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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we've got thunderstorms headed our way. tomorrow and wednesday we are under a yellow alert. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt sits in the weather center with the latest on the story we're kind of tired of hearing already, top. >> i know. it's been an active spring, about to go into summer friday, but just keeps coming, big storms possible tomorrow and wednesday, especially tomorrow. let's start with the what happened tonight. we had a couple storms tonight, but this one actually had hail. see the dollar bill, it's a piece of hail just below that. this picture came to us from aaron staples. it looks more like a maryland crab than a circular picture, but look at the size of the couple storms still firing on the wane beginning to diminish especially south of town. they put down pretty heavy rain. right now light rain around
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manassas over toward fairfax and old town. it is on the way out, but yellow alerts tuesday and wednesday, thunderstorms possible after 10 a.m. tomorrow, looks like a wet commute for most going home, should be a dry commute going to work and some of the storms will be heavy, a couple could be severe. we'll talk about that and another front coming through here wednesday. two weeks ago the national highway traffic safety administration asked chrysler to recall 2.7 million jeep vehicles over safety concerns. the agency linked the gas tanks in late model jeep grand cherokees and certain liberty models to car crashes where people burned to death. chrysler said no and believes these vehicles are safe, but we've been telling you about this for more than a year. the problem centers around the plastic gas tanks and their position. in the 1993 to 2004 jeep grand cherokees and the 2002 to 2007 jeep liberties. those gas tanks are behind the rear axle in the crush zone in
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a rear end crash. tomorrow is the deadline for chrysler to lay out its case again to nhtsa about why these vehicles should not be on the road and one womannous a crusade to try to get them -- woman is on a crusade to try to get them to change their minds. after a few final touches. >> this is the petition to the department of transportation to ask for the recall. >> reporter: crash surviver janelle embry is taking her one woman movement to try to get some answers about her mother's jeep grand cherokee, one of the 92 million cherokees and liberty models nhtsa wants chrysler to recall. >> my name is janelle embry.
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>> can i speak to you inside? >> reporter: janelle met with this service provider at parrish chrysler jeep dodge. he was willing to talk to janelle but not to us. during their closed door meeting. >> chrysler is standing firm they will not do the recall. >> i just know when i get a recall, i go. any questions about the recalls you need to address to this gentleman here, okay? i'm not going to answer any questions about any recalls. >> i'm just finding out what jeep owners can do if chrysler is not recalling. really there isn't anything we can do. >> i can inspect your vehicle to make sure it's safe. >> reporter: the dealership wouldn't pass on the 4,000 page petition to chrysler and in the end. >> i can't comment on anything. >> reporter: janelle left the way she came, disappointed but not deterred. >> if chrysler continues to dig their heels in and doesn't do this recall, people will
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continue to burn to death and if they keep refusing to do so, then i guess we will have to continue with court proceedings. >> there are a number of steps remaining before the government could take the step of suing chrysler to enforce its recall order. chrysler maintains those vehicles, 1993 to 2004 jeep grand cherokees and the 2002 to 2007 jeep liberties are safe and we are told they will make that same case when they submit new data to nhtsa tomorrow. a 78-year-old man apparently hit the gas instead of the brakes and crashed into a crowd of people sitting out enjoying lunch. here's a picture of the scene at zoe's in annapolis town center this afternoon. a woman in her 20s was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the already driver also suffered minor injuries. experts say they've got the numbers to back up the idea that elderly drivers are actually some of the safest out there.
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so then why do we see those over the age of 65 with such a bad reputation behind the wheel? our ken molestina is live to explain what is missed and what the -- what is myth and what the facts are. >> reporter: according to the aaa, it's all the way you look at the numbers. they say yes, it's true elderly folks die more in car wrecks but say that has a lot more to do with their personal health than their driving ability. >> most people think older drivers are unsafe drivers. that's a stereotype. >> reporter: john townsend said the reason why the general public has that perception is because the elderly fatality wrecks are high. >> because of their age and recuperative power they die in car crashes. >> reporter: according to him, seniors as a general rule of thumb are some of the safer drivers. >> they don't drink and drive or use text messaging. >> reporter: he says older drivers have an image problem, but there is some truth to the
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notion some of their senses may not be as keen, particularly eyesight. >> the problem that we're running into is the changing visual acute situation with holdinger drivers. >> reporter: according to townsend that's more -- with elderly drivers. >> reporter: according to townsend, that's probably why the incidence of elderly drivers running off the road and crashing. the reality is drivers are getting older faster than you think. >> 10,000 drivers in our country turn 65 every day. >> reporter: at this rate this country will have 37 million elderly people by 2020. 90% will have licenses. >> reporter: road experts argue there isn't such a thing of being too old to drive. townsend recommends you have that tough conversation sooner rather than later. >> they resent it, so you have to coach it in such a way that it's all about their safety and the safety of the other drivers
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on the highway. >> aaa renews everybody's licenses in eight years and the abilities to drive for elderly folks within eight years, their recommendation is that those license renewals happen a lot more frequently. check out this, a massive crash near los angeles. a white pickup truck was going the wrong direction on the highway resulting in a massive accident involving eight vehicles. one car had a pole thrust through its window. 12 people were hurt, three critically. the pipeup went town during rush hour and traffic was backed up for miles. parents in mclean are a bit on enafter a strange looking man was spotted at a park. a man -- edge after a strange looking man was spotted at a
