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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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development is still there. rounds watched a bill, but he is in court because the park and planning commission refuses to give him an address, claiming access is disputed. that is even though a nearby neighbor picks up his mail at the end of the very same road with no argument from anyone. today, appeals court judges spent much of their time questioning whether round even has the right to sue because the development approval happened so long ago. >> it is all technical. >> the founder of says it's a technicality. for families stuck with historic land that is worthless without access. >> no judge looked at the historical maps dating back to the late 1800s. no judge has seen that an address has been issued and not others. >> hey. >> the judge is here try to sort things out, the chairwoman of the park and planning commission has said she will
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launch an independent internal investigation. determine whether or not her agency was misled or whether or not the agency did anything wrong. in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> calling for a hearing later this month to demand an explanation for the park and planning commission's refusal to give landowners addresses for part of that 100-year-old road that still exists. >> we have some breaking news now. this is a live picture from sky 9. the volunteer fire department is telling us one of its medic units was involved in a fatal accident on route 4. you see the aftermath of the crash there and the vehicles involved, according to a spokesperson. a car crossed a median and hit the medic unit, traveling in the opposite direction. you see the chopper pulling in on the unit. the medic has been transported to baltimore, shock trauma in serious, but nonlife threatening condition. one person in the other vehicle we saw in the wider shot was pronounced dead at the scene.
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again, breaking news from calvert county. now you're with your kids at the park and a man drives by and waves, but how do you know if he is being friendly, neighborly, or a threat involved? it's the kind of thing that can spread like wild fire in this internet age. >> internet has gone crazy with reports of a possible child predator. after a strange looking man was seen here at this park, staring at children. >> i have two daughters, and yes, i would feel very uncomfortable if i saw anyone staring at my daughters and approaching them in any sort of way. >> it was here on friday where a nanny had a scary experience. she said a strange man followed them into the woods and he was running toward the girls. the nanny grabbed the girls and got away. that account and more about a similar man frightening children in mcclane has been making the rounds on local
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serves. >> people spoke to the individual. there was nothing, nothing illegal. there were no charges placed. >> these dads say it's good the information is out there, even if there was no criminal intent. >> i think it's tough for the police to do too much. it's important to get the information out. >> police say don't hesitate to call them if you are concerned about someone's behavior. peggy fox, wusa9. virginia's court of appeals says george huguely and his attorneys can raise three more issues as he seeks a new trial. the former university of virginia is asking the court to overturn his murder conviction in the death of his former girlfriend, yeardley love. a judge ruled there is enough evidence to move forward in the case against the couple accused of arson. virginia's eastern shore. tonya and her fiance, charles smith, were arrested back in april and each is charged with one count of felony arson and
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one count of felony conspiracy to commit arson. all in connection with the fire. but investigators suspect the couple are responsible for dozens of arsons in that same area. >> last time anybody saw jimmie hoffa, nbc was launching saturday night live, back in 1975. and during that time, the fbi searched for him, acting on a fresh tip, agents spent today digging up a field 20 miles north of detroit. a former mob boss swears that is where he was buried all those years ago. so far, no report that the feds found a thing. with the enduring popularity of the sopranos, good fellas, people like a good story and a real-life tale of organized crime, and who read it is coming to ahead in a boston courtroom right now. takes a look at today's
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testimony in the trial. >> former hitman, and former mob boss, james whitey bulgar glanced at each other. he served 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to 20 murders. he was arrested in 2011 after 16 years on the fbi's most wanted list. and now on trial for 19 murders, and other crimes including extortion. he decided to become a government witness after learning bulgar was an fbi informant. he and bulger were partners in crime and he named one of his sons after him. in a 2008 interview, he said bulgar violated their code of loyalty and he started ratting out other gang members. >> i never ratted out anybody. he wasn't there. that's what i think he deserves. >> as he testifies against him, he doesn't seem himself as
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an informant. >> how can i be ratting out a guy? i am trying to stop him. >> bullgar denies, and raising doubts about his testimony. they say he framed him for murders he didn't commit, in exchange for a lighter sentence for his own crimes. cbs news. >> now he testified today he took a $20,000 lump sum payment from the government rather go into witness protection. he also sold his life story to a movie studio for $250,000. but that movie hasn't been made yet. supposed to be based loosely on whitey bulgar. not in the modern day, real- life courtroom. >> who is leanardo? >> did the government hack into the computer over a cbs investigative reporter? if not, then who was responsible for turning her machines off and on in the middle of the night? i talked to her earlier, you'll
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see the news at 7:00. >> looking forward to that. still to come in this half hour, the case of a world leader, a world champion and the super bowl ring that has come into question. >> i'm topper shutt. a couple showers, let me show you the high and low. 86 was the high. 73 the low. see that .35? we have a surplus for the year, and precipitation. pretty good deal. average is 85 and 57. we'll come back. a yellow alert for tomorrow and wednesday. we'll tell you why. first a violent night in the district. a neighborhood now filled with fear. we'll talk more about it on the other side.
