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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  November 24, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tonight. later on cbs, 60 minutes, i am jeff glor, cbs news in new york, scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. >> captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ózç
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what did he do for somebody to shoot him?
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that's crazy. and right here on thanksgiving time. >> who shot and killed a u.s. postal worker? he was on his delivery route last night in landover, maryland. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. it's an unbelievable crime. a 26-year-old postal worker gunned down while delivering mail, which happened in the 1600 block of reed street around 7:30 last night. this evening prince george's county police are asking for help in identifying suspects. they are offering a $25,000 reward. get this, they are putting up another $100,000 for others. surae chinn begins our coverage tonight. >> and to know that he is gone, it's like, well, unreal. it's like unreal. >> reporter: a friend and former co-worker drove to the crime scene, where the 26-year- old tyson barnett of upper marlboro was shot and killed on the sign of the delivery route saturday night in landover. see
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you know, a life is taken. and it is so easy as it seems like it is senseless and people, they don't care now. and it is not precious to people anymore. >> i knew that they had gunshots because i know what they sound like as i got up and they started running. >> it'd be the rarest. >> reporter: he is the president of the rockville branch of the national association of letter carriers. he didn't represent barnett or the area where he was killed. but he has been the loudest voice in trying to get postal workers off the streets before it gets dark. >> i'm outraged. more than angry. and it didn't have to happen. i told them what the problems were. and they chose to ignore it. >> reporter: he's been outspoken about the dangers of delivering. he brought it up again last week in a meeting with the postmaster. last year with the district manager, he made a grim prediction. >> and he said something that somebody was going to or worse.
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or worse and that happened. >> reporter: the routes are longer as they are understaffed. they say after the tragedy, that something, it must change. >> reporter: and it is bound to happen again if there is something not done about it. >> i've been out at 10:00 at night. and i have co-workers out until midnight. >> it is pitch dark out here. nobody should be out here delivering mail. i think it's wrong. >> reporter: surae chinn, wusa9. >> friends and co-workers of tyson barnett are expected to gather this evening in landover where the shooting took place last night. now, ken molestina is out there right now. ken? >> reporter: yeah bruce. they were expected to start at about 7:00 tonight. we are seeing some cars, they are finally starting to show up as you can only imagine that those are the folks planning the visual as we are expecting to learn more through some of the folks that knew him and and
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young small child. and as a result of all of this, many people, they're now asking the same question. why would anybody want to do this to him? how do you have it happening from people again at about 7:30 last night? we spoke to someone with a letter carriers union who had this to say. >> reporter: and it is very unfortunate. and you know, it is a tragedy and my heart goes out to him and his family. understanding that he had a little girl. certainly, you know, to go through her life without her dad now. it is just going to be very unfortunate. >> now we're learning more about his specific job. but tyson barnett we're being told was fairly new to the trade. only on the job for a couple of months. and was actually training for a
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comes here and this happens where a lot of people, they are absolutely stunned by this and shocked and quite frankly they are worried that there will be somebody on out there tonight, running away from the law as they try to find whoever did this to him. we're being told that on top of the extra $100,000 reward that the u.s. postal office is offering, they want to let folks know that it is a very, very serious crime. and as a matter of fact that we're being told whoever did this, they could face the death penalty if they are ever caught and convicted. but again the friends and family of the 26-year-old now beginning to gather here with the vigil gathering here at 7:00 as we hope to learn a lot more from his close relatives and his loved ones. we're out live, ken molestina, wusa9. >> ken before you go, obviously it is very difficult to get all the information that we need on this kind of story on a sunday evening. but any indication that somebody from the u.s. postal service is going to be at that vigil this evening? >> reporter: we're hearing that they are going to be here,
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bruce, but no official confirmation from that. the folks are here as they are expected to use the opportunity to remind anyone with the u.s. postal office about the dangers of delivering mail at night. and they are also expecting for them to be here, but no official confirmation that they will. >> okay. all right, ken molestina reporting from landover, ken, thanks a lot. obviously we'll have the latest on this vigil that will be taking place here tonight at 11:00. it is also worth repeating with a combined $125,000 reward for any information leading to a good arrest in this case. and now he's been outside. and you know that they could pose their weather this year. what can you expect heading out the door on monday morning? let's go to erica grow in the weather center. hi, erica. >> hi, bruce. we're going to see the temperatures dip even lower tonight. let's take a look at the early morning lows as they got down to 26 degrees downtown d.c.21 in hagerstown. 21 in gaithersburg, 22 just bit this morning and that's before
