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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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there's cambridge. check them out on the eastern shore. they're down to 51 degrees with 61 here in d.c. going into the low 80s this afternoon. monika? i'm happy to say we're starting the 6:00 hour with pretty normal slow traffic and that's about it. we haven't had any big accidents overnight i'm happy to say. look at the beltway behind me college park into silver spring, the outer loop. westbound 495 is in good shame. no problems on 95 coming in from baltimore. route 29 looks good. all the maryland corridors, even aspen hill, wheaton and burtonsville look great. let's take a live look outside. you may start to see brake lights right here on the outer loop closer to georgia avenue. let's go back over to the maps and this time over to 270 coming in from frederick all the way down to clarksburg. that's your slowest stretch. then it looks good at montrose road and down across the american legion bridge and toward tysons corner. your lanes are open. this is springfield just slow to the beltway. back to you guys.
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>> thank you, monika. 6:02 now. good morning if you're just waking up. the federal government is in a partial shutdown. the last time this happened, the mid-1990's. that's when president clinton and newt gingrich shut the government down. >> it's already six hours old and old for a lot of people that are going to be affected by this. last night congress was unable to come up with an agreement on a spending bill. delia goncalves is live at the martin luther king, jr. memorial in southwest washington with more. as mike and i said earlier, we were surprised of the monuments you would walk up to on any other day are closed because of the federal government shutdown. >> reporter: right. that's our first sign of the shutdown is that normally these monuments that you said are open to the public, a lots of the roads you can just drive up and park, those roads are now blocked. we've seen a lot of barricades set up on the roads leading to the memorials. here at mlk, without our camera
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lights, this monument is dark. there are no lights here. that's because congress failed to reach a deal before the midnight deadline. now members head to conference committee to work out their differences which come down to the president's signature health care law. 800,000 federal workers will be furloughed beginning today. federal housing loans canceled, passports likely delayed. there is good news, though. the president signed a law making sure military soldiers still get paid no matter how long this government shutdown lasts. >> this is a very sad day for our country. >> why are members of congress exempt from the pains of obamacare? why are ? no audio ] -- why are -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: that was eric cantor talking about the
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exemptions made for members of congress to obamacare. that's why he thinks obamacare should be exempt to the working people of america. however, lots of folks including governor bob mcdonnell says i'm not a fan of obamacare but i don't think shutting down the government is the price we should pay in order to prove a point. again here are the barricades that i mentioned. those will be set up in just a moment to block down the roads here and again there will be no one staffing the monuments. there is a group from florida, world war ii veterans who are still planning to come down to visit the world war ii memorial a little later this morning. back to you. >> so they're essential in order to put up the barriers to keep people out and after that they're not essential anymore. >> reporter: then they're going home. >> jessica doyle wanted to remark with you turning on and off the lights, delia, at least
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we know someone has the power downtown and she's delia goncalves. >> reporter: we discussed this already, right? >> yes, we have. thank you, delia. metro riders, guess what? you do not have to worry about a thing. that is because the transit agency is not a federal entity so your train and bus is going to operate on a regular schedule. however, if the shutdown continues for several days or longer, metro may downsize from eight cars down to six cars depending on how many riders are on each day. it's 6:05. time for another your money segment. >> as the government shuts down another monumental change is upon us. the president's health care law goes into effect. >> what is the first thing they need to know first and foremost. >> it's amazing we have a shutdown and exchanges starting at the same time. it's crazy timing. the insurance marketplace as you've been hearing so much about are now open, completely open.
