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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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it will take somebody to get hurt before you realize that we shouldn't be out here at 6:00 to 7:00 in the evening. you can't see. he lost his life. >> grief and anremember one of their own tonight.
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killed while delivering the mail last night. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. $125,000 in reward money now being offered tonight to person or persons who killed postal worker tyson barnett. the 26-year-old letter carrier shot and killed last night as he was making his rounds in the dark in landover, maryland. ken molestina was at the vigil tonight where co-workers said they had feared for this type of tragedy. >> reporter: if we can have a moment of silence. >> reporter: it was a moment of silence followed by a prayer. more than 100 of his closest co- workers gathered at the site of the murder to honor tyson barnett. the young man was gunned down as he delivered mail neheart
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goes out to him and his family. i understand that he had a little girl. certainly for her to go through her life without her dad will be unfortunate. >> reporter: this vigil is a somber one, but also laced with anger on behalf of the letter carriers who tell us tonight that their higher ups within the u.s. postal service were negligent in keeping them safe. tyson barnett's killing is an example on how dangerous their jobs really are. >> anybody could walk up in front. and we're doing it too much. you know, he's gone. >> reporter: the blood is on the hands of calvin williams. kenneth lurcher is with the union that represents them. pointing fingers at the higher ups as they failed to take on the warnings as it comes to the danger of delivering mail at night. >> and they've been doing itto >> thank you.
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upper management did not show up, but they announced an award on up to $100 for any information leading to the arrest of whoever did this. in the meantime they're left with the heavy hearts. remembering a young life taken too soon. >> people should remember him as a very hard worker. a very respectful young man. >> reporter: in landover, ken molestina, wusa. we called the montgomery county news, as new information for them and the detectives are working to identify the suspect and the motive in this case. if you've been outside tonight, it's the weather of the year. let's go over to erica grow in the weather center. >> hi bruce. it is going to in white oaks. 25 in college park.
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27 even in downtown washington. when you factor in the winds, feels like 20 in d.c. as they are starting to relax a little bit though. the windchills, not quite as bad with the teens in the most of the day. in the single digits. so today is the coldest day. that's the coldest since february 17. now, the overnight lows tonight, they will be the coldest since february 18. the last time that we've had the windchills this bad is january, right around thegurati real bitterly cold temperatures and we're going to see the less wind overnight tonight, allowing temperatures to get even lower. however that will, of course, help with the windchill factors. it's bitterly cold as you're stepping out in the morning. 17 to 24, absolutely fridged. at 7:00 a.m., it's 14 to 22, barely sneaking into the 20s as we head towards 9:00 a.m.
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a storm system to tell you about in the first alert forecast to produce a problem for your tuesday commute. back to you. >> got it. being blamed for at least eight deaths in the west is now taking aim at oklahoma, texas, new york. danielle nottingham with the latest from ft. worth, texas and what it means for travelers this thanksgiving week. >> reporter: a thin coat of ice covered just about everything on sunday morning in midland, texas. the slick conditions, they closed highways and canceled church services. >> we've never seen weather like this. and this is not normal here. >> we haven't had to scrape ice off the windows for a long time. >> reporter: the massive storm system that hit west texas is making conditions miserable in parts of to dallas. >> they say that it will be getting worse tonight. but i'm hoping that it will be in dallas too. >> reporter: a winter storm warning is posted ins dallas
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ft. worth area until noon on monday as people here, they can expect a dangerous mix of the sleet and freezing rain. >> reporter: and now about 30 trucks, they're on the streets of dallas, spreading sand on the overpasses and the bridges. the officials, they expect the roads to get slick as the temperatures drop overnight. danielle nottingham, cbs news, fort worth, texas. >> the storm could bring heavier rain to the southeast on tuesday and then turn north and move up the east coast. possibly affecting travel on through wednesday. erica, of course, will have the very latest on this in her full forecast in just a bit. a man falling three floors inside the national according to the spokesperson. she tells the associated press and the other museum visitors as they saw the man near that wall just moments before plunging to his death. the museum was evacuated around 4:15 on saturday. d.c. police have released no new information about this
