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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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real change on two fronts here in washington today. from exclusion to inclusion maybe. from get out to welcome for illegal immigrants and from stay out to welcome for gay boy scouts. supporters of immigration reform planning, a big march on washington this april to boost
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support for a plan that would allow illegal immigrants to remain in this country and gain their citizenship. >> a group of democratic and republican senators announced a plan today and president obama is announcing a plan tomorrow in las vegas. gary nurenberg is here to announce that this time it just might happen. what's different? >> reporter: it's washington, anita. given the choice of principle or politics, you know which one usually wins. politics and math. november election, hispanic voters, obama 71%, romney 21%. >> the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever, there is more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. >> reporter: arizona senator john mccain says republicans who have killed reform before are rethinking. >> times have changed. americans have changed. elections have changed. you look at the demographics of this country, and the rising hispanic population, we're notgoing to win races. >> reporter: half the senators
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announcing monday's plan are republicans granting illegal immigrants temporary status to stay here if they pass a criminal background check, pay a fine, pay taxes and learn english. none of this before border security is improved. prince george's county resident brought here by her parents when she was 10. >> my mother's undocumented. my brother and i are undocumented but are currently waiting on our work permits. but that doesn't say that we can stay here. at any moment we can be deported and leave a 10-year- old sister behind. >> reporter: is against that path. >> we think it's a bad thing. we think it's rewarding activities that are effectively criminal. they're deportable defendants. you're letting all these people stay. you're letting in many cases letting them stay in jobs where
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we have 22 million americans who are either unemployed or underemployed. >> reporter: president obama announces his plan tomorrow. cbs reports there is a bipartisan plan in the works in the house, too, but that is no guarantee of eventual victory. many republicans who had principled opposition to a path to citizenship in the past will continue to oppose it. others will look at the politics of changing demographics and decide the future of their party depends on a change in course. derek, it's going to be an interesting spring. >> maybe into the summer as well. thanks, gary. the boy scouts of america could soon drop mare ban against -- their ban against gay members and leaders. it could happen next week. the organization has long been known to restrict membership toletter . >> there's no group we would want to turn away. >> reporter: he's a cub master. he and his wife are teaching
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their son not to discriminate. >> we said we really want to take a stand against this. >> reporter: that's why back 442 in maryland, 44 cub scouts took a stance against the boy scouts ban on homosexuals. they posted a nondiscrimination statement. >> if we wanted to keep our charter and have it reissued to us, we would have to remove our statement from our website. >> reporter: this backlash against the boy scouts ban kicked off last april when an ohio den mother says she was kicked out of her son's cub scout back for being a lesbian. >> i can't believe in 2012 and now 2013 we don't have all freedoms and all equal rights, and it's still amazing to me that we're still even having these discussions. >> reporter: she now has more than 300,000 signatures of support. then celebries got involved. in july 2012, the boy scouts of america reaffirmed their stance
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and an avalanche of opposition followed. major league soccer took back their contract. some funding actually disappeared. now the boy scouts of america announces that they're, quote, discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation. they wouldn't talk to us on camera. we asked why now? they say the decision to discuss the policy is a result of a longstanding dialogue within the scouting family. back to back 442. they didn't want to lose their charter, so they took down their statement. >> it struck a nerve with us. and it was something that in this day and age, it's not right. >> i feel extremely hopeful. but still cautiously excited. >> reporter: in cloverly, maryland, debra alfarone, wusa 9. stop what you're doing and take a close look at this video. police need your help identifying the man in the
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video. he's wanted for a sexual assault in the 1400 block of florida avenue northwest. this happened on january 20th around 2:00 in the morning. if you recognize anything about him, call the metropolitan police department and let them know. a win for a virginia inmate who wants a sex change. ophelia serving time for bank robbery will get a full court hearing. in 2011 a judge dismissed her lawsuit saying the department of corrections was adequately handling her gender identity disorder. today an appeals court agreed she's entitled to a hearing. she claims denying her sex assignment surgery is a violation of her eighth amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment. a jury in culpeper will resume deliberations tomorrow in the case of a former cop charged with murder. daniel harmon-wright was on duty as a culpeper police officer last year when he shot and killed patricia cook when she was sitting in a jeep.
