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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  November 22, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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shooting took place. the president laid a wreath at j.f.k.'s grave site at arlington national cemetery. today he'll meet with representatives from the peace corps which kennedy established in 1961. one witness to president kennedy's assassination was also the first man to hit the airwaves with news of the shooting. >> he also apparently unknowingly spoke to the assassin. vinita nair caught up with him as he reflected on very somber day. >> it's forever in 1963 when i sat here. >> reporter: pierce almond was the program manager at the local radio station in dallas the day john f. kennedy was assassinated. the reporter, then 29 years old, delivered this news over the phone. >> we do not and cannot confirm the report at this time but the president has been shot. >> reporter: you were the first reporter on the air. >> yes, the only one really.
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there was only one phone in the lobby. >> reporter: two hours after kennedy was shot, police arrested lee harvey oswald. the secret service later told almond he had spoken to the assassin after the shooting. >> i ran up the sidewalk, up the steps into the lobby, went through the door. he was standing in the door. i asked him where a phone was. >> reporter: you spoke to oswald after the shooting. >> according to the secret service, i did. >> reporter: when you spoke tom, was he >> no. he was calm. he was not out of breath, didn't seem agitated. really didn't seem to be in a hurry. >> reporter: to this day almond has flash backs of that chance encounter and what he could have done differently. >> i sort of wish that somehow i had recognized him, at least enough to say you're the guy in the window. >> reporter: almond says he still relives that day and says 50 years later it still feels like yesterday. in dallas, vinita nair, cbs
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news. >> almond is observing the 50th annual versery the dealy plaza. after 11 years in jail, kennedy cousin michael skakel is a free man, at least for now. he was released yesterday on a $1.3 million bond as he waits for a new trial. the judge agreed with the appeal that skakel's first lawyer did a poor job representing him. in 2002 skakel was convicted of killing his neighbor martha moxley back in 1975 when the two were teenagers. two murderers are on the loose this morning after killing a man in gaithersburg. police say the shooting occurred outside an apartment complex yesterday afternoon near the stream side apartments on north summit avenue. two nearby schools were kept on lockdown for about two hours as officers combed the area. police have not yet released the victim's name. the details are starting to come out now about that new market, maryland murder-suicide case earlier this week. it ended with a mother, a father and infant dead.
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>> police have released the identities of the victim. scott broom returned to the scene in frederick county. >> reporter: dead are 40-year- old immunologist ben dyam asefa known as ben, his wife, barbara giomarelli, a biomedical researcher and their son samuel. the survivor, a 5-year-old daughter. >> we're expecting it as a murder-suicide. >> reporter: at 8:15 last night, the 5-year-old went to a neighbor's home on the wooded court. >> the 5-year-old was in the home and the 5-year-old did hide and was able to leave the home and go to the neighbor. >> reporter: complete strangers came with flowers today stunned by the tragedy. >> worrying about this little girl that lost her family. it's horrible, horrible. >> reporter: investigators have not revealed information on why it happened or who did the shooting. photos posted online appear to show a deeply loving family on woods court in maryland, scott
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broom, wusa9. the mississippi man accused of sending ricin-laced letters to the president and other officials tried to do it again from behind bars. james dusky is charged with trying a second time to frame the first man arrested in the case. the indictment says while incarcerated he tried to get someone to make ricin and send it to senator roger wicker. he was trying to frame paul curtis, the man he set up the previous time. senate democrats have decided to pull the nuclear trigger. they pushed through a controversial change nicknamed the nuclear option which allows executive branch nominations to be confirmed through a simple majority vote. under the old rule, the senate needed 60 votes to confirm executive branch nominations. now they only need 51. democrats say they needed this because republicans have been blocking votes. republicans say the democrats who already control the senate
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are just interested in grabbing more power. >> congress should be passing legislation that strengthens our economy, protects american families. instead we're bringing wasted hours and wasted days between filibuster. >> senate democrats are threatening to break the rules of the senate, break the rules of the senate in order to change the rules of the senate and over what? >> democrats say of all the filibusters ever invoked, more than half have come during the obama administration. a giant headache for the company and union workers as giant grocery stores try to open a new location in d.c.'s shah neighborhood. the workers -- shaw neighborhood. the workers still don't have a contract so giant is bringing new jobs and also new workers. >> what we want to do is keep the health care we've got and
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to get wages, livable wages where we can afford to live in a city like washington, d.c. and surrounding suburbs. >> we're currently at the negotiating table and working to come up with a fair and equitable contract for all parties involved while at the same time doing what the realities of the market conditions. >> the deadline for a deal is december 20. giant says they hired 184 new employees, 161 of which are d.c. residents. people gathered at a frederick park last night to remember a man who died in police custody. >> robert ethan saylor, a 26- year-old man with down syndrome died after being forcibly removed by police from a movie theater in january. debra alfarone spoke with people who were in the theater and witnessed the tragedy unfold. >> that's the first sometime i remember thinking something was out of the ordinary. >> reporter: this father and son from frederick were saying in the same row in this movie
