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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the year starts in less than one hour. here are the mets overhead. they're watching you right now. the holiday hackers. >> that e-mail or the online holiday greeting card that you open up might be trouble and they might be opening more than what you bargain for. >> and this guy slipped on a banana peel in the metro. he thought it was payday, but pay back. it's a whole different story. good evening, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. take a look at what's coming down outside right now. first, that's out at the airport. and then right here, outside our back door as it is raining and trucking. >> we're heading into the busiest travel day of the year. so we'll get straight to the weather with topper. now, what can we expect overnight into the morning? >> icing is not the problem tonight, jan, it is heavy rain, rising temperatures, and a ton of moisture down to the south and the west of us. it is now entering south carolina. the heavier rain through the metro area overnight. temperatures are going up. as we actually have a wide range of temperatures. but for the most part, you can
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see the yellows. that's your heaviest rain. the one band is going on through. we have plenty more to the south of us. a yellow alert for tom and all kinds of rain -- for tomorrow with all kinds of rains. look at the temperatures. 43 in hagerstown as it is 58. a tough forecast to give you a low. and essentially they will rise overnight and then fall again late tomorrow. we still have a few advisories, a winter weather advisory on out to the north. but more concerned with the heavier rain tonight and snow showers tomorrow. by 7:30 in the morning, trying to get to work and heavier rains across the entire metro area. either side of 95 back to leesburg. by 11:00, still some rain across most of the metro area as we will come back and we'll talk about the prospects of that rain tunning to snow before -- turning to snow before ending. are you expecting families or heading out tomorrow? let us take a look at the travel from the north to the south and the west. >> our ken molestina is live from the satellite center. and how is the holiday travel
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looking right now? >> here is the good news for us in this area as it is not looking so bad. we'll check in with them earlier tonight. we're not talking about any significant delays or stranded passengers. however, you should know that the northeaster storm has already canceled about 1,300 flights throughout the east coast for the weekend. the heavy rain and snowfalling will continue to make for a questionable thanksgiving travel week. however the air travelers seem to be managing by taking advantage of the policies to waive their change fees, which is helping thousands to get to the destination early before they paralyze the airports. the others are flying on pure luck. >> there are a lot of flights delayed. but we're keeping our fingers crossed. >> reporter: they will continue to make the travel by car an option and treacherous. the mix is including highways from kentucky to new england while the south and east coast will endure the first of it as
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much as four inches of rain. >> it is going to be very crowded, very slow and require an altitude adjustment because of the time you thought you might be able to make it, you won't be able to. >> reporter: officials say the best advice to give travelers, especially those flying is to constantly keep up with the website and the announcements, as they are expected to change rapidly. the vice president estimates that they will fly half a million people on wednesday. >> nobody wants to be delayed. but you would rather know tomorrow or today what's going to happen with you tomorrow to get caught up in the airport and then find out you were delayed. >> reporter: again that's the key, the piece of advice that we keep hearing over and over. if you're traveling specifically by air, be sure you're checking in with the airline. either you're looking at the website or using a smart phone to try to get the last up-to- date changes, which will save you a lot of trouble and a lot of headaches when you head out to airports. again folks, here locally, d.c.a and dulles not reporting
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any delays, which could all change in the morning. we'll keep an eye on it. ken molestina, wusa9. >> all right, of course, be sure to join us tomorrow morning for the very latest on the travel delays. and perhaps the cancellations as well. of course classes are still canceled again tomorrow for the students in southwest d.c. with a problem in the heating system as the contractors will need more time to fix it. they will get to spend the day at home getting ready for the holidays. police are investigating an attack on two workers at fedex field. >> yeah, thieves shocked them right after the game ended last night which will top our headlines, showing the top stories in your world in 90 seconds. two vendors were here in one of the concession stands that were counting the days and the proceeds. two guys, dressed all in black with black ski masks. they demanded money, took out a stun gun, and actually stunned both of these vendors.
