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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  June 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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noon time hour. it is one of the rare days where the chance for showers and storms is big and better earlier on in the day. so it might be a good day to pack your lunch and eat inside, rather than heading out the door for lunch this afternoon. 66 degrees in leesburg, 70 in manassas. you can see here on satellite and radar most of the moisture is to the south of us right now. going to become more robust as we see the trigger if place for the possibility of more thunderstorms. that is a quick look at weather. now to traffic. in waldorf southbound route 301 before marshall corner road an accident and an overturned vehicle on the inbound side of i 766. -- of i-66. a water main closing between duke street and seminary road.
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on the northbound side you are going to see it here in the hov lanes. look at that, just cleared up in the last 60 seconds. good news, the lanes were closed for about an hour or more with the two overturned vehicles. they were just cleared up. main line remained open the entire time. very slow and heavy heading north on 95. look at that trying to get on to 395. at least your lanes are open. let's go back over to the maps. southbound 270 about 31 miles per hour. as you head down toward clarksburg, where it does pick up. we are following a developing story out of the district. two people, including a 17-year- old girl, were shot in the 4900
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block of gstreet southeast. >> the teen was shot three times. delia goncalves is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the 4900 block of d- 3. police have cleared the scene. they were here when this occurred at 1:43. they were hill until about 5:00. it happened in this parking lot, as you mentioned, the young girl shot several times but the good news they are both expected to be okay. we did have a crew here very early this morning when this all went down. police you can see were blatanting the area -- blanketing the area. two young people shot, a 20- year-old young man shot in the
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face. police are describing his wounds as in and out wounds to the cheek. the 17-year-old young woman shot several times, both legs were slot and then she suffered a graze wound to the chest. as i mentioned they were both conscious and breathing when they were rushed to howard university hospital. thankfully they are expected to be okay and hopefully police will be able to speak to them to find out exactly what happened here. things are still developing, at this point. it is unclear if these two people were targeted, or if this was a random shooting. however, again as i told you, police are reporting that numerous shots were fired and so they will be canvassing the area, clearing the scene and looking for any additional evidence or shell casings on the ground and hoping to talk to neighbors to find out exactly what happened here. police are looking for a car, don't have a lot of information on that, the only details so
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far is that vehicle is silver in color. that is the very latest from southeast. jess, andrea, back to you. dc police were very busy southeast last night. they are looking for the people responsible for another early morning shooting, this one on savannah street. officers arrived to find a man who had been shot in the legs. witnesses told police they saw two suspects running away from the shooting headed toward congress street. a deck collapse in st. mary's county yesterday afternoon in hollywood, maryland. a 55-year-old woman was flown to prince george's shock trauma center. two others were taken by ambulance to the hospital. we don't have further details on their conditions.
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investors are bracing for a potential shift in federal reserve policy of the central bankers are expected to discuss the future of their bond buying stimulus program at a meeting this week. ben bernancke has said any decision will depend on how the economy is doing. he will speak at a press conference wednesday. most are hoping he will provide clues on when the central bank will start to cut back bond buying. the fed buys $85 billion in bonds every month as part of a campaign to keep interest rates extremely low. now checking how wall street is doing the dow plummeted about 106 points friday. it starts this morning above 15,000 and the nasdaq dropped by almost 22 points.
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protests continue in turkey into the early morning hours. and colorado residents begin returning home to survey damage rest by the black
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good morning, i'm in for howard today about we are going to look at a warm and muggy one to start off the work week. 81 degrees at 11:00 a.m. the chance for showers and thunderstorms is really most prevalent around noon. 1:00 p.m. it will be 83 degrees. changes as we head toward the end of the work week.
