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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 19, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> scott eastwood. he is a new model. happens to be the son of clint eastwood. >> he dated my roommate a while. >> he like blondes or brunettes. >> would you dye your hair for him? >> no. >> you mean un-dye her hair! [laughter] >> welcome to "tmz" roma! we got the colosseum and we got at the vatican and the 6'8 black guy. oh, mamma mia, that's lebron james! >> lebron james is on his honeymoon right now. he's over in rome. they are out sightseeing but all of the other tourists are sightseeing lebron james. >> would think they never saw a giant black man in front of the national monument to the first king of unified italy. >> all of the people are taking a picture of lebron james, not the huge cool building they should take a photo of. >> they like lebron, hey? but they have to relax.
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it's not like he's going to dance for them or anything. oh, no, here goes. >> guy a serious funky chicken leg for him. the guy can move for a big guy. >> his wife takes him to the tour he's not into. >> boring and on the honeymoon! bringing him to places that are famous. >> i didn't see that! >> i hate women! >> we're in italy. make you look at this [bleep] stupid, women! >> hey, he loves women! he just has a horribly way of showing it. one last thing about lebron. somewhere are we sure they know who lebron james is? >> they look like they're taking pictures but i think they're on wikipedia. >> maybe they never got up close. don't know. >> ignorant. >> so visit italy, where the motto is, one treats you like the other -- country! and the bread sticks aren't limited. congrats, lebron!
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>> hello, akon. >> we got akon leaving bossa nova. he wrote a lot of songs about being in love. >> how do you respond when a girl says i love you but you don't feel the same way? >> i say thank you. >> thank you, really? >> thank you is really horrible. >> what else did he say? >> tell her you have h.i.v. and then leave the room. [laughter] that was so bad. >> what the hell? >> hey, does that not work? >> oh, my god! >> can you not do that? >> we are making fun of -- >> i'm not making fun of it. what i'm saying is actor, so he has herpes. he used to be a woman. >> why can't you just say you're going to prison or something? >> that's not going to work. she might love through prison. tell her you love her too and you love her so much you want to wear her skin. [laughter] >> like that one. >> done. >> that's a good one. that's a good one.
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>> all right, akon. >> see ya. >> and now damn, he's got mad nerd swag! facebook founder,mark zuckerberg! >> he's got nerd swag! >> we got mark zuckerberg in washington, d.c. >> interesting. what was he doing there? >> something really, really important! or nothing not important at all. >> you can never tell with him because he's never dressed like he's going anywhere. he could be going to a huge meeting or going to play ping-pong, you never know what he's doing. >> yep. for some reason this guy wears stuff at raw for less and makes billions. this guy does it and makes people roll up their windows. is mark the only uber under successor down under? h, russell simmons, the only
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guy who accessorizes his suit with a yankee hat. >> who makes dressing down more popular, you or russell simmons? >> its facebook versus def jam! >> never thought we would say that. > what do you think, mark? >> have a good one, mark. >> walks into the buildi doesn't say anything. >> oh, no, he said it all, with his! >> full on nerd-walk when you lean back a little bit as you alk. they're trying to talk to him and he's like -- >> have a good one, mark. >> which is probably the reason for all of his success. that or the idea he stole from the two nerd twins. thanks, nerd! >> what's up, marcus? >> we got r.j. mini outside -- >> it's mini. >> i think you guys have been saying it wrong. >> mint. >> no, it's not. >> we have r.j. from "breaking bad. >> we have flynn outside the
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theater. >> i heard there's going to be a "breaking bad" spin-off. >> yeah. >> are you in on it? >> i don't think so actually. i think that -- >> or is it because you might die in the last episode? >> i think there's a prequel. >> is there a prequel, really? >> really quick. >> hi, i'm r.j. and i'm with breaking bad. >> can you apologize for being wrong! >> i'm wrong! >> thank you. that felt good. can we all just move on. that was good. > see you. >> hey, cool plane taking off some santa monica. you know what's cooler? the guy piloting is one harrison ford. >> totally mr. indiana jones. he is flying a single propeller like old 0-timey plane. > let the adventure begin.
