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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  September 29, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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in the house, to delay obamacare for up to a year. that's something that now effectively is in the hands of the senate and the future of whether this shutdown happens or not will be determined pretty soon here. >> treat us fair, mr. president. avoid this shutdown. senate, come back. accept the compromise. >> reporter: gop house leaders gathered sunday on the steps of the senate to rally behind their most recent continuing resolution. >> compromise requires two sides. >> reporter: they claim delaying obamacare is a way of compromising. in exchange, they raise the debt limit in order to avoid a government shutdown which is expected bituesday should an agreement not be reached. the pep rally was interrupted by a college english teacher. >> the rest of the country is fed up with you! >> reporter: above all this group sounded off on democrats
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taking the day off and not being present to continue the negotiations before the deadline. >> the debate issue today is that at the end of the day tomorrow we meet a deadline. and we're here to work. >> reporter: and the senate is effectively closed until tomorrow afternoon. that's when majority leader harry reid has ordered members to return back here to negotiate and hopefully try and avoid some kind of government shutdown. harry reid was quoted as referring to this latest move on behalf of republicans as being, quote, pointless. live on a very tense capitol hill, ken molestina, wusa 9. tourism pours billions of dollars into the local washington area economy. if the government shuts down, tourists might stay away. hotels and restaurants would, of course, feel the pinch. surae chinn has more on the impact of a possible shutdown. >> as i do towards most all the
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national parks, but if i'm not working, aim fog to be at home, and that's going to hurt. >> reporter: this new york bus driver wants to remain anonymous. he brings visitors to d.c. by the bus load at least three times a week. >> i've got to put food on the table, and you have to pay your rent. >> we're going to have to improvise, pointing things out, more than letting folks off and in and making the best of the situation. >> by shutting down these museums we're going to lose all our clients. >> reporter: james dupree has been a bus driver nearly four decades busing people on historic tours and to national parks. he brings thousands of tourism dollars to d.c. while the city he helps tries to find way to take them away. >> i'm hoping they get their stuff together up there on the hill and look out for me and my family and everybody else also. >> reporter: the national zoo would be one of those smithsonian casualties that would shut down if the
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government does, and people who are visiting d.c. this week have that in mind during their trip. >> these are some of the great features that d.c. has to offer with the zoo and the museum and things like that. so when they're shut down, it really takes away from things that families can do. >> we're going try to get in as much as we cantu day. >> reporter: daniel smith is here from san diego. >> we scheduled a long time, a not knowing what would happen as far as the shutdown. so we're here. we're going to take advantage of the moment. >> there's so many other things you will still continue to have access to that we don't want to frit smen of the families that are already planning on coming in. >> reporter: vivian is a destination d.c. board member. she says trip insurance will not cover a government shutdown as a reason to get a refund. >> that's not going to happen. and the amount of money that you are going to have to pay to reissue your ticket could run as much as $200 a ticket. nobody so far has hit the panic med and said to me, we're going to cancel, we're not coming
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into washington, we're not going on our travel. so let's all stay positive. >> reporter: in washington, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> here's some of what may or may not be affect in about 24 hours if the government does shut down. mail would be delivered. social security and medicare benefits would continue to flow. food assistance programs could shut down. active military would work but their paycheck would be delayed. meshes would still have to pay all of their taxes. an early morning crash in fairfax county leaves one man dead, two others hurt, including a pregnant woman. it happened just after 1:30 this morning on the parkway near braddock road. police say 44-year-old abraham aragon was driving the wrong way on the parkway when he struck a toyota avalon head on. aragon died at the scene. the driver of the toyota and pregnant wife were taken to the hospital. both have nonlife-threatening injuries, but the couple's baby
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born prematurely. doctors say the infant is now in serious condition. in just a moment, startled diners scrambling for cover when an suv crashes into a restaurant. fitness classes around the world today united for a good cause. it was a really pleasant day throughout the d.c. metro area. our high temperature was 75, and we do have good amount of sunshine. what lies ahead for the work week? looks like the dry stretch is going to continue. i'll tell you more about that in the first
