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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 24, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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woodbridge. that's normal. no problems in spring field. just the brake lights approaching the beltway. let's take a live look outside. if you're planning to head on the inbound side of i-66, this is a live picture from our sky 9 at route 28 in centreville. no issues to report. all lanes are open. just a lot of slow traffic here on the inbound side of i-66. let's go back to the maps. if you're planning to head over on the top side of town, we're along great on the beltway. no irks out -- no issues. outer loop side slowing down a bit in silver spring. looking good on route 29 out of burtonsville. 270 out of frederick. a live look one more time and we're looking at the southbound side of 270 in germantown at route 118. back you to guys. we are now a week, seven days from a potential government shutdown and neither side of course is giving much ground. >> republicans are split within their party. some members insist, though, on defunding obama care as part of any deal while democrats say that's nothing more than
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posturing. delia goncalves is live outside the wilson building with more on what a shutdown could mean for the district. good morning, delia. >> good morning, andrea, mike. the mayor, hair gray is hoping -- mayor gray is hoping cooler heads will prevail on the hill. however, he is preparing for the worst and that would be a government shutdown. later dat mayor will have a news conference announcing the -- later today, the mayor will have a news conference announcing the city's contingency plan because they have a whole lot to lose in this fight. why? congress still controls d.c.'s budget. and so that means any stalemate on the hill means the city gets hit hard. the senate is expected to return the budget proposal to the house without the provision defunding obama care, but house members seem to be digging in their heels and intent on defunding that health care plan, even if that means a government shutdown. the deadline just seven days away, october 1. here's d.c. council member tommy wells.
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>> we don't have any control over how long this lasts. with no representation in congress, with -- we have no control over it. we're completely subject to how long congress has this impasse. hopefully cooler heads will prevail and ideological warfare that hurts everyone, including the people in the district needs to stop. >> reporter: that's tommy wells also running for d.c. mayor. here's the good news. schools, fire, police will remain open. on the chopping block, though, libraries and services like street sweeping and trash collection. coming up at 6:30, how progress in terms of construction sites could be affected, too. i'll see you in a half-hour. back to you. >> delia, thank you. navy officials plan to close gaps in the security clearance process which failed to pick up red flags in the background of navy yard gunman
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aaron alexie. the contractor killed 12 people last monday before he was shot by police. alexis did not disclose all the details of his criminal history when he enlisted in the navy in 2007. he answered no to questions asking if he had ever been arrested or charged with a felony. in fact he was arrested in seattle in 2004 for shooting out the tires on a construction vehicle in what he called an anger-fueled blackout. the office of personnel management report only stated alexis deflated the tires. navy officials did not learn about the 2004 arrest until after monday's attack. a manassas research facility is still unsafe after an explosion there yesterday. a pressurized canister with a gas mixture leaked and then it shot through the roof of the utron building on innovation drive. one employee got minor injuries from. it has a list of contracts with the pentagon. the cause is still under investigation. apparently you need to
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watch out for thieves when you get gas in prince george's county. police there say they're lurking around local gas stations. the crooks wait for you to get out of your car and they snatch your cell phones, your purse, anything that looks like it's valuable and they take off with t. police say don't leave anything sitting on your car seat. carry it with you or lock it in the trunk. it 16:05. time for -- it 16:05. -- it is 6:05. time for another your money segment. >> chrysler possibly making it back to wall street after many years. the automaker has moved forward with an initial public offering. the number of shares to be offered and the price range have not yet been determined. shares being sold will come from a worker's retirement trust that owns 41.5% of the company. italian automaker fiat own the rest. it rescued chrysler from bankruptcy back in 2009. the ipo still must be approved by the securities and exchange commission. td bank is settling charges that it failed to report
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suspicious activity in accounts now linked to a $1.2 billion ponzi scheme. the canadian bank will pay $52.5 million. the accounts belong to a former florida lawyer. he's now serving a 50-year prison sentence in the ponzi scheme. bank of america has been orpded to pay black -- ordered to pay black job applicants more than $2 million in backwages and interest to settle a discrimination case. the bank applied unfair and inconsistent selection criteria leading to the rejection of qualified black applicants for teller and entry level clerical and administrative positions. this decision affects over 1100 applicants. we still don't know how many stores wal-mart will build in the district, but we do know the company has opened hiring centers for two new locations. they're recruiting employees for stores at 2nd and h streets in northeast and along georgia avenue in northwest. and wal-mart will be hiring a lot more people for the
