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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  June 17, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hours. we've shot of the national mall there. lots of clouds in place. we will see a few breaks in the cloud cover. showers and storms erupting. 82 degrees at noon. 85 at 4:00 pmr. right now 70 in manassas, 66 in gaithersburg. 57 degrees, warm and muggy to start the day. right now let's get a look at traffic with monika. >> reporter: unfortunately, we already have an accident blocking off the i-95 hov lanes at eds sell road, anyone you'll see the lanes are completely shut down with this accident. we'll go to our camera here,
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and it looks like it could be serious in nature. quite a bit of equipment on the scene here and people milling around at the scene scene, so stick to the main line if you are heading north on i-95 sleeping springfield and i'll keep you posted. let's go back to the maps, this time no problems out of college park into silver spring. there is an accident on northbound forestville at route 4. pennsylvania avenue blocking off the left lane. northbound a live look outside. one more time here in oxen hill. back to you guys. dc police are investigating an early morning shooting with young victims. >> reporter: the shooting erupted near bening road. delia goncalves is live at the scene. >> we can tell you two young people are shot, a 20-year-old
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and a 17-year-old. they are expected to survive. here in the 4900 block of gstreet southeast as you mentioned we are right off bening road. let's show some video that we took when the scene first unfolded here this morning. as i mentioned a 20-year-old young man shot in the face we are told with in and out wounds to the cheek. a 17-year-old young woman shot several times. listen to this, shot in both legs and then a grave wound to the chest. fortunately, despite those pretty severe sounding injuries, both victims, we are told, were conscious and breathing when they were transported to the hospital. they are now being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. we are still very early on in
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the investigation. police were here for several hours. we are expecting them to come back to the scene and do a little more investigating when the sun does come out and they can see some of the evidence. we are hearing several, several shots were fired, so there is certainly a lot of evidence and markers that will be based on the ground in regards to shell casings and the like where they can gather some information and figure out exactly what happened to these young people 17 and 20 years old. there is a lookout for a vehicle, all we know police looking right now for a silver- colored car. back to you, jess, andrea? police are looking for a couple of suspects following an early morning shooting on savannah street southeast. the shooting was reported just after 2:30. when they arrived on the scene, seventh district officers found
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an adult man shot in the legs. he was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. witnesses told police they saw two suspects running away from the shooting, headed toward congress street. a deck collapsed in st. mary's county sent three people to the hospital. it happened late yesterday afternoon in hollywood, maryland. a 55-year-old woman was flown to the shock trauma center. two other people were taken by ambulance to st. mary's hospital. we don't have further details on their conditions. a team of sleep specialists is partnering with the fairfax county public school system to develop a plan to push back start times for high schools. the sleep division has been contracted by the county school board. the doctors will be brainstorming about how best to move the start time to 8:00
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a.m. or later. nearly all high schools start at 7:20 in the morning. i am watching your money investors are bracing for a possible shift in federal reserve is policy. wall street will be waiting to hear what fed chairman ben bernancke plans in regard to the economic stimulus program that will be at this week's meeting. the big question, will the stock market rebound after disappointing reports about the economy. the dow plummeted about 106 points friday. it starts this morning still above the 15,000 level. the nasdaq was down by almost 22. good news for school employees in maryland, they would receive pay raises under an agreement being voted on this week. the county school board is scheduled to vote wednesday. one measure to give salary step increases cost adjustments to thousands of employees on the
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table. the cost of living pay raises would take effect july 1. today the u.s. secretary of energy will greet the crew of the solar impulse near dulles airport. the solar power plane landed at dulles yesterday. this is the fourth leg of a cross country flight powered only by the sun. you see it there. the plane is the brain child of two swift pilots. it has 12,000 solar cells built into the wings, they weigh as much as a small car. the plane valves just 43 miles per hour. its journey began may 3rd in northern california, the final leg will be from here to new york. firefighters think they'll get the worst wildfire in colorado history under control this week. that story is coming up. plus president obama is meeting other world leaders
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this morning at the g8 summit. and stephen
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good morning i'm meteorologist erica grove in for howard this morning. you can start to is he a little bit of light coming over the horizon. we are almost at the summer solstice right now, lots of clouds in place. a chance for showers arriving close to the noon time hours. into the upper 80s, by 4:00 p.m. still a chance for showers and storms. an overturned vehicle on the northbound side of 395 just before eds sell roadblocking off the hov lanes here. now a water main break closes quaker lane in both directions between duke and seminary road. more information in a few minutes, back to you guys. here's a look at what's new this morning.
