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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  October 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> federal law enforcement sources tell cbs news that miriam carey had told connecticut police nine months ago that president obama had put her home -- shall i say put her home under electronic surveillance and that she was communicating with the president. she also said she was a prophet and she predicted that the president would put the city of stamford under lockdown. >> delusional statements that president obama was listening to her and communicating and so on. so they're going back over those reports to see if any of that can enlighten them. >> and sources also tell cbs news that carey fell and hit her head last year and afterwards her behavior changed. she was fired from her job and reeling activities and friends suggest the single mom was battling postpartum depression and psychosis. a search of the 34-year-old's home turned up medications for schizophrenia and depression. >> and investigators believe carey drove straight here from
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her home in stamford on thursday. why she made that four and a half hour trip with her daughter in the car we don't understand. >> there are also questions about why barricades on the outer edge of the capitol were not deployed sooner. >> reporter: brand-new amateur video shows a capitol police cruiser chasing miriam carey hit by the fashion deploying barricade moments after she passed through. >> what is this? >> reporter: how the cruiser was hit long minutes after the shooting and police chase started at the white house is one of the things police are declining to discuss. capitol police have a whole series of heavy duty pop-up barriers around the perimeter of the capitol. one big question is how miriam carey was able to get past these barriers at first street northwest before she was stopped way up there at second street
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northeast. >> at the white house and at the capitol the security perimeters worked. they did exactly what they were supposed to do. >> reporter: chief lanier must have been referring to the inner barricades at the capitol thursday night. but some police experts are suggesting radio communications between agencies may have been an issue as officers chased carey up pennsylvania avenue. >> i would have activated those barriers immediately. >> reporter: via skype former homeland security senior advisor christopher hen says the officers performed exceedingly well. carey did not have a gun, but he says she clearly was gunning at the officers with her vehicle. >> absolutely justifiable shooting. i hate to put it that way, but they had to protect themselves and others. >> reporter: in washington bruce la shan. >> also racing through those officers' minds as they tried to did whether to shoot or not shoot was whether that woman
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was driving with a possible car bomb. well, a man has been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after setting himself on fire on the national mall. a witness tells authorities she saw the man dump a red canister of gasoline on his head and then light a flame. it happened at seventh and madison streets near the national air and space museum and there is no word on who that man is. we are heading into the first weekend of the government shutdown and the frustration on both sides is just growing and growing. president obama wants house republicans to send him a temporary spending bill with no strings attached. but speaker john boehner says the president is refusing to negotiate. the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama stepped out for lunch at a local sandwich shop but has no immediate plans to sit down at the table with republicans to end the partial government shutdown. >> i am happy to have negotiations with the republicans and speaker boehner on a whole range of issues. but we can't do it with a gun held to the head of the
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american people. >> reporter: an agitated house speaker john boehner once again pointed the finger at senate democrats and the white house. >> this isn't some damn game. the american people don't want their government shut down, and neither do i. >> reporter: house republicans continue to push for legislation to reopen parts of the federal government, including the veterans administration, the national institutes of health, and the parks department. >> we can't agree on some things, on the healthcare bill. we're trying to put out bills where we can agree. >> reporter: the house will be in session over the weekend to continue to press this strategy. senate democrats are having none of it. >> well, this is not the way to run a government. we need to open the entire government. >> reporter: some 800,000 federal workers remain often the job and without pay. the house has a bill to give them back pay that the white house and democrats do support once the government shutdown
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ends. >> and joining us now to talk live about the shutdown stalemate and the impact it's having on the national's capitol eleanor holmes. it's always good to see you. >> thank you, derek. >> the effort to get back pay for those federal furloughed workers, a lot of whom of course live in washington, d.c., apparently gets a boost as eric kanter says the house will vote to approve it tomorrow. did you know what was coming? >> i did. i think we were surprised at first. there may be marriages of convenience going on here, but we'll take anything we can get. notice this though. the president not only didn't issue a veto threat as he did with the defeat bill. he praised federal workers as he should have, yet neither of these are federal agency appropriation bills. and while i'm a cosponsor of the federal employee back pay bill, i must tell you we could not be more disappointed that the president wasn't able to make the same distinction between
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our local funds and federal funds. >> i was going to get it that question next because we all saw your impassioned plea on the floor. you got applauded by your own members to allow the district at least to get paid, even if the rest of the government remains shut down. the senate says no, they are not going to take a piecemeal situation. why should they exempt d.c. from the rest of the federal budget? >> well, i think the reason i was able to convince eric kanter is that he sees the difference. and i think most republicans did see the difference between our bill and the federal appropriations. and, of course, it looked like the democrats would oppose it, as they did. although we got 34 with us simply because all of these are seen as part of the appropriation bill. that's tragic because it's $8 billion where we are fast running out of money. >> well, let's talk about that fast running out of money. i actually said last week that