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park. police talked to the man and filed charges. three members of the u.s. navy football academy team are accused of raping a female midshipman and the academy superintendent has decided to follow the recommendation of the prosecutors and file formal charges. the victim didn't want her face shown or name made public but did speak with jeff glor of cbs news and told him she was raped last year at an off campus party in annapolis but admits she had been drinking heavily. >> the people that i was completely unaware of. >> reporter: do you remember anything? >> i remember just waking up in certain spots, but i do not ever remember any of the assaults or sexually engaging any of these individuals. >> reporter: did you know these men? >> yes. >> reporter: all three of them? >> yes. >> reporter: you said you had a lot to drink and you don't really remember anything. how then can you be so sure of what happened? >> well, one, i have outside
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witnesses. the attackers had bragged about it. they had told me to my face. >> the naval academy said sex assault is a crime and has no place at the academy or anywhere in the military. our 9 wants to know investigation into an alleged land grab in montgomery county moved back into a courtroom today. maryland's court of appeals is now considering the case of long time landowners in sandy spring who say their property values were steamrolled when a new development went in and erased their historic access road off official records. scott broom is in annapolis with the latest on the case. >> reporter: some of the allegations of wrongdoing in this case are targeted against an engineering firm called mhg. today that company's attorney said his client did nothing wrong. that mhg attorney james lee refusing to be interviewed outside court after telling a
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three judge court of appeals panel that mhg did a survey and did it professionally, but it was a survey that long time property owners in sandy spring believe intentionally wiped their historic access called farm road off shovel records and brought them to the brink of financial ruin after seven years of fighting. here's one landowner's lawyer michael clearly. >> we allege that mhg took substantial steps to wipe out the farm road. >> reporter: it happened when this subdivision was approved by the maryland park and planning commission in 2002. this map shows how by improving the removal of the road the developer got a higher commission and property owners got the shaft. >> my family and very been paying taxes 100 some years. >> reporter: even so one end of the road not wiped out by development is still there.
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rounds wants to build, but he's in court because the park and planning commission refuses to give him an address claiming access is disputed even though a nearby neighbor picks up his mail at the end of the very same road with no argument from anyone. today appeals court judges spent much of their time questioning whether rounds even has the right to sue because the development approval happened so long ago. >> it's all technical and procedure. >> reporter: the founder of says it's a technicality standing in the way with justice for families stuck with historic land that's worthless about access. >> no -- worthless without access. >> no judge has ever seen addresses have been issued for some people on farm road and not others. >> six years? >> reporter: while the judges here try to sort things out, the chairwoman of the park and planning commission has said she will launch an independent internal investigation to determine whether or not her
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agency was misled or whether or not the agency did anything wrong. in annapolis scott broom, wusa9. maryland's legislative black caucus is calling for a hearing later this month to demand an explanation for the park and planning commission's refusal to give those long time landowners addresses for part of the 100-year-old road that still exists. just ahead on wusa9 women in combat. the pentagon gives the go ahead so let we join some of the military's -- go ahead to join some of the [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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the wait is almost over for women who want to be army rangers and navy seals. the pentagon announced plans for women to begin training in two years to be army rangers and three years to be seals. women and men have to meet the
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same physical and mental standards to qualify for certain positions across the military. we're expecting to learn more when the pentagon releases more details. the former national security agency contractor who outed classified u.s. intelligence programs is defending his decision to go public. edward snowden spent nearly two hours today answering questions on the guardian's website. that is the british newspaper that first published his leaks about the nsa's collection of phone and internet data. snowden says he released information about programs he feels violate the civil liberties and pryce of u.s. citizens. he wrote -- privacy of u.s. citizens. he wrote, "i did not reveal any u.s. operations against legitimate u.s. military targets," but snowden did warn there is more info to come and promised to fight extradition from hong kong and dismissed allegations he's spying for the chinese. a developing story out of michigan where the fbi is once again searching for jimmy
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hoffa's remains. it's been 38 years since the teamsters leader disappeared. investigators are focused on a field 25 miles north of detroit. they'll keep searching the area tomorrow based on information they got from reputed mafia captain tony zerilli. he was in prison when hoffa disappeared but claims of being told of hoffa's whereabouts after his release. we'll have to wait and see if this search puts an end to the mystery of where hoffa is buried. rapper lil wayne posted some clips online for a video he calls god bless america in which he was shown stepping on the american flag. outrage was the common impression, but tonight derek combines that with a little father's day nostalgia. >> the video is a bunch of nonsense, but it does remind they of a friendly argument.
