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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  November 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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holiday. >> without this they could potentially not have food for thanksgiving. >> we have the gift basket for you. >> reporter: services for those who can't live their homes. >> it's a great deal of help. when you have a large family, grandkids, great grandkids. >> reporter: this year the annual event provides more than 7100 meal to needy families. >> it's a little bigger this year. >> reporter: hundreds line up in front of the united church to pick up their boxes. >> it's a lot of people. it goes all the way down the block. it is shocking. >> reporter: each one contains enough to feed a family of eight. >> if it had not been for this one event, how many of those families would have gone without a thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: the event dates back to the 1960's when former denver restraessing. bruce. >> reporter: as the partnership grows with wal-mart, sam's thanks, jesus and to daddy club, volunteers say the message remains the same. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: providing not just a meal but a thanksgiving to
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those who need it. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it would be terrible for someone not to have food on any day but especially on thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to everyone. good morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. it's a cold start to your monday morning. i'm andrea roane. >> gloves for the steering wheel and for your -- [indiscernible] >> going full blast. three bars. >> i'm glad you explained what she was pointing to. people were wondering. some of the wind chills are in the single digits. checking web cams. asond you tell i'm excited ab is it that obvious. weather wise, let's get the day planner up. another cold day. not as biting as yesterday because we don't have the winds. generally clear skies, a cold one. 35 by lunch time. increasing loud later on with 36 at 5:00. up to 38 today. that means mid 30s for the san
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francisco 49ers and the redskins for tonight's game. here come the clouds. you see them toward west virginia now, southwestern areas of virginia, moving toward us. that's why we're going to see high thin clouds but they'll thicken up late. temperatures down to 15 in martinsburg. it's 10 in oakland. it's 18 in culpeper. 22 in la plata and 26 across the bay in easton and cambridge. as far as this afternoon, sunshine with fading behind the clouds. 42 fredricksburg. 38 in frederick and here in d.c. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >> a crash in oakton, virginia on germantown road east of route 123. i've been trying to see how you can get around it and maybe just stick to courthouse road as your alternate route. if you're planning to head through that area, you'llle have to follow police direction. again that's germantown road east of route 123 in oakton is shut down with the crash. 66 is not affected. it looks great coming in from manassas to centreville. let's take a live look outside and here at the american legion
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bridge on the west side of town. if you're heading from bethesda into tysons or want to use 66, you're going to be fine. let's take another look at the maps. this time over to the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly. long-standing construction zone overhead sign work on 295 at pennsylvania avenue has been cleared up. you're good to go in the area. there were up to 20-minute closures overnight. right now you are fine if you're just heading out the door. no problems in the northeast corridor. all of your anacostia river crossings are fine as well. in springfield on the northbound side of i-95 beginning to load up a bit here but still no big deals to 395. andrea, mike? >> thanks, monika. if you drive in d.c., you know that these cameras mistake >> but this morning there are new cameras around town and they're not just set to catch speeders and red light runners. delia goncalves joins us live with details on who else they're after. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it depends on who you talk to
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but it seems like they're after each and every one of us but they do say the ultimate goal is all about public safety. and there is a record of success. here we are live at 45th and mccomb and nestled in this neighborhood is this lovely silver box. it's a camera that you may see in a lot of these little neighborhoods and it will probably surprise you. this is a stop sign camera. it will flash and catch you if you fail to come to a complete stop at this intersection. so how did the city decide to place these certain cameras in certain neighborhoods? well, they said they did studies and also got input from the community. let's take a closer look at some of the cameras throughout the city. dozens of them ar around the district. and they will catch drivers rolling through a stop sign, failing to stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk, or blocking the box. blocking the intersection. the cameras even have sensors
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inside that will identify oversized vehicles illegally driving through some d.c. neighborhoods. >> i think the cameras are a good idea. >> i think it's terrible. >> it probably prevents some accidents but it's kind of -- i kind of feel like 1984 a little bit. >> making a turn is different. it's -- you have no choice if you're in the middle of the intersection because you can't back up. >> if you run a yellow light and if you're in the box and the light turns red, you should get a ticket. >> reporter: you can hear a lot of people have varying opinions about what is an infraction and what deserves a ticket but guess what? these tickets will cost you $50 to $300. however, don't panic. if you a little flash and you tense up and you're driving away, there is a grace period right now for drivers going through this time of transition. you will get a warning right now but come december 30, those tickets will be real.
