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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  June 17, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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hollywood, maryland at a home in the 25,000 block of sect just drive. we are told the victims fell about eight feet to the ground. a 55-year-old woman was flown to the shock trauma center. the other two were taken by ambulance to st. mary's hospital. a book detailing one of the most profiled local murders hits bookshelves today. it provides insight into the vicious murder at the bethesda bookstore. britney norwood was convicted of killing her coworker, jaina murray. author peter ross range says murray got proof of stealing from the store and that is why she lost her young life. a young girl sentenced to death for killing a bible study teacher in gary, indiana will be free today. paula cooper was 15 years old when she and three others
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killed ruth pell can i for car keys. cooper was the youngest person to be on death row in the country at the time. after a plea from pope john paul the second, the judge ordered her to spend 60 years in prison. her biggest advocate all this time has been the victims' grandson. >> first we just knew she had died. then we found out she was stabbed 33 times with a 12-inch butcher knife. our greatest concerns were for my father, who found my grandmother's body. for my mom. i became convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt my grandmother who actually have love and compassion for this young girl on death row. >> indiana changed its death row law while cooper was in jail. she is now being released with a support system of social workers. people were allowed to head
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back to their homes tonight after wildfires in colorado are starting to be under control. firefighters contained about half of them sunday night. the worst fire in colorado history has burned close to 500 homes and killed two people. crews hope to fully contain the flames by thursday. looking overseas the protests in turkish cities are far from slowing down. police fought off antigovernment protesters and successfully have forced them out at this point. the turkish prime minister held a rally with thousands of supporters where he defendedded the crack downs and dismissed claims. the father's day cookouts may be over but for some, celebrating their dads goes way beyond the barbecue. >> for them the memories of their father is really what made sunday special. >> reporter: it was a very special father's day
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celebration at the vietnam veteran's memorial. the base of the memorial is covered in flowers honoring those fathers who went off to war but never came home. the yellow ones are for considered missing in action. on this father's day, people like dennis shine iii could be be any more proud. >> i'm named after my dad, as well as my grand father. to have that name, i felt honored to have it. >> reporter: he was only a year old when his 20-year-old father went off to fight. dennis shine ii would never return from war. this ultimately brought him here to the ball, bearing his dad's name, and legacy. he shared this intimate photo with us taken during a rare leave his father had from his service. >> it is just one of those great memories of him holding me, and his mom in the photo as
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well, proud as can be with her son approximate her grandchild. >> reporter: like the shine story, there are countless other sons and daughters of vietnam veterans who have grown up without the real life here rows. to those families, this proud son offers this advice. >> reporter: allow the kids to talk about their fathers and want to learn about their dads, and keep those memories alive. i think that is really important. >> reporter: den nice shine's story is testament of how powerful the memory of a loved one can be. fairfax county public schools is teaming up with a group of specialists to help their high schoolers. children's international sleep division has been figuring out the way to move the start time back to 8:00 a.m. or later. the county wants to make sure students are getting enough
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sleep. >> we certainly understand that need. >> absolutely. >> it is 4:35. it is early. but erica is up and has our first alert weather forecast for us. >> the story you'll find
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good morning. i'm meteorologist erica grow. it is 4:38, we are looking at the day planner. a chance for thunderstorms as early as around noon for most of the beltway. we are going to get into the upper 80s today.
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with the chance for showers and storms diminishing as we head into the evening hours, looks like we are going to remain warm and humid for the next couple of days. on the northbound side of i- 95 heading for springfield, still light on there monday morning, heading for 395 and the 14th street bridge. one accident in chantilly, a car slid off the road. watch out for police on the scene, back to you guys. i'm watching your money. investors are bracing for a potential shift in federal reserve policy. wall street will be waiting to hear what chairman ben bernancke plans regarding the current economic stimulus program. checking the numbers for you, the dow plummeted by 106 points on friday. it starts this morning at 15070. the s & p 500 slipped 1000 points and the nasdaq was off by almost 22.
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after opening a sports agency this year hip hip mogul jay z is returning to music. he will reduce his album to owners who download an app for the album. those who get the app will get the album on independence day, three days before the album's official release. the deal was announced in the three minute ad during game 5 of the nba finals. chrysler is freezing the pensions of roughly 8000 u.s. salaried employees at the end of this year. companies in general have been moving away from traditional pensions due to their cost. general motors made a similar move last year. closing arguments are scheduled this week in apple's ebook trial. apple conspired with publishers to fix the price of ebooks is the allegation. apple has refused to settle in this antitrust case.