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holiday shopping season. the world's largest retailer plans to add 55,000 seasonal workers, 10% more than last year. 35,000 part-time workers will become full-time. that means more workers will be offered benefit, something wal- mart has been criticized for not doing in the past. toys 'r' us is ramping up for the holiday shopping season, too. plans to hire 45,000 seasonal workers, the same number as last year, toys 'r' us and other stores are bracing for cautious consumer spending over the holidays and they believe many people will shop online when possible. i'm already checking out some stuff online for the holidays. >> that's the one in times square, the only toys 'r' us that has a ferris wheel on the inside. >> so cool. expensive, though. >> thanks, jess. a new brushfire is forcing evacuations and closing roads in california. >> could a midday nap make you smarter? it might. we'll let you know after
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6:11 on this tuesday morning. just getting a little light on the eastern horizon and a beautiful picture on our weather cam this morning. you can see the skies there. sunrise isn't until about 6:58. we have a ways to go. looks like it's going to abpretty day. it's -- to be a pretty day. it's cold out. a few upper 30s. a touch of fog in frederick. this afternoon looks fantastic. low 70s by 3:00 with a high around 75. back to the 40s and 50s tonight. see you with the seven-day forecast in a few. we're going to take a live look from our sky 9 on the inbound side of i-66 here at nutley street where there had been a disabled vehicle. it was moved to the shoulder but left some slow traffic for you through the vienna area. right now the lanes are open coming inbound on i-66 in
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virginia. back to you. >> thanks, monika. it is 6:12. in the news right now, a 60- year-old woman is the last person missing after massive flooding in colorado. yesterday the body of the 79- year-old woman was found on a river bank and she was identified as evelyn starner. her death brings the toll to about eight. california forestry officials are searching for the cause after brushfire that broke out just east of los angeles. it's called the madre fire. it quickly scorched dozens of acres and forced officials to close several nearby roads. at last report very little of the fire is contained. most caregivers know a napping child usually means a less cranky child later in the day. >> but a new study shows another benefit for a midday snooze. improved learning skills. marley hall has more. >> reporter: children at the bright horizons preschool in manhattan go down for a nap every afternoon. >> on your mat, sweetheart. >> reporter: a new study shows
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napping can help improve learning. reseven -- researchers tested the memories of the children who took naps and those who didn't. those who took a nap, they remembered everything they had learned in the morning. >> reporter: researchers measured activity in the brain called spleep spindles during the children's naps. >> we think the bursts reflect markers when the brain is really susceptible to forming new memories. >> reporter: researchers say their results answered critics who question the benefit of naps and want them eliminated to make more time for learning. teachers -- this teacher notices the difference after they wake glup their social interaction is better. they're happier, less cranky. yeah, they participate much more. >> reporter: and even though some little ones may not want to go to sleep--
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>> is nap going or bad? >> bad. >> reporter: experts say about an hour of napping is all it takes. marley hall for cbs news, new york. >> i think for adults it's a good idea, too. just a little snooze. the japanese have the pods where people can go in and take a nap. >> i know people who can nap standing up. >> regenerate the little gray cells. his gray cells are hard at work with the forecast. >> you saw me running in here late. beautiful sky. posting the pre-sunrise picture on twitter and facebook. i'm going to -- let's go right to the graphics. it's gorgeous out there this morning. check this out. again, this is what i was posting online here. got this great glow on the horizon in advance ever the 6:58 sunrise. mike is a big photographer. 30, 40 minutes before sunrise seems to be the right time light and it woks out -- works
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out really way. today going to be a sunny day. you need a jacket right now. 68 at 1:00. this afternoon low to mid-7 on the. -- mid-70s. much better winds than yesterday. north, northwest 5 to 8 miles an hour. really a gorgeous start. we've had some fog. it's gotten better in the culpeper, warrenton and manassas area. 7, 8 miles an hour. up in frederick the airport reporting three-quarters after mile visibility. in the mountains petersburg at one half-mile. we're seeing really chilly temperatures. with the fog 37. wouldn't be surprised if parts of frederick or even the east and west virginia panhandle, western maryland toward winchester, stephen city, cross junction, even -- look at manassas. there was some patchy frost this morning. that would be fairly isolated. locally down to 43 in leesburg. manassas we saw 39 with the 40 in germantown. 47 for arlington this morning.
