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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  June 5, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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time of year. but we are seeing the high clouds streaming in from the west. so at times a little bit of that muddied sunshine as i like to call it and a very comfortable cool, crisp morning. some upper 40s even in spots with 50 in winchester and cumberland and frederick this morning. we have 54 in manassas. 60 right on the bay. they're warmer. same thing in town, 61. look at la plata. only 51 out there. almost jacket weather. temperatures this afternoon range from 82 in easton 2079 in hagerstown and -- to 79 in hagerstown and monika, you came in early. you were talking about northern virginia, i-95. you gave me the thumbs down. >> i did. is there something in the middle that can do kind of like this? >> so-so. >> it's so-so. what i mean by that is the accident on the northbound side of i-95 near route 610 was in the center of the roadway last time we spoke. this time it's now on the shoulder but it's so-so because look at all the red that's formed already heading
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northbound on i-95 to the accident. the lanes are open but of course still attracting some attention. it rapped right in the middle of the rush hour. let's take a live look further north in springfield. this is great. no problems here as you head up toward the beltway or on to 395 to the 14th street bridge. air going to be just fine there. let's go back to the maps. this time we're heading all the way up north on to 270. southbound you have the one slow lineup leaving frederick. it will be off and on as you head past 109 and 121. the lanes are open so that's good news now. if you're planning to head on the north side of town, here's what it looks like in silver spring on the beltway. back you to guys. >> thank you, monika. six years after the d.c. mayor's office gained control over the city school system, things have not improved much at all. >> now a d.c. councilman says more reforms are needed and things need to be ramped up in a hurry to improve student purchase machines. delia goncalves is live in north -- performance. delia goncalves is live in northwest with more about david cantania. >> reporter: good morning,
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mike. david cantania is the chair of the council's new committee on education. he says listen, all you have to do is take a look at the numbers. we have a low graduation rate and a pretty high truancy rate at a number of high schools here in the district. and he says that is evidence and a way to solve those problems is to give poor students more money at schools across the district. david cantania also proposes to give principals more control of their own budgets, 80% of their budgets in fact. he also proposes that we pay for public transportation for low income students, improve parent outreach and hold principals accountable for student achievement. the plan also allows a chancellor to open charpter like schools called innovation schools. it's steps to improve schools.
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the know vision schools could -- the innovation schools could operate outside regulations, even a teachers union. the goal is to close the achievement gap between the haves and have notes. >> any city that only graduates 59% of its students cannot feel good about that outcocht the bottom 40 -- out come. the bottom 40 schools have actually decreased test scores. >> reporter: but the mayor says at love these initiatives being proposed are already in the works by his administration. as you know the mayor has had control of city schools for the past several years since 2007 in fact. he says one of the initiatives that's already in the works, combining the charter schools and traditional d.c. public schools lottery. much more on reaction to the proposals and criticism coming up at 6:30. mike, andrea, back to you. >> delia goncalves in northwest outside woodrow wilson high school. the former executive director of the d.c. public employee relations board is
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going public with what he calls discriminatory practices. ondray harris resigned last month. harris per board members don warserman and ann hoffman ordered him to stop hiring people suspected of conservative affiliations. he said he was also told to stop hiring white workers. major league baseball working on a possible suspension of 20 of its players for performance enhancing drugs. this is according to a report from espn. some of the biggest names in baseball are on the list, including alex rodriguez and ryan braun. sources tell espn that tony bosch, the founder of a now closed clinic in miami has agreed to talk with baseball investigators. the suspensions could be handed down in the next few weeks. major league baseball officials will not comment on the story but some stories are saying a hundred games possibly the suspension. jessica is back with