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you can go to them and check them out. first things first. a lot of change won't be coming for health care. most of us who have insurance, we're probably not going to see many changes at all if any. this is really about the 48 million people who are uninsured. about half are now expected to buy insurance through these health care marketplaces. seven million americans are expected to do so by the end ever the year. and they have a lot of choices when it comes to plans. there are four different categories. bronze, silver, gold or platinum. here's the differ between them. with a bronze plan, you're going to have a lower monthly premium but when you go to the doctor, your co-pay, your deduct im, your other fees will be higher. at the other end of the spectrum if you buy the platinum plan, you're going to spend more on your responsibilitily premium but when you go to the doctor you will pay less money. some other important ks you need to know -- considerations you need to know b. your premiums will not go up if you get sick. there will be no denial of coverage if you have a pre-
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existing condition. you should have no fees of preventive care. examples of this, inoculation for your kids. if you get a mammogram, a routine physical, you shouldn't be paying any more for those types of services. >> what about the people who don't make a whole lot of money? this is going to feel expensive. this is an expense they're not used to but when you're talking about health care, that could be more expensive. >> that's why the government is trying to help them out. there is funding available for that. if you make $46,000 a year as an individual or less or $94,000 a year as a family of four or less, the government is going to give you a refund to help you pay for your insurance under this new plan. you can get a description of all of how this is going to work at which is the overing website for the government on obamacare and we'll continue to work this out for you. >> and that's important when you're in a state against obamacare and they aren't giving you information as to what is going on. >> you have to go state by state, people called navigators who will help you through n.
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but there are states trying to stop those navigators from getting license. >> which keeps the citizens from getting health insurance which seems counterintuitive. thank you, jess. >> you are welcome. >> just the beginning. a showdown is over. gun -- a showdown over gun rights, rather, is scheduled to take place today in a maryland courtroom. >> pope francis breaks with catholic tradition allowing one of his predecessors a fast- track to sainthood. wusa9 is back ♪
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it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. it is 6:11 on this tuesday morning. comfortable out there. not as chilly as yesterday morning. you may be able to leave that sweat shirt, jacket at home because you're certainly not going to need it in a few hours as we warm up significantly today. mainly in the 50s now but after the cool start with clouds and patchy fog, it will turn out partly to mostly sunny and warm this afternoon. most temperatures into the low 80s. back with the warm seven-day in
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a few minutes. things are looking good in spring feedz. no problems to report as you head up to 395 and the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open on 295 to the 11th street bridge as well. back to you guys. it's 6:12. in the news right now, the state of maryland is fighting to make sure its new gun control laws take effect. gun rights advocates filed a lawsuit trying to block the law. a hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled today. if the law is allowed to take effect, it would impose new requirements for assault weapons and large magazines. >> it would also prevent people with mental illness from owning guns. also amazon says it will hire 75,000 full-time and seasonal workers during the holiday season. that's 20,000 more workers than 2012. the employees will work at one of amazon's more than one of 40 fulfillment centers across the country. some of the seasonal staff are expected to remain with the company on a permanent basis. this year more than 7,000 temporary amazon employees have
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become full-time. apple now the most valuable brand in the world. coke cola was in the top spot for 13 years. not anymore. that's according to a report from a consulting firm called interbrand putting the tech's value at $98.3 billion. the 28% from last year's report. google is now number two. coke cola is number 3 and i.b.m. and microsoft round out the top five. a april 27, 2014, pope john paul ii will be declared a catholic saint. calls for his sainthood began at his funeral in 2005. to become a saint the person must have performed two miracles. john paul ii will also -- on the date he will be cannonnized he'll share it with pope john 23rd who will also be canonized. pope francis is bending the rules for both men. pope john paul ii is only credited with one miracle.
