about it. the allegations are coming from sergeant mark robinson. he's a 22 year veteran of the department. he says he has been removed from the automated traffic enforcement unit after he complained to his superiors about the project manager, lisa sutter. >> the program manager had been involved in a lot of things that i recognized immediately as being illegal, against policies and procedures, and things that warrant immediate attention. >> things that sergeant robinson says is carefully
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documented, like a $25,000 payment to a nonprofit without proper approval. and an $824 bill for a staff meeting at a d.c. restaurant. all of it, robinson says, was paid for by the money generated by photo enforcement violations. >> the fact that none of the funds were used on the program itself, or no service was rendered to the government, i automatically recognize that as being improper. >> he claims the program manager refused to avoid more than 100,000 effect i have citations, at the same time, she did allegedly void several other legitimate tickets. sergeant robinson reported it to internal affairs. the conclusion, robinson says the allegations were upheld, but no punishment. >> today, the program manager continues to be in position without any discipline. >> last september, robinson appealed to d.c. council chair, who at the time, was chair of the judiciary committee. >> i give you four minutes,
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but that's it. >> yes, sir. >> robinson asked for an oversight hearing, but mendelson turned him down. >> a complaint such as he alleges, i take it seriously. i have no way of judging the accuracy and so what i do is i ask an office that has the ability to investigate to look into it. >> that office is the office of the inspector general. when i contacted them about it, all they would say is that the office of the inspector general does not confirm or deny investigations. >> if there's one part of the government that is more useless than the judiciary committee, it would be the office of the inspector general. >> the head of the local police union, he believes, like robinson, that part of the reason nothing is being done is because the photo enforcement program brings in millions for the city. $95million last year alone. >> if you have someone bringing in tens of millions of dollars, no one wants to investigate that person. that's a problem. and even if there wasn't a
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problem this time, they know they won't be investigated, that's a recipe for abuse. >> the reason i'm doing it is because the public needs to be made aware what's being done behind closed doors. >> they also decline my request for an interview with the program manager, lisa sutter. they did, however, tell me to reach out to the inspector general for a response, you saw the response that i got from them. so i'm really at the same place as sergeant robinson. >> it doesn't seem like he had much success. what else can he do? >> there's a new chairman, councilman, tommy wells. hoping maybe he'll agree to an oversight hearing. he could also file a lawsuit, but he says that would be only a last resort. derek. >> all right, thank you, kristen. president obama named his brand-new chief of staff today. he is long time aid, dennis mcdunna. serves as one of the top national security advisers.
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he'll replace jack lieu, as secretary of the pressurely. the president also announced the appointment of four women to senior level positions. >> violent confrontations between protesters and police in egypt's square. tens of thousands of people gather there to mark the second anniversary of the up rising that toppled mubarack. and his muslim brotherhood allies. their cause has been betrayed by the islamist. a first responder risks his life to save a 14-year-old boy trapped on a limb in raging flood waters. this happened in australia earlier today. the boy and rescuer, they survived. australia is enduring severe flooding, brought on by the cyclone. the senate is expected to vote monday to pass a bill to help the victims of hurricane sandy. the vote comes three months after the super storm devastated parts of new jersey and new york.
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as many as 40,000 people were left homeless. at least 3500 families living in hotels. the hotels are funded by fema. claims are on an individual basis and they expire every two weeks. the next deadline is tomorrow and many families are still waiting to hear whether they are going to be allowed to stay. >> you have to imagine what that's like, living in the hotel is hateful. imagine hoping that you get to stay in a hotel because you don't have anywhere else to go. >> yeah, not good. that happened a long time ago. >> no kidding, time to get this moving. >> we held in the 20s today. >> you said it was coming. >> and it snowed. didn't snow much, but it does count, i suppose. we have some pictures for you. this is live near tyson's corner and the traffic is slow. it's not a heavy snow, but if you add anything to the mix, and it's not a good thing. here's the white house, that's pretty. very nice, very nice. all right, let's take a look
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now at my live shot. this is out on wisconsin avenue looking north here at broadcast house. you can see wisconsin avenue itself is just wet, but it's not covered. you get off the beaten path a little bit and find some covered streets. so keep that in mind. also keep in mind when you're walking, not so much tonight, but tomorrow morning when you get the paper. 21 degrees right now downtown. that is the downtown temperature. light snow, a dew point is 14. still a very dry air mass. it is snowing with the humidity only 66%, now it's 74%, which means it's better inside your house, but not great. so, 4 inches. that's the winter so far, and across the divide, it had 5 inches already. maryland, north of hagerstown, 1.5. weather terrace, .3, and a little over half an inch. those are up to the minute totals we have. temperature wise, it is some kind of cold.