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perhaps the fact that the mayor had sort of stood up to the feds and said, look, all our workers are essential, that this is a good thing for the city and would bring attention to the inequities involved in the representation, so forth and so on. i don't think that's happened. >> it was after that that we were able to get the bill through the house. think about it. we had gotten it through the house. by the way, i talked with harry reid. he is sticking with they're all the same. but i am seeing some movement on the senate side, and we do have senators helping us. interestingly, you know where the problem is? with the administration. they have adopted this hard line of all or nothing, and i am not sure we are getting through to them yet. i am talking to the white house. so is the mayor. and i believe that if we can get this through the house and the senate, that the mayor -- that the president will sign it. >> let's talk about the president. he has come under some criticism because of that same sort of stance, all or nothing. a lot of people say it's a high-risk strategy. he ought to be willing to sit
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down with house members to at least talk about what's going on. do you think he is making the right moves? >> i think these are the only moves he can make now. these are people who wanted to repeal the whole thing. do you think they have come off of that? this is what the strategy is. piecemeal it until you get to what democrats really want. it cannot be the affordable care act because interestingly, and this needs to be pointed out, that's called mandatory spending. most of that is spending like social security spending. but there is 15% of that is appropriation and other things like food stamps and stuff. when you get to those, remember that the affordable care act they have not taken off the table. so if they have not taken it off the table, why should the democrats go along with the piecemeal approach? >> congresswoman norton, we have to stop you there. we appreciate your time today. >> always. >> thank you so much. all right. high temperature today 90 degrees both at national and dulles, but good enough for a record high at dulles. let me show you temps right
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now. 84 downtown. 75 in gaithersburg. we will come back and show you pictures of a blizzard, some severe weather, and we'll track karen. she will affect our weather eventually. coming up next, a wall collapses today because of the east coast earthquake a couple
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new at 7:00, as if that east coast earthquake a couple years ago wasn't surprising enough, some residents got a bit of an aftershock today. >> part of that fas add of the presidential towers complex fell from the building without warning this afternoon. several courses of bricks fell the parking lot from two stories up, and first responders say it's the result of earthquake damage which had not yet been repaired. >> it's very scary. i was here before.
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many years ago they were talking about this facade has to be fixed. >> no one was injured and representatives of that complex did not comment to us. we are sweltering about temperatures around the 90s. a blizzard in parts of wyoming and south dakota has brought the region to a stand still. there is three feet of snow in the black hills. winds gusting 70 miles an hour. in the warm sector of the storm severe weather as far north as wisconsin. on the gulf coast residents are praying for the first named storm to hit land this season. tropical storm karen expected to hit shore sunday as a tropical storm. main threat is going to be heavy rain with this system. and karen could affect us next week and, in fact, that's why we've issued a yellow alert day for monday. even if karen doesn't, we have a cold front coming. so get ready for a wet commute going home monday. >> so karen adds to the cold front and that would be more rain? >> yes. that would not be a horrible
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thing. >> it would help us a little bit. we had a dry july and august and we're still looking kind of dry in october. we will take a -- first of all, we'll start with karen. there are tropical storm watches and tropical storm warnings. the track hasn't changed much. it's going to veer towards louisiana and then veer off to the east-northeast probably just to the southeast of pensacola. it's slowed a little bit since yesterday. winds probably be about 50 or 60 miles per hour when it makes landfall sometime around, say, sunday 6:00 in the afternoon maybe. by 1:00 on sunday winds are 60 miles per hour at this position. by the time it makes land full 6, 7:00 winds town to 50 miles per hour. it then continues its northeast trek and loses winds, but then the question is how much moisture will it pull up as it combines with the cold front that rolls through here on monday. tropical storm warnings essentially for the entire coastline of louisiana and a tropical storm watch in effect
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for appalachia and points west. there are no hurricane watches or warnings in effect from karen. okay. i know we're sweltering. we are talking about tropical storms and it's 90 degrees, but this came in and just caught my eye today. a beautiful picture. this is from snowshoe, west virginia. we are talking peak color up there right now. what a gorgeous, gorgeous picture. christie sent this to us. when you see colors like that you know snow is not too far away from today in snowshoe. live look outside. it's still 84. wow. relative humidity 46%. that's pretty comfortable. after a high of 90, it's 83 in college park. 80 in arlington. 76 fairfax. 79 in springfield. all these temperatures are above our average high, which is 73. more like summer month. nice for high school football if you are a spectator. a little toasty if you are getting into the pads and helmet. hot tomorrow and sunday but still nice. then karen's remnants arrive on
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monday along with a cold front so look at this. 70 by 7:00. low 70s by 9:00 on saturday. lots and lots of sunshine. by 11 we're 81. by 1:00 we are in the mid 80s already. next three days. near 90 tomorrow. near 90 on sunday. there are the showers and storms for monday. 79 and that is a yellow alert day because of that. next seven days, we're going to hang on to showers and storms early on tuesday. just in case karen slows down a little bit, sometimes it slows everything down, and temperatures back in the 70s. and then in the wake of the cold front and karen nice wednesday, thursday, friday. sunshine. temperatures in the mid 70s. book your tee time now. >> right. close to 90 degrees? oh my gosh. >> you are the man. thank you, sir. all right. folks, tonight mcginty wants to know are you afraid of obamacare or the affordable care act? and on the website tell three times as many said you are not scared. that is nice.