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we've heard of others. they just have to usually be verified by the vatican. it is 6:14. howard is here with another perfect day. >> starting out with some clouds. they have the right breaks in them like we've seen last week and this week, we could have spectacular skies coming up really in the next 15 to 45 minutes. so if we get them, we'll be sharing those pictures. i'll be posting them online as i always do. it's going to be another nice day. october 1. average high 74. here's reagan national lit up this morning under the cloudy skies. we'll be 74 by 11:00. by 1:00 79 on our wray to 82, 83 this afternoon. and the winds once again not too bad. west, southwest 5, 7, 8 miles an hour. very, very comfortable. and a lot milder than yesterday morning, especially out in winchester. they're running 16 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. we're 5 above yesterday's number here in d.c. but the actual temperature at 61. it's also 61 in winchester. they were in the mid-40s
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yesterday morning. a lot warmer there. luray 61. it's 55 down south in fredricksburg. our cool spot also down south at the tappahannock airport 49. cambridge not that far behind at 51. one more look outside on our michael & son weather camera, 61 degrees. mostly cloudy with a dew point 56 and a southwest wind at 5 miles an hour. so we're watching this storm off shore. it's really not moving much but it's not doing much. this is an area of low pressure. we'll see the counterclockwise rotation with some showers. in the central atlantic we have tropical storm jerry. that's not a big deal either. there stay there. and for us the clouds have been coming over. you see how they're moving from the northwest. that's over us right now but i don't expect them to be around all that long. the sunrise could be spectacular if the timing is right. high pressure over southwestern virginia giving us more of a westerly flow to the winds today. as far as any rain and i know we need t it's been really dry around here, we've been down a
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couple of inches plus, down over four inches since august 4. no rain this week the way it's looking. maybe early next week. here we are at lunch time. all is well. you see the specks of green. the air is kind of dry. i don't think that's going to happen. better chances of rain later today and especially on wednesday will be well west of us. hundreds of miles west of us. in the mississippi valley, coming up the ohio river here by wednesday afternoon but again tomorrow, we're looking nice and dry around here. that's going to be the case, even into thursday where maybe we'll see a few more clouds mixing in with the sunshine but no significant rain until early next week. so the pattern of warm, dry days will continue. in fact, well above average. average 74. today 82. tonight 63. that's d.c. but mid-50s in the suburbs. some of you may need to be putting the ac on during the afternoon and early evening hours with 86 on wednesday. wednesday night 50s and 60s. thursday a few more clouds. still warm and dry, 83.
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friday, saturday and sunday, you know, if there's a shower friday, i think it will be over toward the mountains. dry and warm this weekend in the mid-80s. then monday finally a front approaches with some showers and storms possible, 82. the unsettled weather some luck will be around tuesday and wednesday as well. let's go to monika now, timesaver traffic. i don't want to say anything but it's been a quiet morning. almost too quiet. >> almost too quiet. you're right. i'm kind of waiting for something to happen but keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way because we need this once in a while. on the beltway for example, outer loop side, there are no problems from college park into silver spring. you'll see some slow traffic around georgia avenue. i've been looking at the cameras. no big deals i'm happy to say along 270. just a little slow as you head out of frederick. it will be off and into clarksburg before the pace picks up in germantown. here's the beltway at georgia avenue. as i said a tiny bit of volume on the outer loop but no big deals here westbound 495.
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let's go back to the maps heading out west. looking good on the dulles toll road, on route 7 out of leesburg, 66 off and on delays as you come in from manassas to centreville. we'll end with a live look from our sky 9. this is the beltway. oh, west side of town. it was in tysons corner. sorry, it went to black but it's looking good on the beltway here west side of town as well into tysons corner. back to you guys. it is 6:18. here's another look at our question of the morning. according to a survey which one of these do 39% of women believe is real? is it a, ghosts, b, angels, c, aliens? >> very interesting. our facebook friend pamela wrote b, ghosts. been there and seen them. log on to our facebook page. want to hear what you think. we'll have the answer in about
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it is 6:22.
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we have partly to mostly cloudy skies out there. 50s and even low 60s right now. we'll see partly sunny conditions through mid-morning and lunch time looks great. i hope you can get outside. tefers in the 70s, even near -- temps in the 70s, even near 80 south and west of d.c. partly sunny, warm, dry, high around 82. average is 74. good morning, everybody. i'm kristen berset. i think it's fair to say each of us has one aspect of sports we can't stand and we change if we had the power. with all this talk about the government shutdown, it got us here in the wusa9 sports department thinking. if we could shut down five things in sports, what would they be. let's see if you agree. number five, shut down the jacksonville jaguars. i'm from florida so this is a tough thing for me to say. they have been outscored 129 to 31 points and they're so desperate to build their
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stadium, they began offering all their fans free beer to attend the game. you might not think that's so bad. you know how to get fans to buy tickets in jacksonville? you sign tim tebow. that's it. number four, cut down the debate of kurt cousins replacing rg3 as a starter. cue have made the case the last three weeks. cousins proved himself capable during the preseason but this weekend we saw glimpses of the old rg3. he's healthier and more confident on his knee and finally making the big plays. some folks said to shut down the celebration dances in football. completely disagree. i think shutdown celebrations, penalties. i can't wait to see what a player will come up with each week. yes, some folks look like a complete fool but can you seriously tell me you haven't done a celebration dance at some point in your life? let's not get rid of the dances. number two, shut down the length pt of the nba and -- shut down the length of the nba and nhl seasons.
