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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  September 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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all lanes are open if you are continuing along 270 heading heo 109 to the beltway. here we are with light trafficfc volume continue together tog southbound split.hb noou problems for those continug their drive along the eastboundo stretch of 66. new hampshire avenue at adele phi road traffic running smooth in each direction.irec >> devastation continues in colorado as days of rain have turned the normally picturesque area to a disaster area. >> president obama signed a package for federal aid. >> more wet weather adding to the already soaked landscape. >> it's four inches from what it was an hour and a half ago. >> roads destroyed, others oth
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washed out.ed some are forced to wade through the water by foot.. others are paddling their wayirw around. >> i woke up this morning and a looked out the backyard to make sure and there was a guy kayaking outside our fence. >> surging flat waters have left five people dead and more than 1,000 missing. mis the latest victim an elderlyerly woman. female had injuries and was unable to leave her residence. neighbors went to assist her and discovered the home was destroyed.dest she's unaccounted for and we're assuming deceased at this at th. >> the wet weather is hampering search and rescue efforts. >> we're working hard. it's just that mother nature isn't cooperating right now. >> federal emergency management crews are searching for those t trapped in their homes but despite the vast devastationon
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officials say the state and its people will push forward. >> the question i had is how can we recover from this?s? i know inch by inch mile by mile community by community they aree taking it back. >> the flooding has effecting more than a dozen counties. in new york, fox news. >> also in the news this morning we should get a better idea today of what happened in last month's chemical weapons attackt in sear yanch the findings of aa u.n. weapons inspection teamns i will be presented this morning and the general assembly this afternoon.tern the syrian government has untilu friday of this week to turn over a complete accounting for all the chemical weapons in the country. this is the first step in the framework agreed upon for take k control of and destroying syria's stockpiesm last year's -- stockpile. last year's attack on the
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embassy in benghazi will be reviewed today. they say a state department review panel was it's according to fox news. it got a look at a draft of the report prepared by republicans on the committee. state department officials are due to testify before the committee on wednesday. after a month long congressionan break and crisis in syria a new struggle on capitol hill is beginning. bather budget battle. >> president obama is getting ready for another fiscal showdown with lawmakers on the budget and whether they'll votet defund the health care law. >> funding for the federal government government runs out on september 30 meaning congress has more than two weeks to approve new spending bills or risk a government shutdown. the president says he won't budge on increasing the nation'o
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debt diment. >> what i haven't been -- debt limit. >> what i haven't been able to negotiate and won't negotiate is the debt ceiling. >> the republicans will use the debtse ceilingsas a way to defud the health care law. republicans have voted several times times to repeal the law. >> what it allows us to do is get to the stability for the security and fairness for the american people on obama care. >> they want to turn it over to the insurance industry and let l them discriminate. it's not acceptable.ccep >> if the government shutsdownwn many core functions including military operations and the processing of medicare claims and social security would stop. president obama doesn't believe that the g.o.p. is fighting fair. >> anything that is remoted rem associated with me they feel
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obliged to oppose. my argument is simple: that's not why the people sent you you here. >> some lawmakers are leary about this talk. the last time they shuttered the government was 28 days in 199595 and beginning of 1996. the america public largely blamed, guess who? congress. >> stock futures are soaring s after news that larry summers withdrew his name as candidate for federal reserve chairman. he had been a top economic aid for the administration.. the current federal vice chair c is considered the front runner for the post and could become b the first women to lead the t federal bank. >> raising the costa concordia a year and a half after the crasht >> a young man killed and a
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police officer charged in his death. we'll tell you what happened on the other side of the break.
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>> welcome back. work begins this morning to pulp the shipwrecked costa concordia out of the water off the coast of it la. the -- italy. the operation was delayed because of weather in the area. they'll work to raise it from the seabed virticly doctor vertically to get it out of the water. it crashed in january of 2012. 32 people were killed and the bodies of two victims were never found. outrage in north carolina and florida after a man is shot and killed by a police officer. o >> 24-year-old jonathan farrelll was killed saturday morning. police say i wrecked his car and
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went to a house for help but frightened the homeowner to call police. came and told him to stop and he didn't stop and they shot him. >> he had his life taken no reason at all. a >> what happened to him it's sad. he was a valued part of the football >> he was a former florida a&m football player. police say he was not armed at the time and the officer that shot him used excessive force. that officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. >> another tough loss for the redskins. some fans are disappointed. >> i can't imagine which fans aren't disappointed. it was rough. a cold front from the north and west. that bring us cloud cover and a threat of a storm around here.