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he claimed it was self-defense, that she trapped his arm in the window and dragged him. prosecutors say otherwise. that it was a case of excessive force and turned into murder. the jury deliberated three hours. they went home for the evening and will be back at it tomorrow. an update on the student of virginia who said he saw a gunman on the campus. brian harrison is facing federal charges, accused of calling 911 last wednesday night. the school was immediately put on lockdown. e-mails went out. an hour later he admitted to police he made the whole thing up. congress has finally passed a disaster relief package for the victims of super storm sandy and it amounts to $50 billion. the money goes to families and businesses up and down the east coast who need to rebuild following the damage done by sandy back in october. we are less than a week now from the big game superbowl xlvii. ravens v. 49ers. >> we've got you covered here
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on wusa 9 with all the blitz and the glitz. our kristen berset is live in the big easy. good to see you. >> hey, guys. i'm right in the middle of everything. this is bourbon street behind me. lots of folks down there right now as you can imagine. going to be packed a lot later this week for the super bowl. some have already come in town. superbowl week has begun. the baltimore ravens have had a week of anticipation. they finally got here today and are getting down to work. before they got here, thousands of ravens fans filled baltimore's inner harbor. they were having a big send-off party for them. fans braved the freezing rain this morning and packed baltimore's inner harbor. coach john harbaugh said the energy was great there. the team then boarded their charter plane, arrived in new orleans at mid-afternoon and enjoyed a rather large police escort to the hotel. that's where we caught up with the team.
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players could not stop talking about the excitement. >> that's baltimore, man. that ci is awesome. and you know, i told john and i told a couple of other guys, i said this feeling is great. this feeling is great, this send-off is awesome. but there's nothing better than coming home as world champions. >> the fans were crazy. you know, they had the music going, and there was thousands of people there, and everybody was excited. they were doing the raven chant that they do. we were kind of all on the way to the airport pretty excited about that. >> and of course now it's back to business for the guys. everybody else enjoys everything that new orleans has to offer. coming up a little later in sports, we'll hear more from the guys. plus jim and john harbaugh react to comments from president obama. that's coming up. for now we're live in new orleans. i'm kristen berset. back to you guys in the studio. wusa 9 is the place to be for the super bowl. we've got the live reports coming your way. blitz and glitz all week long.
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then join us sunday for the actual game itself, ravens against the 49ers. if you have breast cancer, had it or know someone who does, please stay with us. a new study compares lumpectomy to mastectomy. what is better? there's a new app out there that has a lot of folks talking. the x-rated surprise some folks are getting when they click on the app. meteorologist topper shutt. fog and showers possible at 9:00. 40s at 7:00. 44 to 53 by 9:00. 53 down in fredericksburg. a shower still possible. we'll come back. we are tracking some high winds for wednesday. thunderstorms and maybe some more snow.