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well, it was only an hour-long flight. >> when he goes to the plane gets in his old, tiny convertible jaguar. >> nice. with his seat belt on, taking a little too long. and he's off! >> the car is really cool. >> yeah, it is. but not as cool as this -- >> grand theft auto made $800 million yesterday. one day. >> everybody's doing this. >> i went to sleep at 2:45. >> what were he and millions and other people doing up so late? lots of stuff. you can drive around the city, and perform strong-arm robbery. take a leisurely flight through the sky and then bang a hooker. >> what would you like, baby? >> and it's up to you whether or not want to kill her.
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>> you can do anything you want and that's the best part of the game. >> when you're in the car, you can change the radio station. >> no. >> when you get in different cars, there different radio stations. mexican gangster car plays venice music. >> you get in the subaru outback and it plays indigo girls. >> you should try it! >> miata, village people. >> always is with you, isn't it? but the game is awesome! >> you should try it. >> i want to. >> you tune the channel and everyone says they want to see you playing grand theft auto. >> i want to! >> ok, ok. maybe for christmas if you are really good! grand theft auto! no! yeah! >> scott eastwood. >> oh, my god! >> he is a new model, happens to be the son of clint eastwood. and he is making a huge mark on the internet right now. i don't think i have seen so much hype over i male model before though. >> you look identical.
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>> oh, my god -- >> to his dad. if that's one person you're going to look like, want to look like clint eastwood. >> now he's doing all of this modeling. pep are freaking out about this guy. >> oh, my god, he is so dreamy! >> yeah? [laughter] >> i have to fan myself from that one. >> he used to date my friend. >> oh, give us the lowdown. >> very nice guy. >> he like blonde or brunettes? >> she's kind of in between. so -- >> would you dye your hair for him? >> you mean un-dye her hair! >> no! [laughter] >> coming up -- >> we catch up with tiger leaving beverly hills. he said scott's making a rap album. >> he's the only douche bag i like. >> plus -- >> planet hollywood in las vegas before ben affleck and justin timberlake walk in. this is what it looks like the second they walk in. 
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>> and now lord disick is wrapping it up and taking it to the next level. with scott disick! >> what's up? >> oh, yes! that's scott disick leaving expensive place at beverly hills and let's just say -- >> lord disick is ramping it up, harvey, taking it to the next level. >> yep. that's scott and that's tiger and this is gonna blow your mind! >> coming out with a new rap album. >> and goes to dynamite. >> are you going to be on it, tiger? >> producing it. >> producing the whole thing? >> yep. >> brace yourself. tiger about to stick a d in your ear -- >> metaphorically. >> was he serious? >> i don't think so. >> it's probably for the best. then again -- >> could be good. >> unbelievable but true. god is gone from the guy you would most likely die in a sawmill to -- >> lord disick! >> praise the lord, hallelujah! >> scott disick, he's the man.
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>> but why? >> he owns it. >> he owns a lot of things according to instagram. >> everyone else is faking. that's really him. > yes. scott turned being a financially dependent arrogant a-hole into an art form. but at least women still hate him. >> he's the only douche bag i like. >> ok, it's official. lord disick has arrived. >> if he broke off and did his own show, it would be hilarious. >> the lord disick hour! >> coming up next on "the lord disick hour" top five ways to make homeless people feel worse and why ugly people shouldn't vote. thanks, scott! >> how is it going, guys? >> we got tammy aaron, pippy longstocking. >> done with her. >> she's hoochied out leaving hustler. tight leather skirt on, low tank hat says hustler across it and thigh highs. >> can we now just reach an
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accord that we will stop talking about her in three, two, one -- we're done. >> ok. [laughter] >> that's it. >> las vegas, sex, booze, gambling and crime. which is probably not a coincidence. but anyway, nothing can stop the flow of money in this town. except maybe two of the biggest stars in the world! no, no one cares about them, not since, you know. so who are we talking about? >> planet hollywood in las vegas. this is what it looks like two minutes before ben affleck and justin timberlake walk in. this is what it looks like the second they walk in. >> that's right! two stars of "runner runner" hit sin city last night and absolutely tore up the place. not that bad, but -- >> they pretty much destroyed the planet hollywood. like everyone is everywhere.