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theater as ethan saylor. >> we saw a guy come in. >> reporter: when three off- duty sheriff's deputies entered. ethan had ran in to see the movie zero dark 30 a second time without a ticket. >> he was swearing, calling them all sorts of things. >> reporter: ethan's aide tried to intervene but was kept out of the theater. >> if you don't leave we'll send you to jail. eventually they realized this guy is not listening to us. he's saying the f word. i will say they were very calm about it. just as i would expect professional police officers to be. but it escalated to the point when he started swearing he wasn't going to leave, that they were going to force him out. >> there were two guys at first. ethan was a big guy. when they got him out of his seat, that's when the third guy started helping them. >> reporter: they moved him around the bend. >> there is a point, okay, something's happened now because he's no longer struggling, ug no longer hear him whimpering, he's passed out
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or something. >> poambulances came. the movie eventually started. then this. >> they came back and said it opportunitied into a death investigation. we need everybody to take a statement. >> if this person hadn't been someone with down syndrome, what they did seemed to be completely appropriate and very professional. the only thing that we really had a problem with was some of the -- someone with down syndrome, seems like they need different training and procedures to handle it differently. >> reporter: we reached out to the frederick county sheriff's office. we haven't heard back. in frederick, debra alfarone, wusa9. the first woman to head the park police in its 213-year history is stepping down. police chief teresa chambers is retiring and her last day will be december 5. it also marks her 35th anniversary in law enforcement. chambers became chief in 2002 but was dismissed two years later for talking to the reporter about a lack of staffing and funds for her agency. after a long legal allyghreinst
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2011. so is one phone call worth $75? that's would a lot of drivers in maryland are paying because they are ticketed by police. since october 1, it's against the law for drivers to use hand held cell phones. state police say they've already issued 1600 citations for this. the fines are $75 for the first offense and up to $175 if you're caught as a repeat offender. well, it is 4:37. you can be in for a noisier flight if the fcc says yes to a new in flight cell phone proposal. not looking forward to this. >> you know how loud planes are anyway? >> and how much information people give including credit card numbers over the phone. we'll hear more about this which we obviously don't like in jessica's your money report. >> soggy and then some serious cold this weekend. howard has the timeline coming up in his first alert
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4:40 on this friday morning. cloudy skies over in d.c. it's dry here. a couple of sprinkles in garrett county, caroll county, northern frederick. mostly cloudy and milder today, especially northern d.c. of the look at the highs. many of us are going to crack the 60-degree park. that's going to be a long memory by sunday. arctic air on the way. full details in just a few minutes. there are no issues right now on the beltway. it's friday morning light on the beltway here as you travel past new hampshire avenue. the lanes are open. volumes are light in from 95 baltimore 270 frederick and no problems on any of the northern maryland corridors. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> we set a record every other
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minute. when is the bottom going to drop out. >> that's a tough question. i've been thinking we might be in double territory but we did hit another all-time high for the dow yesterday. this is a big one. after crossing 16,000 on monday and tuesday, the dow not only reached that magic mark, but it closed above that mark for the first time ever. it happened to fall on a day when reports showed unemployment benefit applications throughout the lowest levels of december. checks the numbers for you, the dow skyrocketed by 109 points. it closed 9 points above 16,000. the s&p 500 gained 14 points and the nasdaq bounced up by almost 48 points on the day. the treasury department has started the process of selling the last of its generally motor shares. a final 31 million shares represents a loss of $10 billion on the 2009 government bailout of the automaker. we're talking about your tax
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dollars here. g.m. received $49 billion to get it through bankruptcy reorganization. the government has gotten back $38.4 billion. the obama administration since the bailout says it saved more than a million jobs. the fcc is considering a new proposal that would let you use your cell phone during flight. this measure would allow you to call, text, or use other mobile services but only above 10,000 feet, not during takeoff and landing. the fcc is prohibited in flight calls for years over concerns with interfering with wireless networks on the ground. this proposal will be discussed at a meeting next week. planes would have to be fitted with special antenna in order for phones to work in the air. you want a phone with good service when you're that high and sprint is not the one cutting it necessarily. the service provider fell to
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last place in recent rankings. the company did well in overall customer service among major carriers losing out only to verizon but sprint got dismal marks for its value. verizon was considered the top provider in the washington area. something to think about if maybe you're looking at a new phone and a new contract. >> as a matter of fact, i am. here's something else to think about if you're adding to your family, what you can do before you get pregnant to have a healthier pregnancy. >> well, umbrella today and gloves by sunday. it's going to be a very interesting weekend. howard has the details coming up.