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people have died for that flag my dad would argue and nobody ought to be allowed to desecrate it. it should be against the law to which i'd always reply dad, you're wrong. people didn't die for a piece of cloth. they died for the ideals it stands for and perhaps most importantly freedom of speech. my father totally respected my point of view and never doubted that i was completely wrong. pretty much the same for our many other heated discussions ranging from nfl end zone celebrations. how can you call that bad sportsmanship to the space program. hey, dad, this is not a waste of money. fact is those debates were the best. we both loved them and although at age 85 father time may have taken some of the sting out of his reparte, my dad will always be the guy who taught me to stand up and argue for what i believe in. so thanks, dad, and i'd argue it's simply not too late to say
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happy father's day. >> that's right. happy father's day to pops and all the dads out there including one such dad here. i hear you had a great father's day. >> very nice, got new work shorts. >> did you spend some time on the golf course? >> did not, cut bushes, cut the grass. >> that's a shocker for you. >> too early tee time. we couldn't get up that early. >> you won't be doing that tomorrow or wednesday. showers are coming in probably late morning or around lunchtime, a yellow alert day tomorrow and wednesday. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature 86, average high 85, still 79 and the dew point in the low 70s is the comfortable. winds are out of the south, southwest at 7 and the pressure is falling. here's a look at radar, still a couple showers out toward winchester and points south. charlottesville got hammered tonight. they had flood warnings.
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we have leftover dwindling showers. i'm kind of surprised they've hung in this long. we have a little light shower activity manassas to fairfax, a little stronger cell out to the northwest of aldie. i think this will drift in between leesburg and aldie and dry out. yellow alert tomorrow and wednesday, thunderstorms possible after 10 a.m. tomorrow. i think we get through the morning commute tuesday. i think the commute home will be wet for most of us and some storms will be heavy. a couple could be severe in terms of hail and strong wind. in the meantime it's a good time to download our weather app from our website click on weather call. it's quick and easy. showers and thunderstorms ending overnight, mild, 64 to 74, winds out of the southwest
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up to 10. i think we get through the morning commute. by afternoon partly sunny, warm, showers and thunderstorms, some hefty, high temperatures 80 to 85. still kind of humid and winds south at 5 to 10. we're talking showers from the mountains to the coast, 72 in oakland, 79 cumberland, maybe you make 80 in winchester, culpeper mid-80s, showers out to the i-81 corridor could get in as early as 9:00 in the morning, but 83 downtown in southern maryland, waldorf and up towards gaithersburg. no small craft advisory, but yellow alert tomorrow, wednesday, 80 and more storms wednesday. i think we'll have morning storms wednesday and showers as a cold front drops to our south. the big weather could be in the morning wednesday, then a beautiful day thursday,
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sunshine and 82. next seven days, great shape. friday, sunshine, 85. summer officially arrives at 1:04 friday morning and it's going to feel like winter with high temperatures and afternoon storms in the high 90s to the low 90s. so nationals are still struggling. >> pick something, anything, the nationals are probably struggling in that department. >> hitting, catching, throwing. >> winning, anything. the curl ws seemed to find every which way possible to lose games. we'll look at tonight's match- up with the phillies. >> plus allen iverson being ac
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now game on with kristen berset live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> well, the washington nationals can't catch a break. one night after getting blanked the nationals rally from behind, a chance to fend off their rivals to watch their hopes dashed at the end of the game. nationals in philly for the start of a three-game series down two runs in the 4th. the nats are clawing back. steve lombardozzi making contact tonight. top of the ninth nats going to run until chad tracy gets a piece of one, squeaks it inside
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the pole and out of the park, all tied up, but bottom of the inning two outs, dominic brown slaps a walkoff single over the nationals 5-4. >> the change-up, left it a little bit there and that was the ballgame. both of them did a good job. you can't fault that, but tough loss. the nationals got some good news today regarding their young star. the swelling in bryce harper's new has gone down. once he's able to get back to running he can begin baseball- related activities. khris davis and the baltimore orioles facing the tigers in motown. davis answers the same spot as the cabrera has his league leading 24th home run. jhonny peralta with an r.b.i.
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single here, tigers win 5-1. a strange situation surrounding former nba player allen iverson. his ex-wife is accuses him of abducting their five children. she claims he asked permission to take their kids on vacation to north carolina on may 22nd and return them on the 26th. that day came and went, no kids. she claims allen never took the kids to north carolina, but instead he's at a hotel in georgia. reporters from our sister station in atlanta saw iverson leaving a total with his children this evening and spoke to him about the situation. >> people think i'm crazy enough to do things. >> you didn't do any of that. that's how the court filings plays out. not treated fairly in this you think? >> i ain't ever treated fairly. i don't expect to be.
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>> a developing situation, of course. stanley cup finals game, daniel pile with a game winner and leads the series two games to one.
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on star trek when they had a yellow alert, that meant shields up and red alert meant we can't do it, captain. >> yellow alert tomorrow, wednesday, good chance of thunderstorms tomorrow late morning and afternoon, some heavy. >> take it easy out there. thanks for staying up with us tonight. letterman is next. have a great night! >> bye bye.
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