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julie here is, too. traffic after the break. 
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>> happy monday, everyone. m starton of another week and stat
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of another batted week for the redskins. packers got the early lead. green bay went up 10-0 and that was just the the beginning. redskins would do something som something at the end.. score was 24-0 at the half. redskins, you know as they did the previous week when it was out of reach and out of hand they tried tof make a comeback. we know the results. redskins get beat by the packers. destroyed 38-206789 it was a very nice catch.c >> it wasn't even that why waste time even more. >> 38-20.. green bay won.n. to say that the redskins fans were underwhel. ed you would be making an understatement. the public bar many left with 13 minutes on the clock. is panic setting in with redskins nation. many fans still have plenty off
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hope left. >> it's painful.ainf i'm dejected.ejec the frustration. >> a little down right now. it's a great effort by it's pretty bad tackling.g. >> miserable. >> perhaps no fan was more miserable than this guy sporting an rg3 jersey sitting beside his friend wearing one for aaron rodgers. redskins fans were hoping for a miracle to avoid a dreaded 0-2 start this season but it didn't happen. >> it's a long season. we have a long way to go. they are rusty out of the gate. >> it's painful to watch my teat lose and it's tough to be able to see them because they don'tt feel like they are hitting on all sill ders right now.ight >> it's a long season. optimistic. we can come back. >> while much of the off season
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was talking about keeping rg3 ii the last game now they are taket being taking him out of preseason. >> i think we'll pick it up. >> there's one thing the fans can agree >> we know it's taken on water but is it time to bail?ai >> definitely not. i believe in rg3 and the team. i'm from washington, d.c. so it's my team, win, lose or draw. it's not time. always have hope. >> true skins fans have both osra in the water. >> you are born a redskins fan, you die that way. you don't route for any -- rooto for any other team. audrey bairnz, fox 5 news. >> you may not be pushing the t panic button yet but woo.
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>> redskins have had one of the best fan bases. very loyal. they'll did you get angry soon. >> i listened to football radior after the game.e. unhappy for a number of reasons. >> nothing to be happy about but it's only two weeks to the the season we know how last year turned out after a pitiful start. that start 0-2 only 10% make the playoffs. >> it's not surprising. it's not a good start. let's do a little forecast. a few showers moving through and we'll have more in the way of o cloud cover here particularlylar the first half of the day as a weak cold front moves in. probably not not a whole lot of rain. you might want to bring one just in case here as we have a possibility of it. temperatures 6 of in washington. off to a cool start, 63 in baltimore. out to the west we go.
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manassas 57 to you. 62 out of dulles and 63 in win chfter. looking at satellite radar.adar cloud cover to the north and west. a mix of clouds and clear skies at the moment here locally. we're going to watch this front. seeing the rain shower activity approaching the area. as it approaches, a lot of rain shower activity is going to stao to the north. just a few scattered showers in the forecast later this morning tos the early afternoon and then we should gradually clear out. what it is a cold front reinforcing the cool air around sunshine along with cool temperatures for tuesday andd wednesday. nice.very more like the weekend. something to look forward to. 75 plenty of clouds today. we should see afternoon clearing. winds out the north at 5-10. chance for showers. s light shower activity. not expecting a lot of rain here.he 55 tonight. a few clouds. cool overnight. tomorrow mid 50s. there's a quick look at your accuweather seven day. tuesday and wednesday look grear
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but cool. gradual warm up anden we'll we' introduce thunderstorms back tob the forecast friday to next weekend. notice warmer temperatures to the 80s. nice time of year. >> it is a nice time of year. y beautiful this weekend. could be nice the next couple of days. actually the rest of the week. look at this. >> 70s and 80s perfect. >> did you suffer through the weekend? my fantasy football team is hurting a little bit. my reality football team isall hurting a little bit, too. laugh la. >> that's what i was about to say, yeah. it was rough. >> we looked pretty good until the third quarter though.hou rough. >> on the roads we'll talk about traffic. avenue quiet leaving the d.c. line. northbound 95 in good shape as well receiving staff ford.d. no accidents to report on 395 leaving the beltway towards the 14th street bridge.