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4:46 on this friday morning. how do we plan our day? are we going to need up gel las? >> spotty showers here and there. -- need umbrellas? >> spotty showers here and there. you will need to borrow a second coat on sunday. the arctic air is on its way. it's still in canada and will be entering the u.s. sunday will be the worst day. it will be chilly for the next, four, five six days at least. we have cloudy skies on our michael & son weather camera. we're still watching the monument. the scaffolding is coming down off the top. they make a little progress every day. mostly cloudy and milder. it is really going to be very comfortable this afternoon. 58 degrees. a couple of peeks of sun by noon. then this afternoon we're going into the low 60s. winds south to southwest 5, 8, 10 miles an hour with spotty showers. i think there will be a better chance here in d.c. later this
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afternoon and the best chance for the first half of the day up to our north and northwest as we're watching some showers now coming in toward areas of the ohio valley that will be tracking our way this afternoon. notice the stuff this morning well to our north. i'm also thinking not all of this will be making the trip across the mountains. here's a look at the doppler 9000 at the moment with a few light sprinkles in westminster. the heavier stuff between harrisburg and new york right now and a couple of other light sprinkles in toward garrett county all moving east, northeast. the surge of warmth in the middle 50s from charleston back to lexington, kentucky but we're holding in the 40s to near 50 in richmond. philadelphia 50 degrees right now. it's 49 in annapolis. 46 in north beach and bethesda this morning. fairfax in the upper 40s at 48. and we also see 45 there from leesburg and dumfries, one of the cooler spots at 43. outside on the michael & son weather camera, cloudy skies over d.c. but a quiet morning
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with good visibility. 47 feeling like 45 with a light south wind at 5. humidity 77%. barometer has come down a lot since yesterday and will continue to fall with an area of low pressure headed our way in the form of a cold front. look at the arctic air now. yesterday we were showing of th we're closer to 40 below. now the minus 15. 30s below. now they're minus 9. a significant warm-up in alaska as the arctic air moves off to the east and southeast. more of it moving into south central canada here. some of these temps in the 30 below, 40 below range and they're sinking south. it's 7 in bismarck. denver 17. the cold is now pouring in and will be arriving tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. the storm system in the southwest, look at all this rain and mountain snows. a very active weather pattern with heavier showers in tennessee moving over toward nashville right now coming out of memphis. a little snow in iowa headed toward wisconsin this morning. we're going to see some showers here and there today and tonight and then tomorrow
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like just a slight chance of a shower in the morning, mainly south of town. so a milder day, spotty showers. 61 will do it this afternoon, even 63 in the warmest spot south. 45 tonight but not much recovery. spotty showers tonight. tomorrow chance of early showers south. the 53-degree high will likely be in the morning with 40s in the afternoon. going out to the terps game, breezy and chilly. windchills down in the 30s i believe. windy and very cold with flurries on sunday. only 33. windchills in the teens and 20s. if you're going to the ravens game, good luck with that. monday we're also watching the redskins on monday. they have a monday night game. in the 30s for that. and a brief period of snow later wednesday before a cold thanksgiving coming up. here comes monika now with timesaver traffic. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. happy to say that it's friday morning light and the one incident that we had overnight on the southbound side of i-95 at route 1 in woodbridge has
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been cleared. it was a disabled tractor- trailer in the roadway and there are no issues now to report. we're looking good as well on the northbound side of i-95 into springfield. let's take a live look at i-66 or actually at the american legion bridge on the west side of town in good shape here. both loops of the beltway between 270 and i-66. we'll go back to the maps and this time to the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly. looking good into the northeast corridor. all of your potomac and anacostia river crossings are great right now. we'll take another live look one more time. this is 66 on the inbound side in fairfax to vienna. all lanes are open. andrea and mike? >> thanks, monika. a while ago it was known for gunfire. well yesterday a different sound. jack hammers of late. you know what? that's a good thing because a huge day for the shaw neighborhood. >> absolutely. the o street market once the scene after notorious mass shooting is reopening with a swanky giant supermarket. bruce leshan was there to capture all the excitement.
