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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 23, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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doing. i'm not mad at her at all. she used to date harry martin. and she said i'm tired of him. i need me a new piece in my life. and he's now dating will his billionaire daddy. >> you can't did that, that's a violation. >> when it's a billionaire, you make an exception. >> from the fruit to the tree. >> like father like dog gone son. >> i heard that the son is the one that hooked them up together. >> son said he was tired of her. >> passing her afternoround liks an hor d'oeuvre. >> a lot of fun to do that.
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>> give me an example. >> i can't think of one right now, but i know it happened. so the october issue of gq magazine, justin authori nchlju up about how jennifer changed his life. >> i just learned something. i thought syphilis and gonorrhea happened besides your mouth. >> you yu can get stds in your mouth. >> didn't michael douglas teach you you anything? >> let's see. he could keep his statues, but i bet she made him sell his boat. all chicks make dudes sell the boat. >> she let him keep the motorcycle. and i think that's what the girls"jmake the husband get rid of because it's dangerous.
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>> don't you want to ride on the back? >> they're dangerous and scary. >> and chick magnets. >> i feel like you can do whatever you wants a long as you keep me. i'll let you put the std statue on the dining room table. i don't care. this week on double divas, we meet bianca and nick. >> i was born male. i'm transitioning to be femalfe. i was born female and i'm in the transition to become male. >> and nick happens to be pregnant with their second child. >> will they find out the gender? >> a little bit of both actually. well, nick is visiting the store to get a compression bra to hide his boobs.
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>> i did my best to compress your breasts. >> yeah, you did. >> looks good. >> actually does. >> very nice. >> it's actually perfect. it compresses a lot more than what i have now. >> as the pregnant one in the room, that looks so painful. oh, my god. >> that was going to be my question. wouldn't that hurt? i know it doesn't matter that much for lydia, but -- >> dude -- >> when he puts on the golf shirt after, it looks like most of the guys that i golf with. just a big huge beer belly. >> i'm a little concerned that we're finding out that pregnant women and 55-year-old beer drinkers are not that different. >> no, they aren't. >> i'm turning into my father. p. why is it that every woman transitioning into a man feels the need to get a neck tattoo? >> you're right. >> on the back of your neck. >> i think so. >> is there a transition you'd
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like to tell us about? >> i am pregnant. we have pictures. >> beautiful. okay. what's going on in the wild and whacky world of jay-z and beyon beyonce? there was a story about their bodyguard. he was fired, but check out why. they was out of town. he hired some in-room entertainment to come and enter tape him while he was chilling off duty. but he also videotaped it.enter chilling off duty. but he also videotaped ta chilling off duty. but he also videotaped it.tape chilling off duty. but he also videotaped it.ape h chilling off duty. but he also videotaped hi chilling off duty. but he also videotaped it.e him chilling off duty. but he also videotaped it. him chilling off duty. but he also videotaped it. allegedly he's popping his open cork. once they got wind of this, no, you can't work for us. >> really going all the way in. >> but a passport photo, isn't that just a picture of your face? >> do you realize how attractive
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that passport photo got to be in order for you to -- >> no body involved. >> you'd be nervous that you done got a passport. you'd be like thank you. sometimes you get an inch, get a yard. >> so also they went on a lavish vacation in brazil and they have this mansion, right? stayed for ten days. anyone like to guess the estimated price? >> for ten days? they had that special. >> oh, yeah, they probably did. about $3,000. >> i'd guess about $1500. >> the actual retail price is $65,000 for ten days. do you understand that's a full year's salary? 65 grand. >> that ain't mine. that's two years. >> you made $65,000 in two years? >> kyes. >> you must have a second job. >> in country or out of country,
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they just can't go check into la quinta. you walking down the hallway and you see jay-z at the ice machine? >> ice. on the rocks. time for my favorite segment, what the fashion! >> i think you needed to add a little more. >> what the fashion. >> there it is. >> taylor swift tweeted a photo of her shoes and her cat. that's how exciting taylor swift's life is. and it says somehow this adds extra pressure to the already stressful task of choosing what shoes to wear to meet and greet. >> i'm surprised it didn't follow like #white girl problems. it should be #sad white girl problems. >> how does a cat add extra
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pressure? >> snicker doodles or clock the lat xh chocolate chip? >> i follow rihanna and she got a little gift from a high end designer name aed vivian westwood and she posted the photo of this clutch purse. i think the picture is louder than any words i could use to describe it. are guys okay with that? >> i wouldn't want to be holding that for my girl when she goes to the bathroom. >> hey, baby, can you hold my clutch? >> they should have reversed the colors to make it make more sense for rihanna. then kim kardashian would buy it. >> have you seen how hot jared letto looks lately? >> no, i don't look at hot dudes. >> he's playing the part of a
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transsexual drug addict in a movie. he says every man should be required to wear heels so they should know what it's like to be a woman. >> i think all men need brazilian waxes once in their life. do you understand what we go through to please you? >> i understand what you go through and i'm very thankful for it. >> just tell us. write us a note. >> all men need to experience the time of the month. >> what's it feel like? >> from what i remember, since i'm barren now, a real big punch in the gut. >> so punch me in the gut so i can feel what you feel onceíe=z month. >> oh! >> see, just when you think it's
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over, it comes back again. next -- >> jake gyllenhaal, gwyneth paltrow, pink and chris brown make for a star-studded weekend at the box office. but who should you go see? >> we ain't got no time to watch no movies. over 20 million drivers are insured with geico. so get a free rate quote today. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling. this is some really strong stuff! so you turned me into a cartoon...lovely. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. you deserve a multivitamin that supports your efforts. newly reformulated one a day men's has more of 10 key nutrients than centrum men under 50.