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>> things not going well lately for them. >> no, they have had some challenging times. the fights between two siblings may be a lot more serious than you think. that story is coming up, after the break. and erica's first al
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good morning and welcome back to wusa 9. our time is 4:42, coming up on 4:43. monday morning we are all here, anxious to hear what the forecast is. >> we are going to see the weather get better as we head through the week. today i want you to leave out the door with the umbrella, because you might need it, especially toward the noon hours. plenty of clouds in place, your day planner calls for the chance for showers and storms to really arrive around noon.
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82 degrees by noon, so it will be warm. also a little bit on the muggy side. 85 degrees at 5:00 p.m. with winds mostly out of the south. as we head into the afternoon, we are going to watch a cold front right now lagging to our south to kind of push up a little bit. that is going to provide the energy for the showers and storms. right now 70 degrees in winchester, 72 in culpepper. 74 in fred r360burg. no fog out there right now, so if you are heading out the door, you should be okay as far as visibility goes. but do bring the umbrella. you can see the cold front lagging to the south with the showers and storms. a few storms here through the pittsburgh rare and some of the energy will be present. a chance for showers especially moving in from the north and west to the beltway. down toward the district by noon. heading out for lunch, it might be a little bit of a wet one.
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you might want to pack your lunch and eat indoors. heading into the afternoon and early evening, more showers and storms are possible. the bigger event was tomorrow. as we head into the overnight hours, a couple of sprinkles, not a big deal. overnight tonight those will clear out, but the moisture and the heat are still present on tuesday and that will lead to a more widespread shower and storm event i think. 84 degrees in gaithersburg, 86 in manassas and fredericksburg. 86 for your high in martinsburg. overnight tonight, is going to dip only down to about 70 degrees in the district. 66 in leesburg and gaithersburg. we'll dip down to 67 degrees in fredericksburg. looks like we are going to see the dew points remaining in the 60s overnight tonight. you know what that means? it means it is going to be muggy tonight as well.
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tuesday storms and a high of 8 degrees. wednesday we are going to keep it with a green alert for now. looks like it is going to be more unsettled on wednesday. looking at the first alert 7- day forecast, this is when we are going to finally see things clearing up. thursday looks like a pretty nice day, partly cloudy with a lie of 82. 86 and mostly sunny on friday. 86 mostly sunny on saturday, next sunday a slight chance for a sunflower. we could keep it completely dry, which would be fantastic. just a couple more days with showers and storms. monika, we are going to see things clear up by wednesday. all right if you are planning to led around town, actually for an early monday morning, we are in really good shape. there is one accident i want to tell you about in forestville, northbound forestville road at
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route 4, pennsylvania avenue. vw parkway route 50 heading into the northeast corridor, no problems in prince george's county. no problems to report as you travel north on route 210 out of oxen hill. no problems on route 4 or route 5. forestville road northbound at route 4. there is an accident. another live look this time all the way over here at 270 at montgomery village avenue. over to the maps again, this time heading into virginia on the inbound side of i-66. all lanes are open manassas into centerville. 395 now northbound here in the lanes. the little spats your children have every so offense, they should not be ignored. according to a new study in the
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journal journal of pediatric, research found fights between brothers and sisters can cause the same level of distress as peer bullying. is there a racial bias on how autistic children are treated? autistic african-american and hispanic children are far less likely than write autistic children to receive specialized care for medical conditions that sometimes come with autism. these include stomach problems and sleep disorders. >> how you measure your blood sugar can go a long way for diabetics. diebold beatics who use meters have better control over the disease. that is according to
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researchers at the mount sinai medical center who looked at data from 500 patients. they found those with monitors do a better job than those who keep handwritten logs. picture this, 35,000 harleys riding into rome to celebrate the motorcycle company's 110th anniversary. >> only 1400 of the bikers were granted permission to park at the vatican to hear pope francis deliver a special blessing. the crowd mingled with nuns and other catholics. >> i didn't expect the pope to be so near, because we were standing here. it was really something amazing. >> we are all brothers here.
