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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:28pm EST

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but first a look at the most important moments from your world today in 90 seconds. >> a big dent in a nasty gang in montgomery county, the ringleader cortez is actually the 20th member of this lil' r gang. the rest of them committed burglary, sex offense, armed robbery, assault, even murder. >> congressman trey radel arrived in court to face a misdemeanor cocaine charge. the dea says radel bought cocaine from an undercover agent october 29th t nor fafrom the capitol. a sting operation was set up. >> cellphone video owshs the flolent ensce siinde a third oor hallway at overbrohiok gh tehool auds st entslebatt and rsacheth wili poce try to restore order. the disturbance officials say was sparked by a fight over a weekend posting on social media. >> cheaper gasoline lowered overall consumer prices
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slightly in october. u.s. gas prices fell in the spring and reached a two year low. nationwide the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.20. >> toyota plans to center a hydrogen fuel cell car on u.s. roads by 2015. it's expected to sell for between 50 and $100,000. >> president obama presented one of his predecessors with the country's highest civilian honor, the medal of freedom. he also highlighted oprah winfrey's not changing her name. >> early in oprah's career her bosses told her she should change her name to susie. i got the same advice. senator creigh deeds is upgraded to good condition after being stabbed by his own son sunday morning and who then killed himself. >> the question keeps coming up whether he was denied treatment for his mental illness. peggy fox amazing the latest.
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>> reporter: in bath -- brings us the latest. >> reporter: in virginia everybody is feeling shock. >> we're a small town. we all kind of knit together and prayer is a big thing for us. >> reporter: his only son, 24- year-old austin known as gus, stabbed his father tuesday morning and then shot and killed himself. >> it's just crazy that it was between a son and dad. >> reporter: the executive director of the rock bridge community service board which processed an emergency custody order on gus deeds monday first said he was released because there were no beds. since then three hospitals within two hours say they did have beds. while the rock bridge executive is not explaining what happened, george bronsteen says of board has had trouble finding beds at times. >> this northern virginia region which is fairfax,
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alexandria, arlington, loudon and prince william, sent over 200 people to other parts of the state for hospitalizations because we couldn't find a bed in this area. >> reporter: a person cannot be held involuntarily any longer than six hours. they have to be determined to be both mentally ill and a danger. >> if you run out of your six hour time period, the police say we cannot legally hold this person anymore. >> so it's a multi-step process and a bed has to be found before a magistrate can grant a temporary detention order. so it's possible that the clock ticked away while the csb staff called around and that's the way they do it, by telephone. senator janet howell says we need a clearinghouse or a continually updated portal so that it's evident where the beds are and where they aren't, seems like it could be easier. >> we know what's clear is something has to be done to change the mental health system in this country because this should not happen to another family. it's just awful.
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a chantilly community is mourning the loss of a couple found dead inside their home. police say the tragic shooting was a domestic situation leaving two teens without both of their parents. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in chantilly where a couple is found dead inside their home. she was a beloved teacher at a middle school and he was an atf special agent. >> total surprise. they seemed quite delightful, a pleasant couple. >> reporter: investigators bring out crates and bags of evidence from family home. neighbors are stunned of the tragedy that met the seemingly normal family around 5:00 this morning on point pleasant drive in chantilly. >> they just seemed really nice. >> they seemed to have friends that come over and visit sometimes, just typical activity. >> reporter: facebook pictures capture happier times of the couple. 47-year-old jannine parisi worked as a physical education teacher at frank lip middle
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school since 2005. -- franklin middle school since 2005. her husband paul worked for the atf since 1993. >> jannine was a schoolteacher, always headed out for school or running out with the daughters for their activities. >> reporter: in chantilly, surae chinn, wusa9. health officials at princeton university believe that now it is unlikely that a rare and more deadly strange of meningitis will spread as the students are about to scatter for thanksgiving break. that is thanks in part to the unprecedented go ahead to give a vaccine to those students even though the vaccine has not been approved in this country. scott broom is at university of maryland where a survivor of meningitis b says that's still not good enough. >> if it's safe enough for princeton, they why are we not making it available to college students across the country? >> reporter: andy marcel, limbs disfigured from his 2004