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even a chilly start for waldorf and baden and bowie all at 44 degrees this morning. one more look at the glow in the eastern horizon on our michael & son weather camera. mainly clear skies right now. 51 degrees at reagan national with a north, northwesterly wind at 6 and the dew point of 45. we've cleared out. still have some clouds off to the southwest and southwestern virginia with the fog also extending into the mountains. but really for us, high pressure in control. and it's going to stay in control. so we're not going to have any real significant weather headed our way. not just for the next few days but probably right through the weekend. there is going to be a storm system that's going to be developing down across areas coming out the mississippi valley. you can almost see the upper level low coming through missouri. here we are at 5:00. lots of sunshine here. we could use more rain. had some good rain saturday night as far as the water. maybe not the timing but we really needed the rain. we're drying out for a few more days because while there's rain here tomorrow, midday, in
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kentucky and tennessee, down through alabama and georgia, we're going to be sunny once again. good deal of sunshine. another beautiful day around here. highs in the mid- to upper 70s tomorrow. we'll watch the rain wednesday morning into kentucky and then by wednesday afternoon it's not making a lot of progress east with high pressure here blocking. as we get into wednesday night and thursday, it just doesn't have the push. it may through a few -- throw a few clouds our way. as far as any rain i think it will stay to the south. today a chilly start. a beautiful afternoon. 75 degrees for leesburg. frederick is going to warm up nicely after the foggy cold start. even on the eastern shore we'll have lower 70s. right by the bay, water temperatures starting to drop. so annapolis may struggle to get out of the 60s today. then tonight not as cold but, you know, some low 40s in a few areas. not 30s but low 40s to around 50, 55 here in d.c. here's your forecast in detail. today 75 degrees. a beauty after the chilly start. tonight 55 again with the 40s north and west.
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for wednesday sunshine, just an awesome day, 78. if you get a t time tomorrow, go for it. 77. spectacular thursday. even if you don't gulf, maybe -- golf, maybe pick it up. it's going to be that nice a day. trust me, even i might go. thursday 77. friday, saturday really nice 76. our next chance of rain maybe early next week the way it's going now. so if you have stuff you care about in the garden, you might want to water it. happy tuesday. i'm happy to say for the most mart we're in good shame. there is one accident i just got this in from manassas on route 234 at godwin. he'll keep you posted on that situation. you're going about 31 miles an hour on average leaving route 109. it will be most of the way as you head toward germantown leaving frederick. the entire stretch which is normal for this time of the morning. if you're planning to head to
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the beltway this is in silver spring near georgia avenue. the outer loop westbound 495 looks pretty much like this as you leave the 95 interchange, top side of town into silver spring. let's go back over to the maps. this time to the south side of town. no problems on 95 northbound. it's going to be slow off and on into dale city, woodbridge, lorton, newington and springfield. all of your lanes are open on the interstate. if you're planning to head on the northbound side of 395, you're going to be okay to the 14th street bridge. inbound 66 slowing down near nutley street because of an earlier disabled vehicle. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. 6:19. time for another look at question of the morning. it is according to an e-harmony survey, 41% of men admitted to doing what? is it a, playing hard to get, b, not paying on the first date or c, wearing just a little makeup? >> this is a little racy. our facebook friend sharita smith wrote, if you have cleavage, trust me, it certainly isn't a meaning playing hard to get.
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>> log on to the wusa9 facebook page and leave your response. we'll have more of them and the correct answer in 30 minutes. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest.