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right now another look at traffic. >> on the northbound side of i- 95 a live look from our sky 9, which is absolutely jammed from here at the fairfax county parkway, right up the line to springfield and on to 395 where the accident in the lanes near edsel road has been cleared. protesters continue in turkey. police have driven them out of the square in istanbul, but the violence has continue in streets around the area. there were also large scale protests in the capital city of ankara. a private jet carrying former president george w. bush made an emergency landing after the smell of smoke was reported in the cockpit. the plane was traveling from philadelphia to dallas at the
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time. it was diverted to louisville, kentucky. no one was hurt. former south african president nelson mandela is improving during his stay at a pre toria hospital. the 94-year-old is being treated for a recurring lung infection. he has had respiratory problems for several decades. the black forest fire is now 65% contained. some colorado springs residents are getting a firsthand look at the devastation, evacuees out of the burn area have been allowed to return there. >> reporter: those on the front lines of the black forest fire hope to have it fully contained by thursday. it has destroyed close to 500 homes. >> reporter: fortner took this video. his chimney is all that is left
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standing. the fire destroyed all his vehicles and equipment. >> i couldn't believe it. i didn't want to believe it. >> reporter: fortner was out of town when the fire started. by the time you returned, -- he returned, authorities wouldn't let him get any belongings. >> i want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for not letting me in. because i would have stayed there. >> reporter: crews are going lot by lot, putting out hot spots. officials are urging displaced residents to be patient. >> i don't want to create a false belief tomorrow everybody is going home because that is not going to happen. >> reporter: bruce lockwood is spending his 48th birthday and father's day at home. what was your fear? >> that we wouldn't have a house to come back to. >> reporter: on saturday hundreds in colorado springs showed up to thank firefighters. four-year-old john wayne waited
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to catch the first glimpse of his dad in three days. crowds waited for hours to offer cheers and high fives. colorado springs. >> it is good to see they finally got it contained. that was a very stubborn fire, dry conditions, high winds. they could have used some of the rain we had last week. >> definitely, i was talking to a penn state meteorologist who works there and said they are concerned this might be a higher potential this spring because of the lack of snowpack they had during the winter. it is not surprising, but it is still devastating when it happened. warm and muggy. the humidity is in place even if you are not getting the rainshowers today. >> it is a little bit muggy. you can tell by this shot, can't you? with the haze hanging around in
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the sky. we are still dry at 9:00 a.m. but noon we could see more of the thunderstorms rumbling. the chance remains with us during the afternoon rush. cloudy and 74 right now with the dew point at 65. once the dew point gets above 70, that is where we really start to feel it. 64 degrees in westminister and gaithersburg, 74 warm and muggy in fredericksburg. we also have rain just to the south of fredericksburg. the sagging front is bringing the chance for showers and storms especially in southern virginia today. a few more triggers are possible, sweeping through as we head into the afternoon. that stays with us on tuesday as well. we have the chance for a shower as we are heading especially toward the midday hour.
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this is a look at lunch time, you can see a defined line. a few lingering showers possible for the afternoon and evening rush. however it looks a lot brighter during the noon time hour. just in time for the evening rush, overnight tonight just clouds. we are going to get up to 87 degrees in downtown dc, same in westminister and in frederick. a little bit cooler as you head toward the water, but then overnight tonight it will be warmer close to the water. a low of 71 degrees in annapolis, 66 in leesburg, with a low of 70 in downtown dc. your 9 weather alerts are going to remain green although we have a chance for showers and storms. it is going to increase on tuesday. high temperatures ranging from near 90 degrees tuesday to only low 80s on wednesday and cool
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and drier air moving in by thursday. in the 7-day forecast, 82 partly cloudy, feeling very nice on thursday. beautiful with saturday and sunday highs in the mid-80s, and even sunday just a slight chance for a sunflower with a high of 8 degrees. bring the umbrella as you are heading out on the road this morning. what can they expect? oh boy a lot of headaches, especially for virginia drivers, i'm really sorry about this, especially early on a monday morning. but i have got to tell you. a couple of issues. a water main break closing quaker between duke and seminary street. other 35 we'll show you first what it looks like at the hov lanes. northbound here in the lanes, looks like nothing ever happened, but a live look from our sky 9 northbound side of i-
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95, this is what it looks like coming up from at least the fairfax county parkway, jammed in the lanes closer to the beltway, trying to get on to 35. again lanes are open, no signs of the accident left over except this delay. let's go over to our traffic land camera, 66 in manassas, slow traffic and there was an overturned vehicle near route 17. no problems to report here on 270 a bit slow. back to you guys. time for the question of the morning. what is the biggest factor for men when choosing a car? is it for practical reasons? to impress women? or to quiet with friends and co- workers. >> our facebook friend sha reese wrote i know for my husband it is always practical reasons, he loves chevys and i
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good morning. in for howard not only today
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but all week long. your day planner calls if a chance for showers and storms from noon time onward. 11:00 a.m., 81 degrees. going to be a warm and muggy day. we'll see relief in the first alert 7-day forecast. details are coming up in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. it was a rough, long weekend for the golfers at merion. mother nature l.a. plans at the u.s. open, causing a massive rain delay, affecting not only the course but the players' routines. then to close things out another nice shower for the guys on sunday afternoon. of course this is the u.s. open so the course is unkind to many. phil mickelson, one of the shots of the day on the tenth, mickelson from the pitch right into the cup.