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firefighters have now contained about two-thirds of the massive black forest fire in colorado. they hope to have full containment by thursday. crews are digging up the areas where they have put out hot spots to keep the dry grass and trees from reigniting. the fire has destroyed nearly 500 homes. south african officials say former president nelson mandela remains in serious condition, but is improving at a pre toria hospital. the 94-year-old has had respiratory problems since contracting tb during his 27 years in prison. the leaders of the world's top economic power houses are meeting in northern island today at the g8 summit. last week's decision by the u.s. to arm the syrian rebels is expected to dominate these talks. we have a decent chance of storms today
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always alert, always tracking, giving us the monday morning forecast. we need the umbrellas today. >> that's right. scattered showers and storms will move in right around lunch time. a couple of kids i know still have school. and by the way, i would like to say a very special happy good morning second to last day of school for the fourth graders i met in centerville last week. i hope you are enjoying these final couple of days. let's look outside, a beautiful shot of the sun starting to peek over the horizontal isn't. look at all the beautiful lights. 80s by noon and the heat and humidity is going to fire up. 85 by 5:00 with the chance for showers and storms continuing until we get into the evening hours, believe it or not. right now 74 degrees, still a
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mixture of clouds and stars, really on the humid side. once we get above 70 with the dew point, that is when we consider it oppressive humidity. but it is muggy out there, 70 degrees in may kneesies, 68 in leesburg, -- in manassas and 68 in leesburg. a lingering cold front to our south bringing showers and storms and that could trigger a few showers and storms for us as early as the noon hour. you can see that here on 9 futurecast. we could have showers moving through the beltway, but i think that activity will stay to the north of us, and more showers and storms descending toward us asses we head into about the lunch time hour. by 3:00 a few more spotty storms possible, but by dinner time, things are starring to clear up. you can see breaks in the cloud cover, and i think we are going to be in the clear. tuesday though, those elements are still in place for another
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round of showers and stores. high -- storms. high today 86 degrees, 87 downtown in the district and 83 at andrews for your afternoon high. tonight temperatures in the 60s to around 70 degrees in downtown washington, 66 in leesburg and manassas and 67 degrees in winchester. taking a look at our 3 day forecast, we are going to keep it in the green zone for the next three days. tuesday a little bit greater chance for the showers and storms in the afternoon, with a high of 8 degrees and then on wednesday, this is the day that we have the best chance for rain in the entire work week. that is going to cap our temperatures a little bit, a lie of 82 degrees with a chance for storms. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. after the cold front moves through, it is going to turn nice thursday, partly cloudy with a lie of 82 degrees, mid- 80s friday and saturday with tons of sunshine and a slight
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chance for a shower sunday. as of now, next weekend is looking great and we have a couple of showers and storms to get through before we start to clear things out. not looking so great in terms of traffic unfortunately this morning. right now we have an accident inbound blocking off the right lane. let's slow you what it looks like on our camera northbound side the right lane is squeezing by. two overturned vehicles here, although they are letting you through here and the main line has remained open all this time. this is a tiny bit heavier than normal at this time. a lot of people choosing to use the main line instead. let's go back over to our maps this time the northbound side of 270 also the lanes an accident here at 370.
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we'll take a live look one more time outside. here's what it looks like at route 10. the mistics do battle with last year's nba champs. a golfer who had never won a major before is the new u.s. open champion. on facebook this morning, according to an ask survey which is the biggest factor for men choosing a car, to impress women, to compete with friends and co-workers? >> our facebook friend bethany says the answer is c, guys want to be better than the guy next to him. you can post your comments on our wusa9 facebook fan page. >> we want to give you free passes to the at and
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dtournament at congressional country club. one lucky winner will get to play a round of golf
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we are going to have the hour by hour forecast. 5:22 a beautiful sunrise.
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74 degrees at 8:00 a.m. it is a warm and muggy day. 82 degrees by noon. the best chance for showers and storms today will be right in the noon to 4:00 p.m. time frame. that is a quick look at weather, another quick look at traffic now with monika. good morning, everybody, it was a rough, long weekend for the golfers at merrian. mother nature affected not only the course but the players' routines as well. to close things out another nice shower for the guys on sunday afternoon. this is the u.s. open so the course is always unkind for many. phil mickelson, one of the shots of the day on the 10th. from the pitch right into the cup. how about that?