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another your money report. >> a merger takes one more step closer when it comes to creating the world's largest airlines. >> we're talking about of course the deal with u.s. airways and american airlines. a federal judge has approved a restructuring plan for american, including the $11 billion merger, but consumers may not be on board. a new cta survey found two thirmds of respond descend -- thirds of respondents said if they were in charge of the whole deal, they wouldn't let the merger happen. the big concern fares will go up and choices will dwindle in the wake of a deal. united airlines is giving passengers the chance to prepay for your checked bags or extra leg room. subscriptions start at $349. travelers can pay $499 for a year of economy plus seats. it gives you a little extra leg room. united is the first carrier to offer subscriptions for these services. sales of apple's i4 phone
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are being banned. imparts are being banned for the older models since they violate a patent held by samsung. because the phone is assembled in china, the import would stop apple from being able to sell phones in u.s. apple can appeal. samsung and apple of course have been battling it out in court over their individual phones to see who actually owns the patents on this stuff. >> not nice. it's just going to continue for a while because there's big money at stake. >> absolutely. what's interesting too, is apple is the one who started the legal fight in the first place. now it's the one facing the ban. >> and also stock prices have tanked compared to where they used to be. father's day, it's just around the corner. dear old dad. but odds are you haven't bought a gift yet. when you do, it will probably be some kind of last-minute purchase. you know the old tie or socks. >> some lame old something or other. coming up, we'll give smu ideas
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on the hottest -- give you some ideas on the hottest gifts for father's day. make him happy. we'll also tell you what fathers think of the big day. wusa9 returns
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grab one with barbecue or bacon and ranch today. america runs on dunkin'. 10 after 6:00 on this wednesday morning. another very nice day ahead. this morning you might even need a hoodie or light wrap. temperatures are down close to 50 in spots but another very fine june afternoon. check out our forecast today. sun is already up. been up for about 40 minutes already. some high clouds mixing in with the sunshine. take will be the case all day long. look at those temperatures. it's going to be a great afternoon. high between 79 and 83. see you in just a few with your seven-day forecast. right now monika has an update on timesaver traffic. on the northbound side of i- 95 here in springfield, everything is moving smoothly.
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it is very slow to the earlier accident after route 610. everything is now on the left shoulder. now an accident in southern maryland. left lane blocked northbound route 210 after swan creek road. back to you guys. 6:11. for most women mother's day can be special and as exciting as a birthday or even a wedding anniversary. for most men father's day can be well, not quite as special. sometimes a letdown in fact. it usually turns out to abstressed out day full of gifts that you probably wouldn't even want or give to your worst enemy. tech expert john is here with retail me in the to tell us the results -- retail me not to tell us about the results of a new poll about what dads really want and don't want. what do we want? >> good morning, mike. thank you for having me this morning. dads really, really want on father's day -- we conducted a poll and dads really want two things. first, 26% of the poll respondents said they wanted to spend quality family time with their families.
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think about it, in today's pretty hectic lifestyle, that makes a lot of sense. second, they really wanted some gift cards. gift cards gives permission to dad to spend a little money on himself and get something that he wouldn't normally get. those are the top two. and then if you think about it, what dad doesn't love, a great steak or great sporting events or people beale ya. we have two great offers on retail me we have a great deal on omaha sports and the second deal is from sports authority. both are exclusive, both run from tomorrow through june 10. >> sounds really good. so just blow up the tie. forget that, huh? >> blow up the tie. another question is what do dads not want? definitely the tie was a no no as well as a coffee mug or world's best dad t-shirt. if i walked in with my coffee mug and said world best dad and sat at my desk, i wouldn't feel
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like the world's best dad anymore. >> good point. so we covered what they do want. what they don't want. could you talk about how dad want to spend their time? family time was 26 % but that leaves another 74%. dads just want to play golf, want time away? some moms say they just want a little me time on mother's day. >> yeah, i think there's a little bit of that. if i think about what i would want, we didn't poll that specifically but what i would want is spend time with my family, maybe get a nap in, watch some of the u.s. open, spend some time outdoors and all those are really, really meaningful when you have a hectic life. >> good call. u.s. open. i'm with you on that one. thanks a lot for joining us from retail me not. happy father's day, my friend. >> thank you, mike. appreciate it. >> we can hope for a good weather day for you as well. before we get into weather, i have to say good morning to the
