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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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largest crime scene in their history. authorities are promising to go to the edges of the earth to capture whoever killed so many innocent, injured, on patriots day on the boston marathon. until they do, the city, the cradle of american independence, is an armed camp. >> they are remembering all the people that have died. >> reporter: two eight eight- year-olds were trying to comprehend the violence. explain the unexplainable. >> i told them some bad people did some very bad things here. >> i'm scared, but kind of like we can get them. >> the scene early quiet, watched over by heavily armed officers. runners came, remembering friends and the people who had been there at the finish line
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to welcome them. monica refused to be terrorized. >> i feel like it's going to need more strength. i feel like i want to run to those people. unfortunately. >> sources now say the explosives were packed into two pressure cookers stuffed into black duffel bags and left on the ground. the blast wave and shrapnel spread across the sidewalk. so many people suffered catastrophic injuries to their legs. >> the cops said no, we have plenty. >> people are starting to run away. >> an air national guardsman captured images too horrible to show. his wife was minutes back on the race course. >> it was the biggest hug you could ever see. >> this may have been the most photographed place in the country on monday. authorities are asking anyone with photos or video to share it with them, so they can go frame by frame in search of the killer or killers.
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>> we'll go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this dispickable crime and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. >> authorities searched an apartment near boston, but the wounded man who lives there is not so far a suspect. the president says it is still unclear if the attackers were foreign or domestic terrorists. but he pledged to find them. outside the home of martin richards, a smiling eight-year- old who loved to run and climb, a single balloon inked with the words, the door of heaven is open. his mom and his sister were also badly hurt in the blast. >> i have small children, like her, and it's terrible to lose a child like that. >> reporter: we have now learned the name of the second of three people killed here. she is crystal campbell.
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she is 29 years old, was 29 years old. she graduated from medford high school outside of boston in 2001. we have also learned that homeland security warned about exactly these kind of pressure cooker bombs back in 2004. they are popular with the taliban and with al-qaeda, which does not mean the taliban or al-qaeda committed this heinous act, but they have used these pressure cooker bombs to deadly affect in places like afghanistan, napal, india, and pakistan. >> we add the name boston to that list. let's get straight to our security expert, ed clark. first of all, ed, these bombs are something most of us have never heard of these things before. pressure cookers, can you tell us anything about them? they are used overseas, does that point to a foreign connection? >> i think as bruce described, they are used for maximum
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catastrophe. now we have seen them domestically. the investigators are going to piece those puzzles together and identify who may be responsible, derek. >> how hard would it be to build this sort of thing? >> there's a lot of information out there. unfortunately, the internet is good in some ways and bad in another. the bad guys share intelligence. they know how to make different devices. >> it's been a long time since we had a successful terror attack. did we get complacent? >> you know, derek, i think the further we get out from catastrophic incidents, we all become complacent, drift back into our normal day-to-day activities. lesson learned is to always be proactive and do be aware of our surroundings and report things. >> tell me a little bit about, what is your sense of your role of the joe and mary civilian in catching whoever did this. >> derek, it's like being proactive in crime prevention.
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take preventive measures. when the hair on the back of your neck stands up a little bit, something is just not right, pause, take a look, and report. >> this is the whole see something, say something idea. >> absolutely. and never let something be so insignificant that you don't call. it may be that one missing link for the investigators. >> are you surprised about how this was thought out? someone knew exactly when to blow it up. >> this was not a spontaneous incident. a lot of preplanning. building those devices, practice runs, knowing how to detonate those devices. this was an on going process, whoever was involved in this heinous act. >> we heard bruce leshan bribe boston as an armed camp. however, there are things that may have to change. what do you think they'll be? >> i think certainly maybe longer lines when we go to big events downtown on the mall.