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we'll have much more on the science behind these cameras coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea, back to you. >> science. >> and the bottom line. thank you, delia. friends and coworkers gather to remember a postal worker who was shot and killed while he was on the job this weekend. someone gunned down 26-year-old tyson barnette of upper marlboro on saturday while he was at work. barnette was on his assigned route in landover delivering mail along reed street when i was shot several time. prince george's county police are offering a $25,000 reward. the u.s. postal inspection service has put up a $100,000 reward in this case. 25 degrees right now but it because even colder last night. imagine trying to survive outside in these below freezing temperatures. now a new report finds a nationwide drop in homelessness doesn't apply when it comes to the district. the u.s. department of housing and urban development says the
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number of homeless people in d.c. is up 29% over the last six years. there is a bit of encouraging news. the report also found only about 7.5% of the city's homeless population is ununshelterred. more than 20 d.c. foster children now have a pement home as we head into the -- permanent home as we head into the holiday season. their adoptions were finalized this weekend as part of the annual d.c. adoption day. the new parents and siblings were celebrated in a d.c. supreme court. the organizers are hoping public events like these will help encourage other people to consider adopting foster children. according to d.c. child and tharlatest your money hildren report -- it is 5:06. time for your latest money report of the morning. >> wall street starts today after another record week. the dow jones industrial
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average starts this morning back above 16,000, second day in a row. the s&p 500 also hit a record high on friday closing north of 1800. checking the numbers the dow was up big time on the day at 54 points. it starts this morning at 16,064. the s&p 500 was better by almost 9 and the nasdaq was up by 22 and a half. this week on your mark, get set and shop. on thursday wal-mart will open its doors at 6:00 p.m. toys 'r' us opens at 5:00 p.m. and of course this is just the beginning. black friday still draws the biggest numbers. 46 % of us will hit the sales and 34% of shoppers will be back in stores this upcoming weekend, thanksgiving weekend and then of course we have cyber monday, just around the corner, a week away. last year cyber monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday were all over a billion dollars in sales online. so you think with those types of numbers this is going to be a pretty good year in the gift
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department but this holiday season americans may not spend the green unless they see more red. despite signs that the economy is improving, big store chains don't think americans are going to plunk down the cash unless they see huge discounts so you are likely to see big sales events earlier and more often than previous holiday seasons. some people are just saying don't buy anything that isn't on sale this year because the deals, they are out there. >> you'd hate to buy full price and see it slashed. what do you have for us the next half-hour? >> we're going to take a look at the fight over d.c.'s minimum wage. it's heating up yet again. we'll talk about that in 30 minutes. >> jess, thank you. it is 5:08. while millions be watching foot thanksgiving, others will have their eyes glued to the skies. we'll show you why coming up. >> plus, new evacuations are ordered as that rumbling volcano threatens to escalate into a full-scale eruption. >> ahead in sports, tonight the
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10 after 5:00. plan on another cold day, although not as cold as it has been the last couple of days. yesterday was brutal. today sunshine with increasing clouds. a little bit mild. 35 to 40. better than the 32 to 43 -- than the 32 highs we had yesterday. right now monika with timesaver traffic. on the west side of town, things look great across the co oakton, germantown road is closed east of route 123 with an accident. you might want to use white granite drive to get around all the activity. back you to guys. >> thank you, monika.
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at 5:11, here's a look at what's new this morning. at least eight deaths are blamed now on the deadly winter storm marching across the u.s. the storm started out late last week in southern california and deadly weather-related crashes have been reported from there into the country's midsection. now moving through the southeast, the storm is expected to arrive in our area tomorrow. authorities in indonesia are expanding the evacuation perimeter around a rumbling volcano. a mile and a half mountain erupted again sending a column of ash. another mile into the air. the indonesian government is setting up some more temporary shelters as villages far from the volcano are being forced to get empty. thursday the comet ison could put on an anaysing show. it will pass 130,000 miles of the sun and the heat could destroy the comet.