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>> have you checked out vine yet? this would be the newest iphone app from twitter and it lets you share six seconds clips of video. if you've been on it you may have come across some stuff that made you blush. the site is already overwhelmed with pornography. bruce leshan took a closer look at it. >> reporter: the app itself, pretty cool. you can share little video
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clips, either one six-second stream or even shorter little clips. >> i wish i had some friends over. >> reporter: edited together just by tapping the start and stop. >> 360 here. >> reporter: but no sooner had it appeared in apple's app store than people started posting crude pornography, pictures of and by men, pictures of women in various stages of undress. all quickly found by searching porn or sex or something even more explicit. twitter insists it was human error that made one of these not safe for word videos. the editors choice for the start of your work week. each video has a report as inappropriate button beneath it and enough reports will leave the video hidden behind a black screen of warning. but warnings are missing for some and several disgusts viewers promised to delete
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vine. one blamed a vine video for getting her suspended from school. bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> well, twitter is apologizing for making that porn video its editors choice this morning. it's encouraging people to flag the inappropriate ones. in today's house alert -- health alert, women with breast cancer have better survive values with lumpectomy than mastectomy. those are the findings of a you? study out of duke university. as women make their own decisions this will support them in the idea it is a very good treatment option for them. >> previous research showed the two operations produced about the same results. this is the first one to say lumpectomy with radiation could actually be better. over the last ten years, more women have opted to have their entire breasts removed, especially younger patients worried about recurrence. this study may help reverse
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that trend. experts say factors like tumor size, your family history should all be considered when choosing a treatment for breast cancer. tomorrow we're going to meet an iraqi war veteran who got a double arm transplant. the surgery happened last month at johns hopkins. the patient 26-year-old brandon was injured in a roadside bomb in 2009. we will be there when morocco and his doctors discuss the amazing surgery and how he's doing now. barnes & nobles expects to close about a third of its stores in the next ten years. but derek says don't bet on there being even a barns and noble in ten years. that's bleak. >> it is bleak. and i am a book lover from way back. but for most of us at least, convenience trumps love. here's what i'm talking about. i loved going to record stores, and it's not like i ever actually decided to stop heading out to power records or circuit city. i just looked up one day and i was ordering most of my cd's
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online and downloading then digitally and then tower and most of the music stores were history. think about it. did you consciously decide to abandon your beloved blockbuster or did netflix or on demand make it too easy to get your movies at home. that's what barnes & nobles are up against. sure, people love bookstores but most will be seduced by the convenience of the ebook, as in i've got 40 or 50 books on this iphone. why would i ever buy print again. the still only 3% of the market on vinyl records, but somebody's making money on them. just not the big box tower and records, barnes & noble sort of money. books are for everyone but having the actual time and energy to go somewhere to buy one, i'm thinking sooner rather than later that will be only for the few folks too loyal or
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too stub tborn born to -- stubborn to change. >> that makes me sad. derek is saying maybe the small places will stay. >> maybe. i'm pretty sad about my vinyl albums. 44 today. ice not a problem tonight. fog could be a problem overnight and in the morning. i think for the most part warm air will win out on tuesday. a live look outside from our live michael & son weather cam. we're looking at temperatures 44. that's what the high so far today. temps could go up a little bit tonight. talking about steady temperatures, but some could go up, especially d.c. south. dew point's way up there. humidity's way up there, almost 80%. no danger of freezing. winds south/southwest. here's a look at the radar. not a lot going on. a couple of showers across west virginia. they should duck to the south and a couple of showers closer
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to us in fairfax county and out toward the dulles airport and route 28. showers are not the main headline tonight. it's more fog and milder temperatures. i want to show you this because we get this thing called a cold air wedge and it wedges in on the east side of the mountains. still 39 in gaithersburg. 45 in manassas. 352 down in -- 52 down in presented distribution burg. as -- fredericksburg. i think d.c. south will be mid and upper 50s on tuesday. that's just a harbinger of even warmer air to come on wednesday. still kind after damp morning commute. a little bit of fog, too. milder. a few showers on tuesday. thunderstorms are possible wednesday along with high winds. then back to winter on thursday. temperatures don't do much on thursday. in fact, they'll probably go down toward the afternoon. tonight temps, steady. maybe a shower. some fog. winds light out of the south at 5 to 10. earlier i thought the winds swo stir things up a little bit and