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>> we already changed so much. we have given up freedom. isn't part of what we deal with, this sort of thing can happen. >> that's the tradeoff. we can't guarantee 100% protection for our citizens. >> at the same time, we have to deal with inconveniences to get as much protection as we can. >> security means inconvenience at time, derek, so how do we find that balance for us to be productive in an open democratic society? >> how do you feel about the federal presence is handling this so far? >> they are very well trained. we don't know what goes on behind the scenes. every expert is working 24/7 to bring these individuals to justice. they are working with their local partners and local law enforcement. i feel very good. >> speaking of local law enforcement, we are going to go live to boston. police officials are coming to the microphones and about to begin the press conference to begin the latest information. as we mentioned so far today,
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we are talking about the fact that there have been two bombs. they were in pressure cookers that we don't know much about so far. hoping to get more information as to who they believe may be behind this. as you can see, more and more officials are crowding the stage and someone is at the microphones. we'll go straight there live as soon as this begins to get started. okay, here we go live to boston with the latest on what happened with the bombing at the boston marathon. >> we are going to hear from the fbi on the investigation and then the mayor and i have a couple of follow on comments and announcements with respect to the recovery. and then any of us are available to take questions from any of you. let me start with special agent deloria. >> thank you very much, governor patrick. and again, my name is rick
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deloria. let me recap our investigative efforts this afternoon. yesterday at this time, our collaborative efforts were on saving lives and treating the injured. resources were directed to ensure the safety of our community. as soon as those important tasks were completed, first responders focused on a criminal investigation. the joint terrorism task force composed of more than 30 agencies, including the boston police, the massachusetts state police, atf, hsi, united states secret service and others responded to the scene. many of them were already there as part of the general security firm for the marathon already in place. the first step law enfor me to say enforcement took was to preserve the area. this morning, the fbi along with boston pd, massachusetts state police, and atf,
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officially began its forensic evidence recovery. their goal was to recover physical items related to the blast. those items have been recovered and are being sent to the fbi's laboratory in quantico, virginia. there, specialized examiners will reconstruct the device or devices and determine its makeup and components. among items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon, which could be from a backpack and fragments of bb's and nails, possibly contained in a pressure cooker device. we are expediting this evidence to our laboratory in quantico, virginia, for a complete and thorough analysis. in addition, this morning, it was determined that both of the explosives were placed in a dark colored nylon bag or backpack. the bag would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it. at this point, it is difficult to determine specific components used until we can
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eliminate other factors which may have been present in the environment. in fact, we won't know with some certainty until the laboratory completes its final review. away from the scene yesterday afternoon, the jttf began its investigation. immediately after the bombing, the fbi initiated a command post. those intelligence analysts and other personnel from every state local and federal government agency associated with jttf and many others on their own, including boston pd, more than 1,000 law enforcement officers across many agencies have been assigned to this investigation via the command post. they began canvassing sources, reviews public data bases and conducting interviews with eyewitnesses and others to determine who is responsible for this crime. we are doing this carefully, yet with a sense of urgency. all across the nation and around the world, the force of
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the united states is working hard to locate those responsible. already the fbi received more than 2,000 tips as of noon today. many of which have already been reviewed, analyzed, and vetted. we will continue to work around the clock tirelessly, side by side with our partners to continue to investigate an act on these leads. regarding who might be suspected of this event, the investigation is in its infancy. as law enforcement, it's our responsibility to thoroughly review every piece of evidence. some of our activity you may see, some of it you won't. but rest assured, we are working hard to get the answers. at this time, there are no claims of responsibility. the range of suspects and motives remain wide open. importantly, the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker, or relative. we are asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15, in any way, indicated
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he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. cooperation from the community will play a crucial role in this investigation. we ask that businesses review and preserve video surveillance in their original form. we are asking the public to remain alert and alert us of the following activity. any individual who expressed a desire to target the marathon. suspicious interest in researching how to create explosive devices. the noise of explosions that may have been used as tests by those responsible for these acts. someone carrying an unusually dark colored bag yesterday around the time of the blast and in the vicinity of the blasts. as further details become available that are appropriate for release, together we will either issue a press release or
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hold a press conference. tomorrow, we plan to hold another press conference in the early afternoon. thank you very much and i want to thank the public for their tremendous support in this investigation. it is crucial to our ultimate success and i thank the residents of the city of boston, the citizens of the commonwealth for this information that has been provided to us. i also want to thank the western hotel here for their services and allowing us to use their facility. we are grateful for that. thank you very much. >> thank you, rick. mr. mayor. >> thank you, governor. thank you all for being here once again this afternoon. as investigation continues and more victims are being identified, in true boston fashion, many officers help and assistance and just earlier today, senator warren and i visited several of the victims