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>> reporter: when was the last time you saw people this excited about a grocery store opening? >> well co-to your giant food store at city market o street. >> reporter: they're fired up. because this parks the rebirth of a neighborhood that has struggled for decades. 19 years ago it was the scream of police sirens and the shouts of terror that rang through the o street market. >> you're always on edge now. you're afraid to come out your house. >> reporter: a still incomprehensible turf battle between rival street gangs sent bullets flying inside the historic market killing a 15- year-old boy and injuring eight other people. >> we're offering $10,000 reward. >> you don't know if a bullet is going to shoot you.
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>> reporr:cosmonaut just a fancy market, there is a hotel, restaurants action swampgy apartments with amenities like a rooftop pool and dog park. >> they rent anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 a month in shaw. >> shaw is the hot new neighborhood now. if you look at how many businesses have opened up here in the last year or two, it's amazing the explosion of interest. it's all people who want to live in the city and want to have a real experience. >> reporter: the partners in roadside development have invested millions. >> to see it actually pop out of the page, it's very fulfilling. >> reporter: all while trying to ensure there is still a place for the people who stuck with shaw through the worst times. >> i like it now. i love it. >> reporter: bruce leshan, wusa9. 4:53. in today's health alert how to lower your risk of a stroke. controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels can substantially reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke for overweight people. that's according to an
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international team of researchers who found high blood pressure posed the biggest risk for heart disease and an even bigger risk for stroke. a new study is outlining steps women can take to have a healthy pregnancy. researchers in the united kingdom, ireland and new zealand recommend eating more fruit before pregnancy, watching your weight, reducing blood pressure, and stopping any misuse of alcohol or drugs. they also say having a paid job helps women have a normal pregnancy. how about this for an incentive to have a good pregnancy. exercise can help pregnant women quit smoking. if you're pregnant, you really shouldn't be smoking. 15 to 20 minutes walking at a moderate pace with reduce the craving for smoking. doctors say exercise is not a cure for quitting but it can be an effective strategy when you're pregnant. it is time now at 4:54 for a look at today's question of the morning. when people are asked to name
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the most annoying habit, what was their number one answer? >> is it a chewing with your mouth open, b, choosing ice. dennis doesn't like that. or c, popping gum? give it some thought and post your response on our facebook fan page. we'll share some of your answers in the next half-hour. >> before we go to break, gretta from nassau,
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cloudy skies, mild. well in the 40s, though. so a lot warmer than it has been. we're going to see spotty showers this morning coming through. keen a couple here and there by 9:00. look at the temps. 58 in town. 61 in fredericksburg. 58 in winchester. we'll take you to the 3:00 hour with a better chance of showers near the mason-dixon line and later this afternoon and evening, spotty showers. still upper 50s at 6:00 p.m. but cold is coming this weekend. monika? if you're planning to head on the west side of town, we're in great shape. no problems between 270, the american legion bridge and tysons corner. coming in from the west on 66, volumes are light from manassas and dulles toll road in from sterling. back to you, andrea and mike. from a pint size super hero to history making season for a local football team. >> it was a tough week the way it ended but there were some positive things to look back on. here are some of the memorable
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thanks for joining us. good morning, monika. >> do you remember your name now? >> it says it there, thankfully. >> wray to go. way to save gotham. >> can't be from around here. >> he doesn't travel the beltway very much, does he? >> lady gaga -- [ inaudible ] >> i want to say one more thing. i like beating the boys. >> reporter: you like beating the boys? >> yes. >> this looks more like the bottom of a shoe than it does something they want to eat. it kind of looks a little bit like my boot. what do you think? >> you put barbecue sauce on that boot and i will eat it. >> caps are in first place. i'm going to be mr. sunshine


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