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you factor in the winds. so let's compare it to some of the other weather that we've had. today's high was 34. but the last date that it was that cold was february 17. the last time we've had a windchill as bad as today, january 22 or 23rd. it's a little hard to figure out the exact number of when they were so low. tonight as we mention it will be even colder. but at least the wind will diminish. 16 in the suburbs, 24 downto. and so we will have once again a very hard freeze as they needed to get above the freezing mark for the high temperatures today as we will see some moderation, but there's a storm system that will be on the way to affect your travel plans, leading on into the thanksgiving holiday. i'll have more on that coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. bruce, back to you. >> thanks a lot. israel and saudi arabia tonight, they had concerns over a new tentative agreement between iran, six world powers, including the u.s. now, that agreement will call for iran to curb their nuclear program for six months. now in exchange for some of the
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economic sanctions that are imposed against the sanctions, they will be livid. >> the feet to the fire to make sure that they do the things that are a part of the u.n. security agreement and that they are concerned it will not be the case. and if they save their reaction right now, i mean, they're spiking the football in the end zone, saying look, now, we have consolidated the game to relieve sanctions as they will have the right to enrich. >> the agreements, they will indicate that they must be made during the next six months for them with a more permanent elimination for their capacity to produce a nuclear weapon. and if not, then they are reimposed. and i think that they will be watching it very closely. in the meantime the israeli prime minister called them a historic mistake. and he says he is not bound by the agreement. just ahead on wusa9, one
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day after the man fell to his death inside a local museum. investigators are trying to figure out how and why. >> 'tis the season of joy. i'm jan jeffcoat from wusa9 and i'd love for you to join me and join all of us for our first ever virtual toy drive. it is actually a joy drive. right now one out of every four d.c. area kids won't have much of a holiday. so we've partnered with the volunteers of america and now you can give those kids a joyful holiday with just one click. and here is how it works. click on the tab right here and with one more click, you can send a toy from the wish list. like on this tab as you can give the donation and to know exactly where they would like to go or if you would like to just give joy, by sending the holiday message, click on this tab. and to see them just click to anwon't you j .
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a man falling three floors to his death inside the museum jumped according to a museum spokeswoman. she told the associated press that another museum visitor saw the man near a four-foot wall just moments earlier. the museum was evacuated after the incident around 4:15 yesterday. the d.c. police have released abouthis case, including the man's name. dozens of capitol hill
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residents gathered this weekend to express their concerns over a planned expansion of a royal road tunnel. the virginia avenue tunnel is used by cs ex-trains. they want to make repairs and expand the tunnel. but some citizens say that they planned a five and a half year experience that would be true to the local traffic and the environment. >> it's a tunnel with a dirt floor, which means that it has been impacted by water. and in 2010 they had a derailment. 55 inches of snow that year and both the freeway and the road above to cause a lot of water to come into the tunnel. when we replaced the tunnel, that's one of the things that they will plan to do to put a concrete floor on so you have a safer tunnel than what they have had on out there today. i think that it will be okay to run fully loaded double-sacked train to uncover their big trenches. and that it will ge in between the u.s. express way for the senior center and for
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the homes as you can see it off here. >> the residents are asking the federal government to delay approval of the project until more information is known about the environmental and traffic impact of that project. when we come back, this household is going to be here tonight and what about monday morning? erica grow has the
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i'm not going to try to be tough. it was cold out there today. very cold. >> yes. as we mentioned right off the top. some of the coldest wet weather we've had since january. and tonight it's going to be even colder than what it was last night. but at least the winds, they're going to diminish. we need to start off with the michael and son weather cam and you can kind of see how cold it is, right? and a little bit of the frost there on the weather lens. 30 degrees, and the dew point is five. so it is bitterly cold for them and also very dry and winds are out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. and the weather headlinehere be clear tonight, but that it is going to be very cold and the