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20 in reston, 19 in arlington. are you kidding me? it's 19 in bethesda. 21 in waldorf and 20 by the water in annapolis. so, very arctic air mass still covers the entire east coast. it will slowly retreat next week. all right, how much snow? maybe an inch downtown. an inch in la plata. not much of the south and west, if you're in laray or culpeper, that's why one reason you're not under a winter weather advisory. the radar, you didn't see the back edge of the precipitation, it's moving away pretty fast. at one time, we thought the southern storm might give us moisture. this is all the clipper, the southern storm well to our south. this is all we got. there are some pockets of moderate snow pushing through parts of southern prince georges county and also into charles county. if you're going down 301, you'll run into intense snow for about ten minutes. so, tapers off by 8:00.
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1 to 3 inches. dry snow, but some of the side roads are slick. no snowballs, but maybe. maybe you can sled. that's one reason i cut the glass. all right, next three days, 9 weather alerts are green. cold tomorrow, breezy, 32. not as cold on sunday, 36 and clouds come in late. milder on monday. we're back in the 40s and that starts our warmup, actually. check this out, os on tuesday with showers. wednesday we're back near 60 with some rain developing late and it will be cool again. we're back in the 40s on thursday. notice the high on thursday. and we're cold again next friday with temperatures up around 30. >> oh man. it didn't last long. >> sure is, thank you topper. coming up, folks, how redskins qb, rg3 has a special young boy who shot two three pointers end up on sports center? >> but up next, the flu outbreak seems to be leveling
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off, the number of cases on the rise, especially in certain
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the cdc is out.
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47 states are reporting widespread flu activity. that's down from 48 states last week, indicating they have peeked in some places. however, west coast cases, they are still on the rise. senior citizens account for nearly 90% of all flu deaths so far this season. the elderly to be extra careful. >> it's so weak and every part of your body aches. it's really a terrible thing. it feels like every sickness you have ever had, that's what you have now. >> wow. now 8 more children died from the flu last week. this year's vaccine is about 62% effective and it lessons the symptoms of the flu if you still get it. the education department sent a clear message today to public school systems all across the country. you must give students with disabilities a fair shot at playing on sports teams, or they have to have their own leagues. that order could mean big changes to school budgets and locker rooms.
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if the adjustments were alter through a sport, schools would have to create new programs that are comparable to the mainstream program. well now, to an inspiring story to robert griffin, iii. owen grocer has down syndrome. he plays basketball for his middle school team. but fans calling for him, the coach put him in for the final two minutes of the team's final game. owen not only made a three point shot, he hit two of them. friends and family reached out to rg3 through twitter and he retweeted the message to his 780,000 followers and soon, owen's skills are broadcast as the top ten play on espn. his dad says it was just like a movie. a junior high rudy, so to speak. >> how great is that? still ahead tonight, baltimore ravens head coach, john
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harbaugh tries to trick his mom into revealing her true royalty. also, a reporter learning a valuable lesson, never turn your back on one of these. >> but up next, prosecutors released surveillance video of a man sentenced today for assaulting a security guard at a local daycare.
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a man who pled guilty to terrorizing a landover,
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maryland, day care center was sentenced this afternoon to twenty years behind bars. >> the attack left a young security guard blind in one eye and some children traumatized. scott broom is in upper marlboro with more. >> reporter: the excuse for the attack is that he was high on pcp. it's an attack that cost a young security guard the site in his right eye and terrorized more than 80 children ages 4 and younger. >> please, we have 80 children. >> it's a 911 call and security camera video made michael young go crazy. inside the family affair daycare in landover last april. young became enraged when he was denied the use of the phone. security guard, jaelynn farmer, confronted young with a bat, but overpowered, badly beated, and blind in one eye. today, young was sentenced to twenty years for the attack, which terrorized dozens of
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infants and toddlers as he smashed glass throughout the daycare center. >> oh my god. >> john speaks for the prince georges county state's attorney office calling farmer, a hero, for confronting young. >> without his quick thinking and his actions, the innocent children in that center could have been hurt. >> farmer left a courthouse, his blinded eye protected by dark glasses. >> before he was taken away, young was turned to farmer and his family and apologized. he said, i never meant to hurt any children. the prince georges county courthouse, scott broom, wusa9. >> crazy video there. former has declined to speak publicly about the incident since it happened. >> we are attempting to learn more about secret hearings involving the man convicted of murdering chandra levi. her body was later found in rock creek park in 2002. the prosecutors went before a judge and revealed that he was
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convicted. even her parents don't know what's going on. the man suspected of killing a philadelphia pediatrician appeared in court today. he's an exterminator. jason smith is accused of killing dr. melissa moody at her home in downtown philadelphia. her bowed body was found bound and beat up on monday. set her body on fire. investigators say smith was captured on surveillance camera going to her house for an exterminating job. he killed her after the two of them got into some kind of an argument. >> a federal appeals court has overturned two of casey anthony's convictions for lying. anthony had been convicted of lying to detectives during the investigation into the disappearance of her two-year- old daughter, caylee. anthony was acquitted and now the judge found the two lying charges amounted to double jeopardy.