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it's time for ticket or skip it. this is where we tell you what movies you should watch based on the trailers. >> we ain't got no time. >> no. this film looks intense. it's called prisoners. this movie has tons of celebrities in it. hugh jackman is the lead.
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jake gyllenhaal. >> there is an rv and they were playing on it. >> she's wondering why i'm not there. >> what did you do with my daughter? >> i'm not the only not ticketing the movie, i will never watch that trailer again. as a mother, this is like the biggest fear that something will happen to your child, that they go missing and you just don't know what happens to them. that's just too real for me. >> but it makes you you wonder what would you do if you were in this situation. >> exactly. that's in i'm go why i'm going ticket. i need to learn. >> do you ever do this at home, like that's cool, i wish i could deliver that line. he goes -- i'm going to find your daughter. you can't laugh. that was good. >> that wasn't good. that's why jake is the professional. >> i'm going to find your daughter. >> coming out this weekend, thanks for sharing.
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a romantic comedy that brings together three characters as they struggle together against a common demon. sex addiction. >> would you care for goo? you kind of have some on your face. >> oh, my gosh. >> i will say the only redeeming quality about this movie for me is that pink, my pop star hero, is the sex addict. >> and she's a terrible actress. you can already tell that. come over. >> where are you? tell me! >> damn, he just got all jack bauer on me. >> i say skip it. it looks horribly cheesy. girl, you need to find a different role. >> i got to say skip it. the only thing that kept me watching the trailer was gwyneth paltrow in her underwear. >> i'll say skip it and use my
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$12.50 to actually have sex. >> also battle of the years. do you know the americans have not won the dance competition in 50 year, but all that will change because donte will assemble an incredible dance team that will win the battle of the year. i smell an oscar. >> coach was right, we're going nowhere if you don't getwh÷ together right now. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> hey, man. chris brown did that use a stunt double? ticket, dude. >> what they want us to believe is that the guy that plays sawyer from lost is -- >> don't hate. chris brown, man. >> but it seems so unrealistic. like a basketball coach is going to teach these kids how to be a professional dance crew. >> i don't want to know that. >> can i believe it? >> don't kill my vibe.
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>> i'll go see it because we dancers. >> i'm offended. >> at what? >> only her are dancers. >> you know what i'm saying. >> who is the best dancer in this room? >> i think i might be. p. >> i think i'll give you a run for your money. i will move my microphone to the side and we will let you vote. go to our facebook page and vote. ♪má' flnext -- who will take hom the trophies? a brand new emmy debate. hey, have you guys hearard about probiotics? for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways? it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today.
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may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! it's time to dish celebrity squi squish. we take a hot couple and combine their features into a creature that only a mama can love. here's a hint. she has the keys to his heart. his us up on facebook and twitter with your guesses.
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welcome back. we have the answer to our dish celebrity squish. it's alicia keys and swiss keys. thomas says i think gallagher found a new apprentice. we agree. here is a sneak peek at our next. who toudo you think it is? let us know on facebook and twitter. i'm so excited about this weekend. you know what's going down? it is the 65th emmy awards and all of it tv's hottest celebrities will be headed to hollywood to take home the golden statues.t tv's hottest celebrities will be headed to hollywood to take home the golden statues. tv's hottest ces will be headed to hollywood to take home the golden
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will be headed to hollywood to take home the golden statues. i think we do a great job at redir repredicting winners. but we have to bring out our folks in dallas. >> we got emmy opinions.epredic. but we have to bring out our folks in dallas. >> we got emmy opinions.predict. but we have to bring out our folks in dallas. >> we got emmy opinions. >> hot emmy opinions. >> say it again and roll your neck. >> we got emmy opinions up in here. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> let's talk about the 2013 nominees. drama series. breaking bad, breaking bad, breaking bad. >> i think it will be an upset and game of thrones. you're only saying that because you watch it. what about people who don't watch it? >> lead actor in a drama series. jon hamm should just win. >> i'm giving to kevin spacey
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because he flirted with me once. >> so let's talk about actresses that are being nominated in a drama series. all right. carrie washington. scandal. first time nominee. claire danes won last year. >> claire danes was so good i had to go to the doctor because i thought i was schizophrenic. which i might be. >> i think it will be connie britton. my celebrity twin from nashville. >> a rlot of your winners have o do with you. >> i care. >> what about susan lucci? >> this is not daytime emmys. all my children is on the internet. >> isn't she dead? >> don't say that about erica kane. >> she's on investigation discovery. but let's keep it moving. so lead actresses in a comedy series.