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of this tragedy. our heart goes out to them and their families during this difficult time. i also want to talk about the police, the fire, ems, all those services and volunteers for reacting quickly during this time of tragedy. because of the outpouring of help, we are setting up an organization, one friend boston, which is to collect money to help people who might need help during this time. the website is some of the folks have stepped up so far are john hancock, john fish, steve, larry laquino. and the boston foundation. they are all there willing to help. that's how boston has come together like it has never come before. we are here because this tragedy is not going to stop boston. we are boston. we are one community and we will not let terror take us
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over. >> thank you very much, mr. mayor. thanks to all of the donors, the inaugural donors for the onefundboston and those that will contribute. lieutenant governor and i visited a couple hospitals. one of the things that we had an opportunity to do is thank the extraordinary medical teams who have responded to the needs of people who were hurt. one of the things we learned is that there is a need for blood on a sustained basis. so, this will be -- i want to make sure everybody understands this. do not make a donation today, but next week and the week after that, there will be an on going need for blood donations. so members of the public who are following these announcements, who are inclined and able to make blood donations at their local
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hospital or through the red cross. next week and the week after that are medical professionals anticipate a need. we are going to have an interfaith service. it will be at 11:00 on thursday morning. it will be held at the cathedral of the holy cross in the south end. i'm very pleased that the president will join us for that to help us all heal. another point that i wanted to make before i open it up to questions. you've heard special agent delorie and many others in law enforcement tell you what we can tell you about the on going investigation and the fact that there is not yet an identified suspect. these are times when all kinds of forces, sometimes conspire to make people start to think of categories of people in sometimes uncharitable ways. this community will recover and will heal if we turn to each
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other rather than on each other. one of the things that will emphasize that the interfaith service and that we want to emphasize by our example every day. we are one community, as the mayor said, we are all in this together and the sensitivity we show to each other as we heal will be an important part of how we heal. and now we are happy to take your questions. >> massachusetts governor is live in boston right now urging everyone to stay united, not to single out any group of people. we are one community. similar sentiments from the mayor. we are boston and we will not let terror take us over. now an fbi special agent let us in on the latest on the investigation. he said a lot of the evidence has been sent to the fbi lab right down here in nearby quantico, virginia. he said the bombs had been set in some sort of dark nylon bag,
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perhaps a backpack. he said the joint terrorism task force along with 1,000 or more law enforcement officers have all been assigned to this case and are working at it and will go to the ends of the earth to figure out who did this. they have 2,000 tips from the public as of noon today. but he said they need more help. he said somebody knows who this is. the person who did this is friends with somebody, said something to somebody, and they urged over and over again for that person to call in and expose this person, even though there have been no claims of responsibility so far. again, the investigation into the bombing in boston is in its infancy, it's going strong, 2,000 tips so far, they could do a few more. >> all right, all that goes on in boston and in quantico, more than 1200 people from the d.c. area ran in the boston marathon and many arrived back home today amid all kinds of security at airports all across the country, including here at
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reagan national. that's where kristin fisher joins us live. kristen, i know you have been talking to runners all day long as they return home. how are they doing? >> reporter: well, one runner put it, he said they all feel very sore, incredibly sore, both physically and emotionally. about an hour ago, i spoke with a true running legend in d.c. 63-year-old jay winn, he's a running coach. he has run 150 different marathons. this was his 29th boston marathon. i spoke with him about what happened after he got off his flight from boston. >> jay winn, kristin fisher, so nice to meet you. so glad you are safe. >> thank you very much. >> so, you crossed the finish line just 30 minutes before the bomb went off. >> yes. and i was in a bus changing clothes when we heard the booms a few seconds apart and the shock waves followed.
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it felt very much like i was at home on 9/11. the shock wave felt just the same. i knew instantly it was a bomb. >> >> reporter: you have been so close to two major terror attacks on u.s. soil. have you had a chance to process that? >> it's frightening, of course, but we in the running community, we know we will persevere. i have a marathon we will be directing in two weeks. i have been communicating about additional security precautions. >> reporter: as a life-long lover of marathons, are you worried what happened? >> i'm sure it will. as i was leaving the hotel yesterday, i talked with guy morris, the past president of the boston athletic association. he said our era of innocence is over. this will change everything, but we don't know how yet. i can't imagine that somebody would be so cruel and vicious and i hope whoever it is, is brought to to justice
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immediately. >> reporter: welcome home. so glad you are safe. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: now tomorrow, jay and about 25 other local runners are going to be going on a unity run. a run for boston. they are going to be wearing the boston marathon blue and yellow and they are going to run to show their support for all of those that were injured and killed in monday's attack. lesli. >> seems only fitting for them to do. kristen, thank you. stay with wusa9 for updates on the boston marathon bombings, even when you're not in front of your tv, we'll be posting updates on as well as twitter and facebook. you can follow the latest on our ipad app. you'll also find this photo gallery with some powerful images of boylston street in the aftermath of the attack. we have also made it easy for you to donate. just like us on facebook and we will donate $1 to the american red cross for every like, up to
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$5,000. wusa9 will ttpcwwww the grief was staggering. one hundred days after us senate starts to act are coming together background checks the second amendment hands of dangerous criminals. ninety percent of america background checks. urge them to join comprehensive background checks. demand action. now.