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former redskin, fred, faces dui charges tonight. police say he was pulled over on the hill on december 30, because his car had no license plates. officers say he refused a breathalyzer test and showed signs of impairment. he pleaded not guilty to the charges. the former defensive back played seven seasons for the skins. super bowl high hitting the harbaugh family with brothers john and jim coaching against each other in the big game. their parents and sisters being overwelmed with all the media requests. they sat down for interviews yesterday at indiana university and despite all the attention, the game is about the players and coaches, not about them. and they are being careful not to choose sides. >> you watch the game completely emotionless. you watch it completely void of any feelings you have for anybody. you love them both the same. they are your brothers, they are your son, completely neutral. >> in fact, you are very
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conscious about not showing any emotion to where it could be misjudged or construed as if you have a favorite son. >> really? well, we don't know. that family was put to the test yesterday when baltimore ravens coach, john harbaugh, snuck on to the line during a conference call with reporters and mike from our sister station, wjz in baltimore explains. >> when the ravens beat the niners in baltimore, coach john harbaugh came away the winner and his brother, coach jim harbaugh, the loser. >> you don't put yourself in many other shoes, but you can put yourself in other shoes. >> my brother, john, is the sharpest iron i have ever encountered. >> their parents find themselves in the middle. >> i'm proud of both of them. >> as a football family, the harbaughs an internet worth of images. they are working hard to keep
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to the middle come super bowl sunday. >> i am wearing a neutral color. i'm going to wear whatever fits me that day. >> that was younger sister, joni. >> is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> john harbaugh? mom was ready to come through this phone. i'm so happy that joni recognized. >> practical jokes aside. >> great feeling. >> tempered by the knowledge only one son can win. last time, john. >> went into the 49er locker room, quiet, somber, and finally i saw jim all by himself. a victory in defeat. we know we are going to experience that next week. >> no one is going to win and i know one is going to lose. i really would like us to end in a tie, can the nfl do that? >> if it did, there would be
5:36 pm
two upset brothers. wjz, eyewitness news. >> for the record, no. the super bowl cannot end in a tie. new york and new jersey will be getting ready for their super bowl and if this year's temperatures are any indication, you might want to start bundling up now. >> super bowl xlviii will take place at met life stadium across the river on february 2, 2014. it is the first time the super bowl will be played outdoors in a cold weather city. and the soon to be almanac is predicting a heavy storm, strong winds for the weekend. but the nfl commissioner isn't worried. he told reporters that football is made to be played at any element. >> of course, this year's super bowl between the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers will take place indoors at the superdome in new orleans. you can watch it sunday right here with us on wusa9. our wusa9 blitz and blitz team
5:37 pm
will have live coverage from new orleans beginning monday at 5:00. topper. >> well, breaks in the cloud, you see a little bit of sun off to the west. look how light the snow is. it's as light as it gets. we'll come back and talk about how much is going to fall and what you have to worry about over the weekend and look ahead to next week. big changes ahead next week. up next, only one way out for a suspected car thief who tried to escape the police by hiding in the attic. as you can see, well you know, that wasn't going to work. don't forget, we are always on at and the app. down load it right now on the
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this is definitely something we don't see that often, as a suspect going into custody, climbing out of a vent. >> you can say that again. a suspected car thief trying to make a get away through the attic of an abandoned house. it didn't work. failed to fool anybody when he tried to come out of that vent. sheriff deputies in lakewood, california, had to help him down. he was in all the way after he fell half way down the ladder.
5:41 pm
could have driven away. >> to florida now where dash cam video shows a frightening incident involving a sheriff deputy. he was dragged for about 20 feet after getting into an altercation with a shoplifting suspect who suddenly just drove away. the suspect managed to get away, but was arrested later. the deputy suffered a minor injury, but he is back at work. there's also this one from florida. a local television reporter is doing a standup in a pen full of goats. >> watch what happens next. >> the judge is complete, so come on out and meet the winners. from the fair, linda carson, abc 7. would you not eat my pants? >> oh, i'll do something else then, here we go. no animals or tv producers or reporters were injured in the taping of that report. it featured kids raising goats, who were an exhibit at the
5:42 pm
county fair. every reporter's dream story. >> not even close. goats with attitude. right after the break, investigative reporter's food report. restaurant shut down for violations that could be making diners sick. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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we've perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and melted cheese. all piled-high on freshly baked bread. taste one at your local subway today! subway. eat fresh.