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if it survives this close encounter, it's expected to be one of the brightest things in the night sky next month. a degree or two could make a pretty big difference for d.c. area families heading out for thanksgiving. >> that's because most of us will get cold rain but some will see wintry precipitation. howard joins us next with the seven-day
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we were just discussing the fact, everybody seems to have a weather page right now. a lot of people say there's going to absnowstorm next -- to be a snowstorm next week. yeah, but probably not here. i've been consistent with that and still feel that way. i have a lot of questions. there are other people out there who see 55 different forecasts. >> you got it right over the weekend. so go forward. >> we're going to have a lot of rain coming up, especially tomorrow into tomorrow night. there may be a brief period of some wintry mix north and west tomorrow morning and wednesday afternoon we may see snow u wha we're looking at temperatures this morning which are down in the teens and 20s. by this afternoon, mid- to upper 30s. lucky ones get to 40. and the winds thankfully not too bad, south winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. by tonight we're back in the
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middle 30s. that's a cold night for football. we've got some for you. mid-30s, partly if not mostly cloudy with the 49ers in town. kickoff at 8:40. the south winds only 5, maybe 10 miles an hour. so a lot more comfortable for the redskins fans than the ravens fans had yesterday. 19 right now in williamsport. 16 in charlottesville. even raleigh they have 20 degrees. charleston at 17. a really, really cold morning for late november. a cold morning for january or february at that matter. 21 now in germantown to 23 at joint base andrews. fairfax at 19. 22 in waldorf andle up in baltimore. outside looking at reagan national on our weather camera. a cold, there. 24, clear skies, feeling like 15. the air bone dry. this is the sign of an arctic air mass. when you get the single digits and subzero dew points, cold, dry air. but when you look around the rest of the country, there's the arctic air in canada. we don't see the really cold
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stuff. that's one of the things that tells me we're likely going to be quickly switching over to anything. if it doesn't start as rain, quickly switching over to rain tomorrow. clouds increasing out of the west this afternoon. we'll see some high cloudiness at times today. you'll notice as we go through the day, here we are at 5:00. still some breaks. tonight the clouds thicken up. perhaps a rain or snow shower mixing in before morning but tomorrow here comes the surge of moisture with the rain down in charlottesville, getting into the shenandoah valley by 6:00 a.m. here, west of the blue ridge, better chance we'll see some mix tomorrow in the morning. as we go toward lunch time, even just west, northwest of d.c., potentially a little bit of sleet mixing in. thwe as get into the afternoon, the warm air builds in and the rains pick up tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night before the system starts to wind down some with lingering showers wednesday and those rain showers wednesday may actually finish as snow showers. today increasing clouds, 38. going to keep yellow alerts up not just tomorrow but wednesday as well with the threat for rain maybe mixing to snow showers before the day is over.
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but a heavy rain at times tomorrow. we're looking at potentially 2 to 3 inches of rain tomorrow and wednesday in many areas from this system. by thursday we're all done, just windy and colder, 38. the ravens are home thursday night. that's a cold one. dry and milder through sunday. monika? there's a crash right now on the outer loop of the beltway. it is after georgia avenue but only a single vehicle involved. no lane information given yet. so just be aware of that on the outer loop of the beltway after georgia avenue in silver spring. one car involved. no real big delays yet getting by. in fact, let's take a live look out at colesville road on the outer loop. again, volumes are still pretty light buof the activity. let's go back over to the maps and this time over to the crash in oakton on germantown road east of route 123. it's blocked. you'll have to follow police direction or choose an alternate route. 66 is fine coming in from manassas. we'll take a live look at route
5:21 am
123 on 66. also want to let you know about fire department activity, wood yard road west of branch avenue in clinton. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. a couple of college basketball teams cap off their weekend with some big wins. >> plus, the ravens get back on track with a great day both receiving