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we just learned long-time sports caster, path, has died. he was the nfl voice for a generation, best known for his work and fellow sports caster on cbs and fox tv. he worked a record 16 super bowls before retiring after the 2002 season. he also spent ten years in the
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nfl. primarily as a place kicker. pat sumerol dead tonight at 82. >> we will miss pat. prosecutors called him a high- tech peeping tom. a harvard educated lawyer admits he is guilty. >> scott broom is in rockville where prosecutors reveal the spoke detector turned spy cameras that he trained on women, renting rooms in his home. >> i'm scott broom in rockville where he pled guilty to turning spoke detectors into spy cameras, trained on unsuspecting women. dennis allen is a high-tech entrepreneur who has degrees. he is a landlord, too, for years renting rooms inside his chevy chase home to young professional women who as these photos shown in court today prove, he had been secretly video recording in their most private moments with intimate partners. sometimes through windows and
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sometimes using a spy camera hidden in a smoke detector. she discovered the camera after last year's storm power outages. >> all other smoke detectors would beep because of the power outage. and mine wouldn't do anything. >> not only did he steal these women's privacy, he stole their peace of mind. >> he left the courtroom today in handcuffs. he'll be released on $5,000 bail and sentenced in july. most importantly, the judge ordered him not to rent rooms in his house to anyone anymore. in rockville, scott broom, wusa9. >> the spy camera in a smoke detector is readily available. he advertised for renters on craigslist and lured for low rent. still ahead on wusa9, trauma teams in boston work through the night to preserve life and limb. we'll have insights on the types of injuries they were
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treating and what's
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we are learning more about the people killed in yesterday's terrorist bombings at the boston marathon. a second victim has been identified as crystal campbell. the restaurant manager had gone with her best friend to take pictures of the friend's boyfriend crossing the finish line. her friend was seriously injured in the explosion. >> also killed, eight-year-old martin richard of boston. we have been talking all day
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about this young man. he was at the finish line watching the race with his family. friends and neighbors remember him as a boy who loved to run and climb and play sports. his mom and sister were hurt badly, too. the identity of the third person killed has not been released. >> d.c. remains on high alert in boston. but the city went ahead with today's emancipation day parade as planned. >> it all went off without incident. bruce johnson joins us live downtown without the added security that worked out just fine. bruce. >> how are you doing, derek? it's the the middle of the day. to talk in a few million people at any one time, a likely target, just somebody want to do harm to a large group of people. as the chief said, we have added security and she promised we wouldn't see a lot. what we do see are the reminders, the security cameras over here. you know they have live body in front of these thousands of security cameras throughout the city. you probably have police
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officers somewhere on top of these buildings. you have rush hour traffic, headed toward virginia, thousands of cars, two miles that way you have the u.s. capitol. emancipation day festivities are going on right now. earlier today, a big parade. it went off without a hitch. most of the law enforcement, the security, at least seemed to be in the parade. >> no place is safe, but you don't want to not participate and go on with your life. >> actually run in the boston marathon and had parents at the finish line watching me. it hits home. and you know, of course sitting here, i was thinking a little bit about, we have our kids down here at this event. >> this is washington. >> right. but you know, part of this is all about the people. >> spectators turned out to
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commemorate the freeing of d.c. slaves by president lincoln, even before the emancipation proclamation was declared. >> i don't have to be a slave as people came before me. >> also here to remind others that d.c. is not a state. that d.c. has no authority over its own revenues and no voting representation in the house and senate. >> struggle to end slavery was difficult. it was achieveable. just like our struggle for voting rights. it's difficult, but it was achieveable. >> we should point out this isn't just any parade, it's the exact replica of the parade that took place in 1862 before those 6,000 slaves were freed in d. c. >> in honor of the boston victims. >> i'm glad to see people out here. they recognize that the city that is resilient. we are ready.