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people in the duty free shops at dulles airport. i met many of them last night and they start their mornings with us. >> got your father's day gift there, did you? >> hey. father's day gift? >> i know, it's a good one. >> theater tickets. you know, things that i like, too. that's the other thing. but he's got a good father's day gift ahead of him. >> a barbecue or something. >> men want to do that. >> if i did is something fun with the family, that would be good. weather wise, good weather now but things are going to go downhill as we head toward the end of the week into the weekend. i know there's some big events, big motor bike ride thing going on saturday as well. it's just the weekend. you don't want rain but we get it when we get it. today we'll not get rain. we'll get another beauty. high clouds mixing in with the sunshine. that will be the case today. but a really nice day once again as your temperatures will make mid-70s for lunch time. high today a little bit milder
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than yesterday. yesterday we got to 78. today about 81 with the wind turning eventually toward the southeast at about 10 miles an hour. this morning comfortably cool, crisp almost with 51 in dumfries and round hill and up in germantown right now. bowie down to 52 with 55 in alexandria. arling toen -- arlington 56. north beach 55 degrees. outside on the michael & son weather camera. one more look. a really pretty sky. we've had a lot of pretty skies this morning courtesy of the high clouds around. 61 at national with calm winds. dew points creeping up. 52 now. it will continue to creep up the next few days. the higher that number, this is a real true measure how much moisture is in the air. the humidity is relative to the temperature. that stands at 72 purposes. showers and storms firing once again in the middle of the country, like they haven't had enough the last couple of weeks. you see all the yellow here. that is the slight risk area along i-40 there and large hail, damaging wind gusts,
6:16 am
isolated tornadoes. another system we're watching is up in the minnesota area. this upper storm, this is drawing in some of that moisture to the north. as that moves east, it will increase our humidity and moisture. the drier air that's in place and was here yesterday and this morning and for the bulk of the day today is going to go east. some moisture returns, mainly over the appalachians but some of our mountains we west of town, make romney, harrisonburg, west of that line could see a shower possible this afternoon. tomorrow we get a little bit coming off the atlantic. we'll sort of squeeze out a shower or two in the afternoon. looks like the bulk of the rain will hold off till thursday night and friday. by afternoon i think on friday there t will be plentiful with the showers and storms. courtesy of this moisture also in the gulf of mexico where we'll watch to see if this low gets a little better organized
6:17 am
and could become a depression and would be the first storm of the season. we've got 81 today. nice day today. tomorrow 79, an afternoon shower or storm. yellow alert on friday, showers and storms likely means your commute and outdoor plans are in jeopardy,. even saturday depending on the gulf moisture could be a real problem, too, with highs in the low 80s. let's send it over to monika samtani. only a few problems so far this morning but what do you think? a b plus? >> i would say a b to b plus. we're at work so it's easy for us to say but if you're sitting in it, it's not really a b plus. on the northbound side of i-95, kind of stinks as you head up toward 610, especially because this accident happened a while ago near route 610. it was moved to the shoulder i say fairly quickly but still left all of this slow traffic now heading northbound on 95. it's just the timing that caused the slow traffic. on the northbound side of the beltway, things are looking
6:18 am
good at route 4 pennsylvania avenue on the beltway east side of town but there is an accident at 210 near swan creek road. back to the maps. this time to 270. quite slow. about 31 miles an hour in urbana as you leave frederick toward clarksburg and a quick look live one more time, this time on the beltway here in silver spring. outer loop slows at georgia avenue. back to you. >> thanks, monika. time for the question of the morning. one-third of newlyweds met their spouse where? a, work, b, online or c, a bar or nightclub? >> facebook friend paula jackson wrote b, online in the bar when they were supposed to be at work. >> a liquid lunch perhaps. log on to wusa9's facebook fan page. would love to hear your guess at the question of the day. stay with us. çq
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and get ortho bug-b-gon max free. 6:22. high clouds but a nice day ahead. our weather will be going downhill toward the end of the week. we'll be looking at 75 beautiful degrees at lunch time. again sunshine mixing with high clouds. your high today about 81 degrees. andrea? >> thanks, howard. the nationals' early season struggles finally came to a head yesterday. the nats shipped off two relief pitchers and send a starting infielder to the disabled list, called up a couple of reinforcements. we break down the changes in this version of inside pitch. >> reporter: i'm kristen berset. welcome to today's inside pitch. we're here at nationals park.