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: in the beaks after a deadly shooting, president obama tasked his second in command to come up with a plan to curve gun violence. six months later, that push for action appears stalled. now tomorrow, vice president joe biden is scheduled to announce how the administration will put those plans into effect. violent crime has been down in the district, but not overnight, when four people were shot in three incidents. two young people struck down in a hail of gunfire on a southeast corner. bruce johnson reports the neighborhood is not your normal fear and apathy seemed to ruled. >> what would be the reaction of two young people were shot in the same incident in your
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neighborhood? consider this. just before 2:00 this morning at the corner of g and benny road in southeast, 17-year-old girl was shot twice back there. she's going to live. in the same incident, a 20-year- old male was shot twice a few yards away. he is also going to live away. 24 years later, a lot of people out here, most are not surprised. we have those type of incidents all the time. >> i can't stand being around here. i want to move. >> this isn't your normal. the two young people were shot in front of these four apartment buildings, but no one seems to have seen or heard anything. >> this is not the only time that somebody got shot around here. >> i lost my son to street violence. >> nobody wants to be here. you get this from behind closed doors. enter somebody tried to break your door down with a baseball bat? >> yeah, beat my door. >> doesn't want to risk a
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witness. most want to remain unanimous. >> we need to move. >> why do you need to watch your kids? >> because it's not safe. >> they did ask for a playground, a trash pickup and a maintenance crew for needed repairs. >> because it is rejected and people see that, it gives other people a right to say, okay, they don't care about ourselves. >> ironically, the change seen in the rest of d.c. is already here. immediately across the street. you're looking at the shoes to someone who has a lot to say, but won't go on camera. he's afraid to be exposed. i said, what do you need out here? he says, attention. we need attention. this is bruce johnson reporting from southeast washington for wusa9. d.c. police are looking for the motive of shootings. still ahead tonight, for somebody trying to keep a low
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profile, edward snowden is getting a lot anncr: competition makes us rivals.
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help you stay connected when you are aware from it all. the company is testing balloons to see if they can be used to create a truly global wireless network. it launched two dozen balloons in new zealand to see if they could beam strong enough signals to create an infrastructure. this project is years away from completion, but it could bring internet access to 5 billion people. edward snowden may be in hiding, but he's not keeping a low profile. he collected data on phone calls and internet activity. he held his own web chat. he answered questions, backed up his revolutions and made more claims. in particular, he talked about former vice president, dick cheney, calling him a trader. he considers that quote, the highest honor you can give an american. >> cnn poll finds that 60% of those polled do not approve of the way president obama is handling surveillance of u.s. citizens. it found 45% of americans think
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the president is doing a good job right now and 49% say they believe he is trustworthy. that is an 8 point drop since may. >> so, a new turn in a potential international incident tonight. >> do you remember that dust up a few years ago about vladimir putin and a super bowl ring belonged to the new england patriots? there's something new and kristen berset is here to fill us in. >> that's right, ladies. this is a crazy, he said, she said kind of story. you remember in 2005, there was a story about putin making off one of bob craft's super bowl rings. now there's video. you can see putin admiring the ring here, he puts it on, then he keeps it. at the time, he gave the ring to putin as a token of his quote, respect and add admiration, but that may not be the case. the bush, white house pressured him to say he gave him the ring. he took out the 4.9-carat
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studded ring from super bowl xxxix to show him and said quote, i can kill someone with this ring. then craft says he put out his hand and putin put the ring in his pocket and three kbg guys got around him and walked out. a spokesperson says the patriots owner likes to tell the story. i'm taking it. only if you give me your ring as collateral. >> oh now there's that. that super bowl ring is more expensive than all of us combined here. but putin did say craft wants it back, he'll send another one as a gift. >> i think he wants that one. >> that is the original. >> that's the one he won with. interesting he said, she said kind of thing. >> i want my 4.9-carat ring back. give it back. >> i would like it back, too. >> isn't that crazy? i loft kbg guy.