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the 26-year-old tyson barnett is the third mail carrier to be murdered on a route since 2010 this year. >> it did have to happen. i told them about the problems and they were just ignored. >> reporter: today, they sent a letter to the postmaster general. demanding answers. saying that i'm deeply concerned about the apparent risk of requiring the postal employees to deliver the mail after dark, she wrote. and the difference is only 165 votes. one of the closest elections in the virginia history. and as expected, the republican candidates for virginia attorney general says that it is still not over yet. but he will be making a former request for a recount with the board of elections tomorrow. george zimmerman was well on when the deputies arrested them earlier this month on the charges. the search warrant made public today. that zimmerman had a 12-gauge shotgun and three handguns when he was arrested at the girlfriend's house in florida. and the girlfriend told deputies that he had pointed a
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shotgun at her. the afghan president is refusing to sign a security agreement to keep about 8,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan after they needed to pull it out from that excuse. and we have just checked as the cops are still looking for a woman that stabbed a man. it happened around 4:45 this afternoon. and now we were told that the man was conscious and alert when they took them to the hospital as they are out with this picture of the suspect as she is a woman in her 20s. we will have it up in a minute. and that they would like to hear from you. if you recognize it this year. the family claims that police, they used excessive force when they had to shoot her on the streets of capitol hill as you might recall the wild scene last month. the secret service officers shot and killed them near the building after running the white house barricade hitting a police car injuring two officers, leading them on a crazy chase after refusing to stop. but now the family is asking
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the justice department to investigate how they handle that case. new tonight. the leaders say a deadly fire inside an ocean city church was caused by a man running inside while he was already on fire himself. right now investigators, they have not confirmed that as two people died, including the pastor. no name on the other victims, as it did happen at the church. and the church member kevin hall says he saw the burning man run inside, screaming for help. >> and they didn't carry him. it is very sad for this time of the year. and to have this church go up, to have the people injured. >> tonight, church members, they are mourning the loss of the reverend, the pastor of st. paul's. they say that the fire was largely contained to a food bank in the basement. well it is something like a this right now as many of us take it for granted, opening e- mails, click online links. >> and that will be a big risk. they are live in our newsroom
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and it sounds like they are getting a little more sophisticated. >> and to remember the days of those e-mails from someone claiming. and that will be for the bank information for them and millions of dollars. and today, the experts say that every e-mail and many links within those e-mails should be treated as the potential threat, especially during the holiday season. >> reporter: so you think that e-mail you're opening up is safe. afterall it was sent to you by a trusted source. but how can you tell if it is really safe to open and if that side does not pose a threat. >> even if you look at their website and let's say that it comes from what you think is your bank and it says to click here and it says my bank. and to look legitimate. but if you click there, you'll get taken to a site that looks like a bank. >> reporter: any personal information that you enter on the computer could be stolen. and as they call phishing, adding the online holiday greeting card that could be
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trouble. >> what happens at this time of the year, whenever there's an event that will trigger you to click on something, that is most likely when you are going to see these types of attacks. and so avoid things that say black friday specials. that you didn't expect. >>ven items from people you know, family, friends, colleagues can be risky. >> they can harvest their address book. >> have we seen this crime evolve? >> there is always a transformation as you can get more to it. >> reporter: but they say that doesn't mean you should stop defending yourself. always verify the request for the personal information and be wary of the animated greeting cards. instead you'll want to type in the address and be up to date with the credit card >> even if they do all the things, they'll get attacked.
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>> even during the holidays as you should be a bit more conscious of any work e-mail accounts that you might have, as they will be lightly staffed due to the holidays, but be suspicious when online. >> all right, thanks. a man slips on the banana peel at the metro station. all caught on camera. just like clocwork, they call in the lawyer. here is when they start to get crazy, which they are facing charges. turns out this is the video that did them in and they get into the elevator at the metro last august. nothing on the ground, right? he'll look right at the ground and a few seconds later, well, you know, see something on the slopes of the door anyhow. there it is. eventually they open, they walk out and they slip on the peel and goes down. but instead thanks to this video, you can see him looking at the camera, he is now facing
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fraud charges with a court appearance on monday. new tonight, students will be able to get the meningitis vaccine starting on november 9. they contracted the bacteria. the vaccine is not license for the youth in the u.s., but they're allowing it to be used in princeton. students will get the first dose next month and a second dose in february. it is nicknamed the eye, giving one local woman a brighter future as we were there to see it happen. and it is like going into a tunnel. it is very dark. >> reporter: a description of the most common cause of blindness. the degeneration. the 76-year-old started having the eye problems 23 years ago and it has been a steady decline ever since. >> it's like a big thing in the grocery store when you're going forward.