6:23 am
when hockey is still being played in june on ice and basketball never seems to end, something needs to change. think back to just recently when they both went through lockout shortened seasons. those years way more exciting, way more intense. and number one, shut down the ncaa. bring in a new college format which will pay college athletes. in this debate a recent study by business considering the average football player was worth [ inaudible ] owe. the ncaa needs a little fixing. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset. have a great day. >> thank so you much. here's a live look at the american legion bridge from our mdot camera. no problems to report between 270 and tysons corner. an accident out in prince william westbound on dale boulevard. more on news, weather and traffic coming up in three
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good morning. welcome to wusa9. >> somebody watching tv on the second floor. >> today is tuesday, october 1. the first six and a half hours of the term shutdown under way. also the start of a new month. i'm andrea roane. that's not funny.
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>> the health care exchange starts too. we'll lay it all out for you in a moment. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. monika has traffic. mr. bernstein, looks like san diego is coming our way. >> maybe more in the inland area with temperatures shooting into the 80s for the rest fort week into the weekend -- rest of the week into the weekend. yesterday 76. unusually warm for the first week of october. we have clouds around right now. it is an overcast sky for the most part. hopefully we get some breaks here shortly and nice color before the sunrise, just a few minutes after 7:00 a.m. we should see a sunny day today. noontime temps 77. it's going to feel warm to almost hot with 81 by 5:00 after topping out 82, 83 and your sunrise 7:04 setting at 6:50. off shore we've got some clouds but nothing near us. we have the mid-level clouds coming in from the appalachians during the last several hours. the fog is gone. it's in the mountains toward elkings. visibility is fine across the
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region with temperatures a lot milder than yesterday. remember all the 40s we had north and west of town? well, the cool spots cambridge at 51 but most temps from the mid-50s to about 60, 61, going into the low 80s this afternoon. nice. monika samtani, happy tuesday. it is a happy tuesday. if you're planning to head around the beltway, you just got those usual slow spots on the outer loop in silver spring and then south of town as you travel towards springfield. but other than that, we're in great shape i'm really happy to say. i haven't had to talk about any major incidents this morning. i was just checking on the marc trains to see if the shutdown is going to affect any of the trains. i know the penn line is good. brunswick 875 and cam ben 850 -- camden 850 are affected for later in the day. you have slow traffic in cheverly. route 50 in great shape in from annapolis. no problems on the bw parkway
6:30 am
in from laurel and greenbelt. we'll take a live look outside and the beltway north of town outer loop side westbound 95 a little slow in silver spring. a quick look at our maps again. no issues to report northbound 95. just a little slow now into springfield. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering and i would bet washington is in their sights. >> just a little bit i would imagine. charlie rose live in new york. good morning, charlie. >> good morning. you're indeed right, mike and andrea. major garrett reports from the white house on what the president will do next. plus, our political director john dickerson on what it will take for congress to find their way out of gridlock. the man behind breaking bad joins us in studio 57. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> all right, charlie, we'll be watching. the federal government partially shut down right now a. flurry of last-minute activity, back and forth votes ended with the senate and house in yet another political
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stalemate. democrats and republicans failed to agree on a last- minute deal to keep things running. delia goncalves is live at the martin luther king, jr. memorial along independence avenue in southwest d.c. with more on this story and reaction from some of our local lawmakers. good morning, delia. >> reporter: that's right. some very strong reaction from some of our local lawmakers who are saying that some of the younger members of congress who were not around during 1996 and felt the pain of that shutdown will now suffer the consequences of their actions. we are seeing the very first signs of the shutdown and that is in the form of a lot of barricades we've been seeing around our memorials. you can see there were some joggers that just ran by, some of these now dark memorials because get this, without our own camera light here that we have fixed on the martin luther king memorial, this memorial is dark. that's because congress failed to reach a deal before the midnight deadline. now members head to conference
6:32 am
committee to work out their differences which all come down to the president's signature health care law. 800,000 federal workers will be furloughed beginning today. services like federal housing loans will be canceled. pass ports will be delayed. there is good news, however. the president did happen to sign a law right after midnight making sure military soldiers still get paid no matter how long and how painful this government shutdown lasts. >> the american people are going to find out the way in which their federal government supports them every single day because when it's not there, they're going to feel it. and i do think we're going to see a mobilization from the grass roots saying hey, this isn't working. i want our national parks open. i want to be able to get social security for my grandmother. i want these federal employees who are my neighbors working.