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an eagle on 10 for mickelson. he was jockeying with other guys for first place, rose picks up the final birdie of the day on 13 and that was enough for him to win. the washington nationals welcome back stephen strasburg, pitching his first game since may 31st. they lost to cleveland 2-0. baltimore orioles stepping up chris davis coming up big again. the slugger hit his 23rd homerun. we have women's basketball kids enjoying the fever. playing some of the best ball in a long time. game tonight at halftime our former intern crystal language
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horn, has 16 points in the second half. throwing four it free throws. they are now 4-1 off to the best start in franchise history. that will do it, have a great monday. they were scheduled to discuss the economy, but another issue is expected to dominate the g8 summit and we'll have that story, coming up. plus the district kicks off a summer of activities for young people and other city residents. coming up on 5:25, here's monika. >> reporter: on the northbound side of i 395 here south of edsel road, work continues on an accident involving two overturned cars in the lanes. main lines remain open the entire time. it is affecting your ride up from springfield. from springfield. more from springfield. more [ male announcer ] wake up to something incredible. it's avocado season at subway! try avocado on the bacon, egg & cheese, or the steak, egg & cheese! ride to subway for a blockbuster breakfast today! and catch disney's the lone ranger,
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in theaters july 3rd. subway. eat fresh. february 22nd. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan. but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes.
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terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
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68 degrees right now in leesburg. 66 in the district alightning near the northern neck of virginia, 73 degrees. satellite and radar shows sagging cold front that is bringing the showers could trigger another shower or storm for us here in the beltway. today and then again tomorrow, and wednesday we have another chance for those storms. i'll make sure to pinpoint for you the 7-day alert forecast. quaker lane is closed with a water main break between duke street and seminary road. we have a live look at hov lanes here. for a time, they were letting the right lane through right now. i would just say stick to the
5:30 am
main line on the northbound side of i 35. a live look at our camera and see how it is affecting traffic coming up from springfield, both in the main and hov lanes of course trying to get past that accident northbound 35 before eds sell road. let's look at our maps again this time over to 66 on the inbound side before route 17. watch out for the accident, it is in the right lane. beyond that you are good manassas into fairfax. a live look all the way on the other side of town. no problems in college park. two young people are lucky to be alive after an early morning shooting. >> one teenage girl was hit several times and a 20-year-old took a bullet to the face. >> was this random or were these people targeted delia? >> reporter: we are still trying to piece together that
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information. police just cleared the scene. we are expecting them to come back to continue to investigate, talk to people in the neighborhood and comb the area for additional evidence. we are told many shots were fired, so certainly there is probably a lot of shell casings they have to gather on the ground. it was a violent night in dc. so far five people have been shot, only since 9:40 last night. we are only talking about four or five hours since the first shooting, and then this shooting, which occurred around 1:43, two of those people were shot here. let's take a look at some video. we have a crew here early on the scene when this first unfolded and police were pranking the -- planketting the area. a young man shot in the case with in and out wounds to the face. both legs were shot and then
5:32 am
she suffered a graze wound to the chest. remarkably they are both conscious and they were both breathing when they were rushed to the hospital, they are now being treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. now as you mentioned andrea, still lots of unanswered questions at this point. we don't know if they were targeted or if this was random. several shots reportedly were fired. police will be looking at all the evidence and gather some of the evidence on the ground where they can piece together what happened here. they will also be talking to neighbors as well. no lookout for suspects at this point. the only description we have so far is police are looking for a silver-colored vehicle. obviously they will be on the scene a little later today and
5:33 am
we will be here today hoping to bring more information to you. with schools now out the district of columbia recreation programs are now officially underway. live entertainment, free health screenings and demonstrations were all a part of this weekend's 2013 event at rfk stadium. mayor vince gray remained koy on whether he is actively campaigning for another term in office. >> i'm out doing the things a mayor should do. that is being out with people. i love to be with people the things i'm doing are the same things i have been doing since the day i was sworn in. >> reporter: any closer to a decision? >> not yet. >> three city council members announced they are running for
5:34 am
mayor. mayor gray says 15,000 young people will be participating in the youth summer employment program this year. this half hour we are focusing on the g8 summit. the leaders of the world's top economic powers are meeting today in northern ireland. their official discussion is supposed to focus on europe's ailing economy and what measures can be taken to fix them. but as susan mcginniss reports another topic is sure to draw even more attention. >> reporter: president obama is in northern ireland to meet with world leaders at the g8 summit. syria is not formally on the docket but is expected to dominate the talks following president obama's move to authorize shipments of weapons to rebel fighters. >> there are very big differences between the analysis we have of what happened in sir where you and who is to blame. >> reporter: russia is staunchly opposed to arming the
5:35 am
rebels. putin said rebels in syria are barbarians who have even practiced cannibalism. >> president obama and president putin are scheduled to hold private talks this afternoon the conversation comes after a new report reveals the u.s. and the uk spied on russia and others at another summit. >> the guardian newspaper says it has evidence the two countries speed on diplomats at the g20 summit in 2009 lacking into smartphones and reading e- mails. the source? edward snowden, the former nsa contractor who leaked secret u.s. surveillance programs to the press. on cbs's face the nation the white house chief of staffer says snowden has hurt america. >> in effect gives a playbook to those who would like to get around our techniques and
5:36 am
practices. the summit is being held at a golf restore near the northern ireland town, 7000 police officers are on hand to provide security for the delegation. a shop keeper hopes the extra effort to lure world leaders will actually pay off. the dmv wants to make it faster for you to get your license here in the district. but it will cost you.