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dining out this weekend? lots of people, let's watch this week's food alert, first. >> we go to the investigative reporter. >> our first stories start when one of my facebook followers wrote me complaining about a mouse and a roach. and people who didn't seem to care at a 7-eleven. i told her to call the health department. they shut it down. >> i have been coming here for ten years now. >> this customer was angry, too, because clerks at the south capital street 7-eleven weren't answering questions. this clerk wouldn't stop moving that city card when i asked to see if he is certified in food safety. >> when you are playing with a card like this, i can't see the expiration date. i can't see your name. >> inspectors reported rodent droppings on the floor and hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken wings at unsafe temperatures. around back, they sited a rat running underneath a palette
5:46 pm
and at the nacho display, a live roach. >> you cook food, you be serious, you don't laugh. people eat this stuff. >> we didn't get answers. >> we're looking for the store manager. they weren't answering questions at this checkers in hyattsville, either. >> he says they can't answer questions. >> inspectors closed the drive through for operating without any running water and ordered all food thrown out upon finding a sick offduty employee in the back of the kitchen. at this neighboring little cesar's, the same water main break shut off water there, too. inspectors shut them down for continuing to operate. when we arrived, no one could show us a valid training card. i'm russ, i'm with channel 9. i want to see if you have current certification in this county. >> oh yes. i do. like i say, but you know, i have been robbed and i lost my
5:47 pm
wallet. >> across the road at party chinese. >> so, can we take a look and see if you cleaned up? >> inspectors shut them down for operating during the water main break, too, they wouldn't allow us to look inside. in montgomery county, at the grocery, inspectors shut it down, saying it would be used as a living quarters. a worker took a baby out the back door upon seeing our camera and when we pointed out, no towels in the bathroom, a violation inspectors sited, a worker picked up a toilet paper roll off the floor, saying they used that. inspectors sited them for not having soap at the sink and that hand sanitizer is not a substitute. >> it's important to keep your hands very, very clean. >> that looks like a cockroach right there. >> soiled equipment and dirty
5:48 pm
walls and floors. if you want to know about restaurant closures, you can follow me on facebook and twitter. if you want to complain yourself, we set up a list on with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. if you see something wrong, call the health department. i'm investigative reporter, wusa9. >> russ going to get you. all the restaurants passed reinspection. they were allowed to reopen before russ got there. >> my favorite is the toilet paper on the floor. you can use that. there you go. >> that will work. really icky. we are looking at snow. it is tapering off quickly from west to east. by 7:00, it's going to be out of here. that said, it's going to be in the teens and twenties, so it's going to stay on the slippery side. it's our michael and son weather cam. you are looking up to the northeast. wisconsin avenue there on your left. you see the street on the other side of wisconsin. it looks like it's snow covered. some of the streets off the
5:49 pm
main arteries are going to be slippery. so if you're out late, it is friday night afterall. take it easy. also take it easy tomorrow morning when you get the paper. right now, 21 downtown. dew point 16. relative humidity 80%. it's a little better. indoors relative humidity is running around 20%. a little bit of light snow. winds out of the south at 11 and pressure is falling, 30.15 inches of mercury. so really kind of interesting. we've had three days in a row in the 20s for highs and two of the three days we had snow. not a lot of snow, but snow. 20 in reston, 19 in fairfax. 19 in arlington. 19 in bethesda. 21 in waldorf and 21 in college park. 19 at andrews and by the bay, it's 20 in annapolis. all right, here's the back edge of the precipitation. again, this was all from the clipper. clippers don't bring as much precipitation. they don't have a lot of moisture. they are dynamic. this is going to be out of here in an hour. that said, if you're west of
5:50 pm
the divide, you'll probably have a little bit of snow tonight and tomorrow. in fact, a good weekend to go skiing. a couple pictures, they have 4 inches already. you can see the back edge of the precipitation. heavier bands of snow right now leaving loudoun county, heading into fairfax county. and as grandma said, when the place gets bigger, it's about to stop. we'll talk about how much it tapers off before 7:00. 1, 2 inches. dry snow, the side roads can be slick. no snowballs, but you might be able to sled, maybe, it might be enough. for tonight, 16 to 24. snow ends early. partial clearing and winds out of the northwest at 10. tomorrow morning, returning partly cloudy, but cold. breezy. windchills in the single digits early tomorrow and by afternoon, 30 to 35. partly cloudy, you do need sunglasses. winds continue northwest at 10 to 15.