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brush with death from contracting meningitis b. >> college students are six times more likely to get this than the general public. it's very rare, but this is an at risk population. >> reporter: the vaccine is being given at princeton this week with a waiver from the cdc and fda because it is not approved for use in the u.s. it's the first vaccine that targets specifically the rare form meningitis b, a bacterial strain which struck seven students at princeton, all of whom survived. marso is author of his survivor's memoir worth the pain. >> there's carriers here, too odds are. >> reporter: the journalist from kansas said today students nationwide should advocate for instant approval and distribution of the vaccine in the united states because current meningitis vaccinations here do not protect against the b strain. >> you can get that shot today. it could potentially prevent what happened to me from happening to you of. >> reporter: marso survived,
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but about 20% of meningitis victims die regardless of the medical care they get, reason enough he says to get this vaccine distributed nationwide, not just in response to an outbreak at princeton university. at the university of maryland scott broom, wusa9. >> we should note for you the early symptoms of meningitis b include headache, confusion, high fever and red spots on the hands and feet. 100 to 1,500 cases of year are reported in the united states. coming up a who's who of politics, media and sports are honored with the presidential honor of freedom at the white house. >> still a bit been low average in terms of temperatures. here are the numbers, officially the high temperature 49, low 36, average 56 and 40. we'll come back. we have a snow flake on our first alert seven-day as well as the coldest air of the season. >> thank you, top. up next why a florida congressman will be spending the next year on
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a followup on that florida congressman charged with cocaine possession, representative trey radel was sentenced to one year of supervised probation after he pled guilty to one count of drug possession in d.c. superior court this morning. the de a says radel bought the
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cocaine from an undercover agent in a sting operation last month not that far from the capitol. now he's entered an outpatient treatment program in washington. president obama paid tribute today to former president john f. kennedy. >> he joined first lady michelle obama, former president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton where they placed a wreath near the' terminal flame at kennedy's gravesite. mr. obama made no public comments but he did meet with kennedy relatives who gathered to honor jfk this week. friday marks the 50th anniversary of the kennedy assassination. it was president kennedy who established the presidential medal of freedom and today that high honor was bestowed on 16 people from all walks of life. there was president clinton, oprah winfrey and sally wright, the last astronaut. >> sally didn't just break the
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stratospheric glass ceiling. she blasted through it. >> the medal of freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson. would lifting
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we've got some new information on a story that could impact safety in our area. the fbi says it stands to lose 3,500 employees because of sequestration and now we're learning that trickles down to 160 employees that are paid to keep us safe in d.c. and northern virginia. tonight valerie parlay who is the assistant director in charge of the fbi here reacted to this reality that this will have an effect on the important work that they do. >> i think everything the fbi does is important and it's amazing to me that everybody else doesn't think the same thing. so when i think of losing 160 employees and what am i want going to do anymore? it's a very tough conversation to have and we still haven't had to make those decisions and i'm not looking forward to it. >> parlay says she'll have to decide what jobs to cut by mid-
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january. thousands are waiting for affordable housing in the district and mayor gray says lifting the federal restriction on the building height in the city might help. >> bruce johnson reports it still appears to be a pretty tough sell to a whole lot of folks. >> reporter: the washington monument has been the tallest standing structure in d.c. dating back to 1884. no building comes close to its 555 feet. mayor vincent gray says if the building height restriction was lifted or at least left up to local residents, there could be room for more affordable housing. >> if we add capacity with more height, we would obviously have to be mindful of the need to make some of that capacity would have to translate into affordable housing, but let's say that nothing is done and we keep adding population. i think us going to drive people out of town. >> reporter: gray's announcement came at a press conference today where he announced an unprecedented $187 million was being invested in
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affordable housing in the city. he-added that amount won't be enough -- he then added that amount won't be enough for the more than 407,000 families on the waiting list. >> it is a very substantial start. >> reporter: we've got new information here. we're on top of one of the city's buildings in the 3200 block of georgia avenue. fully occupied just completed in may you can get a one bedroom apartment for $1,159 per month, but get this. your income cannot exceed $45,120 per year. gray administration says the federal guidelines for affordable housing should be changed. what might be considered a good salary in other parts of the country doesn't buy as much in these parts. you can get a two bedroom two bath apartment here for $1,378 per month, about half of what it would cost at market rate, but get this. two people cannot have an income of much more than $51,000 per year.
