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tv   BBC World News America  CBS  February 18, 2013 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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the crucifixion in a new tv miniseries. "e.t." with a look. and the sexy love scene and never before seen "twilight" stunts. >> beyonce courtside with our roxy diaz at the nba all-star game. >> i'm going to tell you what really happens after the players and stars leave the court. and cher and val kilmer, robert downy jr. and sarah jessica parker. it's "e.t.'s" special oscar edition of they dated? >> can you tell me what's going through your mind right now? >> everything. >> now, "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> big news. excitement around here tonight. michael jackson's son, prince michael, joins "entertainment tonight" as our special guest correspondent. >> that's right. brooke anderson is with him right now. we are thrilled to have him, the first time prince michael has done something like this. he will be on our stage in a few minutes. a very impressive and nice young man. >> so sweet.
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so charming. first, the sad news tonight, the apparent suicide death of country music star, mindy mccready. why couldn't this tragedy be prevented? >> that's what i want to know. that's why i sat down with the man who tried to help her conquer her demons on "celebrity rehab" dr. drew pinsky. >> she apparently shot herself in the face on this front porch moments after shooting her dog and days after being released from a mental health clinic. >> it's awful. what's awful to me, she was allowed to go home where there was a firearm. >> dr. drew knew mccready well. she participated in season three of "celebrity rehab," and it was dramatic. >> she's having a seizure. nurse! nurse! she's having a seizure, right now! right now. somebody! dear god. nurse! >> mccready had attempted suicide three times before.
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dr. drew, now on hln's dr. drew on call. so could this have been prevented? >> yes, number one, by all of us. not jeering by someone at who is taking care of their mental health. and number two, holding people, even when it's on the margin holding them against their will to keep them safe. mackenzie phillips was hit hard by the news. >> i loved her very much and the tragedy is astounding. >> her death comes just weeks after david wilson, the father of her 10-month-old son, was found shot to death on the same porch. an investigation is under way. a devastated mccready on nbc news. >> he didn't just touch my heart. he touched my soul. he was my soul mate. >> in your opinion, was mindy capable of murder?
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>> no. no. there are facts about his death that she shared with me that i don't feel comfortable talking about right now. but once people are aware of the facts, his suicide will make much more sense. ♪ ♪ after the heart ache >> her life was in shambles. a chaotic combination of drug and alcohol abuse that put her in jail. and she was a victim of violence at the hands of billy mcknight, the father of her first son. the ultimate blow came this month with her two children. zander now 6 and baby zayne were taken from her and put in foster homes. ♪ >> in the mid '90s, she was a country superstar with billboard hits and a platinum selling album. . >> she was the first "celebrity rehab" patient to die. she won't be the last. if they're not every day involved in that treatment,
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their life is in danger today. >> troubling thought. nancy, you met mindy a couple of times. what was your impression? >> i hung out with her and dean cane. she was engaged to him. it was disheartening to see her life change in the last few years. let's change gears and go on to movies. number two was "identity thief" earning $28 million and number was "a good day to die young." >> and brooke is here with some help. >> it was so big i called in a special correspondent to cover it. the king of pop's son, prince michael. welcome to "e.t." >> thanks. this is my first time being an interviewee, not the interviewer. >> that's right. but you were so natural and smooth. i felt this was perfect because you're fan of the wizard of oz,
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your dad was in the wiz and he wanted to be a director. >> i want to direct, write, act, everything. right now, i want to do my first "e.t." assignment. i did men of oz and you did the women of oz. so ladies first. >> thank you. here we go. >> i waited a long time for you. >> guys, take five. >> the elaborate special effects and three beautiful witches. the set was family friendly and michelle williams got to bring her youngest daughter. >> did you get to play the witch that you wanted to be? >> yeah. i was only ever talked about to play the good witch and when i read it i really -- do i really want to be the good witch? >> where's your broom? >> you don't know much about witches do you. >> mila kunis is dazzling. and she told me how she manages
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to remain calm. how do you keep your cool? >> i separate my world. there's a separate aspect you won't ever get back and that's o okay. >> and each of the witches have been memorialized with a doll. >> the breast and hips and waist ratio is up reachable for us. >> what do you think of the doll if your likeness? >> it's pretty amazing. i'm totally nerding out on it. have you seen my doll? >> all the dolls are in stores now. oz the great and powerful is out march 8th. rachel plays the evil witch. her doll is a knockout. that's you. what do you think of your likeness? so pretty. >> yeah. she's very pretty. don't stick pins in her. >> it's not voodoo doll. i got a lot of great answers. now, it's your turn. but we didn't throw him to the