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>> i'm voting for laura dern ojvjt(uáq i fell feel bad for wt billy bob thornton did to her. >> i'd leave my mama for angelina jolie. next -- >> you've been voting on facebook andtwet twitter and no we're ready to reveal. ,ño do you think has "dish when you're ready to add a new pet to your family, come to petsmart, the destination for everything specialty pet. during our fall savings sale, save up to 20% on select aqueon® & kaytee® essentials. and mollies, guppies and platy fish are just $1 each. at petsmart®. down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's.
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a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's. yesterday we had our fancy lady hair contest. ricky looked like this. and sticker bush looking like this. you all went to facebook and voted for our winner and right now on the phone, we have our dish nation producer with the results. are y'all nervous? >> i feel good. >> that was the dance contest. >> we're talking about the wigs. >> y'all was dressed like the golden girls.
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>> so the first runner up is -- >> ricky smily. >> i'll take that. >> and the winner is -- >> rocky. >> i knew you could do it. >> congratulations. >> ain't nothing to be proud of, is it? >> it looks good on -- you!
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>> good morning, everyone. it's monday, september 23. live look outside. we're back in the, temperatures. good feeling out there. not a good feeling over the weekend perhaps. per >> depends on what you are talking about. game. football >> okay. >> i'm sarah simmons.mon >> i'm wisdom martin. let's get an early check on thee weather with tucker barnes. >> wisdom, sarah, good morning. going to be a cool day today but a dry day for us as serve headed back to work and school after the weekend. w
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we do have cloud cover and a cloud deck working with. pleasant but cool with high temperatures only expected to be 70 degrees or so. s a little bit on the cool side. temperature at reagan national is 57 degrees. 49 out at dulles and 52 at bwi marshall. cool start to the day. willlots more on the weather. wa lots of sunshine this week. back to you guys. g >> we begin this morning with an update on the deadly mall atake in kenya. al qaeda militants went to thehe mall on saturday killing at k least 58 people. the u.s. knaveying -- navy is
4:26 am
searching for two missing airmen after crashing in the red sea. the helicopter was operating on a destroyer in the red sea. the fifth fleet based in bahrain said more hips hip search -- moe ships are helping. that's the first time they've t ever won in washington in 21 years -- 21 tries though. so, so bad. all right the redskins had a checklist of hinge -- things too improve on. >> mistakes and misfortunes still spoil the day. lindsey murphy has more from fed-ex field for us.s.
4:27 am
those moments were overshadedod by miss tackles, penalty and turnovers. robert griffen iii seemed more sure of himself running this thi offense but he was far from perfect. he threw his fourth interception of season and in the fourth took off on his best run of year, 21 yards. he dove forward and coughed up the ball. b service ruled a fumble. >> i was trying to avoid the hit but it's the rule. it can be a sucky rule but still one of nfl rules. they said it's a fumble. it's unfor thate and i make -- unfortunate but i have to make sure. i hold on to the ball.
4:28 am
griffin third a perfect passas down field and he hauled it in for what would have been the go ahead touchdown. but after further review he didn't have control and the pass was ruled incomplete. >> he has to have completeplet security through the catch and it looked to me like the ball b did hit the ground so i was not surprised it was over turned. >> we went from excite to knowing we have to do it again. the one thing that you have too make sure doesn't happen is you had a negative play. that can demoralize a team. it was unfortunate.nfor we lost the game on two judgment calls. >> the redkins have to reacquaint themselves with the road games as t well as a three-hour time difference at oakland. in lindsey murphy fox 5 sports. >> they head to the west coastot
4:29 am
trip thenched into a playing the radars.ars. >> that is the trip hopefully. >> hopefully. hop >> we have more ahead for your weather, traffic and top stories, too. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning to you, live lookok outside right now athe 4:30 on this monday morning start your week.week temperatures it was a nice weekend.d. any day where you don't have to turn on the air or heater saveae some bucks. it's a good thing. >> it was nice.>> i >> it's monday september 23.3 good morning to you. >> i'm sarah simmons. sim we'll say hello to tucker to get the latest on the weather. >> how about that heavy rain rai sunday night.igh >> it was true.e. we need thanched needed that. t didn't need to be on the roadways. we won't care about today's weather anyways. kind of partly sunny.


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