6:23 am
joining me now is holden from 106-7, the fan. the guys are back home. what a crazy week this is turning out to be. lots of changes in the lineup. do you think they're big enough to get the team on the right track? >> there are a lot of guys saying who are these guys but it adds a spark to the lineup. if i had to answer the question, yes, this is the way to go. this is something where mike rizzo is expecting 5-1, 6-0 run. they added another lefty to the bullpen. i think that will happen. anthony randone at second base, the teammates will love this kid. he will be a nice spark in the lineup. >> reporter: when he came up the first time he was filling in at third. what do you expect to see from him? >> danny espinoza was a much better baseman because he was a terrific short stop. randone played primarily at third. i expect him to stay up here and be a big part of this team going forward. >> reporter: we've had you on inside pitch a few times when
6:24 am
the team has been struggling. you think everything is going to be all right. they struggled again this week. we saw the changes we just talked about. do you still hold to that? you still think this team is going to be okay? >> if the general manager is making moves, i don't want to say he's panicked but there are reasons to make moves. this team still has a lot of talent on it. i still think they're a playoff team. we'll see if they can overcome a seven-game deficit in the national league east. it is a lot but still a little over 100 games to go. it's a lot of games to go. >> reporter: we appreciate you as always. i'm kristen berset at nats park. back to you. >> thank you. game one with the new roster ended with a win, a walkoff in the bottom of the 9th, a walkoff sack fly. they'll try to do the whole thing again tonight against the mets first pitch 7:05. >> the northbound side of 395 not a bad right between the beltway and 14th street bridge. the worst of it though is on the northbound side of 95 past
6:25 am
route 610 where the earlier accident was moved to the left shoulder but left very slow traffic getting through that area. you're watching wusa9. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] it's your last chance to get fios for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for 2 years with $200 back, and a multi-room dvr free for 12 months with a two-year agreement. technology that makes life more entertaining, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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good morning. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:30 this morning. this is a live look at the capitol. the sky is getting a little bit more blue now.
6:29 am
it's going to be another great day. we give it a 9 and a half. that's what howard says. it's wednesday, june 5. i'm andrea roane. >> if you liked yesterday, you're going to like today, too. i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani has traffic momentarily. mr. bernstein on the weather terrace. good morning. >> we're not giving it a 10 because yesterday was a 10. today we have a few high clouds. not going to cause any rain but it won't be the prettiest sky like yesterday which was absolutely perfect. here's a look at our forecast for this wednesday where we've got the sunshine mixing with the high clouds. by lunch time get outside and edge joy 75. this afternoon -- enjoy 75. this afternoon a high of 81. an 8:00 p.m. temperature back in the mid- 70s. if you're going out to the nationals-mets game, it's going to be another fine night for baseball. you see the high clouds have been streaming in from the west during the overnight and early morning. showers down in north carolina. some light ones there. also some in parts of northwest ohio. so there's nothing close to us. another dry day and cool
6:30 am
morning. 50 degrees in westminster and cumberland. 51 la plata, gaithersburg and frederick 52 while we're 61 going up into the upper 70s and low 80s. that's why it's a nine and a half and not a 10 but still pretty darn nice for june. let's check in now with monika samtani. we have some trouble on 95 northbound but i think the rest of the area is okay. the rest of it looks pretty decent. on the northbound side of 95, though, not the case. as you travel in toward route 610, that earlier accident, it was the timing of it, not the seriousness of it at all. it was moved to the shoulder quickly but left a lot of slow traffic now northbound on i-95 toward route 610. here on 66, coming in from manassas, you're going to go about 38 miles an hour as you travel into centreville and then again through the fairfax area it's going to slow down now. once beyond that it looks okay to the beltway. let's take a live look outside. first of all showing you what it looks like on the inbound side of 66. the lanes are open.
6:31 am
back to the maps. this time we're heading all the way out to route 50 coming from annapolis towards cheverly. you're going to be okay. the accident up ahead at florida and montana in the roadway. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> gayle king standing by in new york city. good morning. >> standing by, live and in color. hello, mike and andrea. ahead a look at chrysler's big game a balance and it refuse -- big gamble as it refuses to recall millions of vehicles the government says are detective and -- defective. and a two-hour struggle with a shark the size of -- look at this guy. a voces wack gone -- woaks wagon is what they're saying. itself news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. mike, when was the last time you caught one of those? >> 12 feet long, 1500 pounds? never. >> there you go. >> thanks, gayle. >> good to see you guys.