6:33 am
ironically it will come back and haunt them but in the meantime a lot of people will suffer. >> it's disgusting. i was just talking with the republican chairman of the propose yaixes committee. -- appropriations committee. he knows that this is wrong. he knows that the sequester is wrong but, you know, there are a certain number of fairly radical members of the republican majority in the house. they ran on a platform that the federal government doesn't work and now that they're elected, they're setting about proving it. >> reporter: that's our ken molestina helping us out talking to a very frustrated virginia congressman jim moran inside the capitol just moments before the shutdown began. and that clock started ticking. now, congressman moran and several others introduced a bill to try to get those furloughed employees retroactive pay. that's the very latest here from a very dark mall at mlk
6:34 am
memorial. >> delia, thank you. today the d.c. council members will meet to try to vote on a bill to pay all city workers through the federal government shutdown. you may remember last month mayor vincent gray said he had planned to treat all 30,000 city workers as essential which means they get paid through a shutdown. the daily impact of a shutdown on the city of d.c. is expected to be $6 million a day. we asked what you you thought about the government shutdown and if it was coming. here are some of the comments you posted on our tellwusa website. our so-called leaders are only working for themselves and special interests. certainly not for us and they won't lose any pay over this. another one, politics only care about getting reelected and getting paid. i'm a civil servant andly not get paid. is congress going to pay my bills while they don't work? >> it is 6:35. time for another your money report. >> the government shutdown jessica is going to talk about that and how it's going to impact wall street. >> certainly the thrept of a
6:35 am
government shut -- threat of a government shutdown has not been good for wall street over the last few days and weeks. we had triple losses for the dow yesterday. it could be a wild ride. >> reporter: worries about a government shutdown didn't create a rush of worried investors at this office in midtown manhattan, but the company's top market analyst liz ann saunders expects the mood to change. >> given the latest dysfunction around the potential shutdown and the debt sealing fight, -- ceiling fight, i would expect another hit to occur to consumer confidence, investor confidence. >> reporter: investors paid a price during the last shutdown. the s&p 500, the stock index of the nation's biggest companies, fell nearly 4%. stocks rebounded after the end of that suggestdown, up 10.5 % the next month. but the markets may not be as resilient this time. the washington standoff saps the faith investors and businesses have in a recovery.
6:36 am
that appears fan jim. -- >> fragile. >> they are less willing to take risk. by risk i mean long-term capital spending projects, long- term hiring. so they tend to make these short-term decisions and it doesn't add to the strength of the economy long term. >> that was liz ann saunders if charms schwab owe charles schwab. >> we're going to see another congressional battle in about two weeks over the nation's borrowing limit. if the debt ceiling isn't lifted or suspended, the government would begin falling behind on its bills. investors have warned that could spark a new financial crisis, a stock market crash and a jump in interest rates. thank you, congress. >> i was going to say the same thing. >> i was asking before, is this the same kind of economic calamity that we saw when greece was fall something when spain was in turmoil, ireland in turmoil? >> obviously there are institutional problems within
6:37 am
their own economy. they're much, much worse than the united states. we actually have reserves. we have industries that are growing and moving forward. but this is really three years in the making. government now has gotten into this situation where we can't seem to pass even the most basic budget compromises. and this is like i said, it's been going on for three years now. this has been a seismic change in how we do government here in the united states. >> all right, jess. >> thanks, jess. >> not bright news. 6:38. put your phone down or you may be getting pulled over and ticketed very soon. >> also not good news. and how does this shutdown compare to the government shutdown about 16 years ago? you'll be surprised just how similar they actually are. >> thanks for waking up with us this tuesday morning. it's 6:39. don't forget we are always on and of course the wusa9 app, grab that it's free. we'll [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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that's the value of performance. hello and welcome back to wusa9. it's 6:42. eight been nearly two decades since the last government shutdown and believe it or not, not much has changed since the '90s. >> what do monica lewinsky and a government shutdown have in
6:42 am