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... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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good morning. everybody. i'm kristen berset. if you're a nationals fan, you don't like the st. louis cardinals, especially after they knocked your team out of the post-season last year. after last night you're really not going to like them. the nationals knew their chances were slim to make the post-season but they weren't going to go down without a fight. they really needed a win in st. louis last night. a two-run shot by carlos beltran was just not going to happen. the relds and pirates both won which means the nats are officially nip lated from the
6:23 am
post -- eliminated from the post-season race. the orioles may not officially be eliminated. they did lose one of their stars. third baseman manny machado stepped awk qrdly off first base and collapsed to the -- awkwardly off first base and collapsed to the ground. he will have an m.r.i. in baltimore. the caps, another preseason game, extra time. a theme this year. bruins win 3-2. and washington mystics' season sadly came to an end last night. they carried a two-point lead into the 4th quarter but were outscored 20-17 in the final frame. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great tuesday. on the inbound side of i-66 it seems pretty normal inside the beltway here as you travel to the roosevelt bridge. out in bri is stow, an accident
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involving entroopment -- entrapment. our sky 9 is headed that way. we'll have that for you in just a few minutes. you're watching wusa9. you're watching wusa9. we'll be right back. we love this kitchen! you're watching wusa9. we'll be right back. what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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that's the value of performance. we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. good morning. welcome back to wusa9 at 6:30. this is a live look at downtown washington. we're at freedom plaza looking at the wilson building. a beautiful day today, tuesday, september 24.
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i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, mr. mayor we. know you're watching. mr. howard bernstein out on the weather terrace for yet another gorgeous day coming our way. >> it's going to be gorgeous this afternoon. this morning jacket weather. in some cases we even have some 30s. i wouldn't be surprised if there was a touch of frost in a few spots. beautiful sky this morning. sunrise in about half an hour at 6:58. 51 reagan national. most of you are in the 40s this morning and we've got the crisp start but a sunny, beautiful afternoon. highs 72 to 77. that 77 is going to be south and west toward culpeper and orange. temps right now down to 37 in frederick. 39 cumberland and winchester. manassas this morning with temperatures in the 40s. the visibility in frederick right now running about three- quarters -- half a mile now. monika samtani, how is traffic running? the inbound side of i-66 i'm going to show what you it looks like live here from our sky 9. this is in manassas at
6:29 am
route 234. see, howard, you get up early and you don't have to deal with this. on the inbound side you can imagine it's 6:30 in the morning and you have bumper to bumper traffic basically out of manassas here, route 234 heading all the way through centreville before that pace picks up. all brake lights this morning with the lanes open. by the way, an accident in bristow involving entrapment on piney branch lane at wellington road. i do believe the driver seems to be doing okay at this time. let's go over to a map and on the inbound side of i-66 as you said, you've got it out of manassas. it's going to be the most of the way on and off into fairfax and the beltway. if you plan to head in from southern maryland, we're in great shape on route 4, 301, 210, accokeek into oxon hill as well and we'll end with a live picture in springfield on the northbound side of 95. pretty much the same story. brake lights dale city, off and on to woodbridge, lorton, newington and here into springfield. andrea and mike. >> thanks, monika. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning
6:30 am
are covering. >> norah o'donnell spanning by live in new york city. good morning, norah. >> good morning you to, mike and andrea. ahead, our conversation with president bill clinton. his personal connection to the kenya attack, whether he thinks president obama should meet with the new iranian leader and hillary clinton's possible 2016 run. plus, former f.b.i. insider john miller on how the government is working to keep terror organizations from recruiting and operating right here in the u.s. and one-third of the rock 'n' roll super group crosby, steels and nash. 50 years of rock history. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you right at 7:00. >> thanks a lot, norah. >> thank you. security forces in nairobi, kenya say they have control of the building but the operation to end the terror siege is not over. two or three americans and one brit are believed to be among the gunmen who stormed the mall in kenya according to a
6:31 am