6:32 am
>> bye-bye. >> bye-bye. the white house is threatening to veto a spending bill approved yesterday in the house. the obama administration opposes a portion of the bill which calls for a broader gop spending plan. it would require domestic programs to absorb even deeper cuts next year than those in place now. the bill would also provide more money for veterans health care programs. the house also voted to keep the u.s. detention center at guantanamo bay in cuba open until further notice. the measure upholds current law which bars the use of tax money to build or renovate facilities in the u.s., to hold suspected terrorists and other prisoners from guantanamo bay. yesterday's vote was split along party lines. america's top military leaders disagree on the best way to fix the problem of sexual assault in the military. lawmakers on capitol hill say military justice system has failed and created an environment where victims are afraid to come forward.
6:33 am
one senator proposes stripping command of their authority. the chairman of the joint chiefs says that would be a mistake. >> our goal should be to hold commanders more accountable, not rendering them less able to help us correct the crisis. >> the armed services committee is considering seven different bills to address sexual assault in the military. the pentagon estimates 26,000 military members, both women and men, were sexually assaulted last year. 2007, that's the year d.c. mayor's office gained control over the city school system and things have not improved much. >> now d.c. councilmen say more reforms are needed and fast to improve student perform participant. delia goncalves joins -- performance. delia goncalves joins us live with more. >> reporter: listen to this. what david cantania has on his
6:34 am
website, speaking of fast, the district has a goal to reach 75% proficiency in math and reading scores across the district. however, david cantania says if we're on the current track, that will take 30 years to accomplish that. so cantania says he has a faster way to do it. he has proposed seven measures to reform education, including giving poor students more money, giving principals more control of their budgets. in fact, 80% of their budgets. create a new charter-like, quote innovation school for failing public schools, stop social promotion and implement steps to identify and tutor those failing students who could be held back. but mayor gray says some of the initiatives like combining traditional and school lotteries are already being
6:35 am
implemented by his administration. the bill does have significant support but not everyone is convinced this is the right approach. >> the mayor has responsibility for running the schools. that's what we've been doing and intend to continue to do. >> i think the focus on reform has laxed the last few years. >> i don't know if any of the initiatives get at the achievement gap. i don't believe the school system should be run by the city council. i think the city council needs to provide oversight. >> reporter: council member cantania says at least he is getting the education conversation going and he says it has to be a top priority here in the district. he says these measures may not be perfect. they could use some tweaking so he's asking you out there, community members to log on to his website, give him some input on the seven proposals that he has in the council and he will have several hearings in council chambers before the
6:36 am
council breaks for the summer. that's the very latest. back to you. >> thanks, deal yarks live in northwest -- delia, live in northwest. lawmakers on capitol hill say they plan to continue their investigation of the i.r.s. yesterday conservative groups described being singled out by i.r.s. agents for extra scrutiny when it came to applying for tax exempt status. a number of lawmakers also were angered about these reports about i.r.s. spending habits as well. they include spending $1500 on hotel rooms, $4 million for an employee conference in california and all of that money came from us, the taxpayers. 6:37 and time for another your money segment. >> good morning to jessica doyle. >> we've got a warning about water safety. this one is coming to us from the epa. it says nearly $400 billion needs to be spent to make sure our drinking water stays safe. thousands of miles of pipes and tens of thousands of treatment
6:37 am
plants, storage tanks and water distribution systems are due to be upgraded by 2030. an epa study shows many of the nation's water systems ever at least 50 years old and they're approaching the end of their useful lives. pants were removed in march when it was discovered you can see through when you bend over. they're using more fabric across the rear. they put the pants through 15 specific tests. pricey participants. they sell for $72 to $98 a pair. a large pizza is going to cost you about the same amount as a big burger. today pizza hut is rolling out a limited time promotion, $5.55 for a large pizza with one topping. our partners report the offer comes as the chain celebrates
6:38 am