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very unfortunate, tragic situation that happened in boston yesterday. >> reporter: later tonight, about 8:45, they'll have a big fireworks display here on western plaza. the mayor assures us it will go on as scheduled. that's where all the noise is going to be coming from. i want to close by saying big boosts throughout the city. d.c. native, joseph, passed away. he would have been down here today even if they had to carry him down. he passed away, the funeral is this coming saturday. >> lost another icon today. >> thank you, bruce. the injuries suffered by the boston bombing victims were described as horrific and akin to what soldiers could experience in a war zone, specifically trauma from explosive devices or ied's. they range from amputations to severe soft tissue wounds caused by shrapnel. a vascular surgeon with george
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washington medical faculty associates. thank you so much for being here. >> my pleasure, anita. >> you had a limb preservation program and you've been doing this for 25 years. >> we are dedicated to saving limbs. >> tell us what those doctors were facing with, can this limb be saved or not? >> these are much like wartime injuries. usually we deal with diabetics. that's not what these people were dealing with. sot first step is to save the patient's life. stabilize them, stop bleeding, and save their life. the second thing is to assess the limb to see if they can be saved. they have to look at the amount of damage and look at the bones and the arteries and the nerves to see if it can be saved. >> not only are we dealing with the blast, shrapnel. bombs made to do the most damage possible. we heard about victims with nail injuries, ball bearings deeply embedded in soft tissue. how do you treat that? >> this is something meant to
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hurt people. what you have to do with these injuries is primarily prevent infection. so after you save the limb, these people oftentimes require another operation or antibiotic or procedures to deal with infection that can occur from these metal objects, which are not sterile. >> you are a blood vessel guy. what role does that play in the recuperation? >> one of the major reasons these people lose their limb is the blood vessel injury and the lack of circulation. we have gotten techniques that we can almost all restore blood and people have to go through rehabilitation. >> talking about that rehab, where can these people get back to, with the state of prosthetics we have? >> the one glimmer of light, these were motivated, young, athletic group of people. they will rehab well. with the state of prosthetics we have now, if a limb can be saved, these folks will walk again. >> dr. richard, thank you for
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your insight. >> my pleasure. >> lesli. >> thank you. coming up, giving the gift of life. how one man learned how something every one of us can do, can make a difference for someone else. >> it turned nice right now, clouds are on their way out. temperatures are on the way up. temperatures low to mid 70s. 74 downtown. up to 77 in manassas and leesburg and 75 in gaithersburg. what that means for the rest of the week and the weekend. >> we are always there for you at and the wusa9 app. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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only on 9, a local man learned what it's like to save a life. the cool thing is, it's something almost anyone can do. >> andrea mccarren brings us a preview of what is coming up tonight at 11:00. >> an emotional meeting in massachusetts. two strangers, each giving the other an unforgettable gift. >> thank you for saving my life. >> it took my breath away. it's one of the nicest things someone has said to me.
5:40 pm
i didn't realize how sick she was. one, two, three. >> let's back up a moment and retrace the remarkable path that brought them together. joe robinson, a bethesda family man, joined the national bone marrow registry at a local synagogue's donor drive ten years ago and didn't give it another thought. >> thanks to joe, i'm alive. he gave me my world back. >> tonight at 11:00, how one man's life saving journey proved to be life changing for him and you may be the perfect match for somebody out there somewhere. we'll show you how to check that out tonight at 11:00. today, the first lady of prince georges county, krista baker, made a rare public appearance. mrs. baker has early on set alzheimer's. that's her in the red. this morning she turned out for the reason to hope breakfast sponsored by the national capital area chapter.