statement from ken came's -- kenya's foreign minister. kenya's military says most of the hostages have been released. ten could still be inside the west gate mall. al-shabaab, a somali-based terror group is claiming responsibility for the attack. president obama will address the u.n. general assembly today in its session but there's a much smaller talk getting attention. >> secretary of state john kerry is expected to meet with his iranian counterpart this week to discuss iran's nuclear program. vinita nair has more on the two nations' first substantive talk since the 1979 iranian resolution. >> reporter: president obama will address the world this morning at the opening of the u.n.'s general assembly meeting. but it's the possibility of a more intimate talk that is drawing the most attention. iranian president hassan rouhani could meet face to face with president obama today. if it happen it is would be the first time the leaders of the two countries talked since the
6:32 am
iranian revolution in 1979. administration officials have not ruled out the possibility but say no meeting is scheduled. but iran and the u.s. did agree to official talks later this week while representatives from both countries are here in new york at the u.n. meeting. secretary of state john kerry will join his iranian counterpart and representatives of five other countries this thursday to talk about iran's nuclear program. president rouhani says he would like his country to improve relations with the outside world. >> so the time is now ripe for those statements to be matched by concrete steps by iran. >> reporter: the u.s. has led efforts to impose strong sanctions against iran because of its uranium enrichment program. sanctions which have crippled that nation's economy. vinita nair, cbs news, the united nations. israel is paying close attention to any overtures between the united states and iran. last year israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu claimed iran was developing a
6:33 am
nuclear weapon and needed to be stopped. congress has a week to pass a new budget or the government is going to shut down. the senate started debate on a budget bill yesterday. >> majority leader harry reid promises to pass a bill which funds the government and obamacare but republicans want to strip away the money to implement the president's health care plan. so how would a government shutdown affect you? delia goncalves is live in northwest outside the d.c. mayor's office at the wilson building with more on the local impact. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea, mike. later today, mayor gray will announce details of the city's contingency plan. we all know that if the federal government shuts down, federal services will likely be delayed, but for d.c., that means our local services, a lot of them may come to a screeching halt. why? well, that's because congress still controls the district's budget. and without representation on the hill, d.c. really has no
6:34 am
control over this matter. so if congress continues this budget impasse another seven days, the government will shut down october 1. and for d.c., that means most of the city will shut down, too. >> this will have a financial impact on the district. and it's -- it's unfortunate because it has nothing to do with the term government. we raise our own taxes. these are construction projects that are private projects, but in order to have the government to be sure to get a permit or other things night move forward, it won't happen and that's absurd. >> reporter: tommy wells fired up about this issue. he's also running for d.c. mayor and along with mayor gray, support budget autonomy and says this is an exact reason why the city should control its own budget. here's the good news. what will stay open? schools, police, and fire.
6:35 am
the bad news? libraries, street sweeping and trash collection are on the chopping block. and construction sites, we could see some empty construction sites because the agency that hands out building permits will likely close, too, if the golf shuts down. andrea and mike, the bottom line there, hundreds of people who work on those construction sites may be out of a job. >> going to be plenty of people barking to get this done. >> people think it's just somebody who works on capitol hill but it's not just that and it's not just washington, d.c. it's across the country and in your backyard. >> thanks, deal yarks live at the wilson -- delia, live at the wilson building this morning. doug ganzler will begin a statewide tour to officially launch his campaign for governor. he's going to face off against lieutenant governor anthony brown who is running in a bid for democratic nomination. harford county executive david craig, state delegate ron george, the former chairman of the republican central company
6:36 am
charms lawler are all vying for the republican nomination. a new poll suggests that voters prefer democrat terry mcauliffe over attorney general ken cuccinelli for virginia's governor's race. mcauliffe got 47% to kush nellie's 37% -- kush nellie's 37 -- cuccinelli's 37% of the vote. many of the voters polled say they don't like either candidate. women voters were pushed by helping get mcauliffe head of kush nellie. -- >> cuccinelli. a troubling story of parental rights. we may never know the identity of the man who won the $400 million power ball jackpot all because the convenience store was out of hot dog rolls. >> smart and lucky manual. don't -- lucky man. don't forget we're always on at and the wusa9 app.
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it is 6:38. we'll
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welcome back. 6:42 on this tuesday morning.