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wolves. i gave him a few pointers first. i have heard that before you do an interview, do ten push-ups. get the adrenaline pumping. prince michael warms up for his very first job. if you're relaxed they'll be relaxed. maybe give you something they didn't expect you to give you. >> interviewing the men of "oz the great and powerful", the men. >> are we our first interview? >> you are. >> tips from the hollywood stars and what he learned from his father. >> you have a special connection to this story, don't you? >> yeah, my dad was in the wiz. >> what an intelligent name. >> you're 16 years old. but you seem so much wiser. >> thanks to my dad. he raised me right. >> all this week on "e.t.." oh, prince, this is going to be big. >> thanks. i'm so excited to be here on "entertainment tonight." >> nancy, he'll be here all week long. we get to enjoy it. >> i can't wait. a special pleasure to meet you
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and to have you here. i look forward to your work. >> thank you. still ahead on the show tonight -- >> number 34. roxy diaz! >> roxy at the nba all-star game. courtside with beyonce. then julia and kiefer sharing vows. it's they dated, the oscar edition. plus -- rob and kristen's sexual outtakes and "twilight" stunts and the scenes you will only see here on the bible series. >> you want to take us to the commercial? >> i'm on it. that's all when
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"vanity fair's" campaign hollywood kicks off with the 2013 vanity's calendar
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crucifixion of christ. our special preview of the most dramatic moment from the new bible mini series. that is just about ten minutes away. but right now, let's go to rob and roxy. >> nancy, the nba all-star game shook up houston this weekend, and guess who was there? >> lucky me. i wasn't just there, rob. got to play a little basketball myself. it was all part of my wild b-ball weekend. >> jealous. >> i'm with beyonce courtside at the nba all-star games. hanging with the superstars. can you stand it? all in a day's work. >> from "entertainment tonight," number 34, rocsi diaz! >> but it's not all work. i laced them up and stepped on the court, competing in the celebrity all-star game. let's just say, we came in second place. worst part, i broke a nail. now the weekend is all about connecting the nba with their fans. and we're doing our part, too. y'all fans? real nba players, lebron james,
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dwyane wade and dwight howard used an app to take a few fan questions. >> dwayne, are you having fun in houston? >> yeah, we're having fun. got a chance to live our dream being all-stars. >> my pal, celebrity all-star kevin hart connects live. >> what do you like to do in your free time? >> watch me play basketball. >> my teammate and "hunger games" star josh hutchinson, says he gets a little star struck. >> see the basketball court behind me? >> yeah. >> i'm sorry. do you have a question or something you wanted to ask? >> you like to do some of these celebrity sports events. what do you particularly like about them? >> playing against people you know you idolize and stuff. pretty cool. >> you can check it out for yourself at the app store. >> you've got some skills out there. giving stars all they could handle. i want to know, how much did you practice? >> luckily i have some friends that played in the nba so they give me a little bit of help.
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>> i bet you do. >> well, we have been playing during our down time. still to come -- >> from the last supper to the crucifixion, "e.t." with an early preview of the bible miniseries. and the oscars, they dated? brad pitt and juliet lewis. and robert downey, jr. and sarah jessica parker. we have the "twilight" scene with kristen and rob, too sexy for the finished movie. >> that's coming up when "e.t." with nancy and rob returns. >> closed captioning provided by --
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just six more days until hollywood's biggest night, the academy awards, airs live, this sunday, on abc. and four more presenters have just been added. melissa mccarthy, john travolta, salma hayek, liam neeson. >> well, nancy is my date at the oscars. >> indeed i am. >> we'll look back at the wildest star pairings who ever walked the red carpet today. we are cracking open "e.t.'s" oscar vault for this edition of they dated? >> the one and only cher. >> in 183, recognize her date?
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23-year-old unknown val kilmer. they dated briefly in the early '80s, bringing him to the oscars again in 1984. 1989 was a fascinating year for couples on oscars' red carpet. >> you guys are a colorful couple. >> thank you very much. we're trying to be colorful. >> that was when teenage bad boy corey feldman's date was his 14-year-old girlfriend, drew barrymore. she was only 8 on her first red carpet. >> does this ever become old hat to you? >> no, it's -- every day is a new beginning, to be honest. >> 1989 also saw christian slater bring winona ryder to the oscars. they reportedly had a brief fling after starring in "heathers" together. >> also in '89, sarah jessica parker with robert downy jr., hollywood's it couple at this time. >> is there anybody you look forward to being with? >> hoffman. >> hoffman or streep, sure.
