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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 30, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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my campaign. because of any gifts they have been given, not mr. williams or his company. >> gifts to family members don't need to be reported. that's why he did not report the $15,000 gift from williams to help pay for his daughter's wedding. the fbi is looking into details of that gift. >> i think when i reported the gift has, i believe the law required it to be disclosed. that is, that it gets to the office holders are required to be disclosed. but no office holder right now is required to disclose gifts to a spouse, to children in the house, to adult children. >> state senator, chad peterson and delegate, scott, see it differently. >> i don't think mr. williams would have paid for his daughter's wedding if she hadn't been the governor's daughter. i have three daughters, and to me, when you're a father and there's a wedding for one of your children, especially your
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daughter, that's an obligation you take . that's a gift you need to report. >> many lawmakers are calling for stricter disclosure laws and limits to gifts. some say we also need limits to campaign contributions. >> mcdonnell is proposing the law be changed to require all gifts over $500 to be reported within ten days. peggy fox, wusa9. >> now in addition to that fbi probe, the scientific relationship with the governor, facing securities investigation. tonight, president obama is preparing to send lethal weapons to rebels. at a press conference earlier today, he would be willing to take such actions in syria if the international community could prove that president assad was using chemical weapons. john kerry is headed to syria. he will make a decision about supplying arms to the rebels
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within weeks. area police on a hunt. right now for the suspect who ripped off a pretty fancy jewelry store. this happened just before noon at the cardie store. investigators say the crooks broke into the store, burst in anyway, took it over, broke over the display case and made off with the goods. it all ended when the cruiser crashed into another vehicle on mlk avenue all the way down to southwest. police officer in that crash is expected to be okay. and check out the crazy video. this is students from two rival d.c. high schools going to war against each other in gallery place metro. the cell phone video was obtained by wusa9. it was actually taken last friday. turns out, police arrested six people after all this. the principals say the schools are working with the d.c. police and the metro to ensure students stay safe and to make
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sure everybody involved in all this is held accountable. today, the wife of a capitol hill man who was brutally beaten and left for dead. tonight, that suspect's fate is in the hands of a jury. >> i'm bruce leshan at d.c. superior court where jurors have just gone home for the day after beginning, beginning deliberations in the fate of tommy branch. he is the man accused of smashing a young father, d.c.maslin, in the head with an alumbar numb baseball bat during a robbery on capitol hill last summer. now prosecutors relied on the testimony of one of the alleged cospiritors. he saw tommy branch hit maslin in the back of the head. the injuries were to the side of maslin's head and the defense seized on that, saying
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if moore was wrong about that e the jurors couldn't believe him about anything. the jury expected back here tomorrow morning. at d.c. superior court, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> could rj3 be the quarterback of the red tails? he calls the redskins nickname, quote, derogatory and racist. red tails would be an honor to the airmen who used to use that as their nickname. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate the opportunity to talk on this. >> we want to read you some of the fearly 300 comments that came in on our facebook page. marcus writes, they don't need to change it at all. i don't understand why the native americans have a problem with it. it's not hurting anybody, leave it the way it is. phyllis says i think the time has come for political correctness to take a hike. people need to stop being
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sensitive. this team had this name for a long time, leave them alone. and being sensitive to other people is not called being pc, it's called being human. now all those aside. the three overwelming themes from the rest of our comments are basically this, don't change the name. red tails is a dumb name, and c, don't you have something better to do with your time? let's take these one at a time. do you not have better things to do? more to worry about? >> i have lots of things i'm working on. i'm working on elections reform, education reform. there's a lot to do. but it doesn't mean i can't do more than one thing at a time. >> let's get to the red tails name. great sentiment? we all respect and love the airmen, but is that really a good football name? >> that's up in the air. i justify just think if you are going to change it, i'm throwing it out as one option.
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>> how did you come up with it? >> here's something that would fit and work and in fact, i had a long conversation with my father-in-law and he's the one that came up with the name. >> part of me wants to say, what would be the symbol? a plane? an old black guy? what would the symbol be? >> i haven't thought that far. >> fair enough. what brought you to the point where you said okay, this redskins thing has gone far enough. it's time to change this. >> i've been a lifelong skins fan. it's something i cherish. we have doing it for years and you know, it comes to the point, i feel a responsibility to step up and do the right thing and request the name be changed is something that is less offensive. >> i'm on your side, but are you shocked by the fact that there are so many washingtonians feel like hey, no one should be insulted and we aren't giving up this name? >> i'm not shocked. what we have here are people that are really invested in their team and that is manifested in the name.