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and you don't see what you're buying. so it will be a lot of luck. >> reporter: it might be changing. usually we'll look inside the telescope, but she will have one inside her eye looking out. her doctor recommended this new procedure. it involves placing a telescope directly inside her right eye. it was approved just last year by the food and drug administration. >> it is designed for patients who are essentially blind from the degeneration of the retina. >> reporter: the doctor of medstar georgetown university and his team lifted up the retina and carefully placed that telescope inside. this will magnify whatever she wants to see. and that image will reflect to the back of the eye. >> so the idea of the telescope is to magnify the view so much and that the blind spot will become much smaller as they could make out the majority of someone's face and the majority
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of the tv screen that type of thing. >> but you can focus on it, for about 20 seconds. now, i can see a b and a t. >> reporter: the surgery is just the beginning. for the next few months, she has to train her eye muscles to use the bionic eye, learning how to focus on the objects. she has these letters that are set up around the house to practice the new vision. >> it happens overnight. and it is going to be difficult, which i know. but it's something that i wanted to do. >> reporter: an avid golfer who still tries to hit the links, but with a much more difficulty as she walks the dogs with her daughter and keeps the main focus on the overall goal. >> and we will ever be able to see that clearly. we'll be able to see the green where no one will have to tell me that you know it is 20 feet and you are 20 feet from this area. that's the club you need to use. i would think that i would be able to do it myself. >> not every patient with the degeneration is a candidate for the procedure as they will have to be put through the stimulation test to see if they
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could adapt. but the telescope is only placed in one eye and the the other eye is used for a peripheral vision. used for patients over 75 and it is covered by medicare. wusa9. >> that's really cool. you'll want to talk about a couple of lucky birds. meet the turkeys being spared this year thanks to the president. everybody can afford to put a roof over their head. meet the family that will have both this year thanks to the generosity of a stranger who came to
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we all know that thanksgiving is happening, but they won't have to worry about becoming somebody's dinner. tomorrow, president obama will pardon both popcorn and caramel. those are the turkeys names. they will head off in leesburg spending the rest of their lives. the first family will be munching on, instead, well, they don't show it. >> i don't know why. >> i don't either. >> oh. all right, well, we know everybody kept the turkey deserves a nice thanksgiving. today hundreds of people in need got just that. catholic charities in washington along with the other organizations, hosting a turkey dinner, complete with white table cloths.
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at this time of the year we learn how much family is out there and how they could be struggling to make ends meet. those not accustomed to asking for help showed up for a free giveaway. >> you've heard the expression that it takes a village? well, bruce leshan has such a big story tonight. >> reporter: she's an 11th grader at the duke elington school of the arts, a dance major in the upcoming black nativity production next month. >> she's got incredible potential and passion. >> reporter: they are homeless, and no longer rare here. >> as a public school institution, we are committed and supportive of our students and that we have done, you know, what we can in terms of doing things for the family. >> the father had to turn to a stranger when they lost their
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jobs, not being able to afford anything. >> it is nice for you to take them into the home. >> and it's because that they feared to these places as they needed to try to weigh it and they couldn't come in as a whole family. >> reporter: she showed to the whole neighborhood area for the past several weeks, allowing their wife and six children to live in this condo in the southeast. the family includes the 3-year- old. >> these are the triplets here. they have three other kids. three girls, different ages as you don't have a home. you are homeless. >> reporter: she's a straight a student here at duke elington. and also graduated from the school and a dancer. also graduated, she's an artist. >> reporter: she was getting ready for the big holiday production. her dad is one of the 3,500
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people in the southeast showing up today for a friture keep compliments of the councilman, marion barry. >> yes. >> and that is what they really need to deal with. landscaping. >> reporter: you can help them with a j. he's an artist that has done some landscaping work. and they tried to hold on to the daughter's dream. bruce johnson, wusa9. and we will have three ways for you. and this holiday season. that is all you have to do is log on to with a gift, a donation, or just to send a card through the joy drive. thank you so much. the magic of christmas will never end. and for the friends. merry christmas, happy new year as we will help people help us make it brighter.
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not so much the ice is a problem, but just nasty rain. >> no. it is a nasty night, temperatures are rising, that's good with the heavier rain overnight. and a live look for the weather cam and that they are still pretty quiet. temperatures, they are 45 and they made it up to 48 for the high here so far. and that will be 93%, turning much better northwesterly. and they will need to move in tomorrow morning and they might change some of the rain showers before ending. but look at the size of the storm. it is pretty big for the entire eastern sea born. and that is in south carolina, heading up to southern maryland. not quite of a northeaster and out in the midwest. another shot that will be rolling in for the turkey day
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and black friday as they were lucky that it moved in between two arctic air masses as it would be all green and white digging out of the snowstorm. in the meantime the yellows that will go on through, that's the heavier activity. a little more in terms overnight as they are still back to the south and the west of us. that's going to roll on through and the snow will eventually roll into western maryland by tomorrow morning. and for you folks west of the divide around your winter storm warning as we will zoom in just a little bit. a heavier batch of rain pulling through the metro area, now north of baltimore with plenty of moisture back to the south and the west as we are not done yet. yellow alert on wednesday and heavier rain through the early morning commute. temperatures, they will fall in the late morning and then the snow showers are possible late afternoon and late evening as there won't be a whole lot of moisture left. but enough cold air moving out to it before they ruellia rainfall is still pretty impressive across most of the metro area. a little out to the west and the northwest.