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>> you don't have to be from a certain religion or a certain color or creed you just have to have the harley. >> earlier this week harley davidson gave the pope two jackets. >> we were sake we could see him on a harley. he used to ride a bike in his other country. >> he is a pope of the people. in the meantime a solar- powered plane landed at dulles. the plane is called solar impulse, it is the brain child of two swift pilots, and it has 12,000 solar cells built into the wings. the plane only travels 43 miles per hour and is capable of being airborne day and night.
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its journey to new york began may 3rd in northern california. the plane is expected to make its final destination early next month. yesterday people stopped for a moment to say thanks to dads for their love and support. >> they brought them in a way neither could have imagined. >> reporter: from the second amy roberson stepped in, she felt the joy of giving back to those in need. >> it is all about hope. >> reporter: aim any knows a lot about hope. she was adopted as a baby and has spent years thinking about her birth parents. >> when i hit my teen years i started to wonder about the people who gave me life. when all the social networking popped up, you hope something comes up. >> reporter: while volunteering at the rescue mission, amy said she suddenly felt an overwhelming need to go there as often as possible.
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>> i needed to be here for some reason. >> reporter: pastor will russell understands he says he felt the exact same way when he started volunteering a month later. >> i found myself kind of drawn here, so i started serving here. >> reporter: for an entire year both amy and will volunteered at the rescue mission. their paths never crossed until one day when will got a phone call. >> i heard a voice that said hello, may i speak to andrew? i hadn't use that had name in over 20 years. >> i said i don't know how to say this but i'm your daughter. >> it is one of those moments when everything just fades to black. >> he was speechless for a minute and my heart started racing. >> reporter: she said please say something. >> i just wanted him to say something, anything. >> reporter: i found myself smiling and i said it is going to be okay. >> they suddenly realized they had boeing been serving at the
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rescue mission, not knowing the incredible bond. even more incredible while amy was searching for will, will was praying for amy. >> when i came across her name, for about six months, i specifically began praying one specific prayer and that is i don't know if she knows christ, but if you cannot bring me into her life, bring someone who will deliver that gospel message to her. >> a prayer that ultimately came true. >> because of my father i came to have a relationship with christ. >> reporter: making father's day that much more special. >> when you start thinking about father's day, in my mind, i think about my heavenly father and what he has done for me and how he has blessed me to be a father and has made my family complete. >> reporter: will says 24 years ago he gave amy up for adoption because he was struggling with addiction and other problems. now he has turned his life
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around and is helping others who are struggling with the same problems he faced all those years ago. according to ask, which one of these is the biggest factor for men when choosing a car? for practical reasons? to impress the ladies? or to compete with friends and co-workers? post your answer on our wusa 9 facebook fan page. and we'll give free passes to the at&t tournament as congressional country club and one lucky winner will get to play a round of golf with mike
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let's take a look at the day planner. we are going to see showers and storms increasing as we head through the day, especially right around midday. a chance for showers and storms extending through 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. actually as you are heading back home from work, the chance for storms decreases a bit. upper 80s today, another warm and humid day. i'll tell you when we finally get a break from the humidity coming up in a little bit.
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right now, traffic with monika. looks like we have a serious accident here on the northbound side of 395 south of eds sell road. the hov lanes are shut down with the equipment as you can see them setting up there northbound of 395-6789 back to you guys. a new miss usa was crowned last night. 25-year-old erin brady from connecticut. along with the crown and title she also gets a new york apartment for one year. she is expected to spend her time on a nationwide speaking tour raising breast cancer and ovarian cancer awareness, one of the initiatives. the emmy awards celebrate america's favorite daytime television programs and a rapper and reality star become first time parents. wonder who those people could
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be. rap and hip hop artist kahn area wessell operated father's day as a brand new dad. his reality star girlfriend, kim kardashian, gave birth to their child over the weekend. >> days of our lives took outstanding drama series. >> i thought scott had it the whole time. >> comedian wayne brady presented monty hall with an achievement award. actress betty white gave one to producer bob stewart. >> vanessa red grave play's sam's wife. >> unfinished song opens in new
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york and los angeles on friday. actress julie sweeney voices the character mrs. swill. new university monsters university. >> the message of this movie is really about how everyone finds their own way in life in very different ways,. >> monsters university hits theaters this friday. and thank you for watching wusa 9 at 5:00 a.m. good morning, happy monday. im's andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle in for mike haiduk. >> reporter: right now it is dry for most of us in the area but it is going to turn stormy as we head toward


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