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case, including the man's identity. now, it is taken by the nashville bar owner who got into an argument with mills because the singer was smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area of the bar. he said he shot the 44-year-old sing anywhere self-defense. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. nashville police tonight areinvestigating the charges. two people are dead tonight and another injured after separate shootings in the district. the first happened around 6:30 on saturday in the 2500 block of 14thstreet northeast. and the officers, they found two men suffering from the gunshot wounds. one of morning on monday's commute, d.c. police have a lot of new traffic cameras, designed to catch the drivers that are speeding, and not completely at the stop signs, blocking the intersections for them in the crosswalks, and the only warnings will be issued
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tonight iran's nuclear negotiators arrived back to iran in a crowd of cheering supporters. perhaps because the economic sanctions are about to be lifted. it came after reaching the tentative agreement with the six world powers including the u.s. now, that agreement caused for them to curb their nuclear program for six months. in exchange, some of the economic sanctions imposed on the country will be lifted. tonight, there appears to be doubt on the deal on both sides of the aisle of the senate. ree
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we're very concerned that it will not be the case. if they save their reaction right now, i mean they're spiking the football in the end zone, saying look, you know, we consolidated our games, we have relieved sanctions. that we're going to have the right to enrich. >> reporter: the agreement of the term indicates that they must be made during the next six months for them to have a more permanent elimination of the capacity to produce a nuclear weapon. and if not the sanctions, they are reimposed, which i think that congress will be watching very closely. >> in the meantime the president called the prime minister to discuss the agreement. he called the agreement, "a historic mistake. in iraq, a series of the bombings and the shootings in baghdad have left five people dead. police there say that the bomb exploded near the outdoor market in the northern district. killing two people, wounding seven others. a second bomb left one person
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and a tv camera man. a denver woman got a big scare last night when not one, but two cars came crashing into her apartment. and it might have been the scare of her life, but mary jane says that it is actually the third time her apartment has been damaged by cars, crashing through her walls. and they saw the commotion around 3:00 this morning. >> and i was in bed asleep. i just heard a loud crash. and it woke me and i came into my living room. all my furniture got shoved into the other room. the noise was so loud. i was very afraid. >> she is afraid to live in her apartment now and hopes that she could move to another unit, upstairs. coming up tonight on wusa9, new efforts to help those serving
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the country miss their d biless and will the fridged weather stick around for the holiday travel this week? erica has the full
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sales associate. y. that's thece. real walmart. one of the hardest things
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there disrupting family life, but as we report tonight, this is when the uso steps in as sort of surrogate families through a program called turkeys for truth. >> reporter: family is everything. >> we're in the military, we're tough, right? but deep down i'm a family guy. i love being around. you want both? >> reporter: he also loves his air force career. he's been in for ten years. he's used to being away from home, the frequent move and the the risk that can come with the job. lindsey, his wife of four years. >> it is real difficult for her not being in the military and/or having military experience. >> reporter: holidays can be particularly hard with the demands of anthony's job. but the turkeys for troops
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program is a comfort. >> it helped me a lot to know that they are able to give me thanksgiving basically. and i won't feel down or like i'm missing out on something. it puts us in a humble place. >> and just to know that the community cares about us and respects what we do. that's an honor right there. like it is an honor for me to serve the people when i need to deploy and i know that my wife is taken care of with uso, you know, the community, they have her back and she is here as it makes the transition or the job a little bit easier. >> thank you for my blessing. thank you for my blessing. andrea rose, wusa9. >> if you d make the upcoming holidays brighter for the family or any of the other active duty personnel in
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our area, please consider buying the food basket by donating to the turkey for troops. you can log on to our website, and also put that icon up. a $50 donation will provide enough food for a family of six. if you cannot afford $50, please instead of donating any amount, no dollar amount is too small and grately appreciated. >> good stuff. >> yeah. >> people are going to respond. in our area they always respond to that. >> man is it cold out here. oh my gosh, i know, you don't even want to step outside with the weather like this. i mean temperatures are in the 20s and the windchill is still a factor right now, settling down overnight tonight, setting up the stage for the bitter cold weather and the coldest air of the season, starting off with a look at the weather cam where it is 27 degrees. with a dew point of 6, so it is cold and dry and winds are now calm at reagan national within the last hour.