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a little more towards annapolis and back to southern maryland where two inches of rain could fall between now and wednesday and noon tomorrow. and this is not often that they will run that map and the snow accumulation map. that it might be overdone. that will be out towards leesburg as they will catch up to the moisture just in time. temperatures are wising, windy, cold north and west and mild south and east and i know that it will sound crazy as you can see it ranging from the 30s to the 50s. and the 40s to start. and it will be at 9:00 for them back to the showers. and it will be happening at 1:00 as you can finally dry out for turkey day. upper 30s with maybe a passing shower and still cold for black friday as it will be dry. and the next seven days, sunday, it is still cold too. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 40s to the near 50s. the redskins game at night. i'll dress for the 30s.
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the clouds are coming in on monday, but we left it dry with the temperatures back to the 50s, which is not too bad. >> we like that. and they will be recovering tonight. and for the other encounters. it will be for the driveway as they were hit in the head as they thought they were rocks. the researchers would analyze them and now they say they meet all the criteria for them. yes. and those little tie meteorites. they say that they will be okay. >> wow. >> that's interesting for them. and that they will be coming up from space. they are trying to figure it out, the velocity as they think that it would kill somebody. and it would be so small for them and a gunshot. they are freaky. >> oh my goodness. >> and now, we have heard that they were thinking about changing the redskins game on sunday. but the other games, they were so bad and that they were going to play on sunday night anyway and they lost their chance to
11:24 pm
do that and i'm sure that they were not too happy about that game and it is what it is. the redskins and the giants, it's been a tough go for things moving forward. how is that going to affect their late streak with the lakers coming
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washington wizards guard will be missing at least two weeks with a leg injury. that's bad news, considering that he leads the team in average points per game. when he's not on the course this season, the wizards haven't played as well. bad timing, considering that they are also playing the lakers tonight, right? well, they came out, proving everybody wrong. don wall has been hot lately taking over tonight. a nice coast-to-coast jam to give the wiz a lead in the second period, nine assists. putting up the career best for nene and wall lead all scores with 31. his third straight game with at least 30 points for the first time in his career. good news all around, beating the lakers 116-111. >> they wanted to come out here and really play some for him
11:28 pm
too. i mean everybody, they kind of feel a little bit for brad now. >> and everybody, they have seen what i could do here as we made it a game that we wanted to. and i knew they needed to do a lay up drill. but that's a big win for us. >> they want to add a roof to that park costing $300. however, the mayor's office told the washington business journal that the mayor, "started laughing when he heard the idea." another said that the ballpark wasn't designed for a roof and "will be cost prohibitive, butt ugly." that's the quote. i know i've been hard on the washington redskins as many of you have -- redskins as many of you have let me know. although they have drawn a lot of criticism, this is still a team looking to be better. it's a team that has had a national microscope on them since winning the nfc east. and even last year's draft, but they have seemed to have lost their way a bit. also a team that knows how to regroup when they are choosing to give up.
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>> you're going to win tight football games, which we are not winning right now. and you need to find a way to win those games. when you lose them, that snowball will start going as we have enough confidence on our guys to play through them. >> we cannot do that to step on out there and look at the record to say this is who we are. you need to step out there to believe that you can win each game. >> he'll talk about the clutch games. but take a look at the difference between this year and last and in games decided by ten games or fewer. they were 9-5 last season with a 65% winning percentage. so far they are 3-6. only 33% winning percentage. finally tonight, you think you're tough? you think you could win a marathon? how about a marathon in sub- zero temperatures. the polar bear marathon where runners are racing and in get this minus 42-degree windchill. only 12 runners will brave that cold race. and the winners still did it in four hours, 12 minutes. that's pretty impressive.
11:30 pm
>> wow. >> that looks like zero fun. [ laughter ] >> no pun intended. >> no pun intended. only 12 people were brave enough to do it. >> good for you. >> brave, that's the word they're using? >> brave. >> yes. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> we'll be back in a mi
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