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that's why they will fight this. in the end, it's up to leaders to step up and do the right thing. but in the long run, when history looks back, they're going to say hey, the district of columbia stepped up and stood with these folks in trying to stop this defensive behavior. >> what would you do or anything you can do officially to make this happen? >> i think the best thing i can do is get my colleagues, nine of which have joined me to move this forward and show you are support to the native american community and say enough is enough. >> david, we wish you the best. aagree with you. but there's a tough fight ahead. >> i appreciate your time. we move on to the weather, which is not so nice, but later on it will make you smile. topper, what does it look like for the next couple of days? >> tonight is not so hot. we will improve tomorrow and certainly on thursday. i just noticed these carefree roses are blooming. let's start with the satellite picture. we can't shake the low clouds. we aren't going to shake them tonight, either. a little bit of drizzle.
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eventually, the dryer air will win out. temperature wise, it's cool if you're going out. 59 downtown. 57 in bethesda. also in manassas and 60 in baltimore. so, for tonight, looking at mostly cloudy skies, lows 46 to 54. we'll come back and tell you when you can put this away and grab your sunglasses. >> looking forward to it. meantime, the plan b morning after pill is moving over the counter and being made available to younger teenagers. the food and drug administration has lowered to 15. the age at which a person can buy the emergency contraception without a prescription. plan b no longer must be kept behind the counter. it can sit on the shelf. the federal judge ruled there should be no age restrictions for buying plan b. and a followup now on that maryland tour bus company that had one of its buses crash in ohio over the weekend. now we told you yesterday the feds had wanted to inspect the company's buses.
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now we learned authorities have been trying to track down the owner, but so far, they haven't been able to find them. st magic carpet ride is based in waldorf. the jury began deliberations in kermen. after a couple of hours, the jury went home for the day. he is accused of killing a patient as well as four babies by cutting their spinal cords during the abortion procedure. prosecutors allege some of those infants were born alive and viable during the eight months of pregnancy. she claims she was out looking for a date and some fun. and right after the break, major expansion to the nation's capital bike share program.
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all right, now, the wild popular capital bike share program on its way to montgomery county. 50 bike stations will be installed. many outside the stations on the red line and montgomery county's bike share will work with the others in the region. the new station is expected to be installed later in the year. a change of power in the netherlands, leaving alexander, the youngest monarch in europe. thousands came out to 75-year- old queen beatrix signed over the power. king alexander hopes to be a leader that units and encourages. >> right after the break, a virginia woman gets slapped with a prostitution charge after she was looking for love on craigslist. andrea mccarren on how everything just went
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at a local woman believes that she was unfairly busted for prostitution after she was out looking for love on craigslist. turned out the man who offended her was an under cover cop. andrea mccarren with the story. >> i don't use drugs, i don't drink alcohol. >> this woman, we'll call donna, insists she was looking for romance, trying to find a fend with benefits. >> i was focused on the location and the fact that they were looking for someone with my body type. >> instead, she was busted for
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prostitution. >> i said what is this about? he said, you're being arrested for prostitution. >> don donna is a highly educated woman. she responded to this ad on craigslist and began an e-mail correspondence for a man who wanted a glimpse of her breast. >> i've been getting that question since sixth grade. >> the two met on a weekday evening in this busy northern virginia parking lot in front of target. minutes later, she got into his car and drove here to an office parking lot next door. >> at one point while we were chitchatting, he proposed a situation for full on everything. and i was like, what? here? no. >> then she says, he indicated he wanted to get started. >> so, i took that as a clue to unhook my brassiere. >> that prompted an angry
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response. >> you stop that, now. >> fear, she says, took over. >> i just froze in my seat. at that point, he said look here. and he had money in his hand. >> she says he shoved a fist full of cash in front of her face and issued a command. >> donna did as she was told and acknowledges she never tried to escape. >> i was frozen. >> moments later, masks on. >> donna says she feared for her life as she spotted a police logo on one of their sleeves. >> i was relieved that i wasn't going to get killed or attacked or raped. >> one year later, donna was convicted. in court, the prosecution focused on the word roses in the craigslist ad. an apparent code word for cash. it reads, i got 200 roses. >> it looked like he was