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a wind gust of 20 miles per hour. a big change and a short amount of time with the winds that are diminishing. clear skies, which will be allowing temperatures to drop to the coldest this school year. as you are heading out the door, make sure that they are bundled up as you'll need it on a day like this for tomorrow. it will be a bit milder especially because they won't be a big factor, but just as we are starting to work their way towards us. we're getting the milder temperatures along with the precipitation as we cannot win right now. 21 degrees already in gaithersburg. down to 21 in hagerstown. 25 in culpeper and 23 in manassas. it is bitterly cold everywhere and the temperatures will be continuing to fall overnight tonight. on sattewith the lake affect snow showers that we've had earlier on in the day have diminished as we're going to see the winds continue to relax as we head into the
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overnight. but here comes the next storm system that you can see. by the time we get into monday afternoon and early evening, just high clouds that will be filtering on in. but right now it's in the coastal region as they will start to approach, great news for them that they are now thinking that they will not arrive until after the rush hour. the pink is indicating the wintery mix, which will not happen for us because the rain is going to arrive later on. and maybe in the higher elevations by about noon. but the beltway will be staying just wet. not white. however as we head into the afternoon and early evening hours on tuesday, as the rain could get heavy. so tuesday is a yellow alert day because of the possibility of the heavy rain for the evening commute. look at all the yellows, indicating the steady heavy rain and the heavier rainfall approaching from the south. starting to seat pockets of the heavier rain popping on through during tuesday night for wednesday morning. and then on wednesday, it could be a yellow alert as well because of the morning commute that could be wet again. but overnight tonight.
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no moisture, just bitter cold. mostly clear skies. 14 in the suburbs -- suburbs with 22 downtown. monday morning, very cold. mostly sunny. teens and 20s, west winds at 5 to 15. but they will become a little more southerly in the afternoon because it is e temperatures still going to be very cold. 35 to 40 as they have the west winds at 5 to 15 with the yellow alert on tuesday with the rain showers that are possibly just a couple of sleet pellets in there for the city. 44 for your afternoon high and more rain showers as it will be windy on wednesday with not a good travel day. however things, they will start to get better as we head into the evening on wednesday and then thanksgiving day does not look bad in the first alert seven-day forecast with a lot of sune,40 and temperatures, they're getting milder as a lot
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of people want to hit the mall as it should be pleasant. good news there. so now in the atmospheric administration for them for the winter outlook on thursday as they could be summed up best by the word fuzzy. i talked to an expert to find out why they are so challenging for the forecast. >> and we were not able to tilt the odds towards either a warmer, colder winter or a wetter or drier winter. >> and the prediction center says that the d.c. area has an equal chance for any kind of a weather condition that will be happening this year. it's an anything goes kind of a forecast with the scientific forecast. in a typical winter. a large scale event to help them figure out how the weather will change in the next few months. the most port oscillation is a
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non-factor. the el nino will be involving waters off the western coast of south america. when that water gets warm, we'll see more coastal storms in the d.c. area. this year they are right in between. without the trends, it's the big pickings that will be slim to the basic forecast for the seasonal outlook. >> it's one thing that they are pretty sure about will have pretty big temperature swing throughout the winter. >> ouch times they're going to see the big stream cold temperatures. and the outlook, they're trying to summarize what will happen over that period, becoming challenging throughout the season. >> and we have had some of those extreme temperature erate the highest on monday. 34 was the lowest, which was
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today. so we're feeling the ups and downs with more ahead. >> yes, to be continued for sure. that's good stuff. >> thank you, erica. >> can the ravens make the playoffs? and maybe after wednesday and the redskins will
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well as it stands right now, indianapolis is the three seed in the afc. now, most people, they wouldn't know that. here is my lot of teams. and i will tell you what. that is not exactly how they have become accustomed to doing for them.
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they smothered for geno smith. and it looked like a rookie, a freshman. a freshman in high school, too thick on the other side. they didn't allow anybody, but they did just enough for them. obviously it's an important victory. a very good team. just excellent defense for them with a lot of pressure. >> the redskins will get their them as they begin. we'll have much more on this game coming up in just a
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minute. it's football sunday, but there were two good basketball games. oh somebody get that thing going. [ laughter ] two good basketball games here on sunday, georgetown. this thing went right down the wire for them. we'll have the extended highlights in just a second. and they are also doing a little traveling too. that's a good trip for the time of the year with the competitive game for a while. but stick around as we'll tell you how they pulled away and who the catalyst was as well. >> yes, absolutely. they still have a long ways to go with a good player as they need some help.
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>> they will be okay. when they speed them up, can they speed them too? we have seen it so many times before as they will be okay. but will they speed up? >> yes. a great prediction. >> san francisco is going to win that game as they play well. okay, we'll see. want to recap for us? >> yes, very cold temperatures overnight tonight down into the teens, as a matter of fact. they're only rebounding for them tomorrow. and at least it will be milder just as the next storm system will be arriving, which means wet, not white. the yellow alert for tuesday. >> got it. why are you moaning?t, not jamaica. >> it was cold today. >> yes. [ male announcer ] give yourself the ultimate holiday gift!
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