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>> six years later, sarah still with big hair, attended the oscars with matt dylan. >> and look who sarah's current husband, matthew broderick walked with in 1987. jennifer grey. >> pretty nerve-racking for me. i'm nervous. >> are you nervous, jennifer? >> definitely. >> they met on "ferris beuller's day off" and dated for a year-and-a-half. she was just about to hit big with "dirty dancing". >> so here on movie's night of nights, you plan to bask in the glory today? >> bask in the glory and -- yeah. >> can you sum up in one word what's going through your mind right now? >> everything. >> in '91, best actress nominee, julia roberts, brought kiefer sutherland. they actually attended together the year before as well. they broke up after this big night. >> was there ever a night like this before in your career? >> no, not like this. >> the next year, '92, brad
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pitt's date was juliet lewis. corn rows and all. but ten years younger, the much bigger star at the time and a nominee that night. >> i'll probably get more mer -- more nervous as it goes on. >> in fact, later it was juliet introducing brad to diane lad at an after party. >> this is brad. >> hey, brad. i saw you the other day. >> one couple you probably won't see together at this year's oscars is robert pattinson and kristen stewart. robert is shooting a movie in the australian outback. >> you totally bummed me out right now, thanks a lot. don't worry, only we have your edward and bella fix tonight, a behind-the-scenes look that not even the most hard-core twi-hard fans have seen. these outtakes have never been seen before until right now on "e.t." their big love scene, rob, cracking up. and here, kristen gets physical in a whole different way.
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>> i got to fly around on a wire and kick people. rip off a head. >> i don't know why i can't handle that. i can't handle it. >> see it on the release of "the twilight saga, breaking dawn part 2" on dvd, video on demand and digital download. >> one, two, three. >> i did a few stunts. one, 100-foot jump or something on a wire. that was pretty fun. >> and had magical powers. "twilight" has laughed all the way to the bank. the franchise has earned more than $3.5 billion. >> now, tomorrow as "good morning america" gets ready for the return of robin roberts on wednesday, "e.t." will show you the devastating medical procedure robin overcame to reach this moment. >> robin roberts' pain. exclusive, never-before-seen video inside her bone marrow transplant treatment.
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>> painful the first time. painful even more the second. >> behind the scenes with her doctors and nurses. tomorrow on "e.t." >> such a courageous woman. >> so strong too. i'm flying to robin to interview her. you will see that on wednesday. now what you haven't seen from mark burnet's "the bible" and from his wife, rona downing. >> and the scene that pushed roma to her emotional limit. the crucifixion of jesus has roma look on as mary as her son is whipped, beaten and pierced with a crown of thorns. she runs to help when he struggles with the cross. >> my son. >> she grieves, a life ended after a miraculous birth. >> from the virgin birth of jesus in a stable to his baptism.
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♪ >> baptize me. >> the greatest story ever told is coming to history, in an epic ten-part series premiering march 3rd. >> where's my son? >> but that's not all. there is the last supper. >> this is our last meal together before i die. >> and the kiss when he is betrayed by judas. the entire life of christ is portrayed, including the resurrection. >> he's here! >> who? >> jesus! he's back! ♪ recreations there. hopes are high for "the bible" to score a big audience. but will it beat "the hatfields and mccoys," the highest-rated mini series ever? >> i think it has a good sense. >> now tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which television trainer's greatest fear is to run a marathon? bob harper, chris powell or jillian michaels?
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your answer is next in the "e.t." birthdays. >> and right back with prince michael jackson. and our "e.t." fan of the day. so don't go away.
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>> travel consideration provided by: tomorrow we're going to see how prince michael does as a tv interviewer. >> right now, why don't you present our tradition, the "e.t." birthdays. we'll give you that honor. >> okay. tonight's "entertainment tonight's birthdays matt damon turns 59 and john travolta is 59. and jillian michaels turns 39 today. >> you're a natural. yeah. he sure is. before we go, we've got to check
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out our "e.t." fan of the day, that is katie, giving us a big thumbs up. she watches on w.i.s.h. in indiana. >> snap your picture and send it to "entertainment tonight" or online on twitter and you can become our next fan of the day. >> and prince michael, we'll see you back here tomorrow. right? >> i can't wait. >> good night, everybody. >> bye.
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