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it is 5:22. clear and cold out there. some clouds starting to move in from the west but teens and 20s this morning. as we go through the morning, we'll see some of the western clouds and most of these are high thin clouds coming across the region. i don't think anybody is going to be doing much outside with 30 degrees at 9:00. even lunch time sunshine mixed with clouds. we'll see temps in the mid-30s and this afternoon not as cold as yesterday. highs 35 to 40. good morning, everybody. well, sports fans, get to work. then get home and get settled in. tonight is a big night in the nation's capital. if it's going to happen for the redskins, tonight is the night. forget about a six-game winning streak. how about one in a row. that's been difficult for the redskins this season. they get their chance in the spotlight on monday night
5:25 am
football. robert griffin, kaepernick, sounds like must see tv. now it's just tv. this is a lost year and it's essentially lights out but we'll have plenty of coverage as the day goes o. how about the baltimore ravens? they did exactly what we've become accustomed to them doing. yesterday winning ugly. the ravens nsoffee didn't wow anybody but did enough. joe flacco and torrey smith hooked up a couple of plays and jacoby jones caught the only big play of the game. yesterday we had really good basketball. georgetown taking on bcu in san juan. devontay smith, 26 points, three of them right there. georgetown and bcu in a tough one. the swoop to the hoop. georgetown wins by 4. finally, maryland took a
5:26 am
little travel trip to the virgin islands to face northern iowa. big josh layman going up and down. terrapins pull it away late to win 80-66 yesterday. so some good basketball and some good football as well. that's going to do it for your morning shorts. i'll be live from fed ex field beginning at 5:00 tonight. have a great monday, everybody. it's 5:24. the fight over the minimum wage returns to a local council room today. that story is coming up. >> plus, the new traffic cameras are watching you. and they're not just looking for speeders and red light runners anymore. there's more to worry about now. moen came? >> one worry on the beltway north of town as well on the outer loop as you lane. it's a single vehicle into the guardrail. police and a tow truck are now on the scene. scoot over to the left to get around the activity. we'll be back with more coming up in about three
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good morning. welcome back. i'm andrea roane. it's very chilly. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. it's 24 degrees. we have teens extra layer on. let's get you going here on this monday morning. temperatures are running in the teens and 20s and it will be 35 by noon with increasing clouds today. 37 at 4:00 on our way to 38 and a high temperature as i said near 40 down toward the south and southwest.
5:31 am
rain is on the way for tomorrow but it may start, especially west of i-95 as a little bit of sleet or freezing rain with a very light coating possible. in the mountains garrett county through pittsburgh, western pa, winter storm watches in effect there. much different storm as you get west into west virginia and western maryland than what we're looking at. this morning teens and 20s. 19 gaithersburg and westminster with 22 in la plata. 25 in redville right now a -- reedville right now and annapolis 23. this afternoon not as cold as yesterday. 39 for cambridge and leesburg. 42 fredricksburg. 37 in gaithersburg. i'll be back in a few mint. we'll rain and wintry weather coming up. here's monika with timesaver traffic. good morning, everybody. if you're planning to head to the beltway, we already have our first crash of the morning. it's a single vehicle that hit the guardrail on the outer loop after georgia avenue blocking off the right side of the road. police and a tow truck are on the scene. hopefully it won't be there too
5:32 am
much longer but expect to have to scoot over to the left and brake lights in the area so be careful. let's go over to a live pick on 270 southbound. here in germantown, you can see that volumes are still okay, not too bad as you head down to the point where the lanes divide, you'll be okay early this morning. let's go back over to the maps. germantown road east of route 123 in oakthon is closed off -- oakton is closed off with a crash. it's been there 30 minutes or so. in springfield traffic is still moving pretty well. back to you guys. an investigation is under way into what caused an overnight fire that forced 20 people from their home. >> howard county's fire department sent us this photo right here at the apartment complex in ellicott city. five of the six amounts in the building on waterloo road were occupied. everyone made it out safely. the red cross is there trying to help the residents who need a place to stay because their apartment is most likely
5:33 am
uninhabitable. some voters, both democrats and republicans are expressing reservations about the nuclear deal signed with iran this weekend. that deal eases economic sanctions against iran and allows it to enrich uranium at low levels. in exchange iran is to destroy any weapons grade uranium and allow inspectors access to certain facilities. it really doesn't matter where you drive in d.c. you're going to find cameras almost everywhere trying to catch drivers who speed or run red lights. guess what? they're adding more cameras in and around the district. this time they're trying to set up for other violations. they'll catch you no matter e n thanks, delia. >> reporter: i'm cozying up with one of these lovely cameras that we'll all become very accustomed to in the next day or two or coming months. we're here live on the intersection of 45th and mccomb. this lovely silver box is nestled in the neighborhood to catch folks who are rolling