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in chicago an argument escalates and ends with an suv crashing into a restaurant. it happened on the city's south side at r.j.'s chicken and fish. police say the driver deliberately tried to ram his friends with the vehicle. that friend and a bystander were hurt when the suv slammed into the restaurant. >> one of those guys just jumped to his suv car, and he pulled his car back straight to that guy. >> surveillance video shows that after the impact the driver tried to pull his injured friend into the suv but eventually gave up and took off. police tonight still looking for him. both victims are hospitalized in serious condition. overseas in iraq a suicide
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bomber blew himself up killing at least 25 people all inside a shiite mosque. it happened 40 miles south of baghdad. the bomber was linked to al- qaida. in a separate attack a twin suicide car bombing and a firefight afterward left six people dead and 30 others wounded. in downtown washington the 24-hour fitness marathon is underway. to raise awareness about cancers that attack women's reproductive organs. just one of many fitness classes taking place in the square during the 24-hour event. participants will also walk and run around the white house to call attention to below the belt cancers. still ahead on wusa 9, something you've probably never seen on a river. we'll find out why a giant rubber duck is traveling the
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globe. and what's the chance for a machine day shower? erica has th
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in pittsburgh more than a half million people showed up to see the arrival of a giant rubber duck. the giant yellow float made its way to a crowd of waiting fans. some came dressed in duck garb. others came armed with duck calls. everybody was eager to greet the giant quacker. >> can you believe it? >> about a month ago she started telling people, and they gave her strange looks. >> i can't believe that. senate's funny, and it's a project that's about joy and happiness. but it's also about connecting people all over the globe. >> we didn't know what the pittsburgh response. here we are overwhelmed. >> the giant duck is part of a rubber duck project. it was created to create
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harmony across the globe. so far the duck has made its way to amsterdam, belgium, japan, and china. i love the duck story. it's one of those, if you don't have children, you borrow a child. >> yeah. well, it was a beautiful day in pittsburgh and a beautiful day here in the metro. we finally broke out of that stubborn cloud cover and now we are going to see a good amount of sunshine. the possibility of rain is practically none. we'll see in that just a second. we're going to start out with a look at the michael and son weather cam. 73 at reagan national with those few little clouds. the dew point 51, so it's a nice, dry comfortable atmosphere. as we head into the overnight some of those areas that saw fog last night will see it again. a weak cold front is on the way. that's why we were looking for
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that potential for rain but it doesn't look like we're going to see much, or practically any. just some clouds i think actually throughout the immediate beltway. temperatures getting warmer as we head into the work week. so despite a frontal passage looks like we're going to stay dry, and it is actually going to get milder. so temperatures reaching back into the 80s in the work week. 70. in m that is sass right now, 70 also at bwi. 70 degrees in frederick. it's a popular number right now. on satellite you can see that approaching cold front, and you can also tell that it's weak. just a little bit of cloud cover. it's a very thin line of moisture. and on 9 futurecast we'll track that moisture as it moves toward the d.c. metro. this is a look at noon. it's still completely clear. we are going to see a good amount of sunshine, especially on monday. then that line of showers develops along the spine of the
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appalachians. i think that's going to wring out the last of the moisture in the. as this front moves through the d.c. metro we are completely dry. overnight patchy fog could develop, especially south and west of the beltway. 49 to 5 for your lows. tomorrow morning 50s and 60s. partly sunny skies. winds becoming southeasterly. then out of the south, 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's going to help to warm us up. that is the airflow in front of the actual frontal passage. that's going to happen on monday night into tuesday morning. on monday afternoon 73 to 79 for your afternoon highs. over the next three days we are going to keep those weather alerts green. partly cloudy skies, mostly sunny and warmer on wednesday with a high of 93. is it october on wednesday? yeah, we're going to see temperatures feeling more like late summer. 83 again on thursday and friday. we finally have a chance for rain as we're heading toward friday and saturday of next week. in fact, saturday looks like it could be a little bit on the