its 55th anniversary. >> $5.55 for a pizza. >> pepperoni. >> if we all split it, we won't eat the whole thing. >> it would be like a buck, nothing. >> not so bad. >> i'm on. >> sounds like a good idea. >> thanks, jess. >> place the order. 6:38. a record tornado, the widest ever. this was in oklahoma. and once it was measured, it was as wide as the island of manhattan. >> incredible. also a hearing in silver spring could determine if you'll be able to freely use a popular diabetes drug. >> wusa9 and d.c. jobs is trying to get you hired. a mid-level software engineer is sought after for berico technologies. for more information on it, go to
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welcome back to wusa9. 6:43. yesterday gold star, today maybe silver with a gold overlay. >> the high clouds are going to pull back a little bit so we
6:43 am
won't have a 10. the allergy count, the grass pollen and mold spores were still high. that might have taken away from some of the beauty of the day but it really was spectacular. today we'll call it very, very nice. how's that? let's show you the picture outside before we get you going on the forecast. got some good looking water there in front of d.c. the boat there, crews are out doing their thing. it's a nice looking morning to be outside. temperatures today will get into the upper 70s and low 80s by this afternoon. that's about average. average high is 816789 this evening we're dropping back from the mid-70s to the low 70s at 9:00. another great night for baseball in d.c. going out for the morning run, check it out. low to mid-50s right now in montgomery county. 55 in bethesda. about the same in prince george's county. upper marl bore re52. 58 -- marlboro 52. 58 in crofton. arlington at 57 degrees. really a very pretty morning
6:44 am
out there as we look at the kennedy center on our michael & son weather camera. sunshine and a temperature of 61 at reagan national. the clouds that you're seeing, those are high thin clouds. not doing much except for making the sky a little more interesting than yesterday's all blue. and the winds are on the calm side. we've got strong storms once again. been going on for a couple of weeks now in the central part of the country. it's the i-40 corridor down to about i-20 that's dealing with the showers and storms from arkansas, the heavy stuff into new mexico and texas and oklahoma. isolated damaging wind gus, large -- gusts, large hail, straight tornado. see some storms coming through the plains. they will afire up again -- they'll fire up again this morning. the showers and storms out of minnesota in toward the great lakes. as this system moves east, some of the moisture in the middle of the country and the gulf of mexico and the atlantic will all be dragged in our direction. so drier air is in place now, but it will become a memory as
6:45 am
it pulls away. in the mountainses could see an afternoon shower develop. tomorrow southeasterly winds coming off the atlantic helping to bring in low-level moisture there. the storm out west gets closer. look how we have a couple of showers popping on the model by noon. so the afternoon shower threat on thursday. but the bulk of the rain will be holding off till probably friday. thursday night, friday morning a couple of showers here and there. i want to show you by 6:30 a.m. look how the rains are really increasing western north carolina and southwestern virginia moving in our direction. there's a lot more moisture where that comes from. it's out in the gulf of mexico. a broad area of low pressure in the central gulf. a lot of showers on the east side of any low pressure. it doesn't have a closed circulation or else it would be a tropical depression. whatever helps, drier air to the west is not helping the system. whatever happens it will be moving to the north, northeast. the only question for saturday is does the moisture come right over us or more toward the coast. 81 today. really nice again with high
6:46 am
clouds. upper 50s, low to mid-60s tonight. tomorrow 79. more clouds. the afternoon shower and storm. then the yellow alert friday. your commute probably going to take extra time. a high of 79. then saturday maybe a repeat. confidence level not as high as i'd like on saturday. we'll call for more showers and storms on saturday, 83. maybe the afternoon storm threat sunday through tuesday with highs creeping up into the mid-80s. monika samtani, how are we doing so far? been an up and down morning. >> reporter: right, we had a little bit of a low point. now we're back on a high point which just means we don't have any major incidents to report. we just got a lot of slow traffic so that's not so great but at least the lanes are open. coming in on 66, you'll go about 33 miles an hour. out in the manassas area looks pretty much the same leaving centreville into fairfax where the pace improves to the beltway and again the lanes are open on 66 and even on route 29 as well. let's go outside live. first of all here to the american legion bridge. can't get better than this across the potomac river
6:47 am