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the question that grabbed my attention was today's big debate which asks do you think police responded appropriately during yesterday's capitol hill confrontation with an apparently deranged woman who happened to have her 1-year-old child along for the ride? she was shot dead by the police and by a margin three to one you said the cops were wrong. all of the comments are anonymous. one of you writes, no, they shot an unarmed woman with a mental illness. they opened fire on a car they knew had an infant/toddler in the back. charges need to be pressed for use of excessive force. another viewer says, no, because in the first encounter they shot at her when she was pulling away when, in my opinion, she was no longer a threat. pursue her? we yes. box her in and order her to exit the vehicle? yes. but shooting into and at that vehicle, i say no. thank you, people. but i say while there should be an investigation, i'd argue it's very tough to second guess the cops on this one. you are on capitol hill. national leaders are right there in the building.
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and this poor woman is driving crazy, not stopping despite the fact we all saw her car was surrounded by police with weapons drawn. what did you expect the officers to do? if she had had a bomb and blew it up and hurt innocent people you would be asking how come they didn't stop her sooner? nobody wants to shoot into a car with a baby inside, but just be glad you didn't have to make the call and be glad that we've got people working for all of us who are willing to. share your thoughts at by the way, we find there are more e-mailers out there than i thought. if you still want to drop me a long at mailbag we will get your comments in there, too. still ahead at seven, two of hollywood's biggest stars speak hollywood's biggest stars speak out on the gravity of the all the chicken in your grocery store is inspected by the usda... but perdue asked them to go further. they verify that all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken.
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well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. tonight on wusa9 and cbs it's "undercover boss" at eight
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followed by hawaii 5-0. and then tonight on wusa9 news she was caught in the middle of the capitol shooting. that 1-year-old girl. >> some info on what might be next for her. we will talk with a child psychologist on the challenges that lie ahead. plus in lets be real, the redskins are on a bye week. so you have a big huge gaping hole in your sunday? i have the top five things you might want to do to fill the void. >> and that tropical storm in the gulf means a yellow alert coming up for us tonight
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alex rodriguez, a-rod, suing major league baseball. the lawsuit filed yesterday went public today and it says the league is trying to smear misrepresentation and cost his millions of dollars. he is appealing that 211-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy and the labor agreement. major league baseball says it didn't happen that way and calls the lawsuit a desperate attempt
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to sidestep the confidentiality of the union rules. he visited the italian village where st. francis of assisi. he told the assembled crowd in st. francis he wants today's catholic church to resemlable the church of the poor. >> i like that guy. the new movie "gravity" opened today and the stars of the show are speaking out about the government shutdown. >> sandra bullock, check out what she had to say. >> i think eventually the republican party -- you know, i don't think boehner wants to do this really either. i really don't. >> if the government shuts down, does that mean i get to stop paying axes because they are not working? that is awesome. okay. i am not paying my taxes the
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time they are closed. and watch i get arrested tonight. >> yeah, you're a celebrity, you don't want to talk about that. >> they know all about the government, don't they? >> and by the way, only 20% of the government is shut down at this point. >> yeah. that's our broadcast. we will be
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miley's manhattan invasion. wearing an x-rated shirt. >> now could she be heading to court for blasting sinead
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o'connor? i'm nancy o'dell. >> i'm rob marciano. the offensive new photo. leaving rehearsals for "snl." now in tonight's top story, did miley go too far by mocking sinead while she was suffering a mental breakdown? plus, is miley out of control or just manipulating the media? how she keeps making headlines as some called the criticism she's getting sexist. >> she faces a certain level of vitriol that male performers don't always face. charlize theron gets lightheaded at a beverly hills luncheon. how she's doing after the power women event today. tom hanks as captain phillips. does the movie get it right? find out what the real captain is saying. we have his new interview. >> i was hoping for a rescue, but i thought the chances are slim to none that would be successful. and carrie is back. >> i've been asked to prom. >> covered in blood and seeking revenge. the horror classic with a
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terrifying new twist. the prom, the car, "e.t." behind the scary scenes. plus, john travolta and sissy spacek. secrets from the 1976 original. >> the blood was made from karo syrup and food coloring. now "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> miley's manhattan invasion for "saturday night live." but could her next stop be in court? hi, everybody. welcome to "entertainment tonight." >> miley has been taking a lot of heat for her outrageous behavior, but is she out of line or is she just a victim of sexism? >> either way, she knows how to grab our attention. and it appears to be all by design. that is why miley's media master plan is "entertainment tonight's" top story. >> the new york invasion continues. the new photo of the superstar after rehearsals for "saturday night live" wearing a black


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