common? jeanne moos compares 1995 to 2013 and it's deja vu all over again. >> reporter: the clock was ticking. sometimes two o'clocks. people seemed to be getting ticked off. >> with a compromise position. >> congressman, that's not fair. don't you dare put this back on me. you know full well -- know, you know -- no, you know full well. >> reporter: even bidding someone good morning could set them off. >> good morning. good to see glue is it really? >> reporter: shutdown showdown was enough to leave an anchor off balance. >> the senate simply going to pass back to the house. >> reporter: apparently some lawmakers on the house floor saturday needed a drink. a politico reporter tweeted, i can smell the booze wafting from members as they walk off the floor. congress found itself the butt of shutdown jokes. >> what does that mean to me? >> when congress is not functioning, how will we really be able to tell. >> reporter: let's take a trip down memory lane to the last
6:43 am
government shutdown. 1995. the year oj walked. >> not guilty of a crime of murder. >> reporter: and er was the number one show. >> i was young. i was a fool. >> you're still a fool. >> reporter: but republicans and democrats weren't kissing. >> you don't hold the government hostage, plain and simple. >> you are. everyone know it is. >> reporter: sound familiar? 1995. >> don't put a gun to the head of the president. >> reporter: 2013. >> but you can't do it at the point of a gun. >> reporter: wolf blitzer looked a little younger back then but covered the same old ground. >> so a very high stakes game of chicken is at hand. >> reporter: 1995 was the year drew barrymore got on letterman's desk and flashed him and someone else flashed the president. it was during the shutdown that the lewinsky affair started up. jeffrey wrote a book about the
6:44 am
sex scandal telling how monika, the unpaid intern was at the white house working since paid employees had been furloughed. it was the second day of the shutdown when she found herself all alone with president clinton. >> she confessed she had a crush on him. she also showed him her thong. >> reporter: from there things progressed. the movie line that was big in 1995 applies just as well today. >> houston, we have a problem. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn new york. >> i remember interview congressman bob michael from illinois known for his bipartisan. he said what was the big difference in '95-'96 was that the young members who came in were horrified with the older veteran members who were friends with people across the aisle because their children went to the same school. their wives interacted with each other and while they were fierce competitors on the floor of the congress or senate, they were friends ampedzs. they said the -- friends ampledzs. they said the new --
6:45 am
afterwards. they say the new guys didn't understand that. >> people used to stay in town and go to the soccer planes. now they go on a plane on thursday and don't know each other. let's do weather. >> we can get along. great weather this week unless you're really hoping for rain. i know, we need some rain. we may get some early next week but until then it looks warm and dry. here's a look outside. mostly cloudy skies this morning. a little breaks on the horizon. sunrise coming up in 20 minutes or so, not quite at 7:04. we are looking warm this afternoon. mostly sunny, partly sunny. 81 by 3:00 with a high in the low #s on. then this evening it's -- low 80s. then this evening it's going to be mild. we'll dip into the mid-70s by 7:00. only dropping into the low 60s ton in town with 50s outside the beltway. this morning it's pretty quiet although we've got this cloud layer that's moved in from the appalachians coming right over us right now. i think we'll have clouds
6:46 am
around for a couple of hours but again turn mostly if not partly sunny in a little while. temperatures across the region, 50s and even low 60s. new york is 61. we're 61. but generally in the 50s. a comfortable morning and warmer morning than yesterday when we had lots of mid-40s. our cool spot is up in northern loudoun county at 50 with prince william county looking at mid-50s. 58 in fairfax this morning. mid-50s from waldorf at 56. andrews is 59. 62 from jan in reedville a little while ago and north beach, a gorgeous 59 degrees. one more look outside on our mike equal & son weather camera. you see the cloud deck over the potomac river there. 61 degrees. the north end of the runway. 61 degrees currently at reagan national with a southwest wind at 5 and the humidity at 83%. so we've got a storm system in the atlantic. that's just an area of low pressure. not doing much. we have moisture coming in from the gulf off the mississippi valley but for the most part high pressure in control here
6:47 am
means other than some passing clouds from time to time, we stay high and dry and warm. look at all the rain falling by wednesday afternoon out in the mississippi valley sneaking in toward southern indiana, kentucky. that's going to head toward northern indiana as we get into thursday morning. that will ride up and around us. i don't think our rain chances start to go up now until monday. yesterday i was thinking perhaps later sunday but we'll push that off another half day. 82 degrees, warm and dry this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny. if somebody gets to 83, 84, i wouldn't be surprised. tonight mid-50s outside the beltway. thursday a few more clouds, warm and dry, 83. friday, saturday, sunday how about this for the first full weekend in october. we're looking at mid-80s through sunday. a chance of showers and storms returns monday with a temperature still warm at 82. monika samtani, you've got a big smile this tuesday morning. >> i feel like summer's here and it's what? october. there's the beltway accident nothing to laugh about on the outer loop. this is from our sky 9 at van