between bethesda and tysons. great shape here and no problems on the dulles toll road as well. let's go back over to the maps. this time we're heading all the way inside the beltway. no problems on 66 at 42 miles per hour. 395 at 40. 295 at 46 to the 11th street bridge. we'll end with a live look from our sky 9. this is just leaving the beltway trying to past edsall road toward duke street. the pace improves once you past landmark in toward alexandria. back to you, mike. >> thank you, monika. school of course is wrapping up for a lot of our kids now but just because summer is here doesn't mean bullies are going to take a break over the summer. we're joined by lee hirsch, the director of the film bully. today he will announce a new tissuetive -- initiative. impactful film. the great story about this film is it sort of shocks people a little bit saying oh, my goodness, it's centered around a young man named alex. let's give people a reminder
6:48 am
about the film. >> it taws us -- you spend a full year in his life, seeing what he goes through. he's a seventh grade near iowa and he's beaten and punched and goes through this daily gauntlet almost of struggle. over the course of the film you see it but you also root for him in ways i think connect people to their own feelings, to their own story, to their own history. gives a lot of strength to people who have gone through it. it's heartfelt stuff. it's out on netflix and wherever else. it's much easier to see than what it was in theaters. >> you had a goal that you wanted to get a million kids to see this and it's long surpassed that, right? >> we're announcing today we met our goal of this incredible
6:49 am
number. we are closer to 1.8 million. when you think about that, that's awesome because it's almost 11% of all kids in secondary education in america. those numbers are rising. when the film him was out, almost a quarter of a million kids went to see the film him in theaters -- film in theaters. we've been able to now create that experience. they work with us. they tell us the number of students they're engaging. they start with team building amongst just the adults in the building. how can we use this to improve and impact school culture and school climate. >> things you can do in the classrooms, in the hallways. and you said you put together a kit. >> this great kit. educators open it and it says your guide to make a difference. the idea is anyone can be the
6:50 am
idea of change. don't have to be the principal or the superintendent. we had a bus driver organize this for a district of 200,000 kids. >> and bullying happens on the bus. could be high school locker rooms, the band, anywhere. >> what's exciting, the good news is i think the raising of the alarm bells, i think we're past that moment. i think it's time to actually see what -- the change that you mentioned. we're working today with the rfk center for human rights who are launching a project called project seat belt which is also aimed at that preventive work. how do you give educators the tools and ideas that can help them. in most cases without spending money to improve school culture and climate. >> we have to goap. where can people get -- to go. where can people get this? >> the >> thank you for joining us.
6:51 am
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we'll start looking for an suv... "fire' by firenze" "sir?" start your search online with over 35,000 carmax quality certified used cars. carmax. start here.
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in the news right now at 6:54, the death toll from friday's tornadoes and floods in oklahoma is up to 19. the storms which swept through the oklahoma city area generated the widest tornado ever recorded. it was 2.6 miles wide. the fda is going to hold a hearing on the drug avandia today in silver spring. restrictions were put on the diabetes drug in 2010 after some safety issues were raised but new reviews of avandia show it may not be as risky or any riskier than the older diabetes drugs. reps from the maker will testify. time to answer the question of the morning. it was one-third of newlyweds met their spouse recently, is
6:55 am
it a, at work, b, online or c, bar or nightclub. >> it's a new world. the answer is b, you're all right, online. we'll qqxx7xx7x
6:56 am
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6:58 am
6:58. we're looking really nice, high clouds, 81. shower possible by amp. tomorrow 79 and -- by afternoon. tomorrow 79 and friday unsettled. showers and storms friday into saturday as we warm up a little bit. things have came upped down a bi. what a pretty shot from our sky 9. traffic moving well. a little slow on the inner loop leaving 210. we're a little unsettled as for wall street this morning. four economic reports are due out later today. cbs this morning is next. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. until then, have a great day. see him again at noon.
6:59 am
congrats nats on the walkoff win. take care, everybody. it is wednesday, june 5th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." baseball faces a bombshell. e


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