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everything is on video. >> that's true. everything is on video. >> i guess he is vladimir putin and he doesn't care. >> all right. a very, very nice day. a couple isolated storms we are tracking. other than that, a quiet evening for now. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. this is right outside of wisconsin avenue. this is our live shot. a few clouds around, but really pretty nice day all in all. we had a few clouds roll through, but we'll call it a partly cloudy day. here's a time lapse for you. temperatures, after a high of 86. we are still in the 80s. a comfortable 82. the dew points down a little bit. below 70, that's generally okay. winds out of the south at 15. that's what the clouds look like over the last three hours and one little isolated storm. we'll show you the radar and widen this out. we had a couple earlier this afternoon and across the bay.
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made a couple more that dispated down the river and down i-270, but we'll zoom in and this storm is the engine that could. nothing severe, no lightning. i'm not detecting any lightning, but you see the red around 295 and south of capital heights? that's rain fall rate of an inch per hour. it's headed toward upper marlboro, and temperatures will be cooled. that's the silver lining, but you'll have heavy rain and remember when your windshield wipers are on, your headlights have to be on. 83 in reston. 83 in fairfax. 82 in andrews and 84 in waldorf. i don't believe that temperature in rockville. isolated thunderstorms this evening. but yellow alert for tuesday and wednesday with an increasing chance of showers and storms. we have storms through wednesday. nice day on thursday. some commutes will be wet.
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tomorrow evening's commute could be wet. tonight, early isolated storm. otherwise partly cloudy and mild. 64 to 74. by morning, partly to mostly cloudy. a shower or storm possible. after the rush hour. so late morning, headed for lunch. i would bring your umbrella. and by afternoon, a little better chance of showers and storms. because of the cloud cover, 85 for highs. so, tuesday, 83. some storms, 80 on wednesday, some more storms. yellow alert both days. temperature, 82 with sunshine. next seven days. a nice finish to the week. we're looking at sunshine on friday. 85. around 90 saturday, sunday, and monday, with isolated thunderstorms. summer will start feeling like summer over the weekend. kristen be l
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happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in!
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this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> an all too familiar scenario for the nationals. a decent performance by their starting pitcher paired with four nonexistent performances by the offense. adam won't play tonight's series opener against philadelphia. he is on an 0 for 15 hitting streak. he is not the only one struggling. the nationals couldn't bring anyone home. they left seven men on base. jonathan hit into a double play
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with bases loaded in the 8th inning. and the nats drop below .500. stephen strasburg says this team hasn't given up. >> it's tough. we go from the year we had last year where everything falls into place, just doesn't seem to work that way this time. but we have a long way to go. so, i have a lot of faith in these guys and i know how hard every guy in this clubhouse works. when we do, it will be fun. >> to make matters worse. the nationals face their old friend who left last season as a free agent. he made 122 starts from 2008 to 2011. we'll have highlights at 11:00. redskins linebacker is heading into the final year of his rookie contract. there's been no talks of a long- term deal. he may be young, but considering he tore his muscle twice, the redskins are questioning whether he can stay
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healthy. >> a former maryland terrapin moved up the list. the cleaver land cavaliers with the number one overall pick. all the smoke screens are starting to emerge as the draft comes closer. we'll see what happens. the field is this year's at&t nationals turning into a crop of this season's best golfers. aside from the tiger woods, two latest major winners will battle it out at congressional. already committed and went on to the masters. same with rusten, after almost twenty years, the englishman won a major. we'll see if he can make it two wins. don't forget, wusa9 will have full coverage during the at&t national, including a saturday afternoon immediately following the third round. finally, much was made of the eagle. it was pretty good.
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but sean, tough par 3, his t shot bounces off, rolling down the green, makes a nice turn and check that out, did not speed it up. right. >> come on. >> right in. look at the excitement. i love that. it's like a football player that made a touchdown. hole in one. >> all right, a whole lot of energy and that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and did he recollect is back at 7:
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>> pelley: tonight, the court has ruled. can americans be asked for proof of citizenship before they register to vote? jan crawford has the supreme court's decision today. a hit man says it broke his heart when whitey bulger turned informant. >> i'll go along with a lot of things but not no judas, not no informant. i neve


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