6:41 am
anything change since 4:25 this morning? >> it's a lot lighter. that's about it. temperatures are still cold. still a touch of fog in frederick and maybe a touch of frost far north and west as well, especially the mountains. here's a look at the beautiful sky. sunrise at 6:58. still have the nice glow on the horizon. we're going so see a lot of sunshine today. it's going to help. in the 40s in most areas but by lunch time mid-60s and less wind that yesterday, should be much more comfortable to be outside during the lunch hour. highs low to mid-70s this afternoon. west, northwesterly winds late at 5, 8 miles an hour. there's the touch of fog, especially up in frederick. down to half-mile visibility. warrenton down through fauquier county seeing a little bit of that toward stafford and the mountains. elsewhere just clear and chilly this morning. temperatures have dipped into the mid and upper 30s now. look at winchester and frederick down to 37. could be patchy frost from jefferson county, west virginia, the eastern panhandle
6:42 am
down through frederick county, beary 1reu8 might -- berryville might have a patch of frost. 39 manassas. low 40s in cambridge at this hour and also tappahannock down to 43. locally we've got 40s in most spots with germantown at 40. 45 over at andrews. even fairfax a nice chill this morning at 45 and waldorf checking in with 43. a beautiful morning in spite of the chill. our weather camera picking up the glow. 51 degrees. clear skies. dew point 45 degrees. so the air is nice and dry and comfortable. once you get away from the body of water, that 45 pretty good predictor of how coldwell' get. on average we're about 40, 45. we have some clouds to the south and west. that's it. this whole week is going to be dominated by generally high pressure with one exception. it's going to an area of low pressure that's going to come out of the mississippi valley. but this high will be strong enough as it noses in more toward the east of us and it's going to act like a block.
6:43 am
this is going to come out of the mississippi valley here, head over toward kentucky and tennessee by midnight tonight. tomorrow it will be spinning across the tennessee valley with some showers up into ken ken. around here, mostly sunny skies once again with high pressure in control. that high will block the system from really moving much more north and east than where it is. as we get into thursday, here we are wednesday night and thursday. kind of spinning here south of charleston throwing some clouds, especially the southern suburbs. on thursday, this stuff will throw a few clouds our way but not any precip at this point. one thing we're watching, there's a possibility of a coastal low by sunday, monday that could have a much bigger impact than the delmarva than here in the district. today going to be gorgeous later on after the chilly start with highs in the low to mid- 70s. looking at our forecast, going for 75 today, although that's going to be a late afternoon high. it's not going to feel nearly as cool as yesterday also because the winds are going to
6:44 am
be light so a beautiful afternoon. 55 tonight with mid-40s north and west with light winds. tomorrow 78, an awesome day. a few more clouds thursday, still spectacular at 77. by friday still nice. right now i think the coastal storm stays far enough east of us. not too much of an impact but a stray shower. breezy by monday and 76. monika samtani, it's tuesday morning. we know the volume has caused problems. >> the volume is huge. all of us traffic reporters feel really bad for those of you who sit in this, especially this morning on the inbound side of i-66. and now take a look in cheverly on the bw parkway and route 50 affected by this accident on the southbound side of d.c., 295, right after eastern avenue. the right lane is blocked at the accident scene. wow t is very slow and heavy inside the beltway on both of those corridors that come into the northeast side and then southbound 295 after eastern
6:45 am
avenue. you're going to need to stay to the left to get around the accident. let's take a live look on the north side of town, the outer loop typically slowdowns at this time of the morning as you leave the 95 interchange past here at georgia avenue in silver spring. let's go back over to the maps and this time to the south side of town. northbound 95 is just slow off and on woodbridge into spring feedz. i'll step out and show what you it looks like live. this is what i was talking about on 66. you have this this morning most of the way manassas all the way to here at route 50 and toward the beltway. jess, back to you. >> thank you, monika. it is time for the latest your money report. more and more businesses are owned by women nowadays. according to the national women's business council, there are more than 8.6 million women business owners, up 59% in the last 16 years. and good for us. washington, d.c., maryland and new mexico have the highest percentage of women-owned businesses. but when if comes to operating on equal footing, women still face discrimination, lack of
6:46 am
opportunities, and less pay. so what can be done to change all of this? joining me now is phil dyer, one of the authors of the book "wonder women: how western women will save the rest of the world." thanks for coming in and talking about it. >> thanks for having me. priesh yate it. >> you have an interesting premise of your book. essentially don't lean in. don't try to pretend to be men in the work force. explain that to us. >> with all due respect to cheryl and her book, we feel that women trying to act like men or operate like men in the work force actually does not work because quite frankly operating like men is -- [ audio difficulties ] the i have to win at all costs of doing things doesn't work going forward. women are much better suited for the new economy that we're going into, typically better at building relationships. so we tell everyone we can get
6:47 am
in front of, stop trying to be guys. >> one of the premises you're jumping off here is the old motto know thy self. >> absolutely. women are fantastic a lot of different things. unfortunately a lot of times they don't value that which they're most brilliant at. so one of the key things we focus on is know yourself first. know what you're great at and focus on that in business. >> once we know ourself, what do we do next? >> once you know yourself, wasn't to make sure you are not tearing other women down in business. unfortunately i've been kind of the fly on the wall at a lot of women's conferences. ladies, there's enough challenges and business out there without looking at what she's wearing, did she gain weight or things like that. really support each other in business and use that strength, collaboration and cooperative success that can really help move you forward. >> you say choose your friends very wisely. what do you meanly that. >> a good friend of mine says don't spend five years on five-
6:48 am
minute people. so in looking fomenters and folks to line yourself with in business, make sure you're aligning yourself with people that really have your best interests at heart and will be there for the long haul. >> thank so you much. this gives us a lot to think about this morning. and we will be right hi, jericho? yes?