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good morning. we are off to a warm ask muggy start for there work week but we will see improvements later on, toward wednesday or thursday. today a chance of showers and storms arriving by the time you
5:39 am
are heading out to lunch. about 1:00 p.m., 83 with scattered showers and storms moving through. some clearing and drying. more showers and storms lie ahead. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. right now another look at traffic with monika. it has not been a good start to this monday morning rush hour for virginia drivers on the northbound side of i 395. we have been dealing with two overturned vehicle on eds sell road, blocking off the lanes, main lines looking over, even though the lines are open. i'll be become with more in a few minutes. a store near the site of today's g8 meeting is doing a little extra in lopez of cashing in on the extra business. >> reporter: just down the street from where the leaders are meeting they have created a
5:40 am
gelato for each of the leaders in attendance. shop keepers researchched and uncovered president obama's love of almonds and pecans is out there, so they created a flavor called nuts for obama. russian's president got gelato flavored with vodka and tiramisu for italy's president. long waits for some in washington who just want to get a driver's license. plus we are going to tell you which player you haven't heard of in the nba finals. it is the 17th of june. let's see who is celebrating a birthday today barry manilow is 70. newt gingrich also 70 today. saturday night life cast member will is 43. she is going to be going to her
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we have you all this week? >> reporter: i'm excited to be here all week long and the forecast is going to getber and better. let's take a look outside right now. of course you don't want any disruptions to your commute either. lots of clouds from place right
5:45 am
now. day planner shows the clouds will continue to be a factor in our day. we are going to see the chance for showers and storms as a little bit of heat and humidity today. 82 degrees by noon. 85 degrees. we are going to get close to 90. in your weather headlines, going to be warm and muggy today. the best chance for showers and storms will be right from the middle of the day. more storms arrive for tuesday and wednesday. as i promised, just in time for the weekend. >> 70 degrees for manassas, 74 degrees in the district. satellite and radar, you can see most of the showers and storms are to the south of us right now. but a few isolated storms starting to rumble here as you head into eastern ohio and western pennsylvania. that could provide us with a few showers and storms later on
5:46 am
today. as we head toward noon, that is when we could see a few showers and storms developing, and that chance will stay with us through the afternoon. we are pretty much in a clear with isolated pockets toward manassas and culpepper. but the trigger will still be in place tomorrow which means another round of those isolated unsettled weather. 87 degrees for your high today in westminister and in fredericksburg as well. overnight warm and muggy. 66 for your low in gaithersburg. 71 for a low in annapolis. it is definitely going to be an uncomfortable night. tomorrow again with the chance for showers and storms, 89 degrees for the high. the best chance for storms will be on wednesday. with the increase in cloud cover and the increased chance for the rain, we are only going
5:47 am
to get up to 82 degrees. after the cold front moves through on wednesday, we'll start to see a pleasant trend. partly cloudy skies, beautiful dry air on friday. a high of 86 degrees it is going to feel cool. humidity is going to be the same day with a slight chance of showers sunday. showers and storms possible as you are heading out the door for lunch today. >> i wish i had better news for you. this monday morning's rush hour is a little bit of a hassle northbound 395. crews have been dealing with two overturned vehicles on 395. now a water main break closes quaker lane and duke street. they are saying choose your
5:48 am
alternate routes. now it has been blocked for awhile, trying to clean up two overturned vehicles here in the hov lane. the main line is not affected by this. the delays in springfield on 35 and 95. look at that. lanes completely jammed. i'm telling you if you are just heading out the door, expect this delay, choose your alternate routes, do not get on the hov lanes right now. let's go back to another part of i-66. here in manassas it is still moving fairly well into centerville and a last live look, looking good. andrea and jess in. >> reporter: delays, back-up accidents, despite all the traffic woes, new drivers are anxious to get out there on the
5:49 am
roads. in dc there is a waiting list several months long just to take the road tests. the department of motor vehicles is hoping to speed up this process, but it will cost you more than triple. delia goncalves has exclusive details. >> reporter: daniel waited three months for his road test. unfortunately, on this day he didn't quite make the grade. he has to return for another test in three months. why the wait? the lack of instructors at the dmv. although the dmv wouldn't tell us how many they have on staff, we spent about three hours outside the brentwood office. we saw the two same struck tors, clip boards in hand, heading out if a road test. we show the dmv is recruiting