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the gray administration is on an island when it comes to lifting the building high restriction. a majority of the d.c. council opposes the move. this week the national capitol planning commission, which advises the congress, voted not to recommend taller buildings inside the nation's capital. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> in the meantime the gray administration promised to proof evan or create 10,000 new afford -- to preserve or create 10,000 new on affordable housing units by 2020. >> something has to be done. >> you would think. >> especially because you have to be inside the next couple days. the arctic air over the weekend heading our way would be pretty cold in january, let alone november. our winter outlook is tonight at 11:00. we'll talk about snow and el nino and la nina. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, the high 49
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today, 42 downtown, clouds starting to return. winds have turned east, northeast at 7. we'll see an easterly component to the winds the next couple days which will keep clouds in the picture. one storm in the west will produce some good snow in the rockies going through tonight and tomorrow. some showers now headed towards chicago and illinois. some of these clouds from this system will get in here tonight, but even though the clouds are coming in tonight and tomorrow we'll stay dry. we're just going to see an increase in clouds. good news, it will keep temperatures up a bit tonight. temps right now, 39 in rockville, 38 in reston, 40 in fairfax, 40 in college park and also 40 down in waldorf. so clouds tonight, but not as cold. that's kind of nice. bus stop temperatures 30 to 42, so no 20s tomorrow night. we had a lot of 20s this morning. still cool tomorrow, take lot clouds and milder finish to the -- a lot of clouds and milder finish to the week. temperatures will flirt with 60. 42 degrees below 0 now in
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dawson and it's 6 below in prince albert and some of this arctic air has seeped across the northern sections of montana and the northern plains. that's rolling in here late on saturday and sunday. tonight clear skies early, low temperatures in the 30s and generally above freezing downtown. 30s to start, low 40s by 9:00, 48 by 11:00, 51 with clouds at 1:00, still need a jacket at lunchtime. 52 for a high and 60 on friday with showers late, possibly before the high school games end and morning showers on saturday. that's the arctic front and temperatures fall during the afternoon, high temperatures in the low 50s. this is not a mistake. we're only going to 34 with flurries sunday. if you're going to the ravens game, dress for the 20s. i think the terps game will be dry, but dress for the 40s and the redskins monday night, dress for the 30s, daytime high mid-40s and still watching that cold rain on wednesday, 44,
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could be cold air available with the moisture. we'll keep a close eye on it. don't want snow on thanksgiving? >> no. let's not get crazy. tonight in your only local news at 7:00 here's a scary thought. the men and women with their fingers on the triggers of 450 of the nation's nuclear weapons may be burnt out on the job. >> plus should your pilot's weight factor into whether or not he or she is fit to fly, why one group says it should. >> and batkid back to reality after saving san francisco, hear what he has to say about the whole experience. you know that's going to be cute tonight at 7:00. >> looking forward to him. first it was redskins hall of famer darrell green, now the most veteran divide receiver publicly questioning rg3's
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responding to questions about santana moss' comments yesterday on 106.7 the fan saying that when thing goes wrong, players need to take more responsibility, especially quarterback robert griffin, iii. >> you have to at some point stand up and say me or i. >> moss says rg3 needs to take more responsibility for losses. that never came out of my mouth. i said that if i'm put in the situation as a leader, i will stand up and say me, i and that's what i said. i was sending a message to players who might be put in that situation. what i said was if i'm a quarterback or if i'm a leader, if i'm the person, whoever, if i drop a ball, then that's me. don't matter how it came or what the other guy did. it's me. >> the 3-7 is an issue. you got a team that comes in the season with high hopes and i don't think they were too far fetched. we if the like we had come out and played ex -- felt like we
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could come out and play extremely well and we haven't been consistent enough. i haven't been consistent enough and it shows in our record of. >> reporter: moss and griffin talked today and hashed out whatever comments may have arisen from the veteran receiver's comments. the bottom line is both guys want to beat san francisco monday night. at redskins park diane roberts, wusa9 sports. it's rivalry night on the ice. caps and penguins battle it out at verizon center for first place in the division, alex ovechkin the league leading goal scorer and sidney crosby leading the league in points going head to head. >> it's a little different now from a couple years back. back then it was just talk about them, but now it's more rivalry between two good teams playing each other. >> let the rivalry reignite. there's still time to vote for our game of the week as the playoffs continue in the high school game. we've got three for you to choose from. text the code 25543 to the
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game you want. >> keep that texting. you all are doing good. >> that's it for our broadcast of wusa9 news at 6:00. >> you're back at 7:00. >> with jan jeffcoat for your only
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