5:34 am
through the stop sign at this intersection. so you may be wondering, i certainly am, how can a camera determine if i've stopped at this sign long enough. even though there's no legal time frame, according to aaa, a complete stop means all four tires come to a rest. so even though the camera may first decide by snapping that flashing picture behind you, here's some good news. d.c. police at least have a three-tier review system by a human being who will look at the tape and then finally determine if indeed a driver broke the w. the 100 new cameras will also catch drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, block the box or speed through the intersection to beat the light. who hasn't been guilty of that once in a while. sensors will even catch oversize vehicles like trucks and big rigs cutting through some d.c. neighborhoods. police say this program has been a success, changed our driving habits and made our
5:35 am
streets safer since the first red light camera in 1999. >> we've experienced reductions in traffic fatalities over the last ten years of about 70%. so we -- that would be my argument that this is definitely working. it's positive and it's reducing the fatalities on our roadways. >> there have been studies that have been done that dictate the higher intersections where we have more accidents as opposed to others and our deployments are consistent with those. they're also consistent with a about it, even though the community is concerned and pedestrians and cyclists have been concerned as well, the city is raking in some serious cash thanks to these cameras. aaa says a record $91 million for fiscal year 2012. back to you. >> that means there should be
5:36 am
more police on the street. that's a lot of money. >> where does that money go? 5:34. thanks for waking up with us. singer chris brown will not have to appear in a d.c. courtroom as he was originally sched duleto do today. a d.c. superior court judge agreed to let brown waive his appearance. he'sci fang a misdemeanor assault charge here for allegedly punching a manual in the face outside the w hotel last month. last week in los angeles a judge there ordered brown into anger management rehab. brown is on probation there for his assault on his then girlfriend rihanna for an accident back in 2 incident back in 2009. the state board of elections in virginia will certify the vote in the attorney general's race. according to the board's website democrat mark herring leads republican mark obenshain by just 165 votes. that is less than 100th of a percentage point difference. that gives obenshain the right to request a recount. both candidates have announced
5:37 am
transition teams. it's 5:35. thanks for waking up with us this monday. time for another your money report. >> jess came is back with another -- jessica is back with another local money fight. >> good morning to everybody at home. the fight over d.c.'s minimum wage is heating up yet again. city council committee meeting is scheduled to vote today on a bill that would increase the minimum wage to 11.50 an hour. that would be one of the highest rates in the country. d.c. mayor vincent gray says he supports hike be the city's minimum wage but to $10 an hour. that's a dollar 50 less than the council. that buck 50 is setting up a possible showdown over expansio railroad tunnel. the virginia avenue tunnel is owned by csx -- used by csx trains. the railroad company wants to make repairs and expand the tunnel. some say the expansion project will hurt the environment and make local traffic even worse. and a virginia landmark and tour i'm traction once owned by thomas jefferson has a
5:38 am
potential buyer. roanoke-based waltson associates say it's reached a tentative deal to buy the natural bridge in rockbridge county. it's a 1600 acre property including the natural bridge, caverns and 150-room hotel. it was said to be auctioned off in december, including a famous 215-foot high limestone arch. really beautiful. it would be a great place to see the leaves if they special. it really is. thank you. speaking of money, wow. the hunger games sequel made a truckload, three truckloads full of cash this weekend. record breaking details still ahead. >> plus, another sign the holidays are upon us. we'll be pulling up to the u.s. capitol later today. we'll be right back. my asthma's under control.
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we have windchills in the teens, temps teens and 20s but without the biting wind of yesterday, it doesn't feel nearly as bad. a cold day today. looking at your forecast, we've got partly sunny to mostly sunny this morning. increasing clouds this afternoon. highs 35 to 40 and then get ready for quite the mth a little bit of wintry weather as well tomorrow morning. i'll have those details and the full forecast in the next five minutes. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. we just got word that this crash i've been telling but in oakton on germantown road east of route 123 involves a fatality. authorities have been on the scene since about 1:30 this morning. the road is blocked right now. an accident on the westbound side of i-66 before route 29 in gainesville where a vehicle struck a deer. i'm have more coming up. back to you guys.