5:51 pm
next three days, weather alerts remain calm, green, and make 32 tomorrow. breezy and very cold. 36 on sunday. some clouds come in late, but not a bad day. we start our warmup in the 40s on monday with a few showers, but we'll stay 40 and showers. next seven days, rain on wednesday. morning rain on thursday, getting colder. and right now, we'll keep friday dry and cold. temperatures around 30. some models trying to develop some sort of storm to our south. we will keep you posted. now, here's dave owen at the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> baltimore has to feel comfortable heading into it position. heading into the super bowl sunday that is. they are 4.5 point underdogs. they will have to beat the odds to win the prize. should be a problem. the ray lewis effect has been well worth more than that. what a journey. remember lewis is going from upstart youngster to the
5:52 pm
veteran and inbetween. hard to believe it's been more than a decade since he was mvp of super bowl xxxv. his experience then and experiences since then, well they are invaluable now. >> his leadership, obviously, is really important for us. you know, his leadership off the field and understanding how to approach a game like this is big for our younger guys. >> i just really, keeping my teammates focused on the real prize. i heard the coach speak about it earlier. and the real prize is actually going to win the super bowl. you know, it's great to get there. don't get me wrong, but to win it is something special. >> well, to win it, they're going to have to stop this guy right here. san francisco's vernon davis, who had a massive nfc championship game, five catches, 106 yards, and probably as a tight end even, the team's threat. a point not lost on the birds and trying to contain the former maryland grad. >> i respect vernon a lot.
5:53 pm
we came up together, he is a talented, talented athlete. the guy can run. he can catch. to make plays, you have to know where he is at all times. i think the coach harbaugh has done a great job, as far as going in there, using him the right way. >> no doubt about that. all right, super bowl xlvii right here on wusa9. and the day before the game gets you ready with a special super bowl edition of game on. you know, it's hard to believe we have to wait ten more days before the game actually happens. >> and a lot more sound bites, too. >> we have the pro bowl on sunday. >> wow. >> yeah. touch football. here we go. plenty more still to come on wusa9. i'm meteorologist, erica grow, here in gaithersburg. i'll give you an update on the conditions here in montgomery county coming up in a live report. >> obama may have won
5:54 pm
battleground, virginia, but now republicans here have introduced a plan that would have handed most of the states electoral votes to mitt romney. the story coming up. plus, why this life saving dog is a woman's best
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we want you to meet a dog that last night, well, peed on
5:57 pm
our photographer. that's the bad news. good news is, that dog likely saved the life of her master tuesday night, waking her up before she was overcome by carbon monoxide. gary came back with dry shoes and some tears in his eyes. >> kayla, 8 years old, still moves like the devil, but is described by owner, cristie williamson as -- >> part angel. >> tuesday night, cristie was asleep in her condo where a neighbor left a car running for hours, filling her home with carbon monoxide. kayla was breathing it, too. >> this is my baby girl and she knew something was wrong. and she was trying to tell her mommy to wake up. and she saved my life and probably the life of many other people in my condo complex. >> kayla woke cristie up. cristie got up, weaved as she walked, fell down, called 911. >> i know that the answers
5:58 pm
that i gave them, i kept thinking, oh my god, what is my address? how old am i? what is my name? and i realized then that this is serious. >> she now has a new cause, convincing people, like her mom, to get carbon monoxide detectors. >> obviously, i didn't have one, and it could have cost me my life. and according to some of the doctors, within five minutes, if i had not gotten out of there, i would not be here today. and you would be having an interview with my mom about her daughter being dead. >> a new perspective on life. >> i feel like sometimes everyone in life just gets into their routine and i feel like we tend to forget to tell the people that we care about that we love them. or i feel like we run on this
5:59 pm
rat race and we don't take time for the people that we really love and sometimes just slowing down a little bit and you know, sacrificing something that might not be so important to spend time with people that really matter in your life. >> even if they have four legs and pee on your leg. gary no, , wusa9. live pictures right now from tyson's corner. the snow has been falling for a few hours, slicking up our roads. not a whole lot of accumulation, but just enough to slow things down. >> we want to get over to topper shutt. what can we expect? >> good news, bad news. the snow just about tapered off in northwest. the snow is going to end in the next hour. the bad news is, temperatures in the teens and twenties. it's going to remain slick tonight.


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