5:50 am
driving school instructors. that will speed up a process. right now folks pay a total of 55 bucks to get a license but could soon be paying nearly $200. >> that is not fair. >> reporter: the dmv admits they are looking for more instructors to administer the road tests. but a spokesperson couldn't really explain why they are not hiring more dmv employees. only to emphasize this is about getting more licensed drivers on the roads and faster. this driving school instructor was the only one who agreed to talk to us on camera, but we had to hide his face and disguise his voice. he has his doubts about the program, but he says his business may not be able to survive if everyone else is doing it. here's how the costs add up. a person getting his or her license pays the driving school
5:51 am
instructor $100 to take the test. then the dmv $55 in processing fee. if you dope have a car you have to pay the school to use theirs. do you feel right passing that charge on to your students? >> yeah i could be do it free. >> reporter: even he wonder if the process opens the door for possible corruption. though the 12 month contract and application outlines a driving instructor cannot test his own students, many wonder if these nongovernment instructors would pass someone for an extra 50 bucks or maybe even fail someone for another 100? >> you always have ta anytime you are dealing with money. i don't that was dell i didn't gonzalez reporting. in an e-mail the dmv spokesperson tells us the
5:52 am
program is scheduled to be implemented by end of this month, but the department has not released details to the public. we are following these stories that are new this morning at 5:52. riot police from turkey's capital city of ankara used efforts to stop protests. this is the third week of wide speed antigovernment protests. president obama has chosen dc lawyer clifford sloan as the special envoy for closing down guantanamo bay. excellent's apointment should be announced later today.
5:53 am
the nba finals are ahead and back to miami with the heat backed into a corner. last night in san antonio the spurs went on an early run and never trailed after that. spurs guard danny green set a new finals record for three quarters. he now has 25 and the series isn't over yet. spurs win it 114-104 to take a three games to two series lead. we'll tell you just how easily the man of steel locked down the box office. and in the meantime, we have been combing through the day's daily deals and retailer websites to find you deals. this is one for the folks who like to cook. best includes a queen art chef classic, but you are getting free slipping and it is $50 off the original price. living social has a deal
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for a popular dc attraction. they are offering $30 for drink the district. american beer and wine festival on june 29th and 30th. you are going to save 20 bucks, but the sooner we get to the date the higher the admission price is expected to rise. and living social has another deal for 5-k runners. the race is in town june 22nd. you can enter for 42 bucks. if you have an officer you have seen or you are a local
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it is 5:57. mostly cloudy skies, it looks like the chance for showers and storms is going to increase. scattered showers and storms throughout the beltway area. they are actually going to diminish as we are heading back home from work. highs in the up per 80s today warm and muggy weather in the first alert 7-day forecast. andrea? actors from day type dramas, reality tv stars have extra hardware. they received statues at the daytime emmy awards in beverly
5:58 am
hills. the price is right won for outstanding game show, and get this, 35 years after joining the cast of the young and the restless, doug davidson took home his first emmy. he plays detective wall williams. he won for lead ath tore honors. at the movie the man of steel trails only iron man for the best debut of the year. the new superman movie starring british actor henry cavel grossed more than $125 million in north american theater. that is the biggest june opening weekend ever, only bested this year by iron man 3's $174 million opening. that is crazy. the comedy about actors handling at pocket lips, this is the end, debuted in second place. the illusionist high caper came in third fast and furious 6 and
5:59 am
the purge rounded out the top 5. >> i haven't been to the moves -- movies in so long. >> we'll take you. good morning and thank you for watching us on wusa 9:00 at 6:00 a.m. it is monday, june 17th, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle in for mike slide rather be at the movies than in traffic this morning. >> you have just been too busy to get to the movies? >> i have been. very busy, that's right. i'm going to get through weather quick. today not looking too bad, although it is on the warm and muggy side. the michael and son weather cam showing a slightly hazy shot of the national mall. 76 degrees at 9:00 a.m. a chance for showers and storms arriving as we head toward


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