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stormy side as that cold front actually moves on through and high temperatures returning to around normal by next sunday. but it looks like a gorgeous work week, guys. i wish that i could have brought that weather on the weekend. it was a nice weekend, right? >> yeah. >> it is going to be even better. >> my weekend is tuesday and wednesday so that's good. >> well, that's your weekend. redskins. >> we're going to give you an update. ugly game to watch. >> a w is a w at this point. >> still a hung jury when it comes to the skins. i'll tell you whether it's panic time or time to put away the pep toe, the pink stuff. a major case of ulcers after this performance in buff low. we're going to talk about that and hear
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well, well, well. it's impossible to really know what the story line will be going into any nfl season but i'm not sure sports journalists here were ready for this. rusty quarterback, inexperienced second after the accident, you could sort of see that coming. but embarrassing at times? i don't think anybody was ready for that dialogue when it came to the redskins but it's been a little bit embarrassing out there today, particular on defense, although things starting to look up. pierre garcon have caught a td pass. raiders jumping out 14-0 after one period. if you are keeping score, the skins have been outscored in the first quarter. it's been a tough one to watch, quite frankly. neither defense has been grade. we'll have highlights for you tonight at 11:00, butts 17-14,
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so that is something to hang your hat object. redskins with the lead by three. let's move on to other members of the nfc. giants-chiefs. tom coughlin has to be wondering what the heck have i gotten myself bay? alan smith to shawn mcgrath right down the center. big mac carving up the giants' d. 111st downs. giants 0-4 for the first time since 1987. they lose 31-1 as the red rockers just rolling this afternoon. all right, of course, the seahawks the most impressive team of the first quarter this season, but houston up 20-3 until matt schaub throws this one to richard sherman to it. in overtime, steven haws could. seattle, happy dude. they win. we talk about parity every year in the nfl.
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example, baltimore ravens versus rookie quarterback versus rookie quarterback in his fourth start. i like those odds for the ravens, but, think again. john harbaugh, mama said there'd be days like this. joe flacco looking, looking. he throws that into, what, quadruple coverage? he hits marlon brown who is quickly becoming one of his quick targets. this rookie quarterback, like most up and down. this one, up. the bills were missing two starters in the second army. flacco said, that's okay, i'll throw to the everyone else who is out there. 5-6, ravens 0 for 2 on the road. they lose 23-20 today. >> when you throw the ball to them five times you don't give yourself -- you don't keep yourself on the field and give yourself enough opportunities
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to take advantage of that. >> we didn't play well. we didn't play well at all. i'll take responsibility for that. it was a poor performance. >> coach harbaugh taking responsibility for it. flacco lost that one. how about the browns? brian hoyer with the parabular ball there. browns win 17-6. everybody 2-2 in the afc north execht the cereals who, oh by the way, hoping the change of scenery would help. adrian peterson is good on any continent. ♪ sometimes i feel i gotta run away ♪ ben roethlisberger just banged up today. pittsburgh off to its worst
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start, 0-4, since 1968. no reason to show you bucs highlights except this. today he got the start have after josh freeman was put on the pine. let's take a look at it. there is magic mike. didn't do much. threw a lot of short passes, like this one, for the score. the bucket, and they give him the ball because it's his first touchdown, but he couldn't play defense. arizona coming back. carson palmer, zip, zip, zip. arizona wins 13-10. and finally, the nats finish their season, 162 in the books. davy johnson finishing out. the nats lose today 3-2. but a pretty good year. 10 games over .500 they end. so not a bad season at all. >> and obviously davy won't be back. any hints on who might take his
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place? >> they were talking about maybe mike scioscia, a veteran guy what's got the grew got the gravitas. >> mama said there'd be hi, jericho? yes?
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>> pelley: syria's the problem from hell. there don't seem to be any good solutions. >> well, we have a lot of problems from hell right now. >> pelley: secretary of state john kerry is responsible for handling some of america's most precarious problems, but this week he helped achieve what appeared impossible. we were with him at the u.n. when he struck a deal for the surrender of syria's chemical weapons and when he started the talks that could diffuse iran's nuclear threat. rouhani said he'd like to have a deal in three to six months. is that possible? >> sure it's possible. >> basically all my voices i have are just thoughts, just voices telling me to harm myself or harm other people or kill people. and that's why i think i need to get on medication, because i don't want to hurt anyone and because


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