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winds will diminish. that's the only good news that they have for you, but if you are sending them out the bus stop tomorrow morning, at's the coldest temperatures that they have seen yet this school year as it will be just a touch milder this monday afternoon. but now another weather issue that will be coming down the pike. and a storm system that will arrive on tuesday. current temperatures throughout the area are down into the 20s. it's 23 in westminster. 24 in hagerstown. 27 in leesburg and frederick. 28 in manassas. everyone is below freezing already. on satellite and radar, you can see some ocean affect snow. and the bitterly cold winds that are wrapping around the backside of the storm system that moved through earlier in the weekend. but the future cast t is very important because there is another -- future cast as it is very important because e theris another system on the way. we keep it clear and then the clouds will start to spread in and here comes the next storm system. moving up from the gulf as you could see some sprinkles as early as the tuesday morning rush hour. quickly changing over to rain
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though. and the models, they're picking up on the possibility of the fleet pellets. but i do think that the heavy rain is going to wrap in quick enough and that we won't see any icing concerns. but that this is what it looks like as you are heading out the door, back home from work on tuesday evening. and so it will be a very messy commute as we're heading into tuesday. but overnight tonight, it's going to be bitterly cold. 16 to 24 with the winds on out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures, only in the teens and the 20s tomorrow morning under mostly sunny skies with the west winds at 5 to 15. in the afternoon a few more clouds will be arriving, but still cold. 35 to 40 with the winds on out of the southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so on tuesday we're under a yellow alert because of the rain showers moving in the morning. quickly changing to the heavier rain. staying with us through the overnight and into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon, we could wrap up this storm system with in the first alert seven-day forecast. it will be clearing out by
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thanksgiving day. but the all-important travel day on wednesday, it looks like it could be unsettled to start. by the end of the day, it's looking better. >> okay, it's cold. >> it's a messy forecast. >> yeah t is -- it is cold. >> yes, ravens had to get it done. in the meantime the ravens need to fly in the freeze. on sunday, we discovered birds can fly in cold temps. but apparently they could not as they needed to move yñ
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all right, so what did we have from baltimore back in chicago in desperate need of a victory? the panic time for the of the playoff rate. so now here you go. it was cold out there.
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i mean, you know, we love the jacket. it's right there early on in the second quarter. this is joe flacco and that is so ravens. that's so torii smith. but he made it count. imagine taking a ball in this hold. it's like picking up the boulder as he did it well for them with 3-3 on the day. 12-3 in the first quarter until flacco says all right, enough of the field goals. let's get those touchdowns here. jones, he beats ed reed who played the football at 46 yards a touchdown and it was not always pretty. but as always, the ravens, they seem to find a way to get it done at 19-3 with kristen berset with more. >> a lot at stake for both thay battling it up for the wild
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card spot. allowing the fewest yards that they have all season long, which was huge for the ravens, putting them back in the playoff pictures. >> they played really well for all three levels. playing exceptionally well for them. >> yes, they will. they'll play as a group for the back end, the front end. >> don't be afraid to be great as we want to be a great defense. you know, it's the playoff- style football as you need to go to the next level and those guys, they did it today, playing awesome for the lights out. elvis is elvis. so we need to continue to do it. >> we knew going into the game that they needed to play a good solid defense as we wanted to be aggressive for them and to get their hands on it to make the tough throws. we were able to do that. and you know to execute the game plan to make an extra play. the ones that came through us. >> here in charm city. both teams, they're 5-6. both teams are two games behind the
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division leader. in baltimore, kristen berset, wusa9. >> all right, thank you. she looked cold. just a half time for them here. jonathan ogden was honored today. he made the pro bowl in 11 times as many of you remember. the towering figure for the gentle giant doing a lot of great community work. great story there. the redskins will make the playoffs, but it might be a good time to get things started with the six-game winning streak. and how about one in a row as it has been difficult for them this season? and they are hoping they won't see a replay of last week. then they needed to get it going there late. mike shanahan being asked if the seven-game winning streak would give them comfort, even though that the team is 3-7. >> i don't think that anybody would like to be in that situation. those are the situations that you want to be in as you are just trying to figure it out in
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the playoffs. but we're obviously in the situation where any game is big and you want to play the best ball, especially on a monday night crowd in the front of the cown -- in the front of the entire country. >> it better warm up as it is not that cold. 61 fouls were called in this game. three names, three points. 6-11. before vcu could get that press set up. they get the better of the big play, getting the better of it, 84-80. of course, game on overtime is coming up with a lot of ravens and redskins. >> yeah. they will be in the front of the television set. [ laughter ] >> where it is nice and warm. yes. it won't be as bad at the redskins game. >> yeah. >> but it will still be cold. yeah. high temperature tomorrow, it's still only going to be in the 30s and i'm keeping eye on that storm system. and the updated forecast for you tonight at 11:00. >> okay, thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tonight
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