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looking for a date night. there was no sex mentioned. >> remarkably, donna returned to craigslist after the incident and found her current boyfriend, whom she has been dating for the last year. >> fairfax county police tell us cases like this are handled by its narcotic unit and detectives investigate several cases. those have increased dramatically in recent years. human trafficking is sometimes involved, in which a victim is forced into these situations against their will. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> the very definition of a cautionary tale. donna was handed a fine and had to spend several weekends in prison. she was offered a plea deal. she turned it down. she insisted she didn't do anything wrong and she was upset there was no video or audio tape of the incident reported by the cops. now, game on with dave owens, live from the wusa9
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cadillac sports desk. >> well, if it were anyone else, she wouldn't care. but when stephen strasburg gets taken out, afterall, this is a 15 million reconstructed arm we're talking about. you go to the worry meter. strasburg working his way through six innings last night. but manager, davey johnson said he could tell during this stretch that something wasn't right. he pulled him. afterwards, he told reporters that he had tightness in his forearm. the same arm that required tommy johns surgery. this is what happened since. strasburg told reporters, listen, i'm not missing my next start, i can tell you that. what do the doctors say? they backed him up. good news. not miss his next start. that's good. tonight at 9:00, begins. chronicles harper's story at
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the documentary. used to kick for maryland and theberg di and gold and the sports director in the early 2000. >> you know, i don't know. you got it be careful. some people will say -- that's the thing. they don't really know. >> okay. it's irritation. >> we are irritated with the clouds and the drizzle, but the weather pattern. let's start with a live look outside. this is in arlington. practicing soccer right now. 52 was the high. temperatures in the 50s. 59 downtown. relative humidity almost 80%. the temperatures are not going to go down very far tonight, 40s in the suburbs. 50s downtown. winds east, northeast at 7. satellite picture, radar combined.
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a couple things to point out. i know it's almost may, but this storm will become a winter storm. the winter storm watches have been posted from denver northward. stay to our north, showers winding down. all we have to worry about tonight and early tomorrow morning, by that, i mean 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. a system off the coast. once that pulls far enough away, we will maintain a northeasterly winds tomorrow. we're still going to get dryer air and have a nice start to the month of may. temperatures, 55 fairfax. 56 in waldorf. tonight, cooler and damp. we're talking by 7:00 or 8:00. sunshine and staying nice thursday and friday. for tonight, mostly cloudy and
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cool. a little drizzle. 54 downtown. tomorrow, skies return partly cloudy and early saturday, early drizzle possible. it's going to be an early bird commuter. 50s and 60s. leave your umbrella home. by afternoon, partly cloudy, milder. high 65 to 70. east, northeasterly at 10:00. upper 60s to near 70 tomorrow. 70s, beautiful on thursday. partly cloudy to mostly sunny on friday. it happens back in the low 70s. next seven days, we're going to keep it going on through the weekend. low 70s saturday. low 70s sunday. clouds sunday night. showers on monday. showers and thunderstorms on sunday. i'm not convinced thursday is a washout night. derek will be back right after this. stay tuned.
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well that is our report and i'll be back at 11:00 along with lesli and topper. log on any time to have hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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the dead boston bomber speaks. the audio you haven't heard. i'm rob marciano from new york. >> and an oscar winning actress's mental illness set back.
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from l.a., i'm nancy o'dell. exclusive, inside the mind of the accused boston bomber. >> are you excited? >> yes, why not, you know? >> the unseen documentary, tamerlan in the boxing ring, dressed in red, white and blue. >> if you're a terrorist, wouldn't you want to turn your body into a weapon? >> plus -- did you ever meet tamerlan's wife? could new clues link the wife to the deadly attack? >> she definitely wanted me to think she was muslim. >> and how close did amanda new york city come to suicide? >> there's several different ways to commit suicide and i thought about them all. catherine zeta-jones back in treatment battling her bipolar. an


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