5:42 am
so what's traveled more than 5400 miles across the united states and is set to arrive here in the nation's capital today? >> the 2013 u.s. capitol christmas tree, that's what. 88-foot tall engleman spruce was cut down in the coalville national forest in northeastern wart state. then it was loaded on a truck and driven all the way across the country. it spt legal of its trip to the u.s. capitol. it will be decorated and then early next month, house speaker john boehner will light the tree. will wintry weather mess up the trip to grandma's house? howard has more on our thanksgiving travel troubles next in his seven-day forecast. plus, the debate over a new law in virginia that has schools as well as their students getting letter grades. >> it is 5:41. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. wouldn't it be a nice birthday gift for this guy joe gibbs if the skins could pull it off
5:43 am
tonight? he's the man who led the skins to three super bowl wins hall of famer coach joe gibbs is 73. dancing with the stars judge bruno is 58. and she's in the upcoming anchor man 2, actress christina apple gate. she's 42. jerry ferrara turns 34. [ female announcer ] breyers. let's get together for the holidays. ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another ♪ come on, people, now
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5:45. don't pay attention to any of the whackos on social media telling you about the forecast. this is the guy who will get us ready and the biggest travel day is wednesday. the rain will be here by then. is it really going to ruin things? >> i think tomorrow will be the worst travel day. wednesday will have its own
5:47 am
problems there. will be showers up in the northeast. a mix of rain, snow and wind. very windy on wednesday. so that's going to hamper things but if you're taking a car trip, i think wednesday actually will be better than tuesday, especially if you're coming up from the south. cold is the problem once again, although the winds are much lighter than yesterday. temperatures teens and 20s to start. here is your day planner if take you a look at the washington monument. good looking visibility this morning. sunshine fading behind clouds as the day wears on. you see the speeds. they do get up to 11 at 4:00. south, southwest 5 to 10, give or take a couple. in the mid-30s by 9. tonight at 8 -- obey 8:00. tonight at 8:40, we have kickoff. going to fed ex tonight, middle 30s for that game. it will be dry. look at the current temperatures down in the mid- teens in martinsburg. single digits in the mountains of west virginia.
5:48 am
culpeper 18. fredricksburg 19. andrews and pax river at 23 this morning with windchills down mostly in the teens. one thing you're noticing some of the temperatures the same as the wind chills so the winds thankfully a lot lighter than yesterday. another look outside on our michael & son weather camera, clear skies, great visibility. 24, feeling like 18 at reagan national. the air very dry. dew points at 6. the winds yesterday spreading fiergs are a concern. -- fires are a concern. we had some in west virginia that have been a real problem the last week or so all the moisture coming in should do a lot to quell that effect. lake effect snows. clouds increasing already across the southern half of virginia in advance of the system coming for tomorrow. look for skies to go partly to mostly cloudy at times today. a chilly day, 35 to 40. clouds will thicken up tonight. isolated snow shower here overnight but the bulk of the precip starts coming in tomorrow morning. the pink is the mix. the blue is the snow.
5:49 am
this is 6:00 a.m. we'll take you to 8:30. so right now i'm optimistic that the morning rush may get through dry. midmorning to late morning, here we have rain. a mix of sleet potentially, potentially freezing rain in a coupofle pockets and the snow up to the north. we're going to go with lots of rain tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. some 2 to 3-inch totals are possible with potentially the heavier stuff pulling out overnight leaving us with erwednesday. with f we have more than 3-inch totals here, it wouldn't surprise me. tonight down to 33 with 20s in the suburbs. tomorrow morning a mix west. yellow alert day with heavy rain at times and another yellow alert on wednesday with showers around which may end as snow showers in spots. a slick spot or two late. 38 on thursday with the wind and then a warming trend up to 50 by sunday. here comes monika samtani, timesaver traffic on this monday morning. >> a couple of things you need to know about early this morning. first of all, it's a bad situation over in oakton on
5:50 am
germantown road east of route 123 where there's a crash involving a single vehicle. it happened about 1:30 this morning and left one person dead. so crews are still on the scene investigating there. germantown road east of route 123. we'll take a live look at 66 nearby at route 123 and this is of course not affected. you're going to be fine as you travel through this area of mclean basically in vienna as you head for the s goback to th there was a single vehicle accident on the outer loop after georgia avenue. a car hit the guardrail. crews were about to clear that up and now there's a three-car accident right in that same area. in fact, let's take a live look from our sky 9 on the outer loop of the beltway. this is backup to georgia avenue and that crash i've been telling you about. so hey there it is. be aware of the delay already forming here on the outer loop through silver spring. westbound 495. i will keep you posted on the situation. back to you guys.