5:41 pm
her husband and county executive gave an emotional speech about how this disease has affected their family and the need for more research and resources. i had the opportunity to mc the program. you may remember we brought you the story about mrs. baker's journey back in december and how he sorority sisters and friends have rallied to help this family down their long journey. few can relate to the terror like we saw yesterday in boston. but for the virginia tech community, the horror of what happened six years ago today, still lingers. april 16, 2007, when a lone gunman went on a shooting rampage. cadets did 32 pushups in front of the campus memorial. one for each of the students and faculty killed that day. wreaths and flowers were placed near each memorial stone. up next, people around the country want to know how they can help the city of boston. we'll tell you how to make sure your money is going where you
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want it to, up next. t
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flowers line the barricades around the crime scene that was the boston marathon finish line tonight. hundreds of people visited the site to pay their respects to the three people killed and the dozens of others injured. boston is a pretty big sports town. it's no surprise the sports community is coming out to support the city after the
5:45 pm
explosions. danny just signed with the new england patriots in the offseason, but he tweeted that this coming season, every time he catches a pass, he is going to donate $100 to the marathon bombing victims. every time he drops one, he'll donate $200. and while the generosity is admirable, it's times like this that can bring out the worst in people. our call for action director is here now to tell you what warning signs to lookout for to avoid those charity scams that inevitably pop up in times like this. all right, shirley, how can people spot a charity scam? >> there are some red flags. we'll give you a few of them. for example, you get a phone call or an e-mail and it says there's such a critical need and this e-mail or phone call is trying to play on your emotions and they tell you, you've got to give right now. well, they may even offer to send someone to your house to pick up your cash. well don't do it.
5:46 pm
of course, don't give cash. they may want you to make a donation through a wire transfer. you don't know who these people are, don't do it. some of the other red flags. they may hang up on you if you ask. and you don't know how the money is going to be spent. there are a lot of red flags. >> what if they are trying to solicit you by phone or online. are there specific things you should be looking for in those two situations? >> one of the things we tell consumers to do, if someone asks you to make a donation, is this a volunteer for that charity. the reason for that, the professional fundraisers take a large percentage of the money. they may be going to administrative costs for the company raising funds. give it directly to the charity. don't use a third party. >> you should check. a lot of times you may get a text message. you want to know where this is
5:47 pm
coming from. >> absolutely. you couldn't be more on target. if you don't do your due diligence, your money may go line the pockets of the crooks. one of the other things you need to be careful of is whether or not this is a real charity. the name of the charity may sound like a well-known charity, but is it? >> you may get a link in an e- mail. that website looks like it is legitimate, but it may have one letter out of place. it may have an additional letter on to the link. so you look at it and you think you are giving to the charity you know, but you may not be. >> pay attention to the very small print. now, let's give people the most important thing. the steps they can take to protect themselves. >> don't give cash. first off, you want to have a record. cash is never a good idea. >> cash is not a good idea. wire transfers, well, you can do that if you know the charity that you're donating to. don't give out your credit card
5:48 pm
and personal information to someone you don't know. that's the thing. you just, we want to respond. we americans are generous people, but don't let your emotions get in the way of your good sense. check it out first. >> absolutely. and when in doubt, go with the ones you know are legitimate. shirley, great information. and we want to make sure that you have the information you need to make very good decisions. we have partnered with wusa call for action. we have a great partnership now. you can file a complaint 24 hours a day on go to the top of the page and click the wusa9 call for action link or you can call our hot line at 301-652-help. guys. >> all right, we'll take it from here. this is or this is our live camera. the clouds dispated. 74, so the clouds going away.
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relative humidity, not bad. 55%. winds out of the south for now at 9. here's a look at the radar. we have a big cluster of thunderstorms in ohio. includes pittsburgh and most of ohio, including columbus. this is going to graze us tonight. it will weaken. the chance of a shower tonight will be primarily north of town. temperatures, 75 in reston. 74 in fairfax. looking at 77 already in college park and 75 for our friends in waldorf. so, cold front, get used to it. it will go back and forth through friday. a few showers tonight. mainly north. easterly winds return tomorrow. that's going to lower temperatures a little bit. we get warmer thursday and friday and that will increase our chance for showers and thunderstorms. so for tonight, mostly cloudy and mild. shower possible. primarily north. 56 to 62. by morning, skies will return partly sunny again.