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keep us from having fog but the winds have not really stirred at all unless you're down toward fredericksburg. by morning 40s to around 50. maybe a shower and fog. winds southwest at 10. by afternoon the winds will pick up a little bit. highs 52. becoming partly sunny especially from rockville south. a low to mid-50s. winds south/southeast 10-15. next three days we're in good shape. yellow on wednesday. high winds possible and thunderstorms but 66 degrees. the low 44 p. notice that's the high on thursday with some morning showers and then in the 20s thursday night. so winter does come back. in fact, with thunderstorms on wednesday evening we might have snow flurries or snow showers friday morning. might have snow showers groundhog evening. we're in the 30s sunday and monday next week. >> what? >> yeah, it's okay. >> okay. all right. well, earlier kristin
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joined us from bourbon street. she is not the only one who hit up the famous street in new orleans. >> our own j. t. hayward is there as well. >> reporter: after a smooth 3- hour flight i arrived in the big easy, home of superbowl xlvii. i love to eat, so this is a perfect assignment for me. a city known for crayfish, red beans and rice, and my favorite, gumbo. my first stop was the famous french quarter. the french quarter is the original city of new orleans. when planners laid out the city, they really never thought that it would actually expand to the lake. and when you walk through this area, you see many original structures. the french quarter and new orleans is a place of festivity and tradition, and music is in its soul. i remember seeing all the festivities on bourbon street, so i decided to visit one of their famous establishments. i'm down on bourbon street. if you know anything about new
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orleans, you know what happens down on bourbon street. all right, so this is jester's. it says drink a jester. they're promoting themselves as having the world's strongest drink. now, i don't drink but i will taste. you got mango, strawberry and hurricane. >> which ones did you want to taste? >> what do you suggest? >> i like either the jester or the mango. >> i'll take the mango, just a taste. just a taste. and this is the word's strongest? >> the jester is actually the world's strongest. >> oh, this tastes like ice cream. i like this. and this is the jester? >> yes, ma'am. >> what makes it so strong? >> it's got 151 resume and ever clear in it. >> good grief. it's got the right title. i'm j. c. hayward, wusa 9.
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j. c. is having fun on bourbon street. we've got plenty more coming up. the ravens talking about getting here to new orleans plus response to president obama's comments on the nfl next in sports.
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welcome back. we are live in new orleans at the corners of canal and bourbon street. you see behind me. we actually saw 49ers quarterback collin cupper nick walk by -- cuepernic. the ravens were known for their vaunted defense last superbowl. but the team has evolved over the years. now the offense is getting just as much praise, especially throughout the playoffs. quash joe flacco -- quarterback joe flacco holds the record for most wins in the playoffs. he's only in his fifth creer. he's been to the playoffs every year since coming into the league. he is drawing praise from his team. now, over the course of his
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reign as nfl commissioner. >> what's different about the defense? >> what's different about this ravens team? >> the play of joe flacco. he's been balling. you ain't got to do much when you have a quarterback who's balling. >> he's accurate, he's tough, he's a competitor. he's a winner. he's a leader. and he's ours. he's a raven. that's the thing i like about him the best. >> now, over the course of his reign, commissioner roger goodell has made it his mission to make the game of football much safer from stricter penalties to doctors on the sideline. of course, that's being met with many mixed emotions. some think it slows down the game and takes away from it. others like president obama say it's a good thing for the game. in an interview that was released on sunday, president obama said that if he had a son, he would not allow him to play the support of football right now. he feels the risks are just too dangerous. but don and jim harbaugh were
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asked about it. as you can imagine, john and jim thought quite differently. >> i have a 4-month-old, almost soon to be 5-month-old son, jack harbaugh. and president obama feels that way, then be a little less competition for jack harbaugh when he gets older. >> there is no game like football. it's the type of sport that brings out the best in you. it kind of shows you who you are. i think it's huge part of our educational system in this country, and it's going to be around for a long time. john wall and the wizards hosting the kings tonight. the outlet pass to wall who does the rest, driving the lane for the layup. he had 19 points. another good game for the wizards guard. but they had no answer for isaiah thomas tonight. 22, including this bucket with one second left.
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a heartbreaker. kings win 96-94. snap the wizards five game home win streak. but they can get right back on it. that will do it from new orleans. i'm kristen berset
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that's our broadcast. good n
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