5:51 am
>> thanks, monika. 5:49. did you know your child's grades? of course you know your child's grades but do you know how well your child's school is doing? would you give the school an a or an f? >> very intriguing. virginia state board of education has just approved a controversial new grading system that will give the schools letter grades as well as the students. peggy fox has more on the the loudoun county delegate who introduced this bill and why educators don't like it. >> why do we have to make parents go to pta meetings and do all this research to figure out if it's a good school or bad school. it's a b or an f center. >> delegate agreeson introduced what is now law to have the state assign letter grades to schools themselves. >> when i talked to the average parent, they're not really sure what accredit decision means but they absolutely know what an a, b, c or d grade means and we just wanted to use words that they would understand and be able to digest. >> reporter: but the fairfax county school board and others oppose the new grading system.
5:52 am
they say it will unfairly label schools, especially those with high populations of struggling students. >> i think it causes harm because it sets up competition. it's unfair. it sets up a judgment call that is unfair to children and to teachers. and i think it sets up some schools to fail. >> reporter: fairfax county school board member jane any strauss says a school with a bad grade also unfairly racials its students and teach -- labels its students and teachers. >> we try to figure out ways to help the kids. you don't label them a failure and walk away. you are leaving children behind then. >> it's a good argument but right now we haven't changed the underlying accreditation system at all. we've just changed the words that we use. so that school that's already not accredited and now we call it a d, the parents should have fled before we called it a d. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa9.
5:53 am
>> greason says there's something else new in the a through f grading system. he says for the first time students will be graded on student fought so if they start -- student growth. so if they start way behind and improve, the school will be graded higher. an effort to overturn this law will come up in the legislative session in richmond. it is 5:52. here are some of the stories we're following that are new this morning. one of connecticut's states attorneys is going to release a new report on the sandy hook elementary school shooting. 20 children and six adults were killed at the school last december. the report is expected now to give a clear timeline of the events. also today, a hearing is scheduled on an associated press lawsuit to try to get the transcripts of the 911 calls from that day. >> earlier this morning, publisher weinstein books announce add deal with one of the three women held captive in cleveland. michelle knight's memoir will tell the full story of being kidnapped and held tossage by
5:54 am
ariel castro for 11 years. knight and her two fellow captives escaped last may. knight's book is scheduled to come out next spring. amanda barry and gina dejesus are planning their own book deal. president obama will be in seattle trying to squeeze in appearances between seven democratic fund-raisers along the west coast. he will fly to san francisco for a speech on immigration and on to los angeles r fabook page take a guess at our question of the morning. according to a survey, who do most women say they are dressing to impress? is it a, other women, b, men, or c social media followers. >> our facebook friend heather says i dress for me but in the past i did value thoughts of other women, friendly, not competitive. post your guests and -- your guesses and comment. we'll have the answer in about an hour from now. the newest traffic cameras
5:55 am
in the district aren't just looking for speeders and red light runners anymore. who they're looking for is the story coming up. >> catching fire is exactly what the sequel to the first hunger games movie is doing at the box office. wow, wait till you hear about these receipts. i've been combing through the day's daily deals and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. here are monday favorites. thanksgiving is just around the corner so you may be thinking about putting up the tree. and with this deal, you're cut your own christmas tree at ridgefield farm&orchard near harpers ferry, west virginia and you'll find this on the capitol deal. this groupon will save you 74% on your holiday cards. pay $19.99 and i'm get 40 custom 5 by 7 photo cards, larger packages are also available. and is already cutting prices even before black friday like a lot of folks like this deal. you're going to save $200 on an
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ed only question this weekend wasn't which movie would win the box office but just how much money it would make and the hunger games catching fire blazed its way into the record books. the film grossed more than $161 million in north american theaters for its debut weekend. that's the best november ever.
6:00 am
the only films with better opening weekends ever are the avengers, iron man 3 and the last harry potter film thore the dark world was a distant second. best man holiday third, delivery man debuted in fourth and free birds rounds out the top five but mike found the titles for worldwide this weekend. >> i think it's $3


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