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how about that? an eagle on 10 for mickelson. he was jockeying with a couple of guys for first place, justin rose picks up the final birdie of the day. it is the english man's first major victory. the washington nationals welcome back stephen strasburg pitching his first game since may 31st. they couldn't muster a single run when they lost to cleveland 2-0. baltimore orioles, chris davis coming up big again. the slugger hit his 23rd. we have women's basketball enjoying, playing some of the best ball in a long time. game tied at halftime. that is our former intern
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crystal language horn, she has 16 of her points in the second half. 64-60. now 4-1 off to the best start in franchise history. on the northbound side of i- 95 from our sky 9 at the fairfax county parkway, it looks like this, trying to get on to 395, even the lanes are slow closer to the beltway. all because of an earlier accident northbound 395 before edsel road. it is gone, we'll have more news weather and traffic coming up in about three minutes. you are watching wusa9. hey, look! a shooting star!
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good morning, and welcome back to wusa9. 6:30 a.m. on this plan morning, there is the white house. the president is not there though. he is in northern ireland for a g8 summit meeting. it is monday, june 17th. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle. monika samtani has your timesaver traffic. i didn't need a jacket or sweater out here, you'll want to bring the umbrella you'll
6:29 am
have a chance for rain. the michael and son weather camera in the background. we'll see a few more of the lower, thicker clouds as we head through the day. 82 degrees at noon, on the muggy side as well with highs in the upper 80s today and just a light scattering of showers and storms. right now 64 in frederick and gaithersburg, 68 in manassas. 70 degrees in la plata. 71 at andrews. a few light sprinkles showing up basically to the north and west of us, and that is what we are expecting as we head into the afternoon today. more on that in the first alert 7-day forecast. right now another look at traffic with monika? >> reporter: southbound on the gbparkway before you get to the key bridge, a car broke down in the right lane. southbound 270 has been incident free and you are going
6:30 am
an average of 31 miles per hour. basically as you leave frederick, into clarksburg, fine in germantown and rockville and down at the split as well. here's what it looks like on the beltway and college park. not too bad until you get to the i-95 interchange and then it low as down westbound. 66 inbound normal out of manassas and centerville. more in fairfax here. northbound slowing down up to 395-6789 once you are there, this is what it looks like, slowing down at edsel road. there was an accident here in the lanes that was -- in the hov lanes that was cleared. charlie rose is in new york standing by to tell us what is ahead. >> reporter: john miller on the
6:31 am
new revelations about the usa surveillance program. plus did russia's president steal a super bowl ring from the owner of the patriots? we have video from the moment that started this international incident. from 5 star resorts to one star stop overs, peter greenburg tells us how the hotel experience is about to change. the news is back in the morning and we have it for you at 7:00. >> we'll be interested in that putin story, that is bizarre with the super bowl ring. >> reporter: everybody wants a super bowl ring. >> some work for it, some get it as gifts maybe. charlie we'll be watching, have a great day. president obama has named dc lawyer cliff sloan to be the state department's special envoy for closing down the guantanamo bay u.s. military prison in cuba. an announcement is expected later today. the state department's office of closure was closed january
6:32 am
when the administration gave up its attempt to close the prison. putin and president obama and others are meeting in northern ireland today. the official discussion at the group of 8 summit is supposed to center around europeee ailing economy and what can be done to fix it. >> but there is another topic sure to draw the most attention. susan mcginniss has more on a spying scandal. >> reporter: president obama is in northern ireland to meet with world leaders at the g8 summit. syria is not formally on the docket, but is expected to dominate the talks following president obama's move toucher rise shipments of weapons to rebel fighters. >> there are very big differences between the analysis we have of what happened in syria and who is to blame. >> reporter: russia is staunchly opposed to arming the rebels. president putin says rebel
6:33 am
troops in syria are barbarians who have even practiced cannibalism. >> are these the ones you want to supply with weapons? >> reporter: president obama and president putin are scheduled to hold private talks this afternoon. the conversation comes after a new report reveals the u.s. and the uk speed on russia and others at another summit. >> reporter: the guardian newspaper says it has evidence the two speed on the g20 summit in london in 2009, looking into smartphones and e-mails. the source? edward snowden the former nsa contractor who leaked to the press. >> on cbs's face the nation the white house chief of staff says snowden's hurt have hurt america. >> in effect gives a playbook tohos those who what p to get
6:34 am