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cannot rule out a shower. 50s and 60s. probably a dry commute for most. by afternoon, partly sunny and warm. a shower or thunderstorm possible. high temperatures 70 to 75. the next three days, we kept everything green for now. we may have to make friday a yellow alert. a few showers tomorrow, 73. shower or thunderstorm on thursday. 75. and some showers and storms. some could be hefty on friday. temperatures in the upper 70s. great for maryland day. that's next saturday. 65, 64 on sunday. low 60s on monday and that means lows in the suburbs will be in the 30s while lows downtown will be in the 40s. next chance of showers next tuesday with highs near 70. >> now, game on live from the wusa cadillac sports desk. >> now you know here in the nation's capital, we love our home teams. but tonight, we are all boston fans. kristen berset is live at the
5:51 pm
verison center. caps are playing in an hour. they may be ramping up security. >> most definitely. coming in today, we saw an increased presence. i saw a guy with a metal detector checking underneath our cars. and of course, fans that are coming out to this game and future games, give yourself some extra time, of course, there's going to be much more comprehensive check before you can get into the verison center. you saw, we are all boston fans and the game must go on. the capitals have a big game ahead of them, hosting toronto. they are closing out this home stand. see what is going on with just how hot this team is right now. i'm joined now by mike green. mike, you guys ending this home stand with toronto. how big of a game, going pr for eight straight. how is this momentum pushing you along? >> it's been momentum and we
5:52 pm
have been able to carry on and get better as we go. but sit back on our heels. and it's important. and anything could happen here. >> is that what happened against tampa bay? what happened there on saturday night? >> yeah, it was a momentum thing. we got up early and we sat back on our heels and let them put all the pressure on us instead of us pushing back. and when you do that, anybody that plays hockey or as the coach knows that the momentum shifts are huge and they have all the momentum and they made a a close game. >> obviously, the season has been strange because it's shortened. a lot of people may have written you guys off. what changed? >> we started to click during the right time. obviously having a shortened season and having a new coach and some new players and a new system. it took time for us to adjust. once we did, you have to give
5:53 pm
credit. he stuck by his game plan since day one. we believe in it and it works. so, it was a matter of us coming together quickly and it seemed like it took some time, but once we did, we were winning teams. >> now, i was talking to green earlier about the boston tragedy. he, of course, sends his condolences to the victims from yesterday. head coach, adam oats, played for the brewens. he'll have his comments later in sports. i'm kristen berset, back to you in the studio. thank you, take a look at this fella. you remember him? he's a welcome sight. but we are getting to the time of year when relatives may actually show and show up and they are very real. >> what are the survivors and families of the victims from the boston bombings going through? i'm peggy fox at the capitol where survivors and family from the virginia tech massacre can relate. the story coming up.
5:54 pm
but first, a heated debate about breast cancer genes and whether patients hurt them. the emotional case before the supreme court next. [ male announcer ] the new malibus are getting a lot of attention at your chevy dealer lately for good reason. like malibu ltz with chevrolet mylink. kbb called it one of the most user-friendly multimedia interfaces on the market. malibu lt with 10 standard airbags, more than fusion or sonata. and malibu ls, offering an epa-estimated 34 mpg highway.
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the question before the u.s. supreme court even as women rallied outside saying their genes are being held hostage by a company with a patent for the brca1 or brca2.
5:57 pm
i was inside the high court to hear oral arguments yesterday in a case which would have major implications on the future of medical research. >> a human gene is in fact a piece of the human body. it's not an invention. >> an attorney for the american civil liberties union represented a big group of petitioners who argue genetics shouldn't have been able to patent its isolation of the braca genes. when they are mutated, women inherit a much higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. >> it's a naturally occurring thing in the body. >> made more than $400 million on it in its last fiscal year. women can't get a second opinion from another company and some say their insurance doesn't cover the cost of the test, which runs $4,000. but inside the supreme court today, lawyers for muriad argued without the company's
5:58 pm
investment in research and their scientists, this specific gene sequence would never have been sliced out or recreated in the lab. local attorney, michelle wail, who wrote one of the briefs in support of the company, says this decision impacts the entire biotech industry. >> if it is decided that dna sequences are not patentable, it changes the rules and potentially what that could mean is we would have less medicines and less vaccines for patients. >> in a company statement, also says most patients pay an average of just $100 in out of pocket expenses and that more than a million have benefited from finding out their status. lisa's future generations, like her daughter, to have more access to that information. >> they are hindering progress for people who are at higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer by keeping this information to themselves. >> the supreme court justices asked a lot of tough questions of both sides in this gene patenting debate.
5:59 pm
they expect to rule this summer. for more in depth analysis, tune in this week, that is send at 8:30 a.m. right here on wusa9. >> whoever did it was the embodiment of evil. >> two bombs, three people dead, more than 170 hurt. and tonight, we are learning more about the investigation into the bombings at this year's boston marathon. >> an act of this severity cannot be justified or explained. it can only be answered. >> and investigators say by noon today, they received more than 2,000 tips about those bombings. so far, no arrests. >> what we do know is a lab here in quantico, virginia, is examining the evidence from the bombings. so far, investigators know


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