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that should now be cleared. the inner loop in better shape. overnight crash near georgia avenue gone. let's pull up the maps. an accident to report out of wall door. and laplatta this morning. a double crash on 301 and it's block off northbound between marshall corner and billingsly road. the wreck occurred at greene boulevard. >> thanks julie. he has up for drivers in maryland and virginia. beginning today one lane of bridge on route 301 will be closed.. crews doing the annual inspection there. >> it's expected toual last two months and the lane will be closed 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. monday through. officials want to re mind drivers to slow down crossing the bridge and be mindful of the workers and the signs. also this morning d.c. officials say they've repaired two of five
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bridges categorized by federal officials as structurally deficient. the department of transportation fixed the 11th street bridge carrying 695 over the anacostia river and a bridge at first street northeast has been repaired. three need fixing. thethre heavily traveled frederk douglass bridge and whitney whi young bridge over the anacostia. >> what would you do if you found thousands of dollars? d keep it or find the rightfultful owner. >> it's a tough question.stio >> a man's discovery and why people are praising his actions. why the new miss america is delighted that the judges see beauty of all kinds.. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> miss new york!
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>> take a look outside right now. 4:4 right now. you know that song. ♪ money, money, money >> we could use it. >> people feeling lucky. buy a powerball ticket if that'f the case. no one matched all five numberss plus the power ball on saturday's drawing. that means wednesday's jackpot is $400 million. it would be about $223 million if you took the cash option. >> i don't know if anybody said i don't want cash. spread it over my life. >> i don't think so. a boston homeless man came across a lot of backpack with $42,000 inside of it. of >> what he did next is the real reason people are talking about it. erika has the humbling story. so >> honestly, that's a jackpot for me. it's a jackpot.
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>> juanita sanchez laughs aboutt her answer to a moral dilemma but she's serious about pocketing money. would turn in the passports and paperwork but if there's cash, i'm keeping it. >> she would have walked away with $2400 and turned in the passport. the rest of the loot was in the form of travelers checks, $39,000. >> it's not a penny on the floor or something like thank it's a lot of money to miss. i would go to the policeolic department and see first. fir that's totally what i would do. >> when the bag was discovered yesterday evening that's exactly what the finder did. boston police say he flagged down a police car on patrol in the south bay center parking log and handed over what some were calling the key to his future. laying his head in a boston shelter. i would turn it in, too but if i
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were homeless, i think i would take the money and get myself a home or something. >> god bless him. i hope he gets exen saitd but we living in hard times i couldn't. >> this family doesn't believe the circumstances would have justified the means and praisess the good samaritan for demonstrating that. man of integrity. he is honest. you know, i'm sure most people o don't see that in him and judged him. >> i think we need to emulateat that every day.that >> $42,000 that's a little odd, don't you think? >> very odd.. i would have been concerned too. that, >> coming up or actually let's talk about it right now.
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miss america. there's a new one crowned. your new miss america is miss new york! ♪ new york >> yeah, new york. anyonea is the second consecutive contestant from the empire state to take the pageants top prize. she's the first winner of indian descent. she performed a classic bollywood dance for her talent exe tition. she'sex stunning, too. wow. two years in a row new york. they got something going onn there. >> yeah, they could. >> the empire state. the clock is ticking on capitol hill. weeks left until america runs out of money. the president weighs in ahead. >> a teenager shot and killed outside a hotel.
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coming up who police say shot him and how his school is dealing with the sudden loss next at 5:00.
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>> good morning, everyone. straight up 5:00 right now. a live look at the u.s. capitol dome. we start another workweek here. another weeke. sending the litte ones off to school and it's feeling like fall these days, too. we'll see what it's going tot's shape up for the rest of the week. good morning, i'm sarah simmons. >> got out in the yard yesterday without the mosquito. >> i wanted to make it look like i was out, too. >> you are so


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