around our tactics. and we are following a developing story out of the district. two people, including a 17-year- old girl, were shot early this morning. it happened in the 4900 block of gstreet in southwest. >> the teen was shot three times, but she is expected to survive, delia goncalves is live along gstreet southeast with more on the story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, that is the good news here. she and the 20-year-old young man who was shot both expected to be okay. even though the description of the injuries sound pretty intense and severe. it happened around 1:43 this morning. police were here for several hours. they have cleared the scene athis point we are expecting them to continue this investigation. but let's give you a look at what the scene first looks like. when we arrived here crews gathering evidence. we are told there were many
6:35 am
shots fired here, so certainly lots of shell casings to gather in this case. two young people shot, a 20- year-old young man shot in the face, police are describing his wounds as in and out wounds to the cheek. the 17-year-old young lady you mentioned shot in both legs and then suffered a graze wound to the chest. both unconscious and breathing when they were rushed to howard university hospital. still very early on in this investigation, lots of unanswered questions we don't know if these young people were targeted or if this was a random shooting. however it did happen in the parking lot, this apartment complex here in the 4900 block of gstreet. these two young people, two out of five people that were shot since 9:40 last night here in
6:36 am
dc. obviously a very violent overnight here in the district of columbia. police will be trying to close these cases. no information on that, however there is a very brief description of a car that police are looking for. all we know is that it is a silver-colored vehicle. back to you. the district of columbia summer recreation programs have begun. live entertainment, free health screenings and demonstrations were all part of the 2013 one city summer events this weekend. it was held at rfk stadium. mayor rice says the city will have something for everyone this summer when asked if he would have a crowded summer schedule campaign fog another term in office, the mayor responded like this. >> i'm out doing the things a
6:37 am
mayor should do. i love to be with people. the things i'm doing are the same things i have been doing since i was sworn in. >> he says 16,000 young people will be participating in the district summer youth program. time right now is 6:37 and i'm watching your money. more young americans are saying no way to credit cards. new figures show about 16% of consumers age 18-2 didn't have a single credit card last year. young americans in general though are average august little more than $2000 in credit card debt. -- are averaging a little more than $2000 in credit card debt. at the end of the year chrysler plans to freeze the pensions of roughly 8000 salaried employees in the
6:38 am
united states. companies in general having moving away from traditional pensions due to the high cost. general motors made a similar move last year. closing arguments have scheduled this week in apple's ebook trial. the justice department alleges apple conspired with public wishers to fix the price of ebooks. apple has refused to settle in this isn'tty trust case. and microsoft will open 500 special kiosks inside of best buy stores. the store within a store will offer windows-based tablets and other products. staff will be on hand to explain windows 8 to customers. sales of the flagship operating system got off to a slow start. best buy has similar store within a store arrangements with samsung and magnolia products. a new miss usa is crowned in las vegas. and game six is a must win
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we say good morning to a viewer watching at 6:43 said he turned on and saw the four ladies on the desk and it made his day. i'm not sure about the forecast today, pack the rain gear? it is spotty today, but where you get the downpours, you'll definitely wish you had the umbrella if you don't bring it today. i would advise you to just go ahead and pack it. if you don't need it, so much the better. by the wii, you are about towing need that umbrella handy for a few days. right now just warm and muggy outside. sunshine filtering through the high clouds and your day planner. we are going to see the cloud cover remain with us for most of the day. the trigger for showers and storms will mostly be prevalent during the noon time hours. by 4:00 p.m., still looking at scattered activity. however, by the time we get into the evening, things are going to lessen up. look at that, we still have
6:44 am
sunshine on the map. yeah toward the summer solstice, longest day of the year. warm and muggy today, we have the best chance for storms right around midday and more storms erupting tuesday and wednesday. wednesday looks to be the wettest day of the work week. once that sweeps out of here, we'll bring cool and drier air into the forecast by thursday. right now at reagan national, cloudy and 74 with a dew point of 65. this is a pretty muggy number. the dew point is really the highest indicator of how muggy the atmosphere is. along the what you are, it is a very, very warm start to the day. 75 in andrew. 64 in gaithersburg and 70 in manassas and culpepper. satellite and radar a wide view for you here shows the next round of showers and storms that will be coming. this next trigger, you can kind of see the outline that have front moving through iowa and
6:45 am