6:49 am
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6:52. clear skies. chilly with patchy fog, especially up in frederick right now. it's going to be a really nice afternoon after the crisp start. you'll love it, highs in the low to mid-70s. andrea? >> thank you, howard. in the news right now at 6:52, chicago police have charged two men in connection with the shooting last thursday which injured 13 people. a 20-year-old man and a 21-year-
6:52 am
old are both charged with three counts of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm. police say both suspects played a significant role in the shooting. however, investigators say neither is the actual shooter. they believe the incident is gang related. the native american child at the center of a bitter custody dispute is back with her adoptive parents now. the oklahoma supreme court ordered the 4-year-old vary rhonda be returned -- veronica be returned to the adoptive parents. the couple adopted her from her biological mother in 2009 and have been in a custody battle with the girl's biological father ever since. justin brown, a registered member of the cher key nation invocked the indian child welfare act to get custody of veronica. a judge ruled in brown's favor in 2011 and took his daughter to oklahoma in june. a divide supreme court sided with the couple but brown originally refused to hand over the child. the united states postal service unveiled a new forever
6:53 am
stamp honoring music cal great ray charles. usps officials unveiled the stamp yesterday during a ceremony in atlanta, the same day charles would have turned 83. post offices around the country will also sell an unreleased ray charles song in honor of the new stamp. we'll probably never know the south carolina man who responsible the $400 million power ball jackpot. he cashed in his ticket and chose to remain anonymous which you can do in south carolina. lottery officials say we went into the convenience store looking for hot dog buns but they didn't have any so he bought 20 bucks of lottery tickets instead. a quick pick chosen by computer. it is time to answer the question of the morning. according to an e-harmony survey, 41% of men adds mitted to doing what? is it a, playing hard to get, b, not paying on the first date or c, wearing just a little makeup? >> our face book friend tanya wrote, i agree, please don't
6:54 am
let it be c as in wearing makeup. she's going to go with a, playing hard to get. >> and she is going to be correct. it is a, playing hard to get. we'll be right back. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
6:55 am
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beautiful out there. it's krilly right now -- chilly right now but a beautiful afternoon. perhaps some showers here toward early next week. on the northbound side of i- 95 before i get to this picture, i just got word of a serious accident near route 100 heading for jessup. this is inbound i-66 at route 50. it's going to be very slow and heavy from manassas most of the way to the beltway right now. >> cbs this morning is next. one-third of the rock 'n' roll
6:58 am
super group crosby steels and nash will be in stiewld crow 57 -- studio 57. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> if you can't join us, go to our website. get news, weather and traffic 24/7 >> thanks so much for waking up with us this tuesday morning. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:25. catch howard at noon. enjoy the spectacular weather. take care. >> bye. ♪
6:59 am
good morning. it is tuesday, september 24th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." kenya says americans are among those behind the terror attack on a mall. the battle rages on this morning. charlie d'agata is at the scene. we talk with former president bill clinton about knya, iran and hillary clinton in 2016. there are new details on the air force one strike that carried jfk back from dallas. and graham nash on 50 years of rock 'n' roll. >> but we begin this morning with a look at "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> kenyan officials think this is an operation, but the assailants they're still holding out. >> the battle for control of a kenyan mall continues. >> fourth day in that standoff


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