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>> people stopped gambling. >> there's no one sitting at the table. >> oh, gee! >> you think they did that on purpose before they moved? they were like dude, how much can we create chaos by walking through here? >> it could be high if you walk out there, next thing you know -- >> like "oceans eleven. >> yes, just like "oceans eleven" but without julia roberts or brad pitt or tiny man who fits in a box. remember him? he was so asian -- we mean flexible. yes, jen and j.t. >> both are at the hottest points in their careers. >> justin timberlake is at the hottest point of his career because of in sync? [laughter] >> bigger then in sync? >> he's stuck in the '90's and old. thanks justin and ben! >> we got mel gibson at laurel hardware in hollywood. >> hey, fellas. how are you? >> don't know what mel gibson had inside but he was one of the best moods i have ever seen him or he's just being extremely sarcastic. >> doing ok?
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oh, good. >> mel gibson! >> how are you? >> how are you? >> i'm a paparazzi guys, they're loving it. they're having a conversation with him, but -- >> yeah. >> where's linda? >> linda? >> she trashed me today. you wrote went to a hardware store like i'm supposed to know laurel hardware is a restaurant. >> you didn't wonder why he was coming out of a hardware store in the middle of the night? >> you know what i thought of actually? i thought he was at the hardware store. oh, god maybe he's buying that duct tape now he was talking about a couple of years ago, right? [laughter] >> why is it funny? >> when they take me to the desert and break my kneecaps and leave me there according to oksana grigorieva. will i say afterwards he wanted to call and tell me a joke. >> that was the joke. >> i sounded very weird. >> knock, knock -- >> who's there?
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> i'm going to kill you. >> coming up -- >> christina aguilera was on jay leno last night. she's finally proven she's officially sexy again. >> i think she was desperate and needed that guy? >> i hope that works. >> yeah. >>ks. >> yeah. >> i have a lot of questions about that.
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>> "tmz" presents the king of op like you
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> "tmz," online >> "tmz," online andnd on your phone 24/7. >> the "tmz" tour new york city! >> we're taking you to all of the places where we have broken big celebrity news. >> our state of the art bus will take you where the celebrities live, where they shop, where they eat -- >> where they play, where they drink. >> and where they drink more. cruise through hot spots like times square, chelsea, tribeca, the meat packing district and the lindsay lohan terror zone! for tickets go to >> this is a real show we put on and a show where every seat is great. >> all aboard the "tmz" tour new york city.
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>> what shape is christina in? did she binge or lose the weight? will she suffer this guy's fate? >> i could poop my pants. >> we know, al. >> and the answer is -- >> wow! >> christina aguilera was on jay leno last night and she's finally proven she officially is sexy again. >> wow, look at you! >> pretty sexy! just in case jay leno's old man's motor sent proof enough, christina did a sexy photo shoot for "maxim," officially sexy. >> she's always been sexy. >> sheer, unofficially. >> this is what she looked like before. remember? we like -- she went through a little phrase there. >> and she wasn't seen for a few months. no one saw her and then she comes out all super skinny. oh, no, i'm just eating better. something going on here.
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>> you think it was more -- >> yes! >> 100% natural. last season "the voice," she was so big getting these songs and this season -- >> good point! how will this affect her voice? the twins are still on board. >> i think she went to dr. grant stevens. >> oh, the thing where they freeze your fat cells and slurp them out so you can eat whatever want and be skinny? women are crazy. >> who know it's that really works? >> i will show you. >> you don't get it back in the same place. you get like a fat elbow or something. >> so that's what happened to popeye. as for congratulation christina, congratulations on losing all of the baby weight after only five years. wow. >> "tmz" hollywood tour. >> kelly roland. >> sexual? >> you will like this. >> you know that man, tall, handsome man? >> what's up, girl? 
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>> closed captioning and other consideration for "tmz" provided by --
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>> "tmz" tour outside of the ivy. e have kelly roland. >> really wanted say hi. we're with "tmz." >> thank you, hi. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is a really big charter we did for hot topic. >> what are you up to today? >> i just ate. >> what did you get? harvey loves talking about food? >> what did i have? i had profiteroles, i had ice cream, cookies. i had oysters. i feel like a pig. >> are you kidding me? our guys love you. specifically van.
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do you ever watch "tmz"? i got you! >> you know, the tall, handsome man? >> yes, yes! >> hello to van! >> what's up, girl? [laughter] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution]  d-ohh! ( screams ) ( tires screeching ) [captioning sponsored by fox broadcasting companyny twentieth century fox television
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