6:48 am
dorn street. you can see the two right lanes are blocked. fire and rescue arrived on the scene. arrow board set up. this is unusual on the beltway in alexandria, south side of town. you're definitely not used to this delay on the outer loop so that's going to be the eastbound or northbound side of the beltway heading into alexandria toward van dorn staying to the left to get around it. let's go to our maps and see if it's affecting i-95 and i really do think it will coming up from springfield and then getting on to the outer loop toward the accident we just saw. now, on 270, a whole different story. it's just normal coming in from frederick. it's going to be off and on to the clarksburg and good in germantown and rockville. no problems on the beltway west side of town. we'll take a live look over on the beltway north side in silver spring and it's just going to be a little slow outer loop into silver spring at georgia avenue. we're all so busy. we're all trying to multitask but as of today, october 1, talking on a hand held cell
6:49 am
phone while driving is now a primary offense in maryland. and that means you can be pulled over and ticketed if an officer sees you talking on or using your phone while driving. violators will be fined $75 for the first offense. $125 for a second offense. and $175 for a third offense. virginia and the district already have the same law. that again starts today. we'll be back after the
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
it is 6:53. mostly cloudy this morning. not the pretty skies we've seen the last couple of days but a good looking morning and it's going to be an even better looking afternoon as it turns partly to mostly sunny.
6:53 am
yesterday 76. today's high about 82. maybe 83, 84 place like culpeper, orange down to the southwest. looks like a pretty warm week coming up. mike, andrea? >> thank you, howard. in the news right now, a rockslide in colorado has killed five hikers. it happened yesterday morning near mount princeton. a 13-year-old girl survived and was airlifted to a hospital in dmp. some of the boulders which fell on the hikers were as big as cars. the university of california berkley campus was evacuated because of an explosion last night. all the classes were canceled. they say one person was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. the explosion is believed to have been caused by some copper wire thieves. in celebration of buddy check 9's 20th anniversary of saving lives through early detection, wusa9 is bringing the mammovan to broadcast house wusa. the date is thursday, october 10. to find out if you are eligible or to make an appointment for a mammogram when it comes to
6:54 am
wusa, call 202-741-3252. and at 6:55, it's time to answer our question of the morning. again the question was according to a survey, which one of these do 39% of women believe is real? is it a, ghosts, b, angels, c, aliens? >> so appropriate now that we're in october. good morning to jacqueline stevens smith who wrote ghosts. i have one in my house. before i never believed in ghosts until i purchased this house. >> wow, the ghost whisperer says the answer is a, ghosts. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making"
6:56 am
why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
6:57 am
6:58. clouds now but generally a sunny day, 82. look at the warmth this week and dry, too. low to mid-80s for the rest of
6:58 am
the week in the afternoons. could see showers finally by monday. at van dorn street, the accident live from our sky 9. everything moved to thrigh shoulder but slow traffic through alexandria. cbs this morning is next. of course they'll have more on the federal government shutdown. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> don't forget to join us on for weather, news, traffic and your opinion as well good have a spectacular day. see you back here at 4:25. howard at noon. take care, everybody. important videoconference we knof the day.r most hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. feel the hamptonality. ♪
6:59 am
good morning. it is tuesday, october 1st. 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight, the united states government partially shuts down from the white house to congress. what will it take to get the country back in business. chilly video of an attack by violent bikers. what led to this road rage on a busy city street. valerie plame and "breaking bad" mastermind vince gilligan here today. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> our founders would be ashame evidence what this country has become. it's dysfunctional. we ought to be ashamed of ourselves, that's nuts. >> the federal government grinds to a halt.


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