toward chicago and that is what is going to bring us the chance for showers and storms as we head toward wednesday. today's trigger and tomorrow's are the same. it is the lagging piece of energy to the south of us, and that is what we are looking for. right now a few light sprinkles basically to the south of the beltway. that could produce scattered activity, especially toward noon. you can see by lunch time we are going to see the line starting to develop. it diminishs quickly as we head to the evening rush, maybe a few light sprinkles, maybe a pop of storm overnight it will rust be warm and muggy. forecast highs today, 86 in leesburg and manassas. 83 at andrews, i should say 67 for your overnight lowton. in fred r360burg, 66 in
6:46 am
leesburg, 69 in leesburg and three day out lock, the 9 weather alerts remain green. no widespread issues over the next three days, the best chance being on wednesday. then in the 7-day forecast, we are going to clear things out for thursday, great timing if you have weekend plans, you are looking good. 86 degrees and lots of sunshine both pri and saturday. that is a look at your first alert 7-day forecast, time for a traffic alert with monika. there is a medical emergency right now southbound side of route 355 in rockville. watch out for that activity. overall in maryland, things haven't been too bad on the outer loop and i say this because i'm already at work. but you have delays college park as you travel into silver spring. below the speed limit no problems on 95. from baltimore looks good, all of your northern corridors out of aspen hill, everything looks
6:47 am
fine. a live look at 270 southbound. going to be a bit below the speed limit here at falls road as you head for the point where the lanes divide. no problems on the great seneca highway. back over to 66 on the inbound side, early morning accident involving an overturned vehicle was cleared in the right lane near route 17. everyone has kind of moved upstream and now it is slow. manassas off and on into centerville, no problems on the beltway here on the west side of town. two overturned vehicles early this morning, northbound on 395 at edsel road. they were cleared as well, but caused a lot of slow traffic into springfield. it low as down here in landmark. at the american legion bridge good shape, entire western stretch of 495 looking good this morning. back to you guys. we are finding you deep
6:48 am
discounts on this monday. best other's deal of the day includes a queen art chef classic -- questions art chef classic. living social is offering $30 for drink the district, american beer and wine festival. this is june 29th and 30th. you save 20 bucks, but the sooner we get to the date the higher admission will rise. and living social has another deal for 5 krunners. rebel races in town on june 22nd. you can enter for $42. if you have an offer you have seen or are a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. we'll be right back.
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on this monday morning, in for howard today, we are looking at a summer like week. on the michael and son weather cam you can see plenty of clouds from place. by 9:00 a.m., 75 degrees, 82 at noon. a chance for showers and storms prevalent from noon until we start to get toward the evening rush. then the shower chance is going to diminish a little bit. with a temperature of 85 degrees. close to 90 degrees for the beltway today. 74 in fredericksburg. 64 in gaithersburg. >> 74 degrees in downtown washington showers and storms to the south right now. but we will see showers and storms erupting throughout the
6:53 am
beltway as we head into the afternoon. >> reporter: in the news right now, the back and north momentum of the 2013 nba finals the spurs we want on an early run, they never trailed after that. spurs guard danny green set a record for three.ers, he now has 25 for the searry. san antonio won and take a 3-2 lead and the series heads now to miami. miss usa 2013 was crowned last night in las vegas. air rain grady -- erin brady won. emmy awards were handed out last night in beverly hills. one for outstanding morning program. the price is right won for
6:54 am
outstanding game show. young and the restless actor doug davidson won, bold and the beautiful took home four emmys where it is time to answer the question of the morning, it is a refresher here what is the biggest factor for men in choosing a car? practical reasons, to impress the ladies, or to come pete with friends and co-workers. >> angel wrote b, for sure. to impress women. they do not want to drive the family car, married or not. >> the answer is a, for practical reasons. and this morning when you go to our facebook page, you get a chance to enter our golf sweepstakes. the tournament at congressional country club is right around the corner. >> you could win passes to the at&t national and a free round of golf for you and two others with mike haiduk, who is
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welcome back. it is almost 6:59. 87 degrees today a chance for showers and storms especially right around midday. a look from our sky 9, an incident here in springfield on the shoulder causing delays for northbound 95. cbs this morning is next. and we will be back in 25 minutes. you can get your update on news weather and traffic 24
6:59 am
hours a day. we are going to see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. 4:25. have [ male announcer ]body. the new subway $4 lunch is for everyone. it's for value seekers. for spicy italian lovers. for veggie eaters. for meatball dreamers. for everyone who wants more of what they love. the new $4 lunch. a 6 inch sub and 21 ounce drink. tons to choose from. all day every day. it is monday, june 17th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama sits down with world leaders, but there are new